Tayler/Taylor Associated Names -  PurtMannLargeHubbardWilson and Buller Examination of probate documentation and Muster Returns shows that prior to 1575 there were only the following four areas of Moy/Moye1 settlement in Norfolk: 1 - two parishes in Smithdon Hundred - Brancaster where the earliest will is recorded in 1446 and Thornham; 2 - a small grouping of 3 parishes just to the NW of Hindolveston - Thursford, Walsingham and Hindringham; 3 - two parishes to the SE of Hindolveston - Heydon and Salle (where John Moy left a will in 1558 which referred to his two sons – Robrt and Thomas – and two daughters) ; and 4 - a larger grouping of five parishes in Mitford Hundred, including Woodrising. Additionally John Moye married Agnes Bullman 15 Nov. 1567 in Barningham Norwood [EpN]2 but had no other presence in that parish and is likely the John and Agnes Moye of Matlaske and Briston, to the NE of Hindolveston. John Moy of Merston [=? possibly Morston in Holt] was the executor of the will of Isabell Curson of Merston, widow, 15 Feb. 1465/6 (NCC) and he left a will in 1496. Henry Moy was the Clerk in Dunton [Gal] from 1502 to 1503 (although he appears to have had administration of his estate granted 28 October 15003) and had a brother Richard. The 1523 Muster Rolls list Adam, Thomas4 and John Moy in Hindringham [GnN] and Edmund in Thursford [GnN]. The 1567/7 Muster Returns record John Moy in Thursford [GnN] and Thomas Moy in Wood Rising [Mit] (Thomas Moye Jr a wheelwright of Wood Rising left a will and inventory in 15995) and a Mays [sic] in Hindringham [GnN]. Robert Moy of North Walsham had his will administered in 1584. Gregory Moye of Sloley [Tun] had an inventory of his goods done in 1591. Edmund Moy of Wood Rising left a will in 1515 which gave to his wife Jone, son Edmund and three daughters. Edmund Moy (likely son of Edmund) of Wood Rising was with several others sued for trespass in 1554-15586.There was a substantial collection of Moy families in an area of [Mit] and [Way] comprising Southberg, Reymerston, Shipden and Carbrooke from the earliest parish registers in 1538 to the early 1600s. From 1573 to 1667 there were wills, administrations or inventories for Moys in Swannington [Eyn], Sloley [Tun], Litcham [Lau], Heydon [EpS], Baconsthorpe [EpS] and Colby [EpS]. Agnes Waddelowe of Briston [Hlt], formerly Neale, nee Moye, left bequests in her 1590 will to her brother Thomas Moye, his wife Agnes and their children7. Robert Moye of North Walsham had administration of his estate granted in 1584 to Agnes his widow. John Moye of Briston In Wolterton [EpS], four parishes to the east of Hindolveston, Robert Moy and Francis Moy were having children baptised from 1561 to 1566 and John Moy married Anne Newland there in 1587 and Francis Moy married Elizabeth Mack there in 1595. Thomas Moy of Fakenham appears to have been impressed into service at the time of the 1626 Ships Money Returns for Norfolk. The 1657 will of Richard Moye of Hindringham, oatmeal maker, left his lands in Gunthorpe and Hindringham to his wife Susan and then his sons Thomas and John (PCC). Only John Moy of Colby appears in the 1664 Hearth Tax Returns and there were at least two Moy families in Colby from 1665 to 1721 - John & Tabitha and Thomas & Susanna. Thomas Moy of Heydon and Sall, three parishes to the east of Hindolveston, married Anne __ and had at least the following surviving children: