FRANCIS of Henstead and Depwade Hundreds

Frauncis 1 or Francis were prominent in Suffolk where the ancient family “of Knts Degree” was seated at Giffords in Wickhambrook in Risbridge Hundred before dying out in the male line 2. Thomas and Katherine Frances of Honing, Rickinghall Superior, died in 1521 and 1524 respectively and their wills 3 left to their children John and Christopher, both priests 4, Richard, Emund and Agnes 5.

In Norfolk, the number of Francis families was much fewer, with the majority found in the south part of the county, adjoining Suffolk.

Agnes Goche, widow and daughter of Thomas Marker, quitclaimed land in Gillingham in 1494 to, amongst others, Robert and Henry Fraunceys 6. William Francis of Wymondham had administration of his granted in 1589 to his three sons - Thomas, John and Robert. Elizabeth Howling of Trowse, widow, by her will date 13 September 1604, gave to her sons (presumably from an earlier marriage) John Francis and William Francis, the latter under the age of 21, and to various Howlings. Robert Francis married Aveline Davy 18 Oct. 1596 in Tibenham and had at least a daughter Elizabeth born and died there in 1602. William Francis was baptised in November of 1560 in Old Buckenham but there is no record of his parents. William Francis and his wife Alice Wollnoye? were married in 1598 in Alburgh [Ers] and had two daughters there before William died in 1616. Gregory Francis had a daughter baptised in Thorpe Abbot [Ers adjacent to Scole] in 1593 and a Richard Francis was buried there in 1598. Robert Francis had a daughter baptised in 1595 in Brockdish also adjacent to Scole. Thomas Francis married Elizabeth Key in Topcroft, adjacent to Hempnall on the east in 1591 and they had at least 4 children baptised there: Robert (1592), Frances (1598), Ann (1600) and Sarah (1603). Elizabeth Francis, wife of Thomas, was buried in Topcroft in 1613. Just over the county boundary, Robert Francis married Mary Deale in Oakley [Hart] in 1575.

Shottehsam, Saxlingham and Hempnall

Edmund Fraunces married Margaret Canne 7 August 1559 in Fritton, two parishes to the south of Saxlingham Nethergate, but there were no further reference to either surname in the Fritton Parish registers from 1558 to 1610.


Edmund Francis (b.c. 1560) married Anne ____ in about 1583 and had at least the following children:

1. Richard born about 1584 likely in Shotesham St. Mary 7 (below); and

2. *William born about 1600 likely in Shotesham St. Mary (below).

Edmund Fraunces, weaver of Shotesham was granted administration of the estate of John Gardiner 6 October 1586 8.

Edmund Francis, weaver of Shotesham St. Mary, died in about May of 1630 and his will 9 provided for his wife Anne, his two sons Richard and William and 7 grandchildren. An inventory of his estate which was done 26 May 1630 10 included the sum of £10 in the hands of Richard Francis. Since no landed property passed by his will it was likely that he rented property in Shotesham St. Mary. Anne died ... (after 1630).


Richard Francis (b.c. 1584? the son of Edmund Fraunces) married Johane ____ in about 1610 and had the following children baptised in Shotesham All Saints 11, just north of Saxlingham Nethergate, the only Francis family in the registers until 1684:

1. Mary 27 Oct. 1611, married George Gooch in Shotesham AS 28 Oct. 1634 and had at least three children Mary 1635/6, George 1637/8 both baptised in Shotesham AS and John by 1658. Mary died and was buried in Shotesham AS 15 Dec. 1668;

2. Ann 15 April 1614 and married ___ Elmer and may have been the Stephen and Anne Elmer who had a son John baptised in Starston in 1635/6;

3. Lydia 24 June 1617 and who possibly married ___ Page and had two daughters by 1658 - Elizabeth and Lydia;

4. Francisca (Frances) 3 March 1621/2 who married ___ Jones;

5. Elizabeth 1 July 1625;

6. Susanna 17 Feb. 1626/7 and married ___ White; and

7. a male (possibly Edmund) who had at least two sons by 1658 - Richard and William both then under 21 years old.

Richard Francis, a weaver by trade as was his father Edmund, likely died in Shotesham St. Mary in about December of 1661 and his will 12 referred mostly to his grandchildren and appointed his “kinsman” William Francis Junior of Hempnall as executor. Joanne must have pre-deceased him as she is not referred to in his will.


William Frauncis (b.c. 1600 13 the son of Edmund Fraunces) married Elizabeth Goldsmith/Gouldsmith (b.1597/8 14) 25 August 1623 in Saxlingham Nethergate 15 [Hen], just north of Hempnall, and had the following children baptised there:

1. William - 29 Nov. 1624 and may have been the William Francis referred to in the Quarter Sessions Order Books of Oct. 1694 (Norwich) who was ordered to be returned from Seething to Shotesham All Saints. In 1649 William Francis, yeoman of Flordon 16, bought land in Saxlingham Netherhall Manor and he could be either this William the son or William the father. He was likely the William Francis Jr. of Hempnall referred to in the 1661 will of Richard Francis. He was also likely married to Elizabeth Randall as the will of Bruce Randall of Denton (next to Hempnall), gent., made 2 September 1658 left a legacy to Elizabeth the daughter of his brother Paul Randall 17 and the wife of William Francis, and also appointed William Francis co-executor 18 (also Bradfer-Lawrence Trs). A William Francis and his wife Elizabeth had a son George baptised in Hedenham, two parishes to the east of Hempnall, in 1673;

2. Richard - 6 March 1625/6 and who was very likely the Richard Francis who was admitted to Corpus Christi in Cambridge in 1645, secured his MA there in 1661 and was rector at Tasburgh and Flordon (from about 1662), both adjacent to Saxlingham Nethergate, had at least two children (Thomas in 1659 and Mary in 1660/1) with his wife Margaret in Tasburgh and nine others in Flordon (most of whom died as infants) and died and was buried in Flordon 26 November 1675 19;

3. Stephen - 1 April 1628 but he was probably the Stephen Francis who died and was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 11 August 1631 as he was not referred to in his father’s 1666 will 20;

4. Elizabeth - 4 March 1629/30 but likely died before 1666 as she was not referred to in her father’s will of that date;

5. *James - 6 May 1632 (see below);

6. Jane - 4 Dec. 1633 and un-married as of 1666; and

7. John - 13 Sept. 1635 but he died and was buried in SN 13 September 1635.

William Francis was enumerated in the Lay Subsidy of 1623 in Saxlingham [Nethergate] and appeared in the 1642-3 Protestation Returns for Saxlingham. In 1649 William Francis, yeoman of Flordon 21, bought land in Saxlingham Netherhall Manor and William Francis appeared in the 1664 Hearth Tax Assessments in Saxlingham Nethergate although he could be either the father or the son.

William Francis died and was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 10 October 1666 and his will 22

provided for his wife Elizabeth, his three sons William, Richard and James and his daughter Jane Francis.

Elizabeth died ......


James Francis (b.1632 in Saxlingham Nethergate) married Elizabeth Potter (b.1630/1 in Chesham Buckinghamshire 23) 17 August 1654 24 in Bixley, “both parties of Hempnall”, with banns published in Hempnall 25 also on that date.

James and Elizabeth Francis had the following children in Hempnall 26:

1. Elizabeth bapt 4 May 1655;

2. John born 28 Sept 1656 but probably died before 1662/3;

3. James born 26 Mar 1659 but buried 29 March;

4. William born 26 June1661, married Anne Sendall 28 November 1691 in Hempnall, had three children baptised - Elizabeth1692 but died [?] 27, Anne 1693 and William 1696 before Anne died in 1697. William then married in Hempnall 27 Oct.1697 to Mary ___ 28 and had another 14 [sic] children from 1698 to 1720 including a Ruth in 1703 29 and a Benjamin in 1710 and 1720. William Francis was, like his brother Benjamin, a shoemaker by trade and, since he was obviously taught by his father, the parish Clerk, to write with an extremely legible script, he was also the Parish Clerk and Sexton. He was described as a “yeoman” at the baptism of his son Matthew in 1700/1. William Frances, Parish Clerk 30 and Sexton of Hempnall, died there and was buried 25 December 1727, while Mary “widow to the late Parish Clerk” died and was buried in Hempnall 12 August 1728;

5. John bapt 8 Mar 1662/3 and ....;

6. Ruth bapt 21 May 1665 and who likely married by license George Francis [sic] 31 1 July 1693 in Hempnall, Hapton or Norwich St. Stephens, both parties of Hempnall 32;

*7. Joseph 33 bapt 27 Jan 1666/7 and married Ann ____ in about 1693 and then Mary Thompson 26 October 1696 in Great Yarmouth and died and was buried in East Dereham 27 Oct. 1730 (see below);

8. Benjamin bapt 28 May 1668 - married by License 34 in Shelton 16 Dec.1696 to Mary Green of Hedenham and had a son Matthew in 1698 in Hempnall and a daughter Mary in 1706 in Hempnall who married Edward Newson 1 May 1731 in Hempnall 35. He was a shoemaker; and

9. Richard bapt 6 Apr 1671 but died and buried in Hempnall 20 Dec. 1688.

Elizabeth Francis, the wife of James Francise [sic] died and was buried 29 May 1675 and James remarried 20 October 1675 in Hempnall to Martha Legood 36 and had 2 more children:

10. Henry bapt 21 June 1676 twin with

11. Robert, but both were buried 8 July 1676.

Martha Francis was buried in Hempnall 29 May 1692? 37. James Francis, Clerk of Hempnall 38, died and was buried in Hempnall 21 October 1700 39.


Joseph Francis was baptised 27 Jan 1666/7 in Hempnall, the son of James and Elizabeth. At some point in his life, and likely before or shortly after his first marriage, he moved to East Dereham 40 which is a significant distance away from Hempnall. He probably however retained close connections with his home parish where his father lived until 1700 and where at least his brothers William and Benjamin, both shoemakers, also lived. It was very possible that Joseph was a shoemaker as well (certainly his eldest son Thomas was) and moved to East Dereham to practice his trade.

Joseph Francis married Ann ___ 41sometime in or before 1693 and had the following children baptised in East Dereham [Mit]:

1. Thomas 19 July 1694 who married Frances ___ and had a son Joseph baptised 23 Nov. 1725 before Frances died and was buried a week later on 5 Dec. and Thomas then married Anne Spalding in December of 1727 in Scarning, adjacent to East Dereham, and had at least 8 more children from April of 1728 to 1745 in East Dereham. Thomas was, like his uncles William and Benjamin, a shoemaker 42; and

2. Joseph 1 Aug. 1696 but died and was buried there 12 Aug. 1696.

Ann Francis the wife of Joseph died and was buried in East Dereham 26 Aug. 1696, likely from complications of child-birth.


Joseph Francis, widower of Market Dereham, married Mary Thompson, single woman of Yarmouth, 26 October 1696 in Yarmouth St. Nicholas and had the following children baptised in East Dereham:

3. Mary 24 Nov. 1697;

4. Joseph 30 Apr. 1699 but died and was buried in East Dereham 8 June 1718;

5. Ann 6 Apr. 1702 but she was likely the Ann Francis servant who was buried in East Dereham 28 Sept. 1735;

6. Rebecca 5 Feb. 1703/4 and likely married Edward Roach/Roche in 1728 or 1729 and had at least 7 children baptised in East Dereham including a daughter Ruth in 1738 ;

7. John 6 Apr. 1706 but died and was buried in East Dereham 29 Aug. 1707;

8. William 8 Oct. 1710 ;

9. Elizabeth 13 June 1714; and

10.*Ruth 11 July 1715 and married by license 43 Francis Gates 25 April 1737 in Norwich St. Stephens, both parties from Carleton St. Mary (Carleton East) [Hum] and raised their family in Hempnall (see above).

Joseph Francis died and was buried in East Dereham 27 Oct. 1730 [aged 64] 44 and Mary ......

There were no marriages for any of the Francis family from 1679 to 1760 in East Dereham.

Other Francis Families

In Shelton, south of Hempnall with Morningthorpe intervening, there were at least 5 Francis families -

Edward and Elizabeth Francis had a son Cornelius in 1639.

William and Elizabeth Francis had a daughter Mary in 1660/1.

William Francis married Fayth Jermyn 45 12 May 1669 in Shelton and had the following children baptised there:

1- William bapt 19 April 1670;

2- Richard 1672;

3 - Thomas 1673 d. 1673;

4- James 1675; and

5- Edmund 1676.

According to a Settlement Order [nd], Faith moved to Poringland after being widowed.

Robert Francis and Mary ____ had the following children baptised there:

1- Robert 1670/1;

2- Thomas 1673 m. Elizabeth ______ before October 1697;

3- Joseph 1674/5 46;

4- John 1676/7 m. Sarah Jermyn 1699; and

5- Daniel 1679 d. 1681.

Mary may have died before 1682 because on 4 May 1682 in Shelton Robert Francis married Mary Bayly.

James Francis and Mary ____ had the following:

1- Mary 1685 m. Thomas Lighton 1705;

2- James 1686/7 and likely married 6 Sept.1716 Tivestshall St. Mary to Elizabeth Booty of Shelton; and

3- Elizabeth 1688 - possibly m, Thomas Dady in Shelton in 1719 and in 1722 moved to Redenhall with Harleston.

There were early Francis families in Attleborough [Shp] viz. William Francis married Frances Payne there 5 April 1573 and Thomas Francis married Johan Juby there 13 Nov. 1586. Later, John Francis was buried in Attleborough 7 Aug. 1659.

John Francis, Rector of Topcroft in 1757 (he was buried there 2 June 1794), was born 20 Oct. 1734 the son of John Francis, Rector of St. James Maddermarket (1700-1749) and Elizabeth Hughes (1710-1774) and married 31 Oct. 1775 to Elizabeth Dresser.

William Frances married Elizabeth Gaglay 21 January 1571/2 in Yarmouth.

In Shimpling [Diss 100] Robert Francis the son of Thomas was buried 5 January 1566/7, and William Francis m. Margaret Roderham 30 Sept 1669 and had William 1670, Mary 1673, Thomas 1675/6, John 1676/7, Sara 1679, Robert 1681 and Anne 1684 baptised there. William Francis Sr. was buried in Shimpling 17 Sept. 1710. A 1711 Settlement Certificate indicates that William Francis, carpenter, his wife Mary and their 9 children moved from Shimpling to Gissing in that year. By 1768 (Nfk Poll) there were still two Francises living in Shimpling although they held land in Dickleburgh as freeholders.

Nb. There was also a French family in Hempnall - Jana French was born in Hempnall in 1659 daughter of Robert and Jane French and Robert French, Gentleman, was buried there 2 Aug. 1711, and a Thomas French of Hempnall married Martha Watts of Aylsham in Banningham [Eyn] in 1714.

GOLDSMITH - Henstead 100

There were Goldsmiths 47 in Hempnall from at least 1479 when Geoffrey Goldsmith left a will 48 which referred to his wife Alice and to Robert Goldsmith. In 1497 another Geoffrey Goldsmith had administration of his estate granted to Johan his widow 49. Henry Goldsmith married Margaret Haccon 25 Sept. 1581 in Hempnall and had a son Robert baptised there a year later.

John Goldsmith married Alice ____ in about 1530 and had at least the following surviving children likely born in Hempnall:

1. John;

2. Andrew (see below);

3. Elizabeth who, or her sister Margerie, married Robert Copping; and

4. Margerie who, or her sister Elizabeth, married Robert Copping.

John Goldsmith, the elder, of Hempnall left a will in 1558/9 50 which gave his very extensive estate consisting of 10 parcels (leased to Richard Tuttell otherwise Thaxter) to his son John and other properties to his son Andrew and provided for his two daughters and his wife. Alice Gouldsmythe was buried in Hempnall 20 Jan. 1563/4.

Andrew Goldsmith, the son of John (above) married Elizabeth Tolyfer 51 in about 1555 and had at least the following children 52, likely born in Hempnall, who were living in 1560:

1. Richard; and

2. Andrew.

Andrew Gouldsmith was buried in Hempnall 10 June 1570.

In nearby Shotesham All Saints John Gouldsmyth left a will in 1470 53 as did Richard in 1501 54.

John Goldsmyth married Agnes ___ and had at least the following:

1. Agnes.

John died in 1499 leaving a will 55 which provided for his wife and daughter and his brother William Goldsmyth.

From probate documentation for Goldsmiths living in Shotesham the following can be derived:

John Goldsmith was born about 1475, married in about 1500 to Isabelle _____ and had at least the following children likely in Shotesham:

1. *Thomas born about 1503, married Elizabeth _____ in about 1530 and died in 1550;

2. *Stephen born about 1505, married Joane ____ in about 1531 and moved to Fritton where he died in 1578; and

3. Cecily born about 1500 and married William Gunes of Saxlingham Nethergate whose will 56 in 1536 left his estate to his Cecily to care for his three sons - William, John and Thomas - and appointed his wife Cecily and her brother Thomas Goldsmith as executors.

John Goldsmith of Shotesham died in about 1535 and his will 57 left to his wife Isbell, his sons Thomas and Stephen, the two sons of Thomas (one named John) and the children of John Utting Redhead (his son-in-law?).

Thomas Goldsmith (b.c.1503 son of John and Isabelle above) married Elizabeth _____ in about 1530 and had the following children, likely in Shotesham, who were alive in 1557:

1. John born about 1532 and died in 1557 apparently un-married 58 and leaving a will 59, although administration of his estate was granted 21 Feb. 1566/7 60;

2. Thomas born about 1534;

3. Robert born about 1536;

4. Nicholas born about 1539;

5. Basseborne born about 1542; and

6. Thomasine born about 1545.

Thomas Goldsmythe of Shotesham died in about November of 1550 and administration of his estate was granted to his widow Elizabeth 24 Nov. 1550 61. Elizabeth remarried in about 1553 to ____ Adlye.

Steven Goldsmith (c.1505-1578) married Jone/Joane _____ in about 1531and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Fritton, two parishes to the south of Saxlingham Nethergate:

1. Robert who likely married Margaret ____ and had a daughter Margaret baptised in Fritton in 1575/6 and a daughter Marie in 1588;

2. Elizabeth; and

3. Margaret, who likely married in Fritton to Thomas Newman in 1572.

Steven Gouldsmith was buried in Fritton in 1577/8 and his will 62 provided for his wife, son and two daughters. Jone/Joane Goldsmith was buried in Fritton in 1584.

Also in Fritton William Goldsmyth of Fritton married Anne Mathew of Carleton Rode in 1576 at Swainsthorpe, Robert Gouldsmyth, widower of Newton Flotman, married Dorothy Sherwood in 1583 and John Gouldsmyth married Anne Reade in 1603.

Elsewhere, William Goldsmith of Gillingham [Clv by Beccles Sfk] had a will proved in 1547 63, William Goldsmyth of Yelverton [Hen] had administration of his estate granted in 1616 to his widow Anne 64, and Edward Goldsmyth was listed in Stratton in the 1567-77 Muster Returns

In Saxlingham Goldsmiths were also prevalent - John Goldsmyth of Saxlingham Nethergate left a will in 1526 65 which left his property to his son Thomas with gifts of property to his two “nieces” 66 Cecily and Olive (or, possibly Alice). Thomas Goldsmith of Saxlingham Nethergate, likely the son of John, died and was buried in May 1537 in Saxlingham Nethergate and his will 67 left his lands in Saxlingham Nethergate, Shotesham and Hempnall to his wife Margerie and daughter Cecily and appointed William Goldsmith (possibly below) as an executor.

Robert Goldsmith married Joan Buck 2 Nov. 1561 in Saxlingham Thorpe 68 and had a son William baptised there in 1562, Walter Goldsmyth, who was buried in Saxlingham 28 June 1587, had administration granted 20 July 1587 to his widow Elizabeth 69 and another Walter Goldsmith (possibly the son) had administration granted 22 June 1589 to his brother Stephen 70.


William Goldsmith [b.c. 1500] married about 1525 to Katherine _____and had at least the following children:

1. Cecily born c. 1526 and married Robert Crickmer 71 in about 1548 and by 1562 had 3 daughters - Johan 1554, Agnes and Elizabeth 1561;

2. Katherine born c. 1531 and married Richard Jordan[e] 72 in about 1551 and by 1562 had 4 children - Johan (m. 1576 to John Drake), John 1553, William 1560, Richard and Cecily. Richard Jordane was buried in Shotesham 7 Aug. 1576 and his will 73 provided for his wife and 5 children and appointed his brother-in-law Thomas Gouldsmith as executor;

3. Johan born c. 1533 and married Robert Bensley (or Benslyn) and had a son William in 1553 and Robert in 1558 and secondly to John Couldale [?] and had 2 more children by 1562;

4. John born ? but buried in Saxlingham Thorpe 14 March 1561/2;

5. Agnes born c.1538? and married Edmond Heaynis and by 1562 had 2 daughters - Katherine and Alice;

6. Elizabeth baptised 20 Feb. 1538/9 in Shotesham All Saints - although the father was not named but likely died before 1562;

*7. Thomas baptised 29 June 1546 in Shotesham All Saints (see below); and

8. Richard born c.1548?, married Agnes ____ 74 and, as Richard Goldsmith Senior, died and was buried in Shotesham All Saints 20 June 1615 leaving his estate to his widow and various nephews and nieces 75. His widow Agnes likely died in Shotesham A.S. about August of 1627 according to the probate inventory of her estate there taken 13 August 1627 76.

In 1532 William Goldsmyth, probably the above, purchased a large quantity of land in Shotesham jointly with William Browne and John Wright 77 and in 1535 sold land in the Manor of Saxlingham Verdons to Ralph Huson and seems to have quitclaimed the same to John Hacon in 1560. William Goldsmith sold 1 acre of land in Shotesham to John and Robert Utting in 1555 which the Uttings then mortgaged to Robert Wolmer (see below) 78. William Goldsmyth of Shotesham, yeoman, with John Hacon and his brother John Hacon [sic] of Topcroft quitclaimed land to John Leman 1 Dec. 1560 79

William Goldsmith died and was buried in Shotesham AS 29 March 1564 and his will 80 provided for his wife Katherine, sons Thomas and Richard, his four daughters Cecilia, Katherine, Johan and Agnes and 12 grandchildren from his daughters.

Katherine Goldsmith, the widow of William, was likely the Katherine Goldsmith who was buried in Shotesham AS 9 April 1570. [will?]


Thomas Goldsmith [b. 1546] married Alice Buckton 81 21 July 1566 in Shotesham All Saints and had the following children baptised there:

*1. Richard 6 March 1567/8 (see below);

2. Johana 26 October 1581 and may have married Thomas Sawer in 1614 in Shotesham St, Mary; and

3. Thomas 20 September 1584 and still alive by at least 1616 and as Thomas Goldsmith the younger, yeoman, died and was buried in Shotesham All Saints on 4 August 1622 leaving a will 82 providing for his wife Elizabeth and his son William.

Thomas received an interest in the “Wydners tenement” in Shotesham in about 1569 which he assigned to his grandson Richard Goldsmyth in 1621 and parts of which had earlier (1592) gone to Richard Goldsmyth. Thomas Goldsmyth was appointed co-executor of the 1576 will of his brother-in-law Richard Jordeyne.

Alice Goldsmith, “the widow of Thomas” [sic], died and was buried in Shotesham All Saints 7 September 1617 and Thomas possibly remarried 18 January 1618/9 in Hempnall to Cicilia Terrell.

Thomas Goldsmyth was enumerated in “Shotsham” in the 1623 Lay Subsidy (unless this was the son), as was Anne Goldsmyth, widow.

A Thomas Goldsmith was buried in Shotesham All Saints on 18 November 1625. [will? 83]


Richard Goldsmith [b.c. 1567/8] married Elizabeth Tuttell (see below) 12 October 1590 in Saxlingham Nethergate and had the following children baptised in Shotesham All Saints, just north of Saxlingham 84:

1. Richard 1 September 1591 and was still alive in 1623 85;

2. Steven 6 October 1594 but died and was buried 24 June 1614 in Shotesham AS as the “son of Elizabeth Goldsmith, widow”;

*3. Elizabeth 2 February 1597/8 and married William Francis in 1623 (see above) 86;

4. Mary 15 May 1600 and probably married James Woodyard 6 Sept. 1624 in Saxlingham Nethergate;

5. Thomas 15 Nov. 1603 but died and was buried as “the son of Richard Goldsmith” 7 September 1604;

6. William 27 Jan. 1604/5 and married Mary Sheene 2 May 1625 in Shotesham AS and had at least a son Richard baptised there in 1628/9 and likely inherited the freehold land in Shotesham after the death of his brother Stephen;

7. Thomas __ August 1607; and

8. Alice 17 May 1610.

Richard Goldsmyth was much involved in the buying and selling of land in Shotesham and in 1601 as “Richard Goldsmyth son of Thomas Goldsmyth”he purchased 14 acres in Shotesham. In 1611 he bought ½ acres in Southcroft Field. In 1597 he witnessed the will of Henry Doyly in Shotesham.

Richard Goldsmith died and was buried in buried in Shotesham AS 25 June 1612 87 and his will provided for his wife and 7 surviving children and referred to his father Thomas Goldsmith and his father-in-law John Tuttell. Elizabeth Goldsmith, widow, was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 13 Feb. 1622/3 and her will 88 provided for her 6 surviving children Richard, William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary and Alice.

Other Goldsmith Not Yet Attributed

Robert Goldsmith married Johane Uttinge [when?], the widow of John Uttinge, and had at least two children either with her or an earlier wife - William and Elizabeth and Johane Goldsmith of Saxlingham Nethergate left a will 89 in 1580/1 leaving her property to her husband Robert Goldsmith. A Robert Goldsmith was referred to in the 1587 will of his “brother-in-law” John Sherwood of Saxlingham Nethergate. An Alice Goldsmith was buried in Hempnall 20 Jan. 1563/4.

Robert Goldsmith was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 24 June 1617.

Thomas Goldsmith [b.c. 1575?] married Elizabeth Baker in Saxlingham Nethergate 16 November 1601 and had two children baptised there from in 1602 and 1604 90 and six more in Shotesham All Saints from 1610 to 1621. Thomas Goldsmith, laborer of Saxlingham, and husband of ___ Baker (who died before 1612), left a will in 1620 91. The Elizabeth Goldsmith who was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 2 Dec. 1611, and not described as the daughter of anyone, may have been his wife.


There were Tuttells, with varied spellings, long resident in Harleston with Redenhall and they left wills from the mid 1400s, although at least three of the five left no male heirs. Tuttells 92 were an ancient family in Saxlingham Nethergate (and Thorpe) where they feature strongly in the parish registers from the beginning 93. Tuthills of Saxlingham were granted arms 94 and a John Tuttle held the manor there (probably Thorpe Manor) until his death in 1684 95.

Richard Totyld of Saxlingham Nethergate left a will 96 in 1470 which referred to his wife Agnes. William Tothill was rector of Saxlingham Nethergate from 1512 to 1530 97. William Tuttill was buried in Saxlingham 28 July 1578 and his will 98 provided for Bartholomew Podinge Sr. and Michael Podinge and his children, the latter from Winfarthing, and for the poor of Saxlingham Nethergate and Hempnall, with the residue to Ellen his wife. Agnes Tuttell of Bunwell, the wife of William Tuttell, left a will in 1567 99 which dealt with the property of her previous husband John Neave of Winfarthing who had died in 1546, and she was likely the wife of the preceding William Tuttell. Henry Tutill of Saxlingham (or Cranwell) had at least two sons who attended Gonville and Caius College in Cambridge- Francis born in 1579 and Geoffrey born in 1582.

___ Tuttell married 1. ____ and 2. ______ and had at least the following children:

1. John b.c. 1476;

2. John b.c. 1500..

John Tuttell, (the second) born about 1500, married Agnes Deney/Dynnes in about 1525 and had at least the following children:

1. John;

2. Jeffery b.c.1540 ;

3. Olive b.c. 1542;

4. Margaret b.c. 1546; and

5. Agnes b.c. 1549.

John Tuttell of Wastilgate in Saxlingham Nethergate died and was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 13 December of 1558 leaving a will 100 which provided for his wife, two sons and three daughters and his servants Robert Goldsmith and Margaret Goldsmith and appointed his wife and Jeffry Dynnes as executors and his brother [sic] John Tuttell as supervisor. Agnes, the widow of John, died and was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 4 June 1559 and her will 101 left her assets to her son Jeffery and her three daughters and to Margaret Tuttle, provided for her servants Robert Goldsmith and Stephen Goldsmith and appointed her brother Jeffery Deney and her brother-in-law John Tuttle as executors.

John Tuttell, (the first) born about 1476, married 1. ____ about 1505 and had at least the following three children 102 who, according to the will of their uncle Thomas Tuttell [where is this?], were alive in 1538:

1. Thomas b.c. 1480 who married Katherine ___ and died in 1538 leaving a will 103. He had a son John Tuttell, yeoman of Wastlegate, who married 1.? and 2. Agnes Bellamyn and had 6 children constituting the other major Tuttell family of Saxlingham Nethergate 104;

2.*John b. c.1510 (see below); and

3. Margaret.

The wife of John died and he then married 2. Alice Joges, a widow.

John apparently died before 1538. Alice Tottyll, widow, died in 1543 and left a will 105 which gave her money to the churches of Saxlingham Nethergate and Saxlingham Thorpe, left some money to her godchildren, un-named, with the residue to her son Leonard Jogis.

John Tuttill, son of John, above, born about 1510, married Alice ____ 106 in about 1534 and had the following children, probably baptised in Saxlingham Nethergate 107:

1. Alice (b.c. 1535) who married John Warde 108of Hempnall by licence dated 5 Oct. 1555 109 in Saxlingham Nethergate and had at least 5 children there - Margaret 1561, William 1566, Elizabeth 1568, John and Roger 1575;

2. William (b.c. 1538) who married Ann Smith in Saxlingham Nethergate 3 July 1558, and, after Ann’s death, married Elizabeth Wulrye 28 August 1563 at Trowse Newton 110, had at least a daughter Elizabeth 111 born about 1566, although not in Saxlingham, and likely died in Trowse Newton 112 in May or June of 1591 and, as William Tuthill of Newton next Norwich (Trowse Newton), left an extensive will 113;

3.* John (b.c. 1543) who married Elizabeth Hodgkin [see below];

4. Oliffe [Olive] (b.c. 1543) 114 who married John Harris 1 October 1564 in Saxlingham Nethergate and had at least 5 children there (Alice 1565, Annis 1567, Elizabeth 1568 but d. 1568, William 1569, John 1571 but d. 1573, John 1574 and Dorothy 1576) before 1578;

5. [a daughter] who married ____ Inbie and had at least one child Elizabeth before 1578 115; and

6. Elizabeth born ? but buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 24 May 1565 116.

Alice Tuttill the wife of John the elder died and was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 8 Feb. 1564/5.

John Tuttill married, secondly and by license 117, Elizabeth Hodgkin 118, widow of Newton Flotman, 21 April 1565 in Saxlingham 119.

John Tuttell Senior died and was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 10 February 1577/8 120 and his lengthy will 121 left his extensive estate to his sons William and John Jr. and provided for his wife Elizabeth and 17 grandchildren. He gave his manor of Thorpe Hall to his son John Junior. Elizabeth Tuttell, widow, was buried in Tharston 7 February 1587/8 122.

John Tuttill, Junior, (b.c. 1543 the son of John Senior) married Elizabeth Hodgkin 123 3 January 1566/7 in Saxlingham Nethergate and had the following children 124 baptised there:

1. Elizabeth 15 June 1567 but died and was buried 24 June 1567;

2. *Elizabeth 2 February 1568/9 and married Richard Goldsmith (see above);

3. William born 1570 125 and referred to in the wills of his grandfather John Tuttell Senior, his father John Tuthill and his uncle William Tuttell, apparently married Susan Osborne and by 1618 had at least two sons and according to the 1634 Essex Visitation had a total of 4 sons and 2 daughters, the eldest of whom was John who married Elizabeth Houghton and settled in Upminster, Essex;

4. Alice 9 July 1570 but died and was buried 1 March 1571/2;

5. Mary 10 Feb. 1571/2? 126, and likely married William Harris 1594 in Saxlingham Nethergate and was possibly the Mary Harris who was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 17 July 1611;

6. Alice 20 Jan 1573/4 and married 4 Aug. 1595 at St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich to Richard Woodyard and by 1618 had a daughter Elizabeth;

7. John 10 Nov. 1577 who likely married 1. Elizabeth ___ in about 1601 and had a daughter Prudence baptised in Tharston in 1608 and 2. 1612 in Strumpshaw to Mary Paynter;

8. Ann 22 Nov 1579 and married in 1598 to John Randall (Boyds);

9. Henry 18 June 1581 127 and married 1. Ellen Gooch and 2. 13 Nov. 1605 to Alice Race and had two sons John and William baptised in Tharston in 1607 and 1609 with Alice before he died and was buried there 26 March 1619;

10. Jane 1 July 1583 and married 1613/4 to John Jolly;

11. Thomas 1 Jan. 1586/7 but probably died before 1618 as he was not referred to in his father’s will and may have been the Thomas Tuthill of Saxlingham whose daughter Mary was entrusted to the care of Thomas Hodgekyn through the 1602 will of Robert Hodgekyn of Newton Flotman 128 the father of Thomas Hodgekyn (see below); and

12. Juda 12 Oct. 1589 and married Daniel Richards 26 Dec. 1616 in Saxlingham Nethergate.

Elizabeth was likely the Elizabeth Tuthill, Gent., who was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 14 Jan. 1613/4. John Tuthill died and was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 21 November 1618 leaving most of his estate, including the lease from Thomas Gawdie inherited from his father, to his eldest son William 129. Oddly, it was John Tuthill and not William who was enumerated in the 1623 Lay Subsidy Returns.


The only Potters in Hempnall were the family of John the vicar and his wife Elizabeth 130. Their first child Elizabeth was very likely the Elizabeth Potter who married James Francis 17 August 1654 in Bixley 131. John Potter was Vicar of Hempnall from the summer of 1649 and all of their children, except for the last, were born before they arrived in Hempnall. The most likely pedigree which accounts for all of their known children follows.

John Potter (b.c. 1604) married Elizabeth Wood (b. 1606 see below) 14 April 1630 in Chesham, [Burnham 100] Buckinghamshire 132 and had the following children 133:

*1. Elizabeth baptised 16 Feb. 1630/1 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and married James Francis in Bixley, Norfolk in 1654 (see above);

2. Hannah baptised 24 Aug. 1635 in Great Hampden, [Aylesbury (Stone) 100 134] Buckinghamshire 135 and married ____ Horne 136;

3. Joseph baptised 12 Aug.1638 in Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire, appears not to have married or had children and was buried in Hempnall 25 March 1693;

4. James baptised 2 Sept. 1641 in Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire but died before 1647;

5. Ruth born 10 March 1644/5 and baptised 10 April 1645 in Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire, married William Capon of Saxlingham 20 July 1667 at Norwich St. Michael at Plea 137, and had one daughter Ruth baptised 19 Dec. 1667 (she m. William Mabbes in Hempnall in 1686) but Ruth, the mother died in childbirth and was buried in Hempnall 19 Dec. 1667;

6. James born 4 Feb. 1646/7 in Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire, married to Elizabeth ___ 138 in about 1679 and had 8 children baptised in Hempnall from 1680 to 1692 - John, James (who was buried 29 September 1700), Edward, Elizabeth, Esther, Sendall, Joseph and Sarah - and then Ruth in 1702 (who was buried 24 Sept. 1704), and James may have been the James Potter buried in Hempnall 23 May 1727;

7. John born about 1649 139 and likely married to Ann ___ 140 in about 1675 with whom he had 3 children baptised in Hempnall from 1676: John (who possibly died and was buried in Hempnall 11 August 1706), Joseph (who m. Katherine ___ and had sons John in 1708 and Joseph in 1713) and Elizabeth. Ann Potter the wife of John was buried in Hempnall 10 June 1713. He was likely the John Potter “an ancient man”, who was buried in Hempnall 16 Dec. 1722 141; and

8. Sarah baptised in Hempnall 4 March 1650/1 and married 1 Nov. 1675 in Norwich St. Julian 142 to William Richmond 143 and had 4 children baptised in Hempnall up to 1684 - Sarah 144, Mary, Elizabeth (she died and was buried in Hedenham 18 Dec. 1688) and Robert.

John may have been the John Potter who matriculated from Trinity College, Cambridge in Easter of 1628 145 and therefore could certainly have married in 1630. In about 1633, after a relatively short time in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, John and his family moved to Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire (St. Mary Magdalene). Although the reason for moving to Great Hampden is unknown, it is very possible that John became a tutor to the family of John Hampen, “the Patriot”, whose family estate was Great Hampden, which might explain why John Potter named his third daughter Ruth, possibly named after Ruth Hampden 146 the ultimate heir of John Hampden and who was about five years old when John Potter first moved to Great Hampden. The Potters likely remained in Great Hampden until about 1649 147 (John Hampden had died in 1643) when they moved to Hempnall in Norfolk, and a note in the Hempnall parish registers in the baptisms section between 24 June and 10 October 1649 reads “John Potter began to officiate”. 148 He was then likely a type of lay minister who took over in the parish of Hempnall after the ouster of the “high Anglican” rector and may not have had much formal religious training. This is confirmed by the fact that he was instituted in Hempnall 18 Dec. 1651 some time before his ordination 149 which did not, in fact, occur until 8 Aug. 1662. He may well have been accepted as the vicar there 150 because of his connection with John Hampden the first cousin of Oliver Cromwell.

John Potter, Clerk, died and was buried in Hempnall 4 August 1692. His will 151 gave his lands in Heddenham 152 "in the said county" [=Norfolk] to his daughter Sarah Richmond, widow. The residue he gave to three of his children: John Potter, Hannah Horne and Sarah Richmond. His other daughters Elizabeth and Ruth were not referred to in his will because they had already died. Elizabeth his wife must have died before him although no entry for her burial has yet been located 153. Strangely, John signed his will with an X and not a signature, although this would be more common if the testator were too weak to make much more than two strokes. He was also 88 years old at the time.

It is thus unlikely that John Potter was born in Chesham although he very possibly was resident there at the time of his marriage. There were however Potters in Chesham from early times, as follows:

- “Mother” Potter was buried 1545;

-Thomas buried 1548;

-Richard married Joan Butterfield 1549/50;

-Agnes wife of Thomas buried 1550;

-Christopher son of William was baptised 1551;

-Agnes daughter of Oswold, smith, buried 1566;

-John, servant 154 to John Gardner the younger, tanner, married Joise (Joyce) Fisher, widow of Beckonsfield 21 Nov 1573, and Joise wife of John, tanner was buried in Chesham in 1606/7. They appear to have had no children although Joise had a child Sibill from her first husband who was buried in Chesham in 1605. Additionally, John and Joise Potter cared for the orphaned child of John Smith, tanner, although she was buried in Chesham in 1592. John Potter, tanner of Chesham, left a will in 1625 155 which left his estate to his wife Joane (who she appears to have been buried in Chesham 5 August 1625) but mentioned no children or other relatives;

-Anne Potter, widow, married John Gourney of the Waterside 1574;

-Alice the daughter of Oswold Potter, smith of Latymersh, married William Tooksfield 1593; and

-Daniel son of John Potter of Latimer was buried in Chesham in 1618, and John Potter of latimer was still there in 1622.

In nearby Amersham, SW of Chesham, Martin Potter married Elizabeth Wood 13 January 1594/5.

Assuming that John Potter was probably born about 1604 and in Buckinghamshire 156 there are at least four possible births entries for him in the county:

1. baptised 18 April 1602 in Newport Pagnell 157, Buckinghamshire son of Robert Potter;

2. baptised 4 March 1602[/3?] in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire son of Geoffray;

3. baptised 26 Dec.1608 in Newport Pagnell son of John Potter; and

4. baptised 23 Feb. 1605[/06?] in Wraysbury (southern end of Bucks) son of William Potter 158.

Re 1. Robert Potter (b.c. 1568 son of Thomas?) married 4 November 1591 in Newport Pagnell 159 to Elizabeth Marshall and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. Thomas 10 Sept. 1592;

2. John 18 April 1602;

3. Nathaniel (as Nicholas?) 1 April 1604;

4. Robert 15 Sept. 1606;

5. Mary 11 Dec. 1608;

6. Anne 2 Feb. 1611; and

7. Susan 18 April 1619.

Robert Potter, weaver of Newport Pagnell, died about 16 March 1630/1 160 and left a will 161 which referred to his wife Elizabeth, brother Jeffery, sons John and Nathaniel, daughters Mary, Anne and Susan and was witnessed by Nicholas Potter.

Re 2. Geffray Potter (bapt. 2 Oct.1575 son of Thomas) married Agnes/Anne Beard 20 Nov. 1599 in Newport Pagnell and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. John 4 March 1602;

2. Thomas 5 Feb. 1604;

3. Richard 25 March 1606;

4. Anne 24 July 1608;

5. Nicholas 10 Feb. 1611;

6. Jeffery 23 April 1613; and

7. Luke 18 October 1615.

Jeffery Potter died ______ (possibly the Geoffrey Potter of Newport who had administration of his estate granted September 1638). Anne Potter, widow of Newport Pagnell, left a will in 1648 162 which referred to her children John, Richard, Thomas, Nicholas, Jeffery and Luke. Richard Potter, son of Anne who died by 1648, left a will in 1683 163 which referred to his brothers Thomas and Jeffery. Robert Potter, weaver or Newport Pagnell, left a will in 1631 which referred to his wife Elizabeth, brother Jeffery, sons John and Nathaniel and daughters Mary, Anne and Susan, and was witnessed by Nicholas Potter.

Re 3. John Potter married _____ and had at least the following baptised in Newport Pagnell:

1. Joan 30 Nov. 1603;

2. Mary 9 Sept. 1605 but buried there 22 Dec. 1605; and

3. John 26 Dec. 1608.

Re 4. .....

Other Potters of Newport Pagnell were-

Anthony Potter baptised there in 1558 (likely the Anthony below).

Anthony Potter baptised there in 1585 (likely son of Anthony above).

William Potter who had at least children baptised there from - William 1569.

Thomas Potter who had at least three children baptised there from 1570 to 1575 - Peter, Alice and Jeffry (see above).

Nicholas Potter who had at least four children baptised there from 1560 to 1576 - Alice, Judith, Anne and Richard.

Anthony Potter, a baker, who left a will in 1615 164 which gave his estate to his wife Joane, sons George and Anthony, daughters Martha (Martins), Anne and Judith and sister Anne Umphrey. His son Anthony Potter had many dealings with the Harveys, was buying and selling real estate in the parish from the 1630s and left a will in 1653/4 which referred to his sons Thomas and Samuel and daughters Martha, Cicely and Winifred.

Daniel Potter, innholder of Newport Pagnell left a will in 1635 165 which referred to his brothers Thomas, Peter (dec’d but bapt. 14 June 1570 son of Thomas,) and Nathaniel and his cousin William Hall.

George Potter of Hughenden, wheelwright, left a will in 1609 which provided for his wife Margaret and three daughters.


WOOD 166

Henry Wood (b.c. 1575 167), servant to Henry Howe 168, married Isabell Goodspeede (b.c. 1575) 169, servant to Thomas Duddesbury 170, 12 Feb. 1600/1 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and had the following children baptised in Chesham:

1. Susan 9 Sept. 1601 but buried there the same day;

2. Mary 1 Sept. 1602 but buried there 2 October 1602 171;

3. Rebecca 14 Aug. 1603 and likely married John Woodcock 22 July 1632 in Chesham; and

*4. Elizabeth 26 Oct. 1606 and married John Potter 172 14 April 1630 in Chesham (see above); and


5. Richard 16 July 1615 who married Sarah ____ and had a daughter Mary baptised in Chesham 173.

Henry Wood died and was buried 13 March 1636/7 in Chesham, Isabell having predeceased him and possibly was “the wife of Henry Wood” buried 22 October 1631 in Chesham 174.

No probate documentation has yet been found for Henry Wood of Chesham. However, Henry Wood of Abbot’s Langley, Hertfordshire, which is just three or four parishes to the east of Chesham, left a will made 2 July 1636 175 which provided for his wife Sibbell (=Elizabeth/Isabelle) and daughter Sibbell and, in the case of the death of his daughter Sibbell, his nephew Henry Wood, second son of his deceased brother Richard. The date of probate fits Henry Wood the husband of Isabelle/Elizabeth/Sibelle Goodspeed except that his wife Isabelle/Elizabeth/Sibelle had already died, there is no reference to his daughter Sibelle (=Elizabeth)’s married name and no reference to his daughter Rebecca or his son Richard! The reference to his brother Richard Wood may have been to the Richard Wood of Chesham who follows.

Also in Chesham 176 -

Richard Wood was churchwarden in 1598.

Miles Wood married Susan Grover 10 December 1610 in Gresham “both of Whelplyhill” and had a daughter Susan baptised there 22 September 1611.

Richard Wood married Sarah ____ and had the following children baptised in Chesham:

1. Richard;

2. Mary 22 June 1633;

3. John; and

4. Alice.

The 1620-1626 Buckingham Subsidy Returns show only one Wood - Richard Wood in Chesham, although a Thomas Woods appeared in Chalfont.

There were, however, many Wood families in Amersham 177, the parish to the SW of Chesham, and Boyd has the following marriages:

-John Wood married Mary Wittington in Amersham in 1583;

-John Wood married Margaret Dale in Amersham in 1588; and

-John Wood married Margaret Wagg in Amersham in 1588 (possibly the same persons as above).

Also in Boyds

-William Wood married Sybil Giles in Chicheley

-Christopher Wood married Ann Wright in Newport Pagnell

-Edward Wood married Mary Linbam in Westbery.

Strangely there were very few wills or administrations in Buckinghamshire for Woods, none of which referred to a Henry, viz-

-Marion Wood of Stoke Hammond (about half way between Wingrave and Newport Pagnell) died in 1629 leaving a will 178 which provided for her son Thomas and daughters Elizabeth and Alice.

-John Wood of Iver (South Bucks, north of Heathrow Airport) left a will in 1605 which provided for his wife Alice, daughters Annis and Joane and brother Thomas Wood.

-James Wood the elder of Hardwick (2 parishes north of Aylesbury and 3 south of Granborough) left a will in 1635 which provided for his son James.

-William Woods of Little Marlow (sw of Amersham) left a will in 1639 which provided for his children John, Thomas, William, Joyce, Comfort, Anne, Mary and Judie Woods and Tabitha Cordwell.


Isabelle (or Elizabeth) Goodspeed (b.c. 1576-1582) married Henry Wood in Chesham in 1600/1 and had four daughters there from 1601 to 1606 - Susan, Mary, Rebecca and Elizabeth (see above).

Thomas Goodspeed married Joane ______ and had at least the following children:

1. Francis baptised 21 December 1570 in Chesham but died and buried 24 December 1570 there; and

2. *Isabelle baptised 10 August 1572 in Amersham 179 and could have married Henry Wood in 1600/1 in Chesham (see above).

Thomas Goodspeed was buried 25 November 1596 in Amersham, the next parish to the SW of Chesham, and Johana Goodspede, widow, was buried there 12 June 1597. No probate documentation for either has yet been found.


Although the surname is generally rare in England, Goodspeeds were far more common in Wingrave, Buckinghamshire where the following other Goodspeeds were having families from 1551, the start of the registers there:

1. John Goodspeed and Elizabeth 1556 to 1564;

2. Robert Goodspeed and Isabell Allen (they married there in 1552) to 1578;

3. Thomas Goodspeed and Agnes 1556 to 1558;

4. Thomas Goodspeed and Joane/Jane 1561 to 1566; and

5. Nicholas Goodspeed and Margaret 1568 to 1573. Nicholas Goodspeed of Wingrave died in January 1605/6 leaving a will 180 which provided for his wife Margaret, his son-in-law Robert Seabrocke and the children of two others who were likely related to him

An Elizabeth Goodspeed was baptised 6 Aug. 1553 in Wingrave, Buckinghamshire the daughter of John Goodspeed (1536-1603) but this is too early for the Isabelle or Elizabeth who married Henry Wood whose last child was born in 1606.

Thomas Goodspeed 181 married Agnes ______ and had the following baptised or buried in Wingrave 182:

1. John baptised 9 August 1556 183 but buried 3 October 1558; and

2. Margaret buried 28 April 1558.

Agnes was likely the Anna Goodspeed buried in Wingrave 4 October 1558, the day after the burial of John 184.

Thomas Goodspeed, likely the widowed Thomas above, married Johana _____ some time in or prior to 1560, although not in Wingrave, Amersham or Chesham, and had at least the following children:

1. Matthew baptised 15 May 1561 in Wingrave;

2. William baptised 18 October 1564 in Wingrave; and

3. John baptised 22 January 1565/6 in Wingrave and married Agnes Warriner 29 Nov.1595 in Amersham but Agnes died and was buried there 9 months later on 13 August 1596 185. John Goodspeed married, secondly, Mary Avies 186 30 April 1599 in Amersham and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. John 7 September 1600;

2. Walter 30 November 1601;

3. William 26 December 1603;

4. Mary 27 July 1606;

5. Joseph 10 January 1608/9; and

6. Henry 16 January 1613/4 and married Elizabeth Meacock 20 Jan. 1639/40 in Amersham.

Mary the wife of John Goodspeed was buried in Amersham 28 June 1620.

John Goodspeed 187 then married, thirdly, Katherine Gillam 188 2 October 1620 in Amersham and had at least the following children baptised there:

7. Thomas 17 February 1621/2; and

8. William 17 March 1625/6.

Thomas Goodspeed was buried in Wingrave 7 Jan. 1604/5 leaving a will 189 which provided for his wife Jane, son Edward and other un-named children and referred to his brother William Goodspeed 190. A Jane Goodspeed, widow, married Edward Bringanhawe in Wingrave 8 Nov. 1611.

Despite the similarities, the Thomas Goodspeed of Chesham and Amersham is likely a different person than Thomas Goodspeed of Wingrave EXCEPT that John the son of Thomas of Wingrave seems by 1595 to have moved to Amersham where he married and raised his family. John may, however, have been the John Goodspeed baptised in Wingrave in 1565/6 to Thomas (above) but elsewhere to different parents. However, the co-incidence is noteworthy.

A Margaret Goodspeed daughter of Thomas and Margaret was baptised in Grandborough 191 Bucks (now part of Milton Keynes) 4 Dec. 1590, and a Thomas Goodspeed of Granborrowe, Bucks. left a will in 1627 which provided for his seven children including a daughter Margaret..

Later, from the 1650s, there were Goodspeeds in Stoke Mandeville, Beachampton, Elswick and Little Hampton, Bucks.

Bennet (Benedict) Goodspeed of Weston Turville (just SE of Aylesbury) left a will in 1638 which provided for his wife (un-named), sons Bennet and Thomas and three daughters, all under age at the time.

Margaret Goodspeed left a will in 1608 192.

William Goodspeede married Alice Boude in Drayton Parslow in .....

There were no Goodspeed probate documents in the index to the Buckenhamshire Archdeaconry before 1602 suggesting that they likely originated in another county.


Mary Thompson, born about 1675 and likely in Great Yarmouth, single woman, married Joseph Francis, widower, in 1696 in Great Yarmouth. They had 8 children baptised in East Dereham where Joseph was living before their marriage - Mary, Joseph, Ann, Rebecca, John, William, Elizabeth and Ruth (in addition to the two Joseph had with his previous wife - Thomas and Joseph). It is very likely that she was the Mary Thomson, daughter of John and Ruth Thomson who follows below 194.

John Thomson (b.c. 1648) married Ruth _____ (b.c. 1650) 195 and had the following children 196:

1. Rebecca baptised 20 Oct. 1672 in Great Yarmouth St. Nicholas; and

2. *Mary baptised 21 May 1676 in Great Yarmouth St. Nicholas and married Joseph Francis 26 Oct. 1696 in Great Yarmouth (see above).

John Thomson of Yarmouth died, likely sometime in 1677 197, and administration of his estate was granted 21 February 1677/8 198 to his relict Ruth.

Ruth Thomson, widow, married John Lansdall 199, single man, 2 March 1677/8 in Yarmouth St. Nicholas 200. They appear not to have had any children baptised in Yarmouth and no record of the death or probate of either has yet been located.

There were eight John Thompson/Tompson etc. who were baptised in Great Yarmouth from 1642 and 1651 and survived to adulthood and who could, therefore, have been the husband of Ruth and father of Mary -

-1642 4 Sept. to Thomas and Dorothy

-1642 7 Dec. To Robert and Clare

-1643/4 6 Feb. to Robert and Alice

-1644 17 Nov. to Clement and Joane

-1645 22 June to Ralph and Elizabeth

-1645 13 July to Robert and Isabelle

-1646/7 10 Jan. to Francis and Anne

-1649 27 June to John and Mary - who, because of the use of Mary as the second daughter of John and Ruth, is the most likely candidate.

There were three other children named Mary Thompson who were baptised in Yarmouth in the period 1666 to 1676, none of whom died before the end of 1673 -

-19 April 1668 - daughter of Joseph and Margaret [sic 201] Thomson, with twin brother Joseph. Joseph Thomson, single of Yarmouth married Mary Hayward, widow of Yarmouth, 19 July 1667 in Yarmouth and also had Robert in 1670, Martha in 1672, Elizabeth in 1674 and Nathan [?] in 1676 202

-23 Oct. 1668 - daughter of John and Elizabeth Thomson. John Thomson married Elizabeth Baker, both single of Yarmouth, 28 August 1666

- 6 Oct. 1672 - daughter of William and Joane Thomson 203.


Buxton 204 was a very common name in the early parish registers of Tibenham [Dep], beginning in 1560. Rye in his Norfolk Families (at p.85) writes of the Buxtons of Tibenham and Shadwell, a Visitation family, who Rye maintains descend from an old Norfolk family from Buxton near Aylsham. John Buxton of Tibenham who, according to Farrer in his Church Heraldry of Norfolk 205, had married Margaret Warner and died in Tibenham 5 April 1572, had administration of his estate granted 11 April 1572 to Robert his son. He may have been the same person as the John Buxton of Tibenham who secured a marriage licence 30 January 1569/70 to marry Margaret Corke of Roudham. The Buxtons’ lands in Tibenham were called Channons, next to the Aslacton and Titshall Commons. Richard Buxton of Tibenham left a will 206 in 1592 which referred to his wife Johane and son Thomas. Robert Buxton, presumably the Robert son of John above, received a grant of arms in 1574 and at that time his wife was a Herne of Tibenham. Rye claims that Robert was likely descended from the John and Andrew Buxstune who held land in Irmingland in 1329 and ultimately back to William de Buketon in 1234. William Buxton of Forncett St. Mary left a will in 1508 which referred only to his wife Margaret but which was witnessed by John Buxston [sic]. John Buxton of Besthorpe had administration of his estate granted 9 May 1596 to his widow Elizabeth 207. There were also Buxtons in Ditchingham where Katherine, widow, and her son Robert had administrations granted in 1639.

Alice Buckton 208 was born about 1545 and married Thomas Goldsmith (b. 1546 in Shotesham All Saints the son of William) 21 July 1566 in Shotesham All Saints and had at least 3 children baptised there - Richard, Johana and Thomas. Alice Goldsmith, “the widow of Thomas”, died and was buried in Shotesham All Saints 7 September 1617. A Robert Buckston had a daughter baptised in Hempnall 18 Jan. 1578/9 and a John Buxton of Besthorpe had administration of his estate granted in 1596 to his wife Elizabeth (NCC).

Stephen Buxton (b.c. 1515) married Katherine Allisander in about 1540 and had at least the following children 209 likely baptised in Forncett St. Mary 210:

1. Agnes (b.c. 1540) who married William Lincoln before 1564;

2. *?Alice (b.c. 1545) who was unmarried in May of 1566 but possibly 211 married Thomas Goldsmith in Shotesham All Saints in July of 1566 (see above);

3. Richard;

4. Miles (b.c. 1550) who married Avis Youngman in Carleton Rode in 1574 (Boyds);

5. John who was likely sickly as he required the provisions by his brother of food, drink, clothing and fire, and may have died between 1564 and 1566;

6. Katherine; and

7. Ellen/Helen.

Stephen Buxton died between 20 March 1563/4 and 4 August 1564 and his will 212 provided for his wife and seven children. Katherine Buxton died between 9 May 1566 and 27 July 1566 and her will 213 provided for six of her children but not including John was had likely died by then.

Robert Buxton of Tasburgh, located between Forncett and Shotesham, died in 1558 but his will referred to a step-daughter Margaret Ropery (?) but no other Buxtons.


John Allisander (b.c. 1465) married Katherine _____ in about 1490 and had at least the following, likely born and baptised in Forncett St. Peter:

1. *Thomas born about 1492 (see below);

2. Robert who was likely the Robert Alysander who died, with will, in Forncett St. Peter in 1522; and

3. a daughter who married Robert Gallard and had at least three daughters by 1560? - Anne, Rose and Elizabeth.

John Allisander died sometime in 1509 and his will 214 provided for his wife Katherine and son Thomas and gave his son Robert money provided he released any other claim to the estate.

A John Alysander was listed as a benefactor in Old Buckenham in 1508 215 and a John Alexander of Forncett and Swainsthorpe had administration of his estate granted 9 Nov. 1523 216 to his brother Thomas and to William Turner of Great Yarmouth.

Thomas Allisander married Katherine _____ in about 1515 and had at least the following children, likely born and baptised in Forncett St. Peter:

1. William born about and died, unmarried, in about 1559 with a will 217 which left his lands which he inherited from his father to Katherine his mother and to his brothers Edmund and Henry;

2. *Katherine born about 1516 and who married Stephen Buxton in about 1540 (see above);

3. Edmund born about , married Jane ____ in about 1560 and had at least two children Richard and Jane before Edmund died, with a will 218 that provided for his wife Jane and two children, and was buried in Forncett St. Peter 15 February 1570/1;

4. Henry born about 1529, married Marion Whitfoot 219 in about 1554 and had at least five children - Agnes, Edmund, Katherine, Thomas b.1561 and John b.1564 in Forncett St. Peter before he died, with a will 220 which distributed his extensive holdings of land to his wife and three sons and provided for his two daughters, and was buried there 16 April 1587; and

5. John who likely died before 1558 leaving at least a daughter Katherine.

Thomas died sometime in 1559 221 with an extensive will 222 which provided for his wife Katherine and five children including Katherine Buxton and appointed Stephen Buxton as the supervisor.

Katherine died and was buried in Forncett St. Peter 13 July 1572.


Sir Richard Hogeson was the parson of Newton Flotman in 1552 according to the will of Thomas Lyncoln of that parish.

Laurence Hodgekin had a wife Agnes who, as a servant, was left most of the estate of John Gotts of Flordon (adjoining Newton Flotman on the west) in his 1545 will 223.

_____ Hodgekin had at least the following:

1. Miles, who was in Newton Flotman in 1559 when he witnessed the will of William Hawknet (NCC p.267) and 1564 when he witnessed the will of Kathryne Drinkmilk which left apparral to the wife of Miles (NCC p.91); and

2.* Henry born about 1510.

Henry (Harry) Hodgekin married Elizabeth Wolmer (b.c. 1515) sometime around 1537 and had the following children 224 likely baptised in Newton Flotman 225:

1. Robert who married, secondly, Elizabeth Watson in 1600 in Newton Flotman, witnessed the nuncupative will of William Sunman of Newton Flotman in 1591and, as Robert Hodgekyne, yeoman of Newton Flotman, left a will in 1603 226;

2. William born about 1540 and was almost certainly the William Hodgekyn servant to William Buck of Saxlingham Nethergate who referred to him in his will of 1599. He married Mary Cotwyn 227 14 July 1566 in Saxlingham Nethergate and had two children baptised there - John in 1567 and Elizabeth (who probably married Richard Hold in 1590 in Newton Flotman 228) in 1569, five others who were referred to in the will of their grandfather Robert Cotwyn in 1581/2 - Robert, William, Margaret, Anne and Mary, and three others who were referred to in their father’s will of 1602 - Henry, Dorothy and Ellen. William Hodgkin of Newton Flotman left a will in 1602 229;

3. Dorothy who possibly married Jeffry Viniard 3 June 1565 in Alburgh and had a son John baptised there in 1566 but no others;

4.* Elizabeth born about 1542 and likely married John Tuttill, Junior, (b.c. 1543 the son of John Senior) 3 January 1566/7 in Saxlingham Nethergate and had at least 12 children baptised there and was likely the Elizabeth Tuthill, Gent., who was buried in Saxlingham Nethergate 14 Jan. 1613/4 (see above);

5. Ursula born about 1544 and who married Elice/Ellis Fenn of Woodton 29 Nov. 1568 at Braisworth 230 and had at least 5 children there from 1560 to 1576 - Henry, Elizabeth, Ellice, Agnes and Jane; and

6. Mary who possibly married Thomas Bransby by 1573 in Saxlingham Nethergate 231.

Henry (Harry) Hodgekyn was the executor of the 1540 will of Henry Woodhouse, parson of Newton Flotman and the 1544 will of Robert Holme of Newton Flotman and was a witness to the 1552 will of Cecily Fastolf of the same place.

Henry died, likely in Newton Flotman, in early September 1563 and his lengthy will 232 left his extensive estate in Newton and Saxlingham to his wife Elizabeth, his sons Robert and William and his daughters Dorothy, Elizabeth*, Ursula and Mary.

Elizabeth Hodgkin, the widow of Henry, married John Tuttill, Sr. and widower, 21 April 1565 in Saxlingham Nethergate 233. She and John do not appear to have had any children together. Elizabeth Tuttell, widow, was buried in Tharston 7 February 1587/8 234.

- Anthony Hodgins [sic] of Newton Flotman, husbandman, married Elizabeth Potter of Trowse by license issued 19 Jan. 1585/6 (NCC).

- An Elizabeth Hodgekin married Thomas Bradie in 1562 in Brooke (east of Saxlingham).

- A Brothia (?) Hodgkyn married by license 16 August 1561 in Blundeston Suffolk [Mut & Loth] to Anthony Whyght the rector there 235.

-John Hodgekins son of Edward was baptised in Harleston/Redenhall 29 Oct. 1570.


Robert Wolmer (b.c. 1480) married _____ in about 1508 and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Shotesham St. Mary:

1. Robert born about 1510, who married ______ in about 1532 and then Alice Mosse, widow, and had at least five children by 1547 - John, Robert, Henry, George and Dorothy and four more - Alice, Anthony, Martha and Margery who were referred to his 1558 will 236 and in the 1570 will 237 of John his eldest son;

2. *Elizabeth born about 1515 who married Henry Hodgekyn in about 1537 (see above);

3. Margaret who married ____ Jurdon;

4. Margerie who married ______ Pollard;

5. Dorothy who married _______ Westgate;

6. Agnes who married _______ Marten;

7. Johane who married John (?) Curson and had at least a daughter Agnes by 1547; and

8. Alice who married 1. John Mapes and had at least three children - Leonard born in 1549, Elizabeth born in 1553 in St. Peter Mancroft in Norwich and John born in 1555 in St. Peter. John Mapes died and was buried 27 September 1557 in St. Peter with a will 238 that requested completion of the £30 of bequests in the will of his father-in-law Robert Wolmer “late of Shotesham”. Alice Mapes, widow, then married 2. Thomas Gleane 20 July 1558 in St. Peter Mancroft and they had at least three children baptised there - Mary 1560, William 1562 (but died the same year) and Peter 239 1564. Alice Glean died in St. Peter Mancroft and was buried there 30 April 1596. Thomas Gleane who was a mercer, Sheriff of Norwich in 1570 (Rye), an Alderman in Norwich in the 1580s and Mayor there in 1583, 1592 and at the time of his death, died and was buried 10 May 1603 with a service two days later in St. Peter Mancroft.

Robert died between 1547 and 1553 leaving a will 240 which provided for his son and daughters and some of his grand-children but gave the bulk of his estate to his grand-son John Wolmer.

Richard Wolmer of Shotesham died in July of 1456 and his will 241 provided for his wife Martha and son John.

John Wulmer died between 1499 and 1501 in Shoteshamn AS and his will 242 left his estate to Johan (likely his daughter) the wife of Thomas Conyas and to various other Conyases and to his sister Alice Tupper.

Margerie Wulmer of Shotesham AS died in about 1495/6 and administration of her estate was granted to John Barber (?) and Robert Crickmey 243.

A William Woolmer of Shotesham AS died in 1537 or 1538 with a will that left to his wife Margaret and the family of his daughters ____ Utting and ___ Colman. Margaret Woolmer died in April of 1542 and left her estate to her brother John Crickmer/Crickmey of Norwich and to various others including Crickmeys, Johan Utting and various Colmans. William was likely the brother of Robert above.

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