PORTER - Foxley - Branch 1 - John (1520-1549) to Thomas (1635-1705)

Associated Surnames - WASSE, PLOWMAN

FOXLEY 1 Billingford and Bylaugh (St. Mary)

The first Porter to appear in records concerning Foxley 2 was John Porter who follows. Another John Porter appeared in the 1559 Subsidy Tax list in Foxley. There are no Muster returns for Foxley.

John Porter (b.c. 1520) married Elizabeth ____ in about 1542 [B ] and had at least the following children 3 who were likely born in Foxley:

1. *Francis born about 1544 (see below); and

2. John born about 1548 4.

John senior died in about July of 1549 and administration was granted 9 August 1549 5 to his widow Elizabeth.

Francis Porter was probably born about 1544 and married Dorothy Wasse (see below) 15 September 1571 at St. Michael Coslany in Norwich [B007] and had the following likely born in Foxley:

a. John b.c. 1572 6 (see below);

b. Francis b.c 1575 (see below);

c. Elizabeth b.c. 1578;

d. Dorothy 7 b.c. 1582 and who m. John Pigge 10 Oct. 1610 in Foxley 8;

e. Margaret b.c. 1585; and

f. James b.c. 1587 (see below).

The first four children were left bequests in the 1583 will 9 of their aunt Elizabeth Guye of Norwich, the sister of Dorothy Wasse.

Francis did not appear in the 1559 Subsidy Tax list confirming that he was, at that point, too young to have held land or significant property. His will 10, made 23 Feb. 1588/9 and proved 19 March 1588/9, left his land, described as a tenement formerly of John his father, “edified at the mort”, a close called Crossbyes and 2 1/2 acres in the West Croft to his wife Dorothy for life and then to his sons John and Francis and other lands and money to his other children Elizabeth, Dorothy, Margaret 11 and James and to the two children of his brother John - Vincent and


Dorothy was probably the Dorothy Porter who married Lawrence Browne 125 May 1589 in Elsing, three parishes to the south of Foxley.

1.1. John Porter (b.c. 1572 son of Francis) married Sara Grange 13 of Elsing in Bawdeswell 12 August 1600 [C63] and had the following children issue baptised in Foxley:

i. John 2 October 1602 but he died and was buried there 3 days later;

ii. *Francis 14 28 Dec. 1603 and who married Mary ___ [A78] (see below);

iii. Joane 18 Sept. 1608; and

iv. *Vincent 28 Dec. 1610 15 [C30? 16].

John Porter appeared in Beckhall in Bylaugh Manor (Billingford Manor Court) as a tenant and was a Church warden in Foxley in 1602. He also appeared in the Beckhall in Billingford Manor in 1617 for failing to attend the session and likewise in 1621 in the Beckhall in Bylaugh Manor. Sara, the wife of John Porter of Foxley, died in 1619/20 and was buried in Bawdeswell. John died 1646? 17 but no will or administration has been found.


1.1.1. Francis Porter who was born in 1603 the son of John and Sarah, married Mary _____ [A78] and had:

i. William baptised in Foxley 1 January 1629/30 18; and

ii. John baptised in Foxley 12 January 1633/4 and who likely died before 1669;

iii. Mary alive and un-married in 1669 but who died between 17 April 1686 and 18 May 1687 according to the Manor Court Rolls; and

iv. Sarah alive and un-married in 1669.

Francis was a disclaimer in the 1664 Arms Visitation, and in the Hearth Tax Returns of the same year his property, or that of Francis Jr. (the son of James), was described as vacant. He was likely the Francis Porter who died in Foxley in about August of 1669 19 and by his will 20 left his estate to his wife Mary (who seems to have died between 1 August 1671 when Francis’s will was proved and 13 July 1676 when the Foxley Manor Court Rolls suggested she had died) and to his children William, Mary and Sarah Porter. At the time he was referred to as Francis the Elder and was a worstead weaver.


1.1.2. Vincent Porter who was possibly the Vincent born in 1610 the son of John and Sara, above, married Elizabeth Corker 21 [C30] 6 October 1636 in Little Witchingham [Eyn] 22 and they were probably the parents of the following:

1. Elizabeth d.o. Vincent Porter bapt. 4 Feb. 1637/8 Norwich St. Saviour;

2. Amee d.o. Vincent Porter bapt. 9 July 23 1643 Norwich St. Augustine; and

3. Anne d.o. Vincent Porter bapt. 2 Feb. 1644/5 Norwich St. Augustine.


Elizabeth Porter the wife of Vincent Porter was buried in Norwich St. Mary Coslany 30 Oct. 1653 and Vincent is very likely the following:


Vincent Porter married Mrs. Mary Lodge [D16] in Norwich All Saints 15 May 1654 24 and was likely the Vincent Porter who filed Exemption Certificates for the Hearth Tax in St. Gregory Parish from April 1671 to Jan. 1673/4 25. Vincent Porter was buried in Norwich St. Gregory 13 December 1677 26. [Will?] He may have married for a third time to Ann _____ because Ann Porter, widow, married Richard Gargil, widower, in 1681 in St. Gregory (his wife Mary having in died Jan. 1680/1). Richard Gargil was buried 2 April 1685 in St. Gregory and Ann Gargil widow was buried 14 Dec. 1697 in St. Gregory 27.

1.2. Francis Porter (b.c. 1575 son of Francis) married Dorothy Wiggett in Foxley 16 28 Jan. 1608/9 [C68] 29 and Francis had at least the following children:

i. Anne baptised in Foxley 29 June 1610 30;

ii. *William (see below);

iii. Lidia who was unmarried by 1628; and

iv. Alice who was unmarried by 1628.


Francis Porter was mentioned continuously in the Billingford Manor Court Rolls for his property in Beckhall in Billingford for failing to appear at the court sessions from 1611 to 1623 and Dorothy Porter, widow, appeared in sessions in 1628 in Beckhall Billingford and 1629 in Bechall Bylaugh as a witness to a surrender of land. Francis Porter was the witness to 1621 will of Robert Hempstely and appeared to have sold 31 his three roods of property in Hegge in Foxley around this time to Robert Brigham the younger. His 18 ½ acres were assumed by his son William in 7 Charles (1631) 32.

Francis Porter, householder, died and was buried in Foxley 24 April 1623 33 (no will has been found). Dorothy Porter, widow, died and was buried in Foxley 24 Aug.1630 and her will 34 left her lands in Foxley to her children 35 William, Lidia and Alice.


1.2.1. William Porter (b.c. 1622 son of Francis 36) married Sarah _____ in about 1645 and had at least the following two children:

i. William (b.c. 1646) who was under 21 in 1663 and who received Hedge or Heggs Close 28 April 1631 from the will of his mother and died in 1691 with a will 37 which gave most of his assets, except for small amounts for his six god-children, to his sister Dorothy Baldings/Baldwin;

ii. Dorothy who married 1.John Pigg (see above - he died in 1680), 2. Henry Baldwin/Balding in about 1680 but was widowed by 1691 and 3. Henry Miller had at least Margaret and Isobel Balding by 1691;

iii. Sarah who may have died between 1663 and 1685; and

iv. Lydia who may have died between 1663 and 1685.

William died prior to the 1679 Manor Court and his will 38 provided for his wife Sarah and his son William and the three daughters of his son William - Sarah, Lydia and Dorothy 39. Sarah died between 1686 and 1690 and her will 40 provided for her son William and her daughter Dorothy the wife of Henry Baldwin. Almost certainly, William was the son of Francis Porter and Dorothy Wiggott (above) whose land holdings also included Hegge.


1.3. James Porter (b.c. 1590 son of Francis) married Margaret Davey in about 1616 [B54] and had at least three daughters who were referred to in the 1637 will 41 of their grandmother Anne Davey, widow made in 1635/6, and one son who was referred to in a manor court surrender by James and Margaret in 1624:

i. Anne (b.c. 1618) who appeared by the records of Foxley Manor Court 42 to have surrendered her property in Foxley to her will and on 8 June 1658 the lands were to go to “my sister Lydia Porter after my decease”;

ii. Lydia (b.c. 1621) who, as the daughter of James Porter, was admitted to land in Billingford in 1661 43, married Henry Lynn 44, a widower of Twiford, 9 May 1665 by license in St. Michael at Plea Norwich 45 and died 6 August and was buried 8 August 1707 in Foxley leaving a will 46 which provided for her brother Thomas and five of his children (Hannah Mason widow, Thomas, Joshua, Rehoboth and Elizabeth), for two children of her deceased brother Francis (John and Margaret the wife of Isaac Waynford), and for three children of her deceased brother John (John, Mary the wife of Henry Thirtle and Hannah the wife of Edward Bucke);

iii. Margaret baptised in Foxley 22 June 1623; and

iv. *Francis 47 (b.c. 1624) (see below).

Margaret the wife of James died between 1625 and 1628 and James married Lydia ____ (see next).


1.3. James Porter (b.c. 1590 son of Francis) married 2. Lydia 48________ in about 1629 [C__ ] had at least the following children:

v. *John (b.c. 1632) (see below); and

vi.*Thomas (b.c. 1635) (see below).

As Lydia Porter, the daughter of James Porter, was admitted to his land in Billingford in 1661 it is very likely that James Porter died in that year or the preceding year. Lydia may have died before 1667 and there were no Archdeacon’s Transcripts for Foxley during those years.


1.3.iv. Francis Porter (b.c. 1624 son of James) married 1.Katherine Basham 49 (b.1632 daughter of Cornelius ) [C__ ] in about 1651 and they had at least the following children:

a. Margaret (b.c. 1652) who married Isaac Waynford 29 August 1671 in Norwich St. Benedict, by licence, and had at least daughters Sarah the wife of John Springall and Hannah by 1701, and was left a large amount of assets and property in Bawdeswell and Norwich when Isaac died and left a will 50 in June of 1709;

b. John (b.c. 1657) a worstead weaver who died 24 April? 1706 leaving a will 51 which provided for his “step-mother” Margaret, his brother Francis and his four children, his sister Margeret Waynford and her two daughters Sarah the wife of John Springall 52 and Hannah Waynford but referred to no wife or children of his own;

c. Francis baptised 4 Dec. 1659 in Bylaugh 53 who married 1. _____ ? in about 1682 and, according to the 1706 will of his brother John, had at least four children by 1700 - John, Elizabeth, Hannah and Frances (a daughter) 54, 2. Matthew Sadler 24 October 1699 in Bylaugh [E68] but she died and was buried there 6 October 1700, 3. as Francis Porter of Bylaugh, widower, married Ann Sadler [sic - possibly the sister of Matthew his previous wife] of Bylaugh [E6] 21 April 1701 in Norwich St. Michael at Plea by license, and had at least three children baptised in Bylaugh - Martha 11 January 1701/2, Thomas 19 Sept. 1703 and Anne 12 May 1706 (but died a year later) before his wife Anne was buried in Bylaugh 27 March 1716 and 4. 11 Nov. 1716 in Bylaugh to Thomasine Bawkin [F91] and had 2 more children - Elizabeth 13 Oct. 1717 (but died in Bylaugh in 1727/8) and Frances 16 Jan. 1718/9 but buried 26 January. Francis Porter was buried 21 Oct. 1718 in Bylaugh 55 and Thomasine his widow remarried on 1 July 1729 in Bylaugh to Thomas Robinson of Bawdeswell; and

d. Anne baptised 4 March 1662/3 in Bylaugh but buried there 3 days later.


Katherine the wife of Francis Porter died in child-birth and was buried in Bylaugh 4 March 1662/3.

Francis Porter married 2. Margaret Newman 28 January 1663/4 in Norwich, St. Michael at Plea by license [D6] 56 and they appear to have had no children together.

Francis, together with his half-brother Thomas, was on the 1664 list of disclaimers. Francis died sometime between 1685 and 1693 with a will 57 which provided for his wife Margaret and his three children with his first wife Katherine.

Margaret died _____.


1.3.v. John Porter (b.c. 1632 son of James) married _____ 58? in about 1655 and had at least the following three children before he died sometime before September of 1705 59:

a. John (b.c. 1656);

b. Mary (b.c. 1658) who married Henry Thirtle before 1700 when their daughter Mary was baptised in Frettenham as were subsequent children; and

c. Hannah (b.c. 1660) who married Edward Buck(e) in about 1681 and had at least eight children baptised in Bawdeswell in 1682 and 1689 - Edward, Robert, John, Susan, James, Elizabeth, Matthew and Mary (of whom six survived) - before Edward died in Bawdeswell with a will 60 in 1712.


1.3.vi. Thomas Porter (b.c. 1635 son of James) married Elizabeth _______ in about 1657 [C___ ]and had at least the following children 61:

a. Joshua 62 [E25] b.c. 1665 and married Dorothy Harrison 4 Dec. 1690 in Heigham 63 and had at least six children buried in Norwich St. George Colegate from 1693 to 1702, only one whom was baptised there, and died in Whitwell 15 Aug. 1735 with a will 64 which left all of his properties in Foxley, St. George Colegate and Bawdeswell to his wife Dorothy and their only surviving child Mary Parke and to his grandchildren and the grandchild of his brother Rehoboth;

b. Thomas who married Esther ___;

c. Rehoboth [E13] who married Elizabeth Flupoe (Philipoe) 23 May 1704 in Foxley and had a son Thomas baptised there 1704/5;

d. Elizabeth;

e. Hannah who married Mathew Mason (from Itteringham) 12 April 1687 in Norwich, St. Andrews but likely settled in Elsing where they had Sarah baptised in 1688 and Mathew baptised in 1691 but buried in 1693/4 although for the earlier two events the mother is shown as Johanna, and where Mathew the father was assessed in 1696;

f. Sarah who likely died before 1705; and

g. Susanna who likely died before 1705.

Thomas Porter of Foxley was on the 1664 list of disclaimers, as was Francis above. The baptisms of his children probably fell within the gap from 1634 to 1666 in the Archdeacon’s Transcripts. Thomas bought 32 acres in Foxley in 1678 65. He died 10

October 1705 “aged 71" 66 (as Thomas the Elder), and was buried in Foxley 12 October,

and his will 67 gave his lands to Elizabeth his wife and his children Joshua, Thomas, Rehoboth, Hannah Mason, Sarah, Susanna and Elizabeth. Elizabeth his widow died in about 1719. Most of the Foxey Porters of the 1700s seem to have descended from this Thomas and [?his wife Anne [D20] and, later,] Elizabeth [D21].


Additionally, the following Porters were resident in Foxley:


James Porter of Foxley (b.c. 1640) married Sarah Andrews 19 May 1664 in Foulsham [D49] 68 and had the following children baptised in Foxley:

i. James 22 October 1665 who may have married Anne Cook in Foxley sometime before 1698 [X15] and died in Norwich in 1733; and

ii. Margaret 1668.

Sarah Porter wife of James was buried in Foxley 7 December 1668 and James Porter likely married secondly to Dorothy Calthorpe in 1669 in Bawdeswell ? [D27]. No probate documentation has been found for him.


John Porter 69 who married Dorothy ____ [ B __?] and died after 10 August 1609 70 when “Dorothe the wife of John Porter” was buried in Foxley.


William Porter was a church warden in Foxley in 1610.


Emma Porter, widow of Foxley, married by licence John Jacques, widower of Foxley 71, 13 November 1674 in Norwich, St. John’s Maddermarket.


William Porter, single man of Foxley married Annes Robkin, widow o0f Melton Constable, 27 September 1664 either at Foxley or Bawdeswell by License. The other bondsman was Francis Porter and both were worstead weavers.


In the 1664 Hearth Tax Returns there were the following seven Porters with hearths listed in Foxley, by far the largest concentration of the name in East Anglia:

1. Francis, vacant [1.2 above ?]

2. Thomas - 2 [1.3.iii above]

3. William - 2 [1.2.1 above]

4. Margaret widow - 2 [widow of James 1.3 above???]

5. William - 2 [above]

6. John - 1 [1.3.ii above]

7. Francis - 1.[1.1.1 above].


Missing was James [above].


Likely also related to the Foxley Porters was William Porte [sic 72] who married Johan ____ and had at least the following children likely born in Billingford, abutting Foxley on the South-west when he died, with a will 73, in 1591:

1. Nicholas who received his father’s lands in Billingford and had at least a son John by 1591;

2. John;

3. Richard;

4. Alice; and

5. Margaret


WASSE 74 - Norwich Over the Water 75


Robert Wace of Norwich instituted a suit in 1543 or 1544 against Thomas Porter and his wife Elizabeth the widow of Nicholas Norton of Costessey 76 over “the price of barley” 77. He was likely the Robert Wase of Costessey who with his wife Alice has three children baptised there 78 - Thomazine 1561/2, Agnes 1564 and John 1565/6, and was the witness to the 1563 NCC will of Robert Amys of Costessey. Francis Wase, who married Johan Quinton in 1581 in Costessey and had 10 children baptised there before he died in 1597, was also likely a son of Robert and Alice. Rye in Norfolk Families (at p.969) notes a Robert Wace who was of Cromer in 1522 and says that the name is Norman and occurred in the 1450 Inquisition PM of William Wace and another in 1564 to William Wace, yeoman.


In Norwich, Thomas Wasse of Norwich St. Margarets 79 left a nuncupative will in 1554 80 that gave all of his properties and possessions to his wife Alice. A John Wesse who was buried in St. Michael Coslany 7 March 1558/9 just five days before William Wasse, below.


George Wasse (b.c. 1500 81) married _____ in about 1525 and had at least the following surviving children, likely born in St. Michael Coslany, Norwich:

1. *William born about 1527 (see below); and

2. Margaret born about 1532 and who married Thomas Malby or Mulby 12 September 1558 at St. Mary Coslany, Norwich.

George Wass was the witness, with two others, of the 1541 will of Willliam Buckenham, Clerk who was rector of St. Michaels Coslany Norwich from 1514 until his death there18 June 1540.

George Wasse draper and tailor and Citizen of Norwich died in about 1555 82 and his will 83 instructed his burial to take place in the churchyard of St. Michael Coslany next to his wife and children and gave his property in the parish to his son William Wasse and William’s wife Katherine, provided for his apprentice and a servant and appointed his son William and William Steade 84 as executors.


William Wasse (b.c. 1527) married Katherine Plowman (b.c. 1529) 15 October 1551 at Norwich St. Clement and had at least the following children not baptised at St. Clement but likely baptised at St. Michael Coslany Norwich whose parish registers commence in 1558:

1. *Dorothy born about 1552 and married Francis Porter 15 September 1571 at St. Michael Coslany, Norwich and had at least 6 children baptised in Foxley - John, Francis, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Margaret and James - before Francis died there in February 1588/9 and Dorothy then married Lawrence Browne 5 May 1589 in Elsing;

2. Thomas baptised at St. George Colgate Norwich 25 October 1556 but likely died before 1584; and

3. George born about 1558 85 and married 27 July 1579 in St. Michael Coslany to Rachel Worth 86 and had six sons and three daughters to 1591, all but the first baptised at St. Michael Coslany - Stephana (baptised 10 July 1580 at St. Margaret Norwich but buried at St. Michael Coslany 6 Feb. 1582/3), George 1581, Robert 1582, John 1583 (but likely was the John Wasse buried there 1585), Thomas 1584/5, Michael 1586 (see below), Frances 1587, Alice 1588/9 (but buried in Worstead 87 in 1595) and John but baptised in St. Saviour in 1591. George Wasse was buried 23 June 1615 at St. Gregory Norwich 88.

William Wasse who, like his father was a tailor and draper, died and was buried at St. Michael Coslany 12 March 1558/9 and his will 89 provided for his wife, son George and daughter Dorothy and instructed burial in the church yard of St. Michael Coslany “next to his breathern”, confirming that his parents had other children who had died.


Katherine Wasse married, secondly, 29 June 1560 at St. Michael Coslany, Norwich to James

Guye or Gye 90 and had at least the following children 91:

4. Elizabeth baptised 21 March 1560/1 at St. Michael Coslany and died unmarried (while in the employ of her mother’s sister Elizabeth Stead) in St. George Colgate and was buried there 16 May 1584 with a will 92 which provided for her mother and step-father and the families of all of her full and half brothers and sisters;

5. William born about 1562 and had at least three sons baptised in Worstead - Richard 1581/2, William 1585 (but died in infancy) and John 1587;

6. Cicely baptised 10 October 1564 at St. Michael Coslany but buried there 22 October 1564; and

7. James baptised at St. Michael Coslany 8 October 1567 but buried there 23 December (or October?) 1567.

James Guye/Gye died in about 1571.


Katherine Gye married, thirdly, 28 August 1572 at St. Michael Coslany, Norwich to Simon Chamberlayne 93 and they likely had no children although Simon was the father of at least the following:

1. Em baptised in Blakeney 25 January 1549/50;

2. Cicely baptised in Blakeney 8 Nov. 1551;

3. Thomas baptised in Blakeney 1555/6 (likely from Simon’s earlier marriage) and married Katherine Makins 19 December 1581 at St. Michael Coslany, and, likely; and

4. John who was likely the John Chamberlyn, single man, buried at St. Michael Coslany 15 April 1578.

Simon Chamberlain died and was buried at St. Michael Coslany 27 June 1586 and administration of his estate was granted 23 July 1586 to his son Thomas on the renunciation of administration by Simon’s relict Katherine Chamberlaine 94.


Katherine may have been the Katherin Wasse who was buried at St. Michael Coslany 19 February 1616/7.


Michael Wasse ( born in 1586 son of George and Rachel) married Anne Wolterton 19 July 1614 in St. Benedict, just across the river Wensum and south of St. Mary Coslany, and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. Elisha 2 June 1616 but buried there 18 September 1625;

2. Dianica 24 June 1618;

3. Unknown 1620 95;

4. Unknown 1623;

5. Mary 3 April 1625;

6. Rachel 18 Feb. 1626/7; and

7. Elizabeth 24 Nov. 1628.

Michael Wasse was buried in Norwich St. Benedict 29 October 1638.


A Simon Was[e] of Beddingham (near Loddon) left a very short will 96 in 1544 giving all of his goods to his wife Helen and daughter Alice Stannowe.


There is a possibility that Wace came from Wacy and a John Wacy of Norwich, taylor, left a will 97 (latin) in 1460 which seems to refer to his sons William (or brother?) and John. Margaret Wasye the daughter of John was baptised in Swanton Abbot (beside N. Walsham) 20 March 1585/6.




The Norfolk Muster Returns of 1569 to 1577 showed only one Plowman - Walter in Upwell, and one Plowman alias Canne - Thomas in Wilby.


Robert Plowman was a priest in Norwich, presumably at St. Martin Coslany where he was buried, and left a will in 1501 99 which provided for various of his relatives.


____ Plowman (b.c. 1500) married _____ in about 1521 and had at least the following children:

1. Elizabeth born about 1522 and married 26 June 1542/3 at Norwich St. Clement to William Stead and by 1584 was a widow who had at least three children 100 - Katherine the wife of Jeremy Halfeheade, gent, who she married between 1584 and 1586, and was buried 16 January 1591/2 in St. Saviour), Frances the wife of ___ Chetham (and possibly later, widowed, to Roger Mountney, gent) and Susan the wife of __ Bircham 101. William was custodian and innholder of the Elephant 102 in St. Saviours parish Norwich 103 and was buried there 9 March 1577/8 with a will 104 which left the inn to his wife Elizabeth for life and then to his son John. Elizabeth Stead was buried there 7 July 1585;

2. *Katherine born about 1529 and married 15 October 1551 at Norwich St. Clement to William Wasse (see above);

3. George who by 1584 had at least two children Elizabeth and Thomas;

4. Giles who married Sibel _____ in about 1554 and by 1584 had at least two children - William and John - and died and was buried in Denton [Ers] 13 Feb. 1598/9, preceded by the death and burial there of Sibel 5 October 1597 and a son John 2 September 1560; and

5. ____ a son who had at least a son Thomas who as Thomas Plowman of Norwich 105 died in 1584 unmarried leaving a will 106 which referred to his aunt Elizabeth Stead, his uncle George Plowman and George’s children Thomas and Elizabeth, and Giles Plowman 107 and Giles’ children William (who in 1584 was residing in Horning) and John. The inventory of his goods done 15 December1584 and 9 January 1584/5 was in two lots - the first in the possession of his aunt Mrs. Stead and the second in Denton as assessed by William Plowman and others.


Also in Denton -


Margaret Plowman the wife of John was buried 1 April 1560 in Denton and John Plowman the elder was buried there 29 November 1570.


John Plowman witnessed the 1538 will of John Davy.


John Plowman was buried 5 November 1576 in Denton and Margaret Plowman, widow, was buried there 5 November 1583 108.


William Plowman (b.c. 1568 likely the son of Giles and Sibel) married Anne/Agnes Godbull 14 October 1588 and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. John 24 August 1589 but was buried in Denton 15 September 1597;

2. John 19 November 1598; and

3. Thomas 23 August 1601 but was buried in Denton 10 February 1606/7.


John Plowman married Joane Buning 22 Janaury 1600/1 in Denton but had no children baptised there before John was buried there 20 August 1611 followed 2 weeks later by the burial there 7 September 1611 of Joane Plowman “wife of the above John Plowman”.


A Mary Plowman was buried 6 July 1575 in Norwich St. Saviour, the home parish of William and Elizabeth Stead.


A Thomas Plowman appeared in the Manor Court Rolls for Stockton ..... King James (1603-1625)....



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