It would appear that the Blosses 1 of Suffolk were established mainly in the south/centre area of the County of Suffolk from very early times 2 and were probably related to the Blosses of Essex to the south, particularly of Harwich. From various sources it can be seen that there were four primary areas of concentration -

1 Ipswich - According to the 1612 Suffolk Visitation Blosses had resided in Ipswich since at least 1342 and later they were certainly influential there 3. John Blosse of Ipswich left a will in 1444-45 4 as did Thomas Blosse and Thomas Bloyse both of Ipswich in 1528-31 (see below).

2. Samford and Cosford Hundreds encompassing three sub-areas:

A - Belstead - Copdocke - Washbrook - adjacent parishes in the area of the upper portion of Samford Hundred and the lower portion of adjacent Cosford Hundred, west of Ipswich;

B - Raydon [Sam] 5, Hadleigh and Layham w.s.w. of Belstead and Bentley; and

C - Elmsett.

3. Shotley (alias Kirketon) and Harkstead 6 - Located S.S.E. of Ipswich at the confluence of the Orwell River (from Ipswich) and the Stour River, including both the lower portion of Samford Hundred and the Colneis Hundred. John Blosse, the son of Richard Blosse of Kirketon, and Margaret his wife of Herkstead was a defendant in a 1348 Feet of Fines application brought by Nicholas del Fen 7. William Blosse of Shotley [Sam] left a will proved in 1444 to 1445 as did John Blosse of Shotley in 1483, John of Shotley in 1486 8 and Thomas of Shotley in 1501 9. Adam Blosse a sailor of Shotly left a will provided for his wife Susan in 1609. Blosses were still in Shotley in 1645 when Richard and Mary Bloss had children baptised there.

4. Norton and Elmswell in Blackburn Hundred, S.W. of Stow Market and with later connections to nearby Woolpit and Rattlesden in Thedwastry Hundred, singularly represented by the will left by John Bloys (Blosse) of Norton [Blackbourn] in 1501 10. Although by the time of the 1524 Subsidy Returns the Blosses 11 were established almost exclusively in the area of and surrounding Ipswich 12 and of the 14 individuals referred to in those Returns, two resided outside of the Ipswich catchment area - Thomas Bloys in Brandon [Lack. by Thetford] and John Bloyse in Norton [Black]. By the time of the next available survey in 1568, a John Bloyse continued to reside in Norton although the Brandon Bloys was gone.

From 1562 to 1600 the Sudbury ATs confirm or identify 5 settlement areas for the Blosses in the west half of the County (Sudbury Archdeaconry), not including Ipswich -

1. Norton and Hunston [Black] where Robert was buried 12 June 1584 and John was churchwarden in 1590 and 1600 before he died in 1613. Norton was also the “mother church” for Thomas Bloyse of Grundisburgh and chandler of Ipswich St. Nicholas who died in 1528 (see below).

2. Elmsett [Cos] where both Thomas and Lionel each married in 1564 and Lionel buried his wife in 1592. Lionel Blosse of Elmsett appeared on the 1568 Subsidy Returns. The nearby market town of Hadleigh also had Blosse families by the early 1500s.

3. Lavenham, Brent Eleigh a.k.a. Ely Combusta and Milden a.k.a. Milding[Bab] where Cicely married Roger Rugele in 1592, Lionel, a widow[er?] married Cicely Jones also in 1592, Thomas died in 1595 13 and William, likely his son, had a child the same year.

4. Boxford and Groton [Bab] - Raffe Bloyes appeared in Groton on the 1568 Subsidy Returns and Ralph, a churchwarden in Boxford, and Joanne had children from 1572 to 1581 and Rose (likely his sister - see Ipswich below) married Robert Pratt 14 July 1586 in Boxford and where Ralph Jr. married Rose Coupar 18 October 1597 and had children from 1598 to 1604.

5. Rattlesden [Thed] where Peter Blose was buried in 1584 and Anne Bloyse, widow, was buried 2 April1589.

Blackbourn and Thedwastry Hundreds

Norton was the “mother church” for Thomas Bloyse chandler of Ipswich St. Nicholas who died in 1528 and was likely born in Norton 14 in about 1483 the son of ___ ? and Elizabeth and relocated to Grundisburgh at an early age. The will of John Bloyse of Norton in 1501 15 provided for his wife Agnes and two sons both named John. A Thomas Blosse was left a bequest in the 1480 will of Agnes Hals of Bury St. Edmund 16. About four parishes to the east of Norton is Gipping and John Blosse of Gipping (or Ipswich - it is difficult to determine which but likely the former as it was proved at Lakenheath) left a will 17 in 1448 which referred to his wife Isabell.

John Bloyse born about 1495, married Margaret Clarke in about 1522 and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Norton 18:

1. John;

2. Robert who died in 1584(see below);

3. Marian who married _____ Bumsted 19 and there were 3 children of John Bumstead baptised in Norton in 1561 and 1563 - Margaret, Mary and Richard;

4. Katherine who married William Vincent 20 June 1547 in Norton but had no issue there;

5. Marjery who married John Barker; and

6. Mary who married in 1557 in Walsham le Willows to John Hawes.

The 1524 Suffolk Subsidy lists a John Bloyse in Norton and the 1535 Muster Rolls record a J. Bloyce also in Norton. John Bloyse was buried in Norton 9 August 1553 20 and Margaret Bloyes of Tostock [Thed], widow, left a will in 1563 21 which left money to the poor of Tostock and Norton, her son John and 5 daughters.

John Bloys of Norton, probably the John above, had

1. Margaret baptised 13 October 1566.

He was likely the J. Bloyse who was recorded in the 1584 Muster Rolls in Norton 22and the John Bloyse churchwarden there in 1590. John Bloyce witnessed the wills of several residents of the area including Robert Clarke of Norton and Robert Sharpe of Tostocke, both in 1568.

Robert Bloyse The 1584 Muster Rolls also recorded a R. Bloyse as the constable in Hunston, the next parish to Norton, when he furnished an “almaine revet” (suit of half-armour) to another man and he was very likely the Robert Bloyse of Hunston who was buried there 12 June 1584 23. Robert Bloyse was referred to in the PCC wills of Richard Reynolde of Woolpit and Rattlesden (1576) and John Rushbrook of Buxall and Rattlesden (1569) which establish him as the husband of Agnes, the widow of ____ Reynolde. The widow Reynolde had at least two children - Richard who died in 1576 and Elizabeth. Agnes may have been the widow Bloyse buried in Rattlesden 2 April 1589 or the Agnes Bloyse widow who was buried in Walsham le Willows in 1601.

The will of Richard Cooke of Hunston made 10 January 1610/1 24 left to his mother Elizabeth Muskett (who, as Elizabeth Cook, widow of Hunston, married John Muskett of Walsham le Willows by license in February 1586) silver spoons given him by his grandmother Bloyse.

Peter Blose was buried in Rattlesden [Thed] 25 Aug.1584 and his widow Anne or Agnes Bloyse was buried there 2 April 1589. Elizabeth Bloyse married in Rougham [Thed] in 1585.

Samford (upper) & Cosford (lower) Hundreds

A. There are three adjacent parishes west of Ipswich - Belstead/Copdocke/Washbrook 25 where, as noted above, the Blosse family had long been settled.


William Blosse was a juror in an Inquisition held in East Bergholt (9 m. SW of Ipswich, near the border with Essex) (re Elizabeth widow of William Anderson) 12 September 1419.

John Blosse of Copdocke left a will in 1453/4 26 which provided for his wife Isabelle, his son Thomas and daughters Agnes and Margery [or Margaret].

John Blosse of Copdock received [?] property called Tastards or Baldwynes in Copdock and Newlands in Capel (both? being 18 acres land and 25 acres pasture) in 1518 27 and the same property was dealt with by John Blosse of Sproughton (just west of Copdock and Belsted) in 1583 28 and by John Blosse of Copdock (the same person - see below) in his will of 1609. Capel is SW of Ipswich and just west of Bentley.

Thomas Blosse, the elder, of Copdocke left a will in 1533/4 29 leaving his properties in Copdocke to his wife Katerine and then his son Herry (Henry?) and provided for his son Thomas, who was under 21, and “other children”. He was likely the Thomas Blosse who conveyed property in Copdock to Roger Merveyn and two others in 1503/4 30.

Thomas Blosse of Copdocke left a will in 1551 31 which provided for his wife Julian (likely his second wife) and children Thomas the elder, Simon, Lionell, Dorothy, William, Elizabeth, Robert, Jane, Giles, Thomas the younger, Philip and Agnes and referred to his land called Baldwyns in Copdocke and his land called Clerke in Chattesham.

Henry Blosse of Copdocke left a will in 1558 32 which provided for his wife Anne, daughter Christian and brothers William, John and Richard 33.

Jane Blosse, singlewoman of Copdocke, (likely daughter of Thomas d.1551 above) left a will in 1568 34 which left her estate to her sister Elizabeth Marrette.

Rose Bloss married in 1564 in Washbrook to James Amise.

Thomas Blose, yeoman of Copdocke and Belstead, (son of Thomas d. 1551 above) left a will in 1559 35 leaving his properties in Copdocke and Belstead to his wife Elizabeth and then to his daughter Jone, then under 18, and left livestock to his brothers Simon (likely who married Rose Arnold 1560 in Belstead) and Lionel Blose. By the age of his daughter, Thomas was likely born 1518 and married about 1540.

Roger Blosse, clerk of Belstead, was buried there 29 July 1552.

Thomas Blosse of Washbrooke was born about 1535 and likely married firstly to Ellen ___ who was buried in Washbrook 28 May 1560, and secondly in or after 1560 to Anne ____. He was buried in Washbrook 18 Feb. 1577/8 and left a will 36 which provided for his wife Anne, sons Richard 37 (likely the Richard Blosse immediately below), William (b. 3 Oct. 1563) and Thomas (b. 25 Oct. 1567 but likely buried there 7 March 1571/2), daughters Jane, Elizabeth, Helen (b. 1560 same day her mother Ellen was buried) and Anne, sister Agnes Meriall, nephews Richard Blosse of Chattisham [Sam] and William of Washbrooke and niece Johane Blosse.

Richard Blosse married Agnes Bakler in Washbrook in 1571 and had a daughter Anne baptised there in 1573. Anne may have been the Anne Blosse buried in Washbrook 15 Nov. 1573 and Agnes the Agnes Blosse buried there 5 Feb. 1575/6.

Tobias Blosse who was born about 1547 married in 1571 in Washbrook to Herodias Brown and had 7 children (Thomas 1571/2, Anne, Jane, John, Elizabeth, Anne and Anne) baptised there before his wife died and was buried 20 Feb.1588/9. He then married Margaret Foster there in 1589. Another Tobias, the son of Thomas Blosse and Johane Canham, was baptised 10 Jan. 1565/6 in Ipswich St. Lawrence.

John Blosse, senior, of Copdocke (b.c. 1535, m.c. 1559) left a will in 1609 38 which gave his property called Tastards, Walnut Tree Field and Broadways in Amorhall Manor to his wife Alice (Greene?), and provided for his sons John and Philip, daughters Alice Vincent and Sarah Capron, brother Philip Blosse and a Jonas Blosse. He is likely the John Blosse who with his wife Alice had the following baptised in Sproughton (NNE of Washbrook and Copdocke) - Rose 1561, John 1562, Thomas 1565, Sarah 1567, Philip 1572 and Joane 1577.

As well as those listed above, 16th Century wills were left by a number of Blosse residents of Copdocke viz: - Crispin Blosse in 1525-27 39, John Blosse in 1545 40 and William in 1573. In the 1600s wills were left by Blosse residents of Copdock including William Blosse Senior in 1609, Joseph in 1651, Philip in 1675 and Robert in 1693 and an administration for Alexander in 1618.

The 1595 list of “Popish and Sectary Recusants” includes a Nicholas Bloyse, yeoman of Chattisham (Sam. just west of Copdocke and Belstead).

B. There are three adjacent parishes located to the west of Copdocke, being the market town of Hadleigh, Layham and Raydon, and Bentley to the east (half way between Raydon and Belstead), where Blosses were also settled since at least the early 16th Century.

Henry Blosse, clothier, died in 1552 and his will 41 left his estate in Hadleigh and Layham to his wife Maude (m.s. Rolf) and his sons Thomas and Robert and divided the sum of £400 amongst his wife, sons and his daughters Joanne 42, Rose, Judith, Mary and Alice. The 1524 Subsidy Returns listed Henry, Thomas and Robert in Bentley and the latter were likely the two sons of Henry. Henry was also likely the H. Blosse of Hadleigh [Cos] listed as an Able Archer in the 1534-40 Muster Rolls.

There was still a Henry Blosse in Bentley in 1575 when he witnessed the will of Lionel Talmache there and he was likely the Henry Blosse who administered the estate of his father Edmund Blosse of Bentley who died intestate 1 March 1553/4 43 and administration of his estate was granted to his son Henry 44.

Thomas Blosse, of Raydon likely the son of Henry Blosse, clothier, was buried in Ipswich St. Lawrence 25 April 45 1558 and his will 46 left his estate in Hadleigh, Layham, Raydon (a house called Cockerells) and Bentley to his wife Joanne, sons William, Robert (see below), John (of Layham he married Alice Green in Lindsey in 1560 and had children in Sproughton and Shotely [?]), Martin and Peter (who had 4 children baptised in Layham from 1549 to 1556 47) and daughters Rose Day and Margaret Fuller. He also left money to his servants including John Blosse of Copdock, and to the poor of Shelley. In 1552 he was appointed administrator of the estate of Benedict Colman of Raydon. Johanna Blosse of Raydon died intestate 22 June 1571 and administration of her estate was granted 16 Jan. 1571/2 to her son William Blosse of Bentley 48.

Robert Blosse, the son of Thomas above, married Annable Baily 20 June 1564 in Layham and had his first child baptised in Raydon in 1565/6 and four children baptised in Layham from 1572 to 1580. Robert Blosse Sr. was buried in Raydon 11 September 1589 and his will 49 left his tenement in Raydon (Cockerells) left to him by his father to his wife Annable for life and then to Robert Blosse (no relationship described) for life and, after his death, to the son of that Robert. He also provided for his brothers Martin 50 and John, the children of Martin Blosse and various Gawldinges including Rose the wife of Robert Blosse 51. Annable remarried 16 Oct 1589 in Raydon to Roger Bateman. There were Blosses in the Raydon parish registers until 1650.

Robert Blosse, likely the son of Robert above, married ___ and had at least three sons and two daughters - Thomas, Edmund, Peter, Anne and Mary and his will of 1630 52 left his house called Cockerells to his eldest son Thomas and his other lands in Reydon to his next son Edmund

Others Blosses from Bentley, s.s.w. of Belstead, (see Henry Blosse above) who also left wills -

Agnes in 1550,

Giles in 1557 (although this is likely 1597) who was buried in Bentley 16 Oct. 1597 with a will 53 which provided for his wife Joane and for Eden Row the daughter of his sister Anne Blosse.

Nicholas in 1604 (likely the recusant from Chattisham -abutting Washbrook on the west - see above) who left a will 54 providing for his wife Alice, his sons Massell and Edmund and daughters Mary, Elizabeth and Johane.

Leonard in 1611 who left a will 55 providing for his wife Elizabeth, sons William and Robert and grand-child Francis Smythe.

William Blosse and Joan Smith his wife (they married 1545, she was the widow of John Glenfield) were involved in a suit regarding the inheritance of land in Bentley 1544 to 1551 (NA). (see below re Ipswich) Joan Blosse the wife of William was buried in Bentley 4 Feb. 1580.

C. Elmsett (see below)


On 12 July 1478 John Blosse was “late” the owner of a garden in Ipswich St. Nicholas which was located between the common land of Ipswich and the highway 56. Wotherspoon in Memorials of Ipswich notes that in 1448 John Blosse left money for repairs to St. Nicholas and St. George there (p.400) 57.

THOMAS BLOSSE (of St. Lawrence)

Thomas Blosse (b.c. 1475) married Alice ___ and had at least the following children:

1. Roger, and was likely the Roger Blosse, Clerk of Belstead, who was buried there 29 July 1552;

2. Robert - who by 1529 was married and had a son Robert; and

3. Thomas b.c. 1504 - who by 1529 was married and had several children. In 1547 Thomas Bloss, a parishioner of St. Lawrence, Ipswich, was listed on the returns of the sale of church goods 58.

Thomas Blosse, mercer or draper of St. Lawrence, died in the spring of 1529 and his will 59 referred to his wife Alice, sons Roger, Robert and Thomas, and the children of the latter two sons and appointed his son Thomas to be his executor and to receive his home after the death of Alice his wife


Thomas Blois/Bloyse was born about 1483 the son of _____ and Elizabeth 60 and married Margery/Margaret Style(s), the daughter of William Styles of Ipswich 61, in about 1510 62 in Woodbridge 63. Thomas had apparently moved from Norton [Black] to Grundisburgh [Carl] in the reign of Henry VII (1485-1509) 64.

Thomas Bloyse had at least the following children:

1. William - possibly the William Blosse who, with his wife Joan late the wife of John Glanfeld alias Smyth, was involved in a suit respecting land in Bentley [Sam - S of Belstead] in 1544-1551 65;

2. *Richard b. 1510 66 who ultimately succeeded to his father’s home “The Christopher” in St. Nicholas Parish 67; and

3. Margaret.

According to Bacon’s Annals of Ipswich Thomas Bloise was one of the 2 Chamberlains in the local government of Ipswich in 1514.

Thomas Bloyse, chandler of St. Nicholas, died about 12 October 1528 [aged about 45] and his will 68 referred to his wife Margery, mother Elizabeth, son William, daughter Margaret and other unmarried and un-named children and also mentioned bequests to his “mother church” in Norton and referred to his house called “The Christopher” 69. A Richard Bloyse 70 was a witness to his signature. He was buried in Ipswich St. Nicholas 14 Oct. 1528 and his name is on the same stone listing William and Alice (see below) and William would have been his grandson.

RICHARD BLOIS and 1 - Elizabeth Hill

Richard Blois (b.c. 1510) married Elizabeth Hill 71 c.1532 and had the following children:

1. William - b. c. 1533 and married about April 1560 in Ipswich St. Nicholas to Alice Nottingham 72. Their son William was baptised 15 Nov. 1562 and is the first Blois/Bloss entry in the St. Nicholas registers, followed by their other children Alice in 1565, Robert in 1568 and Susan in 1577 73. William, gent and portman of Ipswich, was elected alderman of the Guild in Ipswich in 1567 and in 1568 as a claviger, like his father. He served as one of “The 24" as claviger and, later, coroner until at least 1580 and was discharged from serving as Chamberlain there in 1595 74. He was a well-known merchant in town and, famously, “built a sugar refinery near the Christopher, his home in St. Nicholas’s parish...” 75 He died and, as William Bloys Sr. portman, was buried in Ipswich St. Nicholas 27 Feb. 1607/8 76. His will 77 left his estate to his wife Alice, his son William 78 and to his grandchildren, god-children, in-laws, servants and apprentices. His son William (who married Cecily Wingfield) left a long line of Blois/Bloys in Grundisburgh, although the lands were originally left to Richard Blois, the younger brother of William Blois Senior. Mrs. Alice Bloys, widow, was buried in Ipswich St. Nicholas 5 Nov. 1608; amd

2. *Thomas b.c. 1535, in light of the second son named Thomas (below), this Thomas was likely the son of Richard and Elizabeth 79 and married Joanna Canham (Cannon) in about 1560 and lived and died in Ipswich St. Lawrence (see below).

Elizabeth Bloise the wife of Richard died ____ [in about 1535].


Richard Bloise married, secondly, Rose Fisher (see below) in about 1535 and had at least the following children:

3. Richard b.c. 1537 and still alive in 1577 when he received a bequest in his father’s will but deceased by 1607;

4. Raffe b.c 1539, married Johane Gale 80, had at least Prudence baptised in 1571/2 in Groton [Cos] (?), and four children) and Susan baptised 16 March 1580/1 in Boxford (formerly called Coddenham, by Groton), and a son John who was buried in Boxford 17 Dec.1584. Raffe was a church warden in Boxford in 1585, was the Raffe Bloyes in Groton in the 1568 Returns, and was buried in Boxford 2 Aug. 1602 81. His son Ralph Bloise married Rose Coupar 18 October 1597 in Boxford and had sons Simon 5 October 1598, Ralph 25 March 1600 and John 3 May 1604 baptised there;

5. * Thomas b.c. 1541 and likely married Anne Smith 23 Oct. 1564 in Elmsett [Cos] and lived in Thorndon [Hart] where he died in 1603 (see below);

6. John b.c. 1543 and still alive in 1577 when he received a bequest in his father’s will but deceased by 1607;

7. Philip b.c. 1544 and had a son John in Ipswich, St. Matthew in 1582, Philip in 1584 in St. Mary Stoke and William in 1586 and died in Trimley St. Martin 82 in 1604 83, his will 84 providing for four of his children 85 - John, Phillip, William and Rose;

8. ?Lionel bc. ? but buried in Eye [Hart] 19 Dec. 1547 as the son of Richard Blosse [but who then is Lionel Blosse of Elmsett who married there in 1564, the same year as Thomas Bloise, above? See below];

9. Martha b.c.1546 and married John Knapp 86 and widowed by 1605 when she received an annuity as part of her dowery from her older half-brother William but had at least eight children - John, Thomas, Anne who married Nymamie Rocke, Elizabeth who married John Woodgate, Thomas the younger, Judith, Dorcas and Phoebe;

10. Elizabeth b.c. 1551 and married ____ Gosse 87 and appears to have had no surviving children by 1607 88; and

11. Rose bapt. 3 July 1559 89 in Ipswich St. Lawrence 90, married ____ Simson and died before 1607.

Like his father Thomas, Richard Bloyse was a candler and from 1550 to 1558 appears in The Annals of Ipswich as one of two who supplied the town and had exclusive rights to all tallow from cattle sold and butchered within Ipswich. In 1541 Richard Bloyse was elected as one of the 2 Guild Aldermen and as one of “The 24". From 1547 he was one of 2 “clavigers” (custodian or key keeper) of the town and continued in that role until 1558 when “he was discharged of his Treasurer’s place” 91. In 1551 he received the grant of a parcel of “common soile” in the Tower parish provided he maintain the town wall and the dyke against the same. He was made co-executor of the PCC (and Suff. AD) will of Thomas Raynburgh of Ipswich St. Nicholas, clothier, in 1544/5.

Richard Bloise was buried in Grundisburgh 92 14 May 4 & 5 Philip and Mary (1558) and the will 93 of Richard Bloise, Mercer 94 of St. Lawrence Parish 95 left his estate in Grundisburgh (the land called Segors 96 including the windmill) to his wife Rose for life and then to his son Richard, his land in De[benham?] to Thomas “my oldest son of that name”, his house in Ipswich St. Nicholas called “Christofers” to his eldest son (William), his house in Grundisburgh called Costyns to his “younger son Thomas”, his house in Ipswich St. Matthews to his son Philip and money to his other children Ralph and John, but contained no reference to his son Lionel 97 or daughters Martha, Elizabeth and Rose.

Rose Bloyse, widow, was rated £15 on her goods in the west ward of Ipswich in the Suffolk 1568 Subsidy and was paying rent on city land in St. Mathews Parish (where her son Philip lived) in 1582 98. Rose Bloyes, widow of Ipswich, died in 1607 at the age of about 93 99, having outlived seven of her nine children. She left a will 100 which provided for her two surviving children - daughters Martha Knappe, widow, and Elizabeth Gosse - and the children of Martha Knappe and Rose Simson her deceased daughter, and referred to her brother John Fisher of Bewers (Bures) St. Mary.

Unaccounted for is Frances Blosse who died in about June of 1580 and had administration of her estate granted on 1 July 1580 to her son Richard 101.

Thomas Blosse 102

Thomas Blosse, Draper/Clothier 103 and Portman 104 of Ipswich was probably born about 1535 (as the first of that name to Richard Blosse 105) 106 and married in about 1560 at _____ 107 to Joanna/Jone Canham, daughter 108 of Robert Canham of Swaffham, Norfolk 109. He had the following children, all baptised in Ipswich, St. Lawrence:

1. Alice 8 Jan. 1560/1 - married 9 Jan. 1586/7 in Ipswich St. Lawrence to Richard Frere 110, had at least 4 children (Richard 111, Tobias 112, Anthony and Alice who m. ___ Barnard) and died 13 March 1639/40 113;

2. Thomas 15 Nov. 1562 (see below);

3. Tobias 10 Jan. 1565/6 (see below) 114;

4. John 6 June 1568 - twin - died and was buried 11 May 1569;

5. Robert 6 June 1568 - twin - died before 1580;

6. Elizabeth 20 Aug. 1573 - married ________ Richard Reynolds “merchant of London” and had at least one son John; and

7. Cicely 28 Oct. 1574 - married, firstly, Roger Ruggell 12 May 1592 in Lavenham [Bab - 5 m. NE of Sudbury] and had two daughters: Margerie born about 1598 who married John Wullmer (or Wolmer) 115 17 October 1619 at Norwich St. Benedicts, and Hester 116 who married _____ Frere 117. and a son Charles who in 1631 was at Trinity College Cambridge. Cicely married, secondly, between 1611 and 1631, Stephen Baxter of Mendham [Hox] 118 119 and had at least a son Stephen 120. She died c. 1637.

Thomas may have attended University but it was probably his younger brother Thomas who was at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1561 and 1562. Thomas allegedly purchased the Manor of Little Belstead 121 about 1566-70 122 from William Plumbe (before him the Goldinghams or, perhaps Gawldings as referred to in the will of Robert Blosse of Raydon in 1589). In May of 1568 Thomas Bloss was elected into the number of “The 24" as the Guild Alderman in Ipswich and from 1573 was, with his older brother William, a Claviger and, later, coroner. In 1579 he seems to have been one of the two most powerful men in civic affairs in Ipswich and, with another, held down 4 positions 123. He remained a coroner in Ipswich until 1580 when his name disappears from the lists. He was also Churchwarden of Ipswich St. Lawrence in 1572.

Mr. Thomas Blosse, portman, died and was buried 30 Dec. 1580 in Ipswich St. Lawrence. His will 124 provided for his wife Jone and his two sons 125 and three daughters (although Cicely’s name is omitted in the Register copy of his Will), and left his house in Ipswich St. Lawrence to one or both of his sons 126. His widow Jone/Joanne was referred to in 1593 when a fine was levied in her name in Occold Manor 127.

Joane Blosse died and was buried 27 March of 1611 in Ipswich St. Lawrence and her will 128 left personal property to her sons Thomas and Tobias, her tenement in Clopton [Carl] to her grandson Thomas Blosse and her tenement in White Friar’s Alley, St. Nicholas Parish, Ipswich to her daughter Cecily Rogell for life and then to be used by the bailiffs of Ipswich to house aged widows. She also provided for various nephews and nieces and her grandchildren and referred to her friend Margaret the wife of John Cullum of Thorndon (see below)..

Thomas Blosse

Thomas Blosse, born about 12 Nov. 1562 in Ipswich the eldest son of Thomas and Joanne, attended Caius College at Cambridge University 129 where his surety was Simon Canham, a fellow of the College who was related to his mother. At some point before 1600 he seems to have settled in Norwich 130 where, as a merchant, he purchased his freedom on 21 September 1604. He was prominent in the politics and governance of Norwich and was on the Council of the Northern Ward in 1606, Treasurer of the Grain Stock 1608-11, an Alderman for the Coslany Ward from 1607 until his death in 1632 131, one of the two sheriffs in 1606 and Mayor in Norwich in 1612 132. Engraved on the ceiling and windows of the large house he occupied on Magdalene Street in Norwich 133 were his arms described as “Gules three dragons passant in pale ermine” 134.

He married 135

1. 3 Nov. 1600 at St. Clement and Edmund Norwich to Mary Bowde, the widow of Henry Barker 136. She died and was buried 18 April 1610 at St. Clement and Edmund Norwich.

2. ___ 1622 at Westleton SFK [Blyth] to Jane Gold widow of Robert Gold of Thorington [Blyth] 137. Jane “wife to Master Blois citizen of Norwich” died and was buried in Thorington 138 22 March 1623/4.

3. 3 October 1624 at St. Saviour Norwich to Prudence Osborne, the widow of Edward Nutting 139, also an alderman of Norwich. Prudence, as the “widow of Thomas Blois [sic], Esq.” died 23 February 1634/5 140 and was buried in St. Saviour 24 February.

There do not seem to have been any children from these three marriages.

Thomas died 11 September 1632 141, likely in Norwich and, as instructed in his will 142, was buried in St. Mary’s Church in Belstead, Suffolk 143. His will 144, proved 24 September 1632 by his nephew Thomas Blosse, Senior, of Little Belstead, provided for his three sisters (____ Reynolds, Alice Frere and Cicely Baxter), several cousins and nephews, and the family of his brother Tobias who had died two years earlier, and left his properties in Norwich to his wife Prudence, his half interest in the Little Belstead Manor to his nephew Thomas Blosse, the eldest son of his brother Tobias Blosse, and his properties in Ipswich St. Lawrence “which I had from my father now deceased and from his progenitors” to his nephew Tobias Blosse, the second son of his brother Tobias Blosse. He directed that his property in Occold, Thorndon and Rishangles, which he described as the Manor of Occold, be sold to satisfy his debts and accomplish the gifts of his will.

Tobias Blosse

Tobias Blosse was born about 8 Jan. 1565/6 the second son of Thomas and Joanne and married 145 20 September 1591 in Ipswich St. Lawrence to Elizabeth Sicklemore/Siclemore 146 and later (?) to Martha Cage 147. He was a Portman in Ipswich and Freeman there in 1593. He and Elizabeth had two sons and nine daughters 148, all baptised in Ipswich St. Lawrence.

He died 6 January 1630/1 149 and was buried at Belstead and his will 150, proved 11 Feb. 1630/1 provided for his wife Martha 151, his children and his grandchildren and referred to his tenements and lands 152 on Brooke St. in Ipswich St. Stephens where he lived, Ringshall [Bos], Harkstead [Sam], Champton [=Chattisham or Chelmondiston Sam?], Sutton [Wil], Alderton [Wil], the family home in Ipswich St. Lawrence, “Coults” in Clopton [Sam] and “Apostles Esher” in Ipswich St. Margaret.

Hartismere and Diss Hundreds 153 (and Cosford (Upper))

The first evidence of a Bloss 154 in the Hartismere Hundred of north Suffolk was the burial in Eye 19 December 1547 of Lyon [Lionel] Bloyes son of Richard 155. The next was 30 December 1598 when Thomas Blosse, Yeoman of Thorndon, sold his land in Occold 156 to Thomas Sawyer. In 1632 Thomas Blosse the Norwich Alderman and eldest son and heir of Thomas Blosse of Ipswich and Belstead (see above), instructed his executors to sell his land in Occold, Rishangles and Thorndon. Although both Thomases could be the same person, they could also have been the two sons of Richard Bloise, the Miller of Ipswich St. Lawrence - called Thomas the Elder and Thomas the Younger in their father’s 1559 will (see above).

By the time of the 1638 Able Men of Suffolk Returns there were 18 Blosse males aged 16 to 60 in 15 parishes in Suffolk and the 1639/40 Ship’s Money Returns (Suffolk) records 21 Blosse (including variants) heads of families in 18 parishes. For Hartismere Hundred these sources list families in 6 parishes: Thomas Blosse in Thorndon [although described as Jr. in 1638 and not in the index for Ship’s Money]; Thomas Blose a non-resident of Wetheringsett - 1638 only [probably the Thorndon Blosse 157]; Joseph Blose of Mendlesham; John Bloyse of Westhorpe and Wyverston 158; and John and Richard Blosse of Eye [1638 only, Eye is not included in the 1639/40 returns].

Westhorpe (half-way between Elmsett and Thorndon)

John Bloyse of Waldringfield [east of Ipswich] (b.c. 1575 son of Philip) married Joan _____ in about 1599 and had at least the following children:

1. John, born about 1601 and resided in Westhorpe, where he was churchwarden in 1628. He Elizabeth Cobb 1 Nov. 1629 in Wetheringsett cum Brockford and had issue in Westhorpe in 1631 (Jane),1633 (Elizabeth), 1635/6 (Bathe) and 1639 (Rose) and he was a Churchwarden there in 1633. He likely also had a son John/Jonathan 159 who married Sarah Goldsmith in 1671 in Harletston and had a son John in 1673 and other issue baptised or buried in Westhorpe and may have had sons John and Thomas baptised in Woolpit in 1680 and 1682 with his wife Grace. John Bloyse, the elder, was buried in Westhorpe 10 July 1671 and Elizabeth was likely the Elizabeth Bloise of Bacton who was buried in Westhorpe 25 Oct. 1678;

2. Elizabeth, born about 1605, and was likely the Elizabeth Bloyse who married Edward Locke in 1628 in Westhorpe;

3. Rose born about 1607 but buried in Westhorpe 18 March 1607/8 160; and

4. Philip, baptised in 1616 in Westhorpe.

John Bloyse and his wife Jane were Plaintiffs in a suit (C2/James I/B17/8) in 1603-1625 regarding land in Westhorpe held of Wiverston manor.

John died sometime in June of 1621 and his will 161 gave his lands in Westhorpe to his son John, his lands in Finningham [both in Hartismere] to be sold with proceeds divided amongst his children John, Philip (both then under 21) and Elizabeth and referred to his kinsman William Freeman (who witnessed the will) and Joan’s god-child Mary Freeman.

In 1636 Joseph Blosse of Westhorpe married Dorcas Stansby there and they had sons Joseph baptised 9 July 1537 and Robert baptised 4 Aug. 1639, both in Mendlesham.

Elmsett [Cosford]

Lionel Blosse (b.c. 1540 son of Richard and Rose) married Alice the widow of William Steven 162 1 October 1564 in Elmsett [Cos] 163 and had at least the following child:

1. Lionel (b.c. 1575) who married Johan ____ in about 1602 and had at least four children:

a. John baptised in Elmsett in 1604 and married Ann Braby in Elmsett in 1633/4, had a son John baptised there in 1634 and was still there in 1646 when he was a sequestrator during the interregnum 164 and one of five parishioners who petitioned for the release someone in “press” 165, but also died that same year in Elmsett leaving a will 166;

b. Philip b.c. 1605 167 and married Sabina _______ in about 1635, had a daughter Alice baptised there in 1637 but he died that same year in Elmsett 168;

c. Lionel b.c. 1608, was still alive in 1646 and was possibly the Lionel Blosse who married Phoebe ___ and had at least two children baptised in Flowton, next Elmsett: - Phoebe in 1653 and John in 1655 (although a note says he was born in Houghten[=?]) and who was buried in Flowton, next to Elmsett, 14 April 1686; and

d. Thomas baptised in Elsmett in 1610 but likely died before 1633.

Lionel Blosse was the churchwarden in Elmsett in 1612. Johan, the wife of Lionel Blosse was buried 16 Oct. 1633 and Lionel was buried 30 Oct.1633, both in Elmsett, and his will 169 provided for his three sons John, Philip and Lionel.

Lyonell Blosse was a witness of a will made 25 March 1566 by Margery Warde widow of Elmsett and was rated in Elmsett in the 1568 Suffolk Subsidy Returns. Under the 1584 will of Robert Snelling of Whatfield, Snelling’s tenement, land and pastures in Elmsett which were then in the tenure and occupancy of Lionel Blosse were to go to Snelling’s son Abraham and, since Robert’s wife Rose was to be able to live in the tenement of Blosses, it is likely that Lionel had to find new accommodation for his family. His will indicated that he owned 6 acres of land and a tenement in Elmsett called Daces or Hymoth and another parcel called Long Acre.

The wife of Lionel Blosse Sr. (likely Alice) was buried in Elmsett in 1592 and six months later in Milden a.k.a. Milding [Bab] Lionel married Cicely Jones.

Lionel Blosse died between Dec of 1602 and March of 1605/6 and his will 170 left his estate in Elmsett to his wife Cicely, his son Lionel and 2 widows Ursula Sherwood (who was a daughter of William and Alice Steven, and therefore Lionel’s step-daughter, and married William Sherwood in 1571 in Elmsett) and Ann Roll.

Roger Blosse married Margaret Damsell 2 June 1583 in Flowton, next to Elmsett on the east, but appears to have had no children baptised there.

Thomas Blosse died and, as “Old Thomas Blosse”, was buried in Elmsett 8 November 1640 171.

Thomas Bloyse (b.c, 1540) married Anne Smith 172 23 Oct. 1564 (two weeks after the marriage of Lionel) in Elmsett [Cos] 173 and it was likely his line that continued in Eye and Thorndon (see below). It is therefore very likely that Lionel and Thomas were brothers 174 or cousins.


Thomas Bloss was likely born about 1541 as the second son of that name to Richard Blosse the mercer of Ipswich St. Lawrence 175 and his second wife Rose Fisher (see above). He likely was the Thomas Blosse who appears in the records of Trinity College Cambridge as being a student there in 1561 and 1562 (aged 20) although he apparently did not graduate 176.

Although Thomas had been left a house in Grundisburgh called Costyns by the will of his father Richard in 1557/8, there is no evidence that he lived there. Thomas appears to have been the first Bloss(e) to live in Thorndon although Thomas Blosse the Norwich Alderman and his nephew Tobias clearly also had interests there 177. He was certainly in Thorndon and Occold by June of 1596 when his “cousin” Richard Shorte mentioned him in his will 178 and in 1598 Thomas Blosse, yeoman of Thorndon, sold land in Occold 179 to Thomas Sayer of Thorndon 180.

He was likely the Thomas Bloyse who married Anne Smith 181 23 Oct. 1564 in Elmsett [Cos] 182. Only two children were referred to in his will 183 and the 1596 will of his “cousin” Richard Shorte of Thorndon:

1. *Richard - likely baptised 5 Nov. 1565 in Ipswich St. Matthew (see below) 184; and

2. Thomas - (b.c. 1582 185) married Elizabeth Hill 2 November 1607 in Thorndon 186 and had the following children baptised in Thorndon: Elizabeth 1608; Anne 1610 and m. Scotchmere? 187; Thomas 1612 188; John 1613, died 1613; William 1619; and Mary 1625 and m. Cullum?; although the mother’s name was never listed in the register. Thomas was likely the Thomas Blosse who was churchwarden in Thorndon from at least 1625 to at least 1637. Elizabeth Bloss died and was buried in Thorndon 21 March 1631/2 and Thomas Bloss died and was buried there 11 September 1653. [get will]


Thomas Blosse, yeoman, died and was buried in Thorndon in 24 December 1603 [aged 60] and his will 189 left his lands in Eye and Brockford to his son Richard and his other lands in Wetheringsett, Brockford and Thwaite and the tenement where he dwelt [likely in Thorndon] to his other son Thomas. Ann Blosse, widow, died and was buried in Thorndon 2 April 1612 [no will or administration found].




Richard Bloss was baptised 3 Nov. 1565 in Ipswich to Thomas and Anne (see above) and married Mirabelle Reade (see below) 28 May 1599 in Thorndon. He and Mirabelle had at least the following seven children baptised:

1 - Thomas 7 March 1601/2 Thorndon - married (as Thomas Blois 190) Philip Gildersleeve 19115 January 1625/6 in Gislingham and, although they had no issue baptised in Thordon 192, he may be the Thomas Blosse who was buried in there 3 Dec 1662 193 [get will];

2 - Richard 18 March 1603/4 Thorndon - married Catherine Tomsen 1630 194, was listed on the 1638 Able Men of Suffolk list for Eye and still alive in 1650 when his father made his will;

3 - *Robert 20 March 1605/6 Eye - (see below);

4 - John 29 February 1607/8 Eye - married Alice Mansure/Mansurd/Manster [widow] 195 in 1628 in Eye and had at least the following children: John 1629 in Thorndon but may have died before 1650 196; Anne 1631 in Thorndon; Mirabelle (who married Robert Murton?); and Thomas 1641 in Eye. Alice, the wife of John Bloss, died and was buried in Eye 28 July 1641 and on 4 April 1642 administration in the estate of Alice Blosse, alias Manster, "formerly wife of John Blosse of Eye, deceased", was granted to her son James Manster 197. John may have been the John Bloss who on 24 March 1646/7, together with five other men presumably from Elmsett including its pastor, petitioned the bailiffs there for the release of a parisioner so that he could maintain his widowed mother 198. John Bloss, the father, died before 1650 according to his father’s will but no burial or probate documentation has yet been found;

5 - Ann 199 1 May 1610 Eye - married James Shuckford 200 and had at least a son James and 3 daughters Ann, Elizabeth and Mary;

6 - Elizabeth 17 Jan 1612/3 Thorndon - married Edmund Codling 201 1638 in Thorndon by license; and

7 - Mirabelle 14 May 1615 Thorndon - married William Little 202 1635 in Stoke by Neyland 203.


Richard Sr. does not appear on the 1638 Able Men of Suffolk list 204 as he would have been 63 and therefore beyond the maximum age of 60 for inclusion on the list, but his two sons Richard and John do appear as Richard and John Blosse of Cookley and Cranly 205 in Eye and his eldest, Thomas, is probably the Thomas Blosse Jr. in Thorndon. Robert, the second to last son, had died in 1634, 4 years before the survey.


Mirabelle the wife of Richard probably died around 1644 [?] and Richard remarried to Mrs. Elizabeth Wheatcroft 206, widow of Hoxne, sometime around 15 October 1645 [not in Boyds] 207. On 24 May 1651 Richard Blosse, gentleman of Eye, took on Thomas Pepper as an apprentice.


Richard Blosse, gent, died and was buried on about 29 August 1652 208 in Eye [although his burial was not found in the transcript of the Eye PR 209] and his will 210 provided for his wife, the wife of his son Thomas, his son Richard and 12 grandchildren. Elizabeth was probably the “widow Bloss” buried in Thorndon 23 August 1654.




Robert Bloss was baptised 20 March 1605/6 in Eye and married 2 Nov. 1630 in Bury St. Edmund St. Mary 211 to Mary Warne 212. They had only two children:

1 -*Robert baptised 7 January 1630/1 in Eye 213 [Hart] Suffolk (see below); and

2 - Richard baptised 23 April 1633 in Eye - probably married 1 October 1660 in Thorndon to Anne Baldwin and had at least two children baptised there: Mary 1661 and Thomas 1663, and two others, Anne and Dinah who married ___ Thurlow, elsewhere. There is no Richard in the 1674 Hearth Tax Returns for Thorndon, although there is a Richard Bloyse in Bedingfield [Hoxne]. Richard was buried 20 June 1707 in Thorndon 214.


A Release by Robert Rush to Robert Blosse of Eye, Yeoman, was registered on 25 July 1633. Robert Bloss died and was buried in Eye 25 April 1634 215 and administration of his estate was granted on 26 July 1634 to his widow and relict Mary 216. His two sons may have been cared for by their grandfather Richard who left his land in Thorndon to Robert the son of his son Robert and made him his executor in 1650.


Mary, the widow of Robert Blosse, was only 26 at the time of his death and likely remarried to ......




Robert Blosse was baptised 7 January 1630/1 in Eye and married Margaret Seaman of Eye 217 [b.c. 1632] in Thorndon on 9 October 1655 218. They had at least the following children:

1. Robert born in Thorndon 5 October 1656 but buried 11 April 1657;

2. Lucy born in Thorndon 19 November 1657;

3. Thomas likely the “Thomas Blosse inventus” [infantus?] buried in Thorndon 3 Dec. 1662;

4. John baptised in Thorndon 7 October 1663 but possibly died before 1712 219;

5. Alice baptised in Thorndon 2 June 1667, married Jacob Moore 220 in Billingford alias Perlesten, Norfolk (between Scole and Frenze) 10 Oct 1691 221;

6. *Thomas born 13 June 1670 222 baptised in Thorndon 23 June 1670 (see below);

7. Jonathan 29 June 1673 in Wickham Skeith (although the mother’s name is Mary in both PR & AT) - married Mary Catchpole in 1694, in Billingford Norfolk, and had 3 children baptised in Tibenham: Johathan 1697, Thomas 1698/9 and Jonathan 1700 and 5 more in Thelveton next to Billingford: Mary, John, Robert, Dianna & Elizabeth from 1701 until she died and was buried 5 March 1706 in Thelveton. He then married in Thelveton 14 November 1706 to Margaret Spencer and had sons William in 1709, Robert in 1711 (he died 1711) and Robert 1712 in Thelveton; and

8. Robert born about 1675, married Elizabeth Mann in 1704 in Thelveton Norfolk, was referred to in his father’s will made in 1712/3 and was possibly the Robert Bloss of Bacton SFK who was buried in Frenze 18 Oct 1734.


From the gaps it is possible that other children were baptised elsewhere or by non-conformists 223, although if so they were not referred to in their father’s will.


In 1664 Thomas and Robert Bloss received a parcel of land (together with 12 others mostly noted as father and son, although Thomas and Robert were not described that way - they were likely cousins) in Thorndon Manor, the same land that had been conveyed in 1612 to Thomas Bloss the Elder and 10 others with mostly the same names as in 1664. In 1706 the same land was released by Robert Bloss of Eye to others. The 1674 Thorndon Hearth Tax returns show only a Thomas Blosse occupying a home with 4 hearths, and as he was the only Blosse there Robert Blosse had probably already left Thorndon for Frenze 224, Thelveton or Billingford in Norfolk. On the other hand, he appears to have signed the page for the Wickham Skeith Archdeacon’s Returns in 1677 225 so would likely have been there a few years earlier. Thomas Blosse, likely the son of John Bloss and Alice Mansurd, was the Churchwarden in Thorndon in ____ and a Robert Blose was Churchwarden in Wickham Skeith in 1676.


Margaret, “the wife of Robert Bloss of Frense in the County of Norfolk”, was buried in Thorndon 7 April 1698. Robert likely returned to Thorndon after her death as a Robert Bloss was recorded there in the 1710 Suffolk Poll Book, although this could be Robert, Junior.


Robert Bloss was buried in Thorndon 24 Oct. 1713 (aged 83!) and the will of Robert Blosse, wheelwright of Eye 226, left his lands and possessions to his three sons Thomas, Robert and Jonathan and to his son-in-law Jacob Moore. His will did not contain the standard religious clauses associated with similar wills of this period suggesting that, at least when he wrote his will, he had become a dissenter or non-conformist.




Thomas Blosse (born 13 June 1670 in Thorndon to Robert Blosse and Margaret Seaman) of Frenze Norfolk married, by license 227, Rachel Goddard 228 of Debenham [Thred] Suffolk 6 October 1698 in Wetheringsett (with Brockford) [Hart] 229 next to Thorndon and had the following children:

1. Thomas - baptised in Frenze 27 June 1700, likely married Elizabeth Thurlow 1 October 1722 in Wortham, SFK 230, and had the following children:

- a. Thomas Blois - baptised 19 Oct. 1723 in Fersfield 231 and married 20 October 1761 [aged 38!] at Alburgh to Mary Boughton (b.1735) and was the Thomas Bloss “Gent. a dissenter and inhabitant of this Parish”, who died and was buried, like his father, in the Denton Protestant Dissenting Burial Ground (but also recorded in the Alburgh Parish register) 1 October 1802, aged 75. 232 Mary, “widow of Thomas Bloss, Gent. late of Alburgh”, was buried at the Denton Independent Chapel 19 December 1817 aged 82 233. They had a daughter Elizabeth (born 1 Sept 1770 in Alburgh and baptised 4 Nov 1770 in Denton by the United Reform/Protestant Dissenters) who married Samuel Copping of Redenhall and Harleston in 1788 in Alburgh 234 and was also buried in the Denton Independent Chapel 19 December 1817 235, aged 45 236, and who received her father’s lands in 1802.

- b. Mary Blois, baptised c. 1725? but buried in Fersfield 14 April 1738.

- c. Eizabeth Blois baptised 28 March 1730 in Fersfield but may have been the Elizabeth

Blois who was buried in Fersfield 25 March 1738 the day her namesake was baptised.


Elizabeth Blois, wife of Thomas, was buried in Wortham 24 June 1732.


Thomas then married 31 October 1732 in Fersfield to Sarah Rust, widow of Garboldisham and had the following children 237:

- d. Martha Blois born 20 January and baptised 30 January 1733/4 in Fersfield.

- e. John Blois born 12 March 1737/8 and baptised 19 March 1737/8 in Fersfield 238; and

- f. Elizabeth Blois born 19 March 1737/8 and baptised 25 March 1738 in Fersfield and may have been the Elizabeth Blois who was buried in Fersfield 25 March 1738.


Sarah Blosse, the wife of Thomas, likely died before 1774.


Thomas is probably the Thomas Blosse “Gentleman Dissenter of this Parish” who was buried in Denton but by way of Alburgh Parish 28 December 1774. He was likely buried in ground attached to the Church of Christ (dissenting) in Denton, the poor of which received money from his will. His will 239 gave all his land in Alburgh (27 acres) and Yaxley (65 acres) and North Cove (also in Suffolk, south of Gillingham NFK and near Beccles, on the east side of the county) to his son Thomas and money to Dinah wife of Henry Dunn [his sister] and to Mary Lovedy [Loveday] 240 widow of Alburgh, suggesting he had no surviving daughters.


2. Robert - born about 1704 and married 24 July 1739 in Roydon 241 by licence (NF #311) to Mary Wright widow of Diss, the groom single and a husbandman from Billingford. The other bondsman was his brother-in-law John Newson, also a husbandman, of Diss. However, a Robert Bloss married 24 December 1732 in Riddlesworth 242 to Elizabeth Hart, and Elizabeth, the wife of Robert Bloss 243 farmer died and was buried in Roydon 12 September 1742. 244 Robert Bloss [a farmer and grocer 245] died and was buried in Roydon 28 July 1762 aged 58. He does not appear to have had any surviving children. His will 246 provided for his sister Diana, wife of Henry Dunn of Denton, and for his nephews and nieces 247 - Robert Newson in Yaxley, SFK [adjacent to Mellis], Richard Newson in Pulham SMV, Elizabeth the wife of Robert Murton in Roydon and Mary Newson in Needham 248.


3.? Jonathan - born about 1704 and married either 1726 in Wortham to Ann Brown or, less likely, 16 November 1727 in Riddlesworth to Elizabeth Fincham 249 and may have been the Jonathan Bloss of Knettishall Suffolk who was a bondsman in 1729 for the intended marriage of Diana Bloss (see below).....[Q - could he be a twin with Robert?].


4. Dinah/Diana - born in Frenze 10 July 1706 250 and, as there is no indication of baptism in the Frenze register, was probably baptised by the Protestant Dissenters, and married 251 8 October 1751 in Roydon to Henry Dunn 252, a widower of Denton. She was living in Denton in 1762 and died and was buried in the Denton Protestant Dissenting Burial Ground 15 October 1786 aged “80". They appear to have had no children.


5. *Elizabeth - born about 1707 in Friends [sic] Hall 253, Frenze near Diss and baptised at the Independent Chapel in Debenham Suffolk 254 10 December 1707. She married John Newson, a widower, in nearby Thelveton 13 June 1734 and died in Diss and was buried in Dickleburgh 22 October 1748. (see above)


6.? William - born about 1709 and resided in Snetterton where he held freehold land in 1768 (Nfk Poll) and where he died and was buried 1 October 1782 aged 73 255. He may have married Sarah Goslin in Occold SFK in 1730 and was certainly the William Bloss, widower of Snetterton, who married Sarah Duffield, single woman of East Harling, by license at Quiddenham 5 Oct. 1729, the other bondsman being Robert Bloss of Quiddenham.].


7.? Mary - born about 1711 and likely the Mary Bloise of Frenze who married Samuel Lodge of Needham in Thelveton in 1731 256, 3 years before Elizabeth married John Newson there.


8. Sarah - baptised in Frenze 26 September 1712 and ......


9. Rachel - baptised in Frenze 31 August 1715 and may have been the Rachel Blois who had an illegitimate child baptised in Wetheringsett with Brockford 8 March 1738/9.


10.? Anne - born about 1717 and married Henry Clamp 22 May 1740 (by license) in Quiddenham, both parties from Roydon.

Thomas, like his father, was likely a non-conformist and although he and Rachel had their first child and last two children baptised in the Parish Church in Frenze the others were likely baptised elsewhere or by dissenting ministers. Certainly by 1707 he was noted as a gentleman and dissenter.


Rachel, the wife of Thomas Bloss, was buried in Frenze 16 May 1730.

Thomas Bloss was buried in Frenze 24 September 1749 “aged 80", [will not found!].




Blosses not yet accounted for


1. Jonathan Bloss, comber, married Susan Parsery 2 Jan. 1683/4 by license (Sudbury AD) although the place of marriage was not given.

2. John Blosse and son of John Blosse was referred to as god-child in the will of Robert Boade of Stow Bardolphe made 24 June 1603 and proved 13 Feb. 1603/4 (PCC).

3. Richard Bloss had a son Thomas baptised in 1629 at St. Mary Quay, Ipswich.

4. Francis Blois, gent, married Mrs. Mary Carsy, widow, 1 Nov. 1677 in Wickham Skeith and he was likely the Mr. Bloyse in Wickham Skeith in the 1674 Hearth Tax Returns.

5. Richard Bloss married 19 Jan 1709/10 in Bacton Suffolk to Elizabeth Allen [see Robert b.c. 1675 son of Robert and Margaret above].

6. John Bloise (Bloss) m. 1. Martha Boughton 20 Oct 1718 Pulham SMM (she d. 7 Aug 1724) 2. Judith Worman 1724 Pulham SMV and had daughters Lidia in 1725 and Juda in 1727 (but Judith died 23 Oct 1727 and Juda 22 April 1728) and 3. as John Blois, widower, m. Mary Wells 25 Jan. 1727/8 Pulham SMV and had at least another 5 [or2? - certainly Elizabeth 1741 and a Jonathan buried same year] children there or Pulham SMM where John was buried 1 Feb. 1774.

7. Jonathan Bloise was baptised in Redgrave SFK 16 April 1723 to Jonathan and Mary [source=?].

8. Richard Blois/Bloy had children Richard 1733/4, John and Robert in Morningthorpe from 1734 to 1738.

9. William Blois of Hockham married in 1731 in Besthorpe to Martha Foulgier 257 of Larling and had a son Robert baptised in Larling 1734/5.

10. John Blois married Rebecca Brown in 1735 in Rendham (near Saxmundham) and had a son John baptised 10 Dec. 1738 in the Rendham Independent Meeting House.

11. John Bloss, innkeeper of St. James Parish, Bury St. Edmunds married and a widower, married by license Mary Giles, widow, at Westley or Fornham AS 11 April 1738.

12. Mary Blois of Alburgh married John Edge, also of Alburgh, 8 April 1746 in Syleham [Hox] SFK.

13. John Bloss m. Eliz. Etrage 1763 in Gt. Moulton and as a widower m. 1765 there to Ann Jarmey with whom he had several children in Gt. Moulton.

14. John Bloss married Mary Smith in Thorndon 30 Sept. 1719 and had 5 children baptised or buried there - Mary 1721, William 1723, Roger 1727, Robert 1730 and Mary 1735. John Bloss was buried in Thorndon 6 Oct 1774 aged 97 [b. 1677] and Mary Bloss was buried there 21 July 1774 aged 84 [b. 1690].

15. Mary Blows, single, married in Roydon [Dis] in 1748 to John Alden. She remarried in Alburgh in January of 1776 to Samuel Clark of Alburgh.

16. John Bloss/Blois married Ann Witton in 1780 in Redgrave where both resided.

17. William Blois, widower, married Elizabeth Stiles in 1784 in Redgrave where both resided.

18. Hannah Bloss of Oakley SFK (b.c.1701) m. Robert Caster of Thorpe Abbots at Oakley or Nor. Cathedral (MLB NCC) 1725.

19. Robert Bloss buried 12 Dec. 1802 Quidenham.

20. Richard Bloss of Brantham [Sam] died in 1629 and had administration granted but only the index entry and the inventory survive (NCC).




Anne Smith was born about 1542 (unless she was a widow!) and married Thomas Blosse 23 October 1564 in Elmsett [Cos]. Although Thomas lived until 1603 and Anne until 1612, their only known children were Richard (b.1565) and Thomas (b.c. 1582).


There were certainly other Smiths in Elmsett from 1564, viz:

1564 - buried Cecilia Smith

1566 - baptised John Smith son of Thomas and Mary

1566 - buried Margaret Smith wife of Philip

1571 - baptised Maria Smith daughter of Thomas and Joane

1571 - Thomas Fone married Alice Smith

1592/3 - John Smyth married Mary Hubord

Because Thomas and Anne Bloyse had only two children found to date - Thomas and Richard both named after Bloyse ancestors - no connection can be presumed between Anne and Cecilia, Thomas or Philip.

John Smith, b.c.1522, married Rose Vesey and had at least 4 children: Robert, Laurence, Ingelbrighte and Edward 259. As John Smith, yeoman of Elmsett, he left a will in 1578 260 leaving his lands to his wife Rose and then to his son John and John’s wife Anne. It also mentioned his sons Laurence, Thomas (under 24), Edward (under 24), Richard and William (then at Cambridge) his daughter Alice Humphrey and his brother Philip. Elizabeth Smythe of Elmsett, widow and the daughter of Edward Wood, left a will made in 1615 261 which left a legacy to her eldest daughter Elizabeth. A Philip Smith of Elmsett, the son of Robert Smith of Neatishead and Alice Warde of Elmsett, married Alice Yaxley and had a son Adrian 262. Richard Smith of Elmsett married Margaret Snelling the daughter of Robert Snelling of Elmsett and Ipswich 263.


William Smythe was the witness to the will of Roger Kirby of Elmsett in 1565.




Mary Warne was born about 1607 265 and married 2 Nov. 1630 in Bury St. Edmund St. Mary 266 [Boyds] to Robert Blosse of Eye and Thorndon.


As a surname, Warne appears to have been more prevalent in Norfolk and Suffolk. Although Warren and Warner were fairly common in Suffolk, virtually all the Warnes that were in the west half of Suffolk from 1563 to 1615 were situated in the Hundred of Hartismere. In Occold, Eye and Braisworth, abutting parishes in Hartismere 4 families of Warne were living in this period and Mary could easily have belonged to one of them, particularly since she and Robert raised their family in Eye and nearby Thorndon. In the East half of Suffolk there were Warnes in early times in Kenton, Worlingham and Cratfield.


John Warne married in Eye in 1600 to Ann Copping and had at least the following:

1.*Mary baptised 31 January 1602/3 in Eye and, likely 267, married Robert Bloss 2 Nov. 1630 in Bury St. Edmunds St. Mary (see above).


Thomas Warne [b.c. 1560] married Dorothy ____ sometime before 1589 and likely had the following children:

1. Charles b.? but buried in Bardwell [Thing] in 1589;

2. Elizabeth baptised in Bardwell in 1593 but buried in Occold in 1594;

3. Robert baptised in Bardwell in 1599;

4. Thomas baptised and buried in Occold in 1599 [sic]; and

5. Anne baptised in Occold in 1604.

Dorothy the wife of Thomas Warne died and was buried in Occold in 1605.

Thomas then married Agnes Rowe in 1606 in Occold but no baptisms have yet been found to them, although a Thomas Warne had a son John buried in Occold in 1618.


A Thomas Warne was buried in Thorndon in 1654 and a Robert Warne was listed in Thorndon in the 1674 Hearth Tax.


Robert Warne married in Eye 6 Aug. 1601 to Mary Jenorthe [?] and they had at least the following:

1. Robert baptised in Eye in 1610;

2. Richard baptised in Eye in 1616 268; and

3. William baptised in Eye in 1617.

A Robert Warne, yeoman of Eye, took on Ellen Rush as an apprentice in July of 1633.


Edmond Warne and his wife Elizabeth had a daughter Elizabeth baptised in Braisworth in 1613.


John Warne married Elizabeth Willy in Mendlesham in 1565 but no children have yet been found for them but he may have been the John Warne who married Ann Offwood, widow in 1567 in Thornham Magna and had a daughter Margaret baptised there in 1568. An Ann Waren of Thornham Magna was buried there in 1569.


John Warne had a daughter Anne baptised in Gislingham in 1579 and he may have been the John Warne who was buried there in 1608.


William Warne and his wife Anne had the following children in Melles:

1. Henry baptised 1594 but likely the Henry buried in 1595 in Wortham; and

2. Anne baptised 1595.


A William Warne resided in Cratfield from 1545 to 1615 as did a Simon Warne in 1574. John Warne of Thornham Magna (SW of Eye) had an estate inventory done in 1614-5. A Samuel Warne was admitted to land in Palgrave in 1629 and a John Warne to land in Framlingham in 1654. A Robert Warne, yeoman, was in Thorndon in 1671.




____ Reade likely married Cecilia ___ (see below) in about 1512 and likely had the following baptised in Thorndon:

1. *Robert born about 1513; and

2. Thomas born about 1515 (see below).


Robert Reade (born about 1513) married Joanna Cullum (b.c. 1510, see below) 3 Nov 1538 in Thorndon and had the following children baptised there:

1. Un-named male baptised 29 August 1539 but died and was buried in Thorndon 1 September 1539;

2. *Thomas baptised 28 July 1540 (see below);

3. Robert 11 July 1542 and may have been the Robert Reade who married Mariam Yestis [Yestas] 31 August 1567 270 in Thorndon and had Anne 1573, William 1575, Martha 1578 and Grace 1581 baptised there;

4. Cecilia 12 Oct. 1544 and may have been the Cecilia Reed who married Anthony Paul in 1575 in Syleham;

5. Joanne 10 Jan. 1546/7 and may have been the Joan Reed who married Thomas Booth in 1568 in Eye; and

6. Elizabeth 13 July 1550.


A John Reade, Thatcher of Thorndon, was a witness to the will of John Cullum of Thorndon dated 22 Feb. 1573/4 and proved 27 April 1574 271.


Robert Reade was buried in Thorndon 27 May 1559 [get will] and Joanna 272 .......


Thomas Reade (b. 1540 the son of Robert Reade and Joanna Cullum) married Elizabeth Aldous, widow 273, 10 February 1566/7 in Thorndon and had at least the following children baptised there 274:

1. Thomas 23 Nov. 1567, married Martha Flatt 13 Oct. 1595 in Thorndon and had a daughter Mary baptised there in 1598 before he died and was buried in Thorndon 26 June 1600;

2. John 7 Feb. 1568/9 but likely died before 1576;

3. Elizabeth 18 Oct. 1571 but buried there 2 Nov. 1571;

4. Leonard 19 Apr. 1573 and married Margery Warren 5 May 1596 in Thorndon;

5. *Mirabelle 11 October 1573 [sic] and married to Richard Bloss 28 May 1599 in Thorndon 275 (see above); and

6. John 29 Apr. 1576 and who likely married Frances Gildersleve 13 July 1598 in Thorndon and had his first child Mirabelle baptised that year.


Oddly, Thomas Reade of Thorndon was not recorded in the 1568 Subsidy, although Edward Reade was even though Edward was not recorded in any capacity in the Thorndon Parish Registers.


Thomas Reade was buried in Thorndon 17 Nov. 1580 276 and administration of his estate was granted to his un-named relict. Elizabeth Reade, widow, was married 7 May 1581 in Thorndon to Thomas Brankin and Elizabeth Brankyn, wife of Thomas, was buried in Thorndon 30 June 1620. Thomas and Elizabeth Brankyn appear to have had no children baptised in Thorndon.


Other Reads


John Rede of Thornham left a will in 1461.


William Reade was buried in Thorndon 15 Dec. 1544 [get will?] and John Reade was buried in Thorndon 27 April 1553 [get will?].


Cecilia Reade married Simon Lawnde 277 15 Jan. 1545/6 in Thorndon but they did not appear to have had any children baptised in Thorndon before Simon died and was buried there 27 Aug. 1551. It is very possible that Cecilia was the mother of Robert, especially as his first daughter was named Cecilia. Cecilia Lawnde ...


Thomas Reade was born about 1515 (see above), married Anne ____ in about 1537 and had a son John baptised in Thorndon 27 March 1539 (see below). Anne Reade the wife of Thomas died and was buried in Thorndon 8 September 1542. Thomas then married 19 Oct 1545 in Thorndon to Christian Lawnde 278 and Margery Reade the daughter of Thomas was baptised in Thorndon 20 April 1545 [6 months before the marriage of Thomas and Christian?] and a son Edmund was baptised there 17 Feb. 1548/9. According to Thomas was buried ___ November 1580 in Thorndon but this, in fact, was the Thomas Read husband of the widow Elizabeth Aldous.


John Reade was born in March 1539 in Stoke Ash [? or Thorndon see above] allegedly the son of Thomas and Ann, above 279 and married __ April 1569 in Thorndon to Alice Bitteringe of Thorndon (1549-1635). They had the following:

1. Walter born 1587 and died 1632; and

2. Matthew born 1591 and died 1650.

John is said to have been buried in Stoke Ash 16 Jan 1624 [get will?] although he would have been 85 and Alice was said to have been buried in Stoke Ash 17 January 1635.




Margery [or Margaret?] Styles (b.c. 1490) married Thomas Blois/Bloyse in about 1513 in Woodbridge, Suffolk and is attributed by some sources as the daughter of William Styles 280 of Ipswich. Anne F. Sutton in “London Mercers from Suffolk c.1200-1570" 281 provides text and a pedigree chart for much of the following:


Thomas Stile, born about 1429 likely in Ipswich, apprenticed in 1443-1444 to Robert Coggeshale, a mercer, and was shipping large quantities of cloth to Holland and Belgium from London between 1439 and 1457, and likely his widow Isabel continued to do so in 1461-2 282.


____ Stile married _______ in about 1400 and had at least the following children, likely born and baptised in Ipswich:

1. John who was still alive in ___ ; and

2. *William born about 1425 (see below).


William Stile married Isabel Bolle/Bulle, in about 1455 and had at least 8 surviving children, likely born in Ipswich:

1. Nicholas - b.c. 1456 and referred to in the 1505 will of his brother John as John’s eldest brother Nicholas who lies buried in St. Nicholas, Ipswich and, since he was not referred to as a son of Isabel in the 1479 will of her brother Henry Bolle, he must have died before that date;

2. John, b.c. 1458 who became a mercer in London on his admission in 1478, married Margaret Wolston/Welstone, had seven children including John, Bridget, Margaret and Humphrey (later knighted and sheriff of Kent), and died in 1505 283 and was buried at St. Thomas of Acre in London;

3. *William, b.c. 1460 who married Margery ____ (see below);

4 - 6. 2 sons and 1 daughter un-named in their father’s and mother’s wills written 1463 and 1487;

7. Joan who married John Hastings; and

8. Amy or Agnes/Anne who married John Woodward.


According to a discussion of his will in “The Wills and Testaments of Three Leading Ipswich Men” William performed various tax assessor functions in Ipswich from 1453 and was a Chamberlain 1459-61, a Bailiff in 1667/8 and a Justice of the Peace in 1467 and 1472.


William Style died 11 June 1475 284 and Isabel 16 Feb. 1490/1 285 according to a brass now or once in St. Nicholas, Ipswich 286 and both were buried there.


William Style (b.c. 1460) of Ipswich, married Margery _____ 287 and had the following surviving children:

1. John, the eldest, born between 1480 and 1487 (a minor at the time of his father’s death);

2. William born before 1487, was a priest and died un-married and was buried at Ipswich, St. Nicholas in 1551 288;

3. Edmund, not named in the 1500 will of his father but named in the 1551 will of his brother William;

4. Anne, not named in the 1500 will of her father but named in the 1551 will of her brother William; and

5 *Margery, but not named in the 1500 will of her father or the 1551 will of her brother William and who married Thomas Blois (see above).


William had apparently been admitted to the Mercers Company (in London) in 1479 but returned to spend the balance of his life in Ipswich where he served similar functions as his father and, by 1497, was a member of the town council. William died in September 1500 and, according to the will of his brother John, was buried at Greyfriars, next to St. Nicholas, and his brass was in Ipswich St. Nicholas. The will of William Style Mercer of Ipswich 289 referred only to his wife Margery, eldest son John and un-named children and was witnessed by John Lawrence the parish priest of St. Nicholas.




_____ Bolle/Bulle of Ipswich had the following children:

1. *Isabel, who married William Stile in about 1455, likely in Ipswich (see above);

2. Henry, merchant of Ipswich who died in 1479 and whose will 290 was proved by his sister Isabel Stile; and

3. William ? who was referred to in the will of Henry Bolle.


Richard Bulle who had apprenticed with Richard Rich, a wealthy mercer of London, although not well considered by the widow Rich who died in 1469, was an active trader in the Low Countries and married Alice Pratt, the daughter of William and Alice who were friends of William Caxton, but apparently died before 1491 leaving no children 291.


Amise Bolle was one of the original 12 Capital Portmen elected in Ipswich 29 June 1200 and John Bole was the collector of the Great Custom in Ipswich in 1446/7 292. A John Baule who had a daughter Margaret baptised in St. Nicholas in 1551 may be from the same family.




Joanna Cullum was born about 1510 and married Robert Reade 3 Nov 1538 in Thorndon and had at least six children baptised there - 1. Un-named male 29 August 1539 but died the next day; 2.. *Thomas baptised 28 July 1540; 3. Robert 11 July 1542; 4. Cecilia 12 Oct. 1544; 5. Joanne 10 Jan. 1546/7; and 6. Elizabeth 13 July 1550.


Cullums had been in Thorndon and the surrounding area for a very long time: William Culum of Brockford (2 parishes to the south of Thorndon) was a party in a 1329 Fine and in 1381 a Cullum of Thorndon was appointed to be part of the jury to try Wat Tyler 294.


Sir John Cullum, in his The History of Antiquities of Hawsted 295, provided this pedigree 296 -


Walter Cullum, said to be the second son of Hugh Culm of Moland in Devonshire 297 married Catherine Rivett and had at least a son Thomas [and likely a son Robert]. He died in 1453.


Thomas Cullum of Stanhill married Alice Aldrich and had at least a son John.


John Cullum married Mary Applewright and had at least a son John.


John Cullum [born about 1555] married Rebecca Smith, the daughter of Thomas Smith of Bacton, Suffolk [in about 1583] and had at least three children: John born 1585, Thomas born 1587 (a very successful draper and Sheriff of London) and the first of the Hawsted line, and Daniel.


However, the following pedigree, initially based on what has been assembled at and supplemented by memorial transcriptions, a pedigree chart and other information available on the site, and various wills available elsewhere, it is likely more accurate.


Walter Cullum was born c. 1370 in Thorndon and died there in 1454. His will 298 gave his lands in Thorndon (at Stanhill), Occold, Eye and Wetheringsett to his wife Isador and, after her death, to his sons John and Robert. He had at least the following:

1. John b.c. 1390 in Thorndon and died in 1483 [aged 93!]. His will 299 left land to his son Thomas, instructed the sale of his lands in Wetheringsett and referred to a Sybly Cullum (likely his daughter). A pedigree completed for the Cullums of Hawstead and Hardwick 300 claims that Walter born c. 1435 [below] and a John were also children;

2. Robert Cullum 301 b. ?, smith, left a will in 1458 302 which referred to his wife Katherine, his sons John and Andrew and to John Cullum of Occolt and John Cullum of Thorndon his executors. It also left money to the parish church of Rishangles; and

3. Hugh - b.c. 1415 and not referred to in the will of his father but attributed as his only child at


Hugh b.c. 1415 married Alice Tracy (b.1410 in Toddington Gloucestershire) and had the following child:

1. Walter b.c. 1435.


Walter b.c. 1435, married Katherine Rivett (b.c.1468) and had the following child:

1. Thomas b.c.1494 (see below)

and Walter died in 1548 or 9 303.


John Cullum of Occold (b.c. 1430) married Margaret _______ about 1452 and had at least the following children:

1. *William born about 1460? (see below);

2. John;

3. Thomas;

4. Alice;

5. Johane 304; and

6. Ellen.

John Cullum of Occold and John Cullum of Thorndon were appointed executors of the will of Robert Cullum smith of Thorndon in 1458 (see below).


John died about June 1497 and the will of John Cullum of Ocolt the younger 305 referred to his lands in Occolt, including tenements called Myntres and Punts, and a close and meadow in Thorndon 306, and to his 6 children. His wife Margaret had apparently pre-deceased him as he also provided for prayers for the souls of her, her father and his mother and for Alexander Frere and John Henman 307.


William Cullum the Elder of Occold (b.c. 1460?) married Katherine ______ in about 1485 and had the following children:

1. William 308;

2. John;

3. Alice;

4. Christian;

5. Isabell;

6.*Jone/Johan born about 1510;

7. Agnes; and

8. John the younger 309.


William died about September 1539 in Occold and his will 310 referred to his wife and eight children and appointed his son John the elder as executor. The witnesses included John Cullum the “bocher” 311 and John Cullum tanner. The will of Katherine Cullum of Occolt, widow 312, who died in about November 1545 in Occolt, referred to seven of the eight children 313, but, like the will of William her husband, did not, except in one instance, name the husbands of her daughters nor did it indicate that her daughter Johan was then with children 314. It was witnessed by John Cullum Sen. and John Cullum and named Robert Launds alias ....[sic - likely Pallant], her son-in-law, as executor.


No other will or pedigree that came after William’s and was in the applicable time period mentions a daughter Joanna. However, none of Joanna’s children with Robert Reade were named William or Katherine.


Thomas Cullum (b.1494 in Thorndon to Walter Cullum and Katherine Rivett) married Alice Aldrich, the widow of John Thatcher, in Thorndon about 1518 and had at least the following children:

1. John b.c. 1519, married Mary Applew[w]ight in about 1536 315, had 3 children alive in 1560 (the date of his mother’s will) - John, Grace and Thomas, all baptised in Thorndon (see below);

2. William b.c. 1525, married Faith Routh/Rowte 316 13 April 1554 in Thorndon and had 3 children alive in 1560 - Thomas, William and Tamyson;

3. Thomas b.c. 1529 317 married ____ and had at least a son Thomas baptised in 1551 in Thorndon and likely two daughters - Margaret and Fayth;

4. Agnes/Anne b.c. 1529 who married Edmund Jessop 9 April 1552 in Thorndon, had 3 children alive in 1560 - Adam, Edmond and Anne, although not baptised in Thorndon- and died in 1575;

5. Sybil/Siblye, who married 1. Robert Smythe of Kenton 4 September 1548 at Thorndon and had at least Agnes and Sybill by 1560, and 2. ____ Aldryge and had a daughter Rose by 1560;

6. Elizabeth who married William Burgess and had at least John and Elizabeth by 1560; and

7. a daughter who married Thomas Turpin and had at least Alice, Sibyl, William and Edward by 1560.


Thomas died and was buried 19 April 1549 318 in Thorndon and his will 319 provided for his wife, his children John, William, Thomas, Agnes and Sybil, Elizabeth Turpin, son-in-law Robert Smyth and children of his wife by her first husband. Alice Cullum, widow, died and was buried 25 May 1560 in Thorndon and her will 320 provided for her children and grandchildren.


From the Frier Pedigree 321 and the Cullum of the Hill, Thorndon Pedigree 322 the following continuation of the above pedigrees is claimed:


John Cullum, of the Hill (or Stanyhill 323), b.c. 1500, married [Mary Applewight 324] (see above) in about 1523 and had at least the following children likely baptised in Thorndon:

1. John b. c. 1524/5 who married ____ and Margaret ____ (see below);

2. Syble m. Roger Botye and secondly ___ Mewling or Mowling;

3. Jane who was buried in Thorndon 8 January 1562/3;

4. Grace baptised 9 April 1540 and still alive and single in 1574;

5. Mary baptised 11 April 1542 and m. ___ Botye or Baker; and

6. Thomas 325 who was buried in Thorndon 30 March 1567 326.

John Cullum “de monte” 327 died and was buried in Thorndon 4 March 1573/4 328 and his will 329 made 22 Feb. 1573/4 and proved 27 April 1574, provided for his children John, Sybell, Grace and Mary. Mary Applewhite (or Applewight), above, must have predeceased him but there is no burial entry for her in the transcription of the Thorndon register.


However John’s 1573/4 will specifically mentioned his brother James Cullum, sister Prudence and sister Alice Hellyman (? - the transcription of his will says “bellman”) but there is no mention of these three siblings as children in the 1548 will of Thomas Cullum or the 1560 will of Alice Cullum. Q - where they deliberately left out of their parents’ wills?


A John Cullum had the following children baptised in Thorndon:

1. Agnes 11 Nov. 1543;

2. Cecilia 12 July 1545;

3.Robert 7 July 1547 but possibly the Robert Cullum buried there 10 April 1554;

4. John 26 Oct. 1551 but possibly the John son of John Cullum jr. who was buried 29 Nov. 1552;

5. John 7 Feb. 1554/5;

6. Grace 25 October 1556 but possibly the Grace Cullum buried there 30 May 1566;

7. Thomas 25 Dec. 1559 to John of Stanhill but possibly the Thomas Cullum son of John buried there 30 March 1567; and

8. Geffrey 19 April 1561.

A Juliana wife of John Cullum was buried in Thorndon 24 April 1562.


John Cullum, of the Hill, (b.c. 1524/5 son of John (above)) likely remarried in about 1565 to _____ and had at least the following 3 children:

1. John bapt. 10 May 1566 in Thorndon (twin with Grace) and was buried there 5 April 1612;

2. Grace bapt. 10 May 1566 in Thorndon (twin with John) but was buried there 19 Oct. 1567;

An Alice Cullum wife of John was buried in Thorndon 28 October 1567.


John Cullum likely remarried in about 1568 to ______ and had the following

3. Grace bapt. 19 Oct. 1569 in Thorndon and was buried there 16 Oct. 1639.

A Margaret Cullum wife of John was buried in Thornon 16 May 1572


John Cullum married 7 August 1570 in Thorndon to Margaret Frier (the daughter of Thomas Frier of Occolt 330 and his wife Margaret - daughter of Edward Bacon of Hessett) 331 and had the following children:

4. Johan born about 1571;

5. Thomas bapt. 19 Nov. 1573 in Thorndon, married Alice ___ and died sometime before 21 Oct. 1643 (when his will was proved 332) and apparently had only a son Thomas (1611-1636); and

6. Edmund bapt. 27 Nov. 1575 in Thorndon but buried there 26 Aug. 1583.

John Cullum “de le Hill” was buried in Thorndon 18 July 1625 “aged 100" 333 and Margaret, “wife of John de monte” was buried in Thorndon 14 March 1611/2.


John Culham of Thorndon married Bridget Parke of Beddingfield in Beddingfield [?] in 1574 (or 1573?) and Grace Culham married in Beddingfield in 1573 10 days apart.


In 1581 John Gyforth of Thorndon feoffed land there to John Cullum, his wife Margaret and his son John 334 and a year later John Cullam farmer of Occold and his son Andrew transferred a 985 year lease to John Culham of the Hill in Thorndon, his wife Margaret and his son Thomas.


The following Cullum burials in Thorndon, until 1572, are not yet connected to any of the above:

1. Alice daughter of John 14 Dec. 1542;

2. John 11 October 1553;

3. Joan daughter of John Cullum de monte 8 January 1562/3; and

4. Henry 16 Nov. 1565.


John Cullum of Occolt, a butcher, died in 1566 and his will 335 left his land in Occolt and Thorndon including his market stalls in Eye and Debenham to his wife Anne and then his son John and referred to his other children - Thomas, Robert, Edmund, Laurence, Agnes, Anne and Margaret and his brother-in-law John Ulum[?] of Rishangles. The child Anne was likely the Anne Cullam spinster who was listed in the list of Popish and Sectary Recusants in 1595 336A 1532 conveyance by John Cullum butcher (?) [sic] of Occold transferred land to John Cullum the younger of Thrandeston, John Cullum of Occold the son of John Cullum the butcher, Thomas Cullum of Thorndon and William Shorte of Thorndon 337.


Eventually, a John Cullum became the lord of Thorndon Parva Manor 338, although there is little information regarding his tenure or the manor itself.


There were also Colom/Colloms in Eye from 1543 (when Christian the daughter of William was baptised and buried) including Judith the wife of Edmund buried in 1584/5, John married Alice Dusgate in 1619, Anne the wife of Andrew buried in 1628, to 1634.




A _____ Canham 340 had the following children:

1. *Robert - see below;

2. A daughter who married ___ Collison had had at least a son Thomas;

3. Simon who married Alice Jackler 30 May 1545 in Ashill and was the Clerk there in 1579 when the will of his brother Robert was probated and died in about 1583 or 4 according to the Court Rolls of Great Cressingham leaving a will 341, although he was not buried in Ashill; and

4. A daughter who married ___ Constable and had at least a son Robert who, in 1579, was living in North Pickenham.


A John Cannon married Joan Morrell 9 Dec. 1561 in Swaffham and had at least a son Edmund in 1566 (m. in 1592 in Swaffham to Mary Morrell). He was likely the John Cannon, Draper and Tailor of Swaffham, who was buried there 29 April 1575. Administration of the estate of John Cannon of Swaffham was granted in 1575 342. Joan Cannon, widow, married Thomas Bodham 9 Oct 1576 in Swaffham and had children baptised there.


Robert Canham of Swaffham, who was likely a linen draper, married Alice _____ in about 1533 and had at least the following children:

1. *Joanne b.c. 1535 and married in about 1560 to Thomas Blosse (see above) and whose children received money from their grandfather’s will;

2. Elizabeth who married John Morrell and had at least a daughter Elizabeth and was likely the Elizabeth Morrell wife of John who was buried in Swaffham 10 Oct 1560 (John remarried in 1561 and had a number of children baptised in Swaffham with his second wife Ellin);

3. Habrahe (otherwise known as Abrie) b.c. 1552 who married Margaret James in 1573 [Boyds] in Westhorp Suffolk and who had at least Joan (d. 1579/80), James (b. 1581/2), Robert (b. 1583), Jone (b. 1584), Abry (b.1586/7), John (b. 1588), Simon (b. 1589/9), Robert (d. 1589/90), Mary (b. 1591 but died 1603/4), Margaret (b. 1592) and Robert (b. 1593) in ____. He received his father’s 12 copyhold acres in a close, 2 acres of free land in the Lords Great Close in Bittering and his shops and stalls in Watton. Abrie died in about 1599 343;

4. Alice b.c. 1542 and married Thomas Reynolds 19 April 1564 in Swaffham and whose chldren - William, Robert, Thomas, Edward, Grace (b. 1567) and Alice received money or inherited Robert’s properties in Islington and Terrington Marshland;

5. Simon b.c. 1548, married Joan _____, had at least a daughter Joane who died in 1579/80 (and perhaps a son William who was baptised 8 Aug 1568 in Ashill) and died and was buried in Swaffham 7 July 1603 leaving his estate in Swaffham received from his father Robert to his wife Joane and his nephews 344. Joane likely died in Swaffham in 1612-3 345 ; and

6. Robert b.c. 1558 and married Rose Webbe in 1582 in Ixworth Suffolk 346. He was a draper in Swaffham and was buried there 22 September 1591 347 leaving left his lands in Munford and Swaffham to his wife Rose and his brother Simon for the bringing up of his children Anne (b. 1583), Rose (b.1584/5), Simon (b.1586), Grace (b.1587) and Catherine (b. 1590). Another daughter Thomasine was baptised in 1591.


Robert died in about June or July of 1579 but was not buried in Swaffham. At that point he owned propertied in Swaffham, Hilborough, Bittering, Watton, Islinham and Terrington 348. His partial will 349, proved in 1579, referred to his 3 daughters and 3 sons and to the fact that his wife was deceased. Alice Canham the wife of Robert was buried in Swaffham 2 May 1568.




Rose Fisher was born about 1515 and married Richard Bloyse in about 1535, as his second wife. She died in 1607 aged about 92 (her will says “now being more than the age of ninety”) and left a bequest to her brother John Fisher of Bures 350 St. Mary [Bab] (below Sudbury on the Stour river forming the boundary between Suffolk and Essex - the village actually spans the river and another Bures - Bures Mount - adjoins on the south in Essex). Their children were, in approximate order, Richard, Ralph, Thomas, John, Philip, Lionel, Martha, Elizabeth and Rose. She was incorrectly said to have been the daughter of John Fisher 351.


William Fisher (b.c.1488) married ______ 352 and had at least the following children, probably baptised in Bures St. Mary Suffolk:

1. William (see below);

2. John born about 1526, had at least four children living in 1568 - Thomas, Margaret, Alice and Bridget. He was the writer and witness of the will of Barnaby Waldegrave of Bures made 2 January 1572/3 and was still alive in 1607 (unless that was his nephew John, see below);

3. Elizabeth who married ____ Harwood 353 who received her father’s tenement in Nayland;

4. Alice who married ____ Burde/Bird 354 and had at least four children living in 1568 - Richard, Matthew, William and Rose;

5.* Rose born about 1515, married Richard Bloyse (see above) in about 1535 and died in 1607 (see above);

6. Christian born about1517 who married John Turner 21 October 1540 in Bures St. Mary and had at least a daughter Margaret Smith living in 1568; and

7. Agnes who married 1. ___ Wrenoulde/Reynolds and 2. _____ Berish 355 and had at least seven children living in 1568 - William and Elizabeth Wrenoulde, Joan Elken and John, Margaret, Bridget and William Berish and was likely the Anne Beriffe of Bures who left a will in 1614 356 which provided for her two sons John and William and five daughters Katherine, Anne, Frances, Joyce and Bridget.


William Fisher of Bures St. Mary was enumerated in the 1524 Suffolk Subsidy Returns and was the executor of the 1527/8 will of Robert Warne of Bures (Sudbury AD).

The first wife of William likely died before 1563 as William Fisher married Katherine Whight, widow, 10 August 1563 in Bures. She also likely predeceased him.


William died in January of 1568/9, although his burial was not recorded in the SFHSBI 357, and his will 358 provided for all of his children and many of his grandchildren. His wife likely predeceased him.


William Fisher married Joan ____ 13 November 1559 in Bures St. Mary (Boyds) and, perhaps, Castherine Wight in Bures in 1563 (Boyds) and was likely the father of at least the following 359:

1. Ann born about 1560 and who married John Colman, a clerk, in Bures SM in 1583 and had 4 children by 1593;

2. William born before 1563 360;

3. John born about 1565 and who likely died before 1592 as he was not mentioned in the 1592 will of his father’s cousin John Quedwell, the 1593 will of his brother Thomas or the 1605 will of his mother;

4. Thomas born about 1568 and died in April 1593 and who, as Thomas Fisher single man of Bures St. Mary, left a will 361 proved in 1601 which left to his parents and siblings;

5. Benjamin born after 1569;

6. Daniel born after 1569 and who may have died between 1592 and 1604;

7. Margaret born after 1569 and who married John Bowes/Bawes in Bures SM in 1586 and had 3 children by 1593;

8. Elizabeth born after 1569 and who married after 1591 to Thomas Quedwell;

9. Rose born after 1569 and who married after 1591 to John Whiting 362 of Hadleigh; and

10. Abigail 363 born after 1569 and who by 1604 had married George Willitt.

According to the assets listed in his inventory, William was a mercer or clothier and he and his family resided in a fairly substantial house. He was likely the William Fisher who, in 1577, had a mansion, then called Nowers, on the Essex side of the parish as described by Leigh Alston in an article on Water Lane Cottage 364. William and his brother John were witnesses to the will of Katherine Warren of Bures (Hamlet), Essex made 31 July 1567 365 and William Fisher of Bures was assessed in the 1568 Subsidy Rolls 366. William Francis witnessed the 1571 will of Anthony Walgraves of Bures and the 1592 will of John Quedwell of Bures (both PCC).


William Fisher of Bures St. Mary left a will in 1600 which appears to have been lost 367 although the inventory of his estate 368 was completed 13 October 1600 suggesting that he died shortly before that date. Joan Fisher was likely the Jane Fisher, widow, who “sued” Thomas Quedwell in 1602 regarding land in Great Henny, Lammarshe and Middleton (all parishes in Essex adjoining Bures on the W and NW) 369 . Joan Fisher, widow of Bures SM, left a will in 1605 370 which provided for six of her children.


Bridget Fisher was buried in Bures SM 1 Jan. 1574/5 and Thomas Fisher was buried in Bures 14 May 1583.



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