BARCHAM/BAWCHEN - Honing, Edingthorpe, Yarmouth and Toft Monks

Erpingham North Hundred [EpN]

The Bawchins 1 appear to have originated in the upper North-East corner of Norfolk, mostly in the North Erpingham Hundred and generally in and around the area know as the Gimingham Soke. Christobel Hoare in her history of that Soke said of Bawchin, Bauchin etc. “This name occurs in the Court Rolls of the 15th Century onwards. The family seems to have been residential at Sidestrand ... They were then in humble circumstances, though their name comes no doubt from Norman Bauchun, which is perpetuated by the Bauchun Chapel 2 in Norwich Cathedral.” 3

Richard Bauchoun was assessed in 1 Edward III (1327) on land in Trimingham, adjacent and to the north of Gimingham, although he seems to have died or left before the next assessment in 1333. A Bawchyn held land in Gimmingham in 1485. The 1493 will (NCC 1486-92 p.36) of Robert Doughty of Metton (between Felbrigg and Thurgarton) referred to one of his two “filioli” Robert Bauchyn. Robert Bauchon, a fisherman, held land in 1398 that belong to the Hospital of St. Mary in Great Yarmouth 4.

Felbrigg and Gresham

Thomas Bauchin (b.c. 1510) married in about 1533 to ________ 5 and had the following children, likely in Felbrigg:

1. William born about 1533, as "the son of Thomas Bawchin" married Rose Fuller in Felbrigg 17 Sept. 1557 and had two daughters - Jane (1561/2) and Emma (1563) - baptised in the adjacent parish of Gresham before Rose died and was buried there in 1563. He was likely the William Bauchin who married Helen Fenn 6 in North Walsham in 1564, and may have been the William Bawchin, Baker of Great Yarmouth, whose 1602 will 7 referred to his wife Margaret, his brothers and sisters (un-named), his cousin and executor John Bawchyn, his servant Mary Bawchyn and Emm Bawchin the wife of John Robyns and was witnessed by Nicholas Bawchyn (see William Bawchyn Gt. Yarmouth below);

2. Joane baptised there 9 January 1540/1 but likely the Joan Bawchin buried in Felbrigg 10 January 1541/2; and

3. Robert baptised there 8 February 1541/2.

Thomas may have been the Thomas Bawchin who was buried in Felbrigg 1 May 1578.

Robert Balchin (likely born in 1541, above) married Katherine Hill 8 in Felbrigg in 1562/3 and had the following:

1. Margaret who died and was buried there 16 Jan. 1563/4;

2. Rachel baptised there 22 January 1564/5 but died and buried there in the same year;

3. Margaret baptised there 7 March 1566/7;

4. Rachel baptised there 24 February 1567/8; and

5. Edmund 1 May 1570.

Elizabeth Bawchin married John Canham 8 January 1592/3 in Felbrigg and, except for this entry, the presence of the Bawchins in Felbrigg and Gresham ended in 1570 suggesting that they died out or had moved elsewhere.

Nicholas Bauchin married Elizabeth _____ and had the following children baptised in Felbrigg:

1. Agnes 27 April 1559 who was likely the Agnes Bawchin who married John Secker 21 January 1581/2 in Sidestrand;

2. Margaret 21 November 1563; and

3. Robert 12 January 1564/5 and likely married Ann Hinde 23 Nov. 1590 in Sidestrand.

Elizabeth "the wife of Nicholas Balchin" was buried in Felbrigg 26 March 1565.

Nicholas Balchin next married Margaret Freeman 4 August 1565 in Felbrigg and Nicholas and Margaret Bawchin had the following children baptised in Sidestrand 9, two parishes to the east of Felbrigg:

4. Christian 14 Nov. 1567 but died and buried there 17 October 1581;

5. Cecily 24 June 1570;

6. George 10 February 1572/3;


7. John 1 May 1580 and was likely the John Bawchin who with his wife Mary had a daughter Elizabeth baptised in Sidestrand in 1600; and

8. Christian 6 December 1582.

Judging from the number of wills from residents of Sidestrand which were witnessed by Nicholas or of which he was appointed executor from 1568 to ___ he was a prominent person in the parish until his death there in 1609.

Margaret the wife of Nicholas died and was buried in Sidestrand 8 Dec. 1582.

Also in Sidestrand, Alice Bawchin was buried 5 March 1558/9, Simon Bauchin had a son William baptised 21 Feb. 1559/60 (and a son John in 1562 in adjacent North Repps) and witnessed a will in 1564 for Robert Titsale of Bessingham (by Thurgarton), Robert Bauchin/Bawchin married Ann Hinde in 1590, Johan Bawchin was buried 24 May 1597, John Bauchin and Mary had a daughter Elizabeth in 1600 and George Sr. and Jr. 10 had issue from 1616. In Aldborough two Bawchins (Elizabeth and Luke) were baptised and then buried from 1543 to 1547 but no parents’ names were provided. There were also Bawchins, and variants, in North Repps from 1562, and Overstrand in 1592.

Reginald Bawchyn of Alby/Thwaite [EpS] left a will in 1510 11 and was likely the Reginald Bauchon who bought land in Thurgarton in 1506 which in 1513 was bought by Simon Bauchon, and there were certainly Bawchins in Thurgarton from the start of the registers in 1539 to 1562, including a will for Richard Bawchyn a single man who was buried there 12 Dec. 1553 12.

By the time of the subsidy rolls of 14 Henry VIII (1522-3) 13 there were at least four Bawchins in North Erpingham, likely related and, at the least, fathers and sons or two sets of brothers:

1. John Bawchyn in Thurgarton - assessed on wages;

2. Richard Bawchyn in Thurgarton - assessed on wages and may have, as a single man, left a will in 1554 (see below);

3. John Bawchyn in Hanworth (adjacent to Thurgarton) - assessed on wages and left a will in 1536 14 and was the son of Thomas Bawchyn Senior of Hanworth who left a will in 1518 15; and

4. Thomas Bawchyn in Hanworth - assessed on wages.


A William Bockinge was baptised in Thurgarton 14 April 1546 and a Thomas Bockinge was baptised there 8 June 1556 but in neither case was the name of a parent supplied.

____ Bawchyn 16 married Agnes Tilney in about 1528 and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Thurgarton 17, who were alive in 1554:

1. Thomas, born about 1530 and may have been the Thomas Bawchine who married Margerie Grould (?) in 1554 in Thurgarton;

2. John, born about 1533, and may have been the John Bawchine who married Johane Beane in 1559 (who died and was buried in Thurgarton 24 Nov. 1561) and Elizabeth Wawler (Waller) 10 March 1561/2 in Thurgarton and likely had a son Robert baptised there 17 March 1560/1 and perhaps a daughter Cecilie 21 December 1562;

3. Edmund, who died single and was buried in Thurgarton 15 October 1558 18;

4. Robert, who was baptised 15 October 1539 in Thurgarton and died single and was very likely the “Richard” Bawchin who was buried in Thurgarton 19 October 1558 19; and

5. Elizabeth who married ____ Mason.

A John Bawchin was buried in Thurgarton 13 March 1553/4 20.

Agnes Bawchyn, widow, died and was buried in Thurgarton 3 June 1554 and her will 21 left her estate to her five children and two grandchildren Dorothy and Agnes Bawchyn and referred to her house and land in Thurgarton. There are no more entries in the Thurgarton registers for Bawchyn after 1562 suggesting that the surviving sons Thomas and John had moved to another parish.

Nicholas Bawchen of Metton 22 [EpN - NE of Thurgarton] left a will in 1559 23.

Other Areas of Norfolk

Beyond that area, a John Bachyn was a member of the PentneyPriory {FbL] in 1526, eleven years before its dissolution, and a Thomas Barcham was recorded at St. Mary the Less in Norwich 36 Henry VIII [1544/5] as reported in Blomfield’s Essay Towards A Topographical ...Vol. 4 - Norwich at page 118. Although there were Barchams in Sculthorpe [Gal] (north central Norfolk) from 1573 when William Barcham married Elizabeth Monument and then Ann Yelverton in 1579, the name had become Becchame by the 1590s and later Basham and Beckham. Jeffrye Bachyne married Joan Elleze 2 June 1596 in Stalham [Happ 100 between Worstead and Hickling].

William Bawchyn, a baker of Great Yarmouth, left a will 24 in 1602 which gave money to his servant Mary Bawchine and to Emm Bawchine the wife of John Robins and provided that his cousin John Bawchin be executor. The will was witnessed by Nicholas Bawchin. Simon Bachyn and his wife Avis had a son John baptised in Great Yarmouth in 1580 and a son Thomas in 1583 although the father of Thomas is shown in the Yarmouth registers as Thomas. A John Bachim (Boyds) or Bachym (PR) married Allice Ellis 7 June 1601 in Great Yarmouth and died there in 1632 with administration granted to his wife Alice 28 August 1632 25. It is very likely that William, Nicholas and Simon were the three of the same name from Felbrigg and Sidestrand (see above).

Simon Bauchin had a son William baptised in Calthorpe [EpS] in 1568/9 but buried there in 1569 and a daughter Alice buried there in 1572.

Honing [Tunstead] and area

In Scottow [EpS], next to Sloley -

William Balchyn married Agnes Larke 8 January 1572/3 in Scottow and had the following children baptised there:

1. Martha 28 Dec. 1573 and married as Martha Bauchin to John Tyllet 5 Nov. 1598 in Scottow and had at least five daughters baptised there to 1620 - Agnes, Margaret, Ellen, Elizabeth and Susan;

2. John 16 Nov. 1575 (see below);

3. Agnes 15 Dec. 1577 and as Agnes Bawchin married Andrew Burman 6 July 1606 in Scottow and had at least four children baptised there to 1620 - Anne, John, Elizabeth and Joane;

4. Mary 17 April 1580;

5. Alice 2 August 1584; and

6. Thomas 14 March 1590/1.

William Bawchin, householder, was buried in Scottow 15 October 1611 and Agnes Bawchin, widow, was buried there 29 May 1614.

Thomas Balchyn had the following child baptised in Scottow:

1. Susan 25 April 1577.

John Bawchin married Marie Hilton 30 November 1599 in Scottow and had the following children baptised there:

1. Elizabeth 10 August1600;

2. William 14 March 1602/3;

3. Marie 20 January 1604/5;

4. Grace 20 September 1607 (d.1616);

5. Goodith (female) 21 January 1609/10;

6. Margaret 15 March 1611/2; and

7. Alice 26 February 1614/5.

Mary Bauchin, the wife of John, was buried in Sloley 1638/9.

In Sloley [Tun], next to Scottow -

John Bauchin married Christian _____ and had the following children baptised in Sloley:

1. Margaret 25 Dec. 1596 but buried there 5 days later;

2. Edmund 26 Oct. 1600, married Katherine ____ and had Edmund 1630 in Sloley;

3. Christopher 18 Aug. 1605 but buried there 23 Jan. 1606/7; and

4. Sarah 29 March 1607 and married Roger Hembling or Hemberly.

Christian Bauchin the wife of John was buried in Sloley 21 April 1614.

John Bauchin, next married Margaret Goodknow 8 August 1614 in Sloley and had the following child baptised in Sloley:

1. Thomas 7 June 1618.

John Bauchin was buried in Sloley 11 April 1627 and his will gave his estate to his wife and 3 surviving children - Edmund, Sara and Thomas. Margaret, the widow of John, was buried there 6 Sept. 1630 and her will gave to her “son-in-law” (our “step-son”) Edmund and Edmund’s son Edmund, to Sara the wife of Roger Hembling or Hemberly and to her son Thomas Bawchen, and referred to her brother Edmund Gouldknopp.

Susan Bauchyne married Phillip in Bersely ailas Pearson in Sloley 31 Jan. 1602/3.

Ann Bauchyne was buried in Sloley 12 March 1602/3.

Thomas Bauchyne was buried in Sloley 30 March 1610.

Thomas Bauchin married Susan Weedes 26 30 May 1613 in Sloley and had the following baptised there:

1. John 28 Dec. 1617;

2. Alice 4 June 1620 but buried there 19 Sept, 1620;

3. Thomas 1 Aug. 1621;

4. Edmund 27 Oct 1622 but buried there 2 Aug. 1623;

5. Timothy 1 Aug. 1624 but buried there 8 May 1625; and

6. Amie 24 April 1626.

Both Thomas Bauchin and his wife Susan were buried in Sloley 13 June 1629. Thomas’s will gave his land and goods to his wife Susan (who was still alive when Thomas wrote his will 10 June 1629) and his children John, Thomas and Amy.


John Bawchin [b.c.1545] married Elizabeth Hambleton about 1568 likely in Honing 27 [Tun] and had the following surviving children, all likely baptised in Honing:

1.* John - b.c. 1570 and married Elizabeth Drake, widow, (see below) and by 1608 had six children still living;

2. Thomas - b.c. 1572 and who married Elizabeth _______ and by 1630 had four children still living - Francis (m. Susan Anthony 30 Jan. 1639/40 and buried there 1 Jan. 1655), Elizabeth (still un-married in 1639), Anthony (m. Margaret ___ and inherited the property of his aunt Margaret Arnold and was buried in Honing 5 Oct. 1655) and Mary (m.Thomas Shackell 1631) - and died in 1638/9 with a will 28;

3. Elizabeth - b.c. 1574 and who married Edmund Lynstead 4 May 1608 29 in Honing, but appear to have no issue there, and was buried 4 May 1644 in Honing;

4. Margaret - b.c. 1576 and married Robert Arnold 30 between 1608 and 1611/12 but appeared to have had no surviving children 31 (?) and was buried in Honing 20 Oct. 1637 and, as Margaret Arnold widow 32 of Honing, left a will 33 and an Inventory in 1637/8 34;

5. Jeffry - b.c. 1578 and who married ______ and by 1608 had four children still living - Margaret, Mary, John and William; and

6. William b.c. 1580 35.

John likely had another son Robert 36 who died before 1608 leaving two children - William 37 and Bridgett.


John Bawchyn died in early September of 1610, likely in Honing, and his will 38 provided for his wife and his six surviving children and Edward and John Hambleton 39 the sons of Robert, deceased. Elizabeth Bawchen, the widow of John, died in about March of 1614, likely in Honing, and her will 40 provided for 5 of her 6 children (not John), Edward Hambleton and the children of her children Thomas and Jeffry.

John Bawchin (b.c. 1570) married, firstly, Alice Margate 41 15 July 1593 in Worstead, just to the south of Honing, but had no children baptised there. Margaret Bawchen was buried in Worstead 3 Nov. 1594. He is very likely the same person as the John Bawchen that follows.

John Bawchen (b.c. 1570) married, secondly, Elizabeth Green o.w. Drake, the widow of Thomas Drake, in about 1595, likely in Honing, and John had the following surviving children, likely all baptised in Honing 42:

1. Simon 43 - b.c. 1594 44 and married Bridget _____ with whom he had 13 children baptised in Honing from 1630 45. Bridget died in 1653 and Simon died and was buried in Honing 10 July 1670 46;

2.* John - b. c. 1595 who married Elizabeth Fermery in about 1616 and settled in Edingthorpe from that time (see below);

3. Martha - b.c.1598;

4. Edmund - b.c.1603 and married in Honing 8 July 1632 to Elizabeth Bawchen (likely his cousin) in Honing and had 2 children in 1633 and 1634 before Elizabeth died in 1640 and he then married Elizabeth Springall 14 June 1641 in Honing and had 2 more children before he died in 1680 47;

5. Bridget - b.c. 1605 and possibly married to Francis Draper 27 March 1643 in Honing; and

6. Elizabeth b.c. 1607 and married William Short in 1637 48.

The 1642-3 Protestation Returns listed three adult male Bauchins in Honing - Francis, Anthony and Edmond, the first two being the sons of Thomas Bauchin and the third the son of John.

John Bawchen the elder, a worsted weaver, died and was buried in Honing 7 September 1630 49 and his will 50 gave his several properties in Honing to his wife Elizabeth for life and then to his son Simon, with money payments to his other children John, Martha, Edmund, Bridget and Elizabeth, the last four seemingly still unmarried. He also left money to the 5 children of his son John viz. William, John, Thomas, Elizabeth and Mary and to Elizabeth Drake “the daughter of my wife Elizabeth” (from her first marriage).

Elizabeth Bawchen, widow, died and was buried in Honing 25 November 1631 and her will 51 left money and property to her daughter Elizabeth Drake 52 and the same 3 sons and 3 daughters who inherited from the will of her husband John Bawchen.

A Thomas Bawchin of Honing died in 1687 and his will 53 left his estate to his son Thomas of Crostwright and to his grandson Benjamin Bawchin.

Robert Bauchin son of John was baptised in Dilham (south of and adjacent to Honing) in 1612 and Sara Bawchin married Roger Hemblin in 1627 in Dilham.


John Bawchin (b.c. 1594) married Elizabeth Fermery (b. 1591/2 see below) of Edingthorpe in about 1616 in ______ 54 and had the following children 55:

1.* William Bawchin baptised in Edingthorpe 21 January 1616/7 and married 18 December 1645 in Great Yarmouth to Sarah Ferryer (see below);

2. Elizabeth Bawchin baptised in Edingthorpe 22 February 1618/9 and married 26 May 1640 in Witton to Richard Rust;

3. John Bawchin/Bowchin baptised in Edingthorpe 27 March 1620 and likely married 15 December 1642 in Witton to Disney Chestny and had at least a daughter Mary there in 1645;

4. Mary Boching baptised in Edingthorpe 1 February 1621/2 and still alive in May of 1633 56 and she was still alive and single in 1640;

5. Thomas Bawchin baptised in Edingthorpe 16 February 1622/3 but died between July of 1628 and 1631;

6. Simon Bawchin baptised in Edingthorpe 11 July 1629 but died before 1630;

7. Simon Bawchin baptised in Edingthorpe 19 September 1630 57 and was still alive in 1640;

8. Thomas Bawchin baptised in Paston 58 9 September 1631 but likely died before 1633; and

9. Thomas Bawchn baptised in Edingthorpe 16 August 1634 but likely died before 1640 59.

Interestingly, there were no Bauchin/Barchams enumerated in Edingthorpe in the 1642-3 Protestation Returns, although there were three adult male Bauchins in Honing.

John Bauchen 60, worsted weaver, died and was buried in Edingthorpe 29 September 1640. His will 61, made 25 September 1640, left his lands in Edingthorpe and Paston to his wife Elizabeth for life and then to his son William, with money payments to his other children 62 - Elizabeth the wife of Richard Rust, John Baching [sic], Mary Bawching and Simon Bawching his “youngest son”, and to his brother-in-law Henry Farmary. No burial or remarriage has yet been located for Elizabeth Bawchin, widow.


Great Yarmouth 63

William Barcham married Sara Ferrier 18 December 1645 in Great Yarmouth and had at least the following children 64:

1. Bartholomew Barcham bapt. 17 Dec. 1646 in Yarmouth and likely died before 1660;

2. Wlliam Barham bapt. 12 Nov. 1648 in Yarmouth and received a tenement in Happisburgh [Hap - several parishes along the coast from Bacton] in the 1694 will of his uncle John Ferrier and was buried 11 July 1717 in Edingthorpe 65 where he was a linen weaver;

3. John Bartcham bapt. 21 Oct 1651 in Yarmouth and likely married Mary Allen 66 and had a daughter Sarah baptised 14 Dec 1678 in Great Yarmouth (m. William Paston and received a tenement in Yarmouth in the 1694 will of her uncle John Ferrier) where John was a mariner, and died before May of 1689;

4. George Bawchin 67 bapt. 14 May1655 in Edingthorpe and still alive by May of 1689 but likely died before May of 1694 68 or August 1716;

5. Sarah Baughin 69 baptised 25 March 1659/60 in Edingthorpe and buried 13 November 1686 in Great Yarmouth as “the daughter of William Barcham of Eadingth.” [sic] - likely Edingthorpe;

6. Daniel Bothin - baptised 26 Feb. 1660/1 in Edingthorpe as Davidel [sic] son of William & Sary and died in about October of 1693 70 the index entry to his will in PCC indicating he was aboard HMS Hawke 71 , twin with;

7. Bartholomew Bothin 72 - baptised 26 Feb. 1660/1 in Edingthorpe son of William & Sary and likely lived there and in Toft Monks. He was likely the Bartholomew Barcham who married Mary Collingwood 15 May 1683 in Great Yarmouth where they had at least 6 children baptised: Elizabeth b. & d. 1684; John d.1688; and 3 Marys (22 March 1690/1, 7 Apr. 1695 and 1 Nov. 1696), and another John (m. Mary Spore 73). Bartholomew received a substantial bequest including land and interest in fishing boats from the 1694 will of his uncle John Ferrier of whose will he was executor. By 1714 74 Bartholomew was living with his younger brother Joseph in Toft Monks and was still alive in August 1716 but died in Great Yarmouth in 1728 75; and

8. *Joseph Bawchen baptised 3 November 1669 76 in Edingthorpe (see below).

William Bawchin was assessed for two hearths in Edinhthorpe in the 1664 Norfolk Hearth Tax. The baptism of Joseph in 1669 was the last entry for a Barcham/Bawchem in the Edingthorpe registers until those for Joseph and Susan below. William was still alive at the time of his son Daniel’s will - 1 May 1689 77. and was probably still alive in May of 1694 when the will of his brother-in-law John Ferrier provided for the surviving children of William and Sarah and referred to his son William Barcham Junior. He was likely the William Bawchim Sr. who died and was buried in Edingthorpe 21 January 1705/6. [get will]. Sarah the wife, (or widow?) does not appear to have been buried in Edingthorpe.



Joseph Bauchin married Susan Eades 78 1 December 1691 in Edingthorpe 79. Joseph, a cooper there at the time, received a significant bequest from the 1694 will of his uncle John Ferrier, Burgess and Alderman of Great Yarmouth, which included properties in Toft Monks, Norfolk and Frostenden and Uggeshall in Suffolk. Accordingly, after the birth of their third child, William, in 1694/5 they left Edingthorpe and moved to Toft Monks where their daughter Mary Baucham was born 25 February 1696/7 80. Joseph and his brother Bartholomew Barcham, Gents, both appear in Norfolk Poll, 1714 in Toft Monks. Bartholomew Barcham, son of Joseph Barcham of Toft Monks, was apprenticed in 1722. In the 1734 Norfolk Poll, Joseph Barcham Sr. was one of three persons listed for Toft Monks. Joseph also had some presence in Great Yarmouth and he is listed there in the 1754 Norfolk Poll along with his sons Bartholomew, a blacksmith, and John, but all three were resident in Toft Monks.

Joseph and Susan had the following children 81 82:

1. John 83 baptised in Edingthorpe 17 January 1691/2 84 [m. Martha Elliott [and was buried?] 10 March 1754 85] and died and was buried in Toft Monks 21 September 1760 without any direct heirs but leaving his estate to four cousins 86. Alternatively, he may have been the Mr. John Barcham, widower of Toft Monks, who married Esther Howes 1 October 1722 in Wheatacre and had children baptised in Toft Monks in 1726 and 1727 before “John Barcham, married man” was buried there 23 August 1731;

2. Sarah baptised in Edingthorpe 6 August 1693, married Francis Baldry in 1720 in Blundiston SFK [Mut] 87, had at least a son Barcham and died 3 October 1724 aged 31 88 and, as Sarah Baldry from Burgh St. Peters, was buried in Toft Monks 6 October 1724;

3. *William baptised in Edingthorpe 24 February 1694/5 and, according to the Toft Monks M.I. died 4 August 1750 aged 58 89 or, more likely, about June of 1748; and

4. Mary Baucham born 25 February and baptised 1 March 1696/7 in Toft Monks and died 16 December 1741 aged 45 90.

Susan Barcham, the wife of Joseph, died 1 March 1696/7 aged 24 years and was buried in _____.

Joseph Barcham remarried to Frances Burroughs (born about 1669) 22 September 1698 in Ellingham [Clv] and had at least the following children:

5. Elizabeth born 21 April and baptised 30 April 1700 in Toft Monks, married Thomas Kirby and had at least a son John, and died 17 August and was buried 20 August 1738 in Toft Monks aged 38 91;

6. Joseph born 24 January and baptised 28 January 1701/2 in Toft Monks, married Mary ___ and had at least Mary bapt. 5 Sept. 1734 in Toft Monks, Elizabeth bapt. 13 March 1742/3 in Thorpe Next Haddiscoe and Aidah, a daughter, bapt. 2 March 1745/6 in Thorpe (but probably the “infant Barcham” who was buried there 1747, n.d.). Joseph died 30 August 1749 aged 48 92 and was buried in Thorpe next Haddiscoe;

7. Bartholomew - born 29 February and baptised 7 March 1703/4 in Toft Monks 93 and married Margaret Elliott 25 May 1731 in Redisham SFK [Wang] 94. In 1722 he apprenticed to Thomas Lincoln a blacksmith of Beccles SFK. He and Margaret had children baptised in Toft Monks from at least 1731 to 1736 and he was a churchwarden there in 1751. On 4 Jan. 1755/6 Bartholomew Barcham, Blacksmith, became insolvent and petitioned for relief under the Relief of Insolvent Debtors Act - see Gazette. He died 22 Oct. 1776 aged 73 95 and was buried in Toft Monks 27 October. Margaret Barcham died 2 September 1781 aged 74 96; and

8. Francis baptised 4 Aug. 1706 in Toft Monks but died 15 December and buried 19 December 971707 in Toft Monks.

Frances Barcham, the second wife of Joseph Barcham, died 29 August 1725 aged 56 and was buried in Toft Monks 1 September 1725.

Joseph Barcham remarried to Meek (Mary) Beales (born about 1668), widow aged 58, 20 October 1726 in Gorleston SFK 98. They do not appear to have had any children. Meek Barcham, the third wife of Joseph Barcham, died 17 Dec. 1747 99 aged 80, and was buried in Toft Monks 20 Dec. 1747 100.

Joseph Barcham died 2 November 1759 “aged 90", having outlived his three wives and 8 of his 9 children, and was buried in Toft Monks 5 November 1759 101.


William Bauchin was baptised 24 February 1694/5 in Edingthorpe and at some point returned to Edingthorpe from Toft Monks or had remained there to be brought up by his grandparents or his uncle William or other relatives as William Barcham. He married in nearby Bacton 22 August 1713 102 to Mary Bacon (b. January 1691/2). William was a farmer and occupied the Church Farm in Edingthorpe, land (including property in Paston) inherited from his uncle William Barcham who had died in 1717 and of whose will William, Jr. was the executor. In the 1734 Norfolk Poll, William is one of three men listed in the parish although his surname is spelled Barksham.

William and Mary had the following children:

1. Eliza - born _____? but died and was buried in Edingthorpe 22 January 1715/6 103;

2. William - baptised 4 September 1717 104 in Edingthorpe and married Sara Dybel 12 May 1743 in Edingthorpe. Their descendants created the Barcham family association 105. William was a Churchwarden in Edingthorpe in the 1740s and 1750s and inherited the family farm from his father. He and Sara had at least 8 children (according to the Barcham website): Hannah 22 Dec. 1743 d. 1775; William 1744-1782 (m.1-Judith Dyboll and 2-Elizabeth Lacy); Elizabeth 3 April 1747 d. 1753; John 28 May 1749 (m. 13 Oct 1782 to Elizabeth Helsdon); Mary (m. 2 Dec. 1773 Lic NCC to William Rudd); Sarah c. 1754 d. 1771; Benjamin 1759 (m. 17 Oct 1780 to Mary Banfather, as a grocer in Sherringham took on 4 apprentices form 1783 to 1796 and d. 1839 in Sherringham); and Thomas 1760 (d. 1798 106). William held freehold land in Edingthorpe (1768 Norfolk Poll) and died there 5 May 1782 107 with a will 108. Sarah Barcham died 26 December 1803 in North Walsham and was buried in Edingthorpe 109 with a will 110;

3. *Mary - baptised 14 July 1721 in Edingthorpe and married to John Porter of Hindolveston in Edingthorpe 5 June 1744 (see Porter);

4. Elizabeth - baptised 8 February 1722/3 in Edingthorpe and married Charles Turner 3 November 1742 111 in Edingthorpe. Charles Turner was from Paston and he and Elizabeth were likely the parents of Charles Turner Junior who was born in Paston in 1753 and married in Snetterton in 1779 to Sarah Porter the daughter of William Porter and Frances Shickell;

5. Sarah - baptised 23 April 1726 in Edingthorpe and married John Juler 112 20 June 1746 in Edingthorpe. John and Sarah had at least 4 children: James 1747; John 1750; Matthew 1752 and Matthew 1756; all baptised in North Walsham, before Sarah died in 1762, probably in North Walsham. John apparently moved to Enfield, Middlesex and died there in 1797;

6. John - baptised 8 September 1727 in Edingthorpe but died and was buried there 14 September 1727;

7. Judith - baptised c. 1731 and unmarried and under 15 in 1747; and

8. John - baptised 2 June 1732 in Edingthorpe but died and was buried there 10 March 1733/4.

Consequently 1 son and 4 daughters survived to adulthood.

Mary Barcham, nee Bacon, died in North Walsham 7 November 1738 113 aged 47 and was buried in Edingthorpe 11 November 1738. William Barcham, widower, married in Norwich St. Gregory 2 August 1745 to Susanna Lee, single, of Edingthorpe, and at that time he was said to be resident in St. Andrew Norwich. However, as Churchwarden in Edingthorpe (see signature) he had signed each page in the Archbishop’s Transcripts until 1747. At the time of making his will (18 Sept. 1747) William resided in North Walsham, possibly with his daughter Sarah Juler, although because there is no entry in the Manor Court Rolls for North Walsham he probably did not buy any land in that town. William has surrendered some of his lands in Edingthorpe to his son William Jr. at the Edingthorpe Manor Court held 16 July 1744, but there was a prolonged dispute over the ownership of his lands which was reflected in the court minutes of . Additionally, and by way of a tripartite agreement, William Sr. and his wife Susan surrendered [other?] lands to William Jr. and his wife Sarah on . His will 114, made in 1747 and proved in 1748, provided for his five children and did not mention his wife Susan, suggesting that she had died between 1745 and 1747 115.

William likely died in about June of 1748 116, although his burial was not recorded in either the North Walsham or Edingthorpe registers.


Ferriers 118 were well established by the 1500s in the eastern area of Norfolk, particularly around the town of Yarmouth. There were Feryers in the Great Yarmouth Parish Register from 1563 and, according to documents in the National Archives, the Ferriers arrived in Great Yarmouth in the mid 16th Century. There is (was?) a Ferrier Row a.k.a. North Row, Manclarkes North Row, Harmons Row, the Globe Row and Charles Moore Row (Row 38) in Yarmouth. The first Ferrier baptism in Yarmouth was Thomas Ferrer the son of John and Lucy in 1583. However, there is a strong connection between the Ferriers of Rollesby and those of Great Yarmouth as shown below.

Robert Ferrier (b.c. 1513) married Jone/Johan Davy 119 in about 1537 and had at least the following children:

1. Henry (b.c. 1538) who was a woolen draper in Great Yarmouth and whose will of 1573 120 referred to his mother, siblings and cousins;

2. William (b.c. 1540) who was likely the William Feryer of Rollesby [FlgW] who by licence married Isabelle Rysing of Bastwick 26 June 1564 in Norwich St. Gregory 121 and had at least two sons baptised in Rollesby - Thomas 21 April 1565 but buried there 9 Oct. 1565 and Robert 20 Sept. 1566 - and another, Richard, baptised in Catfield 7 Feb. 1568;

3. Robert (b.c. 1544) who was alive in 1569 but was not mentioned in the 1573 will of his brother Henry. A Robert Ferrier was buried in Rollesby 3 March 1617/9 while another (?) Robert Ferryer died in Great Yarmouth in 1617 and his will 122 left his estate to his wife Phebe and his daughters Martha and Suzan;

4. *John (b.c. 1547) who was alive in 1573 (see below);

5. Richard (b.c.1550) who was a draper in Yarmouth, owned property in Yarmouth, Martham, Rollesby and Ormesby and whose will referred to his siblings and family (see below);

6. Emme (b.c.1552) who married William Barber/Barbour in Rollesby 11 Nov. 1573 and had at least Joane 12 Sept.1574, Humfrey 9 Dec. 1576 (but buried 2 Sept. 1577 the same day as his cousin Jone Ferrier), William 5 Nov. 1581, Julian 11 Apr. 1589 and Hugh 29 June 1592; and

7. Edward (b.c. 1555) who was alive in 1573 and 1597 123.

Robert Ferrier of Yarmouth was admitted a a freeman there in 1560 and Rye 124, amongst others, say he is the same as the Robert Ferriar who was buried in Rollesby 13 May 1569 and whose will 125 referred to his wife and seven children and his property in Martham and Rollesby.

Jone Ferrier, likely a widow, was still alive in Rollesby when her son Henry made his will in 1572/3 and was likely the Joane Ferriar, widow, who was buried in Rollesby 24 March 1581/2.

Richard Ferryer (b.c.1550 the son of Robert and Johan) married Ellen Woodrowe/Woodruffe 5 June 1581 in Great Yarmouth and had the following children baptised there:

1. Agnes/Anne baptised 1 July 1582 and married 1. Christopher Mutton 126 7 April 1605 in Barningham Norwood (quite far from Yarmouth!) 127 and 2. ___ Bragg;

2. Joane baptised 7 June 1584 and married Thomas Harbottle 7 Aug. 1606 in Yarmouth and had a son Henry baptised there 31 May 1607;

3. Thomas baptised 3 July 1586 and inherited his father’s property in Rollesby and Martham;

4. Helen/Ellen baptised 8 June 1589;

5. Richard baptised 5 December 1591, inherited his father’s property in Great Yarmouth and is likely the Richard Ferrior who married Gertrude Wild in Yarmouth 4 May 1614;

6. Elizabeth baptised 28 October 1593 and married John Warren of Burgh Castle Suffolk 3 Feb. 1616 at ____ 128;

7. Robert baptised 4 April 1596, married Mary Beale of Cley, inherited his father’s property in Ormsby, was a bailiff in Great Yarmouth in 1643 where he and his wife Mary (1606-1678) had at least six children, and died and was buried there 30 May 1648 with a will 129. One of his sons Richard Ferrier Senior, merchant and Alderman (son of Robert and Mary) was buried in Yarmouth 14 July 1695 and his will 130 left his estate to his wife Judith and only son Richard and referred to his other children Judith Ellys and Elizabeth Ferrier and to his brothers Robert and Thomas. Judith Ferrier [nee Wilde] quitclaimed to her son Richard 131 in 1695. Another of his sons, Robert Ferrier, was buried in Yarmouth 15 Aug. 1695 in Yarmouth and his will 132 left his lands in Rollesby to Elizabeth his wife (Robert Ferrier of Great Yarmouth married Elizabeth England of Great Yarmouth 12 Aug. 1662 at Stokesby with Herringby) and then equally to his children Sarah, Benjamin, Mary and Priscia, and referred to his brother Thomas and his nephew Richard Ferryer, Alderman. Elizabeth his wife died in about 1717 and her will 133 provided for the same four children - Sarah (m. Clarke), Benjamin, Mary (m. Lovell) and Priscia (m. __afts); and

8. Alice baptised 12 March 1597/8 after the death of her father and allegedly married John Carter 134, a Bailiff in Yarmouth;

Richard, a Woolen Draper, died and was buried in Yarmouth 24 Feb. 1597/8 and his will 135 referred to two of his siblings and 8 children and other kin. Ellen Ferrier, the widow of Richard, remarried to Mr. Henry Stanton 30 June 1598 in Yarmouth and in 1628 leased lands in Rollesby, Martham and Repps, which had belonged to her deceased husband Richard Ferrier, to Robert Ferrier 136.

John Ferriar (b.c. 1547 the son of Robert and Johan) married Anne Smith 137 22 January 1575/6 in Rollesby 138 and had at least the following children:

1. *John baptised 4 Nov. 1576 in Rollesby and married Ann Marsh in 1602 in Toft Monks and died in1604 in Great Yarmouth (see below).

2. Robert baptised 19 Aug. 1579 139 but buried in Rollesby 8 Sept.1579; and

3. Jane born ? but was buried in Rollesby 2 Sept. 1579.

John Ferriar died and was buried in Rollesby 8 Sept.1579 140 likely from the same disease that took two of his children, and countless others, in August and September of that year (there were also 481 burials in Yarmouth in July and 850 in August 1579.

Thomas Ferriar the child of Anne Ferriar, widow, was baptised 28 Jan. 1582/3 in Rollesby but buried there 5 Feb. 1582/3.

John Ferrier (born either 1576 or 1580) married Ann Marsh 141 10 November 1602 in Toft Monks 142 and had at least the following children:

1. John 143; and

2. *Bartholomew baptised in Great Yarmouth 26 August 1604 144 (see below).

A John Ferier [sic] died January 6 or 7 and was buried in Great Yarmouth 7 January 1603/4 although the Ferrier Family MS, which attributes him as the father of Bartholomew, has the date as 8 January 1604 145 which is probably properly attributed to the other John Ferrier who follows.

Another John Ferrier married 7 December 1603 in Great Yarmouth to Alice Albert and had a son Henry Ferior baptised 7 Sept. 1604 in Great Yarmouth. The will of John Ferrier, Shipwright of Great Yarmouth 146, made 6 January 1603/4 and proved 8 January 1604/5, left his estate to Alice his wife and referred to their unborn child. Additionally he referred to his kinswoman Joane Barbour 147 who likely was the Joane baptised 1574 to William Barber and Emm Ferrier (see above) which strengthens his relationship to that branch of the family.

Bartholomew Ferrior (b. 1604) married Mary Camplyn 148 30 November 1626 in Great Yarmouth (both single and of Yarmouth) and had the following children:

1.* Sara - baptised 7 October 1627 in Edingthorpe 149, where her grand-parents lived, and married William Barcham 18 December 1645 in Great Yarmouth (see above);

2. Robert - baptised 28 Dec. 1628 in Great Yarmouth 150;

3. William Ferrior - baptised 24 June 1632 in Great Yarmouth;

4. John Ferrior - baptised 18 May 1635 in Great Yarmouth, married Elizabeth____ and was a Burgess and Alderman of Great Yarmouth. He had no surviving children and died between May and July of 1694 151 leaving a will 152 which made ample provision for his nieces and nephews - Barcham, Drake, Fryeren and Pierson - but no Ferriers;

5. Mary - baptised 2 February 1636/7 in Great Yarmouth, married Walter Drake 153 and had a daughter Hannah baptised in Happisburgh 10 Oct 1671 and another daughter Mary before her husband died followed by Mary in 1681, likely in Happisburgh, with administration of her estate granted to her brother John Ferrior 154;

6. Bartholomew - baptised 13 January 1638/9 in Great Yarmouth, and either (1) the Bartholomew Ferrier single man who was buried in Great Yarmouth 17 May 1686 or (2) the Bartholomew Ferrier widower who married Elizabeth Richmond 13 June 1670 and had a daughter Mary baptised 30 May 1672 but buried in Yarmouth 12 August 1673, a son John baptised there 23 Nov. 1673 but buried in Yarmouth 9 Dec. 1673 and a son Bartholomew baptised there 13 Feb. 1675/6 (who was possibly the Bartholomew Ferrier single man whose death is first-noted above) and was likely the Bartholomew Ferrier, mariner who was buried 19 Feb. 1683/4 155 in Yarmouth with administration of his estate 156. Elizabeth Ferrier, the widow of Bartholomew, married Robert Attwood a widower of Yarmouth 9 October 1684 in Yarmouth and after his death in 1687 she married John Dowson, mariner of Yarmouth and she died in about 1711 with a will 157 that referred to no Ferriers and gave the entirety of her estate to four nieces. The Bartholomew Ferrier who appears in the list of Yarmouth Muster Defaulters in 1667 158 and witnessed the 1677 will of Benjamin Adkins, mariner of Yarmouth was likely this Bartholomew, whose second wife was Elizabeth Richmond.;

7. Hanna - baptised 9 February 1640/1 in Great Yarmouth and married Henry 159 Fryeren 160, a beerbrewer, and had at least a son who was buried in Yarmouth 19 Nov. 1668, Hannah baptised 16 Nov. 1669 (m. Thomas Claxton), Benjamin born __? (a surgeon in Southwold Suffolk who left a will in 1740 161), an infant who was buried in Yarmouth 28 Dec. 1673 and Sarah born ___? (m. Marmaduke Barthard or Barcham 15 April 1697 in Yarmouth);

8. Letyce - baptised 20 November 1642 in Great Yarmouth but was likely the Lettis Ferryman, infant, who was buried in Great Yarmouth 1 Sept. 1644;

9. George - baptised 29 December 1644 in Great Yarmouth;

10. Anne - baptised 13 September 1646 in Great Yarmouth and possibly the Anne Ferrier daughter of Mrs. Ferrier 162 who was buried in Great Yarmouth 13 Nov. 1658; and

11. Elizabeth - baptised 24 January 1647/8 in Great Yarmouth, married William Pierson 163 and died 1694.

There were three Bartholomew Ferriers who were buried in Yarmouth from 1650 to 1686 but the only logical possibility 164 is Bartholomew Ferrier, Joiner, who was buried 20 April 1652. Bizarrely, there are two differing entries for the burial of Bartholomew Ferrier in the Great Yarmouth St. Nicholas parish registers. In the first volume (burials 1558-1653) the entry reads “Bartho. Ferrier, Joyner 20 April 1652" 165 while in the second volume (burials 1642-1659), which appears to replicate the final 10 years of burials in the first volume but with some editing, the entry reads “Bartholomew Ferrior, Hanged 20 April 1652" 166. Although solid evidence is lacking to establish that the Bartholomew Ferrier who died in 1652 was the husband of Mary Campling and the father of the eleven children noted above, the Ferrier Family Manuscript makes this assumption and provides reference to his will on that date 167 but so far it has not been located. Despite examination of pertinent Yarmouth records there is no mention of a hanging of a Bartholomew Ferrier on account of a crime. The more logical explanation, assuming that the word “hanged” was not a copy error, is that Bartholomew may have committed suicide by hanging himself. Interestingly, in the period 1741 to 1750 the Reports of Coroners’ Inquests there reported a full 1/4 of all deaths requiring inquest were suicide by hanging and the verdict is all was “non compos mentis” or “felo de se” (suicide without a finding of insanity).

The burial or re-marriage of Mary Ferrier (spinster Camplyn), widow, has not been located. A Mary Ferrier, widow of Yarmouth, was married in Bradwell [Loth] 25 Jan. 1653 [n.s.] to John Warren, gentleman of Burgh Castle, but the Ferrier Family MS attributes her as the widow of Robert Ferrier, Bailiff, who died in 1648.

Other Ferriers

-John and Lucy Ferrier had a son Thomas baptised in Yarmouth in 1583.

-Henry Ferrier married Elizabeth Rigwood 1 Dec. 1583 in Yarmouth and had two children baptised there - William 1584/5 and Cicely in 1587,

-Richard Ferryer married Anne Browne in Yarmouth 28 March 1597 and had 7 children baptised there,

-Nicholas married Mary Cook in 1635 in Yarmouth and had a child baptised there in1642,

-Richard Ferrier of Yarmouth married 4 May 1694 in Risby SFK to Ellen Longe of Risby 168.

There were Ferrore or Feror familys in Edingthorpe and Paston in the early parish registers there, viz.

-William Feror of Edingthorpe married Alice Plumstead of Paston in Paston 18 Nov. 1543 but had no children baptised in Paston, and

-William Ferrore married Joan Loughrond 21 November 1555 in Paston.


A John Furmery, son of William le Furmery and grand-son of John le Furmery, was involved in a series of law suits from 1302 to 1307 regarding land in High Crosby, Dearham, Cumberland which was supposed to go to John at the time William, his father, was in Ireland 170A John de la Fermerie of Staplelford, Nottinghamshire and his wife Idonia were involved in an Inquisition Post Mortem Edw III No. 68 (1327-1377) and there were many Furmaries elsewhere in Nottinghamshire, especially Headon, Askham and Perlethorpe 171. John Fermerie/Farmery was married in Tottenham, Middlesex in 1590 and again in 1592. Alice Fermarie married 21 October 1574 in Epworth, Lincolnshire to Richard Maw, although the same entry at shows her burial as 22 February 1573.

In 1412 in Norwich a John de Fermerye was paid 4s. 1p. for the provision of wine 172.

Lincolnshire and Norfolk

John Farmery of Northorpe (near Gainsborough) in Lincolnshire had at least the following children before he died there in July or August of 1551, leaving a will 173:

1. John;

2. William;

3. Robert;

4. A daughter who married Robert Hall;

4. Margaret who was under 21 in 1551; and

5. Janet.

As there is no mention of a wife in the will, she likely died before John.


William Farmarie 174 was also supposedly from Northorpe 175 (near Gainsborough) and likely was the father of the following 176.

John Furmarie (b.c. 1550) married by license Margaret Warnes (b. c. 1548) of Swaffield 1 June 1584 at the rectory in Edingthorpe 177. He was supposed to have been born about1550 in Northorpe, Lincolnshire, the son of William Farmerie 178. They had at least the following:

1. John - b. about 1590 and like his father held a BA (1610), MA (1614) and Batchelor of Divinity (1621) and was Rector of Runton 179 when he married Mary Carre, grand-daughter of Vincent Carre 180 of Suffield 18 Feb. 1622/3 in North Repps. He was also the rector of Beeston Regis from 1622 to 1661 but was apparently sequestrated at the beginning of the Civil War as his will 181, proved after his death in 1661, was made in 1643 while he was detained as a prisoner in Buckenham Castle. Mary, his widow, died in 1678 182.

John was a Batchelor of Divinity 183 and graduated from Christ’s College Cambridge with a BA in 1568/9, a MA in 1572 and a BD in 1579. He was a fellow at St. Catherine’s College about 1572 and a University Preacher in 1575. He was Prebendary of Walton (Lincs) (in Lincoln Cathedral) 1580-1610, Archdeacon of Stowe 1582-1610, Vicar of Aylsham from 1584 to 1610 and Rector of Beeston Regis from 1590 to 1603, according to the brass plates on the stone over his tomb in the chancel of the Aylsham church 184.

John Firmary died 4 August 1610 and was buried in Aylsham and by his will 185 left his estate to his wife Margary and his son John. Margery/Margaret died 28 Oct 1622 “in the 74th year of her age ... through the violence of a murderous hand” 186 and administration of her estate 187 was granted to her son John Firmarie, Cleric. It is presently unclear as to precisely how John (born about 1550) is related to the following family of Fermerys.

_______ Fermerye (b.c.1514) married Amy/Ann Farthing (b.c.1516 - see below) in about 1536 and had at least the following:

1. *William Fermerye born about 1538 and married Margery Tailor in Bacton in 1562.

_____ Fermerye died and Amy, his widow [?], married ___ Albone likely also widowed.

Amy Albone died and was buried in Witton in about May or June 1576 188 and her will 189 gave all of her possessions to Harry Fermerye son of her son, he then being apprenticed with or servant to William Drake 190, and a small bequest to her brother Nicholas Farthing and her sister Margaret Farthing.

William Fermerye (born about 1538) married Margery Tailor 10 July 1562 in Bacton and had at least the following children baptised in Witton:

1. *Henry - 24 January 1563/4 and married Joanne _____ (see below); and

2. Margaret - 15 December 1566 but buried 6 Feb. 1566/7.

William died and was buried in Witton 26 September 1567 191 and on 18 January 1567/8 Margery Fermerye, widow, married in Witton to Henry Calke of Paston. Henry and Margery had 6 children baptised in Bacton (see below).

Henry Firmary/Farmarie was born in January 1563/4, married Joanne _________ in _________ in about 1586 and had the following children:

1. Anne - born about 1587 and married in Edingthorpe 20 November 1609 to Robert Rolfe:

2. *Elizabeth Fermarie - baptised 30 January 1591/2 192 in Edingthorpe and married to John Bawchen [see above];

3. Thomas Farmarie - baptised 24 August 1593 in Edingthorpe and married 2 Feb. 1614/5 in Edingthorpe to Alice Jullion and had at least 6 children (Robert, Erasmus, Thomas 193, Margaret, Henry and Robert) baptised there before Thomas died and was buried in Edingthorpe 25 January 1633/4; and

4. Henry Farmarie - baptised 13 July 1599 in Edingthorpe and still alive in 1633 194.

As a young boy Henry was a servant of William Drake, yeoman of Witton, and was left 20 shillings in the 1579 will of William 195. Henry appeared to have had his goods in Edingthorpe distrained in 1614 by a Baily of Tunstead Hundred 196.

Joan Fermery, the wife of Henry, died and was buried in Edingthorpe 22 April 1633.

Henry Firmary, labourer, died and was buried in Edingthorpe 3 April 1634 and his will 197 left his lands in Edingthorpe and Paston to his daughter Elizabeth Bawchin and John her husband, with other bequests to his son Henry, Alice Fermary the wife of his son Thomas, and to his grandchildren being four Fermarys (sons of Thomas), five Bauchins and one Rolfe.

A Johane Fayermarys married Abraham Harbart 27 May 1594 in Norwich St. Mary Coslany and her surname is so close that she is almost certainly related to the Farmaries/Firmaries.


Because the 1576 will of Amie Albone left the bulk of her estate to her grandson (”son of my son”) Henry Fermarie (born January 1563/4 in Witton to William Fermarie and Margery Tailor), two scenarios are possible:

1. Henry Albone 198 married Amie Farthing (born about 1524 to ___ Farthing - see below). Amy Albon was given a bequest in the 1572 will of Robert Church of Witton. Henry Albone died between 1570 and 1576.

Amie Albone, widow, died and was buried in Witton in about June of 1576 leaving a will 199 which left most of her goods and belongings to her “son’s child Harry Fermery” but provided that those goods be sold and the proceeds invested in livestock at the discretion of Harry’s master William Drake. Harry (Henry) Firmary was born in January 1563/4 the son of William Firmary and Marjorie Taylor.

Accordingly, Amie had previously been married to a ____ Fermarie who likely died well before 1576 and their son was William Fermary (b.c.1538, married Margery Tailor in 1563 but died in 1567) and his son Henry, born in January of 1563/4, was the “son of my son” referred to in Amie’s will. After the death of ___ Fermarie and sometime after 1539 Amie married ____ Albon who also died before 1576. She and ___Albone appeared not to have had any surviving children.


2. Margery Tailor, the wife of William Fermarie and the mother of Henry, may have been the widow of ____ Tailor 200 and the daughter of Amie Albone. In that case, William Fermarie would have been Amie’s son-in-law and not son but although some testators of this time intermixed the terms, Margery was still living in 1576 and Amie’s will would have been far more logical had it referred to “Henry Fermarie the son of my daughter”. The last child of Margery Tailor?/Fermarie/Calke was born in 1584 so Margaret was probably born in about 1540.

Clement Albon was the rector of Sidestrond from 1404 to 1406 201.

Albons have long been in the Paston area of NE Norfolk and John Albon, a villein of Paston, was granted land by the Prior of Broomholme Abbey in 1433 202.

Adam Albon of Paston married Alice ___ and together they sold 2 acres of land in Paston in 1493 to Richard Cok of the same place and in 1497 Adam Albon of Paston was a juror in the Gimingham Manor Court of that year 203.

Henry Albon married Katherine _____ and had at least the following:

1. John.

Henry died in about 1534 in Paston and his will 204 provided for his wife Katheryn, son John and nieces Elizabeth and Margaret Albon.

John Albon of Paston who was very likely the John Albon son of Henry and Katherine, above, married ? in about 1536 and had at least the following children:

1. Katherine b.c. 1537;

2. Clement baptised 5 January 1538/9 in Paston 205 (see below);

3. Christian, a boy, baptised 17 September 1541 in Paston but buried there the same day;

4. Mary baptised 19 September 1542 in Paston but buried there 10 November 1542;

5. Thomas baptised 6 Feb. 1544/5 in Paston but possibly the Thomas Albon buried there 18 May 1555 206;

6. Jervis baptised 11 June 1547 in Paston 207 but likely died before 1559;

7. Elizabeth baptised 30 May 1548 in Paston but possibly the Elizabeth Albon who was buried there 9 April 1555;

8. Faythe baptised 10 April 1552 in Paston; and

9. John baptised 9 May 1552 [sic] in Paston but likely the John Albon buried there 31 July 1555.

John Albon witnessed or was the trustee of the wills of at least three testators in Paston from 1532 to 1555. John Albon died and was buried 11 April 1559 in Paston and his will 208 provided for his three surviving children, Faythe being underage.

William Albon of Paston, the younger, was one of the executors of the 1533 will of William Lethe of Bacton and the 1535 will of Joan Silvern of Paston.

Additionally the following baptisms were recorded in Paston

- Bridget Albon 28 November 1556;

- John Albon 11 April 1559; and

- Bridget Albon daughter of John 29 August 1560.

The following were buried in Paston, most of whom likely died from a plague which swept the parish in the summer of 1555, but the register did not give the name of a parent:

- Elizabeth Albon 9 April 1555;

- William Albon 18 May 1555;

- Gartred (Gertrude) Albon 22 July 1555;

- Thomas Albone 27 July 1555;

- John Albone 31 July 1555;

- Bridget Albon 17 October 1555;

- William Albon 23 September 1558; and

- Alice Albon 17 December 1558;

Clement Albon (b.1538/9 son of John, above) married Joanne Chapman 1 December 1559 in Paston and had at least the following children (all aged under 20 in 1577):

1. Thomas baptised 25 January 1561/2 in Paston;

2. Agnes baptised 10 January 1564/5 in Paston;

3. Alice b..c. 1569 who married John Pickston 29 June 1589 in Oxnead; and

4. Anne b.c. 1571 who married Thomas Bell 1 Oct. 1594 in Oxnead.

Clement was buried in Oxnead 6 April 1577 and his will 209 provided for his wife and three children and for his sister Faythe. Joan Albon, widow of Oxnead, was buried there 9 Aug. 1599.

______ Albon married _____ and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Witton or Paston:

1. Thomas (b.c. 1516) who died in 1550 (see below);

2. *William (b.c. 1518) who died and was buried in Paston 23 September 1558 (see below);

3. Richard (b.c. 1520) who had at least a son Stephen by 1550 (but not in Paston) and was possibly the Richard Albon buried in Ridlington 16 Sept. 1599; and

4. Eve.

Thomas Albon (b.c. 1516 - see above) married Margaret _____ (in about 1540) and died in February 1549/50 likely in Witton. His will 210 left his estate to his wife, two brothers and one sister.

William Albon married Agnes ______ in about 1534 and had the at least the following children likely born in Paston:

1. Henry 211 who married Margaret the widow of ____ Cooper 19 Nov. 1559 in Witton and appears to have had no surviving children but whose will 212 in 1570 left his estate to his brothers and sisters then alive including Margaret Fermerie. His widow Margaret was likely the Margaret Albone who married Thomas Cooke 5 Oct. 1570 in Witton ;

2. Audry;

3. *Margaret b.c. 1537 who married ______ Fermarie between 1558 and 1570 (see above); and

4. Bridget b.c. 1539 and still un-married in 1579.

Annes (Agnes) Albon the wife of William was buried in Paston 2 October 1540.

William Albon (b.c. 1518) “the elder” of Paston then married Etheldred/Audry Gryme ( a widow) of Witton 16 May 1541 in Paston and had at least the following child:

5. William baptised 31 March 1542 in Paston 213 who did not marry and died in 1579 in Witton leaving a will 214 which referred to his surviving siblings and various other relatives and others.

William Albon Sr. died and was buried 23 September 1558 in Paston and his will 215 provided for his wife Audry and five children. Audry was the “Adrye Albone, widow” who married Edmund Hennant 216 24 January 1563/4 in Witton.

The 1545 Subsidy Returns (37 Henry VIII) record the following:

-Henry Albon - Trunch

-Thomas Albon - Gimingham

-Thomas Albon - Trunch who appeared in the Gimingham Manor Court records in 149_ and as Thomas Albon junior in 1551 217.

Additionally, the following Albons appear in Christobel Hoare’s History of an East Anglian Soke (Gimingham Manor),op. cit.:

- Robert Albon of Swafield in 1496;

- Richard Albon of Gimingham in 1497 and 1511 when he held a cottage and 14 acres; and

- John Albon of Trunch in 1552 (who may have been the John Albon of Trunch who married Alice Dawlin 4 Nov. 1566 in Sidestrand).

There were also Albons in Walcott, adjoining Bacton on the south, viz:

Isabelle (Elizabeth?) Albone, the sister of William Cooke, was left a bequest in his will of 1557 218 which also included gifts to John Albon and Margery Albon and was witnessed by Martin Albon. Martin Albon was buried there 20 April 1558.

_____ Albon married Elizabeth Cooke and had at least the following children who were alive in 1571 when Alice Coke, spinster of Walcote, left a will 219 benefiting her sister Elizabeth Albone and eight Albons who were likely the children of Elizabeth:

1. Richard (b.c.1564) who received 5 marks,

2. Margery (b.c.1566) who received 5 marks and who married William Allen in Walcott 21 October 1588,

3. John who with his brother and 4 sisters each received 20 shilings,

4. William,

5. Cecily (b.c. 1554) who married Andrew Skete in Walcott 2 July 1576,

6. Margaret,

7. Alice and

8. Johan.

A Katherine Albone, widow, married Robert Smith 15 Jan. 1615/6 or 1616/7 in Walcott.

John Albon of Gimingham was appointed supervisor of the 1598 will 220 of his brother-in-law Henry Blomfield of Gimingham together with Dorothy Henry’s wife. Deraphian Albon married ____ Blomfield in Gimingham in 1569 (Boyds).

Katherine Albon was, together with two other women, left a small bequest in the 1616 will 221 of Lionel Topcliffe of Buxton.

Thomas Albon of Trunch left a will 222 in 1548 which provided for his wife Margaret, for Agnes and Johan Bodham, his nephews Henry and William Watts and Eleanore Albon. A Thomas Albon was baptised in Trunch 28 Dec. 1567 the son of John and Alice (John Albon of Trunch married Alice Dawlin in Sidestrand 4 Nov. 1566).

In North Walsham

- Henry Albon was referred to in the 1468 will of John Scarborough,

- Helen Albon was baptised 5 Feb. 1558/9 but no parents were listed, and

- Thomas Albon married _____ and had at least the following children baptised in North Walsham:

1. Johan 4 March 1575/6;

2. Elizabeth 13 June 1582;

3. Alice ___ September 1584; and

4. Edward 2 July 1587.

The 1533 ANW will of Katherine Davey of Norwich referred to her son Richard Albon and to Leonard Albon (then under 24), and also to her brother Edmund Subborn. The 1526 will of William Porter, goldsmith of Norwich St. Michael of Mustove 223 appointed Thomas Albon, Grocer, as executor.


Farthings 224 had been in Witton and the surrounding parishes since the 1300s and Richard of Bacton left a will in 1396.

William Farthing of Witton married Isabelle _____ in about 1440 and had at least the following surviving children:

1. *Alexander;

2. *John; and

3. Clement.

William died in 1473 and his will 225 left his estate to his wife and children.

Alexander Farthing alias Mason of Witton married Alice ____ and had at least the following children:

1. Robert;

2. William;

3. Margaret; and

4. Isabelle.

Alexander died in 1506 and left a will in 1506 226 which provided for his wife children.

John Farthing of Witton married Johan ____ and had at least the following child:

1. Thomas.

John died and left a will in 1519 227 which left his properties in Bacton, Witton and Edingthorpe to his wife Johan and, after her death, the proceeds to his son Thomas.

Richard Farthing of Bacton married Margaret ____ 228 and had at least the following children:

1. Laurence; and

2. Katherine.

Richard died and left a will in 1533 229 which provided for his wife and two children.

______ Farthing married _____ and had at least the following children 230:

1. *Amy 231 who married _____ Albone and died, widowed, in about May 1576 (see above) and whose will referred to her grandson William Fermarie;

2. Nicholas (b.c. 1538) who married Bridget ____ by at least 1562 and had at least 2 children baptised in Witton - Margaret 13 Dec. 1563 and Richard 13 May 1565 before Bridget died 5 Nov. 1584 and Nicholas died 7 April 1592 and both were buried in Witton; and

3. Margaret who was still single and living in Witton in 1576 and may have been the Margaret Farthing who married Robert Thirkell 23220 June 1586 in Witton or the Margaret Farthing who was buried in Witton 22 April 1592.

A Richard Farthing married in South Repps in 1592/3 to Elizabeth Attwood of South Repps (Marriage Licence ANF).


Elizabeth Hambleton was born in about 1546 and married John Bawchin in about 1568 and had children named John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jeffry and William possibly born in Honing.

Hambleton or Hamelton were rare surnames in Norfolk. Robert Hamlington was buried in North Elmham in 1584 and John Hambleton son of William “a traveler” was buried there in 1624. John Hambleton of Gissing and his wife Dorothy had a child who died without baptism in Stonham Aspall Suffolk in 1611 while they were passing through. A John Hambleton, Gent, resided in Briston by Diss in 1616 234 and he was likely the John Hambleton, gent, who died in Banham in 1636 235, followed by his son John there in 1644 236. John Hambleton married Anne Ward 7 Feb. 1609/10 in Yarmouth and in Norwich Joanne Hambleton had an illegitimate son, likely with someone named Warre, baptised in 1608/9 in St. Peter Mancroft and Martha Hambleton was buried there 12 January 1600/1. John Hambleton marie Mrs. Briget Cropley in Old Buckenham in 1634 and William Hambleton married Christian Prettiman in Great Yarmouth in 1638 (Boyds). There was also a Hamblyn in Walsingham Pva and a William in Hingham.

Heydon [EpS]

Martin Hamleton married Alice ____ in about 1516 and had at least the following children:

1. Rose (b.c. 1517) who married Thomas Jerbridge 237 in about 1536 and had at least four children born in Heydon - Richard (b.c. 1536), Cecily (b. February 1538/9), Thomas (b. January 1541/2) and Margaret before Thomas, the father, was buried 17 January 1570/1 in Heydon with a will 238 which provided for his wife Rose and four children: and

2. John (see below).

Martin Hamleton buried in Heydon with Irmingland 31 Jan.1542/3 239.

John Hamleton (son of Martin above) had the following children baptised in Heydon 240:

1. Agnes 21 Dec. 1548 but likely the Agnes Hamilton who was buried there 21 Dec. 1550;

2. Martin 8 Feb. 1550/1 (see below);

3. Olive 25 June 1553; and

4. Bettrise 2 Oct. 1555.

John Hambleton bought land called Tynkers in Heydon 24 September 1578 241.

Elizabeth Hamleton was buried in Heydon 12 Feb. 1558/9 and she may have been the wife of John. John Hamleton was buried in Heydon 7 Jan. 1587/8.

Robert Hamleton was buried in Heydon 20 March 1558/9.

Rachel Hamleton was baptised in Heydon 4 Aug. 1561 but no parents’ names were provided.

Erasmus Hambleton (b.c. 1546, possibly the son of John above) married Alice ____ (surname is blank) in Heydon 7 Nov. 1575 and had the following children baptised there:

1. John 30 Aug. 1579 and married ____ Dyke (?) 242; and

2. Martha 24 June 1582.

Erasmus Hambleton entered into a covenant bond with John Briggs of Heydon, singleman on 21 July 1579 243.

Erasmus was buried 21 September 1606 in Heydon with an administration of his estate 244.

The 1577-81 Muster Rolls record both Erasmus and Martin 245 Hambleton in Heydon and Erasmus was involved in many dealings with land there, particularly in Stinton Hall Manor, from 1578 to 1606 when he died, while Martin also had dealings in 1587. A John Hembleton (who seems to have been the son of Erasmus ) was involved in a transaction concerning land in Heydon in 1607 246.

Martin Hamleton (b.c. 1558) married Margaret Middleton 21 Aug. 1583 in Heydon and had the following children baptised there:

1. Clement, a son, 12 Dec. 1584 who appears to been a tanner in Lammas where he married Rose Harteley 21 Sept. 1613, had at least 7 children baptised from 1614 to 1628 and died in 1640;

2. Mary 20 June 1587;

3. Margery 18 May 1589;

4. Anne 17 Oct. 1591;

5. William 20 May 1594 and likely the William Hamblinton who had two children baptised in Norwich St. Giles in 1631 and 1633;

6. Erasmus 20 Feb. 1597/8;

7. Susana 8 July 1601 (twin with Elizer/Eleazer); and

8. Eleazer 8 July 1601 (twin with Susana) and who married Jane____ and had at least 8 children baptised in Norwich St. Giles and Norwich St. Gregory beginning with Elizabeth in 1646 and ending with another Elizabeth in 1651.

After the burial of Erasmus in 1606 there are no further entries for Hamleton/Hamblinton etc. - baptisms, marriages or burials - in the Heydon registers, so the family either became non-conformist or moved elsewhere 247.

Honing [Tun] and East Ruston [Hap]

_____ Hambleton had at least the following children:

1. *Elizabeth Hambleton born in about 1546 and married John Bawchin in about 1568; and

2. Robert Hambleton, (b.c. 1560) husbandman 248, who had at least 3 children likely baptised in Honing 249:

1. Elizabeth - b.c. 1588 and still single at the time of her father’s will in 1603/4 250;

2. John - b.c. 1591 and described as lame and weak in the 1610 will of John Bawchin; and

3. Edward - b.c. 1593.

Robert Hambleton died about January 1604/5 and his will 251 gave money owing him from the sale of his lands in Honing to his daughter Elizabeth Hambleton [sic], his sons John and Edward and to the two daughters of John Bawchen the elder - Margaret and Elizabeth. John Bawchen the elder was to be executor and to provide for the maintenance and upbringing of Robert’s two sons while John Bawchen the younger witnessed the will. It is likely that Robert Hambleton and John Bawchen the elder were similar in age and were brothers-in-law.

In East Ruston [Hap], which is immediately to the east of Honing, John Hambleton was involved in several land dealings which identified him as of that parish, viz:

1. he received 10 ½ acres in East Ruston 1608;

2. he received the conveyance of a house and garden in Hevingham 252 (west of Stratton Strawless and south of Marsham) 21 January 1610/11;

3. he was involved in an agreement with John Walker, Thomas Hunton and John Vertegans in “the 17th century” 253 ; and

4. in 1627 John Hamblyn and his wife Joanna entered into an agreement regarding land in East Ruston. John Hamlin died in East Ruston in about 1649 with a will 254 which left all of his estate to his wife Joanne.

It is possible that John was the brother of Robert Hambleton, above and, in any event, they were almost certainly related.

William Hambling 255 of East Ruston 256 married Alice ____ in about 1620 and they had the following children:

1. Sara baptised in E. Ruston 23 September 1621;

2. Mary baptised in Walcott (immediately north of E. Ruston) 28 May 1623 as Hamlin;

3. Alice baptised in Walcott 27 Dec. 1624 as Hamlin;

4. Catherine (?) baptised in E. Ruston 11 May 1626; and

5. Anne baptised in E. Ruston 26 Nov. 1626.

A Joane Hamblin was married in Walcott 1 Aprl 1650 to William Parson.

In 1641 William Hamblin of East Ruston gave evidence for the will of Robert Ward, his brother-in-law and, coincidently a Robert Hambleton married Anne Ward 7 Feb. 1609/10 in Great Yarmouth.

The 1686 Rate Book for East Ruston 257 does not list any Hambletons.

John Hambleton married Mrs. Bridget Cropley (?) [sic] 23 April 1634 in Old Buckenham and there were Hamlins in that parish from 1592 when Raynold Hamlin married Faith Manbie


Margery/Margaret Tailor was born about 1539 259 and married, firstly, William Fermerye 10 July 1562 in Bacton (see above) and had Henry and Margaret with William and then Thomas, John, Gertrude, Margaret, Beatrix and William with her second husband Henry Calke.

____ Taylor married ____ and had at least the following children:

1. Grace born about 1536, appeared not to have married, and died and was buried in North Walsham 1 October 1574 260 leaving her estate to be administered by her “sister Margaret the wife of Henry Calke” 261; and

2. *Margery born about 1539 and married William Fermerye in Bacton 10 July 1562 (see above) and Henry Calke in Witton 18 January 1567/8 (see Eade elsewhere).

John Taylor was born about 1495 and was still living by November of 1553 when he was appointed supervisor of the will of his son Thomas. He had at least the following children:

1. *Thomas born about 1520 and married Alice ___ (see below);

2. Nicholas born about 1528 and still alive in 1571 when he and his sister were granted administration of the estate of their father John Taylor of Mundesley and in the 1580 list of services owing to the Soke of Gimingham, and was likely the Nicholas Taylor of Mundesley, husbandman and fisherman, who left a will in 1602 which provided for his wife Joane, sons Thomas, William, Nicholas and Richard (the latter two being then in Great Yarmouth), his grandchildren, his niece Agnes Clarke, widow (likely of John - see above) and his nephew John Taylor of Paston and John’s children Henry, Thomas and Nicholas; and

3. Alice born about 1531 and married John Shorting between 1553 and 1571 262.

John Taylor died in about November of 1571 likely in Mundesley 263 and administration of the estate of John Taylor of Mundesley was granted 4 Dec. 1572 to his surviving children Nicholas and Alice 264.

Thomas Taylor was born about 1520 and married Alice ___ in about 1544 and had the following children:

1. John, baptised 23 April 1545 in Paston and was likely the John Tailor of Paston who bought land in Westwick [Tun - west of Worstead] in 1589 ([NRO) and who, together with Nicholas Taylor (possibly his uncle), was left a bequest in the 1587 will of Thomas Watt of Honing and was also likely the John Taylor of Paston who was left a bequest in the 1602 will of his uncle Nicholas Taylor of Mundesley and, according to that will, was the father of at least Henry, Thomas and Nicholas;

2. Margaret baptised 15 April 1547 in Paston but was buried there 6 July 1547;

3. Margerie, baptised 22 June 1548 in Paston (and so was too young to have married William Fermerye in Bacton 10 July 1562 (see above);

4. Agnes, baptised 3 July 1550 in Paston and likely married ____ Clarke but was widowed by 1602; and

5. Alice, baptised 13 February 1552/3 in Paston 265.

Thomas Taylor, who was a fisherman, died between 8 November and 12 December 1553, possibly at sea as his body was not buried in Paston. His will 266 left his house and lands in Knapton to his son John and his fishing paraphernalia to his daughters Margery, Agnes and Alice, his brother Nicholas and his sister Alice. Alice his widow was llikely the Alice Taylor who married Thomas Younger in Paston 28 January 1554/5. An Alice Younger was buried in Paston 28 July 1555.

John Taylor of Paston married Joanne ____ and had at least the following children baptised in Paston:

1. Johanna 4 Dec. 1575 and possibly the Joanne Tayler who married Richard Claydon in Paston ___ Feb. 1598;

2. Margery 5 Dec. 1577;

3. William 15 Nov. 1580 267;

4. Nicholas 22 April 1582;

5. John 4 October 1584;

6. William 23 Nov. 1585; and

7. Elizabeth 8 July 1588.

A suit entitled Taylor V. Goodrick, regarding Paston, was filed in 1580-1 (PRO/NA).

The following additional items concerning Taylor were entered into the Paston Parish Register:

- Agnes Taylor buried 13 Feb. 1553 or 1554;


- Alice Taylor married Thomas Younger 28 Jan. 1554/5;

- Agnes Taylour buried 26 July 1555; and

- Alice Taylour buried 12 Aug. 1555.

The 1535 will of Richard Cooke of Witton 268 gave his house and land “late Richard Taylors” to his sons Richard and John. A William Taylor of Bacton died in April of 1557 and administration of his estate was granted to his widow Margaret 269.



Elizabeth Green was born in about 1565 and married

1. Thomas Drake 26 October 1590 in Ridlington 271 (see below) and had a daughter Elizabeth; and

2. John Bawchen in about 1595 likely in Honing (see above) and had surviving children Simon (?), John, Martha, Edmund, Bridget and Elizabeth.

Thomas Green married Annis Bockin, widow, 1 Dec. 1600 in Walcott, adjoining Ridlington on the east.

According to Rye in Norfolk Families (at p. 265) but without dates -

John Green of Sherringham married Cicely daughter of Thomas Rooke of Beeston and had, inter alia

Thomas Green of Knapton who married Amy daughter of Thomas Man of Knapton and had, inter alia

John Green of Knapton who married Mary Gryme of Foulsham and had

Ursual Green who married Thomas Buckworth of Wisbeach.

There were certainly Grenes in Knapton from the mid 1500s and one of the three Manors there was known as Knapton-late-Greens. The 1560 will of Thomas Gryme of Knapton referred to Thomas Greene, gent and William Grene. Thomas Green of Knapton, gent, was left land in Antingham and elsewhere by the 1564 will of Robert Reeve of Paston. The 1594 will of Thomas Greene of Knapton, gent, written in 1586, referred to his wife Amy, his deceased son Thomas, his son John and his daughters Anne Greene (Anne Green, gentlewoman of Knapton, married Nicholas Winter, gent, of Bacton 8 March 1591), Cicely Robbes, Ursula Whithorne and Mary Blomefield.

The 1583 will of Isaak Bennington of Honing left half of his chattels to his niece and servant Agnes Green. The 1598 will of William Davy of Bacton left a bequest to Christopher Green, son of Christopher Green late parson of Hempstead, deceased, and to Mary Green daughter of “the said Christopher”. John Green of Bacton had administration of his estate granted in 1610 to his daughter Judith.


John Bawchen [b.c. 1570] married Elizabeth Drake, likely a widow, in about 1595 and until about 1607 had 6 surviving children baptised in Honing but there are no registers for this period. Elizabeth would have been born in about 1565 and probably married for the first time in about 1590.

Lawrence Drake of Ridlington married Elizabeth _____ in about 1555 and had at least the following children:

1. John born about 1557 who possibly married Agnes ____ and had a daughter Elizabeth baptised in Ridlington 25 April 1580 but who married Elizabeth Spanton in Ridlington in 1596 and had William in 1597, Christabelle in 1599/1600 and Elizabeth in 1601/2;

2. William born about 1559 272 who married Christabell Cooke 145 July 1587 in Ridlington and had at least three daughter baptised there - Dorothy in 1588, Mary in 1591 and Elizabeth in 1596; and

3. *Thomas baptised in Ridlington 273 18 December 1561, married Elizabeth Green 26 October 1590 and died in 1594 (see below).

Lawrence Drake, yeoman, was buried in Ridlington 25 May 1595 and his will 274 provided for his wife and two surviving sons.

Elizabeth Drake, widow, was buried in Ridlington 5 June 1602 and her will 275 provided for her two surviving sons and their children and Elizabeth the daughter of her deceased son Thomas.

Thomas Drake (b. 1561) married Elizabeth Green or Grene (b.c. 1566) 26 Oct. 1590 in Ridlington and had only one child baptised there:

1. Elizabeth 24 September 1591.

Thomas Drake was buried in Ridlington 2 September 1594 276 and Elizabeth was almost certainly the Elizabeth Drake who married John Bawchen in about 1595. The Barcham Family Association also attributes her as the wife of John Bawchen.

John Drake and Agnes ____ had a daughter Elizabeth baptised in Ridlington 25 April 1570 but there were no other children to this couple baptised in that parish. Another Elizabeth Drake married Steven Gase in Ridlington 9 October 1603 and had children baptised there.

Miles Drake married Johane Wolston 1 Feb. 1570 in Ridlington and had the following children baptised in Witton:

1. Elizabeth 17 Feb. 1572;

2. Katherine 22 August 1574;

3. Johane 27 July 1577;

4. Robert 24 August 1580; and

5. Margaret 15 April 1583.

Dorothy Drake was buried in Witton 1 June 1560. William Drake of Witton married Alice _____ there on 22 ___ 1564 and had at least a son Richard baptised there 31 October 1565.

Thomas Drake of Paston died in October or November 1558 and his will left his estate to his 5 daughters - Katherine, Anne, Clenowe, Winnifred and Elizabeth, but also referred to his brother Robert Drake.

Richard Drake of Bacton died in March 1590/1 and his will left his estate to his 3 daughters- Katherine the wife of John Bury, Agnes the wife of William Doughty and Margaret Drake. A Richard Drake of Witton was left a bequest in the will of his “cousin” William Call of Edingthorpe in 1596.


Joan Hood (b.c. 1550) married John Ferrier in about 1573 in Aldeby 277 [Clv] and had at least five children - Anthony, Richard, Nicholas, John and Margaret from about 1573 to 1588, possibly in Great Yarmouth.


Anne Smith (b.c.1550) married John Ferriar 22 January 1575/6 in Rollesby 278 and had at least two children baptised in Rollesby - John 4 Nov. 1576 and Thomas 28 Jan.1582/3 (illegitimately after the death of John Ferrier) but buried there 5 Feb. 1582/3.

Thomas Smith was a witness to the will of Ann Church of Rollesby made 30 Nov. 1586. Thomas Smith of Rollesby was buried there 10 Jan. 1593/4 and his will 279 provided for his wife Alice and 4 sons and a daughter and for his 13 grandchildren.


Ann Marsh 280 (b.c. 1578) married John Ferrier (born either 1576 or 1580) 10 November 1602 in Toft Monks (Toft Monichrom) and had at least two children baptised in Great Yarmouth - John and Bartholomew (1604).

George Marsh (b.c. 1550) married Lettice _____ and had the following child baptised in Toft Monks:

1. William 3 Feb. 1583/4.

It is very likely that Ann was born or baptised elsewhere 281 as there were no prior instances of the Marsh or March surname in the Toft Monks register. The 8th and 9th children of Bartholomew and Mary Ferrier were named George and Lettice which strongly supports the theory that the grandparents of Bartholomew were named George and Lettice.

Lettice Marsh the wife of George died and was buried in Toft Monks 14 October 1601. George Marsh was buried in Toft Monks 13 November 1604 and administration of his estate 282 was granted 17 November 1604 to his son William.

There is a form of citation for a will of William March suggesting it was made in 1636 but there is no entry in the NRO index for it. On Dec. 18, 1648 William March of London, gent. sold land in Toft Monks to William Wall of Aldeby gent. and Thomas Gavill of Fawcette Northamptonshire. 283

The Ferrier Family Manuscript has a pedigree which suggests that William March married Dorothy Wall and had a son George who had a daughter Frances Moundford. The will 284 left by George March of Toft Monks, Aldeby, Norton and Gillingham, who died in Toft Monks in 1719, provided for his daughter Dorothy, the wife of Francis Moundesford, and their daughter Anne Moundesford, and for Edward March, George’s cousin. However, this is clearly a different George March/Marsh born at least 100 years after the first!

The will 285 left by William Wall of Aldeby, who died there in 1666, provided for his two sons Francis and Barnaby and two daughters Winnifred Wall and Dorothy March. There was no reference to a daughter named Anne.

Robert March sold in land in Rollesby as referenced in the 1599 will 286 of Thomas Fitton of Martham, the purchaser.

In the period 1566-1602 there were at least 3 March marriages in Great Yarmouth -

- Richard & Elizabeth Gault 1579,

- William & Mary Hardnere (?) 1590, and

- Richard & Elizabeth Welles 1594/5.

An Ann March daughter of Leonard and Cicely was baptised in Great Yarmouth 29 May 1575.

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