The earliest confirmed ancestor is Lawrence Mayhew, who was born in about 1558, married Elizabeth ______ in about 1582, and died in Worlingworth in 1615.

Hoxne Hundred Suffolk

There were four marriages of Lawrence Mayhew in Suffolk AD, all in Hoxne Hundred, but only one is apparently connected to the pedigree of Lawrence and Elizabeth (above) -

1. Lawrence and Agnes Cudding 21 Sept. 1550 Bedingfield

2. Lawrence and Alice Candler 28 July 1588 Kenton

3. Lawrence and Margaret Scratton 23 September 1617 Bedfield

4. Lawrence and Marie Ellis 21 September 1624 Tannington

Hoxne or Hoxon Hundred appears to have been the crucible for the origins of the Suffolk Mayhews and contains the adjacent parishes of Worlingworth, Tannington and Bedfield. According to records maintained at the Suffolk and Norfolk Record Offices-

1. In 1427 William Mayhew of Worlingworth 2 and others purchased lands in Bedfield, Tannington and Monk Soham.

2. In 1442 John Mayhew and others purchased land in Bedfield.

3. In 1445 William Mayhew of Worlingworth sold his land in Bedfield and Monk Soham.

4. In 1447 William Mayhew of Worlingworth sold his land in Bedfield.

5. In 1494 Lawrence Mayhew and his son John and others bought land in Bedfield, seemingly the same parcels as in 4 above.

6. In 1509 Robert Mayhew and three others, possibly all from Worlingworth, purchased land in Bedingfield and Beningham (or Bedingham) in Occold.

7. In 1525 John Mayhew, senior and John Mayhew, junior with others bought land in Bedfield.

8. In 1533 Lawrence Maye (likely an error for Mayhew as the next entry is Robert Haye) was admitted to land in a close called Longfenhawe in Worlingworth.

9. In 1555 John and Robert Mayhew purchased land in Bedfield.

Lawrence Mayhew of Benacre [Blyth] was taxed in the 1568 Suffolk Subsidy Returns.

Lawrence Mayhew bought land in Bedfield 10 Dec. 1494 3 and by then had at least the following:

1. John Mayhew, an adult in 1494.

The 1524 Suffolk Subsidy Rolls listed the following amongst the 10 males assessed in Bedfield:

- John Mayhowe junior on lands;

- Laurens Mayhewe on goods; and

- William Mayhewe on goods.

John Mayhew of Bedfield left an extensive will in 1472, in latin, which referred to his wife Johan and children William, Isabell and John (?), and Margaret who was either his sister or another daughter, and named his various properties in Bedfield.

John Mayhew of Worlingworth left a will in 1540 4 which left his lands there to his wife Johan, son Robert and daughters Mirabell and Johan and referred to his brother Robert.

John Mayhew of Worlingworth had administration of his estate granted in 1559/60 to Anne his relict.

Robert Mayhew of Worlingworth left a will in 1561 5 that referred to his wife Agnes 6 and sons John, William and Robert and an unborn child.

John Mayhew of Bedingfield left a will in 1535 7 which left his lands in Bacton to his wife Katheryn and daughter Margaret.

Lawrence Mayhew son of Samuel was baptised 11 Feb. 1585 in Worlingworth [Hoxne] and was said to have married Margaret Scratton 23 September 1617 in Bedfield [Hoxne] and is likely the Lawrence Mayhew of Bedfield who left a will in 1639 (SRO) 8. A Lawrence Maihew son of Rainold Maihew and Margaret Cook was baptised 21 Dec. 1627 in Bedfield 9.

John Mayhew had at least the following:

1. William Mayhew (see below).

He may have been the John Mayhew, the elder, of Bedfield who left a will made in 1535 and proved in 1537 10 which provided for his sons Richard, Robert and William, for Edmund Nicoll and for his nephew Lawrence Mayhew. A witness was John Mayhew the son of William.

William Mayhew (likely the same William as below) had at least the following:

1. John Mayhew (see below); and

2. Lawrence Mayhew who in 1555 resided in Cretingham 11.

John Mayhew (the son of William above) had at least the following:

1. William;

2. Robert;

3. Lawrence; and

4. Margaret who married Lionel (?) Nicoll.

The 1546 Chantry Certificates for Suffolk contains the following entry 12 “107. Wilby. An obit from profits arising from lands in Bedfield, from lands in the tenure of John Mayhewe of Bedfield. Yearly value 22d.”

John died in 1555 and left a will 13 which referred to his four children and other relations including his brother Lawrence of Cretingham.

William Mayhew of Monk Soham had at least the following:

1. Lawrence Mayhew (below).

Lawrence Mayehewe married Elizabeth ___ 14 in about 1530 and had at least the following children, possibly born in Beddingfield [Hoxne] or Kenton [Loes] Suffolk:

1. William who received his father’s lands in Monk Soham called Smythes and Thistlefield;

2. John who received the land in Monk Soham that Lawrence had inherited from the will of his father William;

3. Edmund born about 1535 and by 1563 had three children - Frances baptised in Kenton 16 Aug. 1557, Rose and Agnes;

4. Edward who appears not to have had any children and, perhaps, was un-married and was the Edward Mayhew of Debenham whose 1609 will 15 gave his estate to his kinsmen John Mepill of Clopton and Edmund Calver;

5. Margaret born about 1531 and married John Calver 16 in 1555 in Kenton [Loes] just south of Bedingfield and had at least 2 children by 1563 - Thomas and Rose;

6. Alice born about 1525, married Bartholomew Aldridge 17 in 1547 in Kenton and Robert Fanner 18 in 1561 in Bedingfield and was the Alice Fanner wife of Robert who was buried in Bedingfield 12 May 1564 19;

7. Joanne who married ____ Moye and had at least 4 children by 1563 - Katherine, Christian, Robert and John, but died before 1563; and

8. Elizabeth who married John Mephill 20 and had at least 2 children by 1563 - John and Elizabeth.

Lawrence Mayhew died in 1555 and, as Lawrence Mayhew of Kenton 21, left a will 22 which referred to his wife Elizabeth and children William, John, Edward, Edmund, Elizabeth and Margaret and his lands in Monk Soham, Winston and Debenham. The lands in Monk Soham he had received from the will of his father William he gave to his son John. Elizabeth Mayhew of Bedingfield died in about June of 1563 and her will 23 left to her 8 children and their children, and referred to the will of her husband Lawrence Mayehewe.

He does not appear to be the same person as the following.

Lawrence Mayhewe (b.c. 1500) married Elizabeth ____ in about 1525 and had at least the following children, possibly born in Bedfield [Hoxne] or Cretingham [Loes] Suffolk:

1. John who had at least sons Lawrence and Miles 24 by 1560, although John was either terminally ill or had died by then 25;

2. Myles who had at least a daughter Em by 1560 and was likely the Miles Mayhew of Bedfield who left a will in 1611 26;

3. Thomas who had at least a daughter Johan by 1560 27 although he may have been the Thomas Mayhew of Bedfield who left a will in 1558 which referred to his wife Alice, to several sisters but not by name, his brother-in-law Thomas Harman and his niece Johan who lived with he and his wife;

4. Mary who was un-married in 1560 but betrothed (?), against the wishes of her father, to Edmund Nicoll;

5. Johan who married _____ Nicoll;

6. a daughter? who married ____ Grymble 28 and had at least Lawrence, John, James, Margaret, Elizabeth and Anne by 1560;

7. Margaret who married ____ Rede 29; and

8. Elizabeth who married ______ Strutt.

Lawrence died in January or February 1560/1 and the will of Lawrence Mayhewe of Bedfeld 30, which had no religious introduction, left to his wife Elizabeth, son Myles and daughters Mary (provided she did not marry Edmund Nicoll the son of John Nicoll of Cretingham 31), Margaret Rede, Johan Nicoll and Elizabeth Strutt and referred to the children of his sons John and Thomas with specific provision for the bringing up of the children of the former, suggesting that John had either died or was sick. He also referred to his brother Myles Mayhewe and 4 Grymble children who received the same amounts he gave to each of his grandchildren. A Miles Mayhew, son of Lawrence of Bramfield Suffolk [Blyth south of Halesworth] was apprenticed in 1665 to Samuel Balls a cooper of Yarmouth.

Kenton (south of Bedingfield and west of Bedfield)

John Mayhew of Kenton was assessed on his goods there in the 1524 Suffolk Subsidy Returns.

Lawrence Mayhew (b.c. 1525 and possibly married Agnes Cuddon in 1550) had the following baptised in Kenton:

1. John 21 Jan. 1554/5.

Thomas Mayhew (1535-1569?) and his wife Jone (1530-1569?) had the following baptised in Kenton:

1. Robert 28 Dec. 1553;

2. Christopher 6 March 1555/6 but he was not the Christopher Mayhew of Bedfield who left a will in 1610 32;

3. Lawrence 29 May 1558 33 and is said to have married Alice Candler 28 July 1588 in Kenton and been the father of Reynold Mayhew in 1588 and at least five other children - John, Grace, Thomas, Richard and Barnaby 34;

4. Frances a daughter 13 August 1560; and

5. Phillippe a daughter 12 September 1563 who had a daughter Martha by 1598;

6. Edmund 14 August 1569, and he likely had a daughter Susan baptised there 22 Dec. 1605;

7. William; and

8. Charity.

Thomas Mayhew was one of the “poor” of Kenton who was left wheat by the 1572/3 will 35 of Phillipe Aldriche, widow of Kenton, which also gave a calf to Robert Mayhew, likely the eldest son of Thomas.

Thomas died in 1594 in Kenton and Joan Mayhew, widow, died in about 1599 with a will 36 which provided for her 8 children and one grand-child.

A Lawrence Mayhew of Sibton [Blyth - sw corner of the hundred] was recorded in the Suffolk Ships Money Accounts of 1639-40.

Monk Soham (south of Bedfield)

Lawrence Mayhew of Monk Soham [Hoxne] was valued, with William Fuller, on his goods in the 1524 Suffolk Subsidy Returns. Also valued in Monk Soham in the 1568 Subsidy Returns were William, John and Milo (Miles) Mayhew.

Alice Mayhew widow of Monk Soham left a will in 1563 37 which left her estate to various people all named Wolfe, possibly her children by an earlier marriage.

John Mayhew (b.c. 1535) married Fynett _____ in about 1560 and had at least the following children possibly baptised in Monk Soham:

1. Johanne;

2. James;

3. Christopher (b.c. 1570) who was executor of his father’s will in 1602 but died in 1610 and as Christopher Mayhew of Bedfield left a will 38 which provided for his mother Fynett, wife Sara and daughter Fynett 39 and referred to his brother Reignold;

4. William who had died by 1602 leaving three children - John and two daughters;

5. Anne who married _____ Haslyn?;

6. Peter;

7. Frances; and

8. Reignold.

John Mayhew of Monk Soham died in 1602 with a will 40 which provided for his wife, children and grand-children.

John Mayhew (b.c. 1582) married Anne ___ in about 1608 and had at least the following children:

1. John born after 1600;

2. Mary born after 1600;

3. Anne;

4. Elizabeth; and

5. Mary.

John died in 1621 and the will 41 of John Mayhew of Monk Soham left his estate to his wife and children.

Richard Mayhew (b.c. 1496) of Athelington (just N of Southolt and NW of Worlingworth) married Johan ____ in about 1520 and had at least the following children:

1. Thomas b.c. 1522 and married in about 1546;

2. Margaret who married Leonard Clubbe; and

3. Johan who married ____ Burges.

Richard Mayhew died in 1547 and his will 42 provided for his wife and children and left a bequest to Richard Mayhew son of Thomas Mayhew of Southolt. Johan died in 1555/6 and her will 43 left her estate to her son Thomas and his five children - Richard, Katheryne, William, Charity and Robert, her daughter Margaret the wife of Leonard Clubbe and their two children, and to her daughter Johan Burges.

Thrandeston Suffolk 44 and Pulham Norfolk

Edmund Mayhew, born about 1561, likely married Margaret ____ and had at least the following children:

1. Thomas baptised in Thrandeston 24 February 1584/5 (but buried there in 1589); and

2. Mary who was buried in Thrandeston in 1597/8.

Margaret the wife of Edmund was buried in Thrandeston 16 March 1607/8.

Edmund then married 10 May 1610 in Pulham St. Mary Virgin to Margaret Daniel but did not have any children baptised in Pulham or Hardwick. Margaret Mayhew, wife of Edmund, was buried in Hardwick (just north of Pulham Mary) 26 April 1619.

Edmund then married, probably thirdly, Agnes (or Anne) Penning 45 in Thrandeston 9 Sept. 1619 and had at least the following child:

3. Frances, a daughter, born about 1587 who married in Thrandeston to Edmund Gibbs of Frenze 29 July 1606 and had a son Edmund (see below).

Edmund Sr. had bought his land from Hardwick Manor in 1616 and may have sold all or part of it in 1620 46.


Edmund Mayhew, “an old man” died and was buried in Thrandeston 10 October 1632 and his will 47 provided for the sale of his lands in Hardwick and gave most of his estate to his grandchild Edmund Gibbs but also provided for his son-in-law Edmund Gibbs and his nephew Edmund Mayhew and his nieces Katherin Mayhew and Mary Mayhew and for Agnes Sheeve (or Shreve) the daughter of Richard Sheeve of Stowe Breccles (=?). The supervisors were to be Lawrence Mayhew of Pulham, Richard Birde of Stuston and Edmund’s son-in-law Edmund Gibbs.

Agnes was unlikely to have been the Agnes Mayhue, widow, who was buried in Thrandeston 28 June 1644 because the 1632 will of her husband Edmund made no reference to her. Equally it is unlikely that she was the Ann Mayhew of Thrandeston who had administration 48 of her estate granted 5 April 1625 to her daughter Mary Clark als Mayhew the wife of John Clarke (they married in Thrandeston 1 Nov. 1624) because that administration would normally be granted to Edmund her husband who was then still alive.

Edmund Mayhew, the nephew of Edmund (c1561-1632) was likely the Edmund Mayhew who married Margerie Hunter 27 June 1622 in Thrandeston and had the following children baptised in Thrandeston:

1. Edmund 1623 but died the same year;

2. Winnifred in 1624;

3. Frances 1627;

4. Elizabeth 1628 but was buried there as the daughter of Margery Mayhue 13 Sept. 1645;

5. Catherine 1631; and

6. Edmund 1632/3 and likely married Frances Wiffin there 10 Nov. 1659, had issue in Thrandeston from 1660 to until 1669 and died there in 1684 or 1685 with a will 49 which left his estate to his wife Frances and his children Thomas, Anne and John.

Edmund Mayhew was likley the Edmund Mayhew Senior who was buried in Thrandeston 24 Sept. 1631 [? cannot be correct] and Margerie his widow was buried there 31 Aug. 1651.

Also in Thrandeston John Mayhew married Anne Burrows 29 May 1586 and had Anne 1587, Edmund 1589, Catherine 1592, Mary 1596 and Francis 1599 (died 1599) baptised there before John Mayhew died and was buried in Thrandeston 28 November 1599. Anne Mayhew, widow, was buried in Thrandeston 18 Feb. 1623/4 and was likely the Ann Mayhew of Thrandeston who had administration of her estate granted 5 April 1625 to her daughter Mary Clark als Mayhew the wife of John Clarke (they married in Thrandeston 1 Nov. 1624) . In nearby Palgrave, Thomas Mayhew and his wife Anne had at least 3 children baptised - Ann in 1604 (died 1637), Frances in 1606 and Thomas in 1611. Thomas Sr. was buried in Palgrave 7 March 1630/1. Anne Mahue, widow, was buried in Palgrave 15 Octobr 1609 and she may have been the mother of Thomas Sr.

Lawrence Mayhew, born about 1558 50, married Elizabeth ______ in about 1582 and likely had only the following surviving children:

1. *Lawrence born about 1583 (see below); and

2. Margaret born about 1585, married John Gardner 51 5 June 1604 in Southolt, Suffolk, and they had John born about 1605 and referred to in the 1644 will of his uncle and a further six children who were all baptised in Parham, Suffolk - William 1608, Margaret 1610/11, Lawrence 1613/4, Robert 1615, Henry 1617 but buried that year and Francis 1618.

In 1644 Margaret Gardner was living as a widow in Hackford [Forhoe by Wicklewood?].

Lawrence died and was buried in Worlingworth 52 4 August 1615 and left a will 53 which provided for his wife, only son Lawrence and son-in-law John Gardner of Parham. Elizabeth had likely pre-deceased him.

Lawrence Mayhew (b.c. 1583) of Pulham St. Mary and Hackford married Elizabeth ____, who was very likely the widow of William Sayer of Pulham St. Mary Virgin, in about 1603 and had the following children baptised in Pulham St. Mary Virgin:

1. Philip baptised 13 August 1607 but died and was buried in Pulham 28 Sept. 1633;

2. Elizabeth baptised 26 October 1609 and unmarried in 1651; and

3. *Lawrence baptised 31 July 1614 and married Mary Gibbs in 1639 (see below).

It is likely that Elizabeth was a widow when she married Lawrence in about 1603 and, judging from the date of birth of her last child, may have been born in about 1570. Lawrence Mayhew and Elizabeth were, on 12 September 1618 granted administration 54 of the goods, assets and liabilities of Elizabeth Sayer who had been buried in Pulham St. Mary Virgin 7 June 1617. Elizabeth Sayer was not identified as a widow, wife or daughter so may have been of a young, but marriageable, age. In that case she was possibly the Elizabeth born in Pulham SMV 29 August 1602 the daughter of William and Elizabeth Sayer 55. There were no other children to this couple baptised in the Parish church and William was likely the William Sayer buried in Pulham SMV 3 August 1602. Administration of his estate 56 was granted 5 August 1602 to his un-named relict who was represented by Ed. Bedingfield. Intriguingly, that is the name of the parish in Suffolk where many Lawrence Mayhews originated. The marriage for William Sayer and Elizabeth ___ (likely in about 1595) did not occur in Pulham SMV and has not yet been located.

Lawrence Mayhew died and was buried in Pulham St. Mary Virgin 21 January 1644/5 and his will 57 provided for his wife Elizabeth and two children Lawrence and Elizabeth, the three children of his son Lawrence - Lawrence, John and Elizabeth, and his sister Margeret Gardner of Hackford, widow, who received Lawrence’s land in Hackford. He also referred to an agreement with Henry Gibbs, deceased of Scole, respecting the marriage of Henry’s daughter Mary with Lawrence’s son Lawrence.

Elizabeth Mayhew, widow, died and was buried in Pulham St. Mary Virgin 15 January 1651/2 and her will 58 left to her 4 grandchildren Lawrence, John, Elizabeth and Mary, being the children of her son Lawrence Mayhew, her daughter Elizabeth Mayhew and to Thomas Hutton and his three sisters, the children of John Hutton of Norwich 59.

Laurance Mayhew was born in July 1614 and married Mary Gybs (Gibbs) in Scole 60 19 December 1639. They had the following children 61:

1. Laurance baptised 15 Oct. 1640 in Starston [Ers] the son of Laurance and Mary and likely the Lawrence Mayhew who with his wife Mary had at least 3 children baptised in Rushall [Ers] just to the SW of Starston - Mary 1669 (probably died as an infant), Lawrence 1670 (probably died as an infant) and Mary 1671/2 (who married by license 62 Robert Hill of Pulham in Flordon 13 Nov. 1694), and possibly a fourth - Elizabeth who as Elizabeth Mayhew of Rushall married Robert Harper of Brockdish in 1710. Mary, the wife of Lawrence, likely died before 1676 because Lawrence and his wife Temperance had at least two children baptised in Rushall - Temperance 1678/9 and Lawrence 1679/80 63. He appeared in the Starston Manor Court (Leet), most notably after the death of his father and was sworn in as Headborough in 1682/3 succeeding his brother-in-law John Newson, and on 20 April 1682 he was cited in the rolls for failing to remove a fence he had erected on the common way. He was buried 21 Jan. 1694/5 in Pulham St. Mary Virgin 64 and Temperance Mayhew widow was buried in Brockdish 1 December 1718;

2. John baptised 13 January 1641/2 in Starston the son of Laurence, but may have died before 1678/9;

3. Elizabeth born before December of 1644, likely in Starston 65;

4. Sarah born about 1646 who was the Sarah Mayhew single woman of Starston who left an oral will in 1663 which left all of her possessions to her land-lords Richard and “Goody” Chapman;

5. *Mary born about 1648, likely in Starston or Mellis, and married John Newson 12 November 1678 in Starston (see above); [and] [6. Un-named still-born male child the son of Laurence and Elizabeth baptised 12 May 1651 in Mellis, Suffolk and buried there the next day.]

Lawrence Mayhew appears several times in an account of Starston 66 as a church warden filing statements in 1642 and in an April 1645 list of parishioners assessed for the poor relief, but is replaced by Elizabeth Mayhew, outdweller 67, in the poor relief list of April 1647. He was one of the 4 sequestrators in Starston in 1646/7 68. He also first appeared in the Starston Manor Court (Leet) records on 8 January 1644/5 as a Headburrough and as Laurance Maihew, gent, appeared at the top or second of the list of men in the Leet minutes for several years from 1644. There is no further account of his presence in the parish until he again files accounts, likely as churchwarden, in1670 and he appears in the Leet Court records, usually as the first on the list, from 1669 (when he was sworn in as constable) to 1676, although equally this could be his son Lawrence. He was likely the Lawrence Mayhew of Mellis Sfk. who was appointed supervisor in the 1661 will of John Grey of Thrandeston 69 and he and his wife Elizabeth were witnesses to that will. In July of 1663, when the sister-in-law of his wife Mary made her will and in November of 1666, when his brother-in-law Thomas Gibbs of Frenze made his will, he was living in Mellis, Suffolk 70. As Lawrence Mayhew Jr. (or was this his son?) he witnessed the 1674 will of John Reeve of Mellis. He, or his son Lawrence, was appointed one of the two constable in Starston at the court held 13 January 1669/70.

Lawrence Mayhew died in about April of 1679 71 in Starston and his will 72 provided for his wife Mary, his son Lawrence and his daughter Elizabeth and referred to his lands in Starston, Mellis and Franson [most likely Thrandeston], the latter two in Suffolk. One of the three witnesses to his will was John Newson, his son-in-law. Mary Mayhew must have died sometime afterwards, although her burial or will has not yet been found.


Thomas Mayu [sic] died in Billockby in 1501 but his will 73 was sparce. His widow Johan died in 1522 in Billockby and her will 74 completed a bequest in the will of Thomas and left to her son John and 3 daughters. According to Mayhew Pedigrees in the 1563,1589 and 1613 Visitations, Mayhews were early established at Billockby and Clippsby in West Flegg Hundred 75. By 1563 Robert Mayhew owned land called Thurstons in Clippsby and Billockby and he built the Clippsby Old Hall in 1585 76. He was said to be the child of Robert Mayhew and Margaret Cadsbawld and married Anne Pigeon in East Beckham 77. There were still Mayhews in Billockby in 1607 according to a suit filed that year 78.

Robert Mayhew featured in an assignment of land in Keswick [Tun] in 1571. Elsewhere in Norfolk, John Mayhew was the rector of Saxlingham Nethergate in 1483 and left a will, and Robert Mayhew of Matteshall left a will in 1526. Mathew Mayhew married Margaret French in Earsham in 1607 and had a son Thomas born in 1610 there was buried a few days later. Miles and Christopher Mayhewe were witnesses to the 1615 will of William Buttes of Norwich.

Thomas Mayhew (b.c. 1681) married Diana ____ in about 1708 and had at least the following children baptised in Brockdish [Ers]:

1. Mary 1709

2. William 1711/2

3. Sarah 1716

4. Deborah 1717 but buried the same year

5. Thomas 1718/9

6. Samuel 1722.


Mary Gibbs 79 was likely born in about 1617 and married Lawrence Mayhew 19 December 1639 in Scole.

Edmund Gibbs of Hoxne 80 married Elizabeth ____ in about 1530 and had at least the following children, likely born in Hoxne:

1. Simon buried in Hoxne 1 July 1574;

2. Richard;

3. Agnes;

4. Alice; and

5. Henry baptised in Hoxne 24 March 1548/9.

Edmund was buried in Hoxne 17 April 1551 leaving a will 81 which provided for his wife and five children.

Anthony Gibbs the son of Edmund was buried in Hoxne 17 December 1562.

Edmund Gibbs of Hoxne married _______ and had at least the following children:

1. Bridget baptised 30 October 1568 in Hoxne; and

2. Geoffrey baptised 8 April 1571 in Hoxne and married Jone___ and had at least John, Alice and Henry baptised in Hoxne from September 1595 to 1601.

Hoxne is adjacent to and immediately to the east of Oakley so it is likely that these Gibbs were related to the John and Margery Gibbs who follow.

Margery Gibbs (b.c.1550) and possibly a sister of John, below, married Robert Page 4 Feb. 1573/4 in Oakley.

John Gibbes (b.c. 1545) married, firstly, Joane Deale (see below) 5 September 1568 in Oakley 82 and had the following baptised there:

1. John 14 Sept. 1569, who may have died before 1609 as he is not referred to in the will of John Gibbes of that date.

Joanne Gibbes the wife of John was buried in Oakley 3 April 1570 83.

John Gibbs (b.c. 1545) married, secondly, Frances Robertson (see below) in about 1574 84 and had at least the following children:

2. *Henry baptised 5 June 1575 in Palgrave and married there in 1604 to Sarah Elmye (see below;

3. Roger baptised 4 March 1576/7 in Palgrave, married Elizabeth ___ before 1605, had at least 3 children baptised in Diss - Roger 1605, Edmond 1607 and Henry 1609 and died in 1653/4 in Brockdish, Norfolk with a will 85 that provided for his son John of Dickleburgh, his daughter Hester Neech and more than twelve grandchildren;

4. Margery baptised 21 Oct. 1579 in Palgrave but likely died before 1609;

5. Edmund born about 1581 (but not baptised in Palgrave, Scole or Oakley) and was “of Frenze” when he married Frances Mayhue 29 July 1606 in Thrandeston (see above) and they likely were the Edmund and Frances Gibbs who had a son Edmund baptised in Pulham St. Mary Virgin 18 October 1608 and who may have been buried in Palgrave 23 Dec. 1608 86 or was the Edmund Gibbs “killed by gun-shot on Melles Green” 87 and buried in Thrandeston 12 April 1643. Edmund Gibbs of Thrandeston sold his lands in Hardwick to William Skeete of Pulham Market 12 June 1645 88. Edmund Gibbs the father was likely the Edmund Gibbes “an old man” who was buried in Thrandeston 18 March 1657/8;

6. Merrable 89 baptised 4 Jan. 1581/2 in Oakley who married John Folger/Fulsher and immigrated to the US where they settled in Martha’s Vinyard, Massachusetts;

7. Frances (but not baptised in Palgrave or Oakley) who married Thomas Buxton;

8. Marie (but not baptised in Palgrave or Oakley); and

9. Thomas baptised 29 Nov. 1579 [sic 90], in Palgrave and was living in Norwich by 1653 and is likely the Thomas Gibbs who had administration of his estate 91 granted 16 July or 21 Dec. to Thomas Gibbs Jr., his principal creditor.

John Gibbs (b.c. 1545) married, thirdly 92, Alice Denny the widow of Henry Herne 93 4 Feb. 1603/4 in Scole.

John Gibbs of Frenze was buried in Scole 27 Feb. 1608/9 and his will 94 provided for his wife Alice and 7 of his children.

It would appear that John Gibbs and his family moved, firstly, from Oakley to Palgrave in 1573 left Palgrave in about 1580 and went back to Oakley and were in Oakley by at least 1581/2 and, likely, Scole by 1603/4 and Frenze by 1606 95.

Henry Gibbs possibly married Elizabeth ______ around 1593 (Henry would have been 18) because a Henry Gibbs and his wife Elizabeth had a daughter Alice baptised in Scole 19 Aug. 1593 but buried there 10 January 1594/5. No other baptisms have been located for Henry and Elizabeth and no burial has been found for Elizabeth Gibbs.

Henry Gibbs married Sarah Elmye in 1604 in Palgrave [Hart], Suffolk (Boyds). Henry would have been 29 years old. They had at least the following children:

1. Anne baptised in Scole 28 Nov. 1605 and married John Fiske 96;

2. Frances baptised in Scole 8 Oct. 1607 but buried in Scole 27 March 1608;

3. John baptised at Frenze 18 May 1609 but recorded in the Scole register 97, who was admitted to Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1625 and from there earned his BA in 1629 and MA in 1632 and ordained a deacon in Norwich in 1633 and a Priest in 1633/4 and was Rector of Frenze from 1642 to 1651. John Gibbes, clerk, of Scole alias Osmondiston, died in 1651 and his will 98 left his land in Scole and Frenze, some of which he had inherited from the will of his father Henry, and in Diss to his wife Elizabeth for life and then to sons John and Henry. His widow Elizabeth left a will in 1663 99 which gave to her sons John and Henry and daughters Sara, Elizabeth and Mary and referred to her two brothers-in-laws Thomas Gibbs of Frenze and Lawrence Maihew of Mellis;

4. Thomas born about 1611, probably in Frenze, and married, firstly, Mary ___ and secondly Elizabeth ___ and was likely the father of Mary Gybbs baptised 26 Nov. 1639 in Frenze but recorded in the Scole register and Henry baptised 10 May 1642 in Scole the children of Thomas and Mary of Frenze. He died in Frenze in 1667 and his will 100 provided for Elizabeth his wife and 8 children;

5. *Mary born about 1617, probably in Frenze, and married Lawrence Mayhew 19 Dec. 1639 in Scole a month after her father had made his will (see above); and

6. Sarah born about 1619, probably in Frenze, married William Skeete 101 in about 1636 and had a daughter Sarah baptised 6 April 1637 in Scole before she (Sarah the mother) died and was buried in Scole 7 July 1640 102.

Henry Gybs was buried in Frenze 12 May 1640, his burial recorded in the Scole register. His will 103 left his property in Scole and in Palgrave Suffolk, including property he had inherited from his grandfather John Robertson, to his sons John and Thomas after the death of Henry’s wife Sara, and left money and the residue to his two daughters Mary and Sara and to his grandchild Sara the daughter of William Skeete.

Sarah Gibbes, “the wife of Henry Gibbes, Deceased”, died and was buried 11 July 1643 in Scole and her will 104 referred to her sons John and Thomas, daughters Anne and Mary and grandson Lawrence Mayhew.


Sarah Elmy was born in about 1575 and married Henry Gibbs in Palgrave in 1604.

There were many Elmys in Suffolk 105 particularly in Rumburgh/South Elmham where they were involved in land dealings (SRO) since at least 1345. In the 1327 Suffolk Subsidy John Elmy and Stephen Elmy were both resident in South Elmham. The 1524 Subsidy listed Stephen and William Elmy in St. Michaels South Elmham, both taxed on their goods. See also the pedgrees for Elmy of Rumburgh in Muskett’s Suffolk Manorial Families v.1 at p.196. A John Elmye of Playford (Carl. NE of Ipswich) died in 1511/2 and left his estate to his wife Agnes and children Robert, Richard, Thomas and Lettice.

In addition to what follows, a will was left by Alice Elmy of South Elmham St. Michael (?) 106 but it did not refer to any other Elmys.

Stephen Elmy married Margerie _____ and had at least the following children:

1. Richard; and

2. Peter?.

Margerie, formerly the wife of Stephen Elmy of South Elmham St. Michael left a will in 1449 107 which gave to her son Richard, her son’s son John Elmy Jr. and to Peter (?) Elmy.

_______ Elmy had at least the following children, likely baptised in South Elmham St. Michael:

1. John who as John Elmy of Framesden St. Mary but formerly of Elmham left a will in 1482 108 which gave to his four brothers William, ___?, Philip and Ralph.

2. William;

3. Philip; and

4. ?;

5. Ralph.

Richard Elmy and ____ had at least the following children, likely baptised in South Elmham St. Michael:

1. Thomas;

2. Richard;

3. John;

4. Johan;

5. Margerie;

6. Margaret;

7. Christian; and

8. Alice.

Richard died in May 1479 and his will 109 referred to his three sons and five daughters.

______ Elmy and _____ had at least the following children, likely baptised in South Elmham St. Michael:

1. Richard born about 1463 who appeared not to have married and whose will of 1492 110 referred to his two brother and two sisters;

2. John born about 1466 who appeared not to have married and whose will of 1492 111 (made 4 days after that of his brother Richard and proved the same day) left his estate to his brother Stephen and sister Margaret;

3. *Stephen born about 1475;

4. Margaret; and

5. Cecily.

Stephen (?) Elmy 112 married in about 1505 and had at least the following children:

1. *William (see below) born about 1509; and

2. ___ born about 1513 who married Nicholas Hasburrow 113of Dunwich.

Stephen Elmy was involved in numerous matters (SRO) in South Elmham from 1511 to 1524 and in 1530 Stephen Elmy of South Elmham and his son William conveyed land in Westhall, Sotherton and Holton to Edward Tasburgh and 1 week later Stephen loaned money to the same person and received about 31 acres back by way of mortgage. Stephen Elmy had been discharged of the obligations imposed on him by the will of John Tasburgh in 1511 114.

William Elmy of Rumburgh born about 1509, married Mary Rabbett of Halesworth [Blyth] 115 in about 1534 and had at least the following eight children:

1. Stephen born about 1541 the eldest son of William, married Phillip Osborn in 1556 (Boyds - Norwich ML) and had 11 children baptised in S.Elmham St. Michael 116 from 1561 to 1578. Phillip was buried in S.Elham St. Michael 20 July 1600 and Stephen was buried in S.Elmham St. Michael 10 Aug. 1602 117 with a will 118 providing for his 6 sons and 4 daughters and appointing his brother Thomas Elmy and William Porter of South Elmham as executors and Richard Porter of South Elmham St. Margaret as supervisor;

2. *Richard born about 1542 119 the second son of William, married Margaret Lawrence in about 1566 and had 12 children baptised in Rumburgh and S.Elmham St. Michael from 1567 to 1585;

3. William born about 1544, married Margaret Smyth (and may have been the William Elmy who had a son Philip baptised in Harleston 6 Dec. 1584) and died in Rumburgh and was buried in S.Elmham St. Michael 8 January 1612/3 120 (SFHS Burial Index);

4. Thomas born about 1546 who married Joane Swattman 121 25 Sept. 1570 in S.Elmham St. Michael and had 9 children baptised in S.Elmham and Rumburgh from 1572 to 1588 122 and was buried in S. Elmham St. Michael 2 April 1616 123. Joanne Elmy widow of Thomas was buried in St. Michael 5 February 1618/9. The 1590 will of Reynold Rabbett of Bramfield required that Thomas Elmye of Rumburrowe see the accounts of his Reynold’s probate (see below). The 1612 Visitation of Suffolk 124 has a short pedigree for Thomas Elmy of Rumburgh extending only to his eldest son Thomas of Metfield;

5. Agnes born about 1548 who married Robert Swatman 16 Oct. 1570 in South Elmham Saint Cross/St. George and had 3 children baptised there - Mary, Rose and Thomas - by 1578 before Robert was buried in Saint George 5 July 1595;

6. Elizabeth born about 1550 who married William Newson 20 Sept. 1573 in South Elmham Saint Cross/St. George and had William 1574, Mary 1575/6, Anne 1578, Richard 1580 (d. 1588), Agnes 1580/1, Elizabeth 1582 and Agnes 1585 baptised there;

7. Henry born about 1552, married Joane _____ and had at least 3 children by 1612 including a son baptised in 1579 in S.Elmham St. Michael. Henry Elmy of South Elmham St. Michael was buried there 27 November 1601 and had administration of his estate granted 4 Dec. 1602 to his brother Robert Elmy of Banham in Norfolk 125; and

8. Robert born about 1554 and had a son Andrew before 1578 and may have resided in Banham Norfolk.

126 9. Margaret 127 who married Nicholas Smth of St. Nicholas and had four children by 1578 - Simon, Margaret, George and Randall - who were referred to in the will or her mother;

10. daughter who married ___ Shryve and had two children by 1578; and

11. Mary who married William Hollmes (or Hellowes? or Helwise?) 20 Nov. 1560 in S.Elmham St. Michael and had two sons William (b.1571) and Nicholas by 1578, likely baptised in Tannington. Nicholas Helwise was left a bequest in the will of his kinsman Reynold Rabbett of Bramfield in 1591.

William Elmy bought certain land in Westhall called Preistsclose and Cokefield in SouthElmham in 1530 from Edward Tasburgh and on his death bequethed the same land to his sons. In the period 1556-1558 William was sued by Reynold Rabet (see below), gentleman, to recover rents from lands in Bramfield, Thorrington, Westleton and Swaffham Bulbeck which had belonged to Reynold the father of Reynold and lands in Halesworth regarding lands which had belonged to Margaret Hird the grandmother of Reynold and mother-in-law of William 128. William Elmy was a witness to the 1551 will (NCC) of Peter Spere of South Elmham St. Michael, which also referred to land which Peter had bought from Stephen Elmy. William Elmy of South Elmham St. Michael died and was buried there 18 October 1571 129 and his widow Mary of Ilketshall St. Margaret died and was buried 16 October 1578 130 in S.Elmham St. Michael.

Richard Elmy (1542-1622) married Margaret Lawrence (1543-1625) in about 1566 (not in Rumburgh) and had the following children 131:

1. William baptised in Rumburgh 23 April 1567, married in about 1591 to (Elizabeth Alliston of Castle Hinningham (or Hadenham) in Essex 132) and continued the pedigree to the 1690s. He had at least 10 children baptised in Palgrave - Richard 1605 133, Elizabeth 1607 (died 1607), William 1608 (d..before 1635), John 1609/10, Thomas 1612, Joseph 1614, Elizabeth 1616, Rebecca 1618/9, a son Mathew 1620 (died 1620) and Martha 1624 134. William died and was buried in Palgrave 1 Sept. 1630;

2. Richard baptised in Rumburgh 7 May 1569, married Elizabeth Smith in 1605 in Palgrave (Boyds) and had at least the following children baptised in Palgrave - Anne 1606/7, William 1608, Richard 1610 (although his given name not noted in the register) and Henry 1612 (died 1616/7). Richard was likely the Richard Elmie senior buried in Palgrave 16 Feb. 1634/5 135;

3. Mary baptised in Rumburgh 21 March 1570/1 (a twin to Jone) but died and was buried there 13 May 1571;

4. Jone baptised in Rumburgh 21 March 1570/1 (a twin to Mary) but died and was buried there 22 March 1570/1;

5. Elizabeth baptised in Rumburgh 29 Sept. 1572 and likely married James Garnham 6 April 1593 in S.Elmham St. Michael;

6. Samuel baptised in S.Elmham St. Michael 7 Dec. 1573 and living in 1578;

7. Henry baptised in S.Elmham St. Michael 30 Oct. 1575 and living in 1578 136;

8. Mary baptised in S.Elmham St. Michael 21 Nov.1577 and married Henry Hubberd/Hobert in Palgrave in 1603 (Boyds);

9. Thomas baptised in S.Elmham St. Michael 27 February 1580/1, married Christian Coppyn and had at least 6 children;

10. Anne baptised in S.Elmham St. Michael 12 April 1582 and possibly married____ Sandcroft;

11. *Sarah baptised in S.Elmham St. Michael 23 Dec.1583, married Henry Gibbs in 1604 in Palgrave (Boyds) and died and was buried in Scole 11 July 1643 (see above);

12. Nathaniel baptised in S.Elmham St. Michael 12 July 1585 but died before 1612 leaving at least 4 children; and

13. Phoebe b. 1587 and married Edward Ireland 20 June 1611 in Palgrave.

[4. Alice b. 1572 and married John Gibbs [sic] in Norwich in 1594 (he died 1608) and died in 1635 and whose descendants married into the Fiske family and emigrated to the US 137]

As a consequence of the bequests in the will written in 1570 by his father William, Richard traded his premises in Rumburgh with the premises occupied by his brother Thomas in South Elmham St. Michael in 1572. Although Ann Elme of Palgrave had married in 1601 in Bury St. Edmund St. Mary, the first Elmy to appear in the registers (transcribed) of Palgrave was the marriage there of Mary Elmy to Henry Hubbard in 1603. It would appear then that Richard Elmy and Margaret Lawrence and their family had moved from the South Elmham St.Michael to Palgrave shortly before 1602. However, the will of his cousin Reynold Rabbett of Bramfield in 1590, appointed Richard Elmye, the elder, of Laxfield as his executor and provided a bequest for Richard’s son Richard, suggesting that Richard Elmye and his family had moved to Laxfield after they left Elmham.

Richard Elmye Senior died and was buried 10 September 1622 in Palgrave, Suffolk. His will 138 provided for his wife and referred to four of his sons and his daughter Sandcroft. Margaret Elmye, widow, was buried in Palgrave 6 April 1625 [will?].


Margaret Lawrence was born in about 1543 and married Richard Elmy (1548-1622) in about 1566.

The following Lawrence pedigree is based on that found in numerous publications and on-line pedigrees 140 supplemented by information from probate documents. However, for the reasons set out below, it is suspect.

Thomas Lawrence of Rumburgh was likely born in about 1415 and married _____ 141 in about 1437 and had at least the following children:

1. *John; and

2. Richard.

Thomas held lands in Holton, Wissett and South Elmham 142. Thomas apparently died in 1471 and left a will 143 which left money to the altars of Rumburgh and South Elmham All Saints, suggesting that the latter may have been a prior or alternate place of residence.

John Lawrence (born about 1438) married Margery _____ 144 in about 1458 and had at least the following:

1. *Robert born about 1459.

John Lawrence of Rumburgh died in July of 1504, and his will 145 left his several properties to his wife Margery and money to his only apparent surviving child Robert. He asked to be buried in St. Michael the Archangel Rumburgh. Margery Lawrence, widow of Rumburgh, died in 1507 and was also buried in Rumburgh and her will 146 gave all of her land and possessions to her son Robert and to Robert’s son John.

Robert Lawrence 147 was born about 1459 and had at least the following:

1. *John born about 1482.

Robert died sometime in or after 1505 because he was referred to in the will of his mother Margery made 5 December 1504.

John Lawrence (c.1482-1559) married Elizabeth Holt in about 1504 148 and had at least the following children likely baptised in Rumburgh 149:

1. Henry born about 1506 and had at least a son John probably born in about 1551;

1. *John born about 1512 married Agnes Holmes and died in 1590 (see below);

3. Agnes born about 1515 who married ___ Lilly;

4. Margerie and/or Mary born about 1520 and unmarried by 1557;

5. Katherine born about 1522 and unmarried by 1557;

6. William born about 1524 who became a preacher at Fressingfield, where he left a will in 1557-9 150 and whose daughter Margaret who was said to have married Richard Elmy 151; and

7. Richard born about 1526 [and married 8 September 1561 in Rumburgh to Joan Garould and had a daughter Elizabeth baptised there in 1562].

John is likely the John Laurens enumerated in the 1524 Suffolk Subsidy in Rumburgh and was the only one there assessed on his lands. John Lawrence of Rumburgh left a will dated 27 January 1556/7 and proved in 1559 152 which provided for his wife and seven children (none named Robert!) and specified that John Lawrence, his grand-son and the son of his eldest son Henry, should receive one of his parcels of land in Rumburgh. Elizabeth Lawrence died in 1583.

John Lawrence (c1512-1590) married Agnes Holmes 153 in about 1543 154 and had at least the following children, likely in Wisset or Rumburgh, although various pedigrees exist which ascribe other or different children and their spouses to this couple 155:

1. John born about 1545 in Wisset 156;

2. Richard born about 1547;

3. Susan born about 1550 and still single when her father wrote his will in 1590 157;

4. Elizabeth born about 1552 and by 1590 had married Simon Sheldrake and had two children; and

5. Margaret born about 1554 158 and by 1590 had married Robert Blithe and had a son William 159.

John may have been the John Lawrence of St. James South Elmham who was taxed on his land there in the 1568 Subsidy. John Lawrence of Rumburgh was buried in Rumburgh 21 May 1590 (although this burial was not transcribed at leaving a will 160 which provided for his five children. Agnes was apparently buried at Rumburgh 22 Jan. 1583/4 (although this burial is not transcribed at

No Margaret Lawrence born about 1543 has yet been found who could have married Richard Elmy in 1566.

A very well designed on-line pedigree of the Anne Hopkins Family Tree 161 repeats the claim that the Margaret Lawrence who married Richard Elmy was the daughter of John Lawrence the famous Suffolk preacher who owned St. James Park, presumably in the parish of the same name, in South Elmham Suffolk, although its author admits to some confusion.

Certainly the Lawrence family was well settled in Rumburgh, where the Elmy’s were from and pedigrees for Lawrence of Rumburgh and Lawrence of Brockdish are apparently available at the National Archives 162. John Garbutt in a scholarly article on-line at the Rumburgh Village Database 163 researched the history of his house there and established that it was initially called Cranes and was owned by Thomas Laurens in 1471, John and Margery Lawrence in 1504, John Lawrence in 1528, John and Elizabeth Lawrence in 1559, Richard Lawrence date unknown and finally George Lawrence in 1643. Garbutt also included portions of

1. Rumburgh Manor Court records filled at the Essex Records Office which contain part of the will of John Lawrence in 1504 which left to his wife Margery the tenement called Cranes which he had taken up on the surrender of Thomas Laurens, his father, in 1471,

2. the 1559 will of John Lawrence which gave his tenement and lands called Cranes to his wife Elizabeth and then to his son Richard and then to his godson John Lawrence the son of his eldest son Henry Lawrence 164, and

3. the 1641 will of George Lawrence partially cited in the Rumburgh Manor Court Records at the Norfolk Records Office which dealt with the tenement called Cranes which his father Richard late deceased had purchased prior to 1603.

John Lawrence married Katherine Battely in 1597 and Richard Lawrence married Elizabeth Girling in 1603, all in Rumburgh (TR).

In Norfolk, Lawrence appears in Rye’s Norfolk Families as resident in Wramplingham and Brockdish.


Robertsons 165, as opposed to Robinsons or Robsons, had been in Oakley since the beginning of it’s parish registers where the SFHSBI recorded burials from 1541 to 1580 and Boyd’s Marriages has entries from 1541 to 1588.

Edward 166 Robertson married Margery ____ 167 in about 1522 and had at least the following children, possibly born in Oakley 168:

1.John born about 1524 and possibly married Alice Green or Margaret Harvy, below; and

2. William.

Edward died in about 1548 169 and his will 170 provided for his wife Margery and his sons John and William. The Margery Robertson who was buried in Oakley 26 July 1560 may have been his widow.

John Robertson was born about 1524 and married Ales Grene (Alice Green) 2 November 1548 in Oakley, Suffolk. He 171 had at least the following children 172:

1. *Frances baptised 21 September 1549 in Oakley and married in about 1574 to John Gibbs and had children in Palgrave from 1575 (see above);

2. Joanne baptised 1 November 1551 in Oakley but likely died before 1565 173;

3. Joane baptised 16 March 1552/3 in Oakley but likely died before 1565;

4. Margaret baptised 7 February 1556/7 in Oakley;

5. John baptised 8 June 1557 in Oakley but likely died before 1566;

6. Annes baptised 19 February 1558/9 in Oakley and possibly married Thomas Fulcher 3 June 1576 in Oakley and may have had children baptised in Roydon - John 1586, Rebecca 1592, Abigail 1598 (d1599), Samuel 1600 and Hanna 1602, except that Bethsheba the wife of Thomas Fulcher was buried in Roydon 1604 174;

7. Margery baptised 6 May 1561 in Oakley and possibly married Edmund Bache 5 June 1580 in Oakley and had children baptised in Roydon - Margaret 1583, Margery 1586, John 1589, Edmund 1591/2 and Mirable 1594;

8. Mirable baptised 22 August 1563 in Oakley;

9. Joanne baptised 4 December 1565 in Oakley and she may have been the Johan Robertson of Oakley who had an inventory of her estate done 29 June 1601 and exhibited 10 July 1601 175 which referred to the lease of two acres of wood and pasture in Scole as her only assets.;

10. John baptised 30 December 1566 in Oakley but buried there 11 Jan. 1567/8 176; and

11. William baptised 15 May 1569 in Oakley.

John Robertson of Oakley was assessed on his goods there in the 1568 Suffolk Subsidy 177.

John Robertson died in Frenze in 1613 178 leaving a will 179. The inventory of his estate done 21 September 1613 180 referred to a debt due him of £80 payable in yearly amounts of £8 “to begin within one whole year next after the death of one Alice Robertson widow yet living”. Alice the wife of John Robertson would have been about 87 in 1613 and would likely have died soon thereafter, although her burial was not recorded in the Oakley registers.

John Robertson, pewterer of Oakley who was assessed on his goods there in the 1568 Suffolk Subsidy and was buried there 26 October 1571, with administration being granted 3 days later to Anne Robynson [sic] his relict 181. Joane Robertson was baptised in Oakley 2 Feb. 1571/2 to John Robertson the elder [sic] and Anne but was buried there the same day. Anne Robertson, widow, married Edmund Weles 4 August 1572 in Oakley.


According to a very well written history of Bramfield 182 by June Brereton 183, Bramfield Hall was in hands of the Rabett family from at least 1420 184, the Rabetts having also been influential traders in Dunwich until that town’s demise and eventual loss to the encroaching sea. William Rabett was the MP for Dunich in the eighth (or twelfth?) Parliament of Edward IV (1467). Suckling said that the family was of Norman descent and had been connected with Suffolk for at least 400 years 185.

Burkes Authorized Arms 186 records that the following Rabbetts had been Bailiffs for Dunwich:

1. John 1453 and 1454;

2. William 1468 and 1471;

3. Henry 1493 to 1502; and

4. William 1524 to 1539.

Henry Rabette of Dunwich (likely the Henry above) married Olive Tower, widow 187, and the will 188 of Olyff Rabette of All Saints Dunwich written in 1509/10 left a bequest to the wife of her cousin William Rabett of Bramfield.

William Rabett of Dunwich (likely the William above) left a will in 1540 189 which referred to his two wives Margery, deceased, and Isabell and to his nephews Robert and Humphrey Yonge of London and but mentioned no children or other obvious relatives. He did however provide money and accommodation for Dame Kateryn Logan 190and Dame Pernell Felton suggesting that they were somehow connected to him, perhaps as daughters. He also owned, or had a partial ownership in, two ships - the Kateryn and the Trinity - and at least five properties in Dunwich and the Parish of All Saints there.


Although Rabbetts had been in Dunwich for a considerable time, they were also recorded in Bramfield from at least 1405 when William Rabbett of Bramfield was appointed executor of the will of Robert Moyne made 16 May 1405 191.

John Rabett of Bramfield married Alice ____ and had at least the following children:

1. William; and

2. Johan.

John died in December of 1450 and his will 192 left his property to his wife and children.

Reginald/Reynold Rabett 193 of Bramfield married Margaret _____ and had at least the following child:

1. *William.born about 1472 (see below).

Reginald died in April of 1490 and his will 194 left his real property to his son William, provided for his wife and appointed Henry Rabett of Dunwich as one of his executors.

William Rabett (b.c. 1472) married Margaret/Margerie ______ (possibly as a second marriage) in about 1499 and had at least the following children:

1. William born in about 1499 and died in 1537 in Dersham (adjoining Bramfield on the south) leaving all of his estate to his wife Isabelle Burnam, his child Alice Brown and his brother Raynold 195;

2. Reynold (Reginald) (see below) born in about 1501, married Margaret Holmy in about 1524 196 but was dead by 1550 when his mother wrote her will. He was the assessor for Wangford Hundred in the 1524 Subsidy although he does not appear to have been personally assessed in either Bramfield or Dunich. He was involved in a number of suits, mostly for the recovery of debt on a bond, from 1529 to 1532, the defendants being Wynston, Hacon and Hopton 197 and was the recipient of a bequest in the 1535 will of John Gylbart of Bramfield (NCC);

3. *Mary born in about 1509, married William Elmy in about 1534 and had eleven children (see above); and

4. Margaret who was mentioned in the 1528 will of her father but not in the 1550 will of her mother.

William Rabet was assessed on his estate of £100 in Bramfield in the Anticipation Rolls of 1523 (Advance Taxes) for the 1524 Subsidy Rolls and in the subsequent regular 1524 Subsidy Rolls he was assessed on £40 of his goods. William was appointed executor of the 1505 will of Robert Moyne of Bramfield and the 1520 will of Thomas Thurston of Bramfield (both NCC).

William Rabett, yeoman of Bramfield, died in 1528 or 1529 and his will 198 left his properties in Bramfield to his son Regnolde and his properties in Walpole, Cookley and Thorington (parishes surrounding Bramfield) to his son William, with substantial money bequests to his two daughters and to his grand-child Johan Ordery and her sisters, and appointed his cousin William Rabett of Dunwich to be supervisor.

Margaret, the widow and relict of William married ____ Herd 199 sometime between the death of William in 1529 and 1540 200 at which time Margaret Herd was living in Halesworth, adjoining Bramfield on the north. In an action brought between 1538 and 1544 for the recovery of rends of land in Bramfield Margaret Herd, the plaintiff, was described as the guardian in socage to Reynold, son and heir of Reynold Rabet 201.

Margaret Herde, widow of Halesworth, died in 1550 with a will 202 which left her property in Halesworth to Reynold Rabbett the son and heir of Reynold Rabbett 203 and to her daughter Mary the wife of William Elmy 204. She also left money to the daughter of her first husband William Rabbett, being Johan Coo 205 the wife of John Coo, to Johan’s son Nicholas Coo (b.5 April 1541 in Bramfield), to Alice Rabbett who was then under 21 (baptised 22 February 1541/2 the illegitimate daughter of Agnes Farro’, widow) and to the children of Edmond Farrer of Bramfield (Edmund, Olive, Christopher, Amos etc. born from 1543/4).

Reynold (Reginald) Rabett, (b.c. 1501) the son of William and Margaret, married Margaret Holmy in about 1524 and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Bramfield 206:

1. Margery - born about 1522, illegitimate, before Reynold’s marriage with Margaret Holmy 207;

2. Reynold born about 1526 (in 1540 when he received land and possessions from his grand-mother Margaret Herde he was under 16 years of age), attended Cambridge (Gonville & Caius), married by licence (NCC) to Alice Ede of Walberswick 1 Feb. 1558/9 in Walberswick, was the owner of Hall House and Woods in Bramfield 208 and had 10 children baptised there with his wife Alice Rous 209 (2 of whom died as infants) and as Reginald Rabett, gent, was buried in Bramfield 1 September 1591 210;

3. Mary born about 1535; and

4. Agnes (who may have been another illegitimate daughter) who married Edmund Ferer.

Reynold Rabett, gentleman of Bramfield, died and was buried in Bramfield 26 November 1541 leaving a will 211 which provided for his son Reynold, his daughter Mary, who was single, for Agnes Ferer who may also have been his daughter as she received a substantial bequest and for the Alice the illegitimate daughter of Agnes Ferrer, and for his illegitimate daughter Margery. He also referred to his mother but made no provision for his wife suggesting that she had pre-deceased him 212. His son Reynold was to receive all of property in the adjoining parishes of Bramfield and Thorington and in Westleton a few parishes to the south, all in Blything Hundred in the north-eastern part of Suffolk. He appointed as executors his mother, his “brother” William Holmy and his cousin William Rabett (suggesting that William and Margaret had another male child who left a son).


Ales Grene (Alice Green) was born about 1527, married John Robertson (c1524-1613 ) 2 November 1548 in Oakley, Suffolk and had at least the following children from 1549 to 1569 baptised there: Frances, Joane, Joane, Margaret, John, Annes, Margery, Mirable, Joanne, John and William.



Elizabeth Holt was born about 1484, married John Lawrence (c.1482-1559) in about 1504 and had at least the following children likely baptised in Rumburgh, Suffolk: Henry, John, Agnes, Margery or Mary, Katherine, William and Richard.


Agnes Holmes was born about 1524, married John Lawrence (c.1522-1590) in about 1549 and had the following children from 1545 to 1554, likely in Wisset or Rumburgh in Suffolk although various pedigrees exist which ascribe other or different children to them: John, Richard, Susan, Elizabeth and Margaret.

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