GATES - Occold Suffolk and Loddon Norfolk

The surname Gates 1 has long been in Norfolk - Robert Gates of Drayton left a will in 1445. William Gats [sic] married Elizabeth Cobbs in 1546 in Oxborough, Robert Gates married Elizabeth Campbell, both of Norwich, in 1568 at St. Margarets Norwich and John Gates married Joan Mansell in 1578 in Starston (Boyds), but had no issue there. There were female Gates marriages in N. Lopham (1576), Redenhall (1585), Norwich St. Stephen (1587) and Dilham (1589) (Boyds). Alice Gates of Attelborough [Shp] had two daughters baptised in 1566. Thomas and Maude Gates had baptisms and burials in Necton [GnS] 1566-1570. John Gates of Fritton [Dep] 2 left a will in 1558 3 and John Gates of North Creake had administration of his estate granted in 1593 (ANF). Richard Gates resided in Pulham St. Mary Virgin where his wife Katheryn died in 1564 and his son Mark in 1565.

Gates, however, were much more common in Suffolk than Norfolk. Francis Gates, in particular, can be found in many Suffolk records, viz. according to the 1625 will of Edward Pelse or Pells of Dennington Suffolk, Francis Gates had married Mary Feveryere, Edward’s niece 4. In the 1327 Suffolk Subsidy there were no Gates but five Atte Gates were listed - two in Bricet Magna (Bos. & Claydon) one in Ashby (Lothingland) and one in Bradfield Comb. (Thedwastry). There were 21 records of Gates’ marriages in the period 1538 to 1600 in Boyd’s Marriages and of those three were in Hartismere, viz:

William and Alice London 1539 Thorndon (see below),

Richard and Agnes Roo 1565 Eye (see below), and

Anthony and Joan Baker 1586 Redlingfield (see below).

On 17 Dec. 1563 Elias Gates of Fressingfield secured a license to marry Mary Choke at Debenham 5. Robert Gates of Saxham, just west of Bury St Edmunds, had administration of his estate granted in 1645 to his brother Edmund.

Gates were resident in Occold 6 [Hart] Suffolk by at least 1470 when Elizabeth Gate of Berningham 7 (Occold) left a will 8 as did William Gatys of Berningham in 1482 9. In the period 1544-1551 John Goddard and his wife of Westleton sued Thomas Hovell [or Howell] and Richard Gatys (below) concerning land in Occold 10. Agnes Gattes was buried in Occold in 1572, the widow Gates was buried there 13 Dec.1586. Other probate documents in the 1400s and 1500s exist for the following Gates in Suffolk and have been accessed:

1. Richard 1482 Occold [Hart.] (see below);

2. Richard 1543 Homersfield [Wang];

3. Robert 1589 Nowton [Thingoe]; and

4. William 1548 Mendlesham [Hart.] (see below)

William Gates married Alice London 11 2 November 1539 in Thorndon (adjacent to Occold) and is very likely the William Gates who died in Mendlesham, two villages to the SW of Thorndon. It is also likely that he had no surviving children because his will 12 of 1548 left his assets to his wife Alice (to be co-executor), three children of his uncle Richard Gates and various god-children and appointed his father-in-law William London of Thorndon as the other co-executor.

Richard Gates married _____ and had at least the following surviving children by 1548 (when they were beneficiaries mentioned in the will of William Gates):

1. John;

2. Margaret; and

3. Richard, who may be the Richard below.

Richard Gates married Mary _____ in about 1550 and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Occold, Thorndon or Eye:

1. *Anthony born about 1560 (see below) and received his father’s property called Hills in Benningham Hamlet, Occold Parish;

2. George - who by 1580 had at least a son John (see below);

3. Faith who married William Aldrich;

4. Margaret who married Mathewe Hare and by 1580 had at least two children - John and Katherine; and

5. Richard who may have been the Richard Gates who married Agnes Roo 25 September 1565 in Eye and by 1580 had a daughter named Anthony [sic - possibly a transcription error].

Richard Gates, Sr. was a pewterer by trade and gave the tools of his trade and his inventory to his son George. Although there were no Gates enumerated in Occolt in 1524, in 1568 Richard was assessed there on his lands valued at £5.

Richard Gates died in about 1581 and his will 13 left his lands to his son Anthony, his trade tools to his son George and provided for his wife Mary and their two daughters, but did not provide for his son Richard except for a gift to Richard’s daughter Anthony. Mary was likely the widow Gates who was buried in Occold 13 Dec.1586.

Anthony Gates married Joan Baker/Bakeler in Redlingfield Suffolk in 1586 (Boyds - BTs) and had at least the following children 14:

1. Sibyll baptised in Occold 26 Feb. 1586/7 and married Thomas Murrell;

2. Anthony born about 1589 and is likely that the Anthony Gates who had a daughter Frances baptised 24 Sept. 1627 in Thrandeston;

3. Grace baptised in Occold 15 Oct. 1592 and possibly married ___ Ellis 15 or died before 1631;

4. Mary baptised in Occold 29 Sept. 1594 but possibly married ___ Ellis or died before 1631;

5. Faith born about 1597, married John Runaker in about 1622 and had at least a daughter Mary baptised in Occold 13 Nov. 1633;

6. Abigail born about 1599 and un-married in 1631;

7. Isaac baptised in Occold 10 May 1601; and

8. Anne baptised in Occold 2. March 1606 (NS) and likely married 8 Oct. 1636 in Occold to John Boyce.

Anthony Gates of Occold died in about August of 1631 16 and his will 17 left his property to his wife and six children.

John Gates (likely the son of George, above) had the following baptised in Occold:

1. John 1 Feb. 1613/4 and may have been the John Gates who married Ann Wangford 30 Nov. 1632 in Occold.; and

2. George 10 Sept. 1617 who was possibly the George Gates who was buried there 25 Sept. 1633.

William Gates had the following baptised in Occold:

1. Francis 18 Sept. 1616;

2. William 13 April 1621; and

3. Thomas 18 March 1623/4.

It is likely that John and William were brothers.

In the 1667 Register Bills (ATs) for Occold Anthony Gates, Mary Gates and one other were listed by the curate as “recusants” or non-adherents. In 1668 the same curate listed Christopher Gates and Mary Gates as “recusants”. Mary Gates, widow of Kenton, was left an annuity in the 1698 will of John Cullum of Occolt and Thorndon.

In the 1674 Hearth Tax Returns there were the following in Occold-

1. Chr. Gatts -3 hearths;

2. Law. Gatts - 3 18;

3. William Gates - 2 although it appears that he was then no longer resident in Occold;

4. Ellis Gates - 2 although it appears that he was then no longer resident in Occold; and

5. Mr. Ellis - 4.


In Sisland, which adjoins Loddon on the NW, the following Gates were recorded:

1. 14 June 1634 buried Ellenora Gates 19; and

2. 20 Nov. 1638 Mary Gates married Valentine Sandye [widower] 20.

_____ Gates had at least the following, neither baptised in Loddon or Chedgrave:

1. *Ellis 21 b.c. 1598 (see below); and

2. Thomas b.c. 1606, married Audry ____ in about 1630 and had the following children baptised in Loddon 22 - Lettice 1631, Robert 1633 (d. 1633/4), Anne 1634, Richard 1637, Nicholas 1637 (d. 1638), Robert 1639, Thomas 1642 (but possibly died in 1643) and Richard 1645. Thomas was buried in Loddon 8 April 1652 [will?] and Audry was buried in Loddon 13 Dec. 1658.

Ellis Gates and his brother Thomas were the first Gates to appear in the Loddon/Chedgrave area in 1622 when Ellis married, so it is safe to presume that the family originated elsewhere 23.


Ellis 24 Gates (b.c. 1598) married in Loddon 16 May 1622 25 to Anne/Agnes Mowe 26 and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. Anthony 8 Dec. 1622 but buried 21 Dec. 1622;

2. Agnes 8 Feb.1623/4;

3. Roger 26 Nov. 1626, and married Mary ___ in about 1648 (not in Loddon) and had the following children baptised in Loddon - Mary 1649 (d.1649/50), Roger 1652, Adam 27 1655 (married Susan Middleton 25 April 1678 St. John Sep.- MLB), William 1659 - before Roger Sr. was buried there 20 Feb. 1683/4;

4. William 19 April 1629 but was buried there 3 Dec.1633;

5.*Francis 3 February 1632/3 and married Margaret ___ in about 1654 and Dorothie Chapman in 1675 (see below); and

6. Alice 8 March 1634/5.

There were no Gates in the list of inhabitants exhibited at the Stubbs-Loddon Manor court of 10 October 1631 suggesting that they may have resided in one of the other manors - Charle’s, Bacon’s, Inglose (or is this with Stubbs?) or Loddon Halls.

Elias Gates died and was buried in Loddon 5 November 1657. Anne Gates, widow, was buried in Loddon 22 Sept. 1662.


Francis Gates was born 1632/3 28, married about 1654 in _____ to Margaret ____ and had at least the following 29:

1. Elias born 13 January 1655/6 in Loddon 30, married in about 1682 and buried in Strumpshaw 11 June 1709 (see below).

Margaret, as the “wife of Francis Gates”, was buried in Loddon 17 July 1675.

Francis Gates re-married 4 November 1675 in Loddon to Dorothy Chapman, widow, and had the following:

2. Mary baptised in Loddon 9 July 1676; and

3. *Francis baptised 10 February 1677/8 in Loddon and married Elizabeth Ebbetts (see below).

Dorothy Gates the wife of Robert [sic] Gates was buried 8 May 1691 in Loddon.

Francis Gates was buried in Loddon 9 November 1706 [will?].

Francis Gates did not appear in the 1664 Hearth Tax Returns in Loddon, although there are several names missing including an entry beginning with the letter “F”. The only Gates there was “Widow Gates of Tuttington” [ErpS]. It is very possible that Francis and Margaret had lived elsewhere in the period between the birth of Elias in 1655/6 and the burial of Margaret in 1675.

Thomas Gates and his wife Mary had children baptised in Loddon from 1671 viz - William 1671 (d. 1673), Bridget 1676 and Elizabeth 1684. Thomas was likely born 1642 the son of Thomas and Audry (see above). Mary Gates was buried in Loddon in 1709.

A Thomas Gates of Loddon (b.c. 1672) married 2 Dec. 1701 in Great Yarmouth (although Boyd reported the marriage in the Norwich Cathedral) to Sarah Dodgeon.


Caveat - Francis Gates

There were two Francis Gates, uncle and nephew, living in Hempnall at the same time and both were having children baptised there. In most cases, the only distinguishing factor was the wife’s name, where it was recorded. Both men were noted as single on their marriage licence bonds and were described as yeomen although each had a somewhat different mark for their “signatures” - Francis (with Elizabeth Ebbets) used a squiggle beginning at upper left to bottom right and then back along the base while Francis (with Frances Brown) used a “Mt. Fuji” type squiggle. The baptism of the second child of Francis (the uncle) in 1704/5 was the first Gates to be entered in the Hempnall Parish Registers and it is clear that Francis Gates (the nephew) was there by at least the time of his marriage in 1710.

The lineage of the Francis Gates (the nephew) is as follows:

Elias Gates, was born Jan. 1655/6, married about 1682 in ______ to Margaret _____ and had the following children baptised in Strumpshaw [Blofield]:

1.*Francis 3 April 1685 (see below);

2. Abra [a daughter] 21 August 1687;

3. John born about 1689 but not baptised in the Strumpshaw parish church and married Rose Elvin 29 May 1710 in Strumpshaw. They had at least a daughter Margaret who was buried in Strumpshaw in 1729, a daughter Elizabeth and a son John. John the father was, with his step-mother Elizabeth, an administrator of the estate of his father in 1709. John Gates of Lingwood (the parish to the north of Strumpshaw) was buried in Strumpshaw 12 March 1732/3 31 and Rose Gates died and was buried in Strumpshaw 23 June 1741 32;

3. Margaret 10 Nov. 1693; and

4. Audra 15 April 1695 but buried there 9 July 1696.

Margaret Gates died and was buried in Strumpshaw 22 June 1696, two months after the birth of her last child.

Elias Gates then married, secondly, to Elizabeth Youngs 18 November 1696 in Strumpshaw but they appear to have had no children baptised in the parish church there.

Elias Gates died and was buried in Strumpshaw 11 June 1709 33.

A Henry Gates and his wife Sara had a son Thomas baptised in Strumpshaw 23 March 1683/4.

Francis Gates was baptised 31 March 1685 in Strumpshaw and “of Hempnall” married by Licence 34 4 August 1710 to Frances Brown of Fritton 35. The bond provided for their marriage at Fritton or the Cathedral (as with all NCC bonds) 36 and Francis swore under oath that he was 23 and upwards 37 and single. Francis and Frances had at least the following children baptised and buried in Hempnall 38:

1. Robert 21 Mar 1710/11 - buried 20 Mar 1710/11 [sic];

2. John 1 Apr 1712 - buried 2 Apr 1712 (although mother not identified);

3. Robert 19 Apr 1713 - buried 10 Nov 1713 (although parents not identified); and

4. Elias 8 Aug 1714.

Francis and Frances Gates next appear to have moved to Swardeston[e] [Hum] 39. Francis Gates, farmer of Swardestone, appears on a Marriage License Bond for William Bridges to marry Elizabeth Brown 40, both of Tharston dated 18 April 1726. His distinctive “mark” is virtually identical to the one used on his own Marriage License Bond in Hempnall on 4 August 1710. Francis and Frances had a further 7 children baptised in Swardestone, viz:

5. John 10 June 1716 41 but likely died soon after;

6. Samuel 22 May 1717;

7. Margaret 20 March 1718/19 and married 21 Oct. 1740 at St. George Tombland Norwich to John Gates [sic] of Strumpshaw, the bride from Tasburgh;

8. Mary 3 or 4 April 1721 42 - buried in Tasburgh 4 April 1740 43;

9. Nicholas 21 January 1724/5 but buried in Swardestone 21 January 1724/5;

10. Richard 25 January 1726/7 married ___ to Phillis (she d. 24 Feb. 1764 in Wymondham) and buried in Illington 44 20 Dec, 1788 “aged 65" 45; and

11. Agnes 23 May 1729.

Sometime following the baptism of Agnes in 1729 and before 1740 Francis and Frances moved to Tasburgh, next to Hempnall, where their daughter Mary was buried. Francis Gates was buried in Tasburgh 24 March 1747/8. He would have been almost 80 years old.



Francis Gates (born 10 February 1677/8 in Loddon) married, by Licence 46, 29 May 1703 at Norwich, St. George Tombland to Elizabeth Ebbets (born 1683 47). Francis and Elizabeth had at least the following children:

1. John - born 14 June 1704 Fritton 48 - buried [after 5] October 1704 Fritton;

2. Elizabeth - born 28 Feb 1704/5 49 Hempnall- buried 1 Mar 1704/5 Hempnall;

3. John - born 14 Dec 1705 Hempnall- buried 16 Dec 1705 Hempnall;

4. Ann - 1 Dec. 1706 Hempnall;

5. Elizabeth - 7 Mar 1707/8 Hempnall; and

6. *Francis 1 Mar 1712/13 Hempnall and married Ruth Francis 25 April 1737 in Norwich (see below).

There is an entry for an Elizabeth Gates who died 19 October 1738 - an “aged woman” 50 but this is questionable.

Francis Gates, widower, died and was buried in Hempnall 16 April 1753 aged 84, which would have him born about 1669 51.


Francis Gates (born about February 1712 52 and baptised 1 March 1712/3 in Hempnall to Francis Gates and Elizabeth Ebbetts) married Ruth Francis 53 on 25 April 1737 in Norwich St. Stephen Parish 54, both parties from Carleton St. Mary, and had the following children:

1. Frances baptised 1739 in ? but buried Besthorpe 8 April 1740;

2. Mary baptised Besthorpe 17 May 1741 .....;

3. Francis [Jr.] baptised Besthorpe 8 May 55 1743. He married 17 December 1771 56 in Moulton St. Michael (Great Moulton - next to Aslacton) to Susanna Miller (who may have been the sister of Henry Millar) and after her death 6 February 1800 he married in 1801 in Illington to Susanna Hooper. He was in Eccles by 1771 to about 1785 and in Morley St. Peter from at least February 1784, when he witnessed a wedding there to 1791, and perhaps later in Banhan. He died 10 March 1814 and was buried in Illington [per MI] leaving his estate to his wife Susanna, daughter Ann, and sons John (who does not appear to have married) and Francis (m.Charlotte Murrell 1827 in Illington, from 1837 known as Francis Hammond Gates and died in Eaton 3 October 1878 with a will 57). Susanna died in Thetford in 1850 leaving her estate to Francis Hammond Gates, John Anthony Gates 58 and Anne Hooper Gayford 59;

4. Ruth baptised Besthorpe 16 May 1746. Ruth was likely the Ruth Gates who apprenticed in 1764 to Elizabeth Gooch of Norwich, Milliner (file 55/127). She married Charles Syder (b. 1748 in Banham to Thomas & Mary) at Wymondham 25 February 1772 (Martha Gates was a witness) and had at least 7 children: Charles b.? d.1773 in Wymondham but buried in Banham; Joseph baptised 25 January 1774 in Wymondham and, again, 3 months later in Illington; Mary b. 18 May 1775 in Banham; Francis b. 1776; John b. 1779 and Norris b. 1781, the last 3 in Larling. Ruth died in Pentney [FbL] 26 December 1831 aged 85;

5. *John baptised Besthorpe 27 June 1751. John married in December of 1777 in Aslacton to Lucy Rose. (see below);

6. Joseph baptised Besthorpe 8 June 1752 ...; and

7. Martha baptised Illington 10 March 1754. She was single in 1772 when she witnesses her sister’s marriage to Charles Syder and married in October of 1773 (Lic.) in Illington to Henry Millar or Miller of Moulton 60 and had issue in Larling from 1775, viz; Mary, 1775 - d. 1777, Susanna 1776 and Maria 1778.

At the time of the marriage both parties were stated to be from Carleton St. Mary [=East Carleton 61], Francis was described as a husbandman and Ruth was said to be aged “about 22 years”. Their whereabouts for the next several years is still unknown but it is possible that they returned to Ruth’s home parish of East Dereham although there were none of their children baptised in the parish church there.

The first confirmed appearance of the family of Francis and Ruth Gates was the burial in the Parish of Besthorpe in April of 1740 of a daughter Frances, who was probably born elsewhere in 1738 or 1739. Next there was the baptism of their daughter Mary in May of 1741 in Besthorpe, followed by Francis in 1743 and Ruth in 1746. There is a gap of 6 years, which would allow for two more children, before the next two baptisms in Besthorpe: John in 1751 and Joseph in 1752. The next child, a daughter Martha, was baptised in Illington [Shropham 100] (about 7 miles S.W. of Besthorpe but adjacent to Larling) in 1754 and the family obviously moved to the parish before that date. In 1767 Francis Gates occupied 3 parcels in Illington, one “late Steels”, in 1781 was the Parish Assessor and in 1779 he entered into a 21 year lease of a messauge there. 62

Francis was the Churchwarden in Illington [? to verify] and Parish Assessor in 1781and died there 7 April 1785, intestate 63, at the age of 73 64 and was buried in Illington. His wife Ruth had died 3 years prior, on 24 February 1782, aged 66, also in Illington 65.

One other Gates family in Besthorpe at this time was Samuel and Elizabeth (nee Austin they married 1747 in Bunwell) whose three children were baptised there: Tabitha in 1754 (d. 1754), John in 1757 (d. 1757) and Francis 66 in 1758. Their first child, Francis, was baptised 6 Feb. 1748/9 in Tasburg 67 [Dep100 - abutting Hempnall on its west side].


John Gates was baptised 27 June 1751 in Besthorpe (Shropham 100) to Francis Gates and Ruth Francis and married, by Licence 68, on 30 December 1777 in Aslacton (Depwade 100)[formerly Eslington, between Tibbenham & Moulton] to Lucy Rose aged 19 (b. 1759 in Aslacton). At the time, John was from Illington and Lucy was from Aslacton. Their first child, a son John, was baptised in Aslacton in April of 1778 [4 months after marriage] before John and Lucy moved to the Parish of Larling (Shropham 100), 9 miles west of Aslacton. They had 14 more children there [! - of whom 4 seem to have died in childhood]. John Gates was the gamekeeper in Larling in 1801 for William Woodley of Larling Manor (although it may have been John Jr. who held that job) and Churchwarden in Larling from at least 1784 until at least 1811. He and Lucy probably moved after 1815 69 to East Harling where he made out his will in January of 1820 70. He died (probably in East Harling) 19 November 1831, “aged 80", and was buried in Illington. Lucy Gates (nee Rose) died 21 March 1834 71 in East Harling, aged 74, and was also buried in Illington on 28 March 1834 72.

Of their surviving children 73-

1. John (b. 1778) married by License 74 Mary Porter (of Eccles, b. 1774 daughter of William and Frances and d. 21 June 1846) 5 Aug 75 1800 in Larling and appeared to have had no surviving children. He died in East Harling 7 May 1841 (but buried in Illington) owning properties in East Harling 76 and South Lopham and left an extensive will 77 leaving bequests to his wife and all of his siblings 78. Mary was buried 21 June 1847 79 in East Harling.

2. Francis (b. 15 July 1781) married Sarah Betts (b. Bunwell c. 1786) in 1802 (Lic.) in Larling 80 and by 1813 was living in Grimston (or Grimstone) [FbL 100] 81, probably with his brother Joseph. Francis, farmer of Grimston, died 7 November 1830 82 and administration of his estate 83 was granted three years later to his widow Sarah. Sarah died 7 July 1866 in Grimstone [Freebridge Lynn RD]. They had 3 sons: Robert b.1816 Grimston (single, in 1871 an ag. Lab in Grimston); William b.c. 1819 (single, in 1871 the porter at the Workhouse in Gayton and died 29 July 1884 with a will proved by his brother John Gates a hosier in Kings Lynn 84); and John b.c. 1825? [or 1815] (married and in 1871 a shoemaker in South Lynn with wife Sarah and 2 sons and by 1884 a hosier in Kings Lynn); and 5 daughters: Lucy (b. 1813 d. 1815); Martha (b.c. 1820 m. 1/4 1860 FbL to John Mason and residing in 1881 in Wells); Susan b. 1823; Ann [?]; and Mary Ann (b.c. 1827 and m.1/4 1845 FbL to Robert Barrett and residing in 1881 in Roydon) 85.

1841 - Sarah was still in Grimston living with her father Francis Betts and her two sons William and John.

1851 - Grimston - Sarah is living with her son William

1861 - Grimston - Sarah is living with her son Robert

1871 -

1881 - Grimston - Robert and William Gates, 64 and 61 respectively and both unmarried ag. Labs.

3. *Mary (b. 25 Aug.1782) married Samuel Newson Porter of North Lopham (son of Samuel and Mary) in 1803 (Lic.) in Larling [see above].

4. Martha (b. 5 Feb.1784) married Robert Beart Jr. [b. 1787] of Rickenhall, Suffolk in 1805 (by Lic. 86) in Larling and had at least a daughter Mary baptised 8 Jan 1806 in Larling, a son Robert Gates 87 born in either Wattisfield, Breckles or Rickinghall in 1811 and a son John Gates baptised 11 July 1824 in Breckles Norfolk but buried in Illington 27 April 1825.

1841 - ? (his son Robert 88 and wife Sophia and seven children were at the Farm House by the Gate in Breccles, Norfolk. Also there is Susan Gates (b. Grimstone 1824-1828 and likely the daughter of Francis and Sarah )).

1851 - Breccles, Norfolk - Robert, Martha 2 grandchildren (children of Robert & Sophia) and 3 nieces (Gates and Watsons) are farming on 240 acres at Grange Farm

Robert Beart of Breccles died 30 July 1859, aged 72, and was buried 4 August in Illington 89.

1861 & 1871 - Attelborough - Martha, a widow, is living with her niece Susan Gates 90.

Martha died in Wayland RD, probably in East Harling, on 10 February 1879, aged 95, and was buried the same day in Illington 91.

5. Joseph (b. 17 Nov. 1785) married Marianne/Mary Ann Porter (b. 1787 to Thomas Porter and Ann Jary 92) in Larling in 1808 (Lic.) and in that year moved to Grimston. They had at least the following born or baptised in Grimston: Marianne b. June d. 24 July 1808; Lucy b. October 1809 d. 14 May 1811; Lucy b. April 1816 but buried 9 Sept. 1816; Joseph William bapt. 12 Dec. 1817; Mary Ann/Marianne bapt. April 1816 with Lucy 93 & Martha, also b. 1816? 94. It is possible that Mary Ann/Marianne died after 1820 or that Joseph and Mary Ann separated.

1841 - Grimston - only Mary Gates, 40, schoolmistress with Martha Gates, 20 95. Joseph cannot be found in Grimston or anywhere else on the index to the 1841 census 96.

1851 - Parson Drove, Leverington, Cambridgeshire - Joseph, 55, [although he would be 65] is living with a wife, Elizabeth 32 (b. in Wattisfield, Suffolk c. 1818 so much younger than Joseph 97), in Parson Drove with their two children, Martha 6 and William 5/12, both born in Parson Drove.

1861 - Leverington, Cambridgeshire - Joseph, 75, was still living in Leverington (Parson Drove) with his son William,10, while Elizabeth was in Thelnethan SFK with her mother Mary Burrough and her married sister Mary Rouse.

1871 - nil so he must have died 98 or moved out of the country before the 1881 census, although he was not noted as deceased in the will notation of his brother William in 1885.


6. Lucy (b. 4 July 1789) married Charles Beart of Rickenhall, Suffolk in 1811 (Lic.) in Larling and had only a son William baptised 1812 in Larling but buried 4 months later in Illington and a daughter Emma in 1813 in Larling. According to the will of Robert Beart, the father of Charles, by 1834 they had four children - Emma, Caroline, Mary and John and, in a codicil attached to that will, an earlier son named Charles. Charles Beart, the wife of Lucy, died 2 November 1825 in Wattisfield, Suffolk and his will 99, which was unorthodoxly made without a signature and in the presence of only family members, provided for his wife Lucy and five children. Lucy Gates was appointed administrator (with will attached) of the estate of her deceased husband 2 March 1826. An affidavit forming part of the probate documentation revealed that the family had been in Wattisfield for 20 years.

1841 - Wattisfield, [near Walsham le Willows] Suffolk with daughter Emma.

1851 - Brockdish, Norfolk - Lucy is a widow and grocer and draper with her daughter Emma and son John (b. 1824 Wattisfield) and her grandson Walter Robinson.

1861 - Brockdish - Lucy is living with her son John, a grocer, her daughter Emma and grandson Walter Robertson [sic]

1871 - Brockdish - Lucy is living with her son John, a grocer, her daughter Emma and grandson Walter Robinson.

Lucy died 3/4 1875 in Depwade RD but, as was not buried in Brockdish, she may have been interred with Charles in Wattisfield.

7. Ruth (b. 16 Feb. 1791) married George Wells (b.c. 1791) of Norwich, St. Andrew in 1817 (Lic.) in Larlng (witness was Sarah Fuller) and had at least 6 children baptised at St. Mary Baptist Chapel in Norwich: George John (John G.)1818; David 1820; Anne 1821 (m. Samuel Bird); Ruth 1823; George 1824; and Harriet (Hattie) 1826; plus 4 others including Frances Elizabeth Wells and those referred to in her will: Samuel; Charles F.; and Sarah (m. John Silcock) 100. This other daughter, Frances Elizabeth (or Fanny), was born in Norwich in 1827, was living with her uncle William Gates at the time of the 1871 and 1881 censuses, and died single 7 May 1889 in Eaton. George and Ruth Wells lived for a time in Attleborough 101 where George was a grocer and mercer before apparently moving by 1841 to “America” 102. The 1900 US Census entry for their son John G. indicates that they had immigrated in 1834, and had lived in Montreal, Quebec 103 for some time prior to 1860. George was the George Wells, formerly of Montreal C.E. who died 18 April 1863 in Baraboo 104. Ruth Wells, widow, died 20 November 1874 in Baraboo, Wiscconsin 105.

1850, 1851 - nil on Indexes

1860 - Baraboo, Sauk Co., Wisconsin - George and Ruth and 5 of their children (David, Ruth, George, Walter and J.H. 106

1870 - Baraboo, Sauk Co., Wisconsin - Ruth, widow, 3 children (David, Ruth and Harriett) and 1 grandchild

1875 - Baraboo, Sauk Co., Wisconsin - families of JG Wells and David Wells

1880 - Baraboo - David, 60 b. Eng. and Ruth jr., 56 b. Eng., both single and living together, John G, 47 [b.1833?] b. Canada [sic] with his wife and 4 children

1900 - Baraboo - Ruth, jr. living with John G. a widower

1905 - Baraboo - Ruth jr. living with John G.

1910 - Baraboo - John G living with his daughter Jessamine Russell and her family 107

1920 - Baraboo - John G living with his daughter Clara M. Newman, widow.

8. William (b. 23 Apr. 1796) married Sarah Fuller 108 in 1818 (Lic.) in Norwich St. Andrew. His sister Ruth Wells was a witness. They appear to have had only one child - John who died 17 Dec. 1862 aged 39 and was buried with his parents in the Rosary Cemetery Norwich. Sarah Gates, “the wife of Mr. Gates of Larling” died 11 Feb.1865 in Wayland RD and was buried in Rosary Cemetery Norwich.

1841- Larling - farming with Sarah and a son John, b. Larling c. 1822 and 1 servant

1851- Larling - farming with Sarah and a son John and 2 servants - Hall Farm

1861- Larling - farming with Sarah and a son John (he died 17 Dec. 1862) and 1 servant

1871 - Eaton (Norwich) - Town Close - William is living with his niece F.E. Wells (b. Norwich 1820) and a servant.

1881 - Eaton (Norwich) - Liberty of Town Close [22 Newmarket Road] - William is living with a servant and his niece Frances Wells (b. Norwich 1827).

In 1868 William Gates of Norwich appeared in the Register of Voter for a copyhold house and shop at the Marketplace in East Harling - likely inherited from his father John.

William died in Norwich 8 September 1885 109 and was buried with his wife and son in Rosary Cemetery Norwich 110.

9. Robert (b. 4 Nov. 1797) married Sarah Pratt (b. Thetford) in 1827 in Thetford St. Cuthbert.

1841 - Redgrave, Suffolk - merchant with Sarah and a son George and a servant.

1851 - Redgrave, Suffolk - farmer of 94 acres with wife Sarah, son Robert, daughter Maria and son George and a servant.

1861 - Sporle with Palgrave, Norfolk - Steward - with wife Sarah. He is shown as a Farm Steward.

1871 - South Raynham, Norfolk 111 - with wife Sarah.

Robert Gates died 3/4 1876 in Norwich 112.

10. Ann (b. 17 Sept. 1801) and married in 1831 in East Harling to Daniel Watson (b. c. 1797 Harling) who in 1832 (Voters List) and 1841 (census) was the Innkeeper of the Swann’s Inn in the Market Place there before moving to Larling sometime before 1847 (Voters List). They had 7 children baptised in East Harling from 1831 to 1840, 2 of whom died young. By 1885 (per the will notation of their uncle William Gates) Elizabeth (wife of William Warman), Daniel, Harriet and Emma were still alive.

1841 - East Harling - Daniel, an Innkeeper, Ann and 6 children plus Catherine Beart (the Governess), 3 servants, a drover and Ann’s sister Mary Porter (the wife of Samuel Porter of N. Lopham).

1851 - Larling - Daniel an Innkeeper (the “Angel” 113), Ann and 3 children (2 more were in Breccles with her sister Martha Beart)

1861 - Larling - Daniel was a Victualler, Maltster and Farmer, living with Ann and their 2 children Harriet and Daniel.

1871 - Norwich St. Giles - Ann, a widow, is working as a haberdasher with her two eldest daughters Emma and Harriet.

In 1847 Daniel Watson of Larling was qualified to vote in East Harling by virtue of his copyhold land and dwelling on White Hart Street there.

Daniel Watson, a resident of Larling, died in October 1864 and was buried in East Harling 20 October 1864. Ann was buried in East Harling 2 November 1875 114, [Wayland RD 4/4 1875 aged 73] although her residence at the time of her death was stated as Attelborough 115.


1. William Gates buried Hempnall 11 Dec. 1733


Dorothie Chapman married Francis Gates 4 November 1675 in Loddon. Both Francis, who was 42, and Dorothy had previously been married and were likely of a similar age. Dorothy was probably born about 1633 as her last child was born in 1678. Dorothy’s only daughter with Francis was named Mary.

William Chapman married Dorothy Baldwine 2 Oct. 1656 in Norwich (Parish not identified on record at and although this aligns with the age of Dorothy, they do not clearly relate to the Loddon Chapmans. A Dorothy Chapman, daughter of Henry and Anne, was baptised in Foulsham [Eyn] ub 1644/5 and a John Chapman, bastard son of Dorothy, was baptised 18 June 1615 in Martham [FgW] where Richard Chapman married Audry Hill in 1577.

Chapmans were in Loddon but only from 1645 to 1664, viz:

William Chapman, son of Christopher, was baptised in Loddon 16 Nov. 1645;

William Chapman and Anne had the following:

- Ann Chapman baptised in Loddon 6 May 1650 (although the mother’s name is not given);

- Dorothy Chapman baptised in Loddon 23 March 1655/6 but buried there 5 May 1656.

William and Mary Chapman had a daughter Mary baptised in Loddon 24 April 1664.

Dorothie Chapman married Thomas Hacon 23 Jan. 1682/3 in Loddon.

It is therefore highly suggestive that Dorothy Chapman, widow, who married Francis Gates was part of this family.


Agnes/Anne Mowe 116 (b.c. 1598) married Ellis/Elias Gates 16 May 1622 in Loddon [Lod] Norfolk.

An Oliver de la Mowe apparently married the sister and heir of Gregory Felmingham by 16 Edward II (1320), and a John Mowe was the incumbent at Metton [N.Erp] in Norfolk from the end of May 1405 to the end of July 1418 117. Mowes were in Great Yarmouth in 1317 (as de la Mowe), 1370 (as Atte Mowe) and until 1619, and Leonard Mowe had administration of his estate granted to his widow Elizabeth in 1562, John Paris married Elizabeth Mow there 20 May 1569, John Mow married Adry Barnaby in 1574 and John Mow (perhaps the same) married Sarah Povet or Pouet in 1579 (all Boyds). Mowes were in Chedgrave from 1557 to 1586 and 1603 and in Poringland in 1592.

Thomas Mowe (b.c. 1532) married, firstly, Alice ____ and, likely, had the following children in Chedgrave 118:

1. *Richard born about 1554 119 (see below); and

2. Alice baptised 10 March 1557/8 in Chedgrave 120 , but buried there 2 Feb. 1558/9 121.

Thomas Mowe was a witness to the 1558 will of Robert Dyman of Chedgrave and the 1598 will of John Booty of Loddon and was executor of the 1564 will of Katherine Mowe the widow of Thomas. The will of Robert Dyman made 5 October 1558 also gave bequests to Alice Mowe the elder and Alice Mowe the younger, suggesting that the first wife of Thomas Mowe was named Alice.

Thomas Mowe married, secondly, Alice Bellson 122 in Loddon 2 Feb. 1560/1 and the following children of Thomas were baptised in Loddon 123:

1. Katherine 15 Jan. 1561/2 and married Owen Wells 18 June 1583 in Chedgrave 124 and had at least 6 children by 1603 - John, Robert, Bettrys, Alice, Cisely and Martha;

2. William 23 April 1564 but buried there 30 June 1565; and

3. Aldrye [Audry?] buried in Loddon 25 September 1569.

Thomas Mowe of Loddon was a witness to the will of George Booty of Loddon in 1598 and Thomas Mowe and Owen Wells were witnesses to the surrender of Booty’s lands to the manor.

Thomas Mowe of Chedgrave, yeoman, died in September or October of 1603 leaving a will 125 which gave his properties in Chedgrave and Loddon to his wife Alice and then to Owin and Katherine Welles and their children.

Since their last child was born in 1569 and Thomas’s will referred to several Bellsons 126, it is very possible that both Thomas and Alice, or at least Alice, were widowed at the time of their marriage in 1560/1.

Richard Mowe 127 (b.c. 1554) married Alice _____ in about 1580 128. Alice Mowe, the “wife of Richard”, was buried in Chedgrave 21 April 1585 129.

Richard Mowe married, secondly, Elizabeth Holmes 130 28 May 1586 in Chedgrave 131 and had at least the following:

1. *Anne baptised 4 June 1592 132 in Loddon and is likely the Anne Mowe who had an illegitimate daughter Mary baptised in Loddon 24 June 1618 and who married Ellis Gates 16 May 1622 in Loddon (see above).

Richard Mowe was buried in Loddon 12 January 1600/1 133. The “widow Mowe”, very likely Elizabeth, was buried in Loddon 14 Oct. 1628.

The 1664 Hearth Assessment for Loddon contained no Mowes but there was a Roger More and a Francis More there.


Elizabeth Holmes 134 was born about 1564, married Richard Mowe 28 May 1586 in Chedgrave and was buried 14 October 1628 in Loddon.

William Holmes married Johan Alborough 31 January 1560/1 in Loddon but appear to have no children baptised there.

Amy Homes, single woman, left a will in 1583 135 which referred to her brother [sic] Thomas Burrell and sister [sic] Cristen Burrell.

Robert Holmes married Elizabeth Westgate 8 April 1589 in Loddon and had at least the following baptised there:

1. John 12 Nov. 1589; and

2. Christopher 18 July 1591, a butcher who died in about 1646 and whose will 136 referred to his children Anne, Elizabeth, Mary, Anne [sic], John and Roger the last three then under 21 and was witnessed by William Holmes.

Elizabeth Holmes the wife of Robert was buried in Loddon 16 January 1600/1.

Robert Holmes of Chedgrave and Mary his wife were witnesses to the 1598/9 will of Agnes Green of Chedgrave and Mary Holmes received a bequest of clothing in that will.

The other Holmes in the Loddon register were Anne who married William Reader 20 Nov. 1560 and Elizabeth who married Edward Sayer 27 July 1589.


A Thomas Ebotts, Blacksmith, was a citizen of Norwich in 1529. Edward Ebbettes, tanner of Heigham next Norwich, left a will in 1562 which provided for his wife Alice, brother John Ebbette, son Thomas Ebbette and daughter Elizabeth Harman. The son Thomas was likely the Thomas Ebbotts who had 5 children baptised (including John in 1566) and 2 other children buried in Heigham from 1563 to 1587 with his wife Margaet and the Thomas Ebbottes who lived in Norwich in 1580 138. Christopher Ebbitts witnessed the will of Richard Fawsett, butcher of Norwich in 1589 and Christopher and Margaret Ebbotts of Norwich were referred to in the will of Christopher Barrett in 1597. Henry Ebbets married Dorothy Master 2 Aug. 1575 in Belaugh. Ralph Ebotts and Elizabeth (Funtin) received 2 acres of land in Salle in 1562 from Arthur Funtin 139. A Ralph Abbet/Ebbotts of Great Yarmouth left a will in 1570 (NCC 188 Brygge).

Ebbetts of Depwade 100

John Ebotts was left a bequest of clothing in the will of Richard Browne servant to the Knevits of Ashwellthorpe in 1555. Ashwellthorpe is about 4 parishes to the NW of Hempnall but still in the Depwade 100.

The first Ebbetts/Abetts recorded in the Parish Registers of Hempnall 140 was John Abott who married Christian Watts 15 July 1565, although Christian died in 1567. A William Ebbuts married Alice Flint in Hempnall 7 Dec. 1589.


John Ebbage (b.c. 1560 or possibly the same individual as the John Abott/Abetts above) married Margaret _____ (b.c. 1563) sometime prior to 1587 and had 5 children baptised in Hempnall:

1. Robert Ebage 16 June 1588 although he died in 1590;

2. Henry Ebbuts 8 March 1589/90, although his father’s name was not given (he died 1596);

3. John Ebedg 2 January 1591/2 although he died 1596;

4. Christopher Ebbedge 14 April1594 although he died 1596;

5.* [Richard 1596?]; and

6. Elizabeth Ebbedg 12 March 1597/8 141 although the father’s name was not given.

John Ebbedge died, intestate, and was buried in Hempnall 24 April 1597 and administration was granted 29 April to his widow Margaret 142. He was likely the father of Richard, below, although there is no record in the Hempnall registers of Richard’s baptism.

Margaret Ebidge married Roger Stalworthy in 1597 in nearby Newton Flotman.


Richard Ebbege (b.c. 1596) married Ann Baraway 28 January 1616/7 in Hempnall and had at least 7 children baptised there:

1.* John Ebbege 30 March 1617 - married Ann Branson (see below);

2. Elizabeth Ebbedg 10 Sept. 1619;

3. Margerie Ebbedg12 Nov. 1620 but was likely the Margreta Ebbege buried in 1633 in Hempnall;

4. Anne 17 Nov. 1621;

5. Grace 25 Apr. 1625 (buried 30 Oct. 1633);

6. Susanna 12 Aug. 1627; and

7. Jonathan 7 Oct. 1627 [sic] and likely married Sarah ___ and they had at least two sons - Jonathan in 1653 and William in 1659 - before Jonathan, his wife Sarah and two of their sons died in 1666 and were buried in Hempnall.

Ann Ebbege died and was buried 20 Feb. 1629/30 in Hempnall.

Richard Ebidge then married Alice Rogers in Ipswich in 1631 143 but she died and was buried 27 March 1632 in Hempnall.


Richard Ebbage then married for the third time to Dorothy Rochester 17 Aug. 1632 in Harleston cum Redenhall and had at least 4 more children baptised in Hempnall:

8. Richard 6 June 1633 and likely married Margaret Barrett 16 July 1660 in Stoke Holy Cross which adjoins Shotesham on the north;

9. William 24 Sept. 1635;

10. Anne 29 Sept. 1639 and likely married Jeffry Meeke in 1659 in Stoke Holy Cross; and

11. Elizabeth 20 Sept. 1642 - father’s name given as Ebbets 144.

Dorothy, the widow of Richard Ebbetts, died and was buried in Hempnall in 10 Nov. 1671. Richard therefore died between 1642 and 1671 145. [get will? Civil War?]

Also in Hempnall at the time was Leonard Ebbedge 146 who married Elizabeth Sendall 147 5 October 1626 and had a daughter Abigail 148 baptised 9 Dec. 1630 and a son James 17 Sept. 1634. Elizabeth Ebbedge wife of Leonard died and was buried in Hempnall 24 March 1637/8 and Leonard 149 Ebetts of remarried by license to Mary ___ 10 August 1639 in Heigham, the parties from Hempnall, and had several more children with her including a daughter Mary [or Margaret?] 16 Feb. 1639/40 before he died, as Hebedge, in about 1648 leaving a will 150. A Margaret Ebbidge married Edward Knights 19 Jan. 1663/4 in Hempnall.

John Abett and his wife Sarah had sons Joseph in 1671 and Benjamin in 1673 (he died 1673). John died and was buried in Hempnall in 1676 151.


John Ebbidge married 7 Oct. 1640 in Pulham SMM to Ann Branson and had the following children baptised in Harwick 152 (the next parish north of Pulham) and are the first Ebbetts in that parish:

1.* John 25 Nov 1641 (see below);

2. Elizabeth 9 July 1644 and may have died before reaching adulthood as neither she nor any of her children were referred to in the 1704 will of her father; and

3. Richard 8 Dec 1646 and married Elizabeth (see below).


Anne, wife of John Ebbets, died and was buried in Hardwick 3 Feb 1683/4. John Ebbets, widower of Hardwick, married Jane Booty (or Boo), widow of Shelton, at Shelton 7 April 1685 153. John Ebbats and son were recorded in the Fritton Church Wardens’ Accounts as receiving money for a days work in 1660 and in 1663 Jonathan Ebbits was paid for soffitting the church. John Ebbetts was a church warden in Hardwick in 1661 where his name still adorns the rood screen in the parish church 154, was listed in the 1664 Hearth Tax in Hardwick and was noted in the Hardwick Churchwardens' Books of 1678 as having donated towards the rebuilding St. Paul's Cathedral in London 155.

John Ebbets, yeoman of Hardwick, died and was buried in Hardwick 30 April 1704. His will 156 left his lands in Hardwick to his grandson John Ebbets, bricklayer of Fritton. Jane Ebbetts, widow, died and was buried in Hardwick 8 July 1706.


John Ebbetts, born 1641 to John and Anne above, married Mary Sayer 157 25 April 1671 in Tharston [Dep], by license 158 and both parties were said to be of Hardwick (adjoining Pulham St. Mary Virgin on the north) with the marriage to take place there or Tharston. They had the following children baptised:

1. Anne - 14 Mar 1671/2 in Hardwick;

2. John - 17 Aug 1673 in Hardwick & married Rose Foulsham in 1697/8 in Stratton St. Michael, was a bricklayer in Fritton and received his grandfather’s lands in 1704 as well as being executor of his will (see below);

3. Margaret - 13 April 1675 in Long Stratton (Stratton St. Mary) and married Robert Brown;


4. Mary - 20 March 1678/9 in Stratton St. Michael & married William Buck or Burcke 1702 Norwich St. George Tombland?, the bride from “Brakon”= Bracon Ash;

5. Richard - 13 April 1680 in Stratton St. Michael & married Anne ______ 159 and received £80 from the 1704 will of his grandfather at which point he was a worstead weaver in Norwich. Richard and two of his sisters Jane (or his brother John) and Mary Bucke are referred to in a 6 Feb. 1713[/4?] discharge from Robert Brown of Stratton St. Michael (NRO). Richard Ebbetts, freeholder of Hardwick, was listed in the 1734 Freeholders’ List. He was likely the Richard Ebbets who died intestate 160 and was buried in Hardwick 3 September 1736;

*6. Elizabeth - 29 May 1683 in Stratton St. Michael & married Francis Gates 29 May 1703 Norwich St. George Tombland?; and

7. Jane - 25 September 1685 in Stratton St. Michael and appears to be single and living in Tivetshall in 1713/4 [unless it is John].

John Ebbidge was referred to in the 1684 Rental Records of Long Stratton, having purchased land there on 10 Oct. 1673.

Mary Ebbetts died and was buried in Stratton St. Michael 19 May 1686 and in an administration bond dated 14 December 1713 161 [sic] Margaret Brown, born Ebbets and the daughter of John Ebbets and Mary Sayer, together with Robert Brown of Stratton St. Michael her husband, was granted administration of the estate of her mother.

John remarried 15 January 1688/9 to Elizabeth Pye of Fritton in Stratton St. Michael, but they appear to have had no children together.

John Ebbets, mason of Swainsthorpe died about August 1700 162 and his will 163 referred to the land of his father John in Hardwick and provided for his wife Elizabeth and his 7 children: John who was to receive John’s land in Hardwick (from his father John) and in Stratton St. Michael after the death of Elizabeth; Richard; Anne; Margaret; Mary; Elizabeth; and Jane.

Elizabeth Ebbetts, widow of Fritton, died 12 November 1703 164 and her nuncupative will 165 made two days earlier and put into writing 13 November 1703 provided for the same 7 children all described as her sons and daughters-in-law which confirms that she was the second wife of John and not the mother of his seven children. She also provided for Rose the wife of John Ebbetts, her step-son and Elizabeth their daughter.

Family Members

Richard Ebbetts (b. 1646 the 2nd son of John and Ann Ebbidge, above) married Elizabeth _______ before 1682 and had their first 11 children baptised and buried in Hardwick -

1. John 4 Apr 1683 - but buried 7 June 1683

2. Elizabeth 6 Jan 1683/4 - but buried 8 Jan 1683/4

3. Richard 8 Feb 1684/5

4. Elizabeth 9 Oct 1686 - but buried 7 Jan 1692/3

5. John 12 Nov 1687 - but buried 3 Apr 1689

6. Daniel 9 Dec 1688 - but buried 6 Feb 1688/9

7. John 22 Dec 1689 - but buried 2 Apr 1690

8. Thomas 19 Feb 1690/1 - but buried 21 May 1691

9. Mary 24 Apr 1692 - but buried 11 Sept 1692

10. Elizabeth 30 Sept 1693

11. Mary _____ ? - but buried 16 Aug 1696

Their next 3 children were baptised in Pulham St. Mary Magdalene

12. Ann 5 May 1697 - but buried in Hardwick 5 Jan 1697/8 166

13. Daniel 1 June 1698 - but buried in Hardwick 5 Oct 1698 (father of Pulham)

14. John 5 Feb 1700/1 (although mother not named) - but buried in Hardwick 9 March 1700/1 (father of Pulham Market).

Consequently, only 2 (Richard and Elizabeth) of their 14 children appear to have survived beyond infancy, most dying within their first four months.

John Ebbetts (b. 1673 the 1st son and 2nd child of John and Mary Ebbetts, above) married Rose Foulsham 15 February 1697/8 in Stratton St. Michael, “both single and formerly of Wreningham” and had the following children 167:


1. John - baptised 29 Nov. 1698 in Stratton St. Michael 168;

2. Rose - baptised 13 Feb. 1699/70 in Stratton St. Michael;

3. Elizabeth - baptised 27 June 1701 in Stratton St. Michael and m. ___ Eastoll;

4. Mary - baptised ? - but buried in Stratton St. Michael, but father of Fritton, 9 August 1703;

5. Thomas - baptised in Fritton 17 July 1704 but buried in Stratton St. Michael 24 Nov 1704 169;

6. Joseph - baptised 12 January 1706/7 in Pulham SMV but buried in Hardwick 13 May 1707 (father of Pulham);

7. Joseph - baptised 20 June 1708 in Pulham SMV but buried in Hardwick 30 June 1708 (father of Pulham);

8. Daniel - baptised ? - buried in Hardwick 25 February 1709/10 (father of Pulham);

9. Daniel - born 11 January 1711/2 and baptised in Fritton [?] and as Daniel of Saxlingham married 5 Feb. 1735/6 in St. Mary Marsh to Elizabeth Dady and had issue from 1713/4 in Saxlingham He was buried 12 April 1772 (as Dania Ebbage) in Saxlingham Nethergate with a will 170 leaving his estate to his wife Elizabeth and his two sons Daniel (and his two children Martha and Daniel) and Jabez. Daniel was, like his father, a bricklayer/mason;

10. Richard - baptised 29 July 1711 in Pulham SMV but buried in Hardwick 28 May 1713 (father of Morningthorpe);

11. Richard - baptised 10 April 1715 in Morningthorpe but buried in Hardwick 19 Aug 1715 (father’s surname spelled as Ebbage); and

12. James - baptised ? - buried in Hardwick 13 Oct. 1721.

x. Francis - baptised 29 March 1720 in Shelton.

Rose Ebbetts likely died before 1727 because John Ebbetts, widower of Shelton, married in Long Stratton 29 Dec 1727 to Mary Morter, widow of Stratton St. Mary.

John was a mason, like his father, and was the John Ebbetts, freeholder of Long Stratton, in the 1734 Freeholders’ List, likely on the land inherited from his father.

Other Ebbetts in the area were:

-Robert Ollett of Stratton St, Mary married in Morningthorpe 25 Feb 1681/2 to Sarah Abbitt of Stratton, both single.

-William Ebbets married Sarah Coardy in 1733 in Morningthorpe and had the following:

1. Richard baptised 14 July 1734 in Hardwick; and

2. William baptised 19 Nov. 1738 in Hardwick.

In 1742 William Ebberts, widower, married in Earsham to Elizabeth Rayson. (see their settlement certificate - Hardwick to Earsham - 6 Dec. 1743 - with children Richard, William, Sarah and Elizabeth).

-Sampson Ebbats married Margaret Tompson 26 Aug. 1624 in Spixworth.

-Richard Ebbetts, a blacksmith who married in Shimpling 1704 to Mary Witelow 171, and had a son Richard baptised 13 March 1704/5 in Dickleburgh before Mary died and was buried in Dickleburgh 26 Sept. 1705. Richard died and was buried in Dickleburgh 17 Feb. 1705/6 and administration of his estate was granted 26 Feb. 1705/6 to his principal creditor 172.

Ebbitts were in Norwich in 1633 when a Widow Ebbitts, a “poore” person, appeared in the Norwich Poor Rate Book in St. Michael at Thorn. There was also a John Ebbetts, poulterer of Norwich, who had apprentices enrolled in 1715, 1722, 1727 (his son John) and 1740.

There were Ebbiges in Ranworth with Panxworth from 1680 when 3 (possibly brothers) appear - John, Martin and Matthew.

Richard Ebage married Mary Todd in Earsham in 1703, although both were from adjacent Earsham.


Ann Baraway was born about 1595 and married 28 Jan. 1616/7 in Hempnall [Dep] to Richard Ebbege (see above). There is no record of her baptism in Hempnall. Their children were, in order, John, Elizabeth, Margerie, Anne, Grace, Susann and Jonathan. Richard’s parents were John and Margaret so Anne’s mother may have been Elizabeth.

Johan, George and John Burway were given bequests in the 1555 will of Sir Thomas Tokey of Wicklewood [For], Clerk and were his servants. Edward Bearaway married Cicelly Manwell in 1586 in Upton [Wal], Thomas Bearway of Upton [Wal] had an administration granted in 1593 to his wife Elizabeth 174 and William Beraway of South Walsham [Wal] left a will in 1593-6 175. Marion Bearaway, widow of Ingham [Hap] (by Hempsatead, Eccles, Hickling and Horsey) left a 1594 will providing for her children Margerie, Robert and Nicholas 176. John Berawaye of Frettenham [Tav] had a will in 1564 which left his estate to his wife Betteris and children John and Helen 177 and Michael Baraway of Thurton [Lod] had a daughter Elizabeth baptised there 13 July 1617 and John & Margaret Bearaway had Matthew baptised there 28 Oct. 1621 and Ursula 20 Dec. 1623. John Beareawaye of Marsham left all his possessions by will to his wife Margaret in 1628. John Buraway had a daughter Frances baptised in Scoulton [Way] 22 Nov. 1627.


Edmund Branson (b.c. 1550) married 29 April 1576 in Hardwick [Dep] to Elizabeth Porter 179 and Edmund had at least the following:

1. Thomas baptised about 1581 in ? and married Anne Stone or, less likely, Stor[k], widow 180, 2 Aug. 1612 and died before 1634/5;

*2. Anne baptised c. 1584 and died before 1634/5 (see below);

3. Elizabeth baptised in Hardwick 28 Dec. 1586 and likely married Henry Branson [sic] 181 26 July 1612 in Hardwick and had a son Edmund baptised there 7 March 1612/3 before Henry died and she then married George Umphrye 182 19 May 1619 in Hardwick; and

4. Daniell baptised in Hardwick 3 May 1590 but buried in Hardwick 10 Nov. 1614.

There were perhaps others baptised elsewhere 183. According to the items referred to in his will, Edmund was likely a shoemaker and he was a churchwarden in Hardwick in 1599 and 1600.

The “wife of Edmund Branson” was buried in Hardwick 31 Dec. 1609 and Edmund Branson “the elder” was buried there 26 Jan. 1637/8 184. An Edmund Branson married Alice Pickling in 1584 in Stokesby [FgE].

Anne Branson (b. c. 1584 and died before 1634/5) does not appear to have married but had

*1. Anne, a bastard daughter who was baptised in Hardwick 26 Dec. 1606 and inherited ½ of the estate of her grandfather Edmund Branson in 1638 She married John Ebbetts in 1640 in Pulham SMM 185 (see above).

An Anne Branson daughter of Thomas was baptised 11 March 1582/3 in Beetley [Lau].

Also in Hardwick was George Branson (b.c. 1612) 186 who m. Mary Wright 6 June 1636 and had a daughter Anne baptised there 13 Nov.1636 before Mary died and was buried in Hardwick 27 August 1637 and George remarried 18 February 1640/1 to Ann Greene.


Mary Sayer (b.c. 1644) married John Ebbetts 25 April 1671 in Tharston although both were from Hardwick. There were no Sayers in the Hardwick parish register so it is likely that Mary had been born elsewhere and perhaps was a servant or maid in Hardwick. They had at least seven children baptised in Hardwick and Stratton St. Michael (Long Stratton) from 1672 to 1685 - Anne (John’s mother), John (John’s father), Margaret, Mary, Richard (John’s grandfather), Elizabeth and Jane, although there were gaps for others. She was likely one of the following:

Thomas Sayer 187 married Elizabeth Paine 9 Feb. 1635 Ditchingham ]Lod] and had the following children 188:


2.Robert; and

3.* Mary baptised 19 Dec. 1645 in Pulham St. Mary Virgin 189 [Ers] and possibly married John Ebbetts 25 April 1671 in Tharston [Dep] 190.

Thomas Sayer and Thomas Sayer Jr. were enumerated in Pulham SMV for the 1664 Hearth Tax for 4 each and they may have been father and son.

Thomas died in about 1666 191 and his will 192 left his estate to his wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas and Robert and daughter Mary.

A Thomas Sayer of Pulham SMV was buried there in about 1706 and administration of his estate was granted to Mary Sayer his relict.


John Sayer married Martha 193 ______ and had the following children:

1. Mary baptised 27 July 1647 in Shelton 194 [Dep] and possibly married John Ebbetts 25 April 1671 in Tharston [Dep]; and

2. John baptised 3 Oct. 1648 in Shelton.

A John Sayer was enumerated in the 1664 Hearth Tax Wymondham for 2 hearthes.

Thomas Sayer was baptised 11 June 1613 in Pulham St. Mary Virgin the son of John Sayer and Ann Cullyn who married 13 Oct. 1607 in Pulham St. Mary Virgin. He is possibly the Thomas Sayer above.

The Sayers were a notable and “Visitation” family in Pulham SMV from early times and were well established there by the late 1500s 195. John Sayer was baptised 9 Sept. 1576 in Pulham the son of Thomas Sayer and Alice, Ann Cullyn was baptised 24 Feb. 1586/7 in Pulham the daughter of John Cullyn and Dorothy Norton who married 26 June 1575 in Pulham, John Sayer died there in 1583 aged 90 etc.


Elizabeth Paine was baptised __ Jan. 1613/4 in Wacton [Dep] the daughter of Robert and Dorothy.

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