NOTE - The Garner surname and associated names are part of the PORTLER pedigree and do not pertain to the PORTER genealogy.



There were Garners, as opposed to Gardener, in a number of parishes in West Norfolk. John and Elizabeth Garner had two children baptised in 1638 and 1640 in Carbrooke. There were also Garner and Gardiners in, for example, Shimpling [Dis] in 1642 where Henry Garner and Thomas Gardiner were both to supply muskets for the purpose of the Civil War 1.

Saham Toney & Shipdam [Way]

Anne Garner the daughter of Henry was buried in Saham Toney 19 September 1690 and, until 1764, she was the first and only Garner found in the parish registers there which began in 1574.

Henry Garner of Shipdam had administration of his estate granted 5 June 1711 to his son Henry Garner of Shipdam, yeoman.

Henry Garner (very likely the son of Henry, above) a widower of North Pickenham married Mary Tufts single woman of Shipdham 22 May 1711 in Shipdham and had at least the following children baptised in Shipdham:

1. Henry 1712;

2. Mary 1715;

3. John 1715/6;

4. Thomas 1718;

5. Anne 1721; and

6. Mary 1724, except that the father's name is given as James.

Five Garner males, who could have been related as brothers or otherwise, were settled in Saham Toney, Ashill and Holme Hale (two parishes to the north of Saham Toney, Ashill and Houghton Hill intervening) in the mid 1700s, viz-

1. Edmund Garner - had two children baptised in Holme Hale with his wife Frances

- Elizabeth 1758 who had an illegitimate daughter Anne in 1791 in Holme Hale

- Anne 1761 but died in 1761

Frances Garner, the wife of Edmund, was buried in Holme Hale in 1761 aged “ about 30".

2. Andrew Garner - married in Saham Toney 4 April 1768 to Anne Griggs, widow, and had three children baptised in Saham Toney

- Mary 1768

- Henry 4 June 1770 2

- Hannah 1772

Anne Garner, the wife of Andrew, was buried in 1807 in Saham Toney aged 68.

3. Henry Garner from Ashill 3 married Margaret Eldred (b.c.1732) of Shipdham 27 Sept. 1761 in Shipdham and they had at least the following children:

-William baptised 20 March 1762 in Ashill but buried there 5 May 1762;

-Catherine baptised 11 March 1764 in Ashill;

-Elizabeth baptised 2 March 1766 in Ashill but butied there 9 March 1766;

-Ellen? baptised 11 May 1767 in Ashill;

-Margaret baptised 7 May 1769 in Ashill but buried there 4 Sept. 1770;

-Margaret baptsed 17 July 1771 in Ashill;

- Sophia baptised 28 May 1775 in Saham Toney; and

-Elizabeth buried 13 November 1783 in Saham Toney.

Margaret Garner, wife of Henry, and maiden name Eldred, was buried in Saham Toney 22 December in 1789 aged 57 and Henry Garner, widower of Saham Toney, married Sarah Beart, widow of Beechamwell, 4 Jan. 1791 4 in Beechamwell 5.

4. John Garner married Elizabeth ___ and had children baptised in Ashill

-John 5 March 1769

-Elizabeth 1 Aug. 1771

-Sarah 21 July 1774

-William 9 Aug. 1777.

5. Thomas Garner "of Holme Hale"- married Charlotte Woodcock and had children baptised in Saham Toney (see below).

William Garner married Mary ___ and had the following baptised in Shipdham 6:

1. *Thomas 9 May 1742 who is likely 7 the Thomas who follows;

2. Mary 25 March 1744 8;

3. Elizabeth 26 July 1747;

4. Sarah 8 January 1749/50 9 and

5. John 22 January 1753.

A William Garner was buried in Saham Toney 22 August 1781 10 and a Mary Garner widow was buried in Saham Toney 19 February 1783.

Thomas Garner (b.c. 1742) of Holme Hale, married Charlotte Woodcock, of Saham Toney, 11 October 1764 in Saham Toney and had the following children baptised there:

1. Dinah 16 July 1766;

2. Benjamin 11 April 1767 but buried there 17 November 1767;

3. Charlotte 1 January 1769;

4. Amy 10 June 1771; and

5.* Benjamin 14 August 1774 (see below).

Charlotte Garner, "the wife of Thomas", died and was buried 26 Oct. 1775 in Saham Toney. Thomas may have been the Thomas Garner aged 80 (therefore born c. 1742) buried in Little Cressingham, the next parish to the s.w. of Saham Toney, 2 August 1822.

Benjamin Garner 11 married on 7 December 1801 in South Lynn to Sarah Adamson (b.c.1776) and had at least the following children, all baptised in All-Saints, South Lynn, the last three in SouthGate Street there:

1. Charlotte - 28 November 1802 - married William Portler in South Lynn 14 February 1822 and had 10 children in South Lynn, West Winch and Terrington St. Clements. She died 11 April 1857 and is buried in Terrington St. Clements;

2. Benjamin - 27 January 1805 - but died 11 June 1813 in Valingers Road, South Lynn, aged 8, and buried there two days later;

3. Henry 12 - 8 February 1807 - married 25 April 1830 in Lynn West to Lucy Crisp at which point Henry was described as a carpenter residing at South Gate in Lynn South. He and Lucy had at least 9 children the first 7 baptised in West Lynn and the last 2 in South Lynn: Sarah (27 Feb. 1831); Mary Elizabeth Gilman (26 May 1833); Samuel Gothan (25 Dec. 1834 and possibly died 1/4 1852 or 2/4 1854 in Marlebone); Lucy (23 July 1837); Caroline Leticia Crampton (b. 1839 but probably died 1839); Harriet Eliza (12 May 1840 m. John Louis Barstow or Bristow 1864); Henry Thomas (2 Jan. 1842 but died 3 March 1842); Thomas Henry (19 Apr. 1843); Caroline Grace (22 Nov. 1844); and Eleanor Emma [Ellen] (b. 1846). For all baptisms except the one in 1844 Henry is described as a Carpenter but in 1844 he is a Publican. Lucy Garner died 3/4 1848 in ______ [Downham RD].

By 1851 Henry, a widower, had moved to London where he lived at #7 Hoopers Court in St. Lukes Chelsea (St. Saviours Upper Chelsea) with 5 daughters and his son Samuel 13.

In 1861 the family, now just Henry and 4 daughters, was at 48 Clarendon Square in St. Pancras Marylebone

In 1871 Henry, 4 daughters and 2 grand-daughters were at 157 St. James Rd. Bermondsey St. James Southwark 14.

He probably died before 1881 as there is no entry on the index for him;

4. Thomas - 28 January 1810 - ;

gap - but possibly Sarah as a Sarah Garner of Terrington SC died, aged 22, in Tilney AS in 1836 - per - and her uncle William Portler died in 1847 in Tilney SL;

5. James Addison [sic] - 17 April 1816 - married a Mary 15 [b. c 1818 in Wymondham, Leicestershire] before 1849, likely in Leicestershire, and had at least 4 children in Leicester: Amelia bapt. 18 April 1849 [m. 5 July 1875 Leicester St. George to Joseph Foster], Joseph bapt. 13 March 1853, Clara in 1856 and Julia L. in 1861. James was a carpenter and joiner.

In 1851 James, Mary and Amelia were in Leicester, Leicestershire.

In 1861 James and Mary lived in Leicester St. George, Leicestershire.

James died 4/4 1870 in Leicester aged 54. [Vol. 7a, p. 116]

In 1871 Mary and her three youngest children lived in Leicester St. Margarets, Leicestershire;

6. Amy - born 21 Nov bapt. 2 December 1818 - remained unmarried and from at least 1841 to 1861 was the servant, and common-law wife, of Thomas Atts of Kings Lynn. Amy had two illegitimate children, both baptised in West Lynn where her brother Henry lived: Caroline, born about 1837, and Thomas Atts - 9 July 1840. The 1861 census shows both of Amy’s children as Caroline Garner and Thomas Atts, daughter and son of Thomas Atts. While Thomas Atts Sr.(Atto on the transcription at FreeCen) is shown as married, no wife is present and Amy Garner is shown as a house servant;

7. Joseph - born 23 baptised 24 January 1821 - married a Charlotte Handslip (b. 25 July 1819 Gayton Norfolk to Edward & Mary Ann) 1/4 1846 in Leicester and had at least 5 children: Mary Anne 16 b. 1845 or 1846 in Grimston, Norfolk (per 1881 census) or Gayton (per 1861 census); the balance born in Leicester, being: Thomas Henry bapt. 8 September 1847; James Edwin 4/4 1849; Benjamin in 2/4 1852 (m. Fanny Dove 4/4 1873 Leicester R.D. v.7a p.580); Edward 4/4 1854; and Edwin born in 1856. Joseph was a carpenter and joiner.

In 1851 the family lived in Leicester St. Margaret.

In 1861 the family lived in Leicester St. Margaret.

In 1871 the family lived in Leicester St. Margaret

In 1881 the family (indexed as Garret) lived in Overton Road in Humberstone, Leicestershire with Mary AG Handslip.(see note below)

In 1891 Joseph and Charlotte lived at 81 Avenue Extension Road in Knighton, Leicestershire with their unmarried daughter Mary Anne.

Where occupation was provided in the register, Benjamin's was listed as carpenter.

In the 1841 Census Benjamin Garner, carpenter, was living with his son Joseph Garner, Carpenter, 15-19, in Kings Lynn, St. Margarets 17. Sarah Garner, "the wife of Benjamin Garner" of S. Clough Lane died and was buried in 14 October 1828 in Lynn, St. Margaret, aged 47. Benjamin Garner, carpenter of London Road in Kings Lynn died 3 October 1845, while in the West Norfolk and Lynn Hospital, aged 68 18, and was buried in Kings Lynn St. Margaret 5 October 1845.



Charlotte Woodcock (b.c.1742) of Saham Toney married Thomas Garner (b.c. 1740) of Holme Hale 11 October 1764 in Saham Toney and had five children baptised in Saham Toney - Dinah, Benjamin, Charlotte, Amy and Benjamin.


James Woodcock the son of Thomas and Mary was baptised in Saham Toney 21 March 1773. However, there were no other Woodcocks in the Saham Toney register suggesting that Charlotte and Thomas had likely originated in a different parish.


Robert Woodcock (b.c.1700) married Mary ____ in about 1723 19 and had at least the following children:

1. Elizabeth baptised in Thompson 15 Nov. 1724;

2. Robert baptised in Thompson 21 August 1726 who married Elizabeth ___ and had a son Robert baptised in Thompson in 1762 and a son John baptised in Thompson in 1764;

3. Henry baptised in Thompson 16 Nov. 1729;

[gap]; and

4. *Charlotte baptised in Merton 20 24 January 1735/6 21, parents from Thomson.

Mary Woodcock was buried in Thompson 31 January 1741/2.

Robert Woodcock, widower, married Mary Adcock, widow, 8 October 1749 in Thompson. She was likely the Mary Steed who married John Adcock in Thompson 9 January 1737/8. John Adcock was buried in Thompson 17 November 1739.

Mary Woodcock was buried in Thompson 25 February 1765 and Robert Woodcock, widower, was buried there 1 November 1770.




Sarah Adamson (b.abt.1776) married Benjamin Garner 7 December 1801 in South Lynn, with James Adamson as one of the witnesses. Benjamin and Sarah and had at least seven children baptised in South Lynn - Charlotte, Benjamin, Henry, Thomas, James Addison, Amy and Joseph. Th


There were certainly Addisons in Saham Toney. Robert Addison married Alice Brightman 27

0ctober 1729 in Watton and had children baptised in Saham Toney from 1733 to 1749.


A Sarah daughter of James and Susanna Addison was baptised in Swaffham 19 August 1770, a Sarah daughter of William and Elizabeth Addison was baptised 6 November 1780 in Barton Bendish and Sarah Adamson was born 1778 in Middleton [FbL] to Benjamin and Mary Adamson.


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