Associated Surname - FELGATE


Margaret Seaman was born about 1631 and married in Thorndon 9 October 1655 to Robert Blosse. At the time of her marriage she was said to be a resident of Eye. Her last child was born in 1675 and if she was 44 at the time she would have been born in about 1631.

Seamans were present in the Stohnam area of Suffolk [Bos & Clay] east of Stowmarket 2 from early times but, although they were certainly at Little Stonham 3 and Stonham Earl, they were uncommon in Stonham Apsall 4. George Seman married Mary Gostlinge in Stonham Pva in 1596 and had children there form 1599 to 1609 - Mary, George, a daughter, Ann and John. John Turner alias Seman had a son Gregory there in 1609. In 1602 Robert and George Seaman from there were part of an inquest jury in Stonham Aspall.

Stonham Aspall

Botilla 5 Seaman, widow, of Stonham Aspall left a will 6 as a condition of her intended marriage with John Tastard (also Taster) of Stonham Aspall which left all of her estate to her future husband. She died in about April of 1656 7.

Stonham Earl 8

William Seman of Stonham Earl had administration of his estate granted 10 January 1564/5 to (blank). He was likely the William Seaman who married Agnes Blomfield 2 September 1548 in Stonham Parva and had a son Samuel baptised there 24 July 1549.

John Seaman of Stonham Earl married Alice ____ and had at least the following:

1. James - possibly the James Seaman son of John baptised in Stonham Parva 25 Feb. 1562/3.

In 1576 as John Seman Jr. of Earl Stonham he took out a 199 year lease on land in that manor 9 which was referred to in his will.

John died in about March of 1610/1 10 and his will 11 referred to his wife, son, nephew Samuel 12 and grandchild.

John Seaman, glover of Stonham Earl married Margaret or Margery Hayward in 1548 in Stonham Parva and they likely had at least the following children:

1. Robert 13;

2. John;

3. Elizabeth; and

4. Alice.

John died in about 1614 and his will 14 referred to his lands in Banham Norfolk and Stonham Earl.

James Seaman of Stonham Earl married Anne ___ and had at least the following:

1. Anne (?) who married Lawrence Tyler; and

2. Anne (?) who married Lawrence Beames.

James died in November of 1634 leaving a will 15.

Stonham Parva

Nicholas Seman married Margerie ____ and had at least the following child likely baptised in Stonham Parva:

1. Nicholas.

Nicholas Sr. of Stoneham Parva died in February 1518/9 leaving a will 16 which provided for his wife and son.

Margerie Seman of Stoneham Parva died in March 1521/2 leaving a will 17 which provided for his son John and daughter Christian Water and her two daughters Christian and Margery Water. While she may have been the wife of Nicholas, above, his will did not mention John or Christian and her will did not mention Nicholas.

John Seman of Stonham Parva was listed in the 1524 and 1568 Subsidy Returns. He very likely was the father of Ralph who follows and was likely the John Seman who married Margery Hayward 9 August 1548 in Little Stonham and had a son James baptised there 25 Feb. 1562/3. Joan Seman the wife of John was buried in Little Stonham 22 Aug. 1572 and John Seaman the elder was buried there 27 Dec. 1581 18.

Ralph Seaman (b.c. 1551) married about 1576 to Margaret ______ and had the following children baptised in Stonham Parva (Little Stonham) 19:

1. John 3 Feb. 1576/7;

2. William 4 Jan. 1578/9; and

3. * Ralph 28 Feb. 1579/80 and married Lucy Felgate 5 September 1609 in Stonham Aspall (see below) 20.

Ralph Seaman, senior, was buried in Stonham Parva (St. Mary) 31 August 1584 21, without having left a will 22. Margaret, his widow, likely remarried after his death or died after 1602 as she does not appear in the will index from 1584 to 1601. A Margaret Seman married Aaron Packard 17 October 1588 in Stonham Pva. (Boyds), but they certainly had no issue baptised in Stonham Pva. A Margaret Seman married Robert Dains in 1589 in Creeting St. Peter (Boyds).

Ralph Seaman was baptised 28 Feb. 1579/80 in Stonham Parva and married Lucy Felgate of Wetheringsett (see below) 5 September 1609 in Stonham Aspall [Bos. & Clay. - 5 miles east of Stow Market] 23. They lived in Earl Stonham (1 parish to the west of Stonham Aspall - Suffolk AD) and likely elsewhere and Ralph Seaman had at least the following children 24:

1. Robert born about 1609 and inherited his father’s tenement in Earl Stonham;

2. John baptised 21 Feb. 1610/11 in Stonham Aspall (born at the home of his grandfather John Felgate), but the father said to be of Earl Stonham, likely married 21 December 1638 25 to Ann Matthew and had at least a son John, and was possibly the John Seaman certified for 2 hearths in Eye in the 1674 Returns and may have been the John Seaman who was buried in Yaxley 31 Oct. 1689;

3. Alice born about 1613 who married Thomas Bitten;

4. Ralph baptised 2 March 1616/7 in Stonham Aspall, left a legacy in the will of his great-uncle John Felgate in 1623 and possibly married Margaret Buxton in 1653 in Stowmarket and is the Ralff Seaman who died there in 1665 26;

5. Thomas baptised 21 March 1618/9 in Stonham Aspall;

6. Katherine born about 1628 who was still unmarried as of Oct. 1654 the date of her father’s will;

7. *Margaret baptised 9 August 1630 in Yaxley 27 and very likely was the Margaret Seaman of Eye who married Robert Blosse of Eye 9 October 1655 in Thorndon (see Bloss, elsewhere) and whose first daughter was named Lucy; and

8. Jonathan baptised 5 June 1632 in Yaxley.

On 20 September 1634, Ralph Seaman, yeoman of Yaxley sold a parcel of land there called “Tyth Barn Close” to Isaac Wadsworth of Eye 28. Ralph Seaman Senior and his sons Thomas Seaman and Ralph Seaman Junior, were listed in the 1638 Able Men of Suffolk in Yaxlie.

Ralph Seaman, yeoman, died _____ 1655 29 and the will 30 of Ralph Seaman yeoman of Yaxlie provided for his eight children and one grandson, the son of his son John, and referred to his tenement in Earl Stonham. His wife Lucy must have died before 1655 31.

The 1506 (proved 1508) will of William Gale, Clerk of Eye, referred to his god-son Edmund Seman.

Simon Seman married Julian ____ and had at least the following children, probably baptised in Eye:

1. William who died in about 1516 with a will 32 which left his estate to his wife Margaret (likely Blowe), his mother-in-law Elizabeth Blowe and his brothers Thomas, Austin and James and sisters Alice and Elizabeth and instructed that he be buried in Eye next to his grandfather.

2. James a mercer was assessed on his goods in Eye in the 1524 Subsidy Returns and who died in about 1557 with a will 33 which left his property in Eye to his wife Anne and provided for his kinsmen William Blowe and Thomas Blowe the younger. The 1561 will 34 of his wife Anne;

3. Augustine who died in about 1557 with a will 35 which left his estate including properties in Eye, Stuston, Scole and Broome to his wife Cicely and his children Robert, Johan, Christian and Julian;

4. Thomas;

5. Katherine who married Thomas Blowe; and

6. Alice who may married either ___ Blake or Thrower;

7. Elizabeth who, according to her brother William’s will, was a nun;

8. a daughter who may married either ___ Blake or Thrower; and

9. Austin who was assessed on his goods in Eye in the 1524 Subsidy Returns but who may have died before 1529 as he was not mentioned in his father’s will.

Simon Seman was involved in land dealings in Eye in 1497, 1499 and 1500 (Langton Hamlet) and was assessed there on his goods in the 1524 Subsidy Returns. Simon Seman died in 1529 leaving a will 36 which referred to his wife Julian, sons James, Augustine and Thomas, daughters Katherine Blowe and Alice, and various grandchildren (Blowes and Blakes) and godchildren and others (Warnes and Stantons) and referred to his many parcels of lands in Eye, including shops in Eye Market and Diss Market. He also left money to number of religious houses, the poor of some 14 parishes in Suffolk, most in Hartismere, and Diss in Norfolk and for the repair the parish church of Stradbrook and of various highways including Langton Way towards Diss.

The only baptism for Seaman registered in Eye from 1615 to 1670 was Mary 12 Nov 1620 to John Seaman. The 1674 Hearth Tax Returns record a Thos. Seaman “certified” for 2 hearths in Eye.

William Seaman was a witness to the will of William Shepard of Mendlesham, an ardent anti-catholic, made 12 Dec. 1537 37 and from 1563 to 1615 there were 11 baptisms, marriages and burials of Seamans in Mendlesham so there were certainly Seamens in the area from early times. The best known of these was undoubtedly William Seaman of Mendlesham, perhaps the son of William above, who was martyred by his death by fire in the Lollard’s Pit in Norwich 19 May 1558 for refusing to attend Catholic mass 38. He left a wife and 3 very young children. At that point he was said to be 26 and therefore born about 1532 and was the son of ___ Seaman then aged 80 and Joan then aged 66. Both his parents, said to have been married for 40 years, died shortly thereafter although at least the mother was apparently not allowed to be buried in sanctified ground. Other researchers 39 have identified a Thomas Seaman born 1538 in Mendlesham and buried there 28 June 1615 as the father of 8 children including Charles (1559-1591), John (1561-1609), Richard (1563-1629), William (1565-?) and Thomas (1571-?). Only Charles and William were described with children and of these Charles and his wife Mary Salmon had John (1581-1626 m. Mary Brooke) and Charles (1583-?). In 1602 John Seaman owned the Manor of Winchesters in Mendelsham.

Elsewhere in the general area of Harstismere and Stow other baptisms, marriages and burials of Seamans from 1563 to 1615 occurred in Palgrave (8), Rickinghalls (8), Wattisfield (6), Redgrave (3) Cotton and Onehouse. There were Seamans in Bacton (Mary Seaman was baptised there in 1632 to William Seaman the younger and a Margaret Seaman widow died there in 1644), Cotton (William Seaman died there in 1647/8) and Wickham Skeith and two of them have wills in the period 1636-8 in the Suffolk Bury St. Edmunds Registry, and others earlier in Mendlesham, Thornham Magna (where Ralph and Abigail Seaman had a son John baptised in 1676), Rickinghall Inf., and Wattisfield. There were no Seamans in Thorndon from 1620 until 1692 except for the marriage there in 1666 of Robert Seaman to Alice Shuckforth.


In the 1327 Subsidy John de Feldgate lived in Helmingham [Cley], half way between Grunsidburgh and Debenham, and in the 1470s William Feldegate resided in Stoke Nayland 41. John Felgate of Sproughton [Sam 3 m. west of Ipswich] left a will in 1520 42 which provided for his wife Ellen, sons William, John and Thomas (likely the Thomas Felgate of Sproughton who left a will in 1563), daughters Julian and another un-named daughter and referred to his mother who was buried in Sproughton, his brother Thomas Felgate (who seemed to have been married to a very wealthy woman) and his brother-in-law Thomas Cristemesse. An Elizabeth Felgate, wife of John, was buried in Cretingham [Loes] 30 Nov. 1563. John and Dorothy Feldgate had twins Raynold and Laurence baptised in Debenham in 1572/3. Joan Felgate of Monewden [Loes, about 4 miles east of Stonham] left a will in 1570. Joan Felgate married John Reinolde in 1563 in Belstead (Boyds).

Stonham Parva

Thomas Felgate had two sons named Thomas baptised in Stonham Parva 43 - 20 Feb. 1588/9 and 5 April 1591, Anne Felgate was married there 17 April 1596 to Abraham Parke and Mr. John Felgate married Katherine Blomefield there 6 Oct. 1624.

Stonham Aspall

Felgates have been resident in Stonham Aspall 44 since at least 1420 when a feoffment from Philip Cok to William Thorpe 45 dealt with land in Stonham Antegan (Aspall) which abutted land “late of William Feldegate”and a grant of land there in 1441 by William Feldgate 46. In 1501 there was an award concerning land called Feldegates 47 and a tenement called Wylmeres in Stonham Aspall which involved Gregory 48 and John Felgate sons of Robert of Stonham Aspall 49. The 1524 Subsidy Returns recorded four Felgates in Stonham Aspall - John Sr., John Jr., Gregory and Julian, and the 1568 Subsidy listed three in Stonham Aspall - John Sr., John Jr. and William. There were 13 Felgates whose baptisms or burials are found from 1538 to 1556 in Vol. 1 of the Parish Registers and the fragment of the register from 1541 but since only two contained the names of a parent it is almost impossible to create families solely from the names.

Gregory Felgate was buried in Stonham Aspall 12 August 1540.

Mirable Felgate was buried in Stonham Aspall 15 April 1541.

Elizabeth Felgate was baptised in Stonham Aspall 15 May 1542.

John Felgate was buried in Stonham Aspall 20 Sept. 1542.

Thomas Felgate was baptised in Stonham Aspall 10 June 1543;

Richard Felgate was baptised in Stonham Aspall 10 June 1543, possibly a twin of Thomas;

Gregory Felgate was baptised in Stonham Aspall 20 February 1543/4.

Alice Felgate was buried in Stonham Aspall __ June 1546.

Philip Felgate, single man, was buried in Stonham Aspall 9 May 1558.

Francis Felgate, single man, was buried in Stonham Aspall 10 June 1558.

Robert Felgate, single man, was buried in Stonham Aspall 4 Oct. 1559.

Gregory Felgate, single man, was buried in Stonham Aspall 5 Feb. 1564/5.

Elizabeth Felgate was baptised in Stonham Aspall 15 May 1542.

Thomas and Richard Felgate, likely twins, were baptised in Stonham Aspall 10 June 1543.

Robert Felgate (b.c. 1515), married Anne______ in about 1540 and had the following children:

1. Robert (b.c. 1540) who was likely the Robert Felgate, single man, who was buried in Stonham Aspall 4 Oct. 1559;

2. Richard who was likely the Richard Felgate baptised 10 June 1543 in Stonham Aspall with Thomas Felgate;

3. Alice;

4. Johan;

5. Mary who married Richard Lyre and had at least a son Thomas by 1566;

6. *John born about 1552 (see below); and

7. Henry.

Robert Felgate the elder of Stonham Aspall was buried there 18 Nov. 1556 leaving a will 50 which provided for his 4 sons and 3 daughters.

Anne Felgate widow of Stonham Aspall was buried in Stonham Aspall 21 March 1565/6 and her will 51 provided for her 3 surviving sons and 3 daughters.


John Felgate (b.c. 1552 52) married Alice ______ in about 1578, not in Stonham Aspall, and had the following children baptised in Stonham Aspall 53:

1. Margaret baptised 12 January 1579/80 and married Francis Mawlster sometime after 1614;

2. Anne baptised 5 December 1581 but likely died before 1614;

3. John b.c. 1583, married Mirable Blomfield 15 Nov. 1613 in Stonham Aspall, was buried 1 September 1623 in Stonham Aspall and whose will 54 referred to his two brothers and five sisters including Lucy Seaman but no children of his own;

4. *Lucy baptised 9 January 1585/6 and married Ralph Seaman 5 September 1609 in Stonham Aspall (see above);

5. Prudence baptised 13 October 1588 but buried 26 March 1588/9;

6. Elizabeth baptised 11 March 1589/90 but likely died before 1614;

7. Frances baptised 19 December 1591 but buried 2 January 1591/2;

8. Mary baptised 24 April (Vigil of St. Mark) 1593 and married George Potter 20 March 1618/9 in Stonham Aspall;

9. Priscilla baptised 13 April 1595 and married William Boyton (or Boydon) of Ickworth 5 November 1616 in Stonham Aspall 55 and had a son John before 1619;

10. Amy baptised 15 April 1597, was unmarried in 1623 when her brother John wrote his will but married later than year (12 Jan. 1623/4) to Thomas Searles or Scarles in Stonham Aspall;

11. Robert baptised 9 January 1598/9;

12. Lettice baptised 31 March 1601; and

13. Thomas baptised 14 October 1604.

In 1586 Elizabeth Gosnell an infant daughter of Robert Gosnell, junior, of Ottley had her mortuary costs paid by Alice Felgate wife of John Felgate of the North End. From at least 1597 (see name of inhabitants at p. 33 of the Parish Register) until at least 1604 John and Alice Felgate were living at Bakers at Whitson Green in Stonham Aspall. John Felgate was at various times including 1576, 1588, 1589 and 1593 the Church Warden or Overseer of the Curate of the Parish of Stonham Aspall. He was recorded in the Manor Court Rolls for Stonham Aspall as a tenant owing homage in 1580 and from at least 1611 to 1617.

John Felgate and was buried in Stonham Aspall 20 October 1618 and his will 56 provided for his wife, 3 sons and the 5 of his daughters who were still unmarried, and referred to the lands of Robert his father, deceased, possibly “Bakers”. Alice Felgate, widow, was buried in Stonham Aspall 12 February 1619/20 57.

Other Felgates

John Felgate, yeoman of Stonham Aspall, was buried there 23 Oct. 1540 and left a will in 1540 58 which referred to his wife Johan 59 and the following children:

1. John;

2. Margaret;

3. Eme; and

4. Robert who had at least two sons Robert and William by October of 1540 (below).

John Felgate married ____ Farmer and, secondly, Elizabeth Drury 60 and had at least the following:

1. William born about 1522 and married Alice ___ and left a will in 1572 (below);

2. Joane who married ___ (Robert?) Catchpole and had at least 5 surviving children by 1572 and is likely the Joan Catchpole who was buried in Earl Stonham in 1573/4 61 with administration of her estate granted to Haberie Catchpole her son;

3. Margaret who married ____ Murrell 62 and had at least 6 surviving children by 1572;

4. a daughter [Mary] who married Simon Metcalfe and had a son John 63 by 1572; and

5. Andrew born about 1542 who had at least Margaret and Katherine by 1572 (see below).

He died ? and his will ?

John Felgate married ____? and was often referred to as John Felgate Senior. Although many of the early baptisms and burials did not include the names of parents he was at least the father of the following who were referred to in his will:

1. Edmund;

2. Alexander;

3. Alice who was born about 1538 and who married Thomas Haddenham, widower, in Stonham Aspall 27 July 1561;

4. Grace who was born about 1540 and who, as “the daughter of John Felgate”, married George Arnold of Freston 13 May 1563 in Stonham Aspall;

5. Katherine who married ____ Lee; and

6. Eme who married ___ Bacon.

Alice Felgate wife of John Felgate, senior, was buried in Stonham Aspall 9 Aug. 1558 and John Felgate, senior, of Wolmers at the East End was buried 11 March 1568/9 in Stonham Aspall 64 65.

Andrew Felgate born about 1542? the son of John 66 and Elizabeth, married 67 Margaret/Margerie Hunting in Redgrave [Hart] 17 December 1564 and/or Agnes or Anne Huntyn 68 and had at least

1. Margaret born about 1565 and married Robert Felgate 69 in 1585 70 in Yaxlie [?] (see below) and had 4 children - John, Thomas, Anne and Margaret - before she died in child-birth 17 September and was buried in Yaxley 18 September 1596;

2. Katherine born about 1566 and was alive in 1572 but seems not to have survived to adulthood; and

3. John born? but buried 23 Oct. 1569 as the infant son of Andrew in Stonham Aspall.

Andrew Felgate, yeoman, was part of a group of feoffees of the town lands of Yaxlie in 1563 and also held land in Mellis according to the 1568 Subsidy Returns, which additionally recorded him as being taxed for his land in Stonham Aspall. Andrew Felgate did homage in 1584 in Stonham Aspall 71 In 1587 Andrew appears to have been living in Thorpe next Norwich in Norfolk when, as a feoffee, he leased [out?] the Gyld Hall in Stonham for a term of 7 years 72.

Andrew Felgate, gent, and son of John Felgate and formerly of Stonham Aspall died 8 May and was buried in Yaxlie 73 9 May 1598 74. An inventory of his estate 75 was done in two parts - the first on 31 July 1598 for his tenement called Felgates in Stonham Aspall and the second on 8 August 1598 for his property in Yaxley. Mrs. Anne Felgate, a widow and lunatic, was buried in Melles 7 Feb. 1607/8 76.

Andrew Felgate, born about 1605, who married Elizabeth Sallows in Stonham Aspall sometime in 1620 was referred to in the 1620/1 will of Grace Maning of Stonham Aspall, widow (but previously married to ____ Sallows) as the husband of her daughter Elizabeth. Andrew Felgate of Earle Stonham died in May of 1632 leaving a will 77 which gave all of his land and possessions to his wife Elizabeth and referred to his kin Samuel Keable and Grace Aldred.

William Felgate of the East End in Stonham Aspall married Alice Withe (?) in about 1545 and was buried in Stonham Aspall 1 April 1572 78 aged about 50 and therefore born about 1522. He and his wife Alice appeared to have had no surviving children of their own as he left his estate to various relatives with the residue to his brother Andrew. His will also referred to his brother-in-law John Withe and to Michael Bacon 79.

Robert Felgate (b.c.1510) married Alice ____? 80 had the following children:

1. Robert born about 1532 and alive in 1540 but likely died before 1555;

2. William born about 1534 and alive in 1540 but likely died before 1564;

3. Erasmus baptised ___ 1546 81 in Stonham Aspall (see below);

4. a daughter who married ____ Bradley;

5. a daughter who married ____ Pendleton;

6. Elizabeth b.c. 1551 who married John Catchpole in 1571 in Stonham Aspall (Boyds);

7. Arthur baptised in Stonham Aspall 14 Nov. 1553 but buried there 21 Nov 1555;

8. Robert baptised in Stonham Aspall 3 Feb. 1555/6 although the parents were not named (see below); and

9. Thomas baptised in Stonham Aspall 21 September but buried there 30 September 1561.

Robert Felgate of Warrens was buried in Stonham Aspall 21 Oct. 1564 with administration of his estate 82 granted to two other residents of the parish during the minority of his son Erasmus. Alice Felgate wife of Robert of Warrens was buried in Stonham Aspall 18 April 1563.

Erasmus Felgate was born and baptised in 1546 in Stonham Aspall (although no day and month were provided), married 9 Oct. 1568 in Stonham Aspall to Anne Hedge of Petaugh and had the following children baptised in Stonham Aspall:

1. Katherine 12 Feb.1569/70;

2. William 13 May 1572, apparently bought land in Bermuda in 1618 but settled later in Virginia and was said to have died in 1648;

3. John 20 March 1574/5 and apparently died in Ipswich because on 24 April 1598 administration of his estate was granted to his father Erasmus of Redgrave 83;

4. Elizabeth 5 May 1577 who married ____ Stutt;

5. Robert 2 March 1578/9, who was left a bequest in the 1591 will of Andrew Murrell of Norwich, likely his uncle, and apparently arrived in Bermuda in 1619 but later settled in Virginia and said to have died in 1644;

6. Erasmus 21 Oct. 1580, "baptised privately because of weakness", and was buried there 2 days later;

7. Erasmus who was, together with his brother Tobias, referred to in the 1616 of his uncle Robert; and

8. Tobias said to have been born in 1581 or 1587 in Stonham Aspall 84, set sail for Bermuda and settled in Virginia with his two older brothers and died in 1635 85.

Erasmus, the son of Robert Felgate of Stonham Aspall, was only 18 when his father died in 1564 and administration of his father’s estate was therefore granted to others during his minority. Erasmus, who was a tenant at the Rectory from at least 1577 to 1579, had, according to several pedigrees posted on-line 86, seven children, three of whom emigrated to the United States, and is said to have died in St. Buttolphes without Aldergate, London 1 February 1621/2 87, although his wife was said to be Margery. At the death of his son John in 1598 he was said to be living in Redgrave but he had also resided in Thorpe next Norwich in 1587 when he and John Norman of Yaxley leased the town house of Yaxley called “Gyld Hall” to Francis Sherman 88.

Robert Felgate married Margaret Felgate of Yaxley (only surviving child of Andrew Felgate - see above - and likely his second cousin) in 1585 89 in Yaxlie [?] and had the following children:

1. John who married Katharine Blondevill of Stonham Parva and had at least 8 children 90;

2. Thamar b.c. 1592 who married Richard Arnold in 1614 in Redgrave (Boyds);

3. Anne who married Robert Flatman; and

4. Margaret who was unmarried in 1615 when her father wrote his will.

Margaret Felgate wife of Robert died in child-birth 17 September 1596 and was buried in Yaxley 18 September 91.

Robert married, secondly, to Margaret Golthorpe a widow with at least a son Joshua in about 1598.

Robert Felgate, Gent died, likely in Lakenham next Norwich 92, and was buried in Yaxley, Suffolk 20 August 1616. His will 93 ..... made 1 Feb. 1614/5 and proved 30 Sept. 1616 gave most of his large inventory of properties in St. Peter Mancroft (The Black Swan), Lakenham, Yaxley, Redgrave, Little Thornham, Great Waldingfield (the Manor there) and Bury St. Edmund to his son John and provided for his other three children, his wife and her son Joshua Goldthorpe and Joshua’s daughter Mary, his brother Erasmus and his three children, the children of his three sisters Catchpole, Bradley and Pendleton and other unrelated persons..

Edmund Felgate, who married Martha Felgate (sic) of Ipswich St. Mary at Tower 21 September 1600 (she was under age) in Stonham Aspall (Boyds), held land in Stonham Aspall.

Edward Felgate of Wolmers (see John above) married Margaret _____ and had the following:

1. John born about 1563 because in 1593 John Felgate the son of Edward aged 30 was buried in Stonham Aspall;

1. Gregory baptised 19 March 1569/70 in Stonham Aspall but the father is listed as Edmund;

2. Alice baptised 29 April 1572 in Stonham Aspall;

3. Edward 9 Jan. 1574/5 in Stonham Aspall; and

4. Andrew 9 March 1577/8 in Stonham Aspall who was possibly the Andrew Felgate who was churchwarden in 1602.

Edward was recorded as a tenant doing homage in the 1580 Manor Court Rolls for Stonham Aspall.

George Felgate married Margerie ___ and had

1. Mary 1580/1.

William Felgate of Wolmers (see John above) married Dorothy ____ and had

1. Anne 1584 and

2. William 1585/6.

He did homage in the 1584 Manor Court of Stonham Aspall.

Thomas Felgate married Anne _____ and had at least the following baptised in Stonham Parva:

1. Thomas - 20 Feb. 1588/9 who likely died as an infant 94; and

2. Thomas - 5 April 1591.

Thomas Felgate of Stonham Parva likely died in about June of 1593 95 and administration was granted 11 July of that year to his widow Anne 96.

Alice Felgate of Helmingham, just S.E. of Stonham Aspal, married John Pretty of Thorndon 97 9 May 1574 by licence, the marriage to take place in Long Stratton.