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Although no records have yet been found which conclusively identify her parents, Margaret [Mairead] Callaghan (photo at right) was very likely the Margaret the daughter of Cornelius Callaghan and Margaret Danahy ( Dennehy/Denahy/Denehy) who was baptised in Kanturk 19 April 1837. This is the only possibility that aligns perfectly with her place of birth shown on her death certificate and her age at death (obit card and MI)1.

County Cork (Munster) Ireland

The O’Callaghans, with the MacCarthys and O’Sullivans had migrated south from Cashel into Cork and Kerry from Tipperary and Limerick in pre-Norman times, settling in the Barony of Kinalea in S. Cork until they were forced north to the Blackwater during the Anglo-Norman invasions. In c. 1500 the territory of the O’Callaghans roughly corresponded to the modern parishes of Clonmeen (2 m. south of Kanturk) and Kilshannig, both south of the Blackwater and it was said that the Callaghans, historically the lords of Clonmeen, controlled some 20,000 acres (others say 50,000) with castles at Clonmeen and Dromaneen). However, during the Englsih Civil War the Callaghans were removed by Cromwell to Kilcorney (Tulla Barony) in eastern Co. Clare and, more specifically,.in 1666 Callaghans were dispossessed from their lands in Ballclogh, Kilshannig, Kilbrin, Castlemagner and Clonmeen where Donogh lost Pallace, Gortmore, Mahaleane, Coolroe etc. and Teige lost Balleroskine2.

It is said that O’Callaghan ("ancestors of Lord Lismore") founded a monastery for friars on the south side of the Blackwater in Clonmeen. It is probably the site of Bantyre Cross where the R.C. Chapel of Clonmeen is situated (now Banteer RC) whose only inside monument was created in 1735 by and for Cornelius O’Callaghan, Sr., of Bantyre. Robert O’Callaghan (__ - 1778) was the last person to live in Clonmeen Old Court [son of Cornelius date=?] which is situated 5 chains SW of the Church and was built during Cromwellian times. Gurtmore House in the 1830s was the "country seat" and the owners in the area were the Townsends and the Footes [!, but those of Fergus were from Scotland].


Kanturk is situated at the confluence of the Allow (Awndallow) and Dalua rivers which then flow into the Blackwater in the Barony of Duhallow. Of the 19 Parishes that constitute Duhallow Barony all of Kilroe and most of Clonfert, Kilcorcoran and Castlemagner constitute the town of Kanturk and three others which abut or are near Kanturk: Clonmeen & Dromtariffe to the east and south, Subulter to the north and, Kilbrin/Kilbrim to the west and north. The diagram at the right shows the constituent areas and parishes.

In 1666 Kanturk with Churchtown, Liscarroll (in Orrery) and large parts of Kilmeen, Kilbrin/Kilbrim, Knocktemple and Castlemagner became part of the Perceval Estate as a consequence of forfeiture from the then "owner" Dermot Mac Owen Carthy alias Mac Donough. The Percevals later held the title of Earls of Egmont. Briefly, from 1843 to 1863 the lands were owned by the Tierneys and in 1889 the Earl of Egmont sold his lands to his tenants.

Cornelius Callaghan and Margaret Danahy

The children of Cornelius Callaghan and Margaret Danahy ( Dennehy/Denahy/Denehy) with confirmed baptisms were:

Catherine [Caitlin] 28 Dec. 1828 in the Roman Catholic Church at Bantyre/Banteer (Clonmeen3);

Ellen [Oilean] 16 April 1831 in the Roman Catholic Church at Bantyre/Banteer;

Daniel [Donal]18 Nov. 1833 in the Roman Catholic Church at Kanturk4, to the north of Banteer5;

Timothy [Teige] 9 Nov. 1834 in the Roman Catholic Church at Kanturk;

Margaret [Mairead]19 April 1837in the Roman Catholic Church at Kanturk; and

William 12 Nov. 1844in the Roman Catholic Church at Kanturk.

Catherine’s baptism was recorded in the first year of the Banteer register so it is entirely possible that there were earlier births (with unrecorded baptisms) to Cornelius and Margaret (perhaps a Cornelius or Patrick6) and there is a gap in the baptisms to the family from 1838 to 1843 so there may have been other children there as well. Also, no marriage has yet been found for Cornelius and Margaret7.

There is no reason to suppose that either family came from outside of County Cork and all evidence so far would indicate that the families had been in the area for some time. The 1776 Account of Roman Catholics in the Church of Ireland Parish of "Cloanfort" [sic] Clonfert lists 25 Callaghan males 8(presumably Heads of Household - but Q single men as well?) out of a total of 766 families which represents about 3 ½ percent of the populace - surprisingly small when you consider that this area was part of the Pobul Ui Cheallachain - or home territory of the Callaghan clan - only 100 years earlier. However, it is tied with Murphy as the second most common name after Sullivan in County Cork.

In the index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland of the approximate 29 Callahans with residence shown, 8 are from County Cork and of those 3 are in the Duhallow area, viz. Dennis of Glinn 1768, Mary of Clonmeen 1750 and Robert of Clonmeen 1727.

The Tithe Applotments of 1823-1838 yield 42 Callaghans/O’Callaghans in Clonmeen, 35 in Clonfert, 5 in Kilroe, 8 in Kilbrin and 8 in Castlemagner for a total of 96. However, in the 4 year period of 1864 to 1868 there were baptisms in Kanturk to a total of only 31 different families9. Kanturk consisted of Kilroe and parts of Clonfert and Castlemagner and even if only 2 boys who survived to parenthood were produced from each family and considering 3 generations of 30 years each from 1776 to 1866: in 1776 the 48 families would have produced 96 boys, in 1806 there would be 192, in 1836 the 192 would have produced 384, in 1866 the 384 would have produced 768 boys. So with only 13 Callaghan families in Kanturk and Bluepool in 1826 and 31 in Kanturk in 1864-1868, there is evidence of a massive out-migration from the Parish or a huge die-off - and probably it was both.

"Cornelius" [Conor] Callaghan

The given name of Cornelius, an English version of Conor, seems to have been one of the major "Clan" names for the Callaghans. For example, a Cornelius O’Callaghan, "part of the old aristocracy" emigrated to Spain in 1717 to serve in the army and in 1865 there were no less than 13 Cornelius Callaghans baptised in County Cork and one in Kerry. A Cornelius O'Callaghan was born in about 1650 in Clonmeen (and also lived in Monkston in 1702) and his great-grandson Cornelius was born about 1754 in Glyn, both County Cork. The son of Cornelius, Sr., Robert (b. c.1681 d. 1727 - see his will) was a Protestant who established a lineage (including his eldest son Cornelius who died in 1731 without issue) that intermarried with many of the better known Protestant families of the area10. Robert's daughter Mary married Dennis O'Callaghan from Glyn and their son was the Cornelius born 1754 referred to above. Cornelius Sr. had leased lands in 1702 for the term of 999 years in Clonmeen, Gortmore, Rosskeen, Killcaskan, Coolenahan and Gorteenbagh, all in the Barony of Duhallow.

Extracts from the Church of Ireland Clonfert Parish records11 show a Cornelius (Connor) Callaghan (not the one b. 1754 above) and Hannah his wife (probably Helen Hannah Morgell - they m. 1770 in Clonfert) baptising their children: Roger in 1775, Ann in 1782 and Thomas in 1785. Nothing however links any of these with mine, although there is a 1 and possibly 2 generation interval that is missing.

Assuming that by 1828 Cornelius Callaghan would have been a householder or occupier of lands, the Tithe Applotments give 5 possible Cornelius Callaghans12:

Dromineen, Kilbrin (1832) - 8 acres 6 rods
North Glin/Glenn, Clonmeen (1825 but gone by 1834) - 46 acres 2 rods
Coolroe beg, Clonmeen (1825 and 1834) - 1 acre 1 rod 32 perches
Incha Daly, Clonmeen (1825 - ?) - 3 acres 3 perches
Bluepool [Kanturk], Clonfert (1826)13 - 0 acres

Of these, the last in Bluepool is possibly the Cornelius O’Callaghan listed in Pigot’s 1829 Directory for Munster as a nail-maker in Sradeen, Kanturk.

By 184614 there were 2 Cornelius O’Callaghan in Kanturk: Cornelius the nail-maker residing on Egmont Place and Cornelius a Carpenter on Main St.(plus a Roger Cornelius a draper residing at the Square).

Assuming that Cornelius didn’t die or move out of the district by 1852, there are three listings in Kanturk in the 1852 Griffith Evaluation:

Egmont Place
Upper Bluepool
Lower Bluepool

Sponsors at Baptisms

The 6 children of Cornelius Callaghan and Margaret Dennehy so far recorded1516 provide 11 god-parents (Honora Denahy is involved twice) as follows:

Catherine Dec. 1828: Timothy SHEAHAN, Mary DANIHY - Banteer (Clonmeen)
Ellen Apr. 1831: Patrick DANIHY, Honora DANIHY - Banteer (Clonmeen)
Daniel Nov. 1833: Hugh ALLEN, Margaret COLLINS - Kanturk
Timothy Nov. 1834: Matthew SULLIVAN, Honor DENAHY - Kanturk
Margaret Mar. 1837: John COLLINS, Eliza ELLIOT - Kanturk
William Nov. 1844: Nat ELLIOT, Jane CONNORS - Kanturk

It is noteworthy that none of the sponsors were Callahans, although 3 Danahy’s, 2 Collins and 2 Elliots are represented.

For the Clonmeen baptisms, Timothy Sheahans were residing at Laugh Glaun in Clonmeen (not listed as a townland but probably Glaun or Glen S. but near Coolroe More) (1825), Knocknacolam, Kilroe (1830) and Curragh, Kilbrin (1832), although there are 5 Sheeans out of 20 occupants in Couganes, Clonmeen in 1825 and a Thomas Shine is a land agent on Main Street Kanturk in 1834. Patrick Danihy17 is found only at Gougane in Clonmeen (1825) - 14 acres and at Tullylease on 75 acres.

For the Kanturk baptisms, Hugh Allen could not be found although there are Allens at Kilowen, Clonfert (1826) and Liscongen in Clonfert (1826), but there is only one Matthew Sullivan in Uppen Scrateen, Clonfert (1826). There are John Collins at West Gurtmore, Clonmeen (1825), Banemore, Kilbrin (1832), Curraduff, Clonfert (1826), Newmarket and Longacre, Clonfert (1826) and Kanturk, Castlemagner (1834). Later, in 1852, John and Margaret Collins are shown in Griffith’s Valuation as residing in Upper Blue Pool, Kanturk. Eliotts ......

It is therefore likely that either one or both of Cornelius Callahan and Margaret Danahy were from Gouganes18 townland in Clonmeen parish. Gouganes is just east of Incha Daly (1 Townland intervening) and south of the Blackwater, north (1 Townland intervening) from North Glen, and so that of the Clonmeen locations Incha Daly (Inchidaly) or, less likely, Glen or Glin19 is the best bet to date for the first. Also, in 1825 nine of the 19 occupants in Gouganes are Sheehans, Sullivans or Dannahy. At Incha Daly 4 of the 7 householders are Callaghan - Michael, Cornelius, Timothy and Jeremiah - the others being a Bourke, a Flinn and the Widow Murry. Therefore, the Cornelius Callaghan occupying 3 acres in Incha Daly in 1825 is likely the husband of Margaret Dennahy and father of my Margaret. He would appear to be gone by the _____ Survey [to be confirmed] which strengthens this hypothesis because by then he would likely be residing in Kanurk. A Cornelius Callaghan, aged 90, died in the second quarter (Apr-June) of 1880 in the Kanturk Registration District20 (therefore born 1798).


Mainly from Cork and Kerry, in the 1776 R.C. census of Clonfert there were only 6 Dennehy/Danahys males, less than 1 percent of the total. In the Tithe Applotments there were 9 families in Clonfert, 6 in Clonmeen, 2 in Kilroe, 1 in Kilbrin and 0 in Castlemagner for a total of 18. In 1866 at least two of that name were having issue in Kanturk and Castlemagner: John (and Mary Warner) and Patrick (and Ellen Egan).

A Father Henry E. Dennehy (1823-1902 [12?]) was the Priest in Kanturk from 1847 until his death. He was the son of John Dennehy (1775-1847) and Ellen O’Brien of Fermoy (NE Cork) who were descended from Dennehys from Clasmore, Co. Waterford - just to the East.


In 1823 a group of settlers from North Cork were chosen, assisted, transported and relocated by Peter Robinson. Selecting 568 persons from the area around Fermoy, Mitchelstown, Doneraile, Charlesville, Newmarket, Kanturk and Mallow he brought them on two ships - the Hebe and the Stakesby - and established them on lots in the Bathurst District of Ontario, namely the Townships of Ramsay, Pakenham, Huntley, Goulbourn, Lanark, Darling and Bathurst. Amongst them on the Hebe were William Callaghan (or Clahane) and Bridget Callaghan from Kanturk and Timothy Callaghan 22 of Kilnagowan, Cork (near Churchtown) and his mother Margaret and who were settled in Ramsey Township, Lanark County. Others from Kanturk were John O’Brien and John Ring and the families of Richard [?] Collins, Edmund Buckley, Danial Ryan and, from Clonmeen, the Thomas and Henry Boyle family.

Further settlements occurred in 1825 when 307 familes (>200 persons) were settled around Peterborough (1/3 in Downeyville and Emily Township)21.and included22:

Jeremiah Callaghan 35, wife Kitty (Catherine) and family from Mallow - and settled in Emily Township, Peterborough;
John Callaghan 44, wife Nora/Hanora 38 and family (including son Cornelius aged 22 and therefore born in 1803) from Clonmeen, Cork also settled in Emily Township, Peterborough (see below - he is probably the John and Hanora in Peel Township, Wellington);
Thomas Callaghan 42, wife Judtih and family from Brigown, Cork - settled in Marmora, Peterborough;
Timothy Callaghan 29 (or 34), wife Nancy and family from Drishane, Cork - settled in Asphodel Township;
Daniel Callaghan (b.c. 1814) and wife Bridget - settled in Beckwith Township and were in Galt in 1851/2 where he was an innkeeper;
Dennis Callaghan 22 and wife Jude from Kilnagowan, Cork - settled in Ramsey Township (brother of Timothy above);
Edmund 25 and Patrick Callaghan 19 alias Lynes with brother Cornelius 13 and mother Catherine from Liscarroll, Cork - settled Emily Township;
Eugene Callaghan - alone - from Ballyclough, Cork - settled Smith Township;
John Callaghan 34 and son Patrick 15 from Freemount, (N. of Kanturk) Cork - brother of 6 and Timothy above - settled Ramsey Township. He died in 1828;


The Callaghans of Wellington County

Cornelius O’Callaghan (or Callaghan) was a farmer of a large amount of land (412 acres, plus 4 town or village building lots and 5 dwelling houses and 9 barns or stables – mostly Lot 23 of Concession B) in Peel Township, North Wellington, just south of Arthur (Arthur is about 17 miles from Fergus) and Garafaxa.[?] Married to Mary Carroll, their family was one of no less than five Callaghan/O’Callaghan families in this Township in 1851. He was born in about 1801 in Ireland, according to the 1851 and 1871 censuses, and probably emigrated between 1826, when his son Andrew (who married Margaret Kelly in Peel Township in 1854) was born in Ireland, and 1829 when his son Cornelius A.23 (m. Ellenor ___ c. 1851) was born in Canada as were his other children which followed, including Ellen F. in about 1834 (she m. 6 Sept. 1875 in Arthur to Richard Daniels), Edmund24 in about 1836 and Julia (she married William Browning in 1858 in Wellington) in about 1838. He is possibly the Cornelius residing in Arthur in the 1857 Wilson Ontario Directory where he is listed as a Clerk of the Division Court. He is probably also the Cornelius Callahan who had a letter awaiting him in the Guelph Post Office on January 4, 184925, and likely is the Cornelius who represented Maryborough and Peel in the Council of the United Counties of Wellington, Waterloo and Grey in 1851. He may also have been the Cornelius O’Callaghan who was postmaster in Ponsonby, Pilkington Twp.(S of Fergus) from November 1857 to October 1858. Is he the Cornelius shown above as the son of John and Hanora who arrived in Peterborough in 1825?26 Cornelius died 5 September 1879 in Arthur and was buried in St. John’s R.C. Cemetery, Peel Township. He was likely the brother of Dennis, below.

John O’Callaghan b.1786 and his wife Hanora [?illegible] also resided in Peel Township, Wellington in, at least, 1851. Then living with them was their son Cornelius born in Ireland in 1819 (together with his wife Bridget) and their daughter Hanna born in 1833 so they arrived after her birth. He is very likely the John and Hanora of Emily Township shown above.

Dennis O’Callaghan, a widower born 1807 in Atkin (questionable but from Death Certificate) Ireland and son Cornelius b. 1834 in Canada also lived in Peel Township, Wellington in 1851 with his brother Timothy, b. 1812 in Ireland, Timothy’s wife Sarah and their families and their mother Julia born 1772 in Ireland. In 1871 Cornelius was in Garafraxa W in Wellington County and Julia was still alive in Luther Township, aged 96. Dennis died 23 November 1885 in Arthur Township and was buried in St. John’s R.C. Cemetery, Peel Township. He was likely the brother of Cornelius, above.

John Callaghan b. 1805 in Ireland and wife Anne (probably his second wife) and six children also resided in Peel Township in 1851 and probably arrived after 1845. They did not apparently have a son named Cornelius.

Margaret O’Callaghan 35 and single, born England [sic] and Cornelius O’Callaghan, 2, born in New York City are also shown on the 1851 Census in Peel Township but are listed as absent family members [but of which family? - unclear] then living in Buffalo.

John Callaghan Senior (b.1801 - his wife Mary b. 1805 Kerry d. 1871) and Junior (b.1840/7) who in 1870 (Assessment) resided in Salem, Nichol Township, which is just 4 miles from Fergus. John Jr. was a mason. They were not there in 1851.

A Dennis Callaghan resided in Galt in 1871 - per the deaths of his sons Michael and John that year.

A Timothy O’Callaghan resided in Pilkington in 1842 per marriage of his daughter Mary in 1865. He may be the brother of Dennis - #3 above.

A William Sweeney who was born in Cork in 1838 married in Fergus in 1865.

A Mary O’Sullivan (nee Callaghan) b. 1833 was buried in 1916 in St. Mary’s Elora Cemetery.

An Ellen O’Callaghan, wife of Timothy Murphy, apparently resided on Lot 17, Conc. 12, in Arthur Township in 1861. She is likely the Ellen b. 1834 to Cornelius and Mary O’Callaghan and the lot is almost adjacent to the lots owned by Cornelius. In 1871 the lot is occupied by John O’Callaghan.


Patrick Callaghan was a Provincial Land Surveyor - and apparently laid out the Queen's Bush - in Maryborough - in about 184527 or 184928 or perhaps 1827?. Born in 1795 he and his wife Catherine resided in Etobicoke (Dist.2), York Co. in 1851 on Lot 4, Conc. 40 (or Lot 40, Conc. 4). She died in Claireville, Peel Co. aged 58 in 1860.

Cornelius (see footnote re 1871 census) b. 1836 m. Bridget McEvoy and had at least two sons: John Henry ("Black Jack") b. 1866 Osgoode and Cornelius who emigrated to the USA. [source - WWW ______) He still resided in Osgoode, Russell, Carleton County in the 1871 Census. He is #4 in the footnote re the Cornelius - 1871 Census

A William Callaghan settled in Huntley, Carleton Co. in 1823 and is shown in the Peter Robinson Papers (see above) as born in Kanturk. His wife was Bridget ____. He was noted in the Papers in 1826 as "Absent without leave".


There are only 4 Dennehy/Denahy families on the 1871 and 1881 censuses for Ontario29.

1871 - James Denahy/Danahy resided in Nichol Township, the same township as Fergus. He was married to Ellen Sweeney and was in Ontario by 1839. He was born about 1802 in County Kerry and died 24 March 1884 aged 8330. According to marriages and the 1851/2 Census (indexed as “Donehee”) and the 1871 Census (recorded as "Danahy"), James and Ellen had at least 7 daughters and 2 sons, and he was a farmer residing on Lot 11 (Lot 13 in 1877), Concession 6 in Nichol Township (Barnett Settlement)31. The last child to be born in Ireland was Catherine in about 1832 and the first to be born in Canada was Helen in 1838 so the family arrived in that interval32. He and Ellen are likely the James and Ellen Danahy who are buried in St. Joseph’s R.C. Cemetery in Guelph33.

1881 - Thomas Danahy, his wife Bridget and family of 5 boys and 3 girls are shown on a farm in Arthur, Wellington Co. Thomas was born in 1821 (or 1831 according to the 1901 census) in Ireland and emigrated to Ontario in 1848. In 1877 he is shown as residing on Lot 12 of the N. ½ of Concession 3. He died 27 December 1914, aged 85, Bridget having died earlier on 15 March 1902. Thomas was very likely the son of Julia Danahy who is shown in the 1861 Census in Arthur as a widow aged 55 living with Maurice Cushing and his wife Bridget, 30 (nee Danahy?) and their family.

1871 - Thomas J. Dennehy who was also a Provincial Land Surveyor and resided in Peterborough Town in 1851/2 and Norwood, Asphodel Township, Peterborough County in 1871 and 1875 and is listed as arriving in Ontario in 1835. In the 1851/2 & 1871 censuses he is shown as born in Ireland in 1799 and residing with his wife Mary and five daughters, the eldest of whom (Margaret) was born in Canada in 1836. Catherine who was born in 1847 in Ontario. He is not the Thomas Donahy ("Danahay" in an 1850 Vaughan Voters List for Ward 3) who resided on Lot 10, Conc. 7 in Vaughan, York Co. in 1850.

1881 - John Danahy and Eliza Steven Danahy and their family of 2 boys and 6 girls are shown in London, Middlesex County. John is a letter carrier born about 1832 in Ireland and they emigrated before 1863 when their daughter Rose was born in Ontario. John died 10 December 1910 in London.

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1However, from the Castlemagner registers and the IGI there are seven other baptisms of a Margaret Callahan to keep in mind:

C.20 May 1832 Castlemagner to Cornelius Callaghan and Johanna Vaughan
C.11 July 1832 Castlemagner to Tim Callaghan and Ellen Sullivan
C.10 March 1833 Castlemagner to Daniel Callaghan and Ellen Buckley
C.30 July 1833 Dromtariff to Patrick Callaghan and Margaret Sullivan
C.24 Aug. 1834 Dromtariff to Patrick Callaghan and Joanna Cronin
C.25 July 1836 Dromtariff to Timothy Callaghan and Mary Philpott
(as Mary) C.18 September 1836 Boherbue to Timothy Callaghan and Ellen Callaghan

All are within the ambit of "Kanturk".

2See , generally, Casey .... , Joseph F. O’Callaghan, The O’Callaghan Family of County Cork c.2004 and The O’Callaghans and the Rebellion of 1641 by the same author in Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaelogical Society V. 95 No.234 1990 at p.50.

3A Division within the RC church that includes Kilcorney Parish, with a chapel in each. Banteer’s records commence in 1828.

4Kanturk’s register (with Cooleavota) commences 28 July 1822.

5He may have died as an infant - see short interval between the next.

6The “Scottish” style naming tradition also apparently applied in Ireland, but the missing baptisms make it difficult to apply here.

7If Margaret Denehy was about 46 at the time of her last child in 1844 she would have been born around 1798 and married around 1818.

8The account for Mallow of the same year lists 15 Callaghans (including one Protestant!) and 3 Denahys.

9John O’Callaghan was the builder of the Roman Catholic Church in Kanturk which was finished in 1860.

10Towgood, Daunt, Deane, Gilman, St. Leger.

11Grove White - FHL film 596421(1)

12Although there were also Cornelius Callaghans in Dromtariff - eg. at Carragraigue and Dernagree, and Kilmeen, eg. Glentanedowney (Cornelius Richard O’Callaghan), Illaunknockanagh, Killeenleagh and Knockanagh (again, Cornelius Richard O’Callaghan). Both these parishes are to the west of Kanturk.

13There are 13 Callaghans and 3 Denehys in Bluepool and Kanturk - 1826?.

14Per Slater’s National Commercial Directory of Ireland, cited in O’Callaghan, The O’Callaghan Family of County Cork.

15I also have pencilled in a David Callaghan born in 1839 and married in Kanturk on 31 August 1869 to Mary Carroll, but this needs confirmation.

16If these were the first children and patronymics is observed, Cornelius’ parents are Daniel and Ellen and Margaret’s are Timothy and Catherine. In the 1826 Clonfert Census there are 4 Daniel Callahans and one Timothy Dennehy.

17MI - Kilbrin Cemetery, Kanturk (from Casey) - "Erected by Catherine Denahy of Coolmahane [by Dromineen?] IMO her husband Patrick Denahy who died 22 August 1872 aged 65....". A Patrick Danihy is listed in the Griffith Evaluation 1847-64 in Kanturk residing on the land of John Philpott.

18Cougane townland (sometimes Couganes) in the Barony of Duhallow comprises 561 acres (Wikipedia) and runs from the Blackwater River south to Mount Hilary and is immediately adjacent to Clonmeen, the site of the ancestral home of the Ceallachan (Callaghan) family built in about 1599 by Conoagher O’Callaghan, (“Connegher [Conor]of the Rock”) and destroyed in 1652. Clonmeen House (occupied in 1749 by Cornelius O’Callaghan) was built on the site. In 1825 an Owen Callaghan was listed in the Tithe Applotments at Gouganes.

19Although the large holding of land at North Glin/Glen (46 acres) and these civil marriages may rule this out: 1866 - Cornelius Callaghan, 32 of Glynn and son of Cornelius, farmer m. Mary Barrett; 1866 - Margaret Callaghan 27 of Glin and daughter of Cornelius, farmer m. Danniel Callaghan of Coolrea at Banteer; 1866 - Catherine Callaghan 43 of Kanturk and daughter of Cornelius, farmer m. Denis Flood; 1869 - David Callaghan 30 of Kanturk and son of Con. Callaghan, labourer m. Mary Carroll. Glynn moreover is an ancient holding of the Callaghans - see Wills etc.

20FHL Film 101591 v.5 p.97

21See also John J. Mannion, Irish Settlement in Eastern Canada, UofT Press 1971?, esp. James Callaghan farm on S1/2 Lot 5.

22This information is mainly from ...

23There are 4 “Cornelius” as Head of Family/Stray in the 1871 Census:1. Collingwood, Simcoe Co, b. 1830 Ireland; 2. West Garafraxa, Wellington b. 1835 Ontario [see above]; 3. Tyendinaga Township, Hastings, b. 1820 Ireland; (he married Mary Murray) 4. Osgoode Township, Carleton, b. 1835 Ontario [wife is Bridget McEvoy]. However, on the 1881 Census there are only 2 listed as head of household: the Cornelius Jr. [#1 above] in Peel Township, Wellington Co, born in Ontario aged 50: and the Tyendinaga one born in 1818 in Ireland. The Ontario Death Index 1872-1896 has 6 Cornelius Callaghan deaths: Dundas 1875 (b. 1811), Hamilton 1877, Tyendinaga Twp 1882 (b. 1806 Co, Cork), Toronto 1889, Tyendinaga Twp 1892 (b. 1819), and Barton Twp 1894. In the 1851 Ontario (Upper Canada) Census there is only [?] 1 Cornelius Callaghan, a resident of Brant Co. (Dist. 2, Subd . 5) who was born c. 1818 in Ireland and is with wife Elizabeth (nee Quigley) and children Cornelius, b. c. 1841, Bridget, b. c. 1843, William, b. c. 1845 and Marie J. b .c.. 1848.

24He emigrated to the US in 1888.

25"Branch Notes" Waterloo-Wellington Branch OGS. Vol. XIX, No. 3, August 1991 p.46

26According to records at the Mallow Heritage Centre, a Cornelius Callaghan married Ellen Murphy in Banteer on 3 February 1828, the witnesses being Denis Murphy and Jeremiah Callaghan.

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29Although neither of the 1881 entries were found on the index. One should expect more entries for this name because between 1846 and 1851 49 individuals of that name (6 family units and 21 individually) arrived in the Port of New York from Ireland. This figure does not include a further 27 in one large extended family unit who arrived in NY on September 7, 1849.

30Civil Deaths Ontario - Nichol Township, Wellington Co., #019307

31Although the 1871 Assessment Role for Nichol Township has him on Lot 11 of Concession 5.

32Although his daughter Catherine was listed at her marriage to Francis O’Connor in 1861 as being born in Kerry in 1836.