BACON - Thurgarton

Bacons 1 were well settled throughout Norfolk 2 where a major branch was ancestrally settled at Baconsthorpe and Thurgarton, although the famed Sir Francis came from a branch in Suffolk. Edmund Bacon who already held Oulton in Suffolk received the Manor of Gresham near Thurgarton from the King in 1308 and he, his wife Elizabeth or his heirs featured there until at least 1362 3. William Bakon of Cawston (next Aylsham) had administration of his estate granted in 1498 to his widow Agnes and the 1501 will 4 of Thomas Bakon of Heydon (next Cawston) left his estate to his wife wife and daughters. The 1513 will 5 of William Bacon of Plumsted referred to his land in Cawston, his wife Katherine, his sons Christopher and James and to James Bacon of Northwood Barningham and to the guilds there as well as in Thurgarton and in Bassingham. John Bakon of Baconsthorpe, arm., left a will in 1462 6. Rye conjectures that the Thurgarton Bacons were an offshoot of the Bacons of Baconthorpe 7 and also links them to the Bacons of Wood Barningham 8. There were no Bacons listed in Thurgarton or Norwood Barningham in the 1332, 1424 or 1426 Subsidy Rolls suggesting they arrived in the parish after 1426.

John Bacon was the rector of Thurgarton from 23 Nov.1485 to Oct. of 1507 and he was buried there in 1509 with a brass in the chancel 9. Rye in Norfolk Families (at p.15) felt that he was the same John Bacon who was Vicar of Wood Barningham in 1476.

John Bacon, gentleman, was born about 1471, married Emme Bacon 10 in about 1495 and had at least the following children:

1. A daughter who married ____ Winter;

2. A daughter who married ____ Flaxman; and

3. Robert who was referred to in his father’s 1526 will but was not assessed in the 1545 Subsidy Rolls and may have had at least two children - John and Alice who were referred to in the will of their grandmother.

John Bacon the elder of Thurgarton was assessed in the 1523 Subsidy Rolls for North Erpingham.

John Bacon, the elder, gen., died in May 1526 in Thurgarton and was buried in Thurgarton All Saints and his will 11 referred to his wife Emma and son Robert. Emma was buried 24 November 1539 in Thurgarton and her will 12 referred to her four god-children who were likely grandchildren - John Bacon and his sister Alice Bacon, Emme Winter and Robert Flaxman.

A John Bacon the younger was also assessed in 1523 and may have been another son of John and Emme but, if so, he was not referred to in either of their wills.

_____(John?) Bacon (b.c. 1503) married Agnes ____ in about 1535 and had at least the following:

1. Nicholas baptised in Thurgarton 16 March 1541/2 13 and married Elizabeth _____ in about 1563 (see below), and


2. Jerome baptised 30 September 1545 in Thurgarton but buried there 18 October 1545.

After the death of her husband 14 Agnes married, in about 1550, to ____ Neve who pre-deceased her. Agnes died and was buried in Thurgarton 8 August 1585 and her will 15 left her goods to her son Nicholas Bacon and his four children John, Alice, Anne and Elizabeth, and to Susan the wife of and Susan the daughter of William Swanne 16

Nicholas Bacon (bapt. 1541/2) married in about 1562 to Elizabeth ___ and had at least the following children all alive in 1585 but not, apparently, baptised in Thurgarton:

1. Alice born about 1564 likely the Alice Bacon who married Richard Robertson or Robinson 12 Jan. 1584/5 in Thurgarton and had 2 children there in 1585 and 1588 - Agnes and Nicholas, both still alive in 1602. Alice Robinson widow was buried in Thurgarton 1624/5;

2. Elizabeth born about 1566 who was buried 25 June 1605 in Thurgarton, unmarried, with administration of her estate 17 granted 17 July 1605 to John Bacon her brother and Alice Bacon alias Robinson and Agnes Bacon her sisters;

3. John born about 1568 and who married Mary _____ in about 1603 and had at least 5 sons - Nicholas (the tanner) 1603/4 (see below), Henry (the carpenter) 10 Aug. 1606, James 2 July 1609 (married Agnes Risborough 15 July 1636 in Thurgarton), Robert 2 Feb. 1611/2 and Thomas 5 April 1613 (see below) - baptised there who carried on the other line of Bacons in Thurgarton, Gresham, Aldborough etc. before John died and was buried in Thurgarton 6 July 1614; and

4. Agnes/Anne born about 1572 who was still unmarried in 1605.

In the 1597 Subsidy Nicholas Bacon was assessed on his land in Thurgarton.

Elizabeth Bacon, wife of Nicholas, was buried in Thurgarton 22 Sept. 1588. Nicholas Bacon was buried in Thurgarton 6 April 1602 and his will 18 left his estate to his son John, his three daughters and two grandchildren and referred to his kinsman John Tiler.

Nicholas Bacon (baptised 1603/4 the son of John and Mary?) married Ann ___ 19 and had at least the following children baptised in Thurgarton - John 8 July 1642, Mary 9 Feb. 1644/5, Agnes 5 Jan. 1647/8, Nicholas 29 Nov. 1649 (son to Nicholas, tanner) 20, Nicholas 26 Nov. 1650 and Henry 3 Mar. or May 1652(?).

Thomas Bacon (baptised 1613 the son of John and Mary?) married Elizabeth _____ and had at least the following children baptised in Thurgarton:

1. Thomas baptised in Thurgarton in 1673 but died before 1732;

2. John baptised in Thurgarton in 1675;

3. Robert baptised in Thurgarton in 1677;

4. Nicholas Bacon baptised in Thurgarton in 1680, did not marry and, as Nicholas Bacon wool comber of Edingthorpe, bought land in the parishes surrounding Edingthorpe before he died in 1732 his brothers John and Joshua succeeding to his lands (see below);

5. Edmund baptised in Thurgarton in 1684; and

6. Joshua baptised in Thurgarton in 1685.

Much of the basic pedigree that follows, up to and including Henry’s baptism in 1622, although with years only, is taken from Patrick Palgrave-Moore Norfolk Pedigrees Part Five 21 but here supplemented by other data.

Henry/Harry Bacon was born about 1460, married Agnes _____ about 1485 and had the following children likely baptised in Thurgarton:

1. Richard. born about 1490; and

2.* William born about 1492 (see below).

Henry Bacon died in Thurgarton Norfolk in September or October 1509 and his will 22 provided for his wife Agnes and two sons Richard and William (who was to receive his land called Kynges 23), both then under 21.

William Bacon was born in about 1492 and had the following children likely baptised in Thurgarton 24:

1.*John born about 1525 (see below); and

2. Nicholas born about 1525 (see below) 25

William Bacon of Thurgarton was assessed in the 1523 Subsidy Rolls for North Erpingham. William apparently had the property known as Neale Close which was also part of the holdings of Edmund Bacon of Barningham 26.

William died in ____? 27

John Bacon was born about 1525 and married Margaret ______ 28 in about 1553 and had the following children baptised in Thurgarton:

1. William baptised 27 Oct. 1554 but buried 12 Nov. the same year 29;

2. Joan baptised 26 April 1556 and married Martin Ryse 23 Jan 1577/8 in Thurgarton and had 5 children there from 1578/9 to 1588 - Margaret, John, Martin, Richard and Mary and was “of Metton” in the 1592 will of William Gaye of Matlaske;

3. Bridget baptised 17 Nov. 1560 and married John Becker (or Barker or Baker?) 22 Jan 1582/3 in Thurgarton;

5. Alice baptised 7 Nov 1563 and married in Roughton 28 Jan. 1584/5 to Robert Salmon/Salman of Thorpe Market 30 and had at least two children baptised in Thorpe Market - Edmund 10 July 1589 and Anne 17 Oct. 1591 31;

6. *John baptised 18 August1566 (see below); and

7. William baptised 27 Dec. 1569 and married 1. Cicely widow of William Gay (see below) 30 April 1593 in Thurgarton (she was buried 18 April 1605) and 2. Mary Barnes 27 May 1605 [!] in Thurgarton, although except for the death in 1598/9 of William Bacon son of William there were no baptisms found for either family, and William’s death was not recorded in the available Thurgarton Manor Court rolls. However, he was very possibly the William Bacon who surrendered to his will at the Thurgarton Manor Court held 3 April 1635.

John was likely the John Bacon of Thurgarton who sued John Blowfield alleging theft of his cattle in 1586 (Nat. Archives) and in 1594 sold land in Corpussty. The 1597 Subsidy Taxes lists 3 Bacons in Thurgarton: John Sr. and Jr. (probably father and son) and Nicholas Bacon (see below).

John was admitted to property on the surrender of his father in 1589 and was admitted to (other?) property of his father in 1590 according to the “Aylmerton Court Book” [MCR?], and in 1592 received property known as Neale Close from Clement Bacon of Norwood Barningham, who had received it by the will of his father Edmund in 1590 32. The Thurgarton Manor Court Rolls 33 of 1 October 42 Elizabeth (1600) recorded that on 23 April 5 Elizabeth (1593) John Bacon surrendered 9 acres of property known as Brownes - 5 acres of pasture, one acre and a rood of land and 4 acres and a rood containing a dwelling lying next to the Queen’s Highway on the east .... to the use of John Bacon and his wife Margaret — and at the same court William Bacon also surrendered to the use of John Bacon Junior, his brother.

John Bacon “the elder” died and was buried in Thurgarton 27 May 1610. His will 34 did not refer to either of his two sons, who had received their inheritance inter vivos (John as above and William of land in Nethercross in Thurgarton in 1600 (p.2)), but included two daughters not in the published pedigree.

Margaret Bacon, widow, was buried in Thurgarton 12 Jan. 1619/20.

John Bacon was baptised 18 August 1566 in Thurgarton, married 1. Mary Allyns 35 14 June 1590 in Thurgarton and had the following children baptised in Thurgarton:

1. Mary baptised 10 Nov. 1591 and likely the Mary Bacon daughter of John who was buried 3 July 1600; and

2. Margaret baptised 10 Feb. 1593/4 and married 22 June 1618 to William Spurrell.

Mary the wife of John Bacon died and was buried 3 July 1600 36 in Thurgarton.

John Bacon married 2. Elizabeth Halle 37 (b.c. 1578) 7 December 1600 in Lammas with Little Hautbois 38 and they had the following children baptised in Thurgarton:

3. Elizabeth baptised 26 Feb. 1601/2;

4. Marie baptised 6 Nov. 1603;

5. Francis baptised 27 Nov. 1606 and buried 16 April 1630 (aged 23);

6. John baptised 3 Aug. 1608 and buried 27 July 1632 (aged 23);

7. Robert baptised 2 May 1610 and buried 31 July 1634 (aged 24) and administration of his estate granted 1 August 1634 to his brother Mark 39;

8. Sarah baptised 20 July 1611;

9. Mark baptised 3 Jan. 1612/3 and married Catherine ______ in about 1636 and had 7 children baptised in Thurgarton from 1637 to 1652 - John, Elizabeth, Frances, William, Mark, Katherine and Marie;

10. Rebecca baptised 6 Nov. 1614 and married Henry Jewell 40 21 June 1637 in Thurgarton;

11. William baptised __ March 1615/6 married Mary ___ in about 1636 (possibly in Bedlingham as in Boyds Marriages but the wife’s name is not given). William and Mary Bacon had 5 children baptised in Thurgarton from 1637 to 1648/9 - Ann, Marie (d.1640), Hannah, John and William. William Bacon 41 died, according to the Thurgarton Manor Court Rolls 42 on 9 February 1658/9 and was buried in Thurgarton 15 March 1658/9 43 and on 28 March 1659 his widow Mary was admitted to his large holdings of lands (15 acres) in Thurgarton, to be held until their son John reached the age of 21. Mary as “the wife of William Bacon” [sic] was buried in Thurgarton 6 August 1674;

12. Nicholas baptised 18 Jan. 1617/8, married Margaret Heigho of Swaffham 13 Dec. 1645 in Melton (Lic.) 44 and had 1 child baptised elsewhere - John 45 - then 3 children baptised in Thurgarton from 1650/1 to 1655 (all to Nicholas, clerk) - Robert 1 Jan. 1650/1, Elizabeth 24 Feb. 1652/3 and Nicholas 24 Oct. 1655 and then James 15 Aug. 1659 in Wolterton. He received his BA in 1638-9 from Corpus Christi College in Cambridge and his MA in 1642 and was ordained a Deacon in 1640 and a Priest in 1642. He was Rector of Mannington [EpS] from 1662 to 1671 and Vicar of Hempstead [Hlt] from 1642 to about 1692 46 and died with a will 47 that was proved in 1706/7 leaving his land in Barningham Northwood (Neale Close) to his son James and also providing for his sons John and Robert and daughter Elizabeth;

13. James baptised 20 Aug. 1620 and buried 26 Feb.1620/1; and

*14. Henry 25 Aug. 1622 (see below).

As noted above, John Senior and his wife Margaret had in 1600 transferred to their son John Bacon Junior property which included “Brownes” and land in Nethercross .........(Thurgarton Manor Court Rolls 48 p.2 or 88). The property was then surrendered to John’s eldest son Francis at the Thurgarton Manor Court of __? 49, and then at Francis’s death to John’s next eldest son John at the Thurgarton Manor Court of 5 April 1631 (p.230), then at John’s death to John’s next eldest son Robert at the Thurgarton Manor Court of 27 March 9 Charles (1633) (p.250) and then at Robert’s death to John’s next eldest son Mark at the Thurgarton Manor Court of 3 April 11 Charles (1635) (p.262).

John Bacon Sr. was buried 6 Dec. 1641 in Thurgarton 50 and although the Thurgarton Manor Court of 28 March 1659 records the death of Elizabeth Bacon widow since the last court 51 the Thurgarton Parish Registers contain no burials between 1656/7 and 1664 52.

Henry Bacon was baptised in Thurgarton 25 Aug. 1622 the 12th and last child of John and Elizabeth 53 (and 14th child of John). He likely married 1. to Alice ____ 54.

Henry and Alice likely had the following children although they appear not to have been baptised in Thurgarton:

1. Richard - born c. 1651 - married c. 1674 to Mary ______ 55 and had at least 5 children baptised in Edingthorpe 56 from 1675 to 1680 - Agnes, Mary, Elizabeth, Henry (d. 1678/9) and Alice before Richard died and was buried in Edingthorpe 21 September 1684 57; and

2. Elizabeth - born c. 1653 - married c. 1674 to William Doughty/Dowty but was widowed by 1685 and died in August of 1685 58 leaving a son Andrew (b. 1674/5 Bacton 59) and a

daughter Mary (b. 1676 Bacton).

According to the Thurgarton Manor Court Rolls of __ March 16 Charles (1639/40) Henry Bacon (who would have been 18) appeared to have given up his right to possession of property in that parish to his brother William either on 2 February 1635/6 or it was property which he received on that date.

Henry and his wife Alice were recorded at two Thurgarton Manor Courts for their purchases of land in Thurgarton:

- 17 October 1651 for land bought 23 September 1651 from Edmund Bacon (which Edmund had got from John Bacon 24 March 1640 [ns]) and consisting of 2 acres commonly called Bulmans and

- 9 December 1653 for land bought 4 July 1653 from William Allen, gent, and consisting of 5 ½ acres in 6 different pieces and including pasture land, land and a building.

At the Thurgarton Manor Court of 28 March 1659 it was recorded that on 18 October 1658 Henry Bacon surrendered his small piece of one rood of common pasture lying next to the common Becke between Alby and Thurgarton to John Bretton who was then admitted.

In a one page document (torn on one edge) found at the end of the Manorial Court Records for 1620-1660 and dated 16 July 16_5 (likely 1655), Henry was recorded as surrendering land - described as ½ acre of common pasture next to land of John Britton or Bretton on the west, the common way on the north and the common stream on the south, being part of the 1 ½ acres of common pasture which land Henry had bought from Gregory Cooke and was admitted to on 10 May 1652 [at p.334], the property now being divided and identified “the one half by three Doolestones newly set for the better distinguishing the same” - to the use of John Eglonton and Barbery his wife provided they pay Henry six pounds on 7 October next at Henry’s dwelling house. Henry signed with his mark (an upside down L), as did the others present at the transaction.

Alice likely died in Thurgarton sometime after December 1653 but there are only 3 burials recorded in the registers for the entire period 1649-1660 (the Interregnum).

Henry then married 2. to Mary ______ 60 sometime in 1653 or 1654.

Henry and Mary had at least the following children:

3. Mary - baptised 24 Oct. 1655 Thurgarton 61;

4. Hannah - born c. 1661 and married 1 April 1684 in Edingthorpe to Joseph Withers of North Walsham. They had at least 7 children baptised in North Walsham, viz: Elizabeth 1685; Hannah 1686 but died 1691; Joseph 1690; Hannah 1691; John 1693; Richard 1696 but died 1696; and Anna 1698. Joseph Withers, grocer, was buried 18 October 1730 in North Walsham 62 ;

5. John - baptised 22 May 1663 in Edingthorpe but died and was buried 25 April 1664 in Edingthorpe; and

*6. Joshua - baptised 5 October 1668 in Edingthorpe - married Hannah Lound (see below).

At the manor court of 3 April 1661, William Bacon mortgaged a large amount of his property, including that called Brownes (which had been transferred by John and Margaret Bacon in 1600 to their son John Jr. - see above), in Thurgarton to his brother Henry who was admitted conditionally 63. The Thurgarton Manor Court Rolls of 13 October 1669 at p.43 contains the following:

“Whereas I Henry Bacon of Edingthorpe had certain copyhold lands of the Manor of Thurgarton-Bassingham surrendered by William Bacon my brother upon the condition of four score (80) pounds of lawful english money to be paid to me the said Henry ... have received the [money]... and [am] fully satisfied and do therefore release and quit all my right, title and interest in the said lands... 12 October 1669".

Henry was a juror at a number of Thurgarton Manor General Courts from at least 10 May 1652 to at least 13 November 1657. The 1664 Hearth Tax listed a Henry Bacon in Thurgarton next to William Bacon and, later in the list, a John Bacon. By 1663 Henry and Mary appear to have settled in Edingthorpe 64 and Henry Bacon was assessed for 2 hearths in Edingthorpe in the 1664 Hearth Tax. However, even although Henry appears to have had his third child with his second wife Mary baptised in Edingthorpe in May of 1663, he likely retained some connection with Thurgarton because the a Henry Bacon witnessed the will of William Spurrell of Thurgarton made 1 October 1663.

Henry Bacon, yeoman, died and was buried in Edingthorpe 17 April 1685 65 and Mary was likely the Mary Bacon of Paston who was buried in Edingthorpe 16 June 1696 66.


Joshua Bacon was baptised 5 October 1668 in Edingthorpe and married Hannah Lound of Bacton 5 May 1690 in Edingthorpe 67. Joshua and Hannah had the following children baptised in Edingthorpe 68:

*1. Mary 11 January 1691/2 69 and married 22 August 1713 in Edingthorpe to William Barcham (see above);

2. Hannah 12 February 1692/3 and married about 1715 to Thomas Andrews; and

3. Elizabeth 3 June 1694 and married Samuel Elden or Eldon 7 Dec. 1717 in Banningham 70 (the groom’s parish) and then 9 Dec. 1717 in Edingthorpe (the bride’s parish) 71, both single, and had at least 3 children baptised in Banningham - Anne 2 December 1720 (m. John Rumpe), William 17 May 1723 and Mary 27 August 1726. Samuel Elden was buried in Banningham 16 April 1769.

Joshua Bacon died and was buried in Edingthorpe 19 August 1694 72, aged 25, and Hanna Bacon “widow”, aged about 28, died and was buried in Edingthorpe 20 June 1698 73. After their deaths their young daughters Mary 74, Elizabeth and Hannah were likely raised by their grandfather and guardian Thomas Lound in Paston and possibly other relatives in Banningham where their father’s “kinsman” Robert Bacon 75 lived.

Other Bacons of Thurgarton

Philip Bacon - a tenant who did surety in 1620.

[Nicholas Bacon was born in about 1525, likely the son of William (b.c.1492), and had at least the following children:

1. Elizabeth baptised 18 June 1547 in Thurgarton the daughter of Nicholas Bacon; and

2. Alice likely the Alice Bacon baptised 17 Nov. 1549 in Thurgarton 76.

They may also have had Jerome 1545 (he d. 1545) baptised in Thurgarton but no parents’ names were provided 77.

In the 1597 Subsidy a Nicholas Bacon was assessed on his land in Thurgarton.

This account of Nicholas Bacon does not square up with the family discussed above - to reconcile]

Nicholas Bacon, wool comber of Edingthorpe, who appeared not to have married, bought land in the parishes surrounding Edingthorpe as follows:

- 28 June 1715 he purchased land in Knapton, of Everards Manor, called The New Close and another parcel, both of 7 acres, from Benjamin Lound, and he served on the Knapton Cecills and Blofields (Everards) Manor Court from 1720

- 30 Sept. 1714 he bought land in the same manor from Ireland Woots (or Worts) and Elizabeth his wife, and was still noted as Nicholas Bacon, Wool comber of Edingthorpe

- 4 June 1730 he bought lands in the same Manor and surrendered to his will.

- 4 June 1730 he bought land in Knapton late Greens Manor (or Grenes alias Buckworth) from Edrus Bradfield of Kings Lynn and surrendered to his will.

In 1726 Nicholas Bacon, woolcomber of Edingthorpe, and George Bacon of Moulton were involved in two suits against Lubbock and others (NRA - C11/2718/24).

At the Knapton Everards Manor Court of 22 June 1732 the first proclamation for heir of Nicholas Bacon was made, he having died since the court of 30 June 1731, and this was quickly followed by the admission to his properties there by his two brothers - Joshua Bacon on 30 July 1732 and John Bacon on 4 August 1732. His property in Knapton later Greens Manor was taken over on 5 October 1732 by his brothers and co-heirs Joshua and John Bacon.

Nicholas Bacon of Edingthorpe was buried in Thurgarton 1 May 1732 and his will was noted in the 1732 NCC Index as “Not Duly Proved”. Although he was thought by Walter Rye, in An Account of the Family of Rye, to be the son of William Bacon of Thurgarton (see his will proved 1658 PCC), he was far more likely the Nicholas Bacon, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, who was baptised in Thurgarton in 1680 as were his brothers Thomas in 1673, John in 1675, Robert in 1677, Edmund in 1684 and Joshua in 1685. This is confirmed by an entry in the Edingthorpe Manor Court Rolls of 5 November 1733 which stated that John Bacon, the eldest brother of Nicholas, had succeeded to his land’s there (being ½ acre ...) which Nicholas had bought in 1720.

Elsewhere, Thomas Bakon of Witton married Kateryn ___ (probably his second wife) and had at least the following children:

1. Alice;

2. John - who by 1561 was settled in Winterton;

3. Henry/Harry who died in 1561 in Witton and had administration of his estate granted to his brother John of Winterton;

4. Margaret who married ____ Barkylmowes; and

5. Dorothy.

Thomas died in October of 1558 and his will 78 left to his wife and 5 children and appointed his god-son Harry Bakon of North Walsham as executor.

George Bacon, butcher of Keswick, left a will in 1721 which gave his estate to his wife Frances and was witnessed by John Lound and Thomas Lound 79.


The surname Lound, doubtlessly from the parish by that name in Suffolk 81, seems to have been concentrated since early times in the NE area of Norfolk, particularly the North Erpingham 100.

A Richard atte Lound resided in Trunch [EpN] in 1327, a William atte Lound and his wife Margaret were in South Repps [EpN] in 1323 82 and in the 1332 Subsidy there were 4 Lounds - Is[abel?] atte Lound, Margaret atte Lound, William atte Lound and Robert atte Lound, the last being assessed the most. Nicholas atte Lound son of John bought land in South Repps in the 1350s 83. William and Richard Lound were witnesses to a testament concerning South Repps in 1400. Geoffrey de Lound, “bowyere”, was an archer enumerated in the 1365 “View of Arms for the Leet of Wymer” in Norwich 84.

The 1522 (14 Henry VIII) Subsidy returns showed the following in North Erpingham 100:

- John Lownde in South Repps (son of William who left a will in 1523);

-Nicholas Lounde in Gimingham (son of Robert who left a will in 1518); and

-Thomas Lownde in Gresham (see below).

The 1547 (1 Edward VI) and 1553 (6 Edward VI) Subsidy returns showed the following

-a “de Laund” and a “de Lound” in South Repps in 1547;

- Is’ (Isabel?) att Lund in South Repps 1553;

-Margaret att Lund in South Repps 1553;

-William att Lund in South Repps 1553;

-Robert att Lund in South Repps 1553 ;

-Richard atte Lound in Antingham; and

-Richard atte Lound (possibly the same person) in Trunch.

John Laund of Hevingham [EpS] was the executor of the 1555 will of John Master of Hinderclay Suffolk and a John Lound married Katherine Binckes in 1611 in Marsham [EpS - abutting Hevingham on the south] and had children there to 1619 (see below). Thomas Lownde, singleman, was buried in Scottow in 1616 and a Thomas was in East Beckham [EpN] in 1669. John Lound/Lone married Bennet Clarke in Barningham Norwood [EpN] and had a son Robert there before John died and was buried in 1545, leaving a will 1545 (37 Henry) which left his estate to his three sons - Clement, Roger and Cuthbert. There were many Lounds referred to in the Worstead Manor Court Rolls c. 1593. William Lowde [sic] of North Walsham left a will in 1559 85 which left his property in Edingthorpe to his wife Johan and referred to his children but not by name.

Elsewhere, a Thomas Lound was the rector of Barney [GnN] from 1480 to 1508, and there were three Lound marriages in Martham [FlgW] from 1561 to 1592. There were many Lound families in Horsey [Hap] from 1559 (George Lound had administration granted that year to his son John), Thomas Lound married Bridgett Cooke there in 1588 and Margaret Lownd, widow of Horsey, had administration of her estate granted in 1600 to her son Gregory (NCC & ANF).

Paston, Edingthorpe, Witton and Bacton [Tun]

Thomas Launde of Paston 86 left a will in 1528 87 which left all of his assets to his son Henry and referred to no other relations.

Henry Lound married Margaret Linstead 88 in about 1514, likely in Edingthorpe, and had the following children:

1. William b.c. 1520 and married Alice Woodrose 11 Oct. 1545 in Paston;

2. Erasmus but possibly died or moved away between 1546 and 1558;

3. John b.c. 1529 and married Cecily King in Paston 25 Nov. 1554 89. Cecily died and was buried in Paston 8 July 1555 90 and John likely married Alice ____ 91 and moved to Dilham, four or five parishes to the S.W. of Paston and Bacton where they had a daughter Bridget baptised in 1564/5 (who married John Curd in Bacton 13 July 1589) followed by sons John and William before Alice died in 1578 and John Lone married Margaret Elgat and had two more children to 1586;

4. Alice;

5. Anne who married ____ Basely; and

6. Bridget who married Thomas Callow in Paston 30 September 1554.

Henry Lownd was buried 10 September 1548 in Paston and his will 92 left his estate in Paston and Edingthorpe to his wife Margaret and his children William, Erasmus, John, Alice, Anne and Bridget. Margaret, his widow, died in about March of 1559 and her will 93 left her estate to her son John (who received all her lands), daughters Ann Basely and Bridget Calow and to William Lownde likely her other son. The 1514 will of her father Nicholas Linstead of Edingthorpe 94 (see Barcham) left a bequest to his daughter Margaret the wife of Henry Lownde.

After the baptism and subsequent burial of a Margaret Lound in Paston, there were no further instances of the family in the Paston or Edingthorpe 95 parish registers and the only early entries in the Witton registers were the baptism of John Londe to John and Alice in 1588 (see above) and the marriage in 1612 of Thomas Woodwarke and Cecily Loynd. After the marriage of Bridget Lownde to John Curd in Bacton in 1589 the Lounds do not appear there again until 1669. There were Lowndes in or around Great Yarmouth in the late 1500s 96.

Gresham and Felbrigg [EpN]

Thomas Lownde of Gresham was assessed in the Subsidy of 14 Henry VIII (1522) and he was very likely the father of the Edward Lownde who follows.

Edward Lownde of Gresham (b.c. 1517) married Cicely _____ in about 1541 and had the following children:

1. *Richard b. c. 1542 (see below); and

2. John b.c. 1545.

Edward Lound died in Gresham 97 in 1550 and his will 98 left to his wife Cicely and his sons Richard and John both under 21.

Cicely Lound likely re-married after the death of Edward as she was probably still under the age of 30.

Richard Lound (b.c. 1542) married Cicely Sownsbye___ (b.c. 1545) in July 1567 in Gresham 99 and had the following children:

1. John baptised 25 March 1567 [or 1568?] 100 in Gresham but likely died before 1576;

2. Thomas baptised ? but buried in Gresham as the son of Richard 28 Feb. 1568/9;

3. Thomas baptised 1 March 1571/2 in Gresham but probably the Thomas buried there 21 April 1572 101;

4. Robert born about 1573 102 who married Agnes ___ and was likely the Robert Lound assessed on his land in Felbrigg in the 1597 Subsidy. He died 11 March 1612/3 103 and was buried in Felbrigg 13 March 1612/3 seemingly without issue and by his will 104 gave his 10 acres of property in Felbrigg to his wife Agnes for life and then to his brother William Lownd of Gresham;

5. John baptised 17 March 1575/6 105 in Gresham and who was likely the John Lownde who married 1. Katherine Brinke in Marsham [EpS] 4 July 1602 and had at least 5 children baptised there - Katherine, John, John, Thomas 106 and Christopher before Katherine died in 1621 (Christopher the son of John and Katherine Lownde was buried in Felbrigg in 1628); and 2. Susanna _____. He was Church Warden in Felbrigg in 1629. Susanna Lownde the wife of John was buried in Felbrigg 25 May 1633;

6. Thomas born about 1578, but apparently not baptised in Gresham, who married ____ Hodson and died before 1613 leaving at least a daughter Elizabeth; and

*7. William born about 1580, but apparently not baptised in Gresham (see below).

Cecily Lound was buried in Gresham 20 January 1580/1.

Richard Lound likely married again in about 1582 and had the following children, apparently not baptised in Gresham:

8. Richard born about 1582 and either he or his father was the Richard Lownde who married Joan Thompsonne in Felbrigg 28 June 1607 107 but they appear not to have had any children baptised in the Parish church there 108, although they may have had a son John baptised in February 1610/11 in Weybourne 109, 4 parishes to the west of Felbrigg;

9. Johan who married ____ Baker 110 and had a son John before 1613;

10. Agnes who married ___ Emery who lived in West Beckham 111 and was widowed before 1613;

11. Catherine who married Edmund Makefield of Bodham and had at least two daughters baptised there - Catherine in 1601 (who married Edmund Emery [sic] 15 Jan. 1623/4 in Edgefield and had at least two children baptised there 112) and Elizabeth in 1604, and likely died before her husband because Edmund Makefield Sr. of Edgefield (2 parishes south of Bodham) had administration of his estate granted in 1631 to Edmund his son 113; and

12. Cecily who married Richard Symson of West Beckham 114.

Richard seems not to have had a son named Edward.

Richard Lound died ........

A Joane Lound was buried in Gresham 20 Oct. 1591.

William Lound born about 1580, married in about 1602 115 and had the following children baptised in Gresham:

1. Agnes - 6 February 1604/5; and

2.*Richard 20 October 1608 - although the parents are not named but William is the only Lound there during this period.

William Lound and his family moved to Felbrigg likely soon after the probate of the will of his brother Robert in 1613, or after the death of Robert’s widow Agnes, when he inherited most of his brothers lands there. Certainly he was in Felbrigg at the time of the 1628 Subsidy Rolls and he was definitely there in 1629.

William Lound was buried in Felbrigg 11 May 1635 [will?].

A Mary Lown married William Symat [?] 116 22 Feb. 1649/50 in Felbrigg but there is no notation of her status in the entry.

Richard Lound (b. 1608) married Dorothy Ransom (b.c.1610) 2 April 1632 in Norwich St. John Timberhill 117 and, strangely, Heigham on the same date, and had the following children:

1. Elizabeth Lownde - baptised in Felbrigg 20 December 1633;

2. Ann Lownde - baptised in Felbrigg 13 March 1635/6;

3. John Lownd - baptised in Felbrigg 25 November 1638 and married Margaret ____ and had a son Thomas baptised in Gresham 12 July 1661. He may have been the John Lound whose wife was buried in Bacton 15 Oct. 1665 and who, with his wife Cecily, had a daughter Elizabeth buried in Bacton in 1669;

4. Richard Lownd - baptised in Felbrigg 5 September 1641 but likely died before 1648 - probably in Felbrigg;

5.* Thomas Lound - baptised in Gresham 10 December 1643 and married Hannah Blyth in Alby in 1667(see below);

6. Bridget Lound - baptised in Gresham 29 December 1647;

7. Richard - baptised in Gresham 18 October 1648 and, as Richard Lound Junior, married Joane Blithe of Sidestrand 27 Oct. 1675 in Gresham and had a son Richard baptised in Northrepps 118 in 1685 119. He died in about April of 1685, likely in Northrepps 120, and administration was granted to his widow Joane 121;

8. Judith - baptised in Gresham 13 March 1651/2 and married John Larwood in Gresham 20 Oct. 1674 and had at least 4 children baptised in Northrepps from 1681 to 1687 - Amy, John, Anne and Robert; and

9. Mary - baptised in Gresham 26 January 1654/5 and married William Thiery 12211 August 1673 in Gresham, likely had two children baptised in Shelton - Mary 23 March 1674/5 and Susanna 26 April 1676 (although as Thurlow) and was likely the Mary Thiery, widow of Baconsthorpe, who married Richard Paul 16 Jan. 1699/1700 in Bacton.

Richard Lound received a 10-year lease of about 30 acres of land in Felbrigg Hall Manor called Hill Close, Bushie Close and Alder Carr 123 in 1636 and from the entries in the parish registers it would appear that Richard and Dorothy moved from Felbrigg to Gresham (2 parishes to the west) sometime in 1642 or 1643. In 1649 Richard Lound took a lease on Gresham Close (40 acres) for a period of 10 years 124. In 1674 Richard Lound was one of the churchwardens in Gresham and in 1671 Richard Lound, yeoman of Gresham, and Thomas Lound, yeoman of East Beckham [EpN], released land in Gresham to another. Although there is no listing for Richard Lound in Gresham 125 or anywhere else in Norfolk in the 1664 Hearth Tax Returns, 8 individuals were illegible in whole or in part and he was likely one of those.

Dorothy Lound the wife of Richard died and was buried in Gresham 1 February 1666/7 and Richard Lound died after 1675 (not buried in Gresham) and was likely the Richard Lound who was buried 25 May 1699 in Bacton, where his son Thomas was living at the time.

Thomas Lound [b. 1643] of Gresham married Hannah Blyth of Sidestrand26 June 1667 126 in Alby with Thwaite [EpS] and had at least one child baptised in Sidestrand [EpN] before moving to Bacton 127 in about 1675. They had at least the following children:

1. John - bapt. 22 March 1668/9 in Sidestrand 128 and married Jane Bean 24 October 1695 in Bacton and likely had at least Martha in 1696, a son Thomas 129 and a daughter Sarah. According to the will of his father by 1718/9 he had 4 children - Hannah, Thomas, Elizabeth and Sarah. John Lound of Bacton bought land in Edingthorpe in 1710 and appeared in the Edingthorpe Manor Court Rolls in 1715 and in 1724 in Paston in the place of his father [to verify]. He may have married Anne the widow of Andrew Doughty 130 who died in 1668 as the will of Anne Doughty, single woman of Bacton, made in 1693 and proved in 1694 131, gave money to her mother and after her death to John Lound her “father-in-law”. He was likely the John Lound buried in Bacton 18 April 1700 followed by the burial there by Anne Lound 7 May 1700;

*2. Hannah - born about 1670 and married Joshua Bacon 5 May 1690 in Edingthorpe (see above);

3. Thomas - bapt. 25 Feb. 1675/6 in Norwich St. Lawrence and married Anne Primerose 132 in about 1699, possibly in Trunch, and by 1718/9 had at least a son Sachenerell. John Lound the son of Thomas and Mary was baptised in Itteringham 27 Nov. 1720;

3. Richard - bapt. 20 Dec. 1677 in Bacton but buried there 12 July 1684;

4. Mary - bapt. 3 August 1680 in Bacton but buried there 20 Oct. 1680;


5. William - bapt. 14 June 1687 in Bacton but buried in Bacton 20 June 1688; and

6. Benjamin - bapt. 9 January 1690/1 in Bacton and married Elizabeth Bond 11 April 1711 in Witton and had at least two children baptised in Bacton: Hannah in 1713 and Thomas in 1714 133. He received land in Knapton (the New Close) in 1715 from his father Thomas Lounds of Bacton and sold it in 1718 to Nicholas Bacon of Edingthorpe.

In 1669 Thomas took a lease of the same 40 acres of land called Gresham Close that his father Richard had leased in 1649 for a period of 9 years and which, in 1677, was then taken over by his eldest son John Lound for a further period of 12 years 134. At the time of his death he possessed properties in the parishes of Bacton, Witton, Edingthorpe and Knapton which he gave to his three surviving sons - John, Thomas and Benjamin. From 1677 to 1680 Thomas Lound was one of the 4 jurors at the Paston Manor Courts.

Thomas became custodian of his three grand-children - Mary 6, Hannah 5 and Elizabeth 4, the daughters of Joshua and Hannah Bacon, after the death of their mother in 1698, and took particular care to provide for them in his will written in 1719.

Hannah, the wife of Thomas Lound, died and was buried in Bacton 24 Feb. 1714/5. At some point after the death of his wife Hannah, Thomas moved to Itteringham 135 where his sons Johns and Thomas 136 were living and where he made his will in 1718/9.

Thomas Lound died on about 14 November, possibly in Itteringham, and was buried 16 November 1722 in Bacton 137.

Others -

John and Elizabeth Lound had 3 children baptised in Bacton - Robert 1703 but likely died the same year, Elizabeth 1707 and Sarah 1713. He may have been the John Lound buried there 5 Jan. 1741/2 138. Elizabeth Lound, widow of Bacton, left a will in 1748 139 which provided for her daughter Elizabeth Decker and Sarah the wife of Samuel Margeston.


Blythes feature in several pedigrees wherein Alice Blythe married John Gresham of Holt 141 and Thomas Blythe married Anne Goodhand (?) [sic] 142. There were Blyths in Ridlington (adjacent to Witton) in 1601 when Dorothy Blyth married John Rowse. John Blyth married Cecily Dodman 10 Feb. 1593/4 in Walcott (about 5 parishes to the south along the coast from Ridlington). John Blithe married Margaret Rooke in 1610 in Kirby Bedon [Hen] but had only a daughter Margaret baptised there in 1613.

John Blyth (b.c. 1598, not in Sidestreand) married Johan Hurry (see below) 27 May 1621 in Sidestrand and had at least the following children baptised in Sidestrand 143:

1. Mary 17 March 1621/2 and married in Sidestrand [EpN] and married John Bawchin 22 December 1642 in Sidestrand and had at least two children - Hannah 1643/4 and John 1648 baptised there;

2. Anna (or Hannah) born about 1623 but not in Sidestrand, married [Edmund?] Jewell 144 in about 1646 and lived in North Repps 1663 to 1670 and Trimingham in 1672 and had at least a son Edmund who married Hannah Bawchin 145;

3. *Thomas baptised 20 March 1624/5 (see below); and

4. John baptised 18 Feb.1627/8 but who died and was buried in Sidestrand 29 September 1647.

John Blyth was active in the affairs of Sidestrand and appeared as a juror on the Gimingham Manor Court Rolls for Sidestrand from the first court of Book 6 in October of 1628 146, suggesting that shortly after his marriage there in 1621 he had been able to buy land in Sidestrand, possibly with the assistance of his father-in-law William Hurry. In 1648 John and Johan Blyth surrendered their land in Sidestrand (including land formerly belonging to Johan’s mother Agatha Hurry) to

Thomas and Margaret Blyth 147. John, probably the father, and his son Thomas were two of eleven residents of Sidestrand who were enumerated in the Subsidy Roll of June 14 Charles II (1662) 148.

John Blyth died and was buried in Sidestrand 25 September 1680 and administration of his estate was granted 13 October 1682 to his widow Joane Blyth 149. Joan Blyth, widow, was buried in Sidestrand 23 Feb. 1684/5 and her will 150 gave all her land in Sidestrand to her grandson John Blyth with money payments to her other grandchildren - Hannah Lound, Thomas Blyth, Joan Blyth, William Blyth and Joane Lound, and to Hannah and Mary Jewell 151 the daughters of her grandchild Hannah Jewell.

Thomas Blyth (b.1625/6) married Margaret _____ 152 25 May 1647 in Sidestrand and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. *Hannah 11 May 1649 who married Thomas Lound 26 June 1667 in Alby (see above);

2. John 28 November 1651 but likely died before 1655 153;

3. Thomas 24 December 1652 who married 30 September 1674 in Sidestrand to Elizabeth Elden and had at least a son John baptised in Sidestrand 7 October 1675 and was likely the Thomas Blyth, worstead weaver of Norwich, who posted a bond for the marriage of his brother John in 1678;

4. John 11 May 1655 154 who married Sarah Walsingham 24 October 1678 in Sidestrand 155 and had a daughter Sarah baptised there 31 August 1679 before Sarah, the wife, died (likely as a consequence of childbirth) and was buried there 9 September 1679. John likely had at least three more children with another wife 156 before he died with a will 157 that referred to his brother Thomas and his four children - Sarah Burton, Robert, William and Hannah, the last being under 21;

5. Johan 11 January 1657/8 and married Richard Lound Junior of Gresham, the brother of her brother-in-law Thomas Lound 27 Oct. 1675 in Gresham; and

6. William 1 April 1659 and still alive in 1685.

Thomas was active in the parish of Sidestrand 158 and is referred to as providing an appraisal of two grounded vessels there 27 April 1652 159 and in July of 1652 was amerced (fined) by the Court Leet of North Repps (likely but not clear) “for stoping upp a Certeyne stile Waye and purrell way with a gate or doore nayled upp there devideinge the bounds of Northreps and Sidestrond and comand him to unnayle the same before Michaelmas next and to use itt as itt have been used...” 160.

Thomas Blyth was buried in Sidestrand 2 April 1662 and his will 161 gave his lands in Sidestrand, North Repps and South Repps to his wife Margaret until his son Thomas reached the age of 21 and also provided for his other children - Hannah, Joane, William and John - and also for the child his wife was with, and appointed his father John and his kinsman Edmund Jewell of North Repps as executors. Margaret Blyth likely re-married (but not in Sidestrand) as she would only have been about 35 at the time of Thomas’ death.


William Hurry was born about 1500 and married Katherine ____ in about 1527 in Overstrand [N.Erp]. His will of 1532 163 left all of his estate, after the customary religious bequests including to the high altar of Cromer, to his wife Katherine for the bringing up of his children who are not referred to by name. While there is no proof that the William who follows was his son, several pedigrees at and have made that claim and certainly the name and common locations would strengthen that conclusion. He was, according to his will, a smith.

William Hurry was born about1530 and married Cicely _____ (born about 1522 164) in about 1556 and had at least the following children who were alive in 1602:

1. Jone born about 1557, married Richard Godfrey 21 November 1577 in Sidestrand and was buried (as Joane Godfroye) in Sidestrand 21 May 1632 with a will 165 which left her estate to her nephews and nieces and to her god-daughter Mary Blyth;

2. *William baptised in Sidestrand 23 February 1559/60 166 (see below); and

3. Jeremy baptised in Sidestrand 2 November 1563, married Johan ____ in about 1592 and had at least Agnes 167 (b.1592/3 m. John Swayne in 1632 but had an illegitimate son Philip born in 1623), William (b.1594/5 but apparently died before 1639 168), Jeremy (b.1596/7 m. Rose Money in 1619 and died in 1647), Johan (b.1599 m.Clement Doughtie), Mary (b. ? m. John Robinson 169), Elizabeth (b.1608 m. Robert Furnys in 1632) and Abigail (b.1610/1 m. Richard Chapman in 1633) before Jeremy Sr. died and was buried in Sidestrand 22 September 1615 with administration of his estate granted to his wife Johan 170.

William Hurry was consistently a juror for Sidestrand in the Gimingham Manor Courts from 1565, the first sitting for which a record survives, to 1607. William Hurry, a yeoman, died and was buried in Sidestrand 1 November 1607 171 and his will 172 gave his land there 173 to his wife Cecily and daughter Jone for life and then to his son Jeremy with a bequest of money to his son William. Cicely Hurry, widow, died and was buried in Sidestrand 18 November 1615 174.

William Hurry was born in February of 1559/60 in Sidestrand and married Agatha Springholde, a widow 175, 1 February 1596/7 in Sidestrand, possibly as a second marriage, and they had at least the following children baptised in Sidestrand:

1. *Johan 5 July 1599 who married John Blithe 27 May 1621 in Sidestrand (see above);

2. Cicely 23 September 1602 who married Richard Gray 3 September 1627 in Sidestrand; and

3. Alice 30 June 1605.

William was a plow-wright and, according to his will, somewhat of a brewer. At his death he held land in Poyning Manor of Sidestrand at Thornhill and in North Repps.

William Hurry died and was buried in Sidestrand 26 August 1609 and his will 176 provided for his wife and their three children, two children of his wife - Robert Springold and Margaret Springold, every child of his brother Jeremy Hurry and his god-son William Hurry. Agathe Hurry, widow, died and was buried in Sidestrand 9 October 1648.


Thomas Sprungol and his wife Agnes were left a legacy in the 1538 will of John Grene of Sheringham 178, his father-in-law.

Thomas Springolde of Beeston by the Sea (now Beeston Regis) left an oral will in 1563/4 which provided for his wife Margaret and left his fishing equipment to his son Robert and daughters Margaret, Johan, Cicely, Alice and Agnes.

Richard Springold of Beeston by the Sea also left a will in 1563/4 which provided for his wife Alice and left his fishing equipment (including "a Dole out of Iselande") to his son William but to be maintained by Richard's brother William until his son was "of age".

The 1554 NCC will of Nicholas Hook, Shipmaster of Beeston by the Sea, left the Iselonde Doal (perhaps a sailing vessel?) to Thomas Springold the younger of Sheringham and the same Iselonde Doal [sic] and his "greatest cocle" for which he was to pay £4 to William Springold of Beeston.

Robert Springold married Agatha (b.c.1570) ______ in about 1590, likely in Runton, to the north of Cromer and therefore two parishes away from Sidestrand or in Sheringham where John Springold, possibly the brother of Robert, left a will in 1591 179 which dealt with his property in Sheringham and Beeston Regis. Robert and Agatha had at least the following children 180 probably baptised in Runton, Beeston or Sheringham 181:

1. Margaret; and

2. Robert.

A Robert Springholde was buried in Sidestrand 2 March 1588/9.

Robert died in about June of 1595 and administration of his estate was granted 12 July 1595 to his relict Agatha. Robert Porter was one of the six men who did the inventory of his assets.

Agatha married, secondly, William Hurry 1 February 1596/7 in Sidestrand (see above) and died there in October of 1648.


*Dorothy Ransom was born about 1609 and married Richard Lound 2 April 1632 in Norwich St. John Timberhill (see above).


John Ransome married ______ and had at least the following baptised in Gresham:

1. Richard baptised 8 July 1616 in Gresham;

2. Alice baptised 8 December 1618 in Gresham; and


3. Margaret baptised 22 March [n.s.] 1627 in Gresham to John and Alice.

John Ransome was rated in Gresham in the 1620 to 1629 Subsidy Returns. It is possible that John had earlier children elsewhere including Dorothy.

There were many other Ransomes having children in Gresham including

Thomas 1602/3

George 1619

Peter & Bridget 1628

John & Anne 1640 etc.

Richard Ransome (b.1616 in Gresham the son of John), Clerk, married Anne Beare 7 Feb. 1647/8 in Thwaite next Alby and had at least the following:

1. Richard born about 1648 in Banningham.

Anne likely died and Richard married Alice _____ and had at least the following:

2. William 20 August 1662 in Alby;

3. Anthony 17 October 1665 in Alby.

Richard was admitted in 1631 at age 16 to Caius College, Cambridge, graduated with his B.A. in 1636 and obtained an M.A. there in 1639. He was ordained a deacon in 1636 and a priest a year later and was curate in Gresham from that date and in Cromer from 1637, and was Rector of Ingworth in 1643 and in Alby in 1649. The biographical details in have mixed up the careers of the two Richards, father and son, and it was likely Richard (b. 1616) who died in 1694 in Great Dunham making provision in his will for his wife Alice and three children - Anthony, Bridget and Mary, while also providing for the 4 children of his son Richard Ransome, Clerk, deceased - Elizabeth, Richard, Samuel and Alice.

Richard Ransome (b.c. 1648 in Banningham son of Richard, above) married Elizabeth and had at least the following children:

1. Alice baptised 9 October 1679 in Gresham.

Elizabeth Ransome, the wife of Richard, Clerk of Gresham, died and was buried in Gresham 30 Dec. 1679.

Richard Ransome Junior, Clerk and Curate of Gresham, died there and was buried 4 March 1680/1.

Richard had been admitted to Caius College, Cambridge 11 October 1664 at age 17 and received his B.A. in 1669. He became a priest in 1673 and was curate of Trunch in that year, Boxford iin 1677, Rector of Great Dunham from 1679 to 1694 and Rector of Aldeby.

Although Dorothy may have been the Dorothy Ransum baptised 25 October 1601 in Aldborough/Aldburgh 183 [EpN by Thurgarton] daughter of William 184, the 1658 will of William Ransome the first son of William Ransome and Dorothy Gay (see below) left a legacy to his sister Dorothy Ransome, suggesting that even though she was 57 years old she had not married. Additionally, the last child of Richard Lound and Dorothy Ransome was baptised in 1654/5 and Dorothy would have been 54 and likely beyond child-bearing age. In that case the pedigree which follows including Ransome, Howson, Nabs, Parker and Gay is no longer pertinent.

Another Dorothy Ranson was baptised 5 May 1614 in Great Fransham [Lau] the daughter of Thomas and Margaret 185.


From the various Subsidy Rolls 186 it would appear that the Ransomes in North Erpingham originated in or around Aldeborough/Aldeburgh 187 (by 1545 they also appear in Cromer - Robert and Cicely) and spread to adjacent Matlaske by 1597 and Gresham by 1620.

Thomas Ransom, and his wife Dorothy, the widow of William Miller, and had at least the following:

1.* Robert born about 1519 (see below).

Thomas and his wife Dorothy, as the widow of William Miller, were involved in several suits concerning land in Alburgh from 1544 to 1551 (NA) primarily instituted by William Miller the son of the deceased William 188. Thomas Ransom of Alburgh [sic] was also involved, with Thomas and John Skarburgh, with land in land in Baconsthorpe and Hempstead, seemingly as a type of mortgagee, in 1540 189 and 1543. Thomas Ransome of Aldeburgh was listed on the Subsidy Rolls for 1522 and 1545 (moveables/goods).

Dorothy Rannsom was buried in Aldborough 17 July 1545 (37 Henry 8) and Thomas Rannsom was buried there a month later on 21 August 1545 190.

Robert Rannsom (b.c. 1519) married Kerthere [Katherine?] Howman 19111 June 1542 in Aldborough and they were likely the parents of the following baptised in Aldborough 192:

1. Thomas Rannsom 20 June 1546 but likely died before 1553 193;

2. John Rannson son of Robert 20 September 1545 (37 Henry 8) and married Mary Grime 194 8 August 1574 in Aldborough and was buried there shortly after 15 March 1587/8 195 leaving a will 196;

3. Margaret 15 Dec. 1547 but buried 11 Feb. 1547/48;

4. Robert son of Robert 16 Nov. 1550 and likely married Johan Barker 28 Nov. 1579 in Aldborough and they likely had the following children baptised in Aldborough:

a. Alice 25 September 1580;

b. Mary 10 March 1583/4;

c. Margaret 21 Feb. 1585/6;

d. John 5 March 1587/8 [but likely the John Rannsom buried there 7 March 1587/8 197]; and

e. Dorothy 8 Jan. 1588/9.

Johan Ransom was buried in Aldborough 9 Sept. 1612. Robert Ransome died ______ ;

5. Thomas 24 July 1552 but buried the same day;

6. Ellinor 1 Nov. 1554;

7. Edward 31 Aug. 1555 but likely died before 1587; and

8. Clement 6 Jan. 1556/7 and married Margaret Gaye 20 June 1580 in Matlaske and they had a son Robert baptised there in 1581, and two more - John and Alice - who were mentioned in the will of Margaret’s father William Gaye in 1592.

Kerthere/Katherine Ransom died between 1557 and 1561 198.

Robert Ransom married, secondly, to Alice Nabs 19917 August 1561 200 in Aldborough and they likely were the parents of the following baptised there:

1.* William 17 Dec. 1562 201 (see below) 202;

2. Edmund born about 1564, married Jone Miller 26 July 1590 in adjacent Matlaske and had at least 11 children there (9 survived) there before he died in Matlaske in 1612 203. He was listed in the 1597 Subsidy Returns in Matlaske (as Rauson) but by the next Rolls in 1620 his land was administered by others; and

3. Alice 29 Dec. 1566 204, unmarried in 1587 but likely married Edward Bond 205 9 June 1589 in Matlaske.

Robert Rannsom was listed in the second of two 1543 Subsidy Returns, was involved in the purchase of land in Alburghe and Thurgarton in 1549 (NRO) and was one of three men in Aldborough in the 1577 Muster Rolls to supply weapons, in this case one long bow, a sheaf of arrows and a “byll” 206. He was rated on his goods (as Robert Rawnson) in the 1547 Subsidy Returns in Aldborough but did not appear on the 1549 (very small list) or 1551 returns. He apparently also owned lands held of the Manor of Hanworth in Aldborough and Thurgarton which were claimed, in the period between 1558 and 1603, by William Miller, possibly Robert’s step-brother as the son of William Miller formerly husband of Robert’s likely mother Dorothy.

Robert Rannsome was buried in Matlaske 8 July 1588 207 and, as Robert Rannsome the elder, yeoman of Alburgh left a will 208 which provided for his wife Alice, sons William, Edmond and Robert, his daughter Allice Ransome and his grandchildren Robert son of Clement and Marie daughter of Robert.


Alice Ransome, the widow of Robert ... 209

William Rannsom (b.1562) married Dorothy Gay 30 May 1591 in Matlaske and they had at least the following children:

1. Mary baptised in Matlaske 20 Aug. 1592;

2. Agnes baptised in Aldborough 23 March 1594/5;

3. William baptised in Aldborough 7 December 1598, married Anne ___ but had no surviving children and died in Ingworth in 1658 with a will 210 that left bequests to his brother Robert, the children of his sister ___ King, the children of his sister Alice Wells and his sister Dorothy Ransome;

4.* Dorothy baptised in Aldborough 25 October 1601 (and who likely 211 married Richard Lound in 1632 in Norwich (see above));

5. Robert baptised in Aldborough 9 May 1605, married Margaret Hill 5 Oct. 1630 in Thurgarton and had at least 3 children baptised in Aldborough until 1635; and

6. Alice baptised in Aldborough 17 July 1608 and likely married Nicolas Wells 12 June 1637 in Aldborough.

William Ransome appears on the 1593 Subsidy Roll in _________.

William Rauson [sic] was rated on his land in Aldborough in the 1597 Subsidy Returns which was likely at least the 15½ acres he inherited from his father Robert and before him his grand-father Thomas.

A William Ransome was buried in Aldborough 26 June 1646 212. Dorothy, who was only 38 when William died, possibly remarried.

There were Ransomes in Gresham from about 1597 to 1605, when Thomas and Mary were having children baptised, and 1618 to 1623 when John and George (he later went to Erpingham) were both having children, although there was no Dorothy.


John Gay appeared on the 1519 Subsidy Rolls in Matlask 213. A John Gay of Witton had administration of his estate granted 19 June 1566 to his widow Margaret 214. William Gaye of Aldby left a will 215 which mentioned his brothers John and Robert, his sister Johan Shacklock, his wife Agnes and daughter Elizabeth Frances.


The 1545 Subsidy Returns has entries in Matlaske for

Alice Gay, widow (Guye on one of the two returns of that year),

William Gay (Guye on one of the two returns of that year) and

Richard G____.

Richard Gay (b.c. 1480) married Alice ____ and they had at least the following:

1.* William born about 1530;

2. Agnes who married William Ashwell;

3. Isabell who married ____ Mills;

4. Margaret who married Alan Saare (?); and

5. Alice who married ____ Berwick.

In 1506/7, with William Paston, Esq., Richard Gaye bought an acre and 2 roods of land in Aldborough, near the watercourse running between Aldborough and Thurgarton 216. Richard Gaye of Matlaske was rated on his moveables in the 1519, 1522 and 1545 Subsidy Returns - in both latter cases the highest value in the parish. Alice was also rated on her goods in the 1545 returns and, as widow, the 1547 returns.

Richard Gay died in March or April of 1545 217 and Alice in about September of 1550 218, both in Matlaske 219.

William Gay (b.c. 1530) married Bridget Parker (b.c. 1535) (see below), likely in Matlaske in or before 1554 and had at least the following children:

1. Margaret born about 1555 and who married Clement Ransome 20 June 1580 in Matlaske and had three children alive in 1592 - Robert, John and Alice;

2. John born in about 1557 and who, according to the pedigree in Burkes Landed Gentry, died in Thurgarton in 1636 and settled his estate on his nephew William, the son of Philip Gay. A John Gay married Anne Sadler 20 October 1586 in Matlaske;

3. Philip baptised in Matlaske 14 April 1560 and married Margaret Parker 220 and died in about 1635 221. He bought land in Baconsthorpe in 1573 (finalized in 1576) with his wife Margaret and was then described as the son of William of Matlaske, yeoman. He had at least five sons -Robert, William and Luke both born before 1592, Philip b. 1593, Richard b.1595/6 (graduated from Gonville & Caius in Cambridge and became rector of Barningham), John b. 1600, Robert b. 1602 and Edmund b.1604 (graduated from Gonville & Caius in Cambridge). William (the eldest son) and his wife Alice Parker sired a long line of Gays who lived in the “mansion” at Aldborough 222 and, later, Thurning. Rye in his additions and corrections to Norfolk Families notes that in 1602 Philip Gay had to pay £20 under a Privy Seal Letter and that “The family would seem never to have recovered their spirits after this blow.”;

4. Richard 22 March baptised in Matlaske 1561/2, married Agnes ____ and was buried in Matlaske 19 August 1593 with a will 223 leaving all his estate to his wife Agnes including the lands inherited from his father William;

5. Mary baptised in Matlaske 10 March 1563/4 and married Robert Miller 29 Oct. 1582 in Matlaske and they were still there in the 1595 Subsidy Returns. They had Robert 1584/5, Anne 1587, Richard 1594/5 but died 1610 and Mary 1597 and three who were alive in 1592 - Agnes, John and William;

6. Alice baptised in Matlaske 8 September 1566 but buried 2 Feb. 1566/7;

7. Robert baptised in Matlaske 14 December 1568 but buried 25 December 1568;

8. *Dorothy baptised in Matlaske 28 January 1569/70 and married 30 May 1591 in Matlaske to William Ransome (see above);

9. Cicely baptised in Matlaske 9 March 1571/2 and still single in 1592 when her father wrote his will but possibly married ___ Harwood before 1634;

10. William baptised in Matlaske 10 August 1576 and married Lidia Beane of Gresham 23 April 1594, by license 224, there and had a daughter Lydia who was buried in Matlaske 1598/9 before Lydia the wife of William was buried in Matlaske in 1608; and

11. Bridget baptised in Matlaske 28 May 1579 but buried 8 June 1579.

William Gay was rated on his goods in the 1545, 1547, 1540 and 1551 Subsidy Returns for Matlaske Parish. William Gaye, yeoman of Matlaske, bought land in July of 1565 in Baconsthorpe from William Wagstafe of there 225. William was listed in the 1577 Muster Returns for Matlaske as able to supply a “cote of plate” with sleeves, a bow, a sheaf of arrows, a black byll, a sallett 226, a calyver 227 with flask, and a “touche box” 228. According to Rye in Norfolk Families, William Gay was at one time the constable of Matlask.

Bridget Gaye the wife of William died in or immediately after the birth of their last child Bridget and was buried in Matlaske 29 May 1579.

William Gay, yeoman, was buried in Matlaske 22 February 1592/3 229 and by his will left his extensive holdings in Thurgarton and Aldborough to his eldest son John, his lands in Matlaske, Barningham and Little Barningham to his son Philip, his lands in Matlaske, Plumstead, Town Barningham and Bassingham to his son William and his lands in Aldborough and Little Barningham to his son Richard. He also left a bequest to Margaret the wife of John Bacon Senior of Thurgarton and he made John Bacon both his executor and custodian of his son William and his property until he reached the age of 20. It is possible that John Bacon Senior was a brother-in-law of William Gaye, most likely as husband of William’s sister Margaret or the husband of a sister of John’s wife Bridget.

Thomas Gay of Aldborough took out a marriage licence to marry Susan Hubbard there 8 March 1567/8.


Bridget Parker married William Gaye in about 1554 and their first 6 children were Margaret, John, Philip, Richard, Mary and Alice.

_________ Parker married ________ and had at least the following children:

1. Thomas who married Alice ___ but appeared to have had no children by the time of his death in about 1559 in Alby 230 and whose will 231 identified his siblings;

2. James;

3. William who married Malte (or Maude?) ____ , had at least two children by 1559 - William and Cicely (and possibly Thomas) but died before 1559;

4. John who married Katherine ____ and had at least a son William by 1559;

5. Margery who married William Clarke and had at least a son John by 1559; and

6. *Bridget who married William Gaye (see above).

The surname Parker 232 is allegedly one of the oldest in England coming from Le Parchier etc. in France before William the Conquerer. Parkers were established in the NE corner of Norfolk (North and South Erpingham, Eynesford and Holt) from 18 Edward 1 (1285) when Walter le Parker was the parson of the parish church of Thwait All Saints 233. The manor of Alby, the adjacent parish to the west, was held in 1561 by Sir Henry Parker, Knight, lord Morley although he shortly after conveyed it out to Henry Stanley, lord Strange 234. Other, or later, Parkers were associated with the Calthorpe family of the same-named parish as Elizabeth Calthorpe the daughter of Sir Philip Calthorpe and Mary married, as his second wife, Sir Henry Parker who had Calthorpe Manor in 3 Edward VI (1549) and whose son Philip Parker held the manor in 20 Elizabeth (1578). Sir Philip married Catherine Goodwin of Buckinghamshire and had a son Calthorpe Parker who succeeded to the manor on the death of his father in November of 1605. The Parkers continued in Calthorpe with Philip the son of Calthorpe Parker and Mercy Soame 235.

In Aldborough, to the west of Alby, Gilbert Parker, Thomas Parker and Gilbert Parker, who were father, son and grand-son descended from Nicholas Parker of Honing 236, featured in a number of suits and subsidies rolls from 1597 to 1641.


Alice Nabs was born in about 1522, married Robert Ransom 17 August 1561 in Aldborough and likely had at least William baptised 16 Dec. 1562, Edmund born about 1564, and Alice baptised 19 Dec. 1566. It is likely that Alice was previously married to ____ Nabs.

[What follows is speculative as, although the ages and social standings line up and Lammas is only a bit less than 9 miles south of Thurgarton, it has not yet been firmly established that Elizabeth the wife of John Bacon is the Elizabeth Hall who follows. As well, there were no children named either Stephen or Beatrix in the family of John and Elizabeth Bacon. Additionally, an Adam Yemes married Elizabeth Hall 10 July 1600 in Great Hautbois, although no issue to or burials of this couple can be located anywhere and that Elizabeth could have been a widow or a cousin of the Elizabeth who married John Bacon.]


Elizabeth Halle 237 was born about 1578 and married John Bacon of Thurgarton 7 December 1600 in Lammas with Little Hautbois [EpS].

An Elizabeth Hall appeared in Lammas with Little Hautbois in the 1597 Subsidy Taxes but there were no other Halles there in that list and no Halls in Little Hautbois in the 1522 Subsidy Rolls or the 1522 Muster. Strangely, there were no baptisms to Halles/Halls in Lammas with Little Hautbois although there were marriages and burials there. Thomas Hall married Alice Ellis on 30 July 1570, Nicholas Hall married Margery Ritches on 9 Feb. 1589/90, Mary Hall married Henry Bentlye on 11 Oct. 1596 and Katherine Hall married Steven Lane on 28 April 1600. Edmond Halle was buried in Lammas 9 Oct. 1556, Margaret the wife of Robert Halle was buried 21 July 1573 and Andrew Halle single man of Lammas was buried 16 Dec. 1595 and had administration of his estate granted in 1596 238.

There were three Halles living in Great Hautbois at the time of the 1522 Subsidy- Thomas, Henry and Richard, although only Richard is shown with land, goods and cattle while Henry (at £4) and Thomas (at 26s.8p.) are listed with only goods and cattle. Of the three, only Thomas appeared in the Muster of the same year. This confirms that Richard was the father with property while his two sons lived with him or on leased properties, and Richard was too old for the muster and Henry too young. In the 1597 Subsidy only Stephen Hall appeared and, indeed, he is the only Hall in the parish registers until at least 1680.

Richard Hall married Sebely (Sybil?) ____ and had at least the following surviving children who were likely born in Great Hautbois:

1. Robert who had probably moved elsewhere by 1522 239;

2. Margaret who married Thomas Pery;

3. Henry (Harry) born about 1505 and who may have been the Henry Hall who was buried in Coltishall 18 May 1570; and

4. *Thomas born about 1510 (see below).

Richard died in October of 1522 in Hautbois and his will 240 provided for his wife, sons Robert Hall, Harry Hall (who received some of his father’s lands in Hautbois) and Thomas Hall (who received the balance of his father’s lands in Hautbois) and his daughter Margaret Pery.

Thomas Hall born about 1510, married Beatrice _____ (possibly his second marriage) in about 1542 had at least the following children possibly born in Scottow:

1. John born about 1542 [and by 1591 was residing in Scottow] and may have been the John Holl 241 who had two children baptised in Scottow , viz. Robert in 1563/4and Mary in 1566, and most likely the John Hall who had three children baptised in Scottow viz. Mary in 1572, Andrew in 1575 and Elizabeth 10 May 1577 (born after her father’s death) before he was buried there 1 November 1576 with a will 242 which provided for his wife Margaret and children Mary and Andrew both aged under 24 and his un-born child [this doesn’t line up with the will of Margaret Hall, below], and after his death his widow Margaret married Robert Allen in Scottow 17 October 1577;

2. *Stephen born about 1545 (see below);

3. Margaret who married Robert Pyghtler and by 1559 had at least three children - Rose, Robert and Margaret; and

4. Margaret [sic - possibly by a different mother] who died single in 1591, probably in Winterton, with a will 243.

Beatrice Hall the wife of Thomas was buried in Scottow 17 January 1558/9 244. Thomas Hall of Scottow was buried there 6 April 1559 and his will 245 gave his numerous properties to his two sons John (who received his father’s lands in Scottow) and Stephen (who was then under 21 and received his father’s lands in Great Hautbois and Coltishall), and provided for his daughter Margaret the widow of Robert Pightler and their three children. One of the witnesses to his will was John Bacon.

A Stephen Hall who was buried in Horstead 246 19 April 1559. Also in Horstead Margaret Hall was buried 9 September 1562 and John Hall was buried 30 April 1563. Except for these three burials, the marriage of Stephen and Beatrix in 1569 and the baptism there of their first child in 1570 there were no other Halls in the Horstead registers from 1558 to 1615.

Stephen Hall, b.c. 1545, married Beatrix Rose 26 September 1569 in Horstead and, except for their first child 247, had their children baptised in Great Hautbois, immediately south of Little Hautbois with Lammas:

1. Thomas 27 August 1570 baptised in Horstead;

2. Mary 25 March 1572 and married John Mollet 30 April 1598 in Great Haubois and had at least a son Stephen baptised there 31 December 1598;

3. Grace 1 Oct. 1573;

4. Walter 11 Dec, 1575;

5. Stephen 7 Sept. 1578;

6. *Elizabeth 22 May 1580 and possibly married Henry Bacon in 1600 in Little Hautbois 248;

7. Rose 11 March 1581/2 but was buried there 16 June 1583;

8. Alice 13 June 1584;

9. Dorothy 19 June 1586 who may have been the Dorothy Hall who married Thomas Shilling 13 January 1612/3 in Scottow; and

10. John 7 June 1590.

Stephen was quite literate as he composed, at least, the last will and testament of Reginald Thurston of Lammas in 1582 [see Porter of Foxley - Vincent Porter elsewhere]. Strangely, no probate documentation has yet been found for Stephen. A Stephen Hall, householder, was buried in Scottow 9 December 1625 and while it is uncertain whether it was Stephen the father or Stephen the son it is unlikely that Stephen the father lived to the age of 80. A Stephen Hall was buried in Overstrand 1 May 1618.

An Edmund Hall married Cicily ___ 9 November 1562 in Coltishall and was likely the Edmund Hall who was buried there 28 July 1579.


Beatrix Rose was born about 1546 and married Stephen Hall in 1569 in Horstead (see above).

John Rose was born about 1508 and married Alice Bolte in about 1534. John had at least the following children likely baptised in Sco Ruston or Horstead:

1. Stephen;

2. Walter born about 1537 and died in 1584 (see below);

3. Dorothy;

4. John born about 1540 and died in 1608 (see below);

5. Robert born about 1542 249 but possibly the Robert Rose buried in Coltishall 31 January 1560/1;

6. Alice born about 1544; and

7. *Beatrice born about 1547 and married Stephen Hall in 1571 (see above).

John Rose of Horstead was the cousin of Thomas Rose of Little Melton [Hum] who died in 1541 with a will which appointed John as executor.

John Rose died in Sco Ruston in 1548 and his will 250 distributed his extensive holdings of land in Sco Ruston, Horstead, Coltishall and Stanninghall, most inherited from his father-in-law, to his four sons while providing for his wife Alice and three daughters.

Walter Rose and Alice ___ were married in about 1559 and had the following children baptised in Horstead 251:

1. Elizabeth 20 June 1560 and married John Gostling 10 September 1581 in Horstead;

2. William 15 Dec. 1561 and who was likely the William Rose of Sco Ruston 252 who left a will in 1622 253 which provided for his wife Blythe and his two sons Stephen and John both then under 24;

3. Margaret 26 October 1563;

4. Stephen 16 June 1566; and

5. Henry 14 November 1568 but buried in Horstead 28 November 1568.

Their property was, according to Millican’s History of Horstead 254, a farmhouse which formerly lay about a quarter of a mile to the east of Heggatt Hall. Alice the wife of Walter Rose was buried in Horstead 21 December 1568 and Walter likely re-married to Margaret ___. Walter Rose was buried in Horstead 15 June 1584 and his will 255 provided for his wife Margaret and children William, Stephen, Elizabeth, Margaret and Bridget, and referred to his brother John Rose. Margaret, the second wife of Walter, was buried in Horstead 11 August 1611.

John Rose married Elizabeth Botwright 10 Feb. 1562/3 in Coltishall and had the following children baptised:

1. Elizabeth 28 October 1563 in Coltishall 256;

2. Stephen 21 April1565 in Horstead;

3. Margaret 16 March 1566/7 in Coltishall;

4. Mary 26 April 1570 257 in Horstead and married Peter Hagon 1 November 1590 in Horstead;

5. Walter 3 December 1573 in Horstead but buried there 28 June 1577;

6. John 4 March 1575/6 in Horstead;

7. Dorothy 10 May 1579 in Horstead and married William Tebbold 24 June 1599 there 258;

8. Jeremy 23 Nov. 1581 in Horstead; and

9. Susanna 31 May 1586 in Horstead.

Their property was, according to Millican’s History of Horstead 259, a house in Green Lane, anciently called Havergate, which was at the top of the incline leading down to the village and some 50 yards from the main road. and was, by 1599, occupied by their son Stephen. Elizabeth the wife of John Rose was buried in Horstead 4 August 1596 and John Rose was buried there 28 August 1608.

BOLT - Westwick and Sco Ruston

Alice Bolte 260 was born in about 1510 and married John Rose in about 1534.

Bolts were present in the north-east corner of Norfolk from early times and Nicholas Bolte of Westwick [Tunstead 100], adjacent to Sco Ruston, left a will in 1459. The will is in latin but seemed to contain no references to Bolt relatives, although he was likely the father or grandfather of the Henry Bolt who follows. In the 1523 Subsidy Roll William Bolt was assessed in Trunch [N. Erpingham100] and Stephen Bolt, who follows, in Sco Ruston [Tunstead 100].

Henry Bolt was born about 1454 and married Cecily _____ in about 1478 and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Westwick:

1. Robert born about 1478 who married Beatrice ___ and had at least Harry (Henry), James, Sesily and Cesile [sic] before he died and was buried in Westwick in 1510 with a will 261 which provided for his wife and four children, gave his brother Stephen the lands left to him by and purchased from his father and appointed his brothers Stephen and William as executors;

2. *Stephen born about 1480 of Sco Ruston (see below);

3.William who had at least daughters Cecily and Beatrix by 1504 and lived in Westwick but may have been the William Bolt of Sloley who left a will in 1525 which provided for his wife Jone;

4. Nicholas of Westwick who married Alice ___ and died sometime in the second half of 1508 with a will 262 which appointed his brother William as executor and was witnessed by his brothers Robert and Stephen;

5. Richard who had at least a daughter Cecily by 1504/5 and by 1504 owed a significant of money to his father;

6. Cecily;

7. Agnes;

8. Benet - a daughter; and

9. Margery.

Henry (Harry) Bolte of Westwick died between August and November of 1504 and his will 263 provided for his wife and his 5 sons and 3 daughters and also made provisions for Cecily Bolte the daughter of his son William who was to continue to live with Cecily his wife after he died. Cecily Bolte, widow of Westwick, died in February 1504/5 and her will 264 provided for 4 of her sons (not William) and two of her grand-daughters named Cecily, although parts of the will are illegible so others may have been mentioned.

There were other Bolts in Westwick or its immediate vicinity, viz -

1. Henry Bolt of Scottow who died in 1528 with a will which provided for his wife Alice Thorpe, brothers Thomas, John and William Bolt, a mother Agnes Grene (?) and daughters Agnes and Alice.

2. Robert Bolt of Westwick who married Alice ___ a widow (who had at least a son and daughter when she married Robert) and died in Westwick in May of 1528 with a will 265 which provided for his wife and her two children and ordained Stephen Bolte as supervisor.

3. Cecily Bolt of Sco Ruston, widow, who left a will in 1552 but which referred to no other Bolts.

4. John Bolt, a weaver of Worstead, who died in 1515 with a will which provided for his wife Jone and his children Adam and Margaret and appointed William Bolt of Westwick as executor. He was presumed (perhaps wrongly) to be the John Bolt who at one time had been considered an eligible match for one of the Pastons 266.

Stephen Bolte was born in about 1480 and likely married 1. Alice ______ 267 in about 1502 and had at least the following child:

1. *Alice born about 1510, likely born in Sco Ruston.

Alice the wife of Stephen likely died sometime before 1530 and Stephen married 2. Christine _____ but they do not appear to have had any surviving children.

Christine the wife of Stephen likely died in 1531 as her obit inscription was recorded by Norris before it was “cleared away” and copied in Rye as “Christine Bolte, late the wife of Stephen Bolte ...1531".

After the death of Christine Stephen married 3. Agnes _____ but they appear to have had no surviving children. Agnes was still living at the time of Stephen’s death in 1546.

In the Norfolk Subsidy Rolls of 15 Henry VIII (1523/4) Stephen Bolt of Skornstyne 268 was one of only 8 men assessed in Tunstead Hundred and was valued as the fourth highest of those eight highlighting his wealth at the time. Stephen was an extremely religious man with strong adherence to the Roman Catholic cause and his will provided for 24 years 269 of candles, daily prayers and masses for his soul and others. Various inquests post mortem were conducted on Stephen’s estate in 1541, 1545 and 1546 270.

Stephen Bolte of Sco Ruston died in about March of 1546 and his will 271 gave most of his extensive holding of properties (at least 20 acres in a number of parcels) to his only, apparently, child Alice and her husband John Rose. He also made specific provisions for the six children of John and Alice Rose and provided that in the event of their deaths the properties were to go to his name-sake, their eldest son Stephen.

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