Goddard 1

The 1327 Suffolk Subsidy Roll lists three Goddards - John Godard in Occold [Hart] 2, Mathew in Stradbrook [Hox] and John in Worlingworth [Hox], parishes closely grouped in north central Suffolk. William Godard was the chaplain in several parishes in Hoxne from 1336 to 1340 according to the Suffolk Feet of Fines 3, while Robert Goddard, merchant, was a member of the Guild of St. Botolph in St. James, Bury St. Edmund 4. Another William Godard of Dennington and Laxfield was listed in 1427 and a William Godered of Horset [=Horsecroft Thingoe?] in 1435. The 1381 Suffolk Poll Tax 5 lists only Alice Godard a servant and Agnes God___ [sic] at Knettishall [Black] on the Suffolk/Norfolk border near Gasthorpe and a Margaret Godard in a unidentified parish. A Margaret Godard of Dunstal (=?) was left money in the will of Agnes Stubbard of Bury in 1418 6. There were at least 6 Goddards of Bradfield Combustible [Thed] who left wills from 1367 to 1456 and another in nearby Rattlesden [Thed] in 1456. John Goddard held a water mill in Monks Eleigh in 1505 7 and in 1512 and 1525 John Goddard was a member of the Guild of St. Peter in Bardwell 8. John Godderd was buried in nearby Bradfield St. George 20 Sept. 1584.

The 1524 Subsidy Returns 9 list four Goddards in Bury St. Edmund: William, Robert and Roger in the East Ward and Thomas (who likely witnessed the 1506 will of Henry Rudde, doctor, in Bury 10) in the West Ward. William Goddard of Bury St. Edmunds left a will in 1544 which referred to his wife Agnes and brothers Robert and Thomas, while his brother Thomas of Rougham left a will in 1545 referring to the same. Robert was likely the husband of Margery Thorne who was left land in BSE by the 1540 will of her father 11. John Goddard, possibly the son of Thomas and Margery, married Mary Hawstead in 1557 in Bury St. Edmunds St. Mary (Boyds). Thomas Goddard married Mary Harwarde in 1562 in Little Saxham [Thing].

GODDARD - Hartismere 100, Suffolk

Copinger in his Manors of Suffolk V.3 at page 271 says “One Godard de Gislingham is supposed to have held this [Rushes Manor in Gislingham] at the time of the Conquest and his son and heir, Robert de Gislingham, in the reign of Henry II. John Godard resided in Occold in 1327 (as noted above) and John Goddard the eldest was referred to in several wills of residents of Gislingham in 1468 (Cobbe) and 1472 (Manserel) and William Godard of Gislingham was listed in the Suffolk Feet of Fines in 1434 to 1436 and died there in 1452 leaving a will 12, and at least four other Goddards of Gislingham also left wills from 1479 to 1514 13. By the mid 1500s Goddards were well established in the Hartismere Hundred of Suffolk 14 and from 1578 there were Goddards in Wickham Skeith 15, Mellis, Stoke Ash, Mendlesham, Yaxley, Burgate, Rickinghall, Thornham, Wetheringsett, Thrandeston, Occold and Palgrave as well as nearby parishes in adjacent hundreds such as Old Newton and Stow Market in Stow Hundred. The records of Gipping and Greenes Manor 16, encompassing Gipping, Stowupland, Newton and Mendlesham, suggest that Goddards were in the area from at least the reign of Henry VI (1423-1471).


In 1471 Simon Godlard of Wickham Skeith left a will 17 which referred to his wife Alice, daughter and a John Godlard of Thornham and it is quite likely that Godlard subsequently became Goddard.

The 1524 Subsidy Returns 18 list the following four Goddards out of 31 heads of household in Wickham Skeith:

1. “Nicholas (on land)” - Nicholas Goddard of Wickham Skeith bought land in ______, with five others including John Frere, in September of 1532, and received a lease in 1541 from Richard Freston, the Lord of the Manor, of a meadow in Wickham Skeith Manor for a period of 42 years and then, two years later, 3 acres of land in Wickham Skeith for 300 years 19. Nicholas and Robert Goddard were the constables in Wickham Skeith in about 1545 20 and the former may also have been the Nicholas Goddard who was involved in an action between 1492 and 1547 with his father Robert concerning lands in Rattlesden [Thed] and the witness of several PCC wills of Wickham Skeith residents in 1547 and 1558;

2. “Gelys [Giles] (on wages)” - The 1527 will of Giles [Aegidius] Godarde of Hawley, “late of Wickhamskeith” 21 left to his wife Katherine, sons John and Richard and daughter Margerie;

3. “Robert (on goods)” - Robert was likely the Robert Goddard Senior who was buried in Wickham Skeith 7 May 1573 22; and

4. “John, a Tailor (on wages)”.

and elsewhere in Hartismere and Stowe in the 1524 Subsidy List 23:

5. Robert Sr - Thorndon (rated with Thomas Eve and Thomas Chittock) - wages;

6. William - Gislingham - goods 24;

7. John - Occolt - wages;

8. Henry - Occolt - goods;

9. John - Stow Uplands - goods; and

10. Richard - Haughlie (rated with Ellis Wroo) - wages.

The 1568 Subsidy Returns 25 list the following Goddards in Hartismere and Stowe Hundreds:


1. John - Wickham Skeith - land (he was CW in Wickham Skeith in 1564);

2. Nicholas - Wickham Skeith - land;

3. Johanna - Wickham Skeith - goods;

4. Robert Godderd - Thornham Parva - goods (see below);

5. Nicholas - Gislingham - land;

6. Robert - Mendlesham - land;

7. John - Mendlesham - goods 26;

8. John - Occolt - land 27;

9. Robert - Thorney/Saxton (Stow Upland) - land 28;

10. Thomas - Thorney/Saxton (Stow Upland) - land (he likely died in Stow Market in 1590 - see will in note below); and

11. Margery - Stow Market - goods 29.

Also in that period, but not on the list, James Goddard took out a license to marry Alice Cowper of Harleston next Stowmarket 1 June 1566 (NCC Adm Acts).

In Blackbourn Hundred, adjoining Hartismere, William Goddard and his wife Margeret had 8 children baptised in West Stow from 1568 to 1613 before William died there in 1625/6 and Margaret in 1638/9. William did not appear in West Stow on the 1568 Subsidy Returns.


Goddards were also in Stow Market and Stow Upland (including Thorney and Saxton) from early times and John Godard was involved in deeds there in 1490 and 1507, and in both 1550 and 1575 Robert and John Goddarde were listed among the six respectable residents of Stow Upland 30.

Goddards of Stowupland referred to in the Gipping Manor Court records include -

1. Thomas who was rated or listed with three parcels of land which bore the dates 3 and 9 Henry VII [1488 & 1494], 9 & 32 Eliz [1567 & 1590] and 7 Edward VI [1533]:

a.12 acres in a close called 5 Acres lying to north of lands held by Robert Goddard in Campsey Manor and abutting the way from Stow to Mendlesham

b. 1 acre lying just to the south of Five Acre.

2. William who rated or listed with

a. 6 acre parcel of land in Gipping called Collesley which he seems to have received as heir from John Keble 20 Henry VII [1505] or 32 & 36 Henry VI [1454 & 1458]

b. 21/2 acres in a close with garden in Gipping called Close at the Cross

c. 1 acre abutting the way from Stow to Mendlesham 28 Henry VIII [1536]

d. 3 acres freehold called “Goddard Croft” 2 Rich. III [1484].

In 4 Eliz. (1562) Robert Godward of Mendlesham paid rent for the parcels described for Collesley, Close at the Cross and 1 acre in Five Acres.

Thomas Goddard was assessed for his ditch in Five Acres in 1499 and Thomas Seaman of Mendlesham appeared to have taken over the messuage “late Robert Goddard the Elder” in 1493/4 31.

John Goddard was “respected resident” of Stowmarket who signed deeds there in 1490 and 1507 32 .

Robert DeVowe in his collection of Suffolk Memorial Inscriptions 33 has offered the following 4 generations, up to and including Robert born in 1502 in Stowmarket, who were probably among the progenitors of the Goddards of Wickham Skeith [capital and bold letters and information in square brackets are mine].

_____ GODDARD & ROSE _____

Rose Goddard (1410-1479) was the mother of the following born in Gislingham:

1. John Goddard b. 1438, married Elloryn _____ and died 1496; and

2. *Nicholas b. 1440 and died 1504 (see below).


Nicholas Goddard was born in in Gislingham in 1440 the son of ____ and Rose Goddard. He married Margaret ___ (1445-1521) and was the father of the following:

1.* John b. 1470 (see below)

Margaet Goddard, of Gislingham, likely a widow, left a will in 1514 34 which referred to her son John Goddard and provided money to five others who may have been daughters and their families.

A Margaret Goddard of Gislingham left a will in 1521 [Sudbury AD - 2 entries - to get].


John Goddard was born in Gislingham in 1470 the son of Nicholas Goddard (b.1440) and Margaret (1445-1521), married Agnes ___ (b.1465) and was the father of the following:

1. John b.c. 1500;

2. Henry;

3.* Robert b. 1502 in Stow Market and died 1559 (see below);

4. Thomas b. c. 1504;

[5. William b. 1506 and died 1525 although not referred to in the will of his father]; and

6. [daughters].

John died 1 June 1524 and was buried in St. Peter and St. Mary, Stowmarket. [His will 35 left money to the high altars of Stowmarket and Gipping, provided for his wife Agnes, his 4 sons John, Henry, Robert and Thomas and un-named daughters and referred to his lands in Stowe, Gipping and Saxton Thorney.]


Robert Goddard was born in Stowmarket in 1502 the son of John Goddard and Agnes and was the father of the following:

1. Robert born about 1527 and died 1573;

2.*Nicholas born about 1531, married Alice Hart 28 Nov. 1558 in Wickham Skeith and died 1610 (see below);

3. John born about 1535 and died 1602; and

4. Anne born about 1543, married [4 Nov. 1558 to Norman 36] Ruge and died 1564.

Robert died 28 July 1559 and was buried in St. Andrew’s Wickham Skeith 37.


Nicholas Goddard (b.c. 1531) married Alice Hart 28 November 1558 in Wickham Skeith 38 and the following children of Nicholas Goddard were baptised there 39:

1. John 12 Aug 1559 but likely died before 1564;

2.* Robert 23 Aug 1562, likely m. Mary ____ 40 and had at least nine children baptised in Wickham Skeith from 1591 to 1633 (see below);

3. John 11 September 1564;

4. Ann 16 Feb1566/7 and m. John Syleham (Sileham) of Broome in Broome 22 July 1604 [sic], had two children baptised there - Mary 24 August 1607 but buried 3 September 1607 and John 11 June 1609 - before she died and was buried there 22 April 1611;

5. Rose 20 Feb 1569/70;

6. Nicholas 10 May 1573; and

7. Mary 8 Sept 1575.

Nicholas Goddard witnessed the 1558 will of John Fryer of Wickham Skeith and was likely the Nicholas Goddard who was assessed on £3 of land in Wickham Skeith in the 1568 Subsidy Returns for Suffolk and who, with Robert Brame, Thomas Browne and John Cunnold, was involved in the 5 December 1567 Sequestration of the Rector of Wickhham Skeith 41.

The wife (un-named) of Nicholas Goddard was buried in Wickham Skeith 23 April 1609. Nicholas Goddard died and was buried in Wickham Skeith 1 December 1610 42.


Robert Goddard (b. August 1562) married Mary _____ in about 1590 43 and the following children of Robert were baptised in Wickham Skeith:

1. *Nicholas 13 Sept, 1591 44 who married Elizabeth Cunnold in Wickham Skeith 12 September 1619 (see below);

2. John 16 April 1593 who married _____ and had four children by 1636 - John, Nicholas, Mary and Anne;

[gap] 45

3. Mary 30 March1600 who married Thomas Pire 46;

4. Bridget 12 Nov. 47 1603 but was buried in Wickham Skeith 9 March 1619/20;

5. Elizabeth b. ? 48 but was buried in Wickham Skeith 7 March 1619/20;

6. Susan (twin to Dinah) 8 Feb. 1607/8 who married Thomas Watcham 2 Feb. 1634/5 in Wickham Skeith, and Thomas Watcham was an outsetter in Finningham in the 1639-40 Ships Money Returns;

7. Dinah (twin to Susan) 8 Feb. 1607/8 who married Robert Garrard 13 Nov 1630 in Wickham Skeith and Robert Garrard was in Wickham Skeith in the 1639-40 Ships Money Returns;

8. Henry b.c. 1610 and referred to in the 1611 will of his uncle Henry Goddard but died and was buried in Wickham Skeith 25 September 1612 49 which is why he was not referred to in the 1636 will of his father; and

[gap] 50

9. Robert 5 March 1615/6.

Mary Goddard wife of Robert was buried in Wickham Skeith 6 July 1629.

Robert Goddard married Frances Burie 18 August 1630 in Mendlesham 51, next parish to the south of Wickham Skeith, and had the following child:

10. Frances baptised 6 June 1633 in Wickham Skeith.

Frances Goddard, wife of Robert, died in childbirth and was buried in Wickham Skeith 6 June 1633, the same day as the baptism of her daughter Frances.

Robert Goddard married Susan Turner 52 2 Feb. 1634/5 in Wickham Skeith.

Robert Goddard, yeoman, died and was buried in Wickham Skeith 3 March 1636/7 and his will 53 left his property to his wife Susan and his seven children - Nicholas, John, Mary, Dinah, Susan, Robert and Frances. There was no record of the burial of Susan Goddard, widow, in Wickham Skeith or surrounding parishes from 1636 and her name does not appear in the 1639-40 Ships Money Returns so she must have remarried after the death of Robert.


Nicholas Goddard (born September 1591 in Wickham Skeith) married Elizabeth Cunnel (b.c. 1597) 12 September 1619 in Wickham Skeith and Nicholas and Elizabeth 54 had at least the following children 55:

1 John baptised 29 July 1620 in Wickham Skeith, married 1. ___ and had a daughter Mary baptised in Wickham Skeith 28 September 1645 56 and 2 57. Anne Pitcher 9 Dec. 1651 and had a son John baptised in Wickham Skeith 10 Nov. 1653 - before John the father died sometime before 1659 58;

2.* Robert baptised 25 February 1622/3 in Mellis, the parish immediately to the north of Thornham Magna, and married Abigail Aldridge in 1645 (see below);

3. Nicholas baptised 23 April 1626 in Mellis 59 and ..... inherited his father’s lands in Mendlesham and may have been the Nicholas Goddard who was buried in Finningham 22 March 1684/5, his wife Elizabeth having predeceased him and also buried in Finningham 10 April 1681. He is also therefore likely to be the Nicholas Goddard who was enumerated in Finningham for the 1674 Hearth Tax 60;

4. James [“Jacobus” in latin] baptised 25 June 1629 in Mellis and still alive in 1659 61; and

5. Anne baptised 20 Jan. 1632/3 in Wickham Skeith and married 20 Feb. 1654/5 there to John Seaman, “late of Tivetshall St. Mary in Norfolk”, and had two children before 1659 - Elizabeth baptised in Wickham Skeith 9 April 1656 and John.

Nicholas was likely the Nicholas Goddard who, with Jeremiah Goddard (born 1591, the same year as Nicholas, to Thomas and Jane Goddard in Great Thornham and buried there 2 May 1626), was involved in a dispute concerning land in Great Thornham in the period 1603-1625 62. Apparently, initials on one of the church bells at St. Andrews Wickham Skeith refer to him 63.

Nicholas Goddard, husbandman, was buried in Wickham Skeith in 1659 (no day and month given) 64 and Elizabeth Goddard, widow, was buried there 13 September 1668.


Robert Goddard [b. February 1622/3 in Mellis] married Abigail Aldridge 65 (see below) 24 July 1645 in Thornham Magna 66 and had the following children baptised in Thornham Magna in Suffolk:

1. Robert - 23 Jan. 1647/8 but died and was buried there 24 January 1647/8 67;

2. Abigail - 22 July 1649 but died and was buried there 31 July 1649; and

3. *Nicholas - 9 February 1650/1 68(see below).

Abigail Goddard, the wife of Robert, died sometime after the birth of Nicholas, and Robert married Rachel _______, possibly in Thwaite 69 where Robert was Churchwarden in at least 1669, 1671 and 1676 and where his son Nicholas married in 1674. It appears that Robert and Rachel had had no surviving children.

Sometime in the 1660s or early 1670s Robert Goddard became the Bailiff for Sir George Reeve 70 the Lord of the Manor of Thwaite, Baronet and Member of Parliament for Eye from 1660 until 1679 71. Sir George Reeve died in October of 1678 and his will 72 left bequests to Robert Goddard, his wife “the Goodwife Goddard” and son Nicholas. While there is no listing for Robert Goddard in the 1674 Hearth Tax Returns 73 it is likely because the family was then residing in one of the buildings on the Manor property which, in that return, was shown with 15 hearths. After the death of Sir George Reeve, Robert (then aged about 55) and his wife Rachel and Nicholas and his wife Margaret 74 likely moved to Debenham 75 [Thredling Hundred] in about 1678 possibly after the succession of Sir Robert Reeve the son of George to the lordship of Thwaite Manor.

Robert Goddard died sometime between the making of his will in March of 1688 and its probate in 1692 76. The will 77 of Robert Goddard, yeoman of Debenham, left his estate to his wife Rachel, son Nicholas and the four children of Nicholas who had been born by then.

Rachel, the widow of Robert, may have been the Rachel Goddard who married 25 Nov. 1703 in Debenham to Edmund Denny, the groom of Pettaugh 78 but more likely was the Rachel Goddard 79 “widow late of Debenham” who was buried at Wetheringsett 4 Jan. 1702/3.

NICHOLAS GODDARD & MARGARET FREEMAN - Thorndon [Hart], Debenham [Thred], Westhorpe [Hart] and Wetheringsett [Hart].

Nicholas was baptised 9 February 1650/1 in Thornham Magna to Robert Goddard/Godard. Nicholas Goddard married Margaret Freeman 17 September 1674 in Thwaite [Hart] 80 and they had at least the following children:

1. Robert baptised 13 February 1676/7 81 in Thorndon 82 but was probably the Robert Goddard, infant, who was buried there 1 April 1677 83;

2. *Rachel Goddard baptised 18 April 1678 in Debenham 84 and was “of Debenham” when she married Thomas Bloss 6 Oct. 1698 in Wetheringsett 85 (see above);

3. Dinah born in about 1680 and still alive in 1688;

4. Robert baptised 14 March 1682 [n/s or o/s?] in Westhorpe 86 and was likely the Robert Goddard of Debenham who married in Winston 87 17 Jan. 1711 to Anne Rainbird of Eye, both single 88;

5. Mary baptised 14 June 1685 in Westhorpe and married Robert Buckenham 15 Oct. 1711 in Ashfield 89 and had seven children baptised from 1712 to 1721 - Robert (also in Wetheringsett), John, Thomas, Nicholas, Edward, Mary and William in Debenham;

6. Elizabeth (Betty) baptised 25 September 1688 in Westhorpe, unmarried in 1728 and likely the Elizabeth Goddard daughter of Nicholas who was buried in Walsham le Willows 4 Feb. 1732;

7. Jane baptised 26 March 1691 in Westhorpe and married Robert Harvey 90 in 1719 in Great Barton [Thed] 91 (2 m. NE of Bury) and they had a daughter Jane baptised in Debenham 15 Sept. 1719 and at least 3 children buried in Wetheringsett - Robert 13 Oct. 1724, Jane 30 April 1732 and Dinah 29 Jan. 1736. Jane the mother may have been the Jane Harvey wife of Robert who was buried in Hoxne 14 May 1761;

8. Nicholas Goddard baptised 19 Sept. 1693 in Westhorpe, east of and adjacent to Finningham, but was likely the “Nicholas Goddard a little child” who was buried in Wetheringsett 17 April 1694; and

9. Nicholas Goddard baptised 10 Nov. 1696 in Debenham but no name of parents provided and he was likely the Nicholas Goddard of Westhorpe, yeoman, 24, who married Margaret Goodchild, 22, single, of Walsham 21 Aug. 1722 92 at Bury St. Edmunds St. James and likely the Nicholas Goddard of Westhorpe who was buried in Wetheringsett 19 Aug. 1751.

In 1674 Nicholas was 23 and not yet married so was unlikely to have appeared on the Hearth Tax Returns of that year, although there were two of that name residing in Cotton Parish, which is just to the south of Thornham Magna, Wickham Skeith intervening, one in Finningham and one in Stow Upland. The 1710 Suffolk Poll Book 93 recorded a Nicholas Goddard in Wetheringsett 94. In 1717 Robert Last was apprenticed to a Nicholas Goddard, farmer of Debenham 95.

Nicholas Goddard of Westhorpe was buried 28 April 1733 96 in Wetheringsett with Brockford and the will of Nicholas Goddard, the elder, yeoman of Westhorpe 97 provided for the sale of his property in Westhorpe for the benefit of his wife Margaret and, after her death, his three youngest children - Nicholas Goddard, Betty Goddard and Jane the wife of Robert Harvey. His son Robert Goddard was to be the executor. There was no mention of his elder married daughters Rachel and Mary or of Dinah.

Margaret Goddard of Westhorpe was buried 5 December 1742 in Walsham le Willows.


The 1674 Hearth Tax listed the following Goddards in Hartismere and Stow Hundreds -

1. John - Wickham Skeith

2. Nicholas - Cotton

3. Nicholas - Cotton [sic]

4. widow - Finningham

5. Nicholas - Finningham

6. James - Gislingham

7. John - Mendlesham

8. Thomas - Palgrave

9. John - Braisworth

10. William - Yaxley

11. Thomas - Stowupland

12. Nicholas - Stowupland

13. Henry Stowupland


Elizabeth Cunhold 99 married Nicholas Goddard 12 September 1619 in Wickham Skeith [Hart].

Edward Conold (as Gonould) (b.c. 1551) married Elizabeth Symonds (as Simond) (b. 1551 in Bacton, daughter of John and Agnes) 12 June 1579 in Bacton (Boyds) and had at least the following children:

1. Anne baptised 17 April 1580 in Wickham Skeith but buried in Thornham Magna 3 August 1600;

2. John baptised 5 November 1581 in Wickham Skeith and was listed in Thornham Magna on the 1638 Able Men of Suffolk returns;

3. James baptised 4 October 1584 in Thornham Magna and who inherited all of his father’s lands in Thornham Magna and Wickham Skeith and is very likely the James who married Grace Aldrich in 1610 and died in 1644/5 (see below);

4. Edward baptised 18 March 1586/7 in Wickham Skeith and likely married Elizabeth Sargent 7 October 1618 in Thornham Magna (Boyds) 100;

5. Robert baptised 2 November 1589 in Wickham Skeith 101; and

6. *Elizabeth baptised 22 February 1592/3 in Wickham Skeith, married Nicholas Goddard 12 September 1619 in Wickham Skeith and, as Elizabeth Goddard, was left money in her father’s will.

Elizabeth Cunolde the wife of Edward died and was buried 28 December 1615 in Thornham Magna.

Edward Conolde of Thornham Magna was buried there 23 March 1622/3 102 and by his will 103 left his estate, including his properties in Thornham Magna and Wickham Skeith, to his surviving children. He was a blacksmith by vocation.

An Ann Cunold, widow, was buried in Thornham Magna 30 May 1617.

James Conold (b.c. 1588 the son of Edward above) married Grace Aldrich, widow of William, in Thornham Magna (a.k.a. Thornham Market) 9 October 1610 and had a daughter Anne baptised there 28 July 1611 (who likely married 22 November 1636 in Thornham Magna to John Hubbard). He was a churchwarden in Thornham Magna in 1619, was the James Conold listed there on the 1638 Able Men of Suffolk returns, and was buried there 11 Feb. 1644/5 104 with administration of his estate granted 18 March 1644/5 to his widow Grace 105. The 3rd son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Goddard was named James, a relatively unusual given name in this period.

John Cunold married Agnes _____ and had at least the following children baptised in Wickham Skeith 106:

1. Johanna 11 August 1562;

2. Marjery 25 December 1564; and

3. John 23 Oct. 1568 but buried in Wickham Skeith 12 Nov. 1568 107.

John Cunold in Wickham Skeith was the only Conold/Cunold on the 1568 Suffolk Subsidy Returns list and was involved with Nicholas Goddard and two others in the 5 Dec. 1567 Sequestration in Wickham Skeith 108. He could have been the grandfather of Elizabeth Connold 109. The widow Connolde was buried in Wickham Skeith in 1578/9.

______ Cunnolde married Julian ____ and had at least the following children who were alive in 1578:

1. John;

2. a daughter;

3. Timothy b.c. 1545 (see below); and

4. Joane b.c. 1557 who may have been the Joan Conold who married Roger Green in Wickhanm Skeith in 1585 (Boyds).

Julian Cunnolde, widow of Wickham Skeith, died and was buried in Wickham Skeith 3 March 1577/8 110 leaving a will 111 which distributed her personal property to her eldest son John, youngest son Timothy and youngest daughter Joane.

John Conold (b.c. 1580) married 14 May 1607 in Wickham Skeith to Bridget Colby (Boyds) and had at least the following children who were alive in 1649 112:

1. Mary;

2. Bridgett baptised 2 June 1611 in Wickham Skeith; and

3. Anne baptised 23 Feb. 1616/7 in Wickham Skeith and who married Richard Bennett of Walsham le Willows.

John Connold, blacksmith of Wickham Skeith, died in the spring of 1649 leaving a will 113 which left his properties in Wickham Skeith to his wife Bridgett and then to his three daughters. He also left a gift to his daughter Mary which was conditional on her marrying Nicholas Goddard, son of Nicholas Goddard of Wickham Skeith 114, who had likely fathered her child Nicholas. Bridget Cunnold widow was buried in Wickham Skeith 22 April 1651.

In Fordham [Lack] Robert Conoll married Alice in 1563 and John Conoll married Elizabeth in 1569 but no children have been found baptised there to either couple and no surnames for brides was listed in the ATs.

Nicholas Connold (b. c.1560) possibly married, firstly, Margaret Godbold in Suffolk in 1586 (Boyds & MLB Norwich) and, secondly, Margery Crosse. He had at least the following children:

1. John born about 1607;

2. Nicholas born about 1610; and

3. Martin born about 1612.

Nicholas Connold was buried in Newton (Old) next Stowe 5 November 1617, and Margery Cunnold was buried there 1631-5. The 1617 will of Nicholas Cunnold, yeoman of Old Newton 115, gave his lands in Gipping, Old Newton, Wetheringsett and Brockford to his wife Margery for the term of her life and then to his sons, John being under 24 and the other two under 21 years of age.

There were no Connold or Cunnold, or variants, in the Suffolk Poll Tax Lists (Lay Subsidy) of 1381 although a John Gunnild was in Combes [Stow], a William Gannuld, weaver, and his wife Matilda were in Dagworth [Stow] and a Richard Gunnild appeared in a large parish not identified 116.

The Sudbury Probate lists for 1579 to 1650 lists only three Connolds, and none until 1617, being Nicholas and Timothy (see above) and a Francis Conell, widower, in 1616-7 in Wepstead.

Harvey’s 1524 Suffolk Subsidy Returns lists 5 Conolds, all in Hoxne Hundred

-Robert with two others levied on goods - Fressingfield

-Thomas with Christiana Crisp, widow, levied on land - Laxfield

-William with five others including Nicholas, below, on wages - Laxfield

-Nicholas with five others including William, above, on wages - Laxfield

-James with three others levied as labourers - Metfield

Harvey’s 1568 Suffolk Subsidy Returns lists 2 Conolds

- John on goods - Laxfield

-John on goods - Wickham Skeith

The 1638 Able Men of Suffolk list 117 shows only

-Nicholas Connold, Newton [Stowe]

-William Gunold, Mendlesham

-James Connold, Thornham Magna

-John Conhold, Thornham Magna.

Thomas Conild was listed in Market Weston in the 1283 Blackbourne Hundred Tax Lists and Edmund Conwalde of Laxfield 118 left a will in the period 1444-1455 as did Henry Canell in Halesworth [Blyth]. Richard Gonel of Boxford left a will in 1484 and it may be the same surname. James Conald was a labourer in Metfield [Hoxne] and Robert Conold was in Fressingfield at the time of the 1524 Subsidy. Thomas Cunwold of Laxfield left a will in 1542 119 which gave his properties there to his wife Isabell and provided for his 8 children - Roger, John, William, Henry, Edmond, Margerie, Johan and Anne. Henry Conold married Elizabeth Elmer in Hacheston [Plom] in 1566 (Boyds) and there was a Connald family in Parham [Plom] (Bartholomew was buried there 5 Sept. 1568) in the same period. Robert Conoll married Alice ____ 27 November 1563 in ___ (likely Fordham) and John Connold married Elizabeth ___ 18 September 1569 in Fordham 120. John Conholde married Agnes __ 21 May 1601 in Bury St. Edmunds St. James.

James Conywold (b.c. 1460) married Margaret ____ and had at least the following children, probably baptised in Wingfield [Hoxne]:

1. John who was very likely the John Connold of Bury St. Edmund who left a will there in 1525 121 as did his widow Alice Connold in 1528/9 122 both leaving large sums of money for the singing of their souls in the church at Wingfield and providing for only their son Thomas;

2. William;

3. Robert, likely the Robert Conold who was in Fressingfield at the time of the 1524 Subsidy;

4. Cristian;

5. Johanne; and

6. Margaret.

James died in August of 1512 and his will 123 provided for his wife and six children.

Mendlesham appears 124 to be a major settlement for Cunnolds and from 1560 to 1615 thirteen burials for the name occur in the Suffolk Death Index 125. Also, of the 9 female Cunnalds whose marriages were recorded in Boyd’s Suffolk, 7 were from Mendlesham.

Agnes the wife of John Connold was buried in Mendlesham 8 October 1559.

Robert Cunnold was buried there 24 July 1560.

William Cunnold was buried there 23 June 1562.

William and Margaret had a son William Connold buried 16 April 1564 in Mendlesham 126.

Nicholas Connolde, a shoemaker of Mendlesham, married Margaret _______ 127 and he was the father of the following:

1. William baptised ? but buried in Mendlesham 16 April 1564;

2. Thomas baptised in Mendlesham 24 Jan. 1564/5; and

3. Dionese baptised in Mendlesham 2 Dec. 1565.

Nicholas witnessed the June 1557 will of John Andrews alias Morgan of Mendlesham and conveyed land there 9 December 1563.

Margaret the wife of Nicholas was buried in Mendlesham 12 May 1591. Nicholas Connold, widower, was buried in Mendlesham 10 August 1594.

Timothy (b.c. 1545 likely the son of ___ and Julian, see above) married Margaret/Margery Hubbard 20 June 1567/8 in Mendlesham and had the following children:

1. Elizabeth baptised 23 May 1568 in Mendlesham who married Richard Page of Bacton and by 1616 had four daughters - Mary, Alice, Elizabeth and Susan 128;

2. Mary baptised 28 Feb. 1569/70 in Mendlesham who married Robert Buxton of Cotton in Mendlesham 21 September 1600 129 and by 1616 had three children;

3. daughter who married John Hill of Hepworth and by 1616 had two daughters - Bridget and Elizabeth; and

4. Margery baptised 6 May 1576 in Mendlesham who had an illegitimate daughter Mary baptised 3 July 1599 130 before she married William Hewet of Mendlesham 18 September 1604 there.

Margery Cunnold the wife of Timothy was buried in Mendlesham 1 June 1576.

Thomas and Cicely Cunhold had a daughter Barbara baptised in Mendlesham 1 Dec.1577.

Timothy Cunnold, widower, married Ann Morgan, widow, 13 October 1585 in Mendlesham. The wife of Timothy Cunnold was buried in Mendlesham 8 February 1615/6. Timothy was constable in Mendlesham in 1596 (SRO) and was buried there 7 Oct. 1617 131 leaving a will 132 which provided for his grandchildren and others. The 1594 will of William Pretyman of Bacton 133 referred to a clse called the Park in Cotton occupied by Tymothye Cunnolde.

James Cunnold, widow, married Bridget Wolward 6 September 1568 in Mendlesham and had at least the following eight children baptised there 134:

1. John 16 April 1570;

2. Agnes 24 March 1571/2;

3. Margaret or Margery 7 Feb. 1573/4;

4. Esther 20 May 1577;

5. Bridget 14 March 1578/9 who likely had an illegitimate daughter Mary baptised in Mendlesham 2 June 1606;

6. Unica (Eunice?) 11 March 1580/1 but, as Unica the daughter of Bridget Connold, widiow, was buried in Mendlesham 2 December 1602;

7. Jeremy 24 August 1583 but buried in Mendlesham 1 December 1583; and

8. William 16 May 1585 (see below).

James Connold was buried in Mendlesham 22 July 1588. Bridget Cunnold, widow, was buried there 17 Dec. 1614.

William Cunnold, born 16 May 1585 the son of James and Bridget, above, married Elizabeth Jessop in Mendlesham 1 June 1615 and had at least the following 4 children baptised there 135:

1. Elizabeth 21 May 1616;

2. William 11 Oct. 1618;

3. Alice 11 August 1622; and

4. John 18 June 1626 136.

John Cunnold was buried in Mendlesham 3 June 1611 and two “widow Cunnold”s were buried there 28 August 1616 and 20 February 1653/4.

There were also these marriages in Mendlesham to Cunnold brides not otherwise noted here -

Thomas Whiting married Elenor Cunold (Cunnald in Boyds) 2 Oct. 1562

William Saunders married Margaret Cunnold 21 Sept. 1578

Richard Sothers married Elizabeth Cunold 27 August 1598.

SYMONDS - Bacton

Elizabeth Symonds was baptised 1 May 1551 in Bacton and married Edward Connold 21 June 1579 there and had at least six children baptised in Wickham Skeith - Anne 1580 but buried the same year, John 1582, James 1584, Edward 1586/7, Robert 1589, and *Elizabeth 1592/3 who married Nicholas Goddard.

Symonds appear to have been resident in Bacton 137 from early times. The Suffolk Record Office contains a sale by John Symond of Bacton and others in 1512, a sale by Thomas Symond of Bacton and others in 1526 and a release in 1532 by Thomas Symond of Bacton and others. Thomas Symond of Bacton left a will made 1 Dec. 1523 and proved 3 March 1523/4 138.

The will of Alice Cake 139, daughter of William Pratyman/Pretyman and widow of John Ravet and John Cake, made 4 Feb. 1487/8 gave all of her estate, including four pieces of land in Bacton left to her by her father, to her daughter Johane Symonds. The inquisition of William Pretyman of Bacton 1542 140 referred to an agreement with John Symons/Symond of Bacton made 28 Henry VIII (1536) regarding a trust for the use of the youngest son of William Pretyman.

The will of John Pretyman of Bacton made 6 April 1545 141 left money for Richard Hudson the curate of Bacton and Sir Edmund Symond, clerke, to pray for his soul.

The 1524 Suffolk Subsidy Rolls recorded in Bacton

- Robert Symond (see below) with

- John Synmond, tailor

- Thomas Symond Jr.

- Robert Symond Jr. (eldest son of Robert above)

- Alice Symond widow

The 1568 Suffolk Subsidy Rolls recorded in Bacton

- Thomas Symond on land

- John Symond on land

- Anna Symond widow on goods [widow of Robert]

- John Symond Jr. on goods

Sir Roger Symond 142 was a clerk and at the time he died lived in Brockford hamlet in Wetheringsett parish 143. His will made in 1540 144 referred to his sister Agnes Neve, Roger Symond the son of Thomas who was to receive Sir Roger’s lands in Bacton, and to the daughters of Thomas - Alice, Margaret and Agnes, Roger Symond the son of Robert, Anne Symond the daughter of John and John Symond of Bacton, who was to be one of his executors. He also provided significant funds to repair the church and streets of Bacton suggesting that he had originated there.

Thomas Symond married Katherine ___ and had the following children likely baptised in Bacton:

1. Roger b.c. 1518 who received his father’s properties in Bacton and also other lands in Bacton from Sir Roger Symond, above and was a witness to the will of Edmund Barwell of Bacton made and proved in 1560;

2. Alice;

3. Margaret; and

4. Katherine.

Thomas died in about October 1524, likely in Westhorpe, and his will 145 left his estate to his son Roger, wife Katherine and his three daughters.

Roger Symond (b.c. 1518) married Elizabeth Brown, both single, in Bacton 4 Sept. 1541 and they had the following children baptised in Bacton:

1. Alice 6 April 1542;

2. Johana 11 May 1544 but buried 22 October 1544;

3. Margaret 29 October 1545; and

4. Katheryn 4 Nov. 1548.

Roger Symond died and was buried in Bacton 23 March 1549/50.

Although he could have been a son of Robert who follows, his three surviving daughters were not referred to in Robert’s will.

Robert Symonds was born about 1486 married _____[Lord?] in about 1508 and had at least the following children, likely born in Bacton 146

1. Robert b.c. 1509, married Anne ____ and had at least Roger (see below), Agnes, Anne, Margaret and William before he died and, as the son of Robert Sr., was buried in Bacton 15 August 147 1539, and Anne his widow died and was buried in Bacton 29 March 1582 leaving a will 148;

2. *John who was born about 1520 and buried in Bacton 10 July 1572 (see below);

3. Thomas who was born about 1510, married about 1533 149 and buried in Bacton 29 January 1572/3 leaving a will 150 which gave his estate to his son John 151, his grandchildren (Frances and Ann Simond and John Sickelmer 152), the six surviving children of his brother John and the child of each of two of his sisters;

4. Ellen who married William Smith alias Hovell before 1548 and had a son John baptised in Bacton 9 April 1541 who was referred to in the 1572 will of his uncle Thomas;

5. Margery who married ____ Copping before 1548 and had at least a daughter Elizabeth by 1572; and

6. Julian who married ____ Coyle (?) before 1548.

Robert Symonde died and was buried in Bacton 24 May 1551 and his will 153 provided for his daughter-in-law Anne and her five children, his two surviving sons and their children, his daughters Margery and Julian and their children and the children of his daughter Ellen. Unfortunately, except for the children of his eldest and deceased son Robert, none of his grand-children were referred to by their names.

The wills of both of his surviving sons - John and Thomas - referred to bequests received from the will of Anne Talbott 154 who appears to have been their aunt.

Roger Symonds married 9 October 1575 at Bacton to Anne Muskett the daughter of Peter Pretyman of Howlots, Bacton and Katherine Fenn widow 155.

John Symonds (b.c. 1520) married ______ in about 1543 and had at least the following children:

1. Thomas born about 1544 and who by 1571 was the parson of Hinderclay [Black] 156; and

2. Anne who was referred to in the 1540 will of Sir Roger Symond and the 1559 will of Anne Talbot and was the Anne Symond daughter of John buried in Bacton 18 December 1565.

John Symonds 157 (b.c. 1520) married, probably for the second time, Agnes/Anne Garnham 158(b.c. 1524 if her first marriage) 8 October 1547 in Bacton and had at least the following children 159 baptised there:

3. Margaret 7 September 1548 and may have been a servant to her uncle Thomas Symond who left her a bequest in his will made 23 January 1571/2;

4. *Elizabeth 1 May 1551 and married Edward Connold 21 June 1579 in Bacton (see above);

5. Mary 1 March 1553/4;

6. John 9 January 1556/7, and referred to as his eldest son in John’s will;

7. Roger 29 March 1560 and married Emme Goddard 1 June 1584 in Wickham Skeith where his sister Elizabeth Connold was living and had at least one children baptised in Bacton - Elizabeth 20 June 1585; and

8. Anne 2 November 1563 160.

John Symond was a witness to the 1560 will of John Pratyman of Bacton. John Symonds the elder was buried in Bacton 10 July 1572 and his will 161 provided for his wife Agnes and his six surviving children with Agnes. His (eldest?) son Thomas, the Parson of Hinderclay, was to be supervisor.

Anne Symonds, widow, died in about 1611 162 and administration of the estate of Anne Symonds widow of Thornham Magna was granted 3 October 1611 163 to her daughter Elizabeth the wife of Edward Cunnold. It is quite likely that the widow Symonds had come to Thornham Magna from Bacton to live with her daughter Elizabeth Connold.

Thomas Symonds, Clerk of Thorndon, was buried there 25 September 1570 with a will 164 which referred to his siblings John, Alice Lawley and Julyan Jennins, his nephews and nieces William Symonds, Robert Symonds, John Symonds, John Frere, Thomas Laweley, Anne Laweley the wife of ___ Horwood, John Jennins and ___ the wife of John Cullum.

A Roger Simonds Sr. of Bacton died there in 1609-10 leaving a will 165 which provided for his wife Unica and five daughters. He was the first son of Robert and Anne Symonds, above.

The only Symonds in Thornham Magna were the baptisms of two daughters of John Symonde - Ellenor in 1557 and Esabell in 1559, and the burial there in 1579 of John Semonde the son of Edmund.


Thomas Garnome married Margaret ____ and had at least the following children:

1. John who received his father’s lands in Bacton called Risoldis(?);

2. Thomas who received his father’s lands in Cotton called Bretts;

3. Margery;

4. Elizabeth (Bess); and

5. Johan (Jone) who was under 23 in 1533.

Thomas died in 1533 or 1534 and his will 167 provided for his wife and five children.

Agnes Garnham married John Symond in 1547 in Bacton and they had 8 children baptised there from 1548 to 1563. It is possible that Agnes was widowed when she married John, particularly if she was 44 when she had her last child suggesting she was born in about 1519.

Nicholas 168 Garnham (b.c. 1498) married Elizabeth ______ (b.c. 1500) and had at least the following children:

1. Anne who married John Clement of Scole 169 and had four children who were alive in 1570 - John, Cicely, Margaret and Jane;

2. *Agnes (b.c. 1524 or 1519) who married John Symond of Bacton 8 October 1547 in Bacton (see above);

3. Margaret (b.c. 1532) who married John Prettyman 170, (b.c. 1530) Lord of the Manor of Hesteley Hall in Thorndon and Brames Hall in Wetheringsett, in about 1558 and had at least six children, the last four baptised in Thorndon, who were alive in 1570 - Thomas 171, John 172, Anne (1562 m.Gason), Elizabeth (1564 m.Highgate), Grace (1565 173 m.Middleton) and Margaret (1568 m.Crane), and four more who were baptised in Thorndon but not referred to in the 1570 will of their grand-mother - Robert (1561), William (1566), Mary (1569 m.Gooddin) and Edward (1571 and died 1606) 174. Margaret, as “the wife of John Pretie” was buried in Thorndon 13 July 1572 and John Pretyman, gent, was buried in Thorndon 20 May 1607 175; and

4. Johan (b.c. 1524) who married Thomas Raynberde of Bacton 19 June 1547 there and had four children who were alive in 1570 176 - John, Nicholas (b.1550 in Bacton), Christopher (b.1556 in Bacton) and Thomas (b.1560 in Bacton) and five more who were baptised or buried in Bacton but not referred to in the 1570 will of their grand-mother - Thomas (1548), Anne (1551/2 but buried 1567), Marion (1558), Miles (1567/8), and Henry (buried 1553/4).The 1570 will of her mother suggested that Johan may have died before that date 177, and Thomas Raynberd died 2 April 1589 in Bacton where his memorial says he was about 70 years old 178

A Nicholas Gernown was assessed £4/4/0 on his lands in Bacton in the 1524 Subsidy Returns.

Nicholas Garnom who was buried in Bacton 29 February 1559/60 179.

Elizabeth Garnham, widow of Thornon, was assessed there on her land valued at £2 in the 1568 Subsidy Returns and, as “the widow Garneham”, was buried in Thorndon 22 November 1571, her will 180 providing for her four daughters and their children and for Mary Garnham the daughter of Henry Garnham of Bacton 181, deceased, who was likely a relative. Because two of her daughters were married in Thorndon in 1547 it is likely that Elizabeth Garnham and perhaps her husband were living there at the time. A John Garnham was buried in Bacton 18 October 1550 182 and certainly many Garnhams are noted in the Bacton parish registers from the earliest date.

The following were assessed in Bacton in the 1524 Subsidy Returns, although incomplete for Bacton

-Thomas Garnoun, with Thomas Dryver and Thomas Symond Jr. - goods £5/7/6;

-Nicholas Gernown - lands £4/4/0;

-John Garnon - lands £2/2/0;

-Edmund Garnon, with Robert Symond Jr. and Nicholas Pollyng - goods £2/14/0; and

-Thomas Gernon, with John Clement and William Spynk - wages £1/7/0.

It would appear that the name-change to Garnham occurred between 1524 and 1568 because -

in the 1568 Subsidy Returns the following were the only Garnhams and variants

-Edward Garnham - lands £5;

-Thomas Garnham - goods £5;

-Hugh Garnham - goods; and

-Edward Garnham - lands £3.

There were many Garnhams in Bacton from the beginning of the parish registers and the burials of 19 Garnham/Garnams in Bacton are recorded in the Suffolk Burial Index from 1545 to 1599. There were also 6 burials of that name in Westhorpe and one, that of Elizabeth, above, in Thorndon. There were likely, and earlier, Garnoms in Thornham because the 1541 will of William Pretyman of Bacton referred to a pasture or close called “Garnom bushes” in Thornham.

Thomas Garnham of Bacton married Elizabeth ___ 183 and had at least the following children:

1. Peter who by 1558 had at least a daughter Margaret; and

2. Margaret.

Thomas Garnham, the elder, was buried in Bacton 27 May 1558 and his will 184 provided for his wife, son and daughter. Elizabeth Garnham the wife of Thomas was buried in Bacton 8 December 1559.

The will of Johanne Pratymanof Bacton made 6 April 1546 and proved 4 May 1546 referred to her grandson John Pratyman and the Pretyman of Bacton pedigree in Coppinger’s Manorial Families of Suffolk, v.2 at p.305 says she was the daughter of John Garnom (Gernoun) of Bacton who was the great great grandson of Robert Gernoun of Wickham Skeith who purchased land in Bacton in 1421. Her father-in-law William Pratyman of Bacton was the brother of John Pratyman the ancestor of the Thorndon Pretyman’s and whose great-grandson John Pratyman married Margaret Garnham.


Thomas Aldridge (b.c. 1575 186) married Elizabeth Cockerel (b. 1579 in Rickinghall Superior - see below) 28 November 1603 in Wattisfield [Black] 187 and had at least the following children baptised in Wattisfield 188:

1. Elizabeth 4 Nov. 1604;

2. Mary 26 April 1607 and married Richard Warren 189 20 Sept.1631 in Wattisfield, although she was buried in Wattisfield in 1652 and Richard remarried twice 190;

3. Katheren 27 October 1608 but likely the Katharine Aldridge who was buried there 4 Jan. 1741/2;

4. Anne 13 January 1610/11;

5. Alice 12 December 1613;

6. Humphrey 27 Oct. 1616 and buried 20 April 1663 in Stanton St. John the next parish to the west of Wattisfield;

7. Rose 9 May 1619 but buried there 5 Sept. 1619; and

8.* Abigail baptised 24 September 1620 in Wattisfield [Black] and married Robert Goddard 24 July 1645 in Thornham Magna and had at least 3 children baptised there [see above]. Thornham Magna is about 7 1/3 miles ESE of Wattisfield.

Thomas Aldridge was buried in Wattisfield 7 December 1649. No burial or remarriage of Elizabeth was recorded in the Wattisfield PRs.

No will or administration has been found for Thomas in 1649 and the only other wills in Sudbury for Thomas Aldrich and variants from 1600 to 1650 were two in Whatfield [sic] [Cos] in 1613 and 1624, there were none in NCC and the only applicable PCC entry was in 1640 for Thomas, Clerk at Bradfield 191.

The 1639-40 Ship Money Returns for Suffolk had the following four listings for a Thomas Aldridge/Aldred, none in Wattisfield

- Thomas Aldridge, Clerk in Bradfield St. Clare [Thed];

- Thomas Aldred - Mellis [Hart];

- Thomas Aldered Senior and Junior - Huntingfield [Blyth]; and

- Thomas Aldred - outsitter in Linstead Magna [Blyth] and probably one of the Thomas Aldereds of Huntingfield.

The Suffolk Feet of Fines contained only two Aldridge and variants, viz. 1301 (28-29 Edward I) Roger and Maria de Aldrichford - re Lausill [Lawshall - Blackbourne] and

1329 (3Edward III) Roger Aldred of Haustede [Hawstead - Thingoe] and both are in the Sudbury AD suggesting that the family did indeed originate in that area.

The 1327 Subsidy Returns listed a Robert Aldred in Thorney (now known as Stow Market), a William Aldred in Stellond, Harleston and Onehouse [Stow], and a Robert Aldred in Halsted [Clay] [but more likely, Hawstead, as above], although there was a John Alfrich [sic] in Finningham [Hart]. The only Aldridges listed in the 1381 Suffolk Poll Tax was a John Alderyd (no wife listed) in Harleston [Stow] and a Margaret and William Aldech [sic] in Buxlow [Blyth].

Three Aldriches left wills filed in Ipswich from 1458 to 1477

-John in Rumburgh [Blyth]

-William in Buxlie [Blyth]

-Stephen in Burgate [Hart] [sic] 192

and one Aldrich left a will there from 1506 to 1513

-Agnes in Rumburgh [Blyth].

The 1524 Subsidy Returns listed a Richard Aldryche in Rumburgh [Blyth] and a Thomas Aldrych in Aldringham with Thorpe [Blyth] and a number of Aldreds including William Aldred in Dennington [Hoxne]. There were no Aldridges in Wattesfield.

Although there were no Aldrich or Aldridge wills listed in the Bury and Sudbury Pre-Reformation wills 193, Richard Aldryche of Norton [Black] left a will in 1540.

The 1568 Subsidy Returns listed 14 variants of Aldrich, most of them being Aldreds in Blythburgh Hundred. However a Thomas Aldrich of Stoke Ash [Hart] (see above) was listed for his goods and in Monk Soham [Hoxne] Peter Aldriche and Robert Aldriche were also listed for their goods. Roger Aldred, a churchwarden in Palgrave in 1567, had married Phillip Mills in Wortham in 1566.

There was a significant Aldrich presence in Whatfield [Cos] (n. of Hadleigh) where Edmund Aldrich married Susan Loves in 1593 and had a daughter Abigail baptised the same year and where Thomas Aldrich married Joane Lawrence in 1603 and had 9 children baptised from 1610 to 1629 - Judith, Henry, Robert, Mary, Richard, Samuel, Ruth, Susan and Thomas. A Thomas Aldrich of Whatfield had a will proved in Sudbury AD 1611-13 as did another Thomas Aldrich of Whatfield 1624-26. Aldriches were also in Monk Soham [Hoxne] from 1579 to the late 1600s.

William Aldrich of Stonham Aspall (he was noted as a tenant of Campes at Brodgreen) had at least three children baptised there with his wife Faith - John in 1588, Susan in 1590 and Robert in 1594 (died 1612) before Faith was buried there in 1606 aged "about 60" and William remarried to Mary Smyth in 1609. He also had children baptised elsewhere including Peter (b.c. 1580) and William (b.c. 1585). From 1602 other Aldridges featured in the Stonham Aspall parish registers and they were likely off-spring of William.

Hartismere and Stowe 100

Richard Aldrich was the canon of Ixworth in 1534 and appears on the list of Beneficed Clergy of Suffolk for c.1530. There were Aldridges in Stoke Ash from 1540 and Thomas Aldrich was assessed in the 1568 Subsidy Returns for Stoke Ash and left a will in 1576 [to get]. John Aldriche (likely the son of Thomas) had sons John, George and Robert baptised in Stoke Ash from 1591 to 1597, likely [but Q see AT] a son Thomas baptised in Wetheringsett in 1592, and likely a daughter Margery in Rishangles in 1611 but recorded in Thorndon, and left a will in 1624 referring to his lands in Thornham Magna and Wyckham Skeith.. Accordingly, he may have been the John Aldrich of Wickham Skeith who married Margaret Holbeck, widow of Southolt [Hox], by license issued 27 April 1587 (NCC). William Alldride/Aldridge (likely the son of Thomas of Stoke Ash) and Joanne had children Cicily and William baptised in Thorndon in 1582 and 1583 and he may have been the William Aldrich of Thornham Magna who died in 1610 194 (but was buried in Stoke Ash his family home) and left a widow Grace who married James Conold in Thornham Magna that same year. Robert Aldrich had sons Paul and George baptised in Stoke Ash in 1579 and 1581and after his wife Suzanne died in 1589 Robert Aldrich of Stoke Ash married Katherine Dade in Braisworth in1589. There were Aldreds in Palgrave and Wortham from at least 1579 to at least 1593 and in Eye and Yaxley from at 1580 (when Thomas Aldred the son of William was baptised) to 1592. Thomas Aldred married Joan Gissing in Eye in 1605 and had a son Henry baptised there in 1606. Aldrickes were involved in the rental of lands in Occold etc. from 1558 to 1605. William Aldred of Eye left a will in 1612. Jeffrey Aldryche of Kenton [Loes] bought land in Thorndon from John Cullum in 1562.

John Aldrich, gent, married Anna Bacon [or Walpole?] in Hessett [Thed] in 1605 and the Aldriches resided in Hessett from this date 195. An Aldrich once owned the manor of Hesset and Thomas Aldrich, Esquire, was buried there in 19 March 1691/2 as was another Thomas (likely his son) in 1709. There were only 4 Aldredge marriages in Boyd’s Marriages 1600-1612 including Francis and Jane Brame in 1612 in Wickham Skeith and John and Cecilie Gifford in Stoneham Parva in 1618 but there were many Aldridges and Aldriches. John Aldrich had two children baptised in Thorndon - Margery in 1611 and Elizabeth in 1617 and a widow Jane (possibly the widow of Francis) resided in Wickham Skeith and is likely the Johan Aldrich who left a will in Sudbury AD 1624-26. A Mr. Aldrich was in Wickham Skeith at the time of the 1674 Suffolk Hearth Tax. A John Aldrich/Aldrige acquired 100 acres of land in Wickham Skeith in 1657 and he is likely the John Aldrich who died in Wickham Skeith in 1662 196.

There were also Aldrichs in Wetheringsett and Aldridges in Debenham and in Kenton [Loes but detached] next to Wetheringsett in 1658 197 (following).

____ Aldrich married ____ and had at least the following children, likely with two different wives:

1. John who by 1584 had at least a son John;

2. Mary who married John Perse and by 1584 had at least five children;

3. George; and

4. John of Debenham where he died between 1584 and 1587 (see below).

John Aldrich married Mary Gowins 198 in about 1584 and had at least the following child likely baptised in Debenham:

1. Anne.

John Aldrich, a mercer, died between 1584 and 1587 and his lengthy will 199 provided for his wife and child and three of his siblings.

_____ Aldrich married ____ and had least the following children who were alive in 1634:

1. ____ who married Jane Park but died before 1634 possibly in Monk Soham and seems to have had no surviving children as the will 200 of Jane (Joan) Aldrich widow of Wetheringsett made in 1634 provided for her in-laws and siblings;

2. John who by 1634 had at least 4 children - Mary, James (who by 1634 had a daughter Thamor), Martha and Robert; and

3. ? who by 1634 had at least three sons John (who by 1634 had at least two children John and Susan), James (who by 1647 had at least a son Michael?) and Anthony (see below).

Anthony Aldrich married Rebecca Blomfield (?) and had at least the following child:

1. Rebecca.

Anthony Aldrich of Wetheringsett died in 1647 and his will provided for his wife and eldest daughter Rebecca and nephews - Michael (?) the eldest son of his brother James (and was to receive Anthony’s lands in Wetheringsett) and two children of his brother John - John and Susan.


Edward Cockerell (b.c. 1550) married Joane Mair 4 February 1574/5 202 in Rickinghall Superior [Hart] and had at least the following children:

1*Elizabeth baptised 22 November 1579 in Rickinghall Superior 203, married Thomas Aldridge in Wattisfield [Black] 28 Nov. 1603 and had children there from 1604 to their last child Abigail in 1620 (see above);

2. Anne born about 1581 (likely baptised elsewhere the daughter of Edward and Joane), married Thomas Hammond 25 July 1603 in Wattisfield and had two children baptised there - Thomas in 1604 and Elizabeth in 1607 (she m. Richard Luffe 7 Oct. 1628 in Wattisfield, had 10 children baptised there to 1656 and was likely the Elizabeth Hammond, widow, who was buried there 29 April 1641, although there is no burial entry in Wattisfield for her husband Thomas);

3. Thomas baptised 12 Jan. 1583/4 in Wattisfield 204, married Elizabeth _______ 205 in about 1610 and had 9 children baptised in Wattisfield from Jan. 1611/2 to 1630/1 - Elizabeth (d.1612), Margaret, William, Edward, Elizabeth (d.before 1640), Thomas, Robert and Mary. Thomas was buried in Wattisfield 9 March 1640/1 and his will 206 provided for his wife and 6 children; and

4. Mary baptised 6 June 1587 in Wattisfield 207 and likely married William Palmer in 1610 in Haughley 208.

Edward and Joanne were the first Cockerells to appear in the Wattisfield Parish Registers and probably moved there from Rickinghall Superior, adjoining Wattisfield to the east, in about 1582. An Edward Cockerill witnessed the will of Anne Williams, widow of Bury St. Edmunds, in June of 1586. Edward may have been the Edward Cockerell born about 1545 the son of Richard who, according to an entry at findmygrave.com, had been born about 1504 and had three other children baptised in Mendlesham - Elizabeth ~1534, Ambrose ~1539 and Richard ~1551 (see below).

Edward Cockerell was buried in Wattisfield 16 April 1611 209 and Joanne was likely the widow Cockrell who was buried in Wattisfield 11 July 1625.

Thomas and Elizabeth Cockerell (b.c. 1553) had at least two children baptised in Fakenham Magna [Black] (NW of Bardwell)

1. Robert 25 April 1586; and

2. Mary 210 30 June 1588.

Thomas Cockerell died in about 1588 and Elizabeth the widow of Thomas Cockerell married Michael Balder in Fakenham 24 June 1589 and had a least a daughter Bridget baptised there in 1596.

Fakenham Magna is not far from Wattlesfield and Thomas (b.c. 1553) could have been related to Edward (b.c. 1550), especially since the first son and first daughter of Edward Cockerell and Joane Mair were named Thomas and Elizabeth.

Herveo (Hervé) Cokerel was enumerated in the 1283 Blackbourne Tax Survey in Elmswell, as was W. Cokerel in Great Ashfield and Rad. Cokerell in Hunston.

According to Rye’s The Ancient Families of Suffolk 211 Cockerells were seated at Buxhall in Stow Hundred from the time of Edward I (1272-1307) and possessed Cockerell Manor there in1304 as well as lands in Hadleigh, Stoke by Nayland in 1317 and Ashfield in 1427 “and a little after failed”. Their arms were “g. 3 cocks sab. arm’d, beak’d and crested or”. Copinger in Manors of Suffolk 212 notes that the Manor of Cockerells Hall “so called after many generations of holders” was granted to Adam de Cockerell in 10 Richard 1 [1199] and descended to 2 - William Cockerell Knt. and 3 - 9 Edward 1[1281] Robert Cockerell Knt. and 4 - William (in 1332 he and his wife Cecilia sold land in Hadleigh) and 5 - Robert (likely the Robert Cokere one of the 4 gentry in Buxhall at the time of the 9% levy of Edward III in 1340 213and 6 - Adam and 7 - Richard II [1377-1399] and to 8 - Robert Cockerell “who, in 1397 settled the manor.”. Following Robert was 9 - John Cockerell, although Copinger is uncertain whether he was the son or grandson of Robert and 10 - John, the son of Robert, who was Lord in 1474 and who seems to have parted with the manor in 1525. The manor apparently included lands in Rattlesden and other lands in Buxhall.

The Suffolk Feet of Fines lists no fewer than 12 or more Cokerel or Cockerells from 1268 to 1460 and, although several of these entries were for John in Orford [Plom], most came from the Sudbury AD, viz:

1313-1352 (7Ed II - 26Ed III) William and Cecilia in Hadleigh [Cos]

1314 (7Ed II) William in Woolpit [Thed]

1316 (10 EdII) Robert of Laxfield in Buxhall (Robert and William Cokerel, the sons of Guido [Guy], “appon clam” (=applying for the claim?)

1337 (11Ed III) John son of Gerard of Little Finborrow [Stow]

1364 (38 Ed III) Robert and Alice of Wetherden [Stow] (see below)

1379 - 1382 John the Clerk in Wortham [Hart] and West Creeting [Stow]

1386 (9Rich II) Henry in Botesdale [Hart]

1386 (9Rich II) Simon in Badwell Ash [Black]

1395 (18Rich II) John and Basilid in Cockfield and Thorp Merieux [Bab & Cos]

1412 (13 HenIV) Robert of Westhorp [Hart]

The 1327 Suffolk Subsidy Poll listed 7 (or 8) Cokerell families in the Sudbury AD:

-Robert - Thrandeston [Hart]

-Robert - Mellis [Hart]

-Robert - Buxhall [Stow] (#5 in possession, above)

-Thomas - Buxhall

-Henry - Wetherden [Stow]

-John - Lackford [Thing] 214

-William Cockyl [sic] - Lackford

-John - Ashfield Magna [Black].

The 1340 Suffolk Surnames listed only

-John Cockerel - Bury St. Edmund

-Robert Cokere - Buxhall

-John Cokrel - Wetherden

-John Cokerel - Hartismere Hundred but no parish given - One of the Gentry of the Hundred

The 1381 Suffolk Poll Tax listed 7 Cokerel families, all in Sudbury AD:

William and Isabelle, servant 215 - Hawsted [Thing];

Adam Cokerel and Cecilia, arm.- Buxhall (#6 in possession, above);

Robert, servant - Buxhall;

John and Joanna, farmer - Old Newton [Stow];

Robert and Alice, farmer and collector - Wetherden;

John and Isabella, “famuli” = servants - Combes ? [sic] [Stow]; and

Robert and Rose, “cultore” = husbandman - Combes ? [sic] [Stow].

Therefore, only Buxhall and Wetherden had families present 50 years later in the same parishes and in 1381 six of the seven parishes were in Stow Hundred.

In the index to Ipswich Wills from 1444 to 1506 [likely only the Suffolk AD] there were 4 Cockrells

-Henry and Thomas in Eston [Q Easton in Plom (south of Framlingham) or, less likely, Euston in Blackbourn] 1458-1477

-William in Raydon [Sam] 1481-1498

-William in Beccles [Wang] 1481-1498.

In the index to the Pre-Reformation wills of Bury and Sudbury there were 4 Cockerells, all of Bury

-Robert 1433

-Johanna 1454

-Robert, gentleman 1471

-William 1477.

John Cokerell of Orford [Plom] held the living of Ickworth [Thing] and exercised the right to appoint the rector there in 1403 while his relict Katherine 216 did the same in 1412 and 1424. She died 4 October 1427 and her Inquisition Post Mortem 217 described her holdings as the Manors of Great Ashfield, Wangford and Ickford and various parcels in Orford, Sudbourne and Gedgrave (the last three in Plom. between the Alde and Butley Rivers). Wangford and Ickford were inherited from her father and mother Thomas Ikworth and Agnes (who was still living in 1427). He grand-daughter Katherine, who was born in 1410 to John Cokerell the son of Katherine senior, was described as her “next heir”. Henry Cokerell was one of the 12 Jurors.

The 1418 wills of Agnes Stubbard of Bury left money to Nicholas Cokerel 218.

The 1524 Suffolk Subsidy Returns listed 5 Cokerells or Cokrells in Suffolk AD and the following 5 in the Sudbury AD, all in Stow Hundred

-John Cokkerell in Buxhall (#10 in possession, above)

-Rose Cokerell in Buxhall

-John Kokerell in Haughlie and may have been the John Cokerell who witnessed the 1566 will of Anne Janning of Felsham (S.W. of Haughlie)

-Edmund Cokerell in Haughlie

-Walter Cokerell in Dagworth/Old Newton.

The 1568 Suffolk Subsidy Returns (8 generations from 1327) only showed only one Cockerell/Cockrell in the county - James Cockrell in Haughlie (see his will below), although there were at least others of the name in Sudbury AD during this period 1538 to 1568 219, viz:

1. John Cockerell married Alice Smith in Wetherden (next to Haughlie) in 1546 and/or 1557 and as John Cockerell of Wetherden left a will in 1559 which provided for his wife Alice and daughter Margaret;

2. Edmund Cockerell married Elizabeth Carter in Elmswell (next to Wetherden) in 1562 and may have had a daughter Anne baptised in Old Newton in 1576;

3. Walter Cockerell and Alice had children baptised in Polstead [Bab] from 1540 to 1545;

4. John Cockerell (b.1541 the son of Walter and Alice) married Agnes Bird in 1567 in Polstead and had Robert [John?] and Elizabeth baptised there in 1568 and 1570 and possibly 4 others in Kersey [Cos] several parishes to the north;

5. William Cockerell married Jone Arnoll in either Groton or Boxford in 1571;

6. Nicholas Cockerell married Margery Simpson in Great Waldingfield in 1572 220; and

7. James Cockerell married Johan Carter and was referred to in the 1564 will of her father James Carter of Haughlie (see below).

Mendlesham appeared to be a home for several generations of Cockerells. Ambrose was born 1539 in Mendlesham the son of Richard 221, married there 25 September 1569 to Margaret Whiting and was buried in Mendlesham 222 5 Nov. 1598 leaving a will 223 which provided only for his wife Margaret and son Robert (who was under 21). Edmund Cockerell married Margaret Studd in Mendlesham 25 August 1575 and Richard married Margaret Ellet there 19 October 1581 and may have been the Richard Cockerell buried in Mendlesham 2 May 1597. Mary Cockerell, daughter of Richard, deceased and late of Mendlesham, was apprenticed in 1604 in Otley [Carl]. The widow Cockerell was buried in Mendlesham in 1616. An Elizabeth Cockerell was buried in Mendlesham 19 April 1594.

In the period 1500-1599 there were also wills in Sudbury Archdeaconry for John in Wetherden 1559, Edmond in Dagworth 224 (Old Newton) 1564-66, James in Haughley 225 1583, and John a widower in Bury St. Edmunds 1588-90. Haughley, Dagworth, Wetherden and Buxhall are adjoining parishes in Stow Hundred. Robert Cockerell of Dagworth had administration of his estate granted 28 April 1586 226 to his son Richard.

By the 1600s Cockerell seems to have been more common in Norfolk than Suffolk and there were no wills for the surname in Sudbury AD from 1600 to 1638. Indeed, assuming that the coverage in Suffolk was consistent from poll to poll, the polls and subsidies listed above show that the incidence of Cokerells decreased steadily from the 1300s through the 1500s.

The 1638 Able Men of Suffolk list shows only the following Cockerells in the NW and N Central parts of Suffolk:

-Robert Cockerell - Eye (Lanton and Sutton)

-William Cockerell - Eye (Lanton and Sutton)

They may have been two of the sons of Thomas Cockerell of Wattisfield.

MAIR 227

Joanne Mair was born about 1551 and married Edward Cockerell in 1574 in Rickinghall Superior and their children were Elizabeth, Anne, Thomas and Mary (see above).

Simon Maier (b.c. 1555) married Mary Underode in Rickinghall Inferior in 1580, Grace Mair (b.c. 1558) married William Button in Wattisfield in 1581, and Elizabeth Mair (b.c. 1564) married John Howe in Rickinghall Inferior in 1586 (all Boyds) and they were all likely siblings of Joanne.

Thomas Mayer 228, a woolen draper, was buried 8 September 1589 in Botesdale 229 the parish abutting Rickinghall to the north, and his will 230 provided for his widow Martha (possibly Bushbrooke or, more likely Rushbrook) and his four children:

1. William;

2. Thomas, possibly the Thomas Maere [?] baptised in Great Whelnetham son of Thomas;

3. Edward 231; and

4. Martha.

A Thomas Major [sic] son of Thomas was buried in Botesdale 23 March 1608.

The 1283 Tax List for the Blackbourn Hundred listed a J. Attemere in Honnington.

Although the 1327 Suffolk Subsidy Returns did not list a Mayer, there was a Humphrey dil Mere, Gilbert del Mere and Alice del Mere in Bertone (probably Barton) Thetwastre 100 and the later Maiers and variants may have descended from them. There was also a William Atte Mere in Great Livermore [Thing], Adam del Mere in Barking with Needham in Cosford, John Del Mere in Helmingham [Bos], William Del Mere in Aldbrugh [Ploms], Ralph del Mere in Campney Ash and Alice Atte Mere in Kersey.

The 1381 Suffolk Poll Tax contained only one Mair for all of the areas surveyed - Robert Mere and his wife Margaret who were living in Harleston Hamlet (Shellond, Harleston and Onehouse [Stow] were listed together) but Marion Attemer was a servant in Chevington [Thing].

Cicelie Mere of Bucklesham [Col] left a will in Ipswich 1458-1477 as did Robert Merr of the same place in 1501-1506.

Alice Meyr, both the elder and the younger, were left bequests in the 1465 will of Alice Peddere (alias Hammond) of Ixworth [Black].

The 1524 Subsidy Returns listed

-Thomas Meier and a John Meier in Thurlow Magna [Risb],

-Robert Mayer in Bungay [Wang], and

-William Mayor in Long Melford [Bab].

In 1565 John Mayer had a son Edmund baptised in Wickham Skeith.

A John Mayor, who had married Johan Hatfield, was a bondsman or Villein in Stonham Earl in the 1500s 232.

A Lawrence Mayer was a witness to the 1549 will of John Plandon of Eriswell but lately of Lawshall 233.

The 1568 Subsidy Returns listed

-John Mayeor in Long Melford - on land [large holdings] 234,

-Henry Mayre in Barnardeston [Risb] - land,

-Nicholas Mere in Buckelsham [Col] - land,

-Widow Marre in Martlesham [Carl] - goods, and

-John Mayer in Burgate [Hart] (see below).

Thomas Mayer had at least the following children baptised in Burgate 235:

1. John n.d. 1560 although his surname was transcribed as Mayn;

2. Katherine 27 Sept 1562.

Margaret Mayer, wife of Thomas, was buried in Burgate 7 May 1569.

Thomas Mayer/Maier had the following child baptised in Burgate:

3. Edward 24 March 1576/7.

A Thomas Major [sic] son of Thomas was buried in Botesdale 23 March 1608.

Elizabeth Mayer the wife of Thomas was buried in Burgate 5 Nov. 1597 and Thomas Mayer, “senex” (old man), was buried there 26 Dec. 1603 236.

John Mayer 237 had at least the following child:

1. Julian born ? but buried in Burgate 238 3 Aug. 1566 239.

The wife of John likely died between 1566 and 1569.

John Mayer married, probably secondly, 7 Nov. 1569 in Burgate to Ann Fulcher and had the following children:

2. Anne baptised 22 July 1571 in Burgate; and

3. Mary baptised 25 July 1578 in Rickinghall Superior 240.

John Mayer, “senex” (old man), died 17 Nov. 1592 and was buried in Burgate 19 Nov. 1592 with administration of his estate was granted to Anne his relict 241.

Robert Mayer, likely a widower 242, married Ann/Agnes Baxter, widow, 22 September 1602 in Burgate.

The following children of Robert and Ann Mayer were baptised in Burgate:

1. Ann 11 September 1603;

2. Thomas 20 October 1605 - twin; and

3. John 20 October 1605 - twin.

Robert Mayer 243 “senex” (old man) was buried in Burgate 11 Feb. 1618/9 and Ann Mayer, widow of Redgrave, was buried in Burgate 27 August 1624. He held land in Redgrave Manor which he gave to his brother Thomas Mayer of Dunwich. One of the witnesses to his will 244 was William Button, likely the husband of Grace Mayer (see above).

There is little doubt the Mayor/Maiers of Burgate, Rickinghall and Botesdale are related, likely as siblings.

During the period 1560 to 1599 other Mairs etc. who left wills in the Sudbury Archdeaconry were:

-Richard Mayre - Thurlow Magna - 1560

-Henry Mayer - Barnardiston [Risb]- 1570 [see 1568]

-William Mayor - Elmswell [Black] - 1579-82 245

-Margery Mayre, widow - Thurlow Magna - 1591-4

-Nicholas Mayer - Bury - 1595-7 246

-Robert Mayor - Ixworth [Black]- 1595-7 [possibly the brother of Thomas of Botesdale].

-John Mayor - Chippenham [Cambridge] - 1595-7

Lancelott Mayer, widower married Johane Rydessdale, widow, in 1567 in Boxford.

The following marriages recorded in Boyd’s Suffolk occurred in the area generally around Rickinghall

1586 - Lawrence Maier and Joan Buckle - Elmswell

1587 - Michael Maier and Jane Brigan - Melles

1589 - Robert Maier and Ann Cator - Ixworth

1599 - Robert Maier and Lettice Buckenham - Redgrave with Botesdale.


1598 - William Mayor married Katherine Evans in Bury St. Edmund St. Mary (TR Newspapers)

1617 - Steven Mayer and Mary Sheppard in Redgrave with Botesdale.

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