NEWSON 1- Suffolk and Norfolk



In Suffolk the earliest recordings of Newsons occur in the Plomesgate 100 on the east coast of the County, particularly in the area surrounding Benhall Parish. Thomas Newson, labourer of Benhall left a will in 1473 which referred to his wife Alice and brother Robert, Robert Nuson of Benhall left a will in 1506 [to get] and Robert Newson left a will in 1542 which referred to his sons Richard, Robert, William and Thomas and to his brother William. The 1547 will of William Newson the elder, of Benhall who was probably the brother of Robert, left to his wife Johane, sons William, Robert, Lawrence and John and two daughters and referred to his lands in Benhall, Farnham and Snape. Robert Newson married Alice Mair in Sternfield in 1577 (Boyds). William Newson of Benhall left a will in 1578. [to get]. In Parham [Plom], two parishes west of Benhall and just SE of Framlingham, there were Newsons (Robert and Joan) from the beginning of the parish registers in 1538 and Robert Newson married Elizabeth Markant in 1559 and John Newson married Agnes Stofer in 1561 and had families there. Other parishes in Plomegate yielded probates for other Newsons, related or likely related to the Benhall Newsons: William in Farnham 1558, Robert in Kelsale (in the detached portion of Hoxne surrounded by Plomesgate) 1572, John in Snape 1574, Agnes in Little Glemham 1578, Thomas in Aldeborough 1589, and John in Orford 1599. Other records show a John & Sarah Newson in Campsea Ash [Plom].

The only Newson wills proved in the 1500s outside of Plomesgate were two Johns in Cratfield [Blyth] in 1537 and 1585 (see below), Richard in Sandcroft (St. Cross/St. George South Elmham) [Wang] 1572 (see below) and Robert in 1599 in Wrentham [Blyth]. Blything lies immediately north of Plomesgate. Other records and entries in parish registers show a Thomas Newson in Aldringham cum Thorpe [Blyth] in 1524, James in Carlton/Kelsale [Hoxne - detached] in 1544, John, William and Richard in a grouping around South Elmham, Rumburgh and Carlton/ Kelsale from 1560, Thomas in Laxfield next Cratfield in 1579 and, the only anomalies, a Robert who married in Redgrave [Hart] in 1580 and a John who married in Bungay HT 1588/9. Additionally, a John Newson, taylor of Dennington [Hoxne, just north of Framlingham], was granted administration of the estate of John Owles of Diss in 1580. The concentration, pattern and dates of these records strong suggest that the Newsons/Nusons spread out from Benhall. The Monumental Inscription for John Newson, late of Ashborn and Stratford St. Andrew (adjoining Farnham and just S.W. of Benhall) who died in 1679 aged 54 reads “... descended in a right line from the eldest branch of that ancient family of the name who have for some centuries of years had their seat in this town” 2 confirming the early presence in the area. A Raffe (Ralph) Newson was apparently the parson of Beccles in 1557 according to the will of Margaret Reade 3

In Norfolk, the distribution pattern for Newsons is much more scattered, consists mostly of Newsomes and ranges from John Baker alias Newson in Tilney [FbL] 1483 4, William in Hapton [Dep] 1559, Edmund in Dunston [Hum] 1576, William 5, John, Richard and Robert in Norwich from 1542 to 1584, Christopher in Little Plumstead [Blo] 1589-96 and Thomas in Garveston [Mit] 1591.


Although there were no Newsons in the 1327 Subsidy Returns for Cratfield 6, they had established in the parish before the beginning of the registers in 1539 as John Newson had been assessed on his goods in Cratfield in 1524. In 1539 John Newson was a trustee for parish lands in Cratfield and from the beginning of the registers at least two families - one unknown (but likely Richard, see below) and the other John and Alice (below) - were having children baptised there. However, by the time of the 1638 Survey of Able Men of Suffolk, only one male Newson aged 16-60 still lived in Cratfield, that being Samuel the son of John Newson and Grace Reader. It is likely that the Cratfield Newsons were closely related to the Benhall Newsons, a supposition supported by the 1608 will 7 of James Fryer of Stratford next Benhall which appointed Samuel Newsham [sic] of Cratfield, yeoman, as his executor.


John Newson was likely born in Suffolk in about 1495.

An account filed in the Norfolk PRO 8 concerns a John Newson Senior of Cratfield in 1523 so there were at least two Newsons there at that time - John Sr. and John Jr. The 1524 Subsidy Returns 9 record a John Newson being levied on goods in Cratfield (1 of 50).

John likely married in about 1518, and possibly not in Cratfield, and had at least the following children who were all living at the time of his will in 1537:

1.* John (see below) born about 1519;

2. Richard (see below) born about 1521;

3. William born about 1523 and may have been the William Newson who married Alice Aldous 30 October 1546 in Cratfield;

4. Robert;

5. Agnes;

6. Margaret 10;

7. Marion; and

8. Katherine.

One of the daughters had married a John Rouse. 11

John Newson probably died in February or early March of 1537/8 and his will 12, written 20 August 1537 and proved 20 March 1537/8, left his estate to his wife Johan and his 4 sons and 4 daughters. His widow Johan Newson either died or remarried within the next year or two because there is no mention of either event in the Cratfield parish registers which began in 1539.


Richard Newson (b.c. 1521) married Agnes ______ in about 1545 13 and had at least the following children:

1. Alice born about 1545 and married John Stebin 3 October 1574 in Homersfield (surrounded by South Elmham);

2. Susan born about 1547 and married Robert Berry 26 July 1567 in St. Cross 14 and had at least 2 sons (John and Robert) baptised there from 1568/9 but may have died before 1572 as she was not referred to in her father’s will 15;

3. Elizabeth born about 1549 and married Henry Welton 18 September 1569 in St. Cross;

4. William born about 1551 and married Elizabeth Elmy 16 20 Sept. 1573 in South Elmham St. Cross/St. George and had at least 9 children baptised there from 1574 to 1601;

5. Mary born about 1555 and....;

6.Grace born about 1558 and...;

7. Richard baptised 25 December 1562 17 in St. Cross, married Blythe Rintoole in Caister in 1583 and had at least 4 children baptised in St. Cross from 1584 to 1599;

8. John baptised 23 January 1563/4 in St. Cross but buried there 18 February 1563/4;

9. Joan baptised 17 February 1565/6 in St. Cross and married James Levitt, Clerk 18, 10 October 1586, by licence, in St. Cross;

10. John baptised 31 August 1567 in St. Cross and married Audry Pigeon 15 September 1590 in St. Cross and had at least a daughter Honor baptised there in 1591;

11. Jane baptised 24 April 1569 in St. Cross and married Edward Lakers, Clerk 19, 17 January 1591/2 in St. Cross and had at 1 child born and buried there and after the death of Edward married John Gravett of Southwold 17 June 1594 in St. Cross; and

12. Tristram baptised 2 November 1571 in St. and married Marie Crow, widow, 15 November 1591 in St. Cross and had at least 2 children - John 1605 in St. Cross and Francis 1620 in Covehithe.

Richard Newson was the only other Newson to appear in the early records of Cratfield. On October 12, 1553 Richard Newson was admitted with 5 others, probably as trustees, to land called Le Guildhalle in Cratfield 20. Although there is no direct proof that the Richard Newson of Cratfield was the same person as the Richard Newson of Sandcroft (South Elmham) that the Cratfield and South Elmham families are related, the will of Richard Newson of Sandcroft provided for the poor of Cratfield and both John and Johan appear in the names of his children, and there are other similar suggestions elsewhere. In any event, they were in another parish prior to their arrival in South Elmham St. Cross/St. George/Sandcroft in about 1562. Richard Newson and Agnes his wife were deforciants 21 in a suit regarding land in New Buckenham in 1564 22.

Richard Newson died and was buried in Sandcroft (aka St. Cross, aka St. George) 3 September 1572 and his will 23 referred to his wife Agnes and his 9 surviving children.


John Newson (b.c. 1520 if 1st marriage) married 24 Alice Aldous 25 in Cratfield, Suffolk 3 October 1546 and had the following children baptised in Cratfield 26:

1. *Richard 22 Sept. 1547 [see below];

2. Agnes/Anna 29 March 1549;

3. William 12 Feb 1552/3 - died and buried 17 Feb. 1552/3 in Cratfield;

4. Joan 5 Jan 1554/5 - m. William Mulliner 26 Sept. 1579 in Cratfield;

5. Mary 10 Jan 1556/7 - m. John Stannard, Sr. 12 Feb. 1589/90 27 in Cratfield;

6. William 26 Nov 1559 - married Elizabeth Smith 27 September 1590 in Cratfield and had at least four children baptised there: Lettis 1591, Elizabeth 28 1592, Mary 1594 and Katherine in 1605. They also had sons Samuel and John 29 and another daughter Anne, apparently baptised elsewhere. He and his brother Samuel bought land in neighbouring Laxfield in May of 1609 30. William died and was buried 12 Aug. 1616 31 in Cratfield “At the Hill” 32. Elizabeth Newson, widow, was buried in Cratfield 2 Nov. 1639 33;

7. Elizabeth 25 Oct 1562 - possibly m. 30 Sept. 1591 in Cratfield to Robert Haddenham 34;

8. John 24 Aug 1565 - m. 1. Mary ___ 35and 2. 24 Aug. 1591 in Cratfield to Alice Rowse 36 and had issue in Cratfield to 1597 37 and by 1606, when his father-in-law Gregory Rous wrote his will, was living in Sibton Suffolk but by 1615 when Margery Rowse of Cratfield made her will 38 he had died because Margery’s will provided for Alice the widow of John Newson;

9. Samuel 15 Feb 1567/8 - possibly m. 1. Margaret Rowse, widow 39, 27 Nov. 1592 in Cratfield and 2. Elizabeth Outlaw 40 14 Aug. 1621 in Little Witchingham, Norfolk. Sometime after 1609 (when he purchased land in Laxfield with William, above), or 1615 (when he and 7 others leased land in Fressingfield) he moved to Little Witchingham in Norfolk and then Norwich St. Margaret 41 where he died, aged 69, and was buried 5 Sept. 1637 42. His widow Elizabeth was buried there 14 June 1642 43. They do not appear to have had any children baptised in Cratfield, where he was Churchwarden in 1598, 1599 and 1604, but had at least four - Sarah baptised 9 Feb. 1625/6 in Little Witchingham, Susan baptised 30 May 1628 in Little Witchingham but was buried the next day, Samuel 44 and Grace (m. John Southgate 17 Dec. 1639 St. Martin at Palace and had 3 children baptised in St. Peter Mancroft to 1645). He was likely the Samuel Newsham, yeoman of Cratfield, who was made executor of the will of James Fryer of Stratford next Benhall in 1608 45; and

10. Margaret 12 Feb 1570/1 and m. _____(either John or Edumd?) Smyth.

John Newson appears in the Cratfield Parish Accounts from 1534 and as a trustee for parish lands in 1539. On 8 June 1532 John and 11 others were admitted as trustees to land in Cratfield called “Barretts” 46. According to the Cratfield Roos Manor Court Rolls on 22 May 1538 John Newson and four others bought 13 acres of land and a mill in Cratfield (Warkelsen or Warkeloud & Baxterstrete) (SRO FC62/N1/4) and on 28 May 1539, again with four others, land called Swan Close and Duffnons Field. The 1538 purchase may have been enabled from the estate inherited from his father John who died in 1537. He was a witness to the 1557 will of John Dowsing of Cratfield and the 1558 will of Elizabeth Crispe of Cratfield. In October of 1567 (9 Eliz) John with William Dowsing and Edmund Brokebrand were grantees (seemingly as Trustees) of the Cratfield Town Estate and a 1/4 part of Bucenham’s manor from Symond Smyth, yeoman of Cratfield 47. John was active in the affairs of the parish and was churchwarden in Cratfield in 1569 and 1570 and acted as trustee for parish lands at various times to 1568 48. He was likely the John Newson of Cratfield recorded in the 1568 Subsidy Returns for Suffolk. In 1584 John

“John Newson Sr.” died in the last week of June and was buried 1 July 1585 in Cratfield. His will 49 provided for his wife Alice, his nine surviving children and 2 of his grandchildren. Alice may have been the “mother Newson” who was buried in Cratfield 24 Jan. 1608/9 50.



Richard Newson married Margaret Aldous 51 26 September 1574 in Cratfield. If the current pedigree is correct, Richard and Margaret were first cousins. They were both 27 at the time of their marriage. They had at least the following children 52:


1. Agnes (Annes) baptised 13 December 1575 Fressingfield, adjoining Cratfield on the west, but likely died before 1637;

2 . Joan/Jone baptised 31 March 1578 in Fressingfield, married Reginald Shuckforth 53 in about 1601 and had at least 9 children baptised in Diss from 1602 to 1622. She was buried in Diss 19 September 1661 54 [aged 85];

3. *Richard baptised 12 June 1580 in Fressingfield, married Elizabeth Barber 1602 Diss and had children baptised in Cratfield and Laxfield until sometime after 1616 when they returned to Diss (see below);

4. John baptised 21 July 1583 Diss and likely married 21 September 1607 in South Elmham SFK 55 to Grace Reader. John and Grace had the following children baptised in Cratfield:

1. John 1 Sept. 1608 but died 23 March 1619/20 56;

2. Samuel 30 Sept. 1610 - married 1 57. Ann Cook 8 Sept. 1635 Cratfield and 2. Ann Smith 22 July 1638 Cratfield and had 2 daughters baptised there, Elizabeth in 1639 and Ann in 1640, although a son Samuel and a daughter Anne were baptised in adjacent Laxfield in 1647 and 1649. He purportedly died in Harleston SFK [or, more likely NFK 58 - see his sister Mary] and was buried in Cratfield 14 November 1655 59;

3.William 18 April 1613 60. As William Newson of Cratfield he married Sarah Richardson of Fressingfield [Hoxne] 13 June 1640 in Holton St. Peter [Blyth] 61 62. William was probably the William Newson listed in Stradbrooke [Hoxne, just south of Fressingfield] in the 1638 Able Men of Suffolk Survey and in the 1639/40 Ships Money List. William Newson of Fressingfield died in about June or July of 1643 63 leaving his estate to his father John of Cratfield with gifts to his wife Sarah [nee Richardson], his brothers Samuel and John and his sisters Mary, Anne and Elizabeth. His will did not refer to any children. He was therefore very likely the William Newson who was buried in Cratfield 11 July 1643 having “died of a thrust with a pitch fork”. He was of course not referred to in the 1655 will of John Newson his father or the 1659 will of Elizabeth his sister. He was not the William Newson who was buried in Cratfield 25 March 1647/8;

4. Mary 17 June 1615 married Benjamin Elwin/Elvin 64 and had at least 2 children by 1656, Benjamin and Joseph. They then moved to Harleston NFK where they both died in 1662;

5. Anna 25 Jan. 1620/1 and married Habacucke Rawlins and had at least 4 children by 1656: Habacocke, Anne, John (b. 1652 Wingfield) and Grace;

6. Elizabeth 13 Jan. 1623/4 - and still single by 1655 but married John Wyeth of Laxfield 6 April 1656 in Cratfield and had a son George born 1656 and died 1705 65. See Will PCC - Elizabeth Wyeth alias Nuson 9 Feb. 1658/9 66; and

7. John 30 Nov. 1626 but died and was buried 5 October 1655 in Cratfield, 9 days before his father.


John was Cratfield Parish Constable in 1644-5, Churchwarden there for several periods from 1622 to 1651 and Overseer in 1630 and 1638 67. He died and was buried in Cratfield 14 October 1655 and his will, dated 2 October 1655 68, named his 3 daughters and 1 son Samuel (who, as the eldest surviving son, had received his portion outside of the will) but gave the bulk of his estate (including the property in Stradbrooke that had been that of his son William) to his grandson William Newson, then under the age of 21 and the son (likely illegitimate) of Mary Elwin. He did not name his son John who was to die a day or so later. He named his elder brother Richard of Diss, Richard’s son Samuel and Richard Shuckforth of Diss the son of Reginald and Jane (the latter two thus being his nephews) as his executors.

5. Samuel baptised 7 December 1589 in Diss and married Jane Alden 69 17 April 1616 in Diss. Exactly a year earlier, 18 April 1615, Samuel of Diss, Yeoman, had bought a considerable amount of land in Besthorpe 70 where he was a churchwarden in 1617. He and Jane had at least four children:

1. Samuel baptised in Besthorpe 27 June 1619 and still living in Besthorpe in 1657;

2. Richard baptised in Besthorpe 18 July 1621 and married Mary Turner in _____ and had at least a daughter Sarah around 1658. In 1676 Richard Newson was one of the Churchwardens in Besthorpe. On 4 July 1689 Mary Newson alias Turner was buried in Besthorpe and Richard then married Elizabeth ____. He was buried in Besthorpe 4 April 1700 and by his will 71left his lands in Besthorpe and Morley St. Peter to his wife Elizabeth for life and then to his daughter Sarah, the wife of John Hammond of Wendling 72;

3. Mary baptised in Besthorpe 25 Feb. 1626/7 and married William Kempe of Carleton Rode around 28 July 1659 the date of the Settlement on Marriage Indenture entered into between Samuel, her father, and William 73; and

4. Jane.


Samuel may have lived in Morley St. Peter in the 1630s because the NRO has a bond signed by Samuel Newson of Morley regarding land in Carleton Rode and Samuel's second son Richard owned land there at his death in 1700. In 1642 Samuel Newson “conveyed ... to the use of his wife and heirs” a large amount of land in Besthorpe including 5 or 6 acres called Belescroft, 14 [prob. 19] acres mostly in Cargate Field, Blake’s pightle, 2 acres adjoining Sherewoode Lane and ½ acre called Takehove or Takehone’s (? - prob. Cokehowes) Half-Acre. In 1648 Samuel Newson was assessed as one of the 48 males in Besthorpe. On 17 Sept. 1657 he conveyed to his son Samuel the 19 acres of land and pasture including “the messuage wherein I now dwell sometimes yours”, with a life estate to himself 74. The Samuel Newson is listed in 1656 as one of the churchwardens in Besthorpe could be either father or son. Samuel Newson, yeoman of Besthorpe, died in 1660 75, although there is no record of his burial in the Besthorpe registers 76.


A Samuel Newson married Margaret Linkehorne/Lincoln 77 6 July 1630 in Old Buckenham 78 the parish immediately south of Besthorpe, and this may have been a second wife of Samuel. Also in Old Buckenham Richard Hewson? [sic] married Ellen ____ 8 Nov.1630 and Elizabeth Newson married William Kent in 1631.

6. Mary baptised 4 June 1592 Diss - married Robert Howse 25 Nov. 1612 in Diss.

A William Newson was buried in Diss 2 July 1605 and he may have been another of their children.

[Who, then, is the following? 79

2. Edward born about 1576 and married 6 July 1600 in Tacolneston (adj. to Wymondham on the SE) to Margaret Cole and had at least:

1. Edward who was the Edward Newson of Dickleburgh, killed “by a violent stroke on the head” and was buried in Hoxne Suffolk 23 Nov. 1644; and

2. Marie.

Edward held considerable land in Dickleburgh in both Dickleburgh Rectory Manor and Dickleburgh Manor (Crownest Meadow) from at least 1627 until his death. He died in Bacton Norfolk in 1642 and the will of Edward Newson of Bacton, yeoman 80, left his properties to his wife Margaret, son Edward and daughter Marie Newson. There are no entries in the Dickleburgh, Bacton or Tacolneston registers for the baptisms or burials of Edward Newson or any of his family.]

In 1574, three months after his marriage, Richard was one of ten “trustees” receiving land in Cratfield from William Dowsing, Edmund Brokebanke and William Newson 81, which the three had acquired from Symon Smythe in 1567 82. However, from his marriage and for the next approximately six years Richard and Margaret appeared to have resided in Fressingfield. Between the baptism of their third child Richard in June of 1580 in Fressingfield and 1583 Richard and Margaret likely moved north to Diss 83 in Norfolk 84 where they had at least more 3 children (John, Samuel and Mary) baptised from July 1583 to June 1592. Richard Newson was a witness to the will of Thomas Bache of Diss made in March 1588/9. Richard bought copyhold land in the Manor of Diss Rectory on 12 November 1590, and in 1593 at the first court in the registry book for 1593-1598 Richard Newson was one of three men appointed as Constables of Diss 85. He was also frequently, particularly in the period after 1612, a juror for homage in the Manor of Diss Rectory. Richard also acquired copyhold land in the Diss Heywood Manor and it is possible that he was a juror in a Court held in Diss Heywood in 1594/5. He appears 16th out of 22 copyhold tenants on the list contained in the first page of the Diss Heywood MCRs 1561-1600. Additionally, Richard acquired land in Diss with Members Manor and appears second from bottom in the list of tenants in the court held 4 October 1596 suggesting he acquired copyhold title sometime in the previous year or two.

He also acquired additional land in the Manor of Diss Rectory in April of 1612 being an acre of land in a meadow called Shortblackthorne, just south of Swayne’s Slough. At the Diss Rectory Manor Court of 11 April 1635 Richard Newson, Senior, surrendered both parcels of land in the manor to his son Richard Newson, Junior.

Richard Newson of Diss and his son Samuel appear with John Newson, son of William Newson deceased, of Cratfield on a document concerning a grant of land in Cratfield in 1628 86. Richard Newson, Sr. was a Churchwarden in Diss in 1635.

On 25 September1603 Margaret the wife of Richard Newson was buried in Diss. Richard may have remarried because a Elizabeth Newson wife of Richard died and was buried in Diss 2 June 1617, although this Elizabeth may have been the wife of Richard the son of Richard (see below).

Richard Newson died and was buried in Diss 27 January 1637/8 87 (aged 90!) leaving his estate to his children and his brother.



Richard Newson (b.c. 1580 88 if his first marriage) married Elizabeth Barber 89 29 June 1602 in Diss. Richard and Elizabeth had at least the following children: 90


1. Elizabeth - baptised in Cratfield 2 July 1604 and married 12 June 1628 in Thorpe Abbots NFK to Roger Foulser whose first wife Elizabeth had died in May 1628 in Diss. They had at least 4 children baptised in Diss: Thomas 19 May 1629; Roger 17 Aug. 1632 91; John 2 Feb. 1634/5 but died March 25 1635; and Ann 17 Jan. 1635/6 92, although the mother’s name was never noted. “Roger Fouser the husban of Elizabath” [sic] was buried in Diss 29 April 1671 93 and Elizabeth was likely the “wedo” Foulser who was buried in Diss 23 April 1675;

2. Mary - baptised 21 May 1606 in Cratfield and possibly married 8 August 1626 in Eye, Suffolk to John Salmon and 94 ... ;

3. Richard - baptised 15 December 1608 in Cratfield and was possibly the Richard Newson who

was buried in Diss in 1634 (see above) 95;

4. Anne - baptised 18 June 1611 Laxfield 96 and buried in Diss 1 February 1619/20;

5. Samuel - baptised 20 March 1613/4 in Laxfield and likely married Elizabeth Gardiner 97 (Morris 98) 9 Oct. 1638 in Stoke Ash [Hart].. Sometime after 1639/40 99 Samuel appears to have moved south of Diss and the Waveney River and was living in Oakley 100 SFK [Hartismere 100] in 1653 when he and his father Richard proved the will of Thomas Bruning of Diss and in 1655 when they were both executors of the will of John Newson. Samuel Newson of Oakley was disclaimed a grant of arms in 1664 101 and the 1674 Hearth Tax Returns assessed Mr. Newson of Brome (attached to Oakley) on his home with 6 hearths, the largest in the parish, next to that of Cornwallis, the Lord of the Manor. Samuel, as the eldest surviving son of Richard Newson, inherited most, if not all, of his father’s copyhold lands in the manors of

a. Diss Heywood, viz. _____ - on 20 April 1657;

b. Diss Rectory - on 20 May 1657 - 7 acres of meadow called Odingpool, 1 acre of meadow in Short Blackthorn. Samuel also purchased another parcel which had gone unclaimed; and

c. Diss with Members, viz. High Willows and Blackthorn 102;

and he appears to have purchased additional land in Burston 103 Norfolk and Oakley with Brome Suffolk. He was also almost certainly the Samuel Newson who owned land abutting the south side of Walcot Green (3/4 miles NE of the town centre) in 1659 104.


On 29 July 1681 “Samuel Nuson [sic] husband of Elizabeth” was buried in Diss (although he likely died in Oakley with Brome) and his death was noted in the next sitting of the Diss Heywood Manor Court. His will, made in November of 1676 and proved by his widow 4 August 1681 105, provided for a number of relatives 106 and left bequests to the poor of Diss, Burston, Scole otherwise Osmandiston, Sturston, Brome and Thrandeston. He apparently died without male issue because his brother William succeeded to his lands in Diss Heywood Manor in 1682. The Walcot Green parcel (possibly this is “High Willows”) was still occupied by his brother William Newson [below] just prior to his death in 1698 and ultimately by Samuel Newson in 1774 107 constituting at least 150 years of continuous occupancy by the Newson family.


Elizabeth Newson of Brome, widow, was buried in Oakley (St. Nicholas) 16 June 1690. Her will, made 11 May 1687 and proved sometime in 1690 108, completed the bequests of her husband and also provided for her brother Thomas Morris of West Harling and her sister Mary Wilson (formerly Mrs. Dunning);

6. *William - baptised 25 July 1616 in Laxfield and married Sarah Dallison (see below); and

7. Anne - baptised in Diss 17 December 1622. She married 4 March 1643/4 in Scole, next to Diss, to Samuel Canne. They had the following children baptised in Diss: Elizabeth 30 April 1645 but buried 8 Sept. 1651, Anne 2 March 1646/7 and married ___ Miller, Samuel 22 Dec. 1650 but was buried in Diss3 Feb. 1678/9 109, Elizabeth 1653/4 (possibly an error for 1652/3) who married John Burrow, Mary 30 June 1654 but buried 1 Jan. 1656/7, Susan 10 Feb. 1655/6 but buried 21 May 1657, Thomas 22 Dec. 1657 but buried 31 Oct. 1578, Esther 4 April 1659 but buried 19 July 1659, Hugh 1 Oct. 1660 and William 3 Jan. 1664/5 110. Samuel died and, as Samuel Cann Gent, was buried in Diss 20 October 1683 111 and Anne died and, as Mrs. Anne Cann, was buried in Diss 8 September1684 112.

“Elizabeth Newson wife of Richard” died and was buried in Diss 24 June 1617 (although this might have been a second wife of Richard the father) and Richard likely remarried elsewhere to another Elizabeth 113.

Richard and his first wife Elizabeth appear to have returned to Cratfield, his father’s parish (recall that Richard was the eldest son of the eldest son of John Newson), where they had their first three children baptised and then to Laxfield, 114 adjoining Cratfield on the south, where their next three children were baptised. Likely his family still had property in Cratfield and Laxfield and Richard returned there to maintain it. On 1 February 1619/20 Anne the daughter of Richard News [sic] the younger was buried in Diss 115, so the family had returned there between 1616 and 1620 116. A daughter Ann was baptised in Diss 17 December 1622 to Richard Newson and this is the only applicable baptism in the Diss or Roydon 117 Parish registers in this period. A Richard Newson was buried in Diss 18 May 1634 118.

In August of 1653 Richard Newson was one of 23 inhabitants of Diss to sign a request to appoint a registrar for Diss (Commonwealth equivalent of the Parish Clerk) and in February of 1654/5 he was the witness to a marriage there. Richard and his son Samuel were appointed executors of the will of Richard’s brother John whose will was made in Cratfield 2 October 1655 and was proved by Richard and Samuel 2 May 1656.

Richard Newson was the copyhold tenant of at least two and possibly three parcels of land in Diss Heywood Manor 119, likely inherited from his father Richard in 1638: Blackthorn, High Willows and, likely, Odingpool. In 1639/40 Richard was the agent [steward?] for the Lord of the Manor of Diss with Members, although his holdings there have not yet been determined, and he was on a list of copyhold tenants of Heywood Manor as of 12 September 1655. He may have acquired Blackthorn in 1617 and High Willows in 1638 from his father Richard who died that year, dates referred to in the 1658 Manor Court Rolls relating to his death and transfer to his son. Samuel Newson, as the eldest son and heir of Richard, was admitted to the lands at a Court Baron held 6 May 1658 (Court #17). He also held copyhold land in Boylands Manor in Bressingham where he was admitted there sometime in 1641 120 which went to his son William in 1659 121.

On 6 March 1655/6 Elizabeth Newson the wife of Richard Newson was buried in Diss. Barely 5 months later, on 25 August 1656, Richard Newson, widower, married in Diss to Elizabeth Canne 122, widow (she was the widowed mother of his son-in-law Samuel Canne, her husband Hugh Canne having died in 1651), Samuel Newson (probably his son) and Roger Foulser the Elder being witnesses. However on 3 December 1656 Elizabeth the wife of Richard Newson was buried in Diss and 3 months later on 19 March 1656/7 Richard Newson was buried in Diss 123.



William Newson was baptised 25 July 1616 in Laxfield the son of Richard Newson [and Elizabeth Barber] and married in Diss 7 May 1640 to Sarah Dallison/Dalistone 124. He appeared to have spent the remainder of his life in Dickleburgh Parish (or Rushall adjoining on the east - both are N.E. of Diss) and on 5 October 1657 he purchased land in Langmere Hamlet in Dickleburgh from Thomas Fuller 125. He was the William Newson of Rushall & Langmere who appeared on the 1661 list of Presentments, and the William Newson of Langmore Hamlet who was assessed on seven hearths (the most in the hamlet) in the 1666 Hearth Tax. His family was still in Rushall in 1681 when his brother Samuel altered his will to make provision for William and Sarah’s second son Samuel and he was the “William Newson of Dickleburgh in Langmere” who succeeded to his family’s lands (via his brother Samuel) in Diss Heywood Manor in October 1682. William and Sarah had the following children: 126

1. Mary baptised 7 September 1643 in Dickleburgh but probably died as an infant;

2. *John - baptised 5 October 1645 in Dickleburgh. By his father’s will John was to receive all of William’s land in Langmere, Diss and Burston, except that given to William’s son Samuel (see below);

3. Ruth - baptised 19 December 1647 in Dickleburgh. She died, unmarried, in Langmere 7 February 1717/8 127 and her will, made in 1704, gave all of her goods and chattels to Samuel Newson, Junior, draper of Pulham St. Mary Magdalene, her “kinsman” 128. By her father’s will Ruth was to receive a yearly annuity payable by her brother John;

4. Samuel - born 25 November 1649 in Dickleburgh. He probably married for the first time about 1673 to __________ 129? who died before 1698. He was the Samuel Newson, widower 130 of Rushall, who in 1698 at Tivetshall SM married by licence Anne Birett [Brett], of Pulham SMM, widow of Henry Brett 131. He was on the 1714 Norfolk Freeholders List as Samuel Newson of Pulham for land in Burston 132, adjacent to Diss. Anne died and was buried in Pulham SMM 19 June 1726 and Samuel 12 months later in 1727 and, as Samuel Nusen, Gent., was buried in Pulham SMM 19 June 1727. Samuel’s will 133 referred to his 5 children: Jonathan 134, Samuel 135, William, Elizabeth Greenwood 136 and Sarah Allen 137, all probably from his first marriage, and 2 children from his wife’s first marriage (Sarah and Hannah Brett), 4 grandchildren - Mary (b.1701 and m. 1727 in S. Elmham to John Danford) and Christian 138 Newson and the grandson [?] and grand-daughter of his son Samuel and Samuel and Sarah Greenwood, and also referred to his lands in Pulham, Alburgh, Burston and Gissing. By his uncle Samuel’s will Samuel inherited the land in Burston, and by his father William’s will Samuel received William’s land in Needham and 5 “little” tenements and 3 parcels in Diss;

5. Sarah - born 25 December 1651 in Dickleburgh. By her father’s will she was to receive an annuity from her brother John;

6. Isaac 139 - born 24 January 1653/4 in Dickleburgh. He is possibly the Isaac Newson who married 25 Feb. 1677/8 in Fersfield (east of N. Lopham) to Anne Blomefield 140. By his father’s will Isaac was to receive a small sum of money;

[7. Nathaniel? - see below - b.c. 1656]

7. Elizabeth - born 28 July 1659 in Dickleburgh but probably died as an infant; and

8. Susana - born 28 July 1659 in Dickleburgh but probably died as an infant 141.

During the Civil War and the religious upheaval of the same event, it is likely that William supported the cause of the Parliamentarians and also abandoned the established church and became a non-conformist. On 10 May 1672 his house in Dickleburgh was licensed under the Declaration of Indulgence as a meeting place for the Congregationalists 142 and as a place where John Greene could teach 143, and his will made 1694/5 provided money for the poor of the Church of Christ [probably Congregational] in Pulham.

William Newson of Langmere [with Dickleburgh] died there in August or September 1698 144 [aged 81]. His will 145, made 20 March 1694/5 and proved 23 September 1698, referred to five of his children John, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah and Isaac but did not refer to Mary, Elizabeth [Nathaniel] or Susanna who therefore probably had died by then. William’s will also did not refer to his land at Rushall but it may have already been given to his son Samuel who was living there in 1698. Sarah Newson, nee Dallison, died and was buried in Rushall 15 August 1687.



John Nuson was baptised in Dickleburgh 5 Oct 1645, and likely was born in Langmere Hamlet. On 12 November 1678 in Starston 146 John Newson yeoman of Dickleburgh, singleman aged 32 and son of William Newson of Dickleburgh, married Mary Mayhew, single woman of Starston aged 30 and daughter of Lawrence Mayhew, gent, of Starston, by license 147. John and Mary likely had at least the following children:


[1. Ann baptised in Diss 24 July 1675 daughter of John Newson 148 and likely married John Fisher in 1705 in Diss (see endnote).];

2. *John born about 1679 149 (possibly in Starston but date and location of baptism not yet found) and inherited his father’s lands in Diss Heywood (see below); and

3. Mary ? - born about 1681 and, as Mary Newson of Diss, married Thomas Todd 150of Burston 11 June 1702 in Wilby. They had daughters Susanne baptised 1703 in Burston, Mary 1704/5 in Dickleburg and Isabella 1707 in Gissing, and possibly a son Thomas in 1722 in Burston. Several transactions in 1706 and 1708 found in the NRO related to Thomas Todd, yeoman, of Burston but now of Dickleburgh and son of Thomas Todd, Senior or Burston. Mary may have been buried 27 March 1729/30 in Burston although the entry could also have been a baptism suggesting that Mary had not been baptised at birth. A Mary Todd was buried in Burston 6 Dec. 1739. Thomas Todd died 25 June 1721 and was buried in Burston, but this was likely the father and not the son 151.

It is likely that the baptism of John and, possibly Mary and other children were recorded in Congregational records elsewhere. At the time John made his will on 29 August 1679, a year after his marriage of 12 November 1678, he was still living in Starston 152 although he held land in Langmere and Dickleburgh. The Starston Leet Court records show that he was sworn in as Headborough 153 of Starston on 24 April 1679 and again on 8 January 1679/80 but that is the last mention of him in those records. When he inherited his mother’s land in the Langmere Hamlet in Dickleburgh in October of 1687 154 he was referred to as John Newson, yeoman of Diss and when he inherited his father’s land (24 acres abutting his mother’s lands on the south) in Langmere Hamlet in April of 1699 155 and in the Manor of Diss Heywood in November of 1699 he was referred to as John Newson of Blackthorn in Diss. John Newson of Langmere Hamlet was listed in a Poor Rate Collection Roll for Dickleburgh dated 25 September 1699 156 although he may not have been a resident there. John Newson Senior and Junior (senior would have been 81 and junior 49) both appear on a list of inhabitants of Dickleburgh dated 28 March 1726 157.

John Newson died and was buried in Diss 15 September 1727 158. His will 159, made 29 August 1679 about 9 months after his marriage, gave a life estate in his lands in Langmere with Dickleburgh to his wife Mary and then to his heirs, while reserving timber rights to his mother and father then both still alive. No children were named in his will. He described himself as “sick in body” but he seems to have recovered and lived for another 48 years, although he does not seem to have made any other will and it was the 1679 one which was proved in 1728 160.

John’s wife Mary likely pre-deceased him because no will has been found for her and on his death in 1727 the lands in Dickleburgh went directly to his son John without the life estate to Mary as specified in his will.




John Newson was born about 1679, (although his age at death, assuming it was accurate, would place his birth in 1677) the son of John Newson. He likely was initially (or somewhat) non-conformist as was his father and grand-father and this would explain the late baptism of his first son with Lydia Daws and, later, the baptisms of three of his children by the Congregationalists. A list of Norfolk Freeholders in 1714 included a John Newson of Diss for Langmere. He is probably the John Newson of Diss who is on the 1734 Freeholders List. He inherited his father’s lands in Diss Heywood in 1728 and appears to have sold the lands on 6 October 1741 to Thomas Rust (or Bray?). At the time he was said to be residing in Stuston SFK, just over the river from Diss and next to Oakley, and the family lived there until at least 1746. In the 1739 will of Lawrence Mayhew of Rushall, his first cousin, he was appointed to assist in the will’s execution and two of his daughters - Lydia and Mary Newson - received a bequest in Lawrence’s will.


John Newson of Heywood Diss 161 married by licence [NCC #324] in Shelfanger 22 September 1715 to Lydia Daws. Based on his age at death he would have been about 38.

John and Lydia had at least the following children:


1. John - born 27 November 1716 and baptised in Dickleburgh 162 (3 miles NE of Diss) 3 March 1720/21. He married by license in Diss 163 31 October 1758 to Rebecca Wales 164 and had a daughter Mary who was buried in Diss in 1759, James baptised in Diss 25 February 1765, Samuel baptised in Diss 23 October 1767 and two sons baptised there 29 July 1772: John aged 10 and James aged 7. John had earlier been baptised by the Palgrave Presbyterians (Dissenters) 165 31 August 1762 as was another child Ester 26 August 1761. John Sr. died and was buried in Diss 24 September 1770, aged 54 (which confirms his date of birth), and it is his will 166 that identifies his sister Mary [via his brother-in-law Thomas Fulcher] and his brother Robert Newson of Roydon. However, except for his son John, his will makes no other reference to children. John the father was a dealer in cod at the time of his death. His widow Rebecca married William Syer or Sayer 16 December 1771 and died in Roydon before September 1775 167. Rebecca and William Syer had at least a son William who died in Diss in 1779 aged 6;

2. William - born about 1718 and died and was buried in Diss 22 June 1719;

3. Lydia - born 12 November 1719 and baptised in Dickleburgh on 3 March 1720/21, the same day as her older brother John, and married 14 July 1741 168 in Banham to Charles Simpson, both parties from Diss and had at least 4 children baptised there - Lydia, Charles, Anne and George. Charles was on the 1768 Freeholders List. Lydia died and was buried in Diss 15 August 1773 aged 54. Charles, a brewer of Diss, died in 1777, aged 71 169;

4. William - baptised 13 September 1722 in Dickleburgh and [possibly married Elizabeth ______ and had 11 children in Diss from 1748 to 1763 of whom only James (b. 1749 170), Samuel (b. 1753), Elizabeth (b. 1756 171) and Mary (b. 1759) may have survived]. He died ___? He may have been the William Newson, baker of Diss, who acquired land in the ______ Manor there in 1758;

5. Samuel - baptised 28 December 1724 in Dickleburgh and died in Diss 29 October 1757 aged 32 172;

6. Mary - baptised 26 October 1726 in Dickleburgh and married by license [NCC] in Roydon 9 April 1744 to William Stebbing. They had two daughters, Mary and Ann, and a son William [died 1752] baptised in Diss. William, a barber and periwig maker, died and was buried 20 January 1754 in Diss and Mary remarried in Diss 8 October 1758 to Thomas Fulcher. Thomas was on the 1768 Freeholders List for Diss. She died in Diss and was buried there 6 March 1796 aged 70;

7. ? born about 1728 173; and

8. Elizabeth born about 1730 and married Robert Mattin or Murton 1760 in Roydon 174 and is referred to in the will of her uncle Robert Bloss in 1762.

Lydia Newson (status not shown) died and was buried in Diss 19 June 1731.


John Newson, farmer and widower [aged 57] of Blackthorn, married by license [ANF #129] in Thelton (Thelveton 175) 13 June 1734 to Elizabeth Bloss/Bloise of Frenze 176, 26 years old, and had the following children:

9. * Robert - born in Blackthorn near Diss and baptised 12 May 1735 at the Independent Chapel (later Congregational) in Debenham Suffolk 177, where his mother was baptised, and married in Roydon 28 April 1757 to Susan Heath. (see below);

10. Thomas - born in Blackthorn near Diss and baptised 4 August 1738 at the Independent Chapel in Debenham Suffolk but died and was buried in Diss 23 October 1738;

11. Thomas - born in Diss and baptised 9 February 1739/40 at the Independent Chapel in Debenham Suffolk and ..... ;

12. Richard - baptised in Stuston SFK 16 September 1744 178 and apprenticed in 1761 to Thomas Smith of Pulham SMM, grocer 179. When Richard was referred to in the will of his uncle Robert Bloss in 1762 he was living in Pulham SMV. He likely was the Richard Newson, “aged 28", who married 5 Sept. 1772 in Redenhall to Elizabeth Colby 180; and

13. Mary 181 - baptised in Stuston SFK 31 August 1746 and in 1762 was living in Needham 182, according to the will of her uncle Robert Bloss.

In 1741 John Newson sold at least part of his holdings in Diss Heywood and at this point was living in Stuston Suffolk.

Elizabeth Newson died and was buried in Dickleburgh 22 October 1748 183. John Newson died and was buried in Diss 184 11 June 1751 aged 74 185. A will has not been located. 186.



Robert, born May 1735 and married in Roydon NFK 28 April 1757 to Susan Heath of Roydon, the daughter of Samuel Heath and Mary Doggett. He appears to have been the first Newson to reside in Roydon.

Robert and Susan had the following children, several of whom were baptised by the dissenters:


1. * Mary baptised in Roydon 2 October 1757 and married Samuel Porter 10 January 1779 in Roydon. [see elsewhere];

2. Robert born ... and baptised 2 October 1759 in Yaxley SFK and died 6 December 1783 in Roydon, aged 24;

3. Samuel born and baptised 13 May 1761 in Yaxley Suffolk 187. He married by Licence [NF #183] on 11 October 1789 in Roydon to Mary Milton (b. about 1759). All of their children were born in Roydon and baptised by the Palgrave Presbyterians (Dissenters) but on 6 June 1806 were received “back” into the Roydon Parish Church after the death of Samuel, viz:

-Samuel b. 1790 m.19 Nov. 1835 in Barnham Broome (Lic.) to Mary Ann Hipkin and d. 1837 in Hingham [west of Wymondham], apparently without issue;

-Milton b. 1792 and m. John Yandall/Yandell (from St. Leonard’s Shoreditch London) in 1812 in Roydon and after his death and that of their only child in 1813 to Richard Aldis in 1822 in Diss. Richard was a medical practitioner and the family settled in Metfield Suffolk where they had at least 2 and possibly 3 children. Milton died ____ (after 1861);

-Robert baptised by the Palgrave Presbyterians 10 Dec. 1794 but buried in Roydon 19 May 1814;

-Susan baptised by the Palgrave Presbyterians 6 June 1796 and in 1826 in Garboldisham m. John Edwards a butcher and in 1841 was in Garboldisham but by 1861 was in Southwark Surrey as a widow living with her daughter Marianne Everest. John and Susan had at least 3 children 188. She died in 1884 in Henham Middlesex 189;

-Benjamin Milton b. 1798 190, a butcher and Innkeeper was living in 1841 in Hingham with Hannah Daynes and her illegitimate son William b. 1837 in Hingham. By 1861 Benjamin and Hannah were living as husband and wife 191 and after at least 1873 Willam Daynes was going by the name of William Newson. William, who had children in Reymerston from 1862 to 1873 and then in Hingham, took over the Inn (the Ringers Inn on Norwich Road) after the death of his “step” father in 1873 and was running it in 1881;

-Mary born 15 September and baptised by the Palgrave Presbyterians 20 November 1799 and in 1861 was living in West Ham (Forest Gates) with her nephew Horace Alexander; and

-Emma baptised by the Palgrave Presbyterians 10 March 1802 and m. John Alexander in 1822 in Hingham. Between 1841 and 1851 they moved to Stratford/West Ham in Essex where John was a Potato [?] proctor. They had at least one son Horace b. c. 1827 in Wymondham 192.

Samuel, a farmer 193, died, intestate, 5 April 1806 in Roydon, aged 44 and administration was granted to his widow Mary. Mary died 27 November 1846 in Hingham;

4. Thomas born and baptised in Roydon March 1763 and married by licence [NCC] on 12 October 1790 to Ann Porter of North Lopham, the sister of his brother-in-law Samuel Porter, the daughter of John Porter and Mary Barcham and widow of Robert Womack, in North Lopham. He and Ann had no children together and he died 7 June 1802 in North Lopham and was buried there 8 June, aged 39 194;

5. John born and baptised in Roydon 23 December 1764 and died there 8 February 1784, aged 19;

6. Richard born in Roydon and baptised by the Palgrave Presbyterians (Dissenters) 2 November 1766. He married Susanna Wright in Roydon in 1792 and appears not to have had any surviving children. Susan died in Roydon 20 December 1802. Richard died in Diss and was buried in Roydon 27 February 1823, aged 56 195. He was a Linen Weaver at the time of the marriage of his brother Samuel in 1789 and later a schoolmaster in Diss;

7. Susan born and baptised in Roydon 20 November 1768 but died there in October 1783 aged 15;

8. William born and baptised in Roydon by the Palgrave Presbyterians (Dissenters) 25 November of 1770. He married by license [ANW] 11 October 1796 in Melton Constable to Susanna Newell 196 of Melton Constable. At the time, William was residing in Snetterton 197 and the other bondsman was Thomas Jary of Hindolveston, husband of Ann Porter the aunt of Mary Newson, William’s eldest sister. They had

William born and baptised 3 September 1797 and died in 1797;

Thomas born 1798;

William born 1800; and

Mary Anne born 1801 and died 1802, all in Roydon.

William Newson died in Roydon and was buried there 21 April 1802 198, aged 31. Susanna remarried 2 November 1807 in Roydon to John Allen and had a son John in 1808 and a daughter Susan in 1810 in Roydon;

9. James born December 1772 and baptised 31 January 1773 in Roydon. He married by License [NCC] 12 October 1791 in Roydon (with the consent of his mother Susan) to Mary Roper [Robert in MLB] and by 1802 was a weaver in North Lopham. He died after 1823 [get burial/will]. They had the following:

Mary born about 1795 in Roydon and m Charles Witting 31 Oct 1819 in Diss. Charles was a tea dealer and the family had at least two children - Hannah in 1825 and Thomas in 1828 - and lived on Church Street in Diss;

Elizabeth born about 1799 199 and possibly married Richard Scrivener 3 Apr 1827 in Diss (Charles Witting was a witness);

James; and

Thomas 200;

10. Elizabeth born 12 September and baptised 9 October 1774 in Roydon but died a month later;

11. Elizabeth born 17 August and baptised 31 December 1775 in Roydon and is possibly the Elizabeth Newson who operated a Ladies Boarding & Day School on Church Street in Diss in 1830 - per Pigot’s Commercial Directory 201 and the Elizabeth Newson, spinster, who lived in Diss in 1841 aged 60-64 with Minns Payne, his wife Isabella Bray and his brother-in-law Thomas Bray. She is likely the Elizabeth Newson and who died in Diss in 1841 “without leaving any children, parents or brothers or sisters” 202 so that her “aunt” Eliza Sarah Hartley 203, widow, of Bath, Somerset was appointed administrator; and

12. George born and baptised in Roydon March 1778 and by 1801 (when he sold his land in

Roydon) had moved to Walsham-le-Willows, SFK where he was a merchant. He married there in 1809 to Sarah Plummer and had at least 3 children in Walsham:

-Sarah Anne b. 1813;

-George Robert b. 1817, m. in 1844 in South Lopham to Priscilla Wharton; and

John Richard b. 1821.

-George Newson 204 died there in about 1834 and a grant of administration in his estate was granted to his widow Sarah in July of 1835, at which point she was living in Walsham and later [?] in adjacent Wattisfield SFK.

In 1762 Robert Newson with his wife and 3 sons was living in Yaxley [Hartismere - beside Mellis and Thrandeston], likely on land owned by his grandfather Thomas Bloss. However, by the end of the next year he had probably moved back to Roydon. Robert Newson of Roydon was an agent for the Lord of the Roydon Hall and Tufts Manor in 1765 and was a juror there in 1766. He was one of the nine “Freeholders” on the 1768 Voting Poll List and was one of the subscribers of a warning notice published in June of 1782 by the Diss Association for Apprehending and Prosecuting Horse-Stealers.

Robert Newson held two parcels of copyhold land:

1. in the Roydon Hall with Tufts Manor - 91/2 acres which went on his death to his eldest son Samuel together with another 7 acres called Kidds which Robert had acquired in 1763;

2. in the Gissing Hall Manor - a cottage and land called Snows and another piece [or adjoining - to confirm] called Blunts on Cake Street lane in Roydon which Robert had acquired in October of 1773 and which went, on his death, to his youngest son George 205 then under the age of 6 years.


Robert died and was buried in Roydon 21 December 1783 206, aged 49. He was buried 2 weeks after the burial there of their son Robert, 2 months after the burial of their daughter Susan and 2 months before the burial of their son John. Susan died and was buried in Roydon 18 January 1796, aged 58 [she was named Susannah at the births and deaths of her children and guardianship of her youngest son from 1775 to 1784 and at her death in 1796].



Floaters (Unaccounted-for Newsons)


“Orphans of Cratfield”:


1. Robert b. 1546 Cratfield

2. Richard b. 1544 Cratfield

3. William b. 1545 Cratfield

4. Thomas b. c. 1554 and m. Jane Fyske of Studhaugh September 1579 in Laxfield - see her provenance in various published forms.

5. Henry Newson b. c. 1570 (but not Cratfield) m. Anne ___ c. 1593 and d. Cratfield 1637. They had 4 children in Cratfield: Elizabeth 1594, John 1596, Henry 1598 and Robert 1600 (and possibly a Richard 1603) and John and Richard went to Wrentham where they died in 1689 and 1684 respectively. [get wills]. Ann, the wife of Henry, required supplement until she died in 1652.

6. William b. c. 1612 and married Audrey Barrett in 1632 in Cratfield and had a daughter Mary there in 1636 (unless this is the other William who married Mary Newson).

7. Elizabeth Newson who married Benjamin Brame 18 Sept. 1623 in Cratfield and then moved to South Elmham where they had 6 children baptised from 1624 to 1639: Thomas; Henry; Hannah; Benjamin; John; and Elizabeth. However, neither she nor any of her children were mentioned in the will of Samuel Newson, her brother, below.

8. Gregory Newson, married Susan Gowing in 1624 in Cratfield and had issue in Carlton [with Kelsale - Hoxne (detached)] in 1629 and Parham [Plom].

9. John Newson of Cratfield married Susan Sherwood of Kirby, both single, 28 June 1696 at Norwich, St. Michael at Plea.




10. Samuel Newson was born about 1705 and was probably the Samuel Newson apprenticed in 1718 to Robert Abott of Burston, cordwainer. Samuel Newson of Diss married Susan[ah] Stone in Pulham St. Mary Virgin 207 12 December 1731 and they were the parents of the following:

n/n female - b. January 1733/4 Pulham SMM [Pulham Market]

Mary - b. April 1736 Pulham SMM 208

Lydia - b. 1739 in Diss

Susan - b. 1740 in Diss 209

John - b. 1743 in Diss

[note gap here - the following could be children of Samuel Jr.]

William - b. ? died in Diss 28 September 1750 [see next entry]

James - b. 1753 in Diss, died there 1760


In l774 Samuel was referred to as an occupant of land in Diss. Samuel died and was buried in Diss 25 October 1778 aged 73 [get will] and Susan his wife was buried there as a widow 30 July 1782 aged 77 210. He may have been a son of Samuel Newson and Mary Matchett who had married in 1697, which would make him a great-grand-son of William Newson and Sarah Dallison.

11. William Newson, tanner, born about 1749 and married in Diss 20 August 1778 (by licence 211) to Mary Crucknell. In 1798 he occupied lands in Diss “late Crucknell”. In all likelihood, he was the William Newson, currier, leather and metal worker listed in Diss in the 1784 Bailey’s British Directory. Mary Newson nee Crucknell was buried in Diss 10 July 1810 aged 64 and William was buried 29 May 1824 in Diss, “aged 75". By his will, proved both in the Norfolk A.D. in 1824 and PCC in 1831, he left his tanning business to his son William Robert Newson 212 and other property in Diss to his son John, with money payments to his son James, a currier in Bungay. They are the three sons of William Newson also referred to in the will of Susan Ayton, widow of Diss [nee Newson also Driver and Allman] in 1821. John and William Robert are the two Newsons listed in the 1835 Poll for Diss.


It is possible that William Newson was the son of Samuel and Susan, and therefore brother of Susan Ayton, and although no baptism has yet been found for him ( although they were located for most of his siblings) the entry of his 1750 burial in the Diss Parish Registers was an error for his baptism. Alternatively, the entry for a Samuel baptised in Diss in 1750 to William Newson and Elizabeth ___ was an error because although there is a baptismal entry for Samuel son of William and Elizabeth in 1753 in Diss, there is no burial entry for the first Samuel born in 1750. In this case, could the son’s name really have been William, which would make sense as there was no other son named William after their father?


William and Mary had at least the following children:

-James baptised in Diss June 1779, married 2nd [he is described as a widower] 18 Nov. 1805 in Diss to Mary Boor, widow of Ellis Boor of Palgrave (m.s. Dodd - they m. 1773 Palgrave SFK) [see below for another James Newson]. By 1824 James was a currier in Bungay SFK;

-John baptised in Diss October 1780, and listed as a fell monger [dealer in hides and skins] in White’s 1836 Directory for Diss;

-Robert Crucknell baptised in Diss in 1783 but died and was buried there three months later;

-William Robert born 24 December and baptised 25th 1784 in Diss, and was either

a) the William Newson who apparently did not marry 213, and was still living in Diss at the time of the 1841 and 1851 censuses 214, and listed as a tanner and currier in White’s 1836 Directory for Diss; or

b) the William Newson of Hopton SFK who married 19 October 1802 in Saham Toney to Rebecca Margetson of Saham Toney and who had issue (although not baptised in the Saham Toney or Banham Parish churches) before he died and was buried in Banham 24 August 1824 aged 46; and

-Robert William born 1788 in Diss but died and was buried there one month later.

12. Lydia Newson had banns called in Diss, although no marriage there, in August of 1771 to marry Humfrey Rede. Lydia Newson had a base child baptised in Diss 9 February 1767 but the child died a week later. She may be the Lydia Newson who married in Scole in 1774 to Stephen Turner. [Q - was she the daughter of Samuel and Susan - see note above?]

13. James Newson married 7 November 1812 in Diss to Elizabeth Lincoln and/or secondly as a widower 1 December 1822 in Diss to Elizabeth Gillespie. Their first two children were born before the marriage, viz. Elizabeth Newson born 26 November 1810 in Diss to Elizabeth Lincoln, spinster and George Newson born 30 September 1812 to same. Others were probably baptised elsewhere or by non-conformists before Samuel Edward in 1827, Frederick Robert in 1828, Henry in 1829 and Elizabeth in 1831 in the Diss Parish Church. Their father James was described as a farmer and maltster. These and the other children (Mary born c. 1812 and Clementine born c. 1824), were located in Newington Surry [London] and Norwich in the 1851 censuses and in West Ham, Essex in the 1861 and 1881 censuses.

14. Anne Newson married Thomas Fisher 16 October 1705 in Diss and they had two children baptised there: Elizabeth in March 1706/7 and Thomas in May 1710. A Thomas Fisher was buried in Diss 9 April 1718.

15. John Newson married Elizabeth Pigeon 2 November 1641 in Pulham SMV.

16. John Newson married Anne Frost (she was born 1679 in Pulham NFK) according to T.G. Frost, The Frost Family in England and America, 1909:Buffalo NY. A John Newson and Susan had 2 children baptised in Hardwick - Susan in 1700 and Richard in 1702 and a John Newson and Ann had sons baptised in Loddon - Robert in 1714 and Thomas in 1716 Loddon, but as Thomas [probably the son] had issue in Loddon [where there were Newsons from 1671] 1743-1754, they are probably not the Diss Newsons.

17. Nathaniel Newson (b.c. 1655) married Abigail Vincent 3 Jan. 1680/1 in Walsham Le Willows, Suffolk and at the time he was single and of Diss. Abigail received (with her two sisters) a house and considerable land in Walsham-le-Willows in 1700 on the death of her mother Elizabeth, the widow of Stephen Vincent and, later (1680), Samuel Canham and the daughter of Ralph Margery. Nathaniel was appointed the executor of the will of Thomas Burton of Heywood Diss in 1692 and was referred therein by Thomas as “my kinsman”. Nathaniel was apparently a grocer in Diss in 1692 and 1700.

18. John Newson was buried Norwich St. Edmund 1738.

19. Catherine Newson of Shotesham St. Mary married, by License 215, Thomas Bennett of the same 13 July 1689 at Shotesham St. Mary.

20. Robert Newson married Agnes Blomefield in 1580 in Redgrave [Hart] just below the Lophams.




The lands in Diss Heywood Manor held by the Newsons for about 150 years consisted of four parcels -

1. One acre “bond of a tenement called Stumbills at Oginpoole in a close called Blackthorn meadow” abutting Blackthorn Way;

2. One rood of land lying at the north end of Short Blackthorn;

3. Three pieces of a total of 3 roods in Heywood; and

4. One rood of meadow land at High Willows in Diss formerly William Yewles.


The first three parcels of lands were acquired, likely before 1583, from Thomas Harvey by 1. Richard Newson who died in 1637/8 but had surrendered the them on 24 March 1617 to his son 2. Richard Newson who died March 1656/7 and they and the fourth parcel which Richard Jr. acquired 28 March 1620 went on 6 May 1658 to his son 3. Samuel Newson who died July 1681 and it went on 10 October 1682 to his brother 4. William Newson of Langmere in Dickleburgh who died ____1698 and it went on 14 November 1699 216 to his son 5. John Newson who died 15 September 1727 and it went on 16 May 1728 to his son 6. John Newson who sold the lands on 23 October 1741 217 to Thomas Bray.


The lands in Diss Rectory Manor, being

1. A seventh part of an acre of land in Odingpoole, which were purchased by Richard Newson 12 Nov. 1590 and

2. One acre in Shortblackthorne south of Swayne’s slough, which were purchased by Richard Newson 15 April 1612

were conveyed by Richard Newson Sr. to Richard Newson Jr., his son, 11 April 1635.


An un-dated map, possibly about the time of the parish enclosures, shows John Newson as the owner of 4 adjoining parcels on land abutting and south of the main Diss-Roydon road and west of the road to Palgrave and extending down to the Waveney River, the boundary between Norfolk and Suffolk, as follows (likely in acres, perches and rods):

1. 1/3/33 Freehold;

2. 0/2/2 in Diss with Members Manor;

3. 1/0/18 in Diss with Members Manor but shown on the map as Meadows Taylor - “Jo. [or Ja.?] Newsons” in italics; and

4. 0/2/3 in Rectory Manor but shown on the map as Meadows Taylor - “Jo. [or Ja.?] Newsons” in italics - which may be the land in Odingpoole referred to above. The current London-Norwich railway line appears to run through this property.


ALDOUS 218 - Stradbrook, Fressingfield, Wingfield and Cratfield


*Alice Aldhouse was born about 1524 and married John Newson 3 Oct. 1546 in Cratfield.


*Margaret Aldous was born about 1550 and married Richard Newson married 26 September 1574 in Cratfield (see below).


*Robert Aldous was born about 1535 and married Elizabeth ___ in about 1561. After his death(1565) Elizabeth married Thomas Reade 1566/7 in Thorndon (see “Blosse”) and, after his death (1580), 7 May 1581 in Thorndon to Thomas Brankin. Elizabeth Brankyn, wife of Thomas, was buried in Thorndon 30 June 1620.


The Aldus/Aldous/Aldowes family of Fressingfield had earlier roots in Stradbrook, abutting Fressingfield on the SW, where Thomas Aldowse left a will proved in 1504 219, his wife Johan left a will in 1505 220 and their son Robert left a will in 1507 221 and in Mendlesham where John Aldous Senior lived in 1457 (SROI C/6/7/6) and Roger Aldows left a will in 1483. The 1524 Subsidy Returns listed 1 Aldous in Thornham Magna, and 4 in Fressingfield (William, Robert, Richard and Thomas) but there were no Aldous males in Cratfield at the time of the 1524 survey. The 1568 Subsidy Returns listed 1 Aldehouse in Linstead Parva, 1 Aldus in Eye, 2 in Mendlesham and 7 in Fressingfield of whom 2 were in Chepenhale.


Much of the earliest Aldous pedigree and lineage comes from Aldous Family Genealogy and Papers a manuscript by Douglas E.W. Aldous 222.


William Aldous was born in Fressingfield 223 in about 1452 and married Johan Warner there in about 1477, and they were apparently the parents of the following 224:

1. Robert 225 born about 1479, married Elizabeth Aldous in about 1510, had at least 7 surviving children and was buried 20 Jan.1559/60 in Fressingfield 226. His widow Elizabeth left a will in 1576 227;

2. *Richard born about 1485, married Agnes Owles in about 1518 and died in 1560 (see below); and

3. Thomas born about 1495, married Agnes Barbor in about 1531, had at least 7 surviving children and was buried 4 Sept. 1569 in Fressingfield 228. Agnes Aldous, his widow was buried in Fressingfield 10 May 1582 and left an extensive will 229.


William was a church warden at Sts. Peter and Paul in Fressingfield in 1493. He was buried in Fressingfield 15 January 1531/2 and his will 230 referred to his wife Johan and his three sons. Johan either died or remarried after that date.


The 1524 Subsidy listed 4 Aldous (and variant spellings) in Fressingfield - William, Robert, Richard and Thomas, which accounts for all of William’s male family.


Richard Aldous was born in Fressingfield about 1485 and married Agnes Owles there in about 1518 and they were apparently the parents of the following:

1. *William born about 1520 and married Rose Clamp in 1545 in Cratfield (see below);

2. *Alice born about 1524 and married John Newson in Cratfield in 1546 (see above) 231;

3. Richard born about 1530, apparently married Margaret Goddertt (Godderd) 19 Nov. 1554 in Fressingfield and had a son Thomas baptised there 31 May 1555 and another child before Margaret died in _____ ? and, secondly, Margaret Rowsse 12 Nov. 1560 in Fressingfield (she was buried there 17 November 1561 232), and was buried 3 June 1589 in Rushall Norfolk 233; and

4. Thomas born about 1538 likely married Gyllyan Fiske 14 Oct. 1561 in Fressingfield, and had their first child Thomas 234 baptised there 18 September 1562 “the son of Thomas the younger” followed by another 7 children in Fressingfield. Thomas was buried in Fressingfield 22 May 1609 235.


Richard Aldous (the elder) died and was buried in Fressingfield 23 August 1559 236 and his nuncupative will 237 referred only to his wife Agnes and three sons. Agnes re-married or died in ...?


William Aldous married Rose Clamp 21 September 1545 in Cratfield 238 and they were likely the parents of the following children baptised in Cratfield 239:

1.* Margaret 240 12 Dec. 1546 241 in Cratfield and married Richard Newson 26 September 1574 in Cratfield (see above) OR Agnes 12 Dec. 1546 and married William Aldous 8 Oct. 1569 in Fressingfield OR they were twins;

2. Joanna 9 Sept. 1548 in Cratfield- but was buried 22 Oct.1575 in Cratfield;

3. Richard 242 6 March1550/1 in Cratfield, married Anne Aldous [sic] 26 June 1571 in Fressingfield and had at least six children baptised in Cratfield - William 27 Apr. 1572 (m. Susan Mawling and died in Linstead Magna in 1625 243), John 9 Oct, 1575, Francis 4 Nov. 1576 (m. Katherine Smith 1613 in Cratfield), Agnes 8 March 1578/9 (m. Simon Barber), Mary 6 April 1582 and Richard 12 Sept. 1585 (m. Mary Filbie 1614 in Cratfield). He may have married Elizabeth Sandcrofte 15 July 1589 in Fressingfield. He may have died in Fressingfield in 1612 244. Richard was “Richard Aldhouse my brother-in-law” named by John Newson, above, as supervisor of his will and was also likely the Richard Aldows who witnessed the will of Robert Betts of Fressingfield in 1589;

4. Alice 27 Apr. 1552 in Cratfield but buried in Cratfield 15 Aug 1557;

5.William 5 Oct. 1555 245 in Cratfield m. Christian Crisp in 1581 in Cratfield;

6. Alice 11 Feb. 1557/8 in Cratfield and married John Smith in 1580 in Cratfield; and

7. Robert 18 March 1560 in Fressingfield, married Elizabeth Rouse 19 June 1581 in Cratfield and was buried in Cratfield 21 July 1612 246.


Rose the wife of William Aldous died and was buried in Fressingfield 16 December 1567 247 and William remarried 21 June 1568 in Fressingfield to Agnes Poolley and William and Agnes/Ann were the parents of the following:

8. Elizabeth 20 March 1568/9 in Fressingfield (she m. William Brown 1590 in Cratfield);

9. Anne 20 May 1571 in Fressingfield (parents “of Whittingham”) but died young;

10. Johane 15 February 1572/3 in Fressingfield and who was left four cows and £12 in the 1583 will of William Webster of Cratfield 248;

11. Mary 25 March 1573 in Cratfield but died young;

12. Thomas who was baptised 21 August 1575 in Cratfield 249 but buried in Cratfield 3 Aug. 1584; and

13. John 17 Aug. 1578 in Cratfield.

William was probably the William Aldehouse who was admitted to Crappes Yard ½ rod in Cratfield in 1561 and in the same year William Aldous of Fressingfield was granted the exact same parcel plus a 1 rod meadow from Simon Smithe of Cratfield 250.


Anne the wife of William Aldous was buried in Cratfield 17 Jan. 1592/3 and William may have re-married because Margaret, the wife of Williamn Aldous, was buried in Cratfield 12 May 1597. William Aldous Sr. was buried 7 Dec. 1599 in Cratfield 251. He was the brother of Richard Aldowse according to a Proceeding in Chancery during the reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603.


Also in Fressingfield: - John Aldhouse of Wittingham in Fressingfield died leaving an extensive will in 1596 252 and the inventory of his estate was completed 16 Nov. 1596 253.




Johan Warner was born about 1430 and married William Aldous was born in Fressingfield in about 1452. According to Aldous researchers 254 Johan was born in Wingfield [Hoxne], the parish abutting Fressingfield on the west, in 1456 the daughter of Thomas Warner, originally from Fressingfield. Thomas was said to be the son of Nicholas Warner, also of Fressingfield.


Nicholas Warner, a carpenter, was born about 1400 in Fressingfield and bought various parcels of land there (including a piece called Krichotys on the road from Fressingfield to Bury St. Edmunds) in 1427, 1429, 1442 and 1452. He died in 1477 255 leaving at least a son *Thomas.


Thomas Warner was born about 1430 in Fressingfield and gave his lands in Fressingfield to his daughter Johan Aldows the wife of William in 1477, 1500 and 1502, including the piece called Krichotys. He moved to Wingfield. He was the father of at least the following:

1. *Johan born in about 1450 in Wingfield and married William Aldows (see above);

2. John born in about 1458 in Wingfield; and

3. Alice born in about 1460 in Wingfield.




[Thomas? 257 ] Owles married Rose ______ in about 1478 and had at least the following children:

1. John who married ____ (who died between 1541 and 1560) and died and was buried in Fressingfield 15 February 1558/9 and, as John Owlys of Whittingham Hamlet in the Parish of Fressingfield, shearman, left a will 258 which provided for his children Robert 259, William 260, Thomas, Margaret Sparham 261, Agnes Jesoppe, Elizabeth, Alice and Agnes the younger and a god-son John Kebitt (likely Kibill - see Johan below);

2. Thomas who had at least two children - Richard and Margaret - by 1541 and was still alive in 1560;

3. Johan who married John Cabill/Kebell 262before 1541 and had at least two children - Agnes in 1561 and Humphrey in 1562/3 - baptised in Fressingfield and may have been the “mother Kebill of Chappnall (Chippenhall - a hamlet in Fressingfield) who was buried in Fressingfield 1 May 1570;

4. Margaret who married Thomas Potteys 263and William Richman 264and was buried in Fressingfield 3 April 1560 and, as the widow Richman, left a will 265 which gave her land there to her son Richard but if he died before 21 or without heirs then to William Owles, and included bequests to William Owles and his son William, Jane Owles, her sister Aldus, her sister Kebell, Sabyn Owles 266, Margery Owles widow, the daughters of John Owles, and to her brother Thomas Owles, Alice Owles and others. William Owles of Stradbrook was to be one of three executors; and

5. *Agnes who was born about 1487 and married Richard Aldous in Fressingfield in about 1518 (see above).

It is possible that William Owles of Stradbrook was also a child of Thomas (?) and Rose because of his references in the 1560 will of Margaret Richman, nee Owles, however he was not mentioned in the 1541 will of Rose Owles.


Thomas (?) Owles likely died in Fressingfield between 1524 and 1541. Rose Owles, widow, died in 1541 and left a will 267 which provided for her children (including Agnes Aldous), grandchildren and god-children and referred to Richard Aldows.




Rose Clamp was born about 1520, married William Aldous 21 September 1545 in Cratfield and died and was buried in Framlingham 16 December 1567. Their first child was a daughter named Margaret.


Rose was very possibly the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Clampe, who follow.


Thomas Clampe (b.c. 1470) married Margaret _____ in about 1495 and had at least the following children, possibly baptised in Cratfield:

1. William;

2. Johan;

3. Thomas;

4. Robert; and

5. others not named.

Thomas Clampe died in December of 1525 and as Thomas Clampe of Cratfield left a will 268 which provided for his wife Margaret, two sons, one daughter and other children who were unfortunately not named in his will.


Edmund Clampe, a weaver of Stradbrook, left a will 269 in 1588 which referred to his wife Alice and children Edmund and Mary.




__________ Barbor married _______ 271 had at least the following children:

1. Robert;

2. *Roger born about 1508 (see below); and

3. Joanne.


Roger Barbor, b.c. 1508, married Isabell ____ around 1532 and had at least the following children:

1. Agnes;

2. Ellen who married Robert Harvey and lived in Botesdale with Redgrave, Suffolk 272;

3. Agnes [sic]; and

4. *Robert born about 1539 (see below).


Roger Barber of Diss probably died sometime in January of 1547/8 and his will 273 provided for his wife Isabell and his 4 children Agnes, Ellen, Agnes and Robert, all seemingly under 21 and also referred to his brother Robert and his sister Joanne and to his properties in Diss Walcott (likely his tenement called “Colmans”) and Frenze. Isabell, his wife, likely died or remarried between 1548 and 1551 when the Diss registers commence.


Robert Barber was born c. 1539 and married c. 1562 to _____ 274 and had the following children baptised in Diss:

1. Elizabeth 8 June 1563 275 but buried 10 Oct. 1564;

2. Elizabeth 14 January 1564/5, married Edmund Hearne in 1587 in Scole and had at least two daughters (Mary and Anne/Agnes) but may have died before 1595;

3. Agnes 21 Feb. 1565/6 but buried 2 April 1567; and

4. Margaret 9 August 1569 and married James Preston in Diss 16 Oct. 1593.

Robert’s wife died sometime between 1569 and 1576 276.


Robert Barber and Alice Drue of Diss 277 (possibly a widow - see below) were married 21 July 1576 in Norwich St. George Colgtate 278 and had the following children baptised in Diss 279:

5. Anne - 4 June 1577 who possibly married Robert Gratty (?) or Gratby;

6. Robert or Roger - 7 June 1579 - but buried 11 June 1579 280;

7 ? - male - un-baptised and buried 3 August 1580; and

8. *Elizabeth - 23 June 1583 and married Richard Newson 29 June 1602 (see above) or, possibly Ralph Lowdell.


Robert Barber held copyhold land in the Diss with Members Manor, and the Court Rolls of 1593-1598, in addition to several reference to his lands there, record the attendance of his widow Alice and three daughters - Margaret, Anne and Elizabeth seeking succession to his property 281.

Robert Barber, yeoman, was buried in Diss 18 March 1593/4 282. Alice Barbor, widow, was buried 12 April 1617 283.


Margaret Barber alias Bannocke, single woman, of Diss died in about February of 1578/9 284 and had administration of her estate 285 granted 2 March 1578/9 to Geoffry Barber alias Bannocke her brother and Anne Reade her sister.


Barber alias Bannocke were found in other areas of south Norfolk, as evidenced by probate documents viz -

1. Carleton Roade 1536

2. Harleston 1557 and 1558

3. Tibbenham 1564, 1580 and 1595

4. New Buckenham 1555

and one in Norwich in 1586.


Gregory Barber married Elin Fuller 13 July 1578 in Scole but appear to have had only two children baptised there - William in 1581 and Bridget in 1583/4.



The best known, and somewhat notorious 287, Dalyson/Dallison was Roger Dallison, knight of Laughton, Lincolnshire (b.c.1562), whose third wife was Elizabeth Tuthill of Saxlingham Nethergate 288. According to Farrer’s Church Heraldry of Norfolk 289 there is (was?) a brass in the chancel floor of Trowse Newton’s parish church that commemorates Dalyson of Laughton and another for “the loving wife of Roger Dalyson, son and heir of William Dalyson of Laughton in the county of Lincoln. She was daughter of William Tuthill of Newton (Trowse Newton) and died September 27th, 1585, in her 19th year.”. Roger’s seven ancestors, six Williams and a George, go back to William Dallison and his wife Anne Cave of Lincolnshire and according to some writers, the name Dallison is so rare that all must be related to the original William who likely lived around 1350. In Suffolk a Christopher Dalleson 290 was active in the last half of the 16th century in Mildenhall [Lack] as the writer of numerous wills for parish residents before he died in 1610/11 leaving his estate to his three sons William, Francis and James..


From the mid 1400s to 1600 there were Dallesons with probate records or M.I.s in Trowse Newton, Edgefield, Tasburgh, Bodham, Bungay, Mundford (Thomas 1557), Aylmerton and Felbrigg. Richard Dalyson was the incumbent in Bungay Holy Trinity from 1538 to 1553 and left a will in 1553 which referred to his nephew William Harkinge.


Robert Dalyson, born about 1510, married Alys ____ in about 1535. Alys, the wife of Robert

Dalyson, was buried in Dickleburgh 11 January 1540/1 291.


Robert Dalyson, probably the widower of Alys, married Margery Gobbet 21 August 1541 in Dickleburgh and Robert had the following children baptised there:

1. Thomas 11 Feb. 1543/4 and likely the Thomas Dallison who married 1. Judith ___ who was buried in nearby Shimpling 6 May 1569 and 2. Rose Oke 25 June 1570 in Shimpling and had at least the following children baptised: Anthony in Dickleburgh 14 Dec.1572 (he m., age 18, 18 Sept. 1603 in Diss to Christian Mason); Rose in Shimpling 27 May 1577 and Thomas in Shimpling 20 Oct. 1583;

2. Thomasine 20 Aug. 1546 and married Lance Pantry in 1569 in Pulham SMV;

3. William 27 Oct. 1549 and was likely the William Dalyson who married Rachel Gailes in 1572 in Thebarton [Bly] Suffolk 292 and he and Rachel had the following children baptised in Dickleburgh: Alice (b.12 Aug. 1580) and Margery (b. 3 Feb.1582/3 but buried 12 days later); and

4. Margaret 2 March 1551/2 and married Christopher Chittocke 25 January 1574/5 in Dickleburgh.


A Pleasance Dalyson, daughter of Robert, was buried in Dickleburgh 1 June 1573 and she was possibly the Pleasance Dalyson the mother of Robert Dalyson who was baptised 12 Apr. 1551 in Dickleburgh (likely base-born as no father was named) and thus Pleasance would have been born about 1534 and possibly to Robert and Alice his first wife. This son of Pleasance was likely the Robert Dalyson who married Anne Eastowe 3 November 1583 in Dickleburgh. Anne Dalyson witnessed the 1598 will of Sybil Gower, virgin of Dickleburgh. Anne Dallison wife of Robert was buried in Dickleburgh 25 August 1615 and Robert Dallison was buried there 16 December 1618.


There are no applicable entries in the Dickleburgh registers for the burials of Robert or Margery, although a Margaret Dalyson, widow, married there 28 May 1559 to William Repington. William and Margaret Repington/Reppington/Rippington had two daughters baptised in Dickleburgh - Margaret 16 July 1561 but buried there 14 Aug. 1561, and Margery 7 May 1564 (she married 18 June 1586 in Shimpling to Peter Estoe of Diss). Margaret Rippington “late the wife of William Ripington [sic]” 293 was buried in Dickleburgh 13 April 1589. Margaret was likely the widow of Robert Dalyson.


* John Dalyson 294 was born about 1572, married Elizabeth Deale 27 September 1599 in Dickleburgh and had at least the following children:

1. John baptised in Shimpling (the parish adjoining Dickleburgh and where his uncle Thomas for some time resided) 20 July 1600 but died and was buried in Dickleburgh 22 March 1617/8;

2. Elizabeth baptised in Shimpling 24 June 1604 and married in June of 1627 to Thomas Browne of Bressingham 295;

[big gap here]

3. *Sarah baptised in Dickleburgh 11 February 1615/6 - married 7 May 1640 in Diss to William Newson and died in Rushall 15 August 1687(see above); and

4. Ann baptised in Shimpling 30 March 1620 296 but likely died before 1626.


Elizabeth Dallison may have died before 1622 297 because a John Dallison married 21 September 1622 in Dickleburgh 298 to Elizabeth Coleman.


John Dallison died and was buried in Dickleburgh 30 July 1628. The will 299 of John Dallison, Yeoman of Langmere Hamlet, made in 1626 and proved in 1628, provided for his wife Elizabeth and his two daughters Elizabeth and Sarah. Elizabeth the eldest daughter, received a bequest of his land called “the haughe” near the path from Langmere Green to Hall Woods in contemplation of her marriage on “Thirsdaie 1 June next”[1627] 300 to Thomas Browne, Jr., son and heir of Thomas Browne the Elder of Bressingham, Norfolk. Elizabeth the wife was to receive a life estate in John’s other lands in Langmere 301 which, on her death, were to go to John’s daughters Elizabeth and Sarah. Sarah, whose upkeep was particularly addressed in the will, was to inherit John’s lands in Langmere where he dwelt and all other lands not bequeathed upon the death of Elizabeth the widow of John. Indeed, Sarah seems to have inherited these lands on 21 October 1630 either after the death or remarriage of the widow Elizabeth who received the lands 27 October 1627 and where William and Sarah Newson were then living. John Newson, the son of William and Sarah, inherited the same lands at the Manor Court held 11 October 1687 after the death of his mother 2 months earlier.


Other Dallisons:


In nearby Scole Raffe (Ralph) Dallison (b.c. 1574) of Tivetshall married 17 April 1599 in Scole to Margaret Brown the widow of John Brown, and they had a son Richard baptised 3 August 1600 before Margaret died and was buried in Scole 1 March 1600/1. Ralph then married 24 Sept. 1601 in Scole to Joane Shotsham, widow.

In Thorpe Abbots Jeffry Dallison and his wife Amy or Anne had four children baptised there - Peter 1610, Thomas 1612/3, Elizabeth 1615 (she died in 1617) and Frances 1618. Geoffrey Dallison of Tivetshall had a will 1641 ANF Orig. #78 [to get].


Peter Dallison (likely the son of Jeffry above born in 1610) married Elizabeth Alger 16 July 1635 in Dickleburgh and had children including a child Sarah baptised in Dickleburgh in 1646 and Anne buried there in 1652.

Peter Dallison married Prudence Edwards in Shimpling 1667 and had issue in Roydon 1676/7.

Elizabeth Dalison married in Diss 29 Oct. 1629 to Thomas Roper.




Elizabeth Deale was born about 1575 303 and married John Dalyeson 27 September 1599 in Dickleburgh (see above) and had John and Elizabeth to 1604 and Sarah and Anne in 1616 and 1620 baptised in Dickleburgh.


The surname Deale appears to be somewhat rare, appearing initially in Suffolk exclusively in the adjacent parishes of Oakley 304, Brome and Hoxne, across the Waveny River (the boundary between Norfolk and Suffolk) from Billingford and Scole 305. It appears to have derived from the original “de Dele”.


The 1327 Suffolk Subsidy Rolls record a number of de Deles and Dels, viz:

1. Oakley - Hubert de Dele

2. Oakley - Gilbert de Dele

3. Oakley - Robert de Dele

4. Rumburgh, Wissett etc. - Robert Del

5. Rumburgh, Wissett etc - Henry Del.

Additionally, Dale appears in Fressingfield, de Dale in Stanton and Stoke Ash and de la Dale in Thurleston with Whitton and Keleshale with Carleton.


Stephen Dele of Ocle (Oakley) married Margerie ___ and had at least the following children who were alive when Stephen wrote his will in 1458:

1. *Robert who received his father’s land and had two children Robert and Beatrice who were also alive at that time (see below);

2. John; and

3. Marg[aret?].

Stephen died in May or June of 1458 with a will in 1458 306 which provided for his wife, three children and two grand-children.


John Dele of Ocle (Oakley) had at least the following children:

1. a son (possibly Robert who died in , see below) and who by 1499 had a son John; and

2. Alice who married _____ and had at least two daughters by 1499 - Katherine and Agnes and received her father’s properties in Thetford.

John died in December of 1499 or January of 1499/1500 with a will 307 which left all of his extensive properties in the parish to his grand-son John.


Roger Dele of Ocle (Oakley) married Margerie ____ and had at least the following child:

1. un-named daughter.

Roger died in June of 1471 with a will 308 which provided for his father, wife and daughter


Robert Dele of Ocle (Oakley), the son of Stephen (above), married ? who died before 1482/3 and had at least the following children:

1. Robert;

2. Beatrice; and

3. John.

Robert died in Ocle in February of 1482/3 with a will 309 which provided for several orders of Friars and others and provided his daughter Beatrice occupancy of his house.


Another Robert Dele of Ocley married Alice ___ but appears to have had no children living at the time of his death in 10 January 1492/3 there with a will 310 which referred to his lands in Brome and appointed his father John Dele of Ocle as executor.


The 1524 Suffolk Subsidy Rolls record only two Deales and variants:

1. Oakley - John assessed £3 of his goods; and

2. Wickham Skeith 311 - John Dele assessed, with a large group of others, on wages.


The 1568 Suffolk Subsidy Rolls record no Deales Hoxne but show the following:

1. John Deale in Brome assessed £2 on his land;

2. Thomas Deale in Brome assessed £5 on his land;

3. Thomas Deale, with Thomas Horne in Ilketshall St. Andrew assessed £1 each on land, and was the Thomas Deale of Ilketshale St. Andrew who left a will in 1572 (Suff. AD) which provided for his wife Johan (who had previously been married to __ Jolly?) and daughter Margaret and was witnessed by William Deale; and

4. William Deake [sic but very likely a mistake for Deale] in Oakly £6 on his land.


Deales were also in Eye SFK in the 1590s.


The following children were baptised in Oakley and Brome 312 without the name of any parent included in the registers:

Elizabeth 8 April 1549;

Alice 27 April 1551;

Thomas 14 Jan. 1551/2;

John 19 June 1553;

Agnes 1 May 1557;

Katherine 1 September 1559;

John 22 Feb. 1561/2;

Thomas 9 Jan. 1564/5; and

Mary 15 August 1569.


Except for Thomas in 1551/2, the spacing suggests that they were all from the same father. It is very likely that at least the last four listed were the children of John Deale, later of Hoxne (see below).


Nicholas 19 Feb. 1592/3.

Elizabeth 10 Feb. 1594/5.


Anthony Deale was buried in Oakley 17 Feburary 1540/1.

Joane Deale was buried in Oakley 31 August 1552.

Diana Deale was buried in Oakley 8 August 1560.

Mary Deale was buried in Brome 23 March 1594/5.


Joan Deale married George Wild in 1549 in Oakley (Boyds 313).

John Deale married Mary Alcocke in Brome 7 Jan. 1592/3.

John Deale married Blandina Dixe in Brome4 July 1596.


John Deale (b.c. 1497) married Julyan _____ 314 in about 1522 and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Oakley or Brome:

1. William who married Alice Hubbard, a widow, 19 April 1557 in Bressingham (ANW ML p.195), received one of his father’s properties in Oakley and died in 1564 leaving a will 315 which provided for his nephew Richard Deale (see below) and his wife’s son Richard Hubbard, Alice having been buried in Oakley 2 April 1562;

2. Robert (b.c. 1524) who married Ediny Rawling 12 Aug. 1548 in Oakley 316 and was likely the Robert Deale who was buried 12 January 1560/1 in Oakley leaving a will 317 which provided for his son Thomas (baptised 14 Jan 1551/2 in Oakley) and daughter Elizabeth (baptised 8 April 1549 in Oakley) and his brothers John the younger, William, John the elder and Thomas;

3. *John the elder who by 1549 may have (no parents names are given) had two daughters Alice (possibly baptised 27 April 1551 in Oakley) and Elizabeth (possibly baptised 8 April 1549 in Oakley) (or this is John the younger) and who received his father’s lands in Brome after the death of his mother;

4. Thomas (b.c. 1538) who possibly married Joan Jolly in 1564 in Barsham [Black] (Boyds) and received one of his father’s properties in Oakley;

5. *John the younger who by 1549 may have (no parents names are given) had two daughters Alice (possibly baptised 27 April 1551 in Oakley) and Elizabeth (possibly baptised 8 April 1549 in Oakley) (or this is John elder);

6. Johan (b.c. 1542) and was likely the Johan Deale who married *John Gibbs (see “Mayhew”) 5 Sept, 1568 in Oakley but died and was buried there 3 April 1570 318;

7. Elizabeth baptised 8 April 1549 in Oakley 319 who was likely the Elizabeth Deale who married Nicholas Skey 3206 September 1572 in Hoxne and had at least two children - Elizabeth (baptised 19 Dec. 1574 in Hoxne) and Margerie; and

8. Alice.

John died and was buried in Oakley 17 December 1549 leaving a will 321 providing for his wife, five sons and three daughters, and at that time appeared to have owned land in Oakley and Brome but also had connections with the parishes of Stuston in Suffolk and Scole in Norfolk, to whose poor he left money. Julian Deale was buried in Oakley 27 Nov. 1559.


John Deale (b.c. 1525) married Margerie/Margaret Danforth 26 June 1547 in Oakley and had at least the following children:

1. Henry b.c. 1549;

2. Mirable baptised 30 October 1551 in Hoxne, but parents not named, and married Francis Bawles 21 September 1585 in Hoxne 322;

3. Johan b.c. 1554 and who married Peter Crosse in 1574 in Framlingham (Boyds) and was living there at the time her father wrote his will;

4. Katherine and was likely the Katherine Deale who was baptised in Brome 1 Sept. 1559 and who married there 16 October 1586 to Robert Norman;

5. John b.c. 1561 and was likely the John Deale who was baptised in Brome 22 Feb. 1561/2 and was likely the John Deale who married Anne Bense 13 July 1589 in Dickleburgh, Norfolk and had at least 6 children baptised in Diss from 1590 to 1609 - John, Elizabeth, Robert, William, Richard, Marie and Henry, of whom John, William and Richard died as infants. He may have been the John Deale who was buried in Sturston Suffolk 14 March 1624/5;

6. Thomas b.c. 1563 and was likely the Thomas Deale who was baptised in Brome 9 Jan. 1564/5, was a taylor and who died in Eye 4 June 1592 with administration granted 10 June 1592 to his brother John of Diss ;

7. Agnes b.c. 1565;

8. Margerie b.c. 1567 and was likely 323 the Margerie Deale who married Frances Plomeley/Plumeley 21 Sept. 1590 in Dickleburgh, Norfolk and had at least 5 children baptised there from 1591 to 1605 - Francis, Anne, Honor, Margaret and John;

9. Mary b.c. 1569 and was likely the Mary Deale who was baptised in Brome 15 Aug. 1569;

10. Grace baptised 9 December 1571 in Hoxne [Hox] (mother’s name not provided):

11. *Elizabeth baptised 21 Feb. 1573/4 in Hoxne (mother’s name not provided) and likely married John Dalyeson 27 September 1599 in Dickleburgh (see above);

12. Robert baptised 29 September 1576 in Hoxne and was to receive his father’s lands in Brome after the death of his mother 324; and

13. William baptised 28 October 1578 in Hoxne.

John Deale, yeoman of Hoxne, died in about April of 1584 325, likely in Hoxne, and his will 326 provided for his wife Margerie and his 13 children, listed in the order shown above.

Margerie may have been the Margaret Deale, widow of Dickleburgh, who married in Dickleburgh 14 March 1589/90 (by License - ANF p.165) to William Pall a widower 327 also of Dickleburgh.


William Deale (b.c. 1520) married 1. Marion Hallett 4 Nov. 1543 in Oakley but seems to have had no children baptised there 328 and Marion was buried in Oakley 20 July 1566.


William Deale married 2. Sybil Crisp 7 Apr. 1567 in Oakley. Sybil may have been the Sybell Deale was buried 8 Nov. 1571 in Dickleburgh.


William Deale married 3.(?) Margerie Brown 1 July 1572 in Oakley and had the following children baptised there:

1. Margery 12 May 1574 but buried in Oakley 4 April 1575;

2. John 12 July 1576 but buried in Oakley 4 Feb. 1577/8;

3. Thomas 13 June 1578 but buried in Oakley 10 July 1578; and

4. William 22 July 1581 but buried in Oakley 28 December 1584.


William Deale (b.c. 1526? and likely a different William from above) married Margerie ______ and likely 329 had the following children:

1. Alice baptised 27 April 1551 in Oakley and who married 17 May 1572 in Oakley 330 to Thomas Kirke and had two children by 1593 - Thomas and Alice;

2. John baptised 19 June 1553 in Oakley but buried the same day;

3. Mary baptised 1 April 1556 in Oakley “the daughter of William” and who married 14 Feb. 1575/6 in Oakley to Robert Francis; and

4. Anne baptised [as Agnes, 1 May 1557?] in Oakley and who married 3 December 1571 in Oakley 331 [sic but at age 14? - unlikely] to Timothy Carren.

William died and was buried in Oakley 23 June 1593 leaving a will 332 which provided for his wife Margerie and his three married daughters.


In Diss, Charles Deale married Christian Fent 27 October 1589 and Christian, his wife, was buried there in November of 1597.


Richard Dele of Frenze 333 had a son John with his wife Joane baptised in Scole 25 June 1570 and Richard was likely the Richard Deale who was buried in Scole 10 Feb. 1598/9. Joane Deale, widow, was married in Scole 28 Feb. 1576/7 to Robert Henday of Diss, although on 23 April 1600 Joane Deale “a widow of great years” was buried in Scole. Margery Deale, widow of Scole, married William Bemes of Thorpe Parva in Scole in 1586 (by License 25 November 1586).


From the 1550s there were probate records for William Deale 1593/4 in Oakley Suffolk, Richard Deale 1635 in Aslacton, John Deale 1661 in Moulton and John Deale 1662 in Aslacton. There were Dales in Starston in about 1571. Robert Dale married Elizabeth Reade in 1561 in South Lopham and had at least a son Francis who was buried there in 1562.


Probably unrelated is the surname Dearle - Margery Dearle was baptised in Yarmouth 7 Feb. 1563/4 to John Margery and a Margery Dearle was married there in 1579 to Robert Gilbert.




Margerie/Margaret Danforth married John Deale (b.c. 1525) 26 June 1547 in Oakley and their first five children, of those who survived, were Henry, Mirable, Johan, Katherine and John.


From 1541 to 1585 there were 5 wills left by Danforth/Danford/Darnford in the Suffolk AD (none in the index to the Sudbury AD) three being in the period 1571-3 viz.Richard Danford in Framlingham, Robert Danforth in Debenham and Edward Darnford in Hatcheston, one in 1574-5 being Thomas Danford of Rendham and one in 1576-7 being John Darnford of Sweftling, all in North East Suffolk but none in the proximity of Hoxne. The first four were examined but none contained reference to a Margerie or Margaret Danforth and certainly none contained references to Deales. The Norfolk Record Office contains the inventory of Robert Darnford of Badingham [Hoxne] 1605/6 and the will of Edward Darnford of Kelshall in 1624, but both are probably too late to be of value.


The Danforth Genealogy 334 contains transcripts of six early Danforth wills from Framlingham (strangely missing Richard, above) and only the 1538 will of Paul Derneford of Framlingham refers to a Margaret, his daughter. Although John and Margaret/Margerie’s third daughter was named Katherine, none of their children appear to have been named Paul. Framlingham is some distance from Hoxne but it was a significant market town and John and Margaret/Margerie’s daughter Johan had established there by 1574.


William Derneford married Isabell ____ and had at least the following children:

1. *Paul (see below) born about 1496;

2. James who may have been the James Damforth [sic] who had a daughter Katherine baptised 16 Feb. 1539/40 in Parham [Plom] the parish to the south of Framlingham;

3. Reynold and who died 2 March 1572;

4. Isabell; and

5. Elizabeth.

As William Derenford of Framlingham at the Castle he left a will in 1512 which referred to his wife and children.


Paul Derneford married Katherine ____ sometime after 1517, resided in Framlingham 335 at the Castle [Loes] and had at least the following children, as identified in his will of 1538 336, the boys, at least, being under 21 at the time:

1. Nicholas who married Alice ___ and left a will in 1585/6;

2. Thomas 337;

3. Robert;

4. Richard Danforde who married Katherine Smythe, widow, and left a will in 1571;

5. Isabell;

6. *Margaret born about 1525 and may have married John Deale 26 June 1547 in Oakley;

7. Agnes; and

8. Olive.


DRUE 338


Alice Drue, if single at the time of her marriage to Robert, would have been born about 1553 and married Robert Barber in 1576 in St. George Colgate, Norwich. Both were of Diss. However, as their last child was born in 1583 it is more likely that she was born about 1539 and likely widowed, as was Robert, when they married. Alice Barbor died in 1617 and, if born in 1553, would have been 64 or, if born in 1539, 78.


An Alice, wife of Robert Drew, was buried in Diss 29 June 1587.


Drues had long been resident in Shelfanger 339 and William Drewe left a will in 1454 340 which provided for his sons Thomas and Henry (and Henry’s wife Margaret) and his daughter Cecilia and to several godchildren (?) and Alice and William Halle and Martha Halle widow.


Thomas Drewe of Shelfanger, which borders Diss-Haywood on the west, was the witness to the 1545 will of Agnes Burughe, appeared in the Manor Court Rolls for both Vysdelowes and Friers Manors in Shelfanger in 1553 and 1555 and left a will in 1558 341. He was survived by two sons - John and Thomas, either of whom may have been the father of Alice.


Henry Drewe of Thorpe Abbotts 342, several parishes to the east of Diss, was buried there 19 July 1569 and left a will 343 with bequests to nephews and other kin suggesting he was single and without direct heirs.


John Drew, a servant to Thomas Blumfild, tanner, was buried in Diss 15 July 1556.


Richard Drue (which also resembles Dune) had at least 3 children baptised in Scole:

1. Mary 10 July 1584;

2. Richard 26 Dec. 1585; and

3. Frances 9 March 1587/8.


There were Drues in Colkirk [Lau] where John Drewe left a will in 1532. Avis the wife of Robert was buried in 1580 in Colkirk and he then married Elizabeth and had a son John in 1581 in Colkirk before Robert died there in 1581/2 344. His wife Elizabeth married John Master in 1582 in Colkirk. Also in Launditch Hundred, Robert Drewe of Litcham had administration of his estate in 1570.


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