MOY - Hindolveston [EYN]

Examination of probate documentation and Muster Returns shows that prior to 1575 there were only the following four areas of Moy/Moye 1 settlement in Norfolk: 1 - two parishes in Smithdon Hundred - Brancaster where the earliest will is recorded in 1446 and Thornham; 2 - a small grouping of 3 parishes just to the NW of Hindolveston - Thursford, Walsingham and Hindringham; 3 - two parishes to the SE of Hindolveston - Heydon and Salle; and 4 - a larger grouping of five parishes in Mitford Hundred, including Woodrising. Additionally John Moye married Agnes Bullman 15 Nov. 1567 in Barningham Norwood [EpN] but had no other presence in that parish and is likely the John and Agnes Moye of Matlaske and Briston, to the NE of Hindolveston (see below). John Moy of Merston [=? possibly Morston in Holt] was the executor of the will of Isabell Curson of Merston, widow, 15 Feb. 1465/6 (NCC) and he left a will in 1496. Henry Moy was the Clerk in Dunton [Gal] from 1502 to 1503 (although he had administration of his estate granted 28 October 1500 2) and had a brother Richard.

The 1523 Muster Rolls list Adam, Thomas 3 and John Moy in Hindringham [GnN] and Edmund in Thursford [GnN]. The 1567/7 Muster Returns record John Moy in Thursford [GnN] and Thomas Moy in Wood Rising [Mit] (Thomas Moye Jr a wheelwright of Wood Rising left a will and inventory in 1599 4) and a Mays [sic] in Hindringham [GnN]. Robert Moy of North Walsham had his will administered in 1584. Gregory Moye of Sloley [Tun] had an inventory of his goods done in 1591. Edmund Moy of Wood Rising left a will in 1515 which gave to his wife Jone, son Edmund and three daughters. Edmund Moy (likely son of Edmund) of Wood Rising was, with several others, sued for trespass in 1554-1558 5. There was a substantial collection of Moy families in an area of [Mit] and [Way] comprising Southberg, Reymerston, Shipden and Carbrooke from the earliest parish registers in 1538 to the early 1600s. From 1573 to 1667 there were wills, administrations or inventories for Moys in Swannington [Eyn], Sloley [Tun], Litcham [Lau], Heydon [EpS], Baconsthorpe [EpS] and Colby [EpS]. Robert Moye of North Walsham had administration of his estate granted in 1584 to Agnes his widow.

In Wolterton [EpS], four parishes to the east of Hindolveston, Robert Moy and Francis Moy were having children baptised from 1561 to 1566 and John Moy married Anne Newland there in 1587 and Francis Moy married Elizabeth Mack there in 1595.

Thomas Moy of Fakenham appears to have been impressed into service at the time of the 1626 Ships Money Returns for Norfolk. The 1657 will of Richard Moye of Hindringham, oatmeal maker, left his lands in Gunthorpe and Hindringham to his wife Susan and then his sons Thomas and John (PCC). Only John Moy of Colby appears in the 1664 Hearth Tax Returns and there were at least two Moy families in Colby from 1665 to 1721 - John & Tabitha and Thomas & Susanna.

Thomas Moy of Heydon and Sall, three parishes to the east of Hindolveston, married Anne __ and had at least the following surviving children:

1. Gregory who was likely the Gregory Moye of Sloley [Tun] who had an inventory of his goods done in 1591;

2. Erasmus;

3. John; and

4. Alice.

Thomas, a carpenter, died in late March 1568 and his will 6 left his properties in Sall and Heydon to his wife Anne, sons Gregory and John and provided for his son Erasmus and daughter Alice. Anne, his widow, died in 1596 and her will 7 provided for her son Erasmus and daughters Katherine [sic] and Alice. They may have been the following:


Briston 8 lies adjacent to Hindolveston to the north-east.

Anne Waddelow, widow of Briston (adjoining Hindolveston on the NE) died in 1590 and by her will 9 left bequests to her brother Thomas Moy and his wife Agnes and their un-named children.

John Moye married Agnes Bullman 15 November 1567 in Barningham Norwood [EpN]) and had at least the following children, possibly baptised in Briston or Matlaske which adjoins Barningham on the south:

1. Roger baptised in Matlaske [EpN] 9 January 1568/9) and who had at least a son John by 1595;

2. John baptised in Matlaske 20 May 1570) and who inherited his fathers lands in Thornage Manor and his father’s blacksmith business and may have been the John who had a daughter Anne baptised 13 June 1598 in Little Barningham;

3. Francis baptised in Matlaske 8 Dec. 1571 but likely died before 1595 as he was not mentioned in his father’s will;.

4. Robert;

5. Joane;

6. Agnes who may have been the Agnes Moye who married Thomas West 29 July 1599 in Matlask;

7. Ann; and

8. Margery.

John Moye of Briston died in May or June of 1595 and his will 10 provided for his wife Agnes and seven of his children. Agnes Moye widow of Briston left a will 11 which was proved in 1612 and provided for Agnes Moye, sister of her later husband John, John Moye a kinsman of her late husband John and his wife Agnes, and the families of William Gunner, son of Robert Gunner, and William Curby.

Robert Moy married Agnes Doughtie in Little Barrningham in 1575 and but had only a child Thomas baptised and buried there in 1576. However, the Robert Moy who with his wife Margaret had a daughter Cecily baptised in Little Barningham in 1578 was likely the same person.

Robert Moy married Margaret Goose in Little Barningham in 1621 and had Anne, William, Robert, Margaret and Martha baptised or buried there from 1622 to 1637/8 before he died in Little Barningham in 1659.


From 1600 to 1621 there were a number of baptisms of Moyes although, unfortunately, the parents’ names were not provided.


Analysis of the wills of Hindolveston residents from 1500 suggests that there were no Moys in the parish until July of 1554 12 when Robert Moye witnessed the will of Robert Ruston the elder of Hilderston 13 a.k.a. Hindolveston [Eyn]. The will of Elizabeth Buller of Hindolveston made 21 January 1598/9 and proved 20 February 1598/9 14 left to her daughter Adry Moye and her grandchildren Robert Moye, John Moye, James Moye and Mary Moye. Audry (a.k.a. Ehteldreda) was the wife of John Moye whose will was proved in 1614 (see below), and who was the father of the children referred to in the will of Elizabeth Buller and likely the son of the original Robert Moye.

The Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls, which begin in 1616, record that a Benjamin Moye was active in the affairs of the Manor from at least 1617, as was William Moy (and his wife Anne) from 1618. In addition to the families shown below, the Hindolveston Manor Courts rolls of 1616-1690 included the following Moys:

1. Elizabeth, a widow, who appears in the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls in 1633;

2. Emma, a widow, who appears in the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls in 1650;

3. Henry who appears in the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls from 1666 to 1682;

4. John who appears in the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls from 1666 to 1682; and

6. Thomas, weaver, who appears as such in the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls from 1666 to 1670.

Additionally, there was a once-only appearance in the rolls of John Moy Jr. in 1628, Thomas Moy in 1639 and Robert Moy in 1663.

Only the Parish Registers from 1693 have survived 15, and then in a fairly rough condition. In the 1690s there were at least four Moy families baptising children in Hindolveston: James and Elizabeth 1694 and 1696, Robert and Ann 1695 and 1697, James and Sarah 1697, and Thomas and Elizabeth 1697. Thomas and Elizabeth were probably the same Thomas and Elizabeth who had 2 children Mary and Hannah baptised in Banningham 8 April 1711 and 3 Jan. 1713/4 respectively. A John Moy married Margaret Parry in Kettlestone in 1705/6 and they were removed from Kettlestone back to Hindolveton in 1707. William Moy, a hurdleman 16 of Hindolveston, left a will in 1716 17. Thomas Moy of Hindolveston married Ann Moy [sic] of Swanton? in Swanton Novers 2[8?] April 1706 and may have been the Thomas Moy of Wood Norton who was buried in Hindolveston 12 November 1727.


John Moye was probably born about 1568 19, married about 1590 to Etheldreda/Audrey Buller and had at least the following children all born before January 1596/7 20:

1. Robert who was likely the Robert Moye, linen weaver of Hindolveston, who had a will proved in January 1660/1 21 but appears to have had no male heirs and, as the son and heir of John, was admitted to the lands in Hindolveston Manor held by his father 21 Oct. 1624 presumably after the death of his mother who held a life estate. He he appeared as a juror in the Hindolveston Manor Courts from 1625 to 1641 and sold or surrendered land in Hindolveston in 1631 and in 1642, although he was on the 1643 Jury there. He appears to have surrendered to his will in 1656 and after his death in about 1661 his property was taken over by his daughters and their husbands;

2. John who may have been the John Moye who married Mary May or Moy 29 October 1633 in Brinton, several parishes north of Hindolveston, and who appeared on the 1643 list of tenants in Hindolveston;

3. James who was possibly the James Moye 22 who married Mary ___ , appeared in the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls from 1666 to 1671 and who had an administration granted in Hindolveston in 1672 23; and

4. Mary who married between 1614 and 1624 to John Olly and was still alive in 1624.

John was the copyhold tenant of land in Hindolveston Manor and appeared to have surrendered to his will at the court held 6 Nov. 1613 24. John Moye likely died in Hindolveston in November of 1614 25 and his will 26 provided for his wife Audrey and his four children. Audrey Moye, widow of Hindolveston, died in in about April of 1624 and administration of her estate 27 was granted to her son Robert and daughter Mary the wife of John Olly. Robert, the eldest son and heir of John, was admitted to the lands in Hindolveston Manor held by his father 21 Oct. 1624 presumably after the death of his mother who held a life estate. According to the implements which, by his will, he left to his son James, John was a weaver.


Benjamin Moy had at least the following 28:

1. Mary who died, single, before April of 1647; and

2. Elizabeth who married Thomas Cooper and, after the death of her sister Mary, inherited her father’s land with cottage in Northfield, Hindolveston in April of 1647.

Benjamin appeared in the Hindolveston Manor Court records from 1617 to 1621.


William and Anne had at least

1. William b.c. 1605 and while he was certainly the William Moy Jr. who surrendered land in Northgate with his father in 1633, he may also have been the William who appeared on the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls from 1669 to 1688.

A Katherine Moy daughter of William Moy was buried 13 May 1642 in Holt.

William the father was active in Manor Court affairs from at least 1618 until at least 1633 and held copyhold property in Northgate of Hindolveston. From 1627 to 1633 he is referred to as William Sr. but only William appears from 1669 so one had died by then, likely William Sr. Both he and his son William surrendered their lands in Northgate in Hindolveston in 1633.


William Moy (b.c. 1632) married Thomasine Smith, both single of Hindolveston, 26 Feb. 1654/5 in Gueswick. He was a hurdleman as were many other Moys in Hindolveston, and died in about 1716 in Hindolveston with a will 29 which left his estate to his wife Thomasine, son James and daughters Elizabeth Moleless and Emmonah Munford.


Thomas Moy, Senior may have been born about 1620 and married about 1642. He was probably the Thomas Moy, thatcher of Hindolveston, who died in about January of 1688/9 30 and whose will 31 left property to his wife Elizabeth and 3 sons:

1. James b.c. 1643? - who was possibly the James Moye 32 who married Mary ____, appeared in the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls from 1666 to 1671 and who had an administration granted in Hindolveston in 1672;

2. Thomas b.c. 1645? and was probably the Thomas appeared in the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls as Thomas Moy Jr. from 1678 to 1682. Thomas and wife Elizabeth 33 Moy had a daughter Elizabeth baptised in Hindolveston 21 Oct. 1697 and may then have moved to Banningham and had Mary and Hannah baptised in 1711 and 1713/4 respectively and;

3. Henry b.c. 1647? and was likely the Henry Moy who, as one of four “relatives”, was granted administration of the estate of Dorothy Mounford, widow (of William?) of Hindolveston, in November of 1673 34 and who appeared in the Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls from 1666 to 1682. Edmund Munford of Norwich (son of Dorothy Mounford) in his will 35 made 10 May1707 left money to his sister Mary Moy of Hilderstone for the purchase of a house there which was to be sold after her death with the proceeds distributed amongst her four children. Henry Moy and Mary his wife were admitted to land in Hindolveston on the surrender of Robert Waller at the Manor Court of 5 Nov. 1707. Henry would have been about 60 at the time.

Thomas Moy Senior was recorded in the 1664 Hearth Tax in Hindolveston. He appeared in Hindolveston Manor Court minutes from 1659 until 1663 and as Thomas Moy Senior from 1663 until 1682, always with Thomas Moy Junior. Thomas Moy Junior appeared in the 1682 and 1684 Manor Court records but in 1686 and 1687 only as Thomas Moy, confirming that Thomas Moy Sr. had died by then. Thomas was therefore likely the Thomas Moy, thatcher of Hindolveston, who died in about January of 1688/9 and whose will 36 left property to his wife Elizabeth and 3 sons.

There was also a Thomas Moy, weaver (Textor), in the 1666 to 1670 records.


A Thomas Moy and Jane his wife were admitted to land in Southgate in Hindolveston at Manor Courts of 1 Oct. 1686 and 5 Nov. 1707 apparently as the heir of Elizabeth Lee, widow 37. Therefore, it is possible that Elizabeth Moy, widow, married ___ Lee after the death of Thomas in 1689 and died around October of 1707.


Felix 38 Moy was probably born prior to 1640 39 and was left a small legacy in the will of his godfather William Mounford/Munford in 1656 in Hindolveston. Felix married firstly to _______ who died before 1664. Felix Moy, widower of Hindolveston, married at Wighton 19 September 1664 to Mary Purt of Wighton 40 (see below) and had at least the following three children, likely baptised in Hindolveston and who were still alive in1690:

*1.Robert b.~1666 (see below);

2. Mary; and

3. James who by May 1690 had moved to Norwich where he was a wool comber. However a James Moy and his wife Elizabeth had two children baptised in Hindolveston: John 23 April 1694 and Anthony 1 June 1696 41. A Mary Moy was baptised 11 May 1697, the same day as Anne the daughter of Robert and Anne, but the transcriber gave the parents names as James and Sarah.

Felix Moy’s first Manor Court appearance as a juror was 27 Oct. 1674 as a Homage Juror so it is likely that he had by then obtained copy-hold land in the manor. His second appearance was in the 27 Oct. 1674 sitting where he was a juror and he appeared as a juror in successive courts to 1687.

Felix Moy, a “woodman” 42, died sometime in May or June 1691 and his will 43 provided for his daughter Mary and sons Robert and James, suggesting that his wife Mary had already died by then. He was possibly related to Thomas Moy, a thatcher, as Felix witnessed the 1688/9 will of Thomas.

It is worth noting that a search at for the given name "Felix" also returns "Theophilus". The latter name was still being used by the Moys in 1812 when Theophilus Moy of Edgefield left a will.

ROBERT MOY & ANN _______

Robert Moy was born in 1666 probably in Hindolveston [Eyn] 44 and probably the son of Felix and Mary 45. He married Anne ______ 46 in about 1689 47 and Robert and Anne likely had at least the following 6 children 48, although the baptisms of the first 2 pre-date the surviving Hindolveston registers:

1. Felix - born about 1690 and died 11 November 1727, aged 37 “the son of Robert and Ann Moy” 49, and was buried the 14th in Hindolveston 50.

2. Robert 51 - born about 1693 and married Ann ___. They had at least a daughter Mary baptised in Hindolveston 7 June 1724 52 and he may have been the Robert Moy reported in the Manor Court Rolls 53 as occupying the Gate House which had been used as a butcher shop. He was likely the Robert Moy buried 4 Feb. 1745 in Hindolveston.

*3. Grace - baptised 24 June 1695 at St. George’s Church, Hindolveston and married 30 March 1717 in Banningham to Samuel Porter. After Samuel’s death in 1743, she married James Mallett in1746 in Scarning and moved to Marlingford. She died ....[after 1755]. James Mallett died and was buried 29 March 1752 in Marlingford 54.

4. Ann - baptised 11 May 1697 in Hindolveston and died 29 July 1722 and was buried the 31st in Hindolveston 1722, aged 24 55.

5. William - born about 1699 and married Sarah ____ in about 1721 and had at least the following children baptised in Hindolveston: Elizabeth 25 July 1722; Felix 9 (or 2) August 1723 and likely married Palgrave Thexter 30 September 1746 in Swanton Novers; Anne 7 Nov. 1725; and Elizabeth 30 Nov. 1729 56. Since he was not mentioned in the will of Robert his father made in 1730 he likely died that year.

[gap here for two more children 57]

6. James - born 11 November 1706 in Hindolveston and is likely the James Moy who married Mary Grant, widow, in Hindolveston 26 December 1728. However, James Moy, single man of Hindolveston, married Mary Starling, single woman of Hindolveston (and niece of Samuel Porter), by licence 58, in Wood Norton 17 June 1729 so either there were two James Moys or Mary Grant, as the first wife, died shortly after the marriage. However, no burial has been found in Hindolveston for Mary Moy. Mary Moy (?) [sic] was baptised in September of 1730 to James and Mary but no other children were found in the Hindolveston registers. A John Moy son of James and Mary was buried in Wood Norton 8 May 1734. James Moy died....


In the 1688 sitting of the Hindolveston Manor Court Robert Moy appears as a new juror (at the bottom of the list) and is in the rolls as a Capital Pledges Juror in November of 1690 and again in November of 1700. In the 1696 Window Tax, Robert, who would then have been about 30 years old, was listed with a house with 11 windows, fairly considerable for the parish. Robert was the Wood Reeve and likely controlled the Hindolveston Wood which was midway between Hindolveston and Guestwick. He was likely the Robert Moy who conducted the inventory of the goods of Robert Bastard of Hindolveston 23 January 1729/30.

Robert died in Hindolveston 6 February 1734/5 59 aged 68, and his memorial stands “against the wall” 60. Ann Moy, “wife of Robert” was buried 27 August 1743 and Anna Moy “wife of Mr. Robert” was buried 4 December 1743: it is likely that the first was Robert Jr. and the second Robert Senior 61.

By the time of the 1785 Rate Book for Hindolveston there were three Moy heads of household: William, Thomas and James.


-John Moy married Mary Kemp 26 June 1637 in Norwich St. Julian.

-John Moy married Elizabeth ____ in about 1650 and had John and Lydia baptised in Great Walsingham in 1651 and 1654 and then a further 5 children baptised in Aylsham from 1658/9 to 1668 - Richard, Elizabeth, Thomas, Abigail and Edmund.

-John Moy, sawyer of Aylsham, and very likely the son of John and Elizabeth of Aylsham although he said he was born in 1656 62, took out a marriage licence 20 May 1678 to marry Anne Bishop also of Aylsham 63, both single, at Earlham.

-Thomas and Mary Moy had a son Robert baptised in Hndolveston 10 April 1726 but he was buried there 10 Feb. 1726/7. They likely had Thomas 27 Dec. 1728 but buried 6 Apr. 1729, Anne 18 April 1730, John 1 Sept. 1731 and Thomas 2 Sept. 1733 in Wood Norton.

-Thomas Moy of Wood Norton was baptised in Hindolveston 12 Nov. 1727.

-Edmund Howes married Elizabeth Moy, both single and of the parish, in Banningham 26 Oct. 1730.

-William Moy born about 1716 64 married Anne Wakefield 12 October 1744 in Hindolveston and 29 Oct. 1744 in Wood Norton, both single and from Hindolveston.

- Theophilus Moy born 30 March 1751, married Lydia Hannant in about 1778 and had children baptised in Hindolveston. He died August 1812 aged 61 which confirms his birth.

-John Moy married Mary Mouton 24 March 1747/8 in Hindolveston.

-Thomas Moy farmer of Binham was executed in Norwich in 1816 for stealing 18 sheep.


Mary Purt married Felix Moy, widower of Hindolveston, at Wighton [GnN] 19 September 1664 and had at least three children - Robert, Mary and James - who were alive in 1690. If Mary was previously un-married in 1664 she would have been born about 1642 or earlier. If Mary was a widow at the time of her marriage 66, and assuming the last of the three children of Felix and Mary was born in about 1669, she would have been born about 1625. Wighton is adjacent to Holkham where her uncle Timothy Large lived and he specifically provided for her in his will (see below).

Although Felix and Mary married in Wighton, there were no other Purts in the Wighton Parish Registers from 1636 to 1675. At the Hindolveston Manor Court of 30 June 1662 Thomas Purt and his wife Mary were admitted to 17 acres of land which had belonged to Samuel Man, who was the uncle of Mary Purt the wife of Thomas. Accordingly, she was the Mary Large baptised in about 1640 in Mileham the daughter of Simon Large and Mary Man and who married Thomas Purt in about 1661. It is likely that Felix Moy knew Mary Purt through her Mann family in Hindolveston but, in any event, Thomas and Mary Purt would have been required to attend occasional Manor Courts in Hindolveston where it would have been possible to become acquainted with Felix. If Mary Purt was the widow of Thomas when she married Felix Moy in 1664 Thomas must have died between 1662 and 1664 but no death or probate documentation for him has been found in the applicable period.

However, to further complicate the matter,

Matthew Pert married Anne Webster 24 June 1618 in Mileham 67 and they had at least the following children baptised there:

1. Thomas baptised 5 Dec. 1619;

2. *?Mary baptised 26 May 1622; and

3. Nicholas baptised 24 April 1625.

Matthew Pert was buried buried 3 March 1625/6 in Mileham and the “widow Pert” was buried in Mileham 26 Feb. 1652/3 .

Thomas Pert married Mary Large sometime before 3 June 1662 (the Hindolveston Manor Court session which admitted Mary now the wife of Thomas Purt to a share of the lands of Samuel Mann, the uncle of Mary). They had at least the following children baptised in Mileham:

1. Matthew baptised 17 August 1662 but buried there __ September 1662;.

2. Matthew baptised 10 January 1663/4, married Elizabeth Raven in Mileham 15 Nov. 1688 and had at least a son Thomas baptised and buried there in 1689;

3. Mary baptised 4 March 1665/6 but likely died before 1669;

4. Anne baptised 19 May 1667;

5. Mary baptised 6 January 1669/70 but buried there 18 January 1669/70; and

6. Mary baptised 12 August 1676.

Because of the use of the given name Matthew, Thomas was almost certainly the son or grandson of the Matthew Pert below.

Thomas Purt sold the lands inherited by his wife Mary from her uncle Samuel Mann on _____ (Hindolveston Manor Court). Thomas Purt was likely the Thomas Purt who was buried 10 August 1676 in Mileham.

A Mary Pirt married Francis Symons 24 June 1638 in Mileham but she is likely too young to be the Mary daughter of Matthew and Anne.

Thomas and Elizabeth Purt had children baptised in Mileham from ..........

A Mary Pert, daughter of John and Joan, was baptised in Matlask [EpN - by Plumstead] 15 Feb. 1624/5 and a Mary Pertte daughter of Roger and Mary was baptised in Norwich St. Mary Marsh 27 June 1619 .

Only three other possible Thomas Purts have been identified to date from probate documentation, viz

1. Thomas the under-age child of Frances Purt of Burnham Westgate who died in 1691 (see below) but he would be too young;

2. Thomas who was the son of Edmund Purt of Snettisham [Smi] who died there between 1657 and 1660 leaving another son Martin and a daughter Joanne Nuson and Joanne’s children Elizageth and Anne; and

3. Thomas the son of John and Rebecca Purt of Rackheath [Tav] born in 1640 in Salhouse and who died in Rackheath between 1676 and 1680 leaving his land in Salhouse [Tav] to his son Thomas 68 who himself died there in 1680 69.

The only Purts who have been found in the general vicinity of Hindolveston were

1. William of Ling who left a will in 1617 providing for his wife Bridget and son William,

2. Catherine of Briston who left a will in 1714 providing for her three sons and one daughter, and

3. William Purt the son of Joane was baptised in Foxley in 1606 but died a week later.

There was a considerable dynasty of Purts from Barford [For] with extensions into Paston [Tun] and Rackheath [Tav]. There were however, with the exception of Thomas born 1640 to John and Rebecca and who died in 1680 and his son Thomas who died shortly thereafter, no Thomas Purts appearing in the probate records of the Barford Purts.

Frances Purt of Burnham Westgate [Bro] had administration of her estate granted 22 Apr. 1691 to Martin Turke and Andrew Rogerson who were the Overseer and Churchwarden, respectively, of Burnham Westgate and as such the lawful guardians of Thomas and Mary Purt the under-age children of Francis 70 born in Burnham Ulph 1684 and 1682/3 respectively to Thomas and Frances Purt. Frances was likely the second wife of Thomas as Katherine Purt the wife of Thomas was buried in 1681 in Burnham Westgate.


Regardless of whether Mary Purt who married Felix Moy in Wighton in 1664 was the daughter or wife of Thomas Purt, she descends from the following.

Henry Man (b.c. 1562) married Grace Hubbard 71 in about 1585 and had at least the following children, likely born in Hindolveston:

1. Elizabeth who died in about 1642, apparently unmarried, as her brother Samuel petitioned to be admitted to her lands 72 which she had received from the will of Grace Man. Administration of her estate granted 6 June 1642 to Simon Large her closest relative;

2. Samuel who married Margaret ___ and died, likely without issue, in about 1661 and probably in Hindolveston and whose siblings and their descendants are referred to in a number of sittings of the Hindolveston Manor Court as they attempted to succeed to his lands there;

3. *Mary who married Simon Large sometime after 1635 but died before 1662 (see below);

4. Amie who married William Oliver 30 October 1633 in Thurning, which abuts Hindolveston on the east, and was widowed by 1666; and

5. Anne who married Robert Wigot sometime after 1635.

The last time that the name of Henry Mann appeared in a record of the Hindolveston Manor Court was on 27 March 4 Charles (1628) and on 30 July 1630 administration of his estate was granted to his relict Grace 73.

Grace Mann, widow of Hindolveston, died between 1635 and 1639 and her will 74 left her estate, mostly inherited from her brother William Hubbard or Hobart, to her son Samuel who, at the time of her will, had no children, and to her four daughters, all then un-married 75, who were to sort out the distribution of the lands among themselves.

Thomas Man also appeared in the Hindolveston Manor Court records and it is likely that he and Henry were related.

Thomas Man (b.c. 1558) married Mary ____ and had at least the following children who were still alive in 1626:

1. John;

2. Katherine who married Robert Feltwell 76, clerk;

3. Ralph; and

4. Francis who had sold land in Hindolveston to William Mumford in 165_ 77.

Thomas Man had, according to Alumni Cantabrigiensis 78 matriculated from Peterhouse in 1576 and was a scholar at Cambridge from 1579 to 1583 when he received his MA. He was ordained a deacon and priest in Lincoln in 1582 and was the vicar in Hindolveston from 1588 until his death in 1626. His will 79 provided for his wife Mary, daughter Katherine and three sons. The Hindolveston Manor Court Rolls of 1634 record the succession to his lands by his widow Mary and his son John and John’s wife Catherine. Mary, the widow of Thomas, died in 1641 and her will 80 provided for her daughter Katherine Feltwell, her son John and two grandchildren - Audry (Etheldred) Man and Mary Feltwell.


Margaret Lardge was buried in Tittleshall (adjoining Mileham) 29 October 1573 and was the first of that surname to appear in the registers there, and a William Lar____? was buried there in 1585. Tamison Large was married in Tittleshall in 1608 to Edward Smythe.

___ Large had at least two children:

1. *Symond born about 1573 (see below); and

2. Samuel born about 1580, married 1. Johanna Balye 9 Jan. 1603/4 in Mileham (she was buried 6 Dec. 1635) and had a daughter Elizabeth baptised 27 January 1604/5 and 2. Susan Alegood alias Garret 20 July 1636 in Mileham, and was buried there 1 December 1639 leaving a short will 82 that gave his moveable goods to his wife Susanna but referred to no other family or kin.

Symond Large (b.c. 1573) married Agnes/Anne Willson 5 August 1597 in Tittleshall and had at least the following children baptised in Tittleshall:

1. William 16 September 1599;

2. *Simon 15 August 1602 who married 1. Mary Mann and 2. Elizabeth Cruckland (see above);

3. Anne 2 June 1605 and married Edward Sharpen 5 April 1631 in Tittlehsall;

4. Timothy 28 May 1609 who was living in Holkham by 1656 and was buried there 31 January 1668/9 leaving a will 83 which left his properties in Holkham and Burnham Thorpe to his wife Katherine sons John and Timothy and shares in various boats and money to his other three sons, and provided for his sister Anne Sharpin, his god-daughter Mary Large the daughter of Simon Large and his kinswoman Frances Willson; and

5. Mary 15 December 1611.

Simon Large was buried in Tittleshall 24 May 1630. Anne Large ....

Simon Large 84 (born 1602 the son of Simon and Agnes, above) married 1. Mary Man in about 1632 and had at least the following children:

1. Grace baptised 13 January 1632/3 in Mileham and married Robert Youngs before 1656 and settled in Downham Market;

2. Anne baptised about 1635? but buried in Mileham 25 January 1651/2;

2. Samuel baptised 25 Feb. 1637/8 in Mileham but died before 1656;

3. Ursula baptised 10 May 1638 in Mileham and married Henry Carsey; and

4. *Mary born about 1640 and married Thomas Purt sometime between 1662 and 1664 (see above) and, possibly, Felix Moy in 1664 (see above).

Mary the wife of Simon Large must have died in about 1640, possibly in the birth of Mary, although her burial is not recorded in the Mileham register, because Simon remarried in 1640/1.


Simon Large married 2. Elizabeth Cruckland 8 March 1640/1 in Mileham and had at least the following children:

5. Samuel;

6. Thomas but buried in Mileham 22 November 1657;

7. Simon baptised in Mileham __ September 1647;

8. Frances, a daughter, baptised in Mileham 10 June 1650; and

9. Richard.

Simon Large, Blacksmith of Mileham, and Elizabeth his wife were both buried there 23 August 1661 and Simon’s will 85 left his estate to his wife Elizabeth and to his eight surviving children. His brother Timothy Large of Holkham was to share the duties of executor with Simon’s son-in-law Robert Youngs.

Also in Tittleshall

John and Ann Lardge had children baptised - Erasmus 1643/4 and Thomas 1645,

Thomas and Elizabeth Lardge had children baptised - John 1645, Nicholas 1649, Thomas 1651 but likely the Thomas Largde buried there 27 Jan. 1652/3, Thomas 1654, Robert 1656 and William 1663, and

William and Elizabeth Lardge had children baptised - William 1671, Anne 1672/3, Helen 1673/4, Richard 1676 and Elizabeth 1678.


____ Hubbard or Hobart had the following children, possibly born in Hindolveston:

1. William who died before and his significant holdings of land in Hindolveston were acquired by his sister Grace;

2. *Grace born in about 1560, married Henry Mann in about 1585 and had at least five children before she died between 1635 and 1639 (see above) and

3. Margaret born about 1585 and married Gregory Oughton or Holdon of Barwick (by Creake) 13 September 1601 in Thurning, which abuts Hindolveston on the east.


Robert Wilson, likely of Tittleshall, married Sibel ____ sometime before 1536 and had at least the following children likely baptised in Tittleshall:

1. *William born about 1537 (see below);

2. John buried in Tittleshall 14 August 1560;

3. Alice; and

4. Margaret.

Robert Wilson died and was buried in Tittleshall 28 March 1546, and his will 86 provided for his wife Sybel and his son William and two daughters Alice and Margaret. Sibel (Isabella in the second of the two Titleshall registers) Wilson was buried in Tittleshall 14 June 1557.

William Wilson was born about 1537 to Robert and Sibel (above), married 1. Alice Shetle 9 July 1559 in Tittleshall and they were likely the parents of the following baptised there, although the parents’ names were not provided.

1. William 1 May 1560;

2. Margaret 10 Nov. 1561.

Alice Wilson was buried in Tittleshall 17 March 1561/2.

William Wilson was born about 1537 to Robert and Sibel (above), married 2. Margery Holette 2 November 1562 in Tittleshall and had at least the following children baptised in Tittleshall:

1. Alice baptised ? but buried in Tittleshall 30 October 1564;

1. Robert 16 March 1566/7 87 but buried there 24 April 1570;

1. Francis 4 May 1567 but buried there 15 June 1573;

2. *Ann 12 May 1573 and married Simon Large 3 August 1597 in Tittleshall (see above).

3. William 13 November 1575, married Anne ___ and had children baptised in Tittleshall from 1601/2;

4. Thomas 21 December 1580, married Barbara Denver (?) 3 July 1610 in Tittleshall and had children baptised there from 1611.

William Wilson died and was buried in Tittleshall 8 June 1600 and administration of his estate was granted to... 88. Margery Wilson died and was buried in Tittleshall ___ November 1623.


____ Buller married Elizabeth ____ and had at least the following children:


1. William who was still alive in 1598/9 and likely had at least 4 children by 1598/9 - John, Katherine, Mary and James;

2. Elizabeth who married ____ Brandeing and was still alive in 1598/9;

3. *Audry/Etheldred born about 1568 and married John Moye in about 1590 (see above);

4. Christen born about 1565, married Henry Trace in about 1585 and had at least 6 children by 1598/9 - Edward, John, Christopher, Mathew, William and Thomas; and

5. a daughter who married ____ Drue (?) and had at least a daughter Alice by 1598/9.

Elizabeth Buller of Hindolveston died in late January or early February 1598/9 and her will 90 provided for her son, 3 of her daughters and her grandchildren.

John Buller married ____ and had at least the following children:

1. Henry;

2. William who was under 21 in 1557;

3. John;

4. George;

5. Cicely;

6. Marjory; and

7. Alice who married ____ Beklye before 1557.

The wife of John died ______ and John married Johan Gray, widow, in about 1550.

John Buller died in about October of 1557 and his will 91 provided for his wife and his seven children. The will of Johan Bulwer/Buller made 16 November 1557 92 left all her possessions to her six children, three under the age of 21, named Graye.

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