ROSE 1 - Forehoe and Shropham Hundreds

John Rose was born about 1688 and married Mary Roberson in 1712 and, after her death, Mary Blyth in 1714 both in Wicklewood. His first five children were Anne, William, John, Samuel and Mary. As there were no Roses in Wicklewood until 1669 and none of the resident Rose families there had a son named John, it must be assumed that he originated in another and, likely, nearby parish. There are two major groupings of Rose families in this central area of Norfolk - the various “rural” parishes surrounding the market town of Wymondham and the parishes in proximity to Attleborough the other significant market town.

There were 12 Roses in the 1569-1577 Norfolk Muster Returns of which 2 were in Forehoe - Edward in Barford and Thomas in Welborne, 1 in Shropham - Robert in New Buckingham 2, 3 in Wayland - John, Richard and Mertyn in Tompson, 3 in S. Greenhoe - Edmund in Narford, John in Hillborough and William in Didlington, and 1 in Grimshoe - William in Methwold.

The 1664 Hearth Tax for Norfolk records 3 Roses - two of them in Wymondham: Robert and Henry and a Gilbert Rowse in Attleborough.

Wicklewood is immediately to the west of Wymondham about half way down its right flank, although somewhat below the town centre which is located in the north of the parish, so that parishes to the north and south of Wymondham deserve attention.

South of Wymondham - Attleborough and area [Shp]

There have been Roses in Attleborough from the 1550s, particularly the large families of Andrew and Thomas Rose.

John Rose married Thomasina Jessop there 30 April 1640, Robert Rose married Bridget Catchpole 2 March 1662/3, Gilbert Rowse married Mary Beadman, widow, 14 June 1664, and Francis Rowse married Agnes Crane 7 March 1664/5.

Anne the wife of John Rose of Besthorpe, junior, was buried in Attleborough 26 June 1660.

John Rose (b.c. 1640) married Elizabeth Hayward 6 Feb. 1664/5 in Attleborough and had the following child baptised there:

1. Elizabeth 16 May 1666 but Elizabeth the daughter of John Rose was buried in Attleborough 13 July 1666.

Elizabeth the wife of John Rose was buried in Attleborough 16 May 1666, the same day as the baptism of Elizabeth the daughter.

John Rose married, secondly, Frances ____ 3 and had the following children baptised in Attleborough:

2. John 4 24 Feb. 1668/9 (mother’s name not provided);

3. William 21 July 1671 (mother’s name not provided);

4. Thomas 3 March 1673/4; and

5. Samuel 10 November 1678.

Frances Rose, the second wife of John, may have died sometime between 1678 and 1681 because on 9 May 1681 in Attleborough John Rose married Anne Mendham. Their was no indication of their status.

A John Rose was buried in Attleborough 7 Feb. 1682/3 5.

A John Rose was baptised 3 September 1693 in Attleborough to John Rose (mother not named).

Andrew Rowse of Attleburgh married Anne Davis and had at least two children before he died in 1729:

1. Ester born about 1725; and

2. Ann born about 1727.

Administration of his estate 6 was first granted to his widow Anne and four months later to his father-in-law John Davis of Norwich.

There were also many Rose families in Morley St. Botolph in the 1670s and 1680s, eg. Peter & Anne, and Peter & Barbara.

A Thomas Rose of New Buckenham left a will in 1687 which left his estate to his daughters Mary Ward and Anne Thurston and referred to his son John Rose.

North of Wymondham - Little Melton [Hum]

Judging from the probate records, Roses had been in Little Melton, adjoining Wymondham on the NE, for some time 7. For example, John Rose of Little Melton left a will in 1485 as did John Rose of the same place in 1493. Robert Rose left a will in 1555 and Susan Rose of Melton Magna married John of Colton of Melton in 1563.

Thomas Rose married Alice _____ in about 1563 and had at least the following children, probably baptised in Little Melton 8:

1. Thomas who married ____ and had at least William, Margaret and Thomas before he died in 1643;

2. John who was living in 1613;

3. Jeremy who died in 1615 and by his will 9 left his lands in Little Melton and Baburgh to his wife Marie, daughter Marie, brothers Thomas, John and Isaak and sisters Susan Wale and Sara Wallinger;

4. Isaak who was living in 1613;

5. Susan b.c. 1571 who married Robert Wale 7 Feb. 1596/7 in Wramplingham (between Wicklewood and the two Meltons) and had nine children baptised there (including a Jeremy and Isaak but no Thomas or Alice) until 1618 when they no longer appear in the Parish Registers; and

6. Sara who married Thomas Wallinger before 1613 and/or Thomas Buxon.

Thomas died in 1613 10 and left his vast holdings of lands in Little Melton and Bawburg to his wife Alice and his sons Thomas, John and Jeremy with cash payments to his son Isaak, and referred to his two sons-in-law Robert Wale and Thomas Buxon.

Wymondham and area [For]

There have long been Rose/Rowse/Rouse families in Wymondham judging from these probate records -

Robert Rose in 1507 (ANF v.4a Grantham p.24),

William Rowse in 1540 (ANF v10 Dowsing p.23),

Henry Rowse, a glover, in 1559 (ANF Moundeforde p.19),

John Rowse in 1574 (NCC admin 1570-1579 p.265) - all to wife Mary,

William Rowse in 1611 (NCC admin 1605-1620 p120) - an error as the entry is for the administration of the estate of George Mayhew by William Rowse his principal creditor,

Thomas Rouse in 1618 (ANF 1611-19 admin p.114) - to his son William?,

William Rouse in 1631 (ANF Orig #133) and

Henry Rouse in 1698 (ANF #20).

A John Rowse died in Wymondham in 1528 and a William Rowse lived there in 1530 11.

Between 1615 12 and 1690 there were 8 marriages of Rose/Rouse males in Wymondham and three of them had a son named John baptised in the general time period of 1688 in the Parish Church there 13 -

A. John born about 1677 the son of Henry and Phillis;

B. John born about 1652 the son of Peter; and

C. John baptised in Wymondham 18 March 1678/9 the son of John and Martha.

Although none of the three are strong possibilities they are expanded below.

A. Henry Rose (b.c. 1608) married Anne ____ 14 and had at least the following children baptised in Wymondham 15:

1. John 26 Jan. 1633/4 but who likely died shortly thereafter but certainly before 1637/8;

2. Henry 27 Sept. 1635 (see below);

3. John 19 January 1637/8; and

4. Elizabeth 29 March 1640 but likely the “child of Henry Rose” who was buried in Wymondham 23 Dec. 1640/1.

Henry was likely the Henry Rose who died in about 1675 in Crownthorpe (or possibly the Henry Rose buried 17 October 1669 in Wicklewood 16 - see below) with administration 17. An Anne Rose was buried in Wicklewood 14 January 1678/9.

Henry Rose married ______ and had at least the following children baptised in Wymondham:

1. Esau 18 born in about 1658, married Elizabeth ____ and/or Rose Weavors 13 Feb. 1682/3 in Wymondham, both single, and died in about January of 1701/2 in Wymondham 19;

2. Deborah 2 October 1652 who married Esau Weavors 18 July 1683 in Wymondham, both single;

3. Elizabeth 20 January 1654/5 who married Peter Reynolds 12 May 1681 in Wymondham; and

4. Rose 6 April 1656 who, as Rose Rouse, married Edward Collmon 2_ Sept. 1687 in Wymondham, both single;

Henry was likely the Henry Rose, widower, who married Mary Woodcock, widow, 11 June 1688 in Wymondham. Mary Rouse “wife of Henry” was buried in Wymondham 18 November 1697.

Henry Rouse, yeoman, died and was buried 15 August 1699 in Wymondham with a will 20 which provided for his son Esau and three married daughters.

Henry Rose (Jr.), was likely the Henry Rose, single, and “son of Henry” who married Pheilis (Phillis) Hailit (Hallett) in 1656/7 21 in Wymondham and had at least the following children probably born in Crownthorpe 22:

1. John born in about 1667 and married Elizabeth Beales in Wicklewood 21 June 1692, both single. He inherited the land of his father Henry at the Crownthorpe Manor Court of 25 October 1690, likely when he had reached the age of 21 and appeared as a juror in the 11 October meeting of the Crownthorpe Manor Court, as did a William Rose. He died, likely in Crownthorpe, between 1694 and 1698, apparently without surviving children, and his will 23 referred to his siblings and their children. Elizabeth Rose, widow, married 11 Nov. 1712 in Wymondham to John Harvey, “both of Crownthorpe” 24. She was probably the Elizabeth Harvey wife of John who was buried in Crownthorpe 4 Feb. 1718/9 and John was probably the John Harvey of Hardingham who was buried in Crownthorpe 16 April 1731 25;

2. Phyllis born sometime after 1670;

3. Anne born sometime after 1670;

4. Elizabeth born sometime after 1670; and

5. Mary born about 1664, married ____ Drake 26 but died before 1694 leaving three children - Mary, John and Phyllis.

Henry was very likely the Henry Rose of Crownthorpe who bought 12 acres of land with houses lying between the properties of John Greene and Henry Francis in Crownthorpe at the Wicklewood and Crownthorpe Manor Court 9 October 1662. In 1665 Henry occupied land in Crownthorpe, next to its common pasture, owned by Ann Curson, the wife of John Curson, and her will of that year was witnessed by Phillis Rose and Henry Rose 27.

Henry was likely the Henry Rose who was buried in Wicklewood 27 October 1669 28.

B. Peter Rose married Fr... ___ and had the following children:

1. John baptised 1 June 1662 in Wymondham; and

2. Marie baptised 27 August 1665 in Morley St. Botolph; and

3. Un-named child baptised 1 June 1672 in Morley St. Botolph but buried there the same day.

Fr... Rose the wife of Peter died in childbirth and was buried 31 May 1672 in Morley St. Botolph.

Peter Rose married, secondly, Barbary Fullsom, both of Morley St. Botolph, 21 October 1672 and had the following children:

4. John baptised 27 August 1673 in Morley St. Botolph but buried there the same day;

5. Richard baptised __ April 1675 in Morley St. Botolph;

6. Elizabeth baptised 10 April in Morley St. Botolph;

7. Susan baptised 20 July 1679 in Morley St. Botolph;

8. Archibald baptised 18 May 1681 in Morley St. Botolph;

9. Mary baptised the same day in Morley St. Botolph;

10. Mary baptised 21 September 1682 in Morley St. Botolph; and

11. Mary baptised 21 February 1683/4 in Morley St. Botolph.

Barbary Rose the wife of Peter must have died sometime in 1684 and Peter Rose married, thirdly, Anne Syleham of Carleton Rode 27 December 1687 in Morley St. Botolph and had the following children:

12. Peter baptised 1 March 1687/8 in Morley St. Botolph;

13. Anne baptised the same day in Morley St. Botolph; and

14. Thomasine baptised 9 June 1689 in Morley St. Botolph.

C. John Rose (b.c. 1638) married Martha Skowling in Wymondham 19 September 1663, “both single”, and secondly Elizabeth _______ in about 1670 and he was likely the John who had at the following children, although none except the last two had the mother’s name listed and in those two cases it was Elizabeth and since the will of Elizabeth Rose (see below) referred to her sons Roger Rose, John Rose dec’d, Richard Rose and Robert Rose it is likely that all the children who follow were born of John and Elizabeth:

1. Roger baptised in Wymondham 9 April 1671, married Anne Browne of Wymondham 6 October 1691 at Norwich St. Stephen and had at least Robert, Ann, Mary and Dorothy 29 baptised in Wymondham from 1693 to1699 and seems to have died before 1730;

2. Dorothy baptised in Wymondham 18 January 1673/4 and likely married in Wicklewood to Thomas Barker, both single and of Wicklewood, 27 October 1696;

3. Elizabeth baptised in Wymondham 10 December 1676 and married ____ Green;

4. John baptised in Wymondham 18 March 1678/9, married Mary ____, had at least two sons John and Robert and died and was buried in Wymondham 1 May 1729;

5. Richard baptised in Wymondham 6 Sept.1681 (d.1691);

6. Thomas baptised in Wymondham 21 October 1683 (d.1683); and

7. Robert baptised in Wymondham 15 March 1684/5, likely married Margaret _____ and had at least daughters Elizabeth and Dorothy, and was likely the Robert Rose who was buried in Wymondham 28 June 1728.

The following two additional children were baptised in Wymondham and the mother’s name was given as Elizabeth:

8. Thomas 21 April 1688 but died in 1688; and

9. William 1 January 1689/90 but died in 1690.

John Rose Sr. was buried in Wymondham 20 May 1729, two weeks after his son John and, as John Rose wool-comber of Wymondham, left a will 30 which referred to his wife Elizabeth and two sons - John, whose gift was rescinded in a codicil dated 4 April 1729, and Robert whose daughters Dorothy and Elizabeth were left properties. Elizabeth Rose widow and relict of John Rose of Wymondham, wool-comber, was buried there 23 August 1730 and left a will which referred to five of her children - Richard Rose, living in Norwich in 1730, Roger Rose, John Rose dec’d, Robert Rose and Elizabeth Green widow.

Because John’s son John died in 1729 and had two children - John and Robert - he was unlikely the ancestor of the John Rose of Wicklewood (below).

There were also baptisms or burials in Wymondham to William Rowse (1617- he died during an epidemic in Wymondham in 1631), Richard Rose (1641), Robert Rose (1650), Henry Rose (1655), William Rose (1679-90) and Esau Rose (1683-96 he died in 1700/1).

ROSES in Wicklewood and Crownthorpe [For] 31

The 1582 will 32 of Cicely Raven of Wicklewood, who was buried there 30 August 1582, gave a number of household articles to Grace Rose the daughter of Robert Rose. However, there were no entries for Rose in the Wicklewood registers from 1561 to at least 1610 so that family was obviously settled elsewhere, possibly in Crownthorpe 33.

From 1636 to 1712 there were the following Rose families in Wicklewood:

Robert Rouse married Alice ___ and had the following:

1. Robert baptised in Wicklewood in 1691.

The Alice Rowse who was buried in Crownthorpe 8 Sept. 1723 was possibly the wife of Robert.

Henry Rose (b.c. 1608) was buried 27 October 1669 34 in Wicklewood and Anne Rose, widow, was buried there 14 January 1678/9. He was likely the Henry Rose (b.c. 1608) who had children baptised in Wymondham from 1633/4 to 1654/5 (see above).

John Rose of Crownthorpe 35 (see above - what here follows is a duplicate of the material there) married in Wicklewood 21 June 1692 to Elizabeth Beals of Wicklewood, both single. He had inherited the land of his father Henry at the Crownthorpe Manor Court of 25 October 1690, likely when he had reached the age of 21 (therefore born about 1669, and therefore the same age of John Rose, below). He appeared as a juror in the 11 October meeting of the Crownthorpe Manor Court, as did a William Rose. He died about 21 December 1698 36 apparently childless. On 11 Nov. 1712 Elizabeth Rose, widow, married in Wymondham to John Harvey of Crownthorpe 37. She is probably the Elizabeth Harvey wife of John who was buried in Crownthorpe 4 Feb. 1718/9 and John was probably the John Harvey of Hardingham who was buried in Crownthorpe 16 April 1731 38.

William Rose [b.c. 1667] married Mary ____ 39 of Great Ellingham 14 October 1691 in Besthorpe 40 and had the following baptised in Wicklewood: Robert 1692; William 1694/5; Mary 1696; Martha 1698; Elizabeth 1699; Samuel 1701; Thomas 1703; and Edward 1706. William died and was buried 26 November 1711 in Wicklewood [get will], and Mary Rose, widow, died and was buried in Wicklewood 19 January 1727/8 [get will].

John Rose, (b.c. 1670) married in Wicklewood 3 October 1694 to Anne Green of Gt. Melton 41, both single. They had the following:

1. Samuel born 27 September 1696, baptised 7 October but buried 8 June 1698 42.

Anne Rose “wife of John” died and was buried 4 November 1696 in Wicklewood.

John Rose, (b.c. 1670) widower, and Anne Caly, single, both of Wicklewood were married there 14 October 1697 and had the following children baptised and buried in Wicklewood:

2. Anne born 5 September and baptised 25 September 1698;

3. Mary baptised 10 Dec. 1699;

4. Elizabeth born 28 March 1701 and baptised two days later;

5. Thomas 43 born 22 July 1703 and baptised three days later;

6. Frances born 18 September 1704 and baptised 10 October;

7. William born 5 December 1708 and baptised 19 December; and

8. Sara baptised 22 October 1710 but buried there 5 November 1710.

John Rose witnessed the 1702 will of Joane Jecks of Wicklewood (original will) and signed with a mark.

Ann Rose, “wife of John Rose”, died and was buried in Wicklewood 18 February 1721/2. John Rose “an antient [sic] man” died and was buried in Wicklewood 16 August 1737 44.

________ ROSE

... Rose married _______ and had at least the following children:

1. Samuel born about ____ but died intestate in about June of 1742 in Wicklewood with administration 45 granted to his brothers John and William Rose;

2. William born about 1685 46 and as William Rose, miller of Wymondham, died between September and October of 1742 (although not buried in Wymondham parish churchyard) with a will 47 which gave all of his estate to John, Mary, Sarah and Samuel Rose, four of the children of his brother John Rose of Wicklewood, suggesting that he was single or a widower with no surviving children; and

3. *John born about 1688 (see below).


John Rose [b. c. 1688 48] and Mary Roberson, both single persons of Wicklewood, were married by banns 23 June 1712 in Wicklewood 49 and had

1. Anne baptised 16 April 1713 in Wicklewood 50.

Mary Rose died and was buried in Wicklewood 20 June 1714 51.

John Rose, widower, married Mary Blythe 52, single, 30 September 1715 in Wicklewood and had the following children baptised in Wicklewood 53:

1. William - born 9 July and baptised 25 July 1716;

*2. John - baptised 23 March 1717/18 54 and married Mary Clarke (see below);

3. Samuel - baptised 9 April 1721 - but likely d. before 1723/3;

4. Mary - baptised 26 December 1722 - but likely died as an infant;

5. 5. Samuel - baptised 17 March 1723/3 - m. 24 July 1744 by License 55 in Besthorpe to Sarah Clarke 56 and had and had at least 7 children in Besthorpe 57, 4 surviving infancy. He was buried 22 June 1790 in Besthorpe 58;

6. Martha - baptised 24 May 1724;

7. Thomas - baptised 28 February 1724/5 but buried 4 July 1725;

8. Mary - baptised 6 June 1725[sic] 59;

[It is here impossible to ignore the following two baptisms that appear in the Crownthorpe Parish Register because of the close proximity of both parishes, the fact that the parents’ names are identical and because they fill in an otherwise gap:

9. Sarah - baptised 27 November 1726 in Crownthorpe;

10. Thomas - baptised 21 June 1727 in Crownthorpe;] and

11. Mary - baptised 28 March 1731 in Wicklewood.

John Rose was likely the John Rose of Wicklewood who was the second bondsman for the 1741 marriage in Attleburgh of Thomas Bootman, shoemaker [sic] of Old Buckenham and Elizabeth Blyth of Besthorpe (MLB #246). Mary the “wife of John Rose” died and was buried in Wicklewood 18 June 1732 60. John Rose died and was buried in Wicklewood 2 May 1762 61.



John Rose was married by license 62 1 October 1741 in Wymondham to Mary Clarke 63, his first cousin 64.and both were single. According to the license he was 23 years old, as was Mary, and therefore both were born in 1717 or 1718. At the time John was living in Wicklewood, the parish immediately to the west of Wymondham.

John and Mary probably lived in Morley St. Botolph, the parish immediately to the south of Wicklewood, where they baptised their first six children, before moving around 1756 to Aslacton 65 where their last two children were baptised. Although some of the family appear to have remained in Aslacton until at least the 1780s (children were married in or from Aslacton from 1766 to 1780) the others probably moved 6 miles away to Besthorpe 66 by about 1766 to join his brother Samuel Rose and his wife Sarah the sister of John’s wife Mary. Two children of John and Mary were married in or from Besthorpe in 1763 and 1764 and Johns’ two [?] wives were buried there in 1769 and 1777. John, a widower, moved to Carleton Rode just before he died.

Mary Rose may died in Besthorpe and been buried there 19 January 1769 67 [?] and John probably remarried 29 May 1769 in Carleton Rode 68 to Anne Austin. An Anne Rose, married woman, died and was buried 16 December 1777 in Besthorpe 69.

John Rose, a “widower of Carleton” and farmer, died about 2 December 1799 and was buried 5 December 1799 in Besthorpe 70.

All of their children appear to have survived to adulthood and married, viz:

1. William baptised 29 November 1742 in Morley and married 19 March 1764 in Tibenham to Kezia Rowing. They had at 4 children in Besthorpe until 1767 and were still in Besthorpe in 1772 before moving back to Tibenham around 1778 where they had 2 more children. William died between 1794 and 1798 71 in ______. Kezia Rose 72 died in Wymondham in 1818 aged 77. William received a bequest in the will of his grandfather Nicholas Clarke in 1762.

2. Sarah baptised 8 July 1744 in Morley St. Botolph and married by licence 2 October 1763 in Besthorpe to John Page. They had at least 2 children baptised in Wicklewood - Elizabeth in 1764 and John in 1766 and then 2 baptised in Besthorpe - Mary in 1768 and Thomas in 1770 and ... with the last, Philip, baptised in Besthorpe in 1784. Sarah died in 1811 in Besthorpe and her will provided for her 8 children 73: Ann the wife of Thomas Vince, John, Mary Mallett widow, William, Sarah the wife of Edward Palmer, Robert (he died intestate in 1811), Lucy the wife of James Ayton [see her will 1830] and Philip.

3. Mary baptised 12 March 1746 in Morley and married 20 May 1766 in Aslacton to Benjamin Boulton (also Boughton & Bolton). Benjamin and Mary had at least 11 children in Aslacton: Lucy 1768, James 1769, Sarah 1771, Martha 1772, Hannah 1773, Benjamin 1774, John 1775 - d. 1776, John 1778 - d. 1778, Rebecca 1780 - d. 1781, Edward 1781 - d.. 1782 and John 1785 - d. 1785. Benjamin Boulton aged 60 was buried in Aslacton in 1797. Mary Boulton, widow, died about June 1809 in Gt. Moulton [per her will - her daughter Martha Betts resided there] and her will provided for her 5 children: Ann the wife of Robert Smith, Lucy the wife of Esau Boulton [sic], Martha the wife of Joseph Betts, Sarah Sewell and her son Benjamin.

4. Anne baptised 1748 [?] in [?] and married 5 January 1774 in Wymondham (the bride from Aslacton) to Robert Brasnett or Braisnett and likely resided in Wymondham where Robert was a farmer and a guarantor at the intestacy of his brother-in-law Robert Page in 1811. Robert and Ann Brasnett had a number of children probably baptised in Wymondham but likely were “non-conforming”.

5. Martha baptised 13 March 1750 in Morley and married by licence 74 in Bunwell 20 August 1782 to John Long, (both from Aslacton) and had at least one child, John, in 1783 in Aslacton (and possibly an Ezra in 1797 in Trimingham but that was quite a distance away). She is possibly the Martha Long, widow of Elsing, appointed administrator of the estate of her deceased husband John Long in 1813 75, although in 1811 he resided in Carleton Rode.

6. Rebecca baptised 13 May 1753 in Morley and married 76 in Aslacton 5 October 1773 to Richard Mear, a farmer of Moulton. They had at least 7 children in Great Moulton (several as Meres) but with burials in Aslacton before Rebecca died 16 June 1791 and was buried in Aslacton 77. Richard remarried in Great Moulton in 1801 to Mary Miller, the widow of Joseph. He died in Moulton in 1822 and his will provided for his 5 surviving children: Martha [wife of Thomas] Youngman, Daniel, Richard, James and Ann Tillett and also the children of his deceased son John.


7. John baptised 17 November 1754 in Morley and married Mary Curtis 15 December 1791 in Caston and had 5 children baptised in Aslacton: Eliza in 1792, John in 1794, Emily in 1796, William in 1798 and Elizabeth in 1801. John Rose Jr. was a churchwarden in Aslacton from 1790 to 1794 where he farmed. He died there 19 February 1814 and his will 78 provided for his wife Mary (giving her his lands in Moulton St, Michael) and his 5 children: Eliza, John 79, Emma, William and Elizabeth. His brother-in-law John Gates was appointed executor.

8. James baptised 6 March 1757 in Aslacton and married by licence 80 in Tibenham 4 January 1780 to Sarah Bale of Tibenham (the groom from Aslacton) and ..... He is probably not the James Rose who was churchwarden in Besthorpe in the 1790s 81. Note that a James Bale Rose and William Rose, both of Hackford (adjoining Wicklewood), were granted administration of the estate of James’ mother Sarah Rose in 1844. James Rose died after 1819 when he proved his father’s will, his brother John having died. James Rose died in Attleborough in 1832 aged 76 82.


*9. Lucy 83 baptised 26 August 1759 in Aslacton 84, married 30 December 1777 in Aslacton to John Gates and died 21 March 1834 in East Harling was buried in Illington 28 March 1834.

The 1802 Voting Poll contained two Roses in Bssthorpe:

1. Edward Rose of Besthorpe for James Rose; and

2. James Rose of Hingham for John Softly.

[Q - who is Elizabeth Rose baptised in 1760 (BTs) in Besthorpe to John Rose & Mary?]

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