PORTER - Foxley Norfolk - Branch 2 - John (1520-1549) to Vincent 1 (1574-1646) to Jeremy (1659-1708)


Foxley, Binham [GnN] and Suffield/Colby [Erp. N & S]

The first Porter to appear in records concerning Foxley 2 was John Porter who follows. Another John Porter appeared in the 1559 Subsidy Tax list in Foxley. There are no Muster returns for Foxley.

John Porter of Foxley married Elizabeth _____ [B___ ] and had at least the following children who were likely born in Foxley:

1. Francis born about 1544 and likely the Francis Porter who married Dorothy Wasse in 1571 at St. Mary Coslany in Norwich [B007] 3; and

2. *John born about 1548 (see below).

John was likely the John Porter of Foxley who had administration of his estate granted dated 9 August 1549 4 to his widow Elizabeth. Unfortunately, there are no Muster returns for Foxley.

John Porter was born about 1548 in Foxley and married Margaret Haunde 5 10 September 1573 in Hackford [Eyn], adjoining Foxley to the east [B174] and had the following children:

1. *Vincent b.c. 1574 (see below); and

2. Elizabeth b.c. 1576.

John was likely too young to have been the John Porter of Foxley who appeared in the 1559 Subsidy Tax list. He died about 27 September 1579 and his will 6, written the day before his death, left his 10 acres of land in the Manor of Belaugh [Bylaugh] to his wife Margaret and money to his two children Vincent and Elizabeth, and further provided that his brother Francis should supervise the implementation of his will. Margaret may have been the Margaret Porter who instituted an action in Chancery in the period 1558-1579 7 against John Porter, Francis Porter and Roger Blukenie re copyhold land in Foxley manor, although it is more likely that that Margaret was a daughter of John and Elizabeth and therefore sister of Francis and John. Margaret Porter, widow, was buried in Foxley 18 July 1609 8.

Vincent Porter 9, born about 1574 in Foxley, married Grace Allin 10 [B123] (born in 1587 in Colby - see below) likely in early 1610/11 11 in _____ (not Colby, Suffield or Binham. Q. Foxley?) and had four children baptised in Binham [GnN] 12 from 1611 to 1624, viz:

1. Margerie - 29 September 1611 and married John Dey of Althorpe [Gal] 21 April 1635 in Kettleston [Gal];

2. Elizabeth - 2 February 1616/7 and although by 1646 was still unmarried in 1646 at the time of her father’s death, she married in about 1647 to Richard Money of Binham and had at least five children - Grace, Susan and Elizabeth, Richard and Martin - from 1648 to 1658 before Richard died in 1659 13. Elizabeth died in 1688 or 1669;

3. Margaret - 3 September 1621 14 married John Mountford 15 and died between 1682 and 1683 in Thornham leaving at least a son John who may have died in 1687 and likely a son Vincent; and

*4. John - 7 March 1623/4 (see below).

Vincent was a Mercer 16 by trade. He was referred to in the Foxley Manor Court Rolls of 1612 and bought land there in November of 1617 from William Grimes 17. He was also likely the Vincent Porter who was admitted 20 Oct. 1619 to the Manor of Hempstead Netherhall 18 [Holt] about 8 miles to the NNE of Foxley.

Vincent Porter was enumerated in Binham on the 1628 Subsidy Rolls and his name was in the Manor Court Rolls for Binham from the earliest existing copy in 1624 to 1637 19. He was featured in many of the Binham Manor accounts, generally as Juror and sometime Constable, but also in a feud he had with Richard Cutting in 1628 which involved both of them drawing blood, and for other minor offences. He was admitted to 2 ½ acres of land at Sweethurne in the West field in 1628 and owned a shop in the street called Chequer (or Le Chequer or Chequer Row) in Binham 20 which contained or was abutting the Cook House pitt or Cucking Stool pit, allegedly where scolds were ducked 21. He was also involved in several land transactions where he owned conditionally, i.e. as a mortgagee/lender. He surrendered to his will in 1637 although the copy that went to probate in 1646 was made within several months of his death.

Grace Porter died and was buried in Binham 25 Nov. 1639.

Vincent Porter died in about September 1646 22, inferred from the probation date of his will, the inventory 23and entries in the manor court rolls 24, and likely in Binham. His will 25 gave to his son John Porter his properties in Foxley, Bawdeswell, Belowe, Colby, Suffield, Banningham and Felmingham. He also provided for, inter alia, the poor of Foxley. His daughter Elizabeth Porter received Vincent’s lands in Binham on condition that she pay to her sister Margaret the sum of £300 if Margaret’s husband John Mountford failed to give Margaret his properties in Thornham [Smi] which he inherited from John his father and his grandfather. He and also gave money to Martha, Mary and Margaret Hannd (or Haund) 26, who were likely his cousins on his mother’s side, to be paid to them upon their marriages, and to John Dey, his son-in-law, and provided an annuity to Francis Corye of Kings Lynn.

John Porter (born 1623/4 in Binham) of Binham married by licence 27 to Anne Purlond 28 of Warham 29 in Gunthorpe 30 19 October 1646 [C12] and had at least the following children:

1. Elizabeth 31 - baptised 6 Jan. 1648/9 in Colby but died and was buried in Suffield 29 Sept. 1662;

2. Vincent - baptised 15 Sept.1651 in Colby (see below);

3. John - baptised in Colby 2 Feb 1651/2 but was likely the John Porter Jr. buried in Suffield 22 April 1685 and is not mentioned in the will of his father 32;

4. Anne - baptised in Suffield 23 Dec. 1653 but was buried 15 July 1669;

5. Grace - baptised in Suffield 18 Jan. 1656/7 and married Valentine Dennis 33, a widower from Wiveton, in 1697 or 1698 34 and, when she and her brother Jeremy received a bequest in the 1703 will of Richard Money of Binham, was living with Valentine in Glandford 35 but she was buried in Glandford 21 April 1704. Valentine Dennis was buried in Glandford 6 September 1721 and left a will which referred to his property in Wiveton and Glandford and to his wife Mary (Mary Thetford whom her married in Glandford in 1714) and children Valentine (baptised 6 May 1716 in Glanford), William and Mary (b.1720);

6. Jeremy/Jeremiah - baptised in Suffield 23 Nov. 1659 36 (see below);

7. Charles - baptised in Suffield 20 Jan.1662/3 but died and was buried there 6 March 1662/3; and

8. Elizabeth - baptised in Suffield 23 Oct. 1665 and married John Gibbs 3 August 1693 in Corpusty, several parishes to the west of Banningham and moved to Hindolveston where they resided at the time of the 14 October 1693 Banningham Manor Court.

John Porter of Suffield was referred to in a November 1669 sitting of the Foxley and Bawdeswell Manor and received lands in Colby and Suffield 37 from the will of his uncle Stephen Allen in 1670 38, and appears to have acquired additional lands in Banningham in May of 1677 39. John Porter was a juror in the Colby Manor from 1677 to 1683 and in Suffield in 1677. Although their first child born after the May 1660 Proclamation was named “Charles”, likely in honour of the king, which suggested that John was a Royalist supporter, there was no reference to him in the 1661 Presentments to King Charles. John was the Chief Constable for North Erpingham in 1663 and1675.

John Porter, “generosus” 40 died and was buried 3 March 1685/6 in Suffield 41. By his will, made 30 April 1685 and proved 25 March 1685/6 42, his property in Suffield, Antingham and Gunton (the North Lands - all in North Erpingham Hundred) which he had received from the will of his uncle Stephen Allen, went to his eldest son Vincent, while his copyhold lands in Colby, Banningham, Felmingham and Suffield (the South Lands - in South Erpingham and Tunstead 100s), which John had also received from his father Vincent, and some freehold land in Suffield, went to his other son Jeremy 43. His daughters Grace and Elizabeth each received £150 and Anne, his widow, received all household goods and the family home in Suffield. Ann Porter of Colby, widow, was buried in Suffield 23 November 1690.

Vincent Porter, born 1651 the eldest son of John and Anne, married Mary Symonds 44[X25], the eldest daughter of Henry Symonds of Suffield, in about 1676 and had at least the following baptised and buried in Suffield:

1. John 8 August (or March?) 1677 but was probably the “infantus” of Vincent and Mary who was buried in Suffield 21 August 1677;

2. Anne 8 June 1678 but was probably the “infanta” of Vincent Porter who was buried 24 Aug. (or Oct.) 1678;

3. Vincent 27 July 1679 but was probably “infantus” of Vincent and Mary who was buried 20 Oct. 1679; and

4. John 9 Oct. 1683 and was still alive in 1693 45 but died before October of 1702 and possibly in Colby where his uncle Jeremy lived.

In June of 1677 Vincet Porter of Suffield, gent and his wife Mary together with William and Ann Plumstead of Wickmore were involved in a transaction with Richard Snelling of Colby involving land in Suffield, Colby, Plumstead, Paston and Thwaite 46 and Vincent and Mary on 23 April 1686 bought ½ acre of land in Suffield from Mary Pykarell 47. Vincent was a Juror at the Suffield (Callice & Crabbes) Manor Court in April of 1678. Vincent Porter “generosus” died and was buried in Suffield 26 June 1686 48 aged 35, barely 3 months after the death of his father. Shortly after his death his brother Jeremy instituted a suit against Vincent’s widow Mary and only child John for “possession?” of the “north lands” given to Vincent by their father John 49. Vincent’s widow Mary married in about January of 1686/7 to James Clough 50 the parish priest of Suffield who succeeded Thomas Symonds. Mary the wife of James Clough, Rector, died and was buried in Suffield 23 Oct. 1688. She appears to have had no surviving children from either husband.

Jeremy (or Jeremiah) Porter of Colby, the other surviving son of John and Anne, married Anne Wiggott 51[E52], widow of Tuttington 52, in Suffield 18 September 1688. The 1705/6 Bishop’s Transcript for Colby contains a list of all persons over the age of 16 including Jeremy Porter, his wife and maid 53. He succeeded to his father’s lands in Banningham in 1680 and was a juror there in1687 (MCR) and was the “Mr. Porter” assessed on land in 1702 in Felmingham. Jeremy received a substantial bequest in the 1703 will of Richard Money of Binham 54 which also referred to lands which had previously been those of Vincent Porter, who was the grand-father of Richard Money and which Richard gave to John Munford the son of Edmund Munford of King’s Lynn, deceased. Jeremy and Anne Porter from Colby were also referred to as holding land in the Manor of Tuttington-Crockford in 1713, although by then Jeremy was in fact dead. He died aged 49 in about June of 1708, probably in Colby 55 and apparently without issue, and by his will 56 left his estate in Colby, Felmingham and Suffield 57 to his wife for life and then to Barbary Green 58 wife of Daniel Green and Ann Shrieve 59 wife of Robert Shrieve all of Felmingham, with other gifts to William Wigget 60 the son of his wife from her earlier marriage. The will 61 of Ann Porter of Colby who died in about July of 1729 62 gave her estate to her son Benjamin Wiggot, her daughter Anne Shreeve and the children of Anne Shreeve and to her grandchildren Ann and Barbary Salmond.

[Vincent Porter born about 1593 the son of Richard and Bridget married about 1619 to Elizabeth 63____ [A100 ] and had children baptised in Suffield of whom only one son Thomas and four daughters survived. (see below).]


Vincent Haunde was born about 1520 and married Agnes _____ in about 1548 and had at least the following children, likely baptised in Hackford next Reepham 65:

1. Robert born about 1550, married 1. Anne Alison 16 Dec. 1576 in Hackford and 2. Katherine ___ and had issue in Hackford including a son Vincent in 1587, and inherited in father’s properties in 1587. He was likely the Robert Haunde mercer of Hackford who bought land there in 1590 and conveyed two parcels of land in Swanton Morley in 1596 66. He died and was buried in Hackford 7 March 1617/8 and, as Robert Haunde of Reepham, yeoman, left a will 67 that gave his estate to his wife Katherine and to his children Bridget, Edward and Matthew 68;

2. Thomas born about 1553, married in Hackford 16 Dec. 1576 to Anne Alison and by 1582 had at least several children, although not baptised in the Hackford parish church;

3. *Margaret born about 1555, and married John Porter of Foxley 10 September 1573 in Hackford (see above);

4. Agnes born about 1557, married Thomas Goodman 4 August 1577 in Hackford and by 1582 had at least two sons who were baptised in Whitwell - Peter b. 1577 but likely the Peter Haunde who was buried in Hackford 8 January 1577/8, and Usellet (Mathusulah) b.1580; and

5. Anes who was buried in Hackford 26 March 1564.

Vincent Haunde, grocer, died and was buried in Hackford 27 August 1587 and his will 69 left his property to his wife Agnes and then to his son Robert, and also left bequests to his son Thomas, his god-son Vincent Porter and the sister of Vincent (Elizabeth) and his son-in-law Thomas Goodman and the two sons of Thomas.

William Hynde of Hackford had administration of his estate granted 9 January 1553/4 to his brother ___? Hynde 70.


Haunde was a fairly uncommon surname in Norfolk and appears mostly in Hackford with Reepham [Eyn]and Aylsham [EpS]. Edward Haund a beer brewer of Reepham (likely the son of Robert and grand-son of Vincent, above) left a will in 1653 71 which gave his estate to his sons Robert, Edward and Vincent and two married daughters. Much earlier in 1314, Reginald Haund of Hindringham was involved in an action with others 72, and Nicholas Haund of Themelthorpe [Eyn] left a will 73 (latin) in 1492 which appeared to refer to his wife Margery, sons John and Thomas and daughters Matilda (or Mabel?) and Johanne.

There were two other settlements of Haunds in Norfolk one in Norwich up the late 1500s and the other in Aylsham where the surname continued for several generations. William Haund, blacksmith of Norwich St. Augustine, was buried there in 1558 with a will 74 which provided for his wife Elizabeth and children John, Thomas, William, Jone, Agnes and Mary. The baptisms there of John Haund 10 August 1558 was in the first year of the registers and it was followed by the burials of William in 1558 and three other Haunds (including a Thomas and John) from 1558/9 to 1571. Gregory Haund, worstead weaver of Aylsham, left a will 75 in 1581 which provided for his 7 sons - Richard, Edward, Edmund, Gregory, William, John 76, Christopher 77 - and 3 daughters.

ALLEN 78 - Lammas and Colby

John Allen married Katheryn ______ and, as John Aleyn of Lammas, left a will in 1504 79 which referred to his wife but did not mention his children by name.

John Allen married Margaret _________ in about 1519 and had at least the following children:

1. John who may have been the John Allen son of John Allen 80 who married Margerie Picklin 22 January 1541/2 in Lammas and may have been the parents of John 1542/3 (m. Annis ___ in 1582 in Lammas), Robert 1545 and Richard 1548 (and may have married Joanne Pearse in 1579 in Lammas), Bartholomew 1553 (m. Anne ___ in 1585 in Lammas) and Margaret 1554 (although no parents’ names were given in the register) and Elizabeth 1551 to John Allen the younger, and certainly had at least a son John by 1562. A Margerie Allen was buried in Lammas 31 December 1558 and John was likely the John Allen, the elder, widower, who was buried in Lammas 11 September 1596;

2. *Richard (b.c. 1525) (see below) who had at least a son John by 1562;

3. Robert (b.c. 1539) who married Alice Oliver 10 August 1562 in Lammas, and had Anne 1566/7, John 1568 (died 1573), Robert 1570, Henry 1571 (died single in 1593), Margerie, Margaret, Alice and Sara 1575 baptised in Lammas and died and was buried there 3 March 1581/2 and in his will 81 referred to his brother Richard Allen of Colby;

4. a daughter who married John (?) Raye and had children John, Thomas and Elizabeth by 1562;

5. Joanne who married Adam Smyth alias Dey 82 21 September 1551 and had at least children William, Katheryn and Margaret by 1570 and remarried between 1570 and 1581 to David Munne (?);

6. Margery who married _____ Ellwyn before 1562; and

7. Thomas who died before 1562.

A Margerie Allen was buried in Lammas 31 December 1558 and a Margery Allin was buried in Colby 10 December 1556.

John Allen, senior, died and was buried in Lammas 14 June 1567 and his will 83 referred to his three surviving sons and his three married daughters.

Richard Allyn (born about 1525) and married 1. Emme Thurston, “daughter of Reginald” (see below), 16 September 1548 in Lammas and had at least the following:

1. Thomas baptised 3 August 1549 in Lammas but was buried in Lammas 4 October 1549;

2. John baptised 5 November 1550 in Lammas 84;

3. Margaret born about 1554 who married William Beeter 85 28 July 1577 in Colby and lived in Mundesley;

4.* Reginald/Reynold born about 1559 (see below);

5. Nicholas baptised in Colby 12 March 1562 (NS);

6. James baptised in Colby 28 July 1565, married Margaret Saborne 20 July 1591 in Tuttington and had issue there to 1607 - Ellen, Hester, Thomas, Robert, Mary, Anne and Margaret before James was buried in Tuttington 28 Jan 1616/7 86 and Margaret two months later;


7. Mary baptised 10 June 1571 in Colby, married, as Mary Allyns, John Bacon 87 8 June 1590 in Thurgarton and had daughters Mary baptised 10 Nov. 1591 in Thurgarton but likely the Mary Bacon daughter of John who was buried there 3 July 1600 and Margaret baptised 10 Feb. 1593/4 in Thurgarton, married there 22 June 1618 to William Spurrell and referred to in the 1595 will of her grandfather Richard Allen. Mary the wife of John Bacon died and was buried 3 July 1600 88 in Thurgarton.

Emme Allen died in about ____ 89 and Richard married 2. Susannah ______ in about ___.

Susannah died sometime in or before 1594 and on 15 July 1594 Richard married 3. Isabelle Durant in Colby.

Richard and Susannah resided in Suffield and Alby 90 and, ultimately, Tuttington. A tanner by trade, he bought or leased properties in Banningham in 1570 91 and Colby in 1571 and 1591 when he leased Hall Close, the site of the manor (NRO). The 1577 Muster Returns contains an entry for John Allen, ar. and Robert Allen, labourer or "pyoner", in Colby but no entry for a Richard who would have been about 55 at the time.

Richard died and was buried in Tuttington 23 June of 1595. His will 92, partly exhibited in the Suffield Callis & Crabbes Manor Court Rolls of 1593-1597, gave his lands in Suffield and Alby to his son Reginald, his lands in Tuttington, Banningham and Aylsham to his son James, his tenement in Lammas to his son John, provided for his 4 male and 2 female servants and two other persons - Elizabeth Norton and John Haynes, and left other bequests to his wife Isabelle, his 4 sons, 2 daughters and 1 grandchild and his godson Richard Aleyn son of his brother John.

Reginald Allen 93 born about 1559, married Margerie Carre of Alby [see below] in about 1583 and had the following children baptised in Colby 94:

1. Anne 25 March 1584/5 - m. Simon Toll and had at least a daughter Margery baptised in Heigham in 1609;

*2. Grace 30 July 1587 - m. Vincent Porter (see above);

3. Em 25 Dec. 1588 but died sometime after 1598;

4. Richard 8 Feb. 1589/90 and had issue in Colby from 1617. Possibly he was the Richard who had a daughter Katherine baptised in Tuttington before his wife Anne died and was buried 3 days later on 28 March 1619 and who married 28 June 1619 in Colby to Alice Bradfield and had issue with her in Tuttington from 1620 to at least 1631. However, a Susanna widow of Richard Allen married Nicholas Smith - see Suffield MCR 29 October 6 Charles [1630] and, from his father’s will, it would appear that he had no surviving issue;

5. Francis 16 Jan. 1591/2;

6. Stephen 3 Feb. 1593/4 m. Ann ____ and died in 1655. His will 95 gave his lands in Suffield, Gunton and Antingham to his wife Ann for life and then to his nephew John Porter of Suffield;

7. Dorothea 30 Aug. 1595;

8. John 22 May 1597, admitted to Caius College Cambridge in April 1612, married Margaret Morse 10 Oct. 1622 in Wrentham SFK, was a Priest and emigrated to Mass. USA 96;

9. Elizabeth 6 Jan. 1598/9 97;

10. William 12 March 1600/1 but buried 13 March 1600/1;

11. Robert 6 Feb. 1603/4 who was a twin with;

12. Edward 6 Feb. 1603/4 and likely the Edward Allin of Colby baker, who travelled to Holland on 25 Oct. 1638 to visit friends who owed him money 98; and

13. Marjerie 2 99 Aug. 1606 and m. 25 Oct. 1624 in Colby to John Leverington.

Reginald or Reynold was left considerable properties in Lammas by the 1582 will of his uncle Reginald Thurston of Lammas. Reynold Allen of Colby was assessed on goods in the 1597 Norfolk Subsidy Taxes and in that year leased 6 acres in Littlefield in Colby from Roger Windham[NRO]. Reginald was a Church Warden in Colby 1602 and 1610. He apparently bought lands in Suffield, Gunton and Antingham on 23 December 1603 from William Risborough of Hindolveston (NRO) and sold those same lands in 1612 to the Grymes 100. Reginald Allen, yeoman of Colby, died and was buried in Colby 9 Nov. 1615 101.

Other Allens

1. Henry Allen was the parson in Aylsham at the time of the 1545 will of his relative John Alen, draper of Norwich but originally of Aylsham (proved 1547 NCC).

2. John Allyn was admitted to copyhold land in Ingworth Manor in 1579/80.

3. William Allen of Colby left a will 1553-56 and John Allen, ar., ableman, and Robert Allen, labourer, were both listed resident in Colby in the 1577 Muster Returns.

4. Elizabeth Allen, widow of Suffield, left a will in 1597.


Emme Thurston “the daughter of Reginald Thurston” married Richard Allen 16 September 1548 in Lammas and they had at least 7 children likely born there from 1549 to about 1571 - Thomas, John, Reginald, Nicholas, James, Margaret and Mary.

Reginald (Reynolde) Thurston married Margaret ____ and likely had the following:

1.* Emme born about 1526 and married Richard Allen in 1548 in Lammas (see above).

Margaret Thurston, likely the wife of Reginald, was buried in Lammas 16 October 1570 and Reginald Thurston of Lammas married Johane Woodhouse of Aylsham 20 November 1570 102 in Norwich St. Stephen. The marriage was by license suggesting that one or both of the parties had been previously married.

Reginald Thurston “husband of Joanne” was buried 10 February 1582/3 in Lammas leaving a will 103 which provided for his wife Johane and left most of his land to Reginald Allen the son of Richard Allen of Colby with money bequests to the other children of Richard Allen. He also gave land and animals to his servant John Woodhouse and to the children of John Woodhouse.

A Reginald Thurston was baptised 18 June 1561 and Oliver Thurston 14 Nov. 1578 in Lammas, although no parents’ names were provided, and Marie and Agnes Thurston daughters of John were baptised there in 1571 and 1580 respectively.

John Thurston was buried in Lammas in 1539 and William Thurston in 1546/7.

A Nicholas Thurston of Billingford (near Diss) left a will 104 in 1545 which provided for his wife Cecily, son William and two daughters Margaret and Elizabeth.


Carres had been present from early times in North-East Norfolk and Christobel M. Hoare in her History of an East Anglian Soke 106 refers to the many Carres (with and without the final ‘e’) of Sydestrand. John At Carre of Brisley left a will 107 in 1532.

John Karre of Suffield made a will 108 which was proved in 1534 which provided for his (likely second) wife Agnes, his daughter Agnes (or Amy) and her son George. Richard Kar of Suffield (likely his brother) was to be executor.

Robert Carr of Alby married Alice ___ and left a will 109 in 1540 which gave his estate to his wife Alice, son Richard, daughter Helen and to Margaret his wife’s daughter and John Rede his wife’s nephew.

John Carre of Alby married Margaret ____ and had at least a daughter Margery before he died in 1566 which a nuncupative (oral) will 110 leaving his estate to his wife and daughter. He was likely a brother of Richard and Vincent who follow.

Richard Carre (possibly the son of Robert above) of Alby married Margaret Clarke 111 of Erpingham 24 July 1559 by license 112 and had at least:

1. Alice;

2. John who inherited his father’s properties in Alby and Erpingham; and

3. Thomas.

Richard died in1562 and his will 113 left his estate in Alby and Erpingham to his son John and provided for his wife Margaret and his other two children. He was very likely a brother to Vincent who follows.


Vincent Carre 114 married Agnes Seaman in about 1545 and had at least the following children, probably baptised in Alby [EpS - just North of Colby] 115:

1. Henry;

2. John who married Grace ___ and had issue in Tuttington in 1584, 1606 and 1608;

3. William;

4. George;

5. Andrew b. 1559, graduated from Corpus Christi, Cambridge in 1578 and was Rector of Suffield 1580-1 and also rector of North Repps from 1603 until his death there in 1626 at the age of 67 and was assessed on his land in North Repps in the 1597 Subsidy. He m. Alice Doughty 116 and had 7 children: Vincent 117, William, Nicholas, Robert, Agnes (m. William Suggett 1616 in N. Repps), Mary (m. John Firmary) and Cicely 118 (all born before 1589); and

*6. Margery born about 1561 and married Reginald Allen about 1583 and resided in Colby.

Vincent Carr appeared in the 1577 Muster Returns as an Ableman of Albee. Vincent Car witnessed the will proved in 1589 of William Gray the clerk of Albie. Vincent Carre died in June or July of 1598 in Alby and his first will 119 left his estate to his wife Agnes, sons Henry and George, and to his daughter Margery Allen and her 4 children 120. He allegedly made a subsequent will which left all of his estate to his son George 121.

Robert and Agnes Carre had children baptised in Lammas - Anne 1552, Edward 1556 and James 1569 before Agnes was buried there in 1569.


Henry Purlond 122 of Warham St. Mary Magdalene died in September or October of 1520 and his will left to several guilds and his wife Rose.

____ Purlond had the following children:

1. *Robert born about 1520;

2. Helen born about 1522 and who married Steven Knappe and had a son Robert baptised in Wells in 1548 and died and was buried there 27 March 1557; and

3. Margaret who married Nicholas Smeth.

Robert Purlond born about 1520 married Alice _____ in about 1544 and had at least the following children, likely all born in Warham [GnN]:

1. *Robert born about 1545 and married in about 1570 (see below);

2. Henry (Harry) born about 1547, married Ellen Dey 123 22 Sept. 1567 and had Alice in 1567, Robert in 1571 124, Henry in 1574/5, Thomas in 1577, Anne in 1582 and Benjamin in 1585 all baptised in Warham St. Mary and died in early1593 and his will 125 left to his wife Ellen, sons Henry, Thomas and Benjamin all under 21, son Robert under 28 and daughter Anne under 20;

3. Agnes who married Thomas Pope and had at least 4 children by 1571;

4. Ellen who married John Dey in late 1571 and had Helen 1576, Thomas 1578, William 1582. George 1584 and John 1590 in Warham; and

5. Katherine who married William Todd and had at least 3 children by 1571.

Robert Purlond died in about June 1555 and was buried in Warham and his will 126 left his land and possessions to his wife and 5 children. Alice Purlond died likely in 1574 127 and her will 128 left her land and possessions to her 5 children and various grandchildren and others including her cousin John Sprat who likely lived in Barney.


Robert Purlond 129 born about 1545, married Alice Selvester 130 18 Dec. [or Nov.] 1570 in Warham St. Mary [GnN] and had the following children baptised:

1. Henry twin with Andrew - 30 Nov. 1572 in Wells but buried 10 Nov.1572 [sic];

2. Andrew twin with Henry - 30 Nov. l572 in Wells but buried 10 Nov. 1572 131 [sic];

3. Robert 22 Nov. 1573 in Wells and may have been the Robert Purland of Warham St. Mary who married Anne Crickner of Fressingfield by lic. 18 Dec. 1596 but may have died before 1603 because he is not mentioned in his father’s will;

4. Helen 29 June 1576 in Wells but either died before 1603 or married William Tooley;

5. Alice 23 Nov. 1578 in Wells;

6. Barbara 13 Aug. 1581 in Wells;

7. John 132 15 March 1583/4 in Warham St. Mary but probably died before 1603;

8. *Jeremy 15 May 1586 in Warham St. Mary;

9. Martha 20 Jan. 1590/1 in Warham St. Mary; and

10. Thomasine 1 Mary 1593 in Warham St. Mary.

Robert Purland of Wells was listed in the Muster Rolls 19 Elizabeth [1577] 133 and was a Church Warden in Warham St. Mary from at least 1571 to at least 1598 134. He died in about March or April of 1603 and his will 135 left his estate to his wife Alice, son Jeremy under 24 and daughters Thomasine, Alice, Barbara and Martha Purland 136, his son-in-law William Tooley and his kinsman Robert Purland the younger.

Jeremy Purlond married Ann Framingham 21 May 1610 in Warham All Saints [GnN] and had the following children baptised in Warham St. Mary:

1. Anne 12 Sept. 1613 but likely died before 1623;

2. Edmund 15 March 1614/5 and is likely the Edmund Purlond who had several children baptised in Stiffkey with his wife Mary from 1637/8 - sons Framingham, Edmund in 1639 and Jeremy in 1640 and may have been the Edmund Purland who had administration of his estate granted 2 October 1669 to his son Framingham 137;

3. Robert 21 Oct. 1616;

4. Jeremy 21 Dec. 1617 and married Bridgit _____ 138 1 July 1644 139 in Thompson and had issue there in 1645 and 1646 and then in Warham St. Mary from 1648. He was buried 29 Oct. 1676 and Bridget 7 Feb. 1678/9 both in Thompson;

5. Framingham 20 Feb. 1619/20 in Warham All Saints and m. Anne ______ 140;

6. Robert 14 Oct. 1621;

*7. Anne 21 March 1623/4 - m. John Porter (see above);

8. Henry 17 June 1626; and

9. Elizabeth 6 Oct. 1627.

Jeremy was a Church Warden in Warham St. Mary in 1618. He likely also bought (or sold) land in Corpusty in June of 1627. He died 20 Juy 1666 and his will 141 gave all of his properties to his grand-children Framingham Purland and provided for the three children of his son Edmund - Robert, Mary and Anne. His wife Anne had died in 1643 according to the 1664 Visitation of Norfolk. The 1661 will 142 of Alice Symons of Edgefield left money to her brothers John and Robert Framingham of Stiffkey and referred to the children of her late sister Mrs. Purland.


Alice Silvester was born about 1548 and married Robert Purland in 1570 in Warham.

William Sylvester was married in Wells in 1563 to ____ and had at least the following child:

1. *Alice who received all of his estate on the death of her father and, as the only apparent surviving child, was made executor of his will 143.

Although there were no Silvesters in the Warham St. Mary registers they were present in nearby Wells, viz. Joane Silver was buried there in 1553, Margaret Silvester was buried there in 1555 and William Silvester married there in 1563 but was buried in Wells in 1571.


The Framinghams had, at least from the commencement of the parish registers in 1548, long been residents of Stiffkey 145 [GnN] in the NW of Norfolk. The 1523 Muster Returns record Edmund Framingham of Cockthorpe (a tenant of Sir Thomas Boleyn) who also held land in Binham, and John Framingham of Stiffkey (also a tenant of Sir Thomas Boleyn). An Edmund Framingham son of Christopher was baptised in Castle Rising [FbL] in 1579/80.

Edmund Framingham of Stiffkey married Margaret ____ and had, according to his will 146, at least the following children:

1. Elizabeth under 20 in 1549;

2. Edmund under 24 in 1549 and who may have been the Edmund Framingham of Stiffkey, adjoining Warham All Saints on the west, who had administration of his estate granted 22 March 1562/3 to Walter Fuller of Adlye (Hadly?) 147;

3. William who received his father’s land in Stiffkey;

4. *John (likely the John who follows) who received his father’s land in Hindringham; and

5. Thomas who likely married Johan ___ and died in September of 1559 in Stiffkey and who received his father’s land in Cockthorpe.

Edmund was likely the Edmund Framingham of Cockthorpe referred to in the 1523 Muster Returns noted above. He died sometime between 1549 and 1557.

John Framingham (b.c.1514) married Alice ______ in about 1538, likely in Stiffkey, and had at least the following children:

1. *Edmund (b.c.1539) who was to receive his father’s lands in Warham (see below);

2. Robert who likely the Robert Framingham of Stiffkey who left a will 148 in 1577 which referred to his wife Cecily and children Edmund, John and Rose and to his brother Edmund.

3. Rose who married George Feake and lived in Wyton (Wighton).

John was likely the John Framingham of Stiffkey referred to in the 1523 Muster Returns noted above. He died in July or August of 1552 in Stiffkey and his will 149 gave his son Edmund his land in Warham and provided for his wife Alice and other children Robert and Rose. Alice .......

Edmund Framingham 150 married Anne Spencer 4 July 1563 in Stiffkey and had at least the following children baptised in Warham All Saints:

1. [?] John 22 Dec. 1563;

*2. George 8 Nov. 1568 twin with Robert - m. Elizabeth Framingham;

3. Robert 8 Nov. 1568 twin with George, buried 6 Dec. 1568;


4. Alice 27 June 1576 and had a base-born son Edmund baptised 21 Dec. 1610;

5. Edmund 27 June 1577 but buried 24 Oct. 1577; and

6. Edmund 27 Apr. 1580 but buried 8 April 1582.

Edmund Framyngham was listed in the 1577-1581 Muster Rolls for Warham 151. The 1597 Subsidy Returns for “Marham” (clearly a typographical error for Warham) record an Edmond Framyngham with a huge amount of land. He died and was buried in Warham All Saints 6 June 1618 and his will 152 left his estate to his grandson Edmund Framingham but made provision for payments to Jeremy Purland and Ann his wife, another grandchild 153. Ann Framingham probably died 10 April 1629 in Warham All Saints.

George Framingham married Elizabeth Framingham [sic] 10 June 1588 in Warham All Saints by license 154 and had the following child baptised in Warham All Saints:

*1. Ann 8 July 1589 - m. Jeremy Purlond (see above).

Elizabeth the wife of George Framingham was buried in Warham All Saints 7 Sept. 1592/3.

George remarried sometime before 1605 to Mary (Akers? 155) and had at least the following additional children:

2. George baptised in Warham All Saints 1605/6 (he d. 1640 in Sedgeford);

3. John baptised in Warham All Saints 1608/9;

4. Robert baptised in Sedgeford 156 1611/2;

5.Francis baptised in Warham All Saints 1615 (he d. 1633/4 in Sedgeford);

6. William baptised in Sedgeford 1618 (he d. 1639/40);

7. Mary baptised in Sedgeford 1620/1; and

8. Thomas baptised in Sedgeford 14 Jan 1626/7 157.

Mary Framingham, the second wife of George, was buried 1626/7 in Sedgeford and George likely married again to Frances _____. George Framingham Senior died and was buried in Sedgeford 25 February 1638/9 158.

The 1619 nuncupative will 159 of Cecily Akers, widow of Sedgeford, (who was buried there 12 June 1619) gave all of her estate to her 5 grandchildren - George, John, Robert, Francis and William Framingham.

In North Walsham, George Framingham married Alice Ulf 7 June 15899 but he was buried there 7 October 1591 followed by the burial there of his daughters Elizabeth on 27 Dec. 1591 and Margaret on __ Feb. 1591/2. As there is no record of their baptism in North Walsham from 1563 to 1591 it is possible that they were children of an earlier marriage of George Framingham.


Anne Spenser was born about 1541 and married Edmund Framingham 4 July 1563 in Stiffkey. Their children from 1563 to 1580 were John (?), George, Robert, Alice and Edmund.

The following Richard Porter is clearly related, perhaps as a son of Francis and Dorothy or, less likely, John and Margaret - although if the latter it would explain the name Vincent being given to Richard’s son.

Richard Porter was born about 1565 160, married Bridget Smalewoode 161 11 Nov 1588 in Routon (Roughton) 162 [B164] and Richard had at least the following children 163:

1. Margaret - born ______ but buried in Colby [EpS] 164 23 October 1597;

*2. Vincent - baptised 21 August 1593 in Colby (although no name of father was provided) (see below);

3. Rebecca - baptised 29 December 1596 in Colby;

4. Christopher - baptised 28 February 1598/9 in Colby and possibly the Christopher Porter who married Joane Becket [C39] 12 February 1631/2 in Hainford (6 m. south of Colby) and lived in Stratton Strawless 165 until he died and was buried there 3 March 1658/9 and where he had at least 3 children baptised: Stephen 8 July 1632, Ann/Agnis 16 February 1634/5 and John 8 March 1639/40; and

5. Alice - baptised 20 April 1603 in Colby.


Bridget Porter was very likely the Bridget Porter, widow, who was buried in SouthRepps (adjoining Thorpe Market on the east) 1 January 1619/20 indicating that Richard had died before that date.


Had Bridget Porter the wife of Richard died sometime in or after 1598, Richard may have been the Richard Porter who married 28 Feb. 1602/3 in Gimingham (4 parishes NE of Colby) to Mary Skerrit/Skyritt [C61]. However, not only does this contradict the baptism of Alice in 1603, Mary Porter of Gimingham, widow, was buried there 24 March 1620/1 with a will that provided for her brothers Miles, Thomas, Mathew and Richard and her brother-in-law John Gubberd of Erpingham 166 with no mention of any children of her own. Nothing else is currently known about Richard Porter 167 who doesn’t appear to have left a will.


Vincent Porter, who was possibly 168 the Vincent Porter baptised in August 1593 in Colby and the son of Richard Porter and Bridget Smallwood, married in about 1619 to Elizabeth 169 [A100 ] and had at least the following children 170 baptised in Suffield 171:

1. Thomas 14 May 1620 - and apparently the sole surviving son 172;

2. Margerie 23 Feb. 1622/3;

3. Millicent 7 May 1626;

4. Anne 1 March 1628/9;

5. Mary 6 March 1630/1 but died and was buried 28 Aug. 1631;

6. Robert 18 Nov. 1632 but died and was buried 26 Nov. 1632;

7. Elizabeth 8 Feb. 1634/5; and

8. Robert 15 May 1638 but died and was buried 23 Sept. 1638.


Vincent’s wife, identified only as “the wife of Vincent Porter”, was buried in Suffield 30 November 1641. Vincent died after 1641 but no record of his burial has yet been located in Suffield or elsewhere.


He was likely the Vincent Porter who appeared as a Juror in the 1628 Colby Manor Court Rolls. The relationship between Vincent the son of Richard and Bridget and the other two Vincent Porters is, at this point, unclear.




Bridget Smallwood (born about 1564) married Richard Porter 11 Nov. 1588 in Roughton [EpN].


John Smallwood was the rector of Upton [Wal] and left a will in 1383. A John Smalwood was assessed on his goods and cattle in the 1522 Subsidy in Swanton Abbot [EpS], just to the south of North Walsham, and was the only Smallwood on the Doun Norfolk Transcriptions Site. Margaret Smallwood, likely his wife or daughter-in-law, was left a bequest in the 1551 will of her father Robert Woorme of Swanton Abbot. Margery Smallwood, widow, of Ingham [Hap. by Stalham] left a will in 1563 (NCC) which mentioned no children. A John Smalwood was buried in Tuttington [EpS] (just slightly west of Swanton Abbot) 25 Aug. 1560 and a Margaret Smalwood was buried there 7 Aug. 1566. Andrew and Edmund Smalwood, the sons of Thomas and Isobel, were baptised in 1570 in East Ruston (near Bacton) and Edmund Smallwood married Audry (?) Drake (?) there in 1569/70. John Smalwood of Bacton was buried there 4 Nov. 1569 and Alice Smalwood his widow was buried there 5 May 1587 and their wills were proved in 1569 and 1587 respectively. John Smallwood married Fortune Renigton in Yarmouth in 1589 (Boyds). There were Smallwoods in Dickleburgh from 1606.


William Smalewood (b.c. 1533) married Elizabeth Coles 173 6 July 1557 in Thorpe Market [EpN] and had the following child baptised there:

1. Alice 16 April 1558 but buried in Thorpe Market 24 March 1558/9.

It is likely that Elizabeth Coles died shortly after the birth or death of her daughter Alice.


William Smallwood married Margery Stevenson 4 September 1559 in Southrepps (which adjoins Thorpe Market on the NE) and, as they appear to have had no issue baptised there, they were likely the parents of the following baptised in Thorpe Market:

2. *Bridget 21 April 1560 - m. Richard Porter (see above);

3. William 4 January 1562/3 and was likely the William Smallwood who married Johan Hall 12 January 1588/9 in Southrepps (which adjoins Thorpe Market on the NE) and had at least a daughter Ruth baptised there in 1591 and/or the William Smallwood who had a son William baptised in Alby in 1609/10 (Christabelle Smallwood was buried there 1628); and

4. Johan 1 Oct 1567.

Margerie Smalewood “the wife of William Smalewood” was buried in Thorpe Market 11 April 1577. William Smalewood was buried in Thorpe Market 12 May 1577. No probate documentation has yet been located for William.

There were no Smallwoods in the 1597 Subsidy Taxes for Thorpe Market.


A William Smalewood was buried in Irstead [Tun] 22 March 1591/2 and administration of his estate was granted to Thomas Smallwood, likely his eldest son 174. William and his wife Helen had two children baptised in Irstead in 1590 and 1591 but both died as infants and Helen the wife died a week after the burial of their son John in 1591/2, to be followed by William the husband 1½ months later 175.

Thomas Smallwood of Honing died in about 1607 and administration of his estate was granted 25 April 1607 to his son Andrew 176. A Margery Smallwood of Ingham [Hap] left a will in 1564 which including a gift to her godson Robert Calke.


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