A John Ede of Bittering Parva a.k.a. Bittrum [Lau] had a will probated in 1504 2 and he and his wife Katherine may have been an ancestor of the following.

John Eade (b.c. 1508) married Mary ____ abt. 1530 and had at least the following children probably all in Scarning [Lau] 3, two parishes south of Bittering:

1. Clement b. c. 1531, married Mary Stalworthy 6 August 1553 in Little Fransham [Lau] 4 (adjoining Scarning) and had a daughter Agnes who was likely born in 1554 and was left a bequest in the 1556 will of John Stalworthy of Little Fransham and 7 children baptised in Scarning [Lau] - Richard 1556 d. 1556, Lucy 1558, Clement a daughter 1561, Margery 1564, Etheldred 1566, Richard 1569 and Lucy 1571 - before he died and, as Clement Eade of Scarning, was buried in Docking [Smi] 9 April 1590 5;

2. A daughter - name unknown;

3. *John b. 24 Feb. 1541/2 in Scarning; and

4. Elizabeth b. 27 March 1546 in Scarning.

John Ede died and was buried in Scarning 24 August [sic but likely September] 1546 and his will 6 left his estate to his wife Mary, his eldest son Clement, his youngest son John and his youngest daughter Elizabeth, all under 17. Mary Eade was buried in Scarning 30 Oct. 1560.

John Eade (born 1541/2) married, firstly, Agnes _______ in about 1566 and had the following children:

1. Henry born abt. 1567 in ? and married 7 May 1609 in Whitwell [Eyn] to Elizabeth Cupper;

2. Margaret/Margery baptised 12 November 1569 in Scarning and married _____ Howes;

3. Crispian/Christian baptised 21 Sept 1572 in Great Witchingham [Eyn] 7 and married in Sall [Eyn - just 2 parishes N. of Great Witch.] 25 Oct 1601 to Matthew Deering;

4. Mary baptised 30 January 1574/5 in Great Witchingham and married John Harper 13 Jan. 1599/1600 in Suffield [EpN], although they had no issue there;

5.* Clement baptised 27 January 1576/7 in Great Witchingham and married Anne ____ (see below);

6. John 8 born abt. 1579; and

7. Thomas born abt. 1581.

Agnes Eade died and was buried 11 July 1581 in Great Witchingham.

John Eade married, secondly, Good Tyler 20 October 1581 in Great Witchingham and had the following children 9:

8. Robert baptised 24 January 1587/7 in Whitwell (adjoinging Great Witchingham on the NW) but died and buried in Whitwell 1 Feb. 1586/7;

9. Agnes/Anne baptised 23 April 1587 in Great Witchingham and married 11 June 1610 in Whitwell to Jonas Fuller;

10. Samuel baptised 14 Sept 1589 in Whitwell;

11. Richard baptised 5 February 1591/2 in Whitwell;

12. William baptised 2 March 1593/4 in Whitwell;

13. Easter baptised 3 April 1596 in Whitwell but died and was buried 26 May 1596 in Whitwell;

14.Edmund baptised _____? but died and was buried 8 August 1600 in Whitwell; and

15. Edward baptised 29 February 1602/3 in Whitwell.

A John Ede witnessed the will of Edward Whight of Shipdam, adjoining Scarning on the S.S.E. made 18 June 1586 and proved in 1590.

John Eade, millwright 10, died and was buried in Great Witchingham 25 September 1608 and his will 11, made 13 May 1608 and proved 5 October 1608, left his estate in Great Witchingham and Whitwell 12 to his wife Good and his 12 children Henry, Anne, Margaret Howes, Crispian Dearing, Mary Harper, Clement, Samuel, John, Richard, William, Thomas and Edward.

Good Eade died and was buried in Great Witchingham 19 December 1608, just 3 months after her husband.

Clement Eade (b. 1576/7 in Gt. Witchingham) married Anne ____ in about 1603 and Clement and Anne had at least the following children:

1. Clement b.c. 1604 and likely married Ellen Goodwin 21 April 1628 in Blofield next Hemblington where he was the “Gardian” (Churchwarden) in 1630 and 1631;

2. Elizabeth - b.c. 1606? and married ____ to Thomas Pratt although widowed by 1653 13 and had at least a son Clement;

3. Alice bapt. 15 January 1608/9 in Wells [GnN] and married ___ to John Pratt [sic]; and

4. *William - bapt. 24 September 1610 in Wells (see below).

Like his father, Clement was a millwright by trade and owned properties in Great Yarmouth, Paston and Mundesley [EpN] (next to Paston) where he was living at the time of his will in 1654. He and his wife also lived in Wells where at least two of their children were baptised in 1608/9 and 1610. He died about 20 May 1654, probably in Mundesley 14, and his will 15 left his lands in Mundesley and Paston to his son William for life and then to his grandson Clement, and his property in Great Yarmouth to his wife Anne, who was to be executrix. He made no provision for his other children. Ann 16 died in Mundesley in 1658 and her will 17 left her properties (including the tenement in Great Yarmouth) to her two daughters Elizabeth and Alice and her son Clement, on condition that he release any claim he might have against the will of Clement his father.

William Eade married Hellein Roote 16 June 1636 in Martham 18 [FgW] and had the following children baptised:

1. Anne - 20 April 1637 in Upton [Wal] (although the mother is not named);

2. Good 19, a daughter - 29 June 1640 in Hemblington 20 [Wal] but buried there 19 July 1640;

3. *Clement - 2 July 1640 [sic] in Hemblington and married Frances Clarke (see below); and

4. Ellen - 2 July 1640 in Hemblington - twin to Clement.

William died 21 ____? There were three Eades recorded in the 1664 Norfolk Hearth Tax - a Mrs. [Elizabeth widow of George] in Mundford [Grm] 22, William in Paston 23 and William in Cromer.

Clement Eade married Frances Clarke 24 20 February 1665/6 in Great Yarmouth 25 and had at least the following children:

1.* Susan Eades baptised 8 April 1666 in Great Yarmouth, married Joseph Barcham/Bauchin 1 December 1691 in Edingthorpe, and died 1 March 1696/7 aged 24 years according to the Monumental Inscription in the Toft Monks Parish churchyard (although she was 30);

2. Ellin baptised 29 May 1667 in Witton 26;

[10 year gap]

3. Richard baptised 27 May 1677 in Edingthorpe but buried there 29 June 1677; and

4. Mirial baptised ? but buried in Edingthorpe 8 Oct. 1677.

He likely also had a surviving son because the will of John Barcham of Toft Monks, the son of Joseph Barcham and Susan Eades, left a fourth of his estate to his cousin Robert Eade.

Clement Eades was buried in Edingthorpe 27 Dec. 1709 27, his wife Frances having been buried there 8 Sept. 1700.

An Ann Eades married in Edingthorpe in 1715 to Thomas Woolsey of Bradfield. No other Eade[s] were found in the Edingthorpe TR. There were Eades in Toft Monks in the early 1700s including Robert (1721-1774) and his wife Sarah (1732-1763) and in adjacent Haddiscoe Robert (1697-1770) and his wife Mary (d. 1741) had at least two children - Robert and Sarah.

Earlier, there were Eades in Sidestrand from at least the start of the parish registers in 1558:

George Eades married Johan ____ and had at least the following children baptised in Sidestrand:

1. William buried in Sidestrand 1558/9

2. Margery 1560;

3. Katherine 1562; and

4. Amie 1567.

Agnes Eades who had an illegitimate child Richard buried in Sidestrand 17 Feb. 1589/90 was likely another child of George and Johan.

George Eades died and was buried in Sidestrand 6 December 1607 and Johan, his widow, died and was buried there 16 June 1613.


Mary Camplin was born about 1604 and married Bartholomew Ferrier 30 Nov. 1626 in Great Yarmouth.

John Camplin had a daughter Margaret who married in 1560 in Little Barningham to Richard Boleyn of Horstead and the Agmes Camplyn who married there the same year to Robert Grick was likely another daughter of John’s. Also in Little Barningham, Joane Camplin, widow, was buried in 1574 and William Camplin had his children Andrew, William, Robert and Agnes baptised from 1592 to 1601 before he was buried there in 1602. The Joan Camplyn, widow, who married Henry Drury in Little Barningham in 1603 was likely his widow.

A John Camplion was a landowner in Bacton, Keswick, Broomholm and Witton in 1328-9 [2 Edward III] and granted lands to the convent in Broomholm 30. A William Camplyng of Oulton next Aylsham left a will in 1536 31 which referred to his godson William Campling, his son Henry and his nephew John Campling.

Simon Camplyon of North Walsham left his estate to his sons Thomas and Mark in 1469 32 and directed that he buried in Trunch.

According to Arthur Campling’s East Anglian Pedigrees 33 the following pedigree can be constructed.

Clement Camplyon of North Walsham died in 1477 leaving a will 34 and had at least two sons:

1. *Thomas Camplyn (see below); and

2. Clement Camplyon who married Alice ___ and died in Barningham Parva in June of 1521 leaving a will 35 which left all of his estate to his wife.

Thomas Camplyn of North Walsham married Katherine ____ 36 and they had at least two sons:

1. *Roger (see below); and

2. Thomas who married Mary ___ and died in North Walsham in 1542 leaving a will 37 which left all of his estate to his wife.

Thomas Senior died in [? but prior to 1516] and his wife Katherine Camplin of North Walsham, widow, died in 1516, leaving her estate to her son Thomas 38.

Roger Camplyn died in Edingthorpe 18 August 1540 and his will 39 left his estate to his children 1.* William b.c. 1508,

2. John 40 and

3. Katheryne.

Roger was predeceased by his son

4. Edmund who died, unmarried, in 1525 and as Edmund Camplyne of Bacton by Bromeholme left a will in 1525 41 which gave money for various religious purposes with the residue to his father Roger Camplyn.

William Camplin married Isabella ___ in about 1535 and had the following children: 42

1. Godfrey Camplion - married c. 1559 to Beatrice the widow of William Linstead 43 of Edingthorpe (who died in 1559 in Edingthorpe) and was buried in Edingthorpe 23 Jan. 1567/8, his widow remarrying to John Kempe of Buxton. Godfrey’s will 44 left his estate to his wife Beatrix, his father William, his mother, brother James, sisters Agnes and Katherine, daughter Alice (who married Stephen Bentley 13 Nov. 1592), Thomas Linstead the son of his wife Beatrix, Edmund Camplion and Edmund’s son Richard and Nicholas Linstead, who was another son of Beatrix;

2. *Edmund born about 1542 - see below;

3. William - married Margaret Cherrie [or Chenie] 18 Feb. 1570/1 in Edingthorpe, had at least a daughter Marie who was buried 13 July 1574 and then, after Margaret’s death 22 March 1592/3, probably remarried 18 Jan. 1594/5 in Edingthorpe to Elizabeth Lodge;

4. Agnes who probably died between 1568 and 1596;

5. Alice who was still single in 1596 45;

6. Katherine; and

7. James 46.

William died 1567/8 [?] 47 and Isabella was buried in Edingthorpe 8 April 1572.

Edmund Camplin (b.c. 1542) married Margaret ________ in about 1565 48 and had at least the following children:

1. Richard born about 1566 49;

2. *William born about 1568 50, married Alice Calke in 1591 and was buried in Edingthorpe 9 Jan. 1637/8 and his line continued the Camplin of Edingthorpe lineage (see below);

3. *Robert - baptised in Edinghtorpe 20 August 1570 51 and married Cicely Clarke (see below);

4. Mary - baptised in Edinghtorpe 10 April 1572 and married John Stearne, gent of Skeyton, in Edingthorpe 20 Nov. 1600 52;

5. Cicely born about 1580 and married Robert Dennis 18 Oct.1602 in Edingthorpe; and

6. John who was buried 18 December 1633 in Edingthorpe 53.

Edmund Camplyn was a witness to the 1559 will of Margaret Call of Edingthorpe.

Edmund Camplin died and was buried in Edingthorpe 22 August 1596 and his will 54 disbursed his assets, including property in Edingthorpe, Paston and Bacton, to his wife Margaret, his siblings Alice Camplyne and William Camplyne, his 5 children - Robert, Cicely, Mary, William and John and to his grandson Richard. Margaret Camplinne, his widow, was buried 25 April 1615 55 in Edingthorpe.

Robert Camplin (born in Edingthorpe August 1570 son of Edmund and Margaret) married Cicely Clark (born in Edingthorpe March 1572/3 daughter of Robert and Dorothy - see below) 6 August 1599 in Edingthorpe and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. Prudence - 4 May 1600 but died and was buried 3 June 1600;

2. Edmund - 18 August 1601 who likely died before 1645;

3. *Mary - 10 February 1603/4 and married Bartholomew Ferrior 30 November 1626 in Great Yarmouth (see above) 56; and

4. Emma - 27 April 1609 and married William Thirloe in Edingthorpe 11 Nov. 1633.

Cicely Camplin, the wife of Robert, died and was buried in Edingthorpe 28 April 1634.

Robert Camplinne died and was buried in Edingthorpe 10 April 1645 and it appears from the Gimingham Manor Court Rolls 57 that he left no will but, in any event, the record shows that his property went to his daughter Mary the wife of Bartholomew Ferrier of Great Yarmouth.

William Camplin (b.c.1568 son of Edmund and Margaret) married Alice Calke 58 17 October 1591 in Edingthorpe and had at least the following:

1. Richard - baptised in Edingthorpe 8 Jan. 1592/3 but died before 1595;

2.* Richard - baptised in Edingthorpe 3 Nov. 1595 and married Anne ____ (see below);

[3. Thomas - born about 1597 and whose lineage based in North Walsham continues in the East Anglian Pedigrees entry;

4. George - born about 1599, who married Susan ___ , had at least two sons Edmund and William and was buried in North Walsham 8 Nov. 1694]; and

5. [Emma baptised 24 May 1601 in Witton daughter of William Campling?]

William Camplin was buried in Edingthorpe 9 January 1637/8 59 having earlier conveyed his 2 acres of land and tenement to his son Richard on 3 May 1636 60. Alice Camplin, widow ..... 61

Richard Camplin (b. 3 Nov. 1595) married Anne ___ in about 1617 and had at least the following children baptised in Edingthorpe 62:

1. *Susanna - 27 March 1618 and married Simon Clark 10 November 1636 (see below);

2. Elizabeth - 29 June 1623;

3. Edmund - 16 April 1626; and

4. William - 10 July 63 1629 but buried there 10 August 1635.

Richard Campling of Edingthorpe was enumerated in the 1642-3 Protestation Returns and was the only Camplin/Campling in the parish.

Richard Camplen was buried in Edingthorpe 23 February 1656/7 64 and an Ann Camplen was buried in Edingthorpe 16 May 1660.

Earlier, a Edward Champlyn died in Great Yarmouth and administration of his estate was granted to his relict Margaret 14 January 1555/6 65.


There was a significant presence of Clarkes in Mundesley where John and Agnes Clarke had Edmund, William, John (1556) and Agnes (1573) and Robert and Margaret Clarke had Thomas, Alice and Robert in 1557. Additionally, Robert Clarke of Trimingham left a will 66 in 1536 which provided for his wife Margaret and children William, Robert, Anne, Cicely and Dorothy and Robert Clarke of Trimingham (likely his son) married Margaret Beden 26 Feb. 1564/5 in Sidestrand.

Humphrey Clarke of Bacton had an administration granted 22 January 1588 to his wife Margerie 67 and he, or a son with the same name, had at least 8 children baptised in Bacton from 1575 to 1585 - Elizabeth 68, Margaret 1575 but baptised in Walcott, Thomas 1576, Edmund 1578, Humphrey 1581, William 1583, Margery 1585 and another Humphrey? in 1585. Margerie Clerk of Broomholme (Bacton), likely the widow of Humphrey, had administration of her estate granted 17 Dec. 1603 to her son Thomas 69.

Thomas Clarke (b.c. 1510) married Cecily Simpson (see ?) in about 1535 and had the following children, order uncertain:

1. Margerie (b.c.1536) who had married George Wortes and had several children (Adam, Erasmus, Anne and Margaret m. Sadler) by 1567, before George was buried in Edingthorpe 20 July 1575 with a will 70 that left all to his wife Margerie. Margerie died in about 1605 and her will 71 left to her son Erasmus, daughter Margaret and to the children of her deceased son Adam;

2. Elizabeth who was still single in 1567 but likely married Nicholas Thompson before 1597;

3. Alice (b.c. 1541) who married William Nuttell Feb. 1562/3 in Thorpe Market 72 and had at least a daughter Cecily by 1567, a son John who was baptised in Thorpe Market 11 January 1562/3 and two others - Alice and William - before 1597;

4. Margaret who married Edmund Ketcham/Kechem. had at least one child by 1567 73 and was widowed by 1597;

5. *Robert born about 1542 (see below);

6.* David (or Davey) born about 1558 (see below);

7. Thomas and was likely the Thomas Clarke of Edingthorpe who died intestate with administration of his estate granted 8 December 1571 74 to his brother Robert Clarke of Edingthorpe;

8. Bridgette who, as the servant of William Drake, was buried in Witton 20 April 1567 and as Bridget Clarke of Witton, single, left a will in 1567 75; and

9. Cicely who married ____ Leeche between 1567 and 1597 when she died leaving a will 76 which referred to her surviving siblings and their children.

Thomas Clark died ____(before 1560 if in Edingthorpe and certainly before 1564 77) with a will 78 and Cecily Clark died and was buried in Edingthorpe 15 July 1564 and her will 79 provided for her 9 children.

Robert Clark (b.c. 1542) the first son of Thomas and Cecily married Dorothy Dick 10 June 1566 in Edingthorpe and had at least a daughter (probably named Dorothy) before 1567 but Dorothy the mother died and was buried in Edingthorpe 14 July 1568.

Robert Clark (b.c. 1542) then married Joanna Hill 28 May 1571 in Edingthorpe and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. *Cicely - 1 March 1572/3 and married Robert Camplin 6 August 1599 [see above];

2. Margaret - 13 March 1574/5; and possibly married Clement Reede 15 July 1605 in Bacton and had at least three children baptised in Bacton from 1605 to 1612 - Henry, Anne and Martha; and

3. Richard - 29 February 1576 (NS) 80.

Robert Clark died _____? and Joanna died ____? 81

David (or Davey) Clark (b.c. 1558) the second son of Thomas and Cicely married Margerie Bonde 82 12 Feb. 1586/7 in Edingthorpe and had the following had children baptised there 83:

1. William 12 Jan. 1588/9 and received a bequest in the will of his uncle Richard Bonde in 1618 84, married Anne ____ and had at least five children - William, Thomas and John born before and still alive in 1636, Mary 1637 and David 1641, and was the William Clark buried in Edingthorpe 2 May 1645 85;

2. Emma 23 Aug. 1590, married Richard Helsden 1 May 1627 in Edingthorpe but seems to have had no children before 1636;

3. John 2 Apr. 1592 and died and was buried in Edingthorpe 25 Nov. 1646, as John Clarke Sr., apparently un-married, and his will 86 made in 1636 left his land in Edingthorpe to god-daughter Mary Walgrice and money to his 6 brothers and 2 sisters and their children;

4. David born ? and probably the David Clarke who married Cecilia Wakefield 15 Jan. 1628/9 in Edingthorpe, and had at least 3 children before 1636; and

5. Frances 5 Nov. 1599 87 and likely married Samuel Wilgrice as she is referred to as “sister Wilgrace” in the 1636 will of her brother John and had at least three children baptised in Honing - Mary 1633, Helen 1634 and Samuel 1635;

Margerie died between ? and 1595 88.

David Clark then married Cicely _____ c. 1595 and had at least the following children baptised in Edingthorpe:

6. Thomas - 9 October 1596 and married Johanna _____ and had a son David in 1624 in Edingthorpe who was buried in Edingthorpe 3 Feb. 1648/9, and is likely the Thomas Clarke, Sr. who was buried 16 Feb. 1670/1 in Edingthorpe;

7. Humphry - 19 August 1600 and still alive by 1636 and had at least 5 children - John, Thomas, Emme, Margaret and Betteris - by then;

8.*Simon - 30 October 1602 and married 10 November 1636 to Susanna Camplyn (see below);

9. Margery - 3 February 1604/5, married Henry Shreeve 25 July 1632 in Edingthorpe and had at least 4 children baptised there - John 1633, Katherine 1635, Frances 1637 and William 1639; and

10. John - 21 January 1606/7 and still alive in 1645.

David Clark died and was buried in Edingthorpe 28 August 1626 and his will 89 left his estate in Edingthorpe, Bacton and Paston to his 9 children - John the elder, William, David, Frances, Emme, Margerie, Simon, John the younger and Thomas. Cicely likely pre-deceased him.

Simon Clark (b.c 1602) married Susanna Camplyn (b.1618 - see above) 10 November 1636 90 in Edingthorpe and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. *Frances - 11 October 1637 and married [?] Clement Eade 20 February 1664/5 in Great Yarmouth before moving to Edingthorpe between 1666 and 1677;

2. Muriel (Clearke) - 26 April 1640;

3. Richard - 23 January 1641/2 and may have married Anne _ who was buried in Edingthorpe 18 March 1669/70;

4. Anna - 22 July 1645;

5. Benjamin - 13 February 1647/8 but likely died before 1654;

6. Samuel - 18 April 1650 but likely died before 1656;

7. Benjamin - 12 May 1654 and married Margaret Ward 23 Feb. 1679/80 in Edingthorpe;

8. Samuel - 18 August 1656; and

9. William - 14 December 1658 but buried there 14 December 1658.

Symon Clarke died and was buried 24 April 1659 in Edingthorpe and Susanna _____?


Cicely Simpson married Thomas Clarke in about 1532 and had at least three boys - Robert, David, and Thomas and six girls - Margery, Elizabeth, Alice and Margaret, Bridget and Cecily.

John Simpson (b.c. 1485) married Margaret _____ in about 1510 and had at least the following children likely baptised in Edingthorpe:

1. *Cecily (b.c. 1512) who married Thomas Clarke in about 1535 (see above);

2. Johan who married John Tocke/Tuck/Took; and

3. Alice who married Peter Clowydon/Claidon/Claydon 91 and had at least a daughter Margaret by 1564.

John died in December of 1541 and his will 92 left his assets to his wife Margaret and, including an amount owing him from Thomas Clarke, to his three daughters Cicely Clarke, Johan Tocke and Alice Clowydon. Margaret died after 1541.

ROOTE/WROTTE 93 - Flegg West 100

Hellein (Helen) Roote was baptised 19 February 1608/9 and married William Eade 16 June 1636 in Martham 94 and their four children were, in order, Anne, Good, Clement and Ellen (see above).


There were Roots in Swanton Morley [Lau] from 1570 to 1610 (families of Edmund and Richard) (NFHS). William Roote had four children baptised or buried in Litcham [Lau], which is within the ambit of Martham, from 1597 to 1601 - Thomas, Richard 95, Thomas and George and another [or the same?] William Roote had twin daughters baptised in Hockering [Mit] in 1605 - Alice and Anne (NFHS). William Roote, a servant to Mary Berney and likely of Langley [Lod], was mentioned in her will of 1652 (PCC). There were also Rootes in Costessey in the 1550s.


There was a significant presence of Wrottes or Wrootes in Mundham from the 1400s and the 1597 Subsidy Rolls show both William and Robert there being assessed on their goods.

William Wrote of Mundham left a will in 1499 which provided for his wife Margaret and his nephew Robert Wrote.

Robert Wroote of Mundam left a will in 1535 which provided for his sons Robert, John and William and referred to his lands in Mundham, Seething and Sisland which were formerly of his uncle William Wroote.


Robert Wrote of Hardly [Lod] left a will in 1479 ..

Margaret Wroote widow of Poringland Magna [Hen] left a will in 1520...

John Wroote Sr. of Seething left a will in 1533...

John Wroote of Brooke [Clv] left a will in 1556...

John Wrote of Mundham left a will in 1561...

William Wratt (Wroote) Sr. of Mundam left a will in 1565...

Katherine Wroote widow of Brooke left a will in 1571...

John Wroot of Mundham had administration of his estate granted in 1614 ...

Robert Wroot of Mundham left a will in 1616 ...

William Wroot of Shotesham left a will in 1616 ...


John Wroote of Mautby 96 [FeE], four parishes to the south of Martham and near Caistor and Yarmouth, left a will 97 in 1559 which provided for his wife Bridgett 98, son Robert 99, daughter Christian, nephew William Wroote and nephew William Swelling. He had significant lands holdings in and near Bungay and leased a number of marshes and Mautby Hall from the Pastons. He also owned land in Stockton [Clv] about four parishes west of Bungay. According to the Visitation of London in 1664 100 he was descended from John, Robert and William Wrote of Seding (likely Seething in Loddon 100) adjacent to the parish of Mundham in Norfolk.


Robert Road had the following baptised or buried in Rollesby, immediately south of Martham:

William Roode buried 7 August 1564;

Cicely baptised 10 September 1581.

Robert Road was buried in Rollesby 27 October 1598.


Also in Rollesby-

Alice Road, widow, was buried 17 January 1611/2,

Joane Road, widow, was buried 28 October 1571,

Robert [-]Roote (?) married Alice Bolles 30 October 1569 101 and

Margery Rode (?) married William Brittingham 16 January 1569/70.


Anne Roote (b.c. 1585?) married Miles Coy 23 October 1608 in Rollesby and they had at least 5 children from 1609 - Thomas 1609, Francis 1611 d.1611/2, William 1615 d.1616, George 1618 d.1618, Amy 1623 d.1623 etc.


*Christopher Roote 102 (b.c. 1575 103), single man, married Margaret Butcher 104, single woman, in Martham [FgW] 29 June 1601 and had the following children baptised or buried 105:

1. John b.? but buried in Martham 30 April1602 106; and

2. Elizabeth baptised in Martham 2 Feb.1603/4 107 and married 18 May 1626 in Martham to Thomas Benslen and had at least two daughters Anne 1628/9 and Margaret 1630/1 in Martham.

Margaret, the wife of Christopher Roote, died and was buried in Martham 22 April 1605.


Christopher then married Susan Coote 108 in about August of 1605 109 and they had the following children:

3. Richard baptised in Martham 18 May 1606 and was probably the Richard Roote who married Prudence Simpson 10 July 1632 in Earsham where they had at least Richard 1632/3, Alice 1634/5, Susan 1637, Prudence 1638, Katherine 1640, Elizabeth 1641 and an un-named daughter in 1644;

4. John baptised in Martham 10 June1607 but buried in Martham 2 December 1607; and

5. * Helen baptised in West Somerton 19 February 1608/9 and married William Eade 16 June 1636 in Martham (see above).

Susan, the wife of Christopher, must have died shortly after her father Thomas Coote made his will in June of 1610 110, although there is no entry for her burial in the Martham transcripts.


Christopher then married Susan Barnby 111 (b.c. 1572) 24 August 1610 in Martham and they had the following child:

6. John baptised in Martham 21 April 1611 and married Margaret Williamson 29 October 1632 in Martham and had at least 7 children baptised there from 1633 to 1651 (Susan 1633 d.1635/6, Robert 1635 d.1635, Christopher 1636/7 d.1637/8, Mary 1642/3, Elizabeth 1645, Susan 1647 and Martha 1650/1) before he died in 1660 112. His widow Margaret was likely the Margaret Roote who married 11 May 1663 in Martham to Thomas Greene.


Susan Roote died _____ ? There was no burial of a Christopher or Susan Roote or Road in Martham.


Christopher Roote may have been the Christopher Road 113 who had a daughter Anne baptised in Rollesby, the parish immediately to the south of Martham, 10 Dec. 1620 before Christopher was buried 21 April 1623 in Rollesby 114.


Although Christopher was the only Roote in Martham there were several generations of Roo (or Roe) resident there from the beginning of the parish registers, viz. William died in 1591 leaving a will 115.




William Coote 116of Upton married Katherine ____ in about 1500 and had at least the following children all born before 1524:

1. Richard;

2. John;

3. Robert;

4. Christopher;

5. Edmund;

6. Alice;

7. Katherine; and

8. Margaret who married ____ Whitt.

William died in 1548 with a will 117 which provided for his wife and children.


*Thomas Coote 118 (b.c.1545) married Alice Adams (b.c. 1547) 30 April 1570 in Rollesby and they had at least the following children 119:

1. *Susan baptised 22 January 1570/1 120 in Martham and married Christopher Roote of Martham in about August of 1605 (see above). She received a bequest in the 1604 will of Robert Roo of Martham, oddly as the first gift preceding those to his wife, children and other family;

2. Jane baptised 23 February 1572/3 in Martham and married Richard Constable of Great Yarmouth;

3. Richard born ? but buried in Martham 26 June 1575;

4. Sarah baptised 3 August 1576 in Martham but buried there 6 July 1578;

5. John baptised 2 February 1577/8 in Martham but buried there 10 February 1577/8; and

6. John baptised 8 November 1579 in Martham, a blacksmith like his father and who died and was buried 16 July 1621 in Beccles St. Michael, Suffolk 121.

Thomas was a blacksmith. The 1625 will of Nicholas Coates of Martham requested that Thomas Coattes assess the multiple properties that Nicholas was gifting to his children.

Thomas Coote of Martham 122 died in the first few days of June 1610 and his will 123 provided for his wife Alice, his son John and his two daughters Jane and Susan and their children.

Alice Coote, widow, was buried 26 January 1614/5 in Beccles St. Michael, Suffolk.




Alice Adams was born about 1555 and married Thomas Cote 30 April 1570 in Rollesby. Their children were, in order, Susan, Jane, Richard, Sarah, John and John.


The only Adams in the general area who left a will in the applicable period was Peter Adams of Burgh St. Peter whose 1577 will (NCC) left to the four children he had with his deceased wife ____ Robson - John, Simon, Elizabeth and Margaret, and to his then wife Olive and the three

children he had with her - Peter, Ann and Henry.




*Joanna Hill was born about 1550 and married Robert Clarke 28 May 1571 in Edingthorpe

(see above). Except for the baptism in 1580 of Thomas Hill the illegitimate son of Alice Hill (who may have been a sister of Joanna), there were no Hills in the Edingthorpe Parish Registers from 1569 to 1600 or in the NRO Probate Indexes so they likely originated elsewhere.




In the 1332 Subsidy Rolls, a Roger att Calk is recorded in the parish of Southrepps [EpN] and the 1493 Gimingham Manor Court records refer to land “formerly of Robert Calke, bondsman of the Lord in Northrepps” 125 and a Calke was on the Southrepps Jury in 1497. Thomas Calke of Northrepps left a will 126 in 1466 (although the NRO gives the date as 1469) which referred to his wife Cecily, daughter Cecily, son Robert and uncle Reginald Calke. Cecily Calke of Northrepps, widow, left a will 127 in 1476 and Robert Calk of Northrepps, likely her son, left a will 128 in 1487 which referred to his sister Cecily Bowker, widow. Reginald Calke of Southrepps left a will 129 in 1480 which referred to Thomas Calk of Witton formerly Bromholme. In fact, all the early Calke wills, until that of Thomas Calke of Paston in 1604, were from Northrepps and Southrepps 130. There were Calkes in Sidestrand in 1497 where they performed Wickmer duties (reaping) for the Manor 131. A suit dated 1538-1544 concerning land in Tunstead and involving John Calke and his wife Sybill (nee Note) is filed at the National Archives (c1/967/1). A Culke of Hemsby left a will in 1575. John Colck (sic) [sic] married Katherine Bishopp 16 Nov. 1548 in Lammas with Hautbois. Robert Calke of Smallburgh [Tun] about five parishes to the south of Paston was referred to in a 1577 document 132 and left a will in 1608 133 providing for his wife Ellen and his three daughters, including Elizabeth Clark, and his grand-daughter Tollwyne. Bartholomew Calke occurred in a 1397 list of Plaintiffs and Defendants in the Gimingham Manor Court proceedings 134.


Thomas Calke of Witton was the witness to a land transaction in 1481 involving, inter alia, Gunton and Edingthorpe 135. An inventory of the lands and goods of Thomas Calke of Paston (which included his one year old son William!) and Henry Calke of Bacton was done in 1562 and is available at the National Archives, Kew and published in V.19 p.12 of Norfolk Archaeology (as “The Last of the Bondmen in a Norfolk Manor”) and in History of An East Anglian Soke, both by Christobel Hoare.


John Calke of Paston was a bondsman of the King and assessed as such in the Gimingham Manor Court Rolls of 1511-12 136 and as a member of a jury of bondmen in Gimingham Manor in 1529 137 and a John Calke served on a 1553 commission respecting Gimingham park 138.


There were Kelkes in Lammas from at least the 1490s (they also held land in Scottow and Skeyton) and in the area surrounding Kings Lynn.


Thomas Kolke was the parson of Edingthorpe for at least the period 1540 to 1542 and during that time witnessed at least four wills of residents of the parish. The name Kolke is almost certainly the same as Calke. Since the first son of Henry, below, was named Thomas it is possibly that this Thomas Kolke may have been the father of Henry Calke who follows.


Henry Calke (b.c. 1536 139) married Elizabeth ______ in about 1555 and had the following children:

1. Em[ily] baptised in Paston 25 November 1555.

2. Cicely baptised in Bacton 10 December 1559 140;

3.*Alice Calke baptised in Bacton 9 January 1561/2 and married William Camplin 17 October 1591 in Edingthorpe (see above); and

4. Prudence baptised in Bacton 29 January 1563/4 and married William Empson 28 April 1588 in Bacton 141.


Elizabeth Calk, who was likely the wife of Henry, was buried in Bacton 20 Feb. 1563/4.


Henry Calke (b.c. 1536) married, secondly, Margery Fermerye (b.c.1541), the widow of William Fermerye (see above) on 18 January 1567/8 in Witton and had the following children 142 baptised in Bacton:

5. Thomas 5 March 1569/70 143 who married Grace Fenn 31 April 1601 in Bacton and had issue there;

6. John 5 March 1571/2;

7. Gertrude 11 July 1574 who had an illegitimate son John baptised in Bacton 21 Jan. 1598/9 and married Robert Francis of Rockland 22 Jan. 1598/9 in Bacton, the bride from Keswick;

8. Margaret 28 Nov. 1578;

9. Beatrix 28 Nov. 1578; and

10. William 20 January 1583/4 who possibly married Elizabeth West in November 1608 at Bacton 144 and likely was the William who held land in Paston in trust for the maintenance of the parish church in 1609, witnessed the will of Dorothy Mulson of Paston in 1615 and the will of Robert Cook of Paston in 1636, and may have been the William Calke, tailor, who left a will in 1637 145 which left his estate to his wife Julian and provided for his sons John and Robert and referred to his cousin William Calke.


Henry was likely the Henry Calke of Bacton enumerated in the 1562 inventory, referred to above, where he had no lands and only a small supply of goods sufficient for 1 or 2 persons 146.


Henry Calke died in ______ [?] 147 and Margery in ______ [?].


Clement Calke married Margaret ____had at least the following children baptised in Paston:

1. Thomas 6 April 1547; and

2. John 148 23 October 1550 but buried the next day;

Margaret Calke the wife of Clement was buried in Paston 1 November 1550.


Clement Calke then married ____ and had the following child baptised in Paston:

3. Margaret 13 November 1553 but was likely the Margaret Calke buried 1 August 1555 in Paston.

Clement was likely the Clement Calke buried 3 August 1555 in Paston, the year of so many deaths in the parish 149.


Thomas Calke married Em (Emily) Woddes in Paston 28 October 1555 and had at least the following children baptised there 150:

1. Alexander 28 October 1556 but likely died as an infant;

2. John 17 November 1557 but buried there the same day 151;

3. Alexander 28 April 1559 but likely died as an infant;

4. William 9 November 1561 and married Alice Coleman in Paston 1 August 1582 and had at least a daughter Em baptised there 14 June 1584 but buried 5 months later. William was likely the William Calke who held lands with other in trust for the use and repair of Paston Church and relief of the poor in 1609 152, unless that was his cousn William (see above) and may have been the William Calke, worstead weaver, who had an inventory of his estate done 9 May 1641;

5. Anne 23 January 1568/9 and married Robert Utteng 11 Dec. 1588 at Bacton; and

6. Garthereda (Gertrude) 13 August 1570 and married John Alen in Paston 23 June 1588.

Thomas Calke was enumerated in Paston in the 1562 Inventory cited above (occupying 28 acres and considerable goods and crops) and in a 1580 listing of works and services provided owing to the Soke (or Township) of Gimingham 153. According to the 1562 Inventory he had at least a son William, born about 1561 154. He also was likely the Thomas Calke who, with John Taylor and two other inhabitants of Paston, complained to the Court of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1590 concerning lands exchanged between the King and William Paston 155.

Thomas Calke was buried in Paston 13 July 1604 and left a will 156 which gave his properties to his wife Emme and his son William Calke and William’s wife Alice and to his grandchildren being the children of William and Alice Calke, the children of Robert and Anne Utting and the children of __ Allen.


Also in Paston but without the names of parents or spouses

-Sybell Calke was buried 7 Feb. 1554/5,

-Joan Calke was buried 21 July 1555,

-Margaret Calke was buried 1 August 1555.


Thomas Calke married Elizabeth Scarlet in Paston 11 September 1612.


Helen Calke was left a bequest in the 1598 will of Helen Chaplen of Bacton.

A transcript available at findmypast.co.uk has the following marriages of Calkes in the area:

1.Elizabeth Calke and John Downing 27 Jan. 1559 at Norwich St. Stephen;

2. Thomas Calke and Anne Harecraste (Harecrafte in the Hemsby Transcription by Phillimore) 13 July 1573 at Hemsby; and

3. Katheryn Calke and John Woodworke 10 October 1588 at Witton.



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