Associated Names - Howes and Salmon

Suffolk and Norfolk

Thomas Doggett was born about 1685 (possibly the Thomas Doggett baptised 19 January 1685/6 in Thwaite 1 son of Thomas and Elizabeth, below), and was living in Earsham NFK, a parish located on the Norfolk-Suffolk boundary next to and west of Bungay, SFK in 1710 when, as Thomas Doggett of Earsham, he married 10 October 1710 in Bungay Holy Trinity parish to Susannah Howes, who was probably born in Bungay in about 1685.

The Doggett 2 name was described in a study of surnames as “a peculiarly local Cambridge surname” 3 but there were early incidences in other parts of East Anglia:

- there was a significant population of Doggets in the Groton/Buxford/Bures St. Mary area of south-central Suffolk from the mid 1400s;

- there were Dogetts in the Harleston/Redenhall/Mendham of the Norfolk/Suffolk border from at least 1340 (see below);

- William Doget, a pewterer, and John Doget were both occupying land in the Free Market of Norwich in 1482 4;

- Edmund Doggett of Wormegay had administration of his estate granted in 1556 and was, according to the 15__ Visitation of Norfolk, descended from the Doggetts or St. Faith and Honingham in Norfolk 5;

- Margaret Duckett widow of Robert Duckett of Horning [Tun] left a will in 1555 which provided for her son Thomas and both were referred to in the 1555 will of Robert Gigges of Horning; and

- Matthew Ducket and his wives, Amy, Susanna and Margaret had children baptised in Gayton Thorpe [FbL] from 1660 to 1670.

Walter Rye in his Norfolk Families (at p.165) maintains that Doggett is an old Norfolk name and cites the grant of lands in Appleton in 1227 and the admission as a freeman of Norwich of John Doget in 1265.

At some undetermined early time it is likely that the Doggetts and Ducketts became different names although there is some debate about whether in fact they were of separate origin 6.


John Dogott of Groton was appointed executor of the will of William Maynere of Groton in 1467. Anne, the daughter of Richard Doggett of Groton, married 1. Thomas Bacon of Hessett who 1547 will was supervised by Sir Nicholas Bacon Keeper of the Great Seal of England and 2. Robert Gosnold of Otley. In a 1522 Muster Roll for Suffolk 7 John Doget, weaver, was assessed on his moveables and Richard Doget was assessed on his lands although he was not a resident of the parish. Richard Dogget, a doctor, was a churchwarden in Monks Eleigh, north of Edwardstone, in 1637 8. A significant American line of Doggetts and the London Doggett famed for the Thames Race are said to be descended from Richard Doggett, a wealthy inhabitant of Groton in 1526 9.

Harleston/Redenhall and Mendham - Bungay - Beccles

The Harleston/Redenhall - Mendam - Bungay grouping, along the Waveney River and on both sides from somewhere east of Diss to Bungay, and possibly including an extension to Beccles [Wang in Suffolk south of Gillingham], can probably be considered as a distinct homeland area for the Doggetts, many of whom figured significantly in the butcher trade.

Roger and Florence Dogget resided in Mendham 10 SFK, and in 1340 Roger Doget of Mendham was the only one of the name in the Suffolk Surnames List of that year 11, and also in Harleston with Redenhall NFK from at least 1340 and 1366, respectively. Richard Dogett of Mendham sold his lands called Whyghtes, Doggetts, Norys (which formerly belonged to John Doget of South Elmham - see Bryan Doget below) and Blomes in Metfield, Mendham and Homersfield, which he held with Robert Mendham, to others in 1442, and he died in Mendham SFK in 1452 leaving his estate to his wife Katherine 12 and sons Thomas and Robert. Richard Dogett was one of 9 men who received a parcel of land (on trust?) in Mendham from Thomas Scarlet in 1501 13. John Doget, butcher of Mendham, died in 1504 and his will 14 left his estate, including lands (including lands called Whyghtes) in Mendham and Harleston, to his wife Margery and his children Richard, Robert and Isabelle. Richard Dokett of Mendham left a will in 1505 which gave to his wife Johan 15. Thomas Doget of Mendham was assessed £10 in the 1524 Suffolk Subsidy. Robert Doggett, butcher of Mendham, was included in a 1540 case of trespass there 16.

Doggetts appeared in the Harleston/Redenhall Parish Registers from their start in 1558 until 1600, most of them butchers, viz -

John Doggett married Joan ______ and had at least the following children baptised in Harleston/Redenhall:

1. Francis 7 December1561 who married ____ and had a son Francis. Francis Sr. was buried in Harleston 15 Dec.1603 with a will 17 that provided for both his parents, his son and his siblings Ambrose and Elizabeth Doggett;

2. Timothy 28 Jan. 1565/6 but buried there 31 Jan. 1565/6;

3. Rebecca 25 July 1566;

4. Jervis 26 Dec. 1570 but buried there 17 Feb. 1570/1;

5. Ambrose 9 March 1571/2 who married Margaret Kent in Harleston (see below); and

6. Elizabeth born ? and who was un-married in 1603 when her brother Francis wrote his will.

John Doggett was likely the John Dogget the elder buried in Harleston 12 May 1607 18.

Johan Dogget widow of Harleston was buried there 28 Feb. 1613/4 and administration of her estate was granted to her son Ambrose 19.

Ambrose Doggett married Margaret Kent (b. Harleston in 1575 the daughter of Edward Kente) 22 May 1604 in Harleston and had at least the following children baptised there:

1. Francis 24 Feb. 1604/5 who married Rose _____ and appeared to have had three daughters - Mary 1629, Priscilla 1633 and Alice 1636, all of whom died as infants or young children. Francis died in .... Rose died in 1664;

2. John 30 Nov. 1606 a butcher who had at least one son John and six daughters;

3. Joan 21 Sept.1609 but buried there 10 Sept. 1643;

4. Richard 18 Aug. 1611, married in about 1633 and had at least one son Richard and three daughters. As Richard Doggett Sr., butcher of Harleston, he gave evidence in an 1682 (?) deposition (Rogerson v. Benning) at which time he was said to be 72 years old;

5. Katherine 20 Aug. 1615 and was un-married at the time of burial 8 October [re-check - is before she made her will!] 1670 in Harleston with a will 20 which provided for the children of her brothers John and Richard and her "kin" John and Claire Sewell; and

6. Theophilus 20 June 1619, a butcher and un-married and was buried 13 June 1657 in Harleston with a will 21 which provided for his mother and sister Katherine, his brother Francis and his wife and for the children of his brothers John and Richard.

Ambrose Dogget, butcher of Harleston who was buried there 3 Dec. 1652. Margaret Doggett, widow, was buried in Harleston 2 April 1658 22.

Robert Doggett, a butcher of Mendham, married Ursula or Johan Warde in 22 July 1571 in Harleston and had at least the following children:

1. Thomas;

2. Cicely baptised in Harleston 30 Aug. 1572 and who likely married John Egmere in 1596 in Redenhall (Boyds); and

3. Marie.

Robert died in 1580 and his will 23 referred to his wife Johan, his three children, his father Robert and his brother Thomas.

A Jane Dogget married James Hall in 1595 in Redenhall.

Thomas Doget married Margaret Alger/Aldger 5 Nov. 1571 in Redenhall (Boyds) and had at least two children baptised in Harleston:

1. John 22 March 1573 [ns]; and

2. Agnes b? bur died 1585.

Margaret died in 1619.

Francis Doggett married Rose ____ and appeared to have had three daughters - Mary 1629, Priscilla 1633 and Alice 1636, all of whom died as infants or young children. Francis died in .... Rose died in 1664.

John Duckett married ____ and had at least a daughter Alice by about 1577 possibly baptised in Wortwell. That wife of John died sometime in the 1570 or 1580s and John Duckett married Anne Hammond, widow. Anne Duckett of Wortwell, widow, died in about 1596 and her will 24 provided for four of her children and Alice a daughter of her late husband John Duckett.

The Harleston 1664 Hearth Tax records show both a Richard Doggett (4 hearths) and John Doggett (2 hearths) (probably the sons born there 1611 and 1606 respectively to Ambrose Doggett and Margaret his wife).

The given name of Thomas is conspicuously absent in the families descended from John Dogget and Joan his wife, above.

John Ducket married Agnes Hammond in 1565 in Redenhall and had at least a son Timothy there in 1565/6. Agnes Ducket, widow, was buried in Redenall 1596.

Richard Doggett married Rachel ___ 17 June 1576 in Harleston and had the following children baptised there:

1. Thomas 17 March 1576/7;

2. Robert 7 June 1579 although he died and was buried 4 months later.;

3. William 2 Jan. 1585/6.

He was possibly also the father of Robert son of Richard Dogget who was baptised in South Elmham St. Cross (St. George) 25 28 Feb. 1577/8. Rachel died in 1579 and Richard then married Mary Thornton 26 in 1583 in Norwich St. John Timberhill and had at least 3 more sons - William 1585/6 in Harleston but died and was buried in St. John Timberhill in 1591, another son Thomas born and buried in St. John Timberhill in 1588 and a son Henry born there in 1590. Mary, the wife of Richard, died and was buried in St. John Timberhill in 1592/3.

Bryan or Bryante Doggett/Doget married _______ 27 in Fressingfield SFK (just south of Harleston) 16 June 1577 and, with his wife Alice, had sons Robert born in 1577/8 28 and Bryan born in 1580 both in South Elmham St. Cross, and three more sons baptised in Harletston from 1580 to 1589 - Francis 28 April 1583 but died 1585, William 10 October 1585 and John. He likely remarried after the death of his wife Alice in 1597 to a Margaret Cooke. Brian Doggett was buried in 1610 in Hardwick [Dep] where he was a church warden and left his estate to his wife Margaret and sons Robert, Bryan, William and John. His brother Thomas, a butcher, who was the executor was possibly the Thomas Doggett who married Margaret Aldger in Redenhall/Harleston in 1571. John, Robert, Thomas, Richard and Bryan may have been brothers and possibly sons of the Robert the father referred to in the 1580 will of Robert Doget. Two of them, Robert and Thomas, were certainly butchers.

Thomas Dogget (who may have been the Thomas born 1577 to Richard and Rachel, the Thomas born 1573 to Richard or, most likely, the Thomas born 1588 to Richard and Mary) married Joan Barley in 1605 in Redenhall (Boyds) and may have been the Thomas Dogget, shoemaker of Mendham, who left a will in 1612 which referred only to his wife Joan.

John Doggett, yeoman of Mendham, left a will in April 1613 which left his estate to his wife Susan. He was buried in Harleston in 1613 and she was likely the Susan Doggett who married 23 December 1613 in Dickleburgh to Richard Drake. Robert Doggett, carpenter of Brockdish, left a will in 1630 which gave his land in Mendham to Thomas Doggett, the son of Thomas Doggett and the grandson of Robert Doggett, the last two deceased.

Thomas Doggett/Dodget married Sarah 29 Burnham, widow, 15 Jan. 1634/5 in Harleston/Redenhall and had a daughter Sarah baptised there 13 March 1635/6. An infant child of Thomas was buried in Harletston/Redenhall 1 Dec. 1645 and in 1645 Sarah Dodget [sic], the daughter of Thomas Dogete of Wortwell (an eastern hamlet of Redenhall) was left a bequest in the will (proved 1650 NCC) of Ralph Fuller of Wortwell. In 1665 Mary Dogget married John Mathis in Redenhall (Boyds).

By the 1670s Doggetts, many of whom were butchers, more or less disappeared in the male line 30 from the Harleston area and only Richard Doggett and Hannah Crowe of Winfarthing continued to have successors in name. The well-documented Doggetts from Winfarthing seem to have come from Alburgh, next to Harleston, where Richard Doggett, butcher, was buried in 1720 31, John Doggett, the elder, was buried in 1724 and John Doggett of “Allbredge” married Hannah Calver of Wrentham 10 Nov. 1741 by license - to be married at Stoven, Suffolk. There were two burials in Winfarthing of interest: “10 April 1795 Richard Doggett, married man from Diss” and “17 November 1795 Elizabeth Doggett, widow of Diss”. Richard Doggett (born c. 1734) and Elizabeth his wife had issue in Diss from 1759 to 1764, viz: Sarah (m. 1791 in Toftrees NFK to John Brett - to Toftrees), Susannah (m. Diss 1788 William Norton - to Fivefield, Essex) and Rhoda (m. Diss 1799 Robert Spurdens - she d. 1814 see their wills - executors = Doggetts of Winfarthing) before both Richard and Elizabeth died in Diss in 1795, although they were buried in Winfarthing. A John Doggett was buried in Diss in July of 1759 aged 13 and therefore would have been born in 1746. Elizabeth Dogget, the daughter of Richard Dogget of Harleston who died in 1687, married Miles Corbin or Corben in Alburgh next to Redenhall in 1680 and had at least 3 children baptised there - John (d.1698), Miles and John 32.

A Robert Doget died in Beccles in 1473 (leaving his estate to his wife Agnes, son John and brother John) and John Doggett of Beccles died in 1501 leaving his estate to his wife Ellen. Thomas Doggett of Harleston (likely the son of Richard and Rachel baptised in 1576/7) married Margery Kerridge in 1600 in Hoxne SFK (Boyds) and had four children baptised in Beccles St. Michael [Wang] SFK from 1601 to 1606 33 - Thomas, Thomas, Elizbeth and Anne. Thomas Dogget Jr. 34 and his wife Beatrix had nine children baptised in Beccles from 1603 to 1623 - Thomas, Mary, John, ?, Henry, James, Alice, Richard and Henry. Thomas Doggett of Beccles married Barbara Udall in Hoxne, Suffolk in 1623 (Boyds) and Thomas Doggett, single man, married Parnell Curde in Beccles 30 March 1624, accounting for both of the Thomas Doggetts born in Beccles to fathers of the same name. In 1672 Henry Elmy and his wife Prudence were involved in an Equity case respecting the person estate of Thoma sDoggett, deceased, of Beccles 35

In the three adjacent Suffolk parishes of Wingfield, Stradbrook and Worlingworth [all Hox]:

William Doket/Doget of Worlingworth was involved in land dealings in 1427 and 1447;

Thomas Dogett of Worlingworth was involved in land dealings in 1442;

Robert Doket/Doget of Worlingworth was involved in land dealings in 1494 and may have been the Robert Doget of Wingfield in 1501 who left his estate to his godson Robert Clerke;

Anthony Dokett of Worlingworth was involved in land dealings in 1533;

John Doggett of Wingfield in 1526 left his estate to his wife Mary;

Thomas Dogett of Stradbrook in 1517 left his estate to his wife Johan and sons Robert and William;

Robert Dogget of Stradbrook in1558 left his estate to his wife Katheryn and children Arthur, Thomas, Margaret, Johan, Dorothy, Katheryn and Agnes;

Robert Doggett of Worlingworth in 1503 left his estate to his “mother church” in Norwich, to his wife Alice and to his children Thomas, Elizabeth, Anne and Margaret; and

Thomas Doggett of Worlingworth in 1554 left his estate to his children John, Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth and Thomasin.

In Hartismere Hundred of Suffolk, adjoining Hoxne Hundred on the west:

Thomas Duckett of Occolt had administration of his estate granted 10 October 1564 36 to his wife Johan who, by then, had married William Barker;

John Duckett married Anne Mortimer in Redgrave in 1603/4 and had children baptised there from at least 1608 to 1629;

Henry Doggett was resident in Cotton according to a J.P Warrant of 1538 37

Elsewhere in Norfolk, William Dogget married Margaret Brett 16 March 1560/1 in Shelton [Dep], William Doggett of Morningthorpe [Dep] died in 1561 38, John Doggett had a son John baptised in Diss in 1588/9, John Dogget and his wife Mary (nee Brereton) were involved in a suit in 1556-8 regarding land in Hingham [For] 39 and Henry Doggett and his wife Joan (the widow of John Hawes) resided in Morley [For] in 1593. Christopher Dogkett married Joan Reins in 1596/7 in Caister next Yarmouth and had a son Edmund in 1600 and three daughters to 1605 before Christopher died, as “Dogget”, in May of 1607 40 and Jone his widow married Henry Buckenham in 1608.

Mundham, Sisland & Thwaite (the Loddon branch)


William Dockett 41(b.c. 1565) married Jelyan ____ in about 1575 42, probably in Sisland [Lod], and had the following children baptised in Sisland:

1. Bridget 21 Apr. 1584;

2. Elin 7 Aug,. 1584 [sic];

3. Frances 21 Aug. 1587;

4. Marie 25 Jan. 1589/90 but buried 15 March 1589/90; and

5. Alice 14 Jan 1590/1 but buried 28 Feb. 1590/1.

Additionally, they probably had

6. Katherine about 1575 who married Peter Browne in Sisland 6 Dec. 1596; and

7. Thomas about 1580 who married Katherine Samon 22 April 1605 in Sisland (see below).

Jelyan Dockette the wife of William was buried in Sisland 27 May 1600.

William Dogget died or remarried that year 43 (although his youngest child was 13) and...? 44

The Nicholas Cockett of Sisland whose estate was administered in 1567 45 suggests that Dockett was my mis-transcription of Cockett (see note above).


Thomas Doggett (b.c. 1580 46 and very likely the son of William and Jelyan, above 47) married 22 April 1605 in Sisland to Kathrine Samon/Salmon 48 and is probably the same Thomas Doggett who had the following children baptised in the adjacent parish of Mundham [Lod] 49 (although the mother’s name was never given) beginning in 1604/5:

1. Mary - 20 Jan. 1604/5 50 and was likely the Mary Doggett, single woman, who was buried in Hockering [Mit] 23 July 1634 leaving her estate to her uncle John Sammon of Hockering [Mit] and her cousins Philip and Elinor Sammon;

2. Thomas - 1 Jan. 1606/7;

3. Margaret - 2 July 1609;

4. Anne - 25 Jan. 1611/2 51; and

5. Owen 52 - 20 May 1616 and, as Owen Dogget the elder, was buried in Mundham 8 May 1659 leaving a son Owen who married Susanna, and had at least 2 children buried, although not baptised, there - Margaret in 1659 and John in 1664, the paucity of baptisms suggesting that they may have been non-conformists. Another Owen, likely the son of Owen Jr, married Susan Buttolph in Mundam 4 Dec. 1677, by license 53.

Thomas Dogged “an husband” 54, died and was buried in Mundham [Lod] 15 (or 5) August 1619 55 suggesting that Katherine died after him and/or may have remarried, although neither event seems to have taken place in Mundham.

There were, however, still Doggets in Mundham in 1669 when Elizabeth Dogget married John Mendham there (Boyds).


Thomas Doggett (born elsewhere about 1660 56, if his first marriage) married Elizabeth ______ in about 1684 and had two children baptised in Thwaite St. Mary [Lod]:

1. *Thomas - 19 January 1685/6; and

2. Elizabeth - 15 April 1688.

He was likely the Thomas Doggett who was buried in Thwaite St. Mary 9 August 1699 57 as there was no reference to him being the son of Thomas. There is no record of a remarriage or burial of Elizabeth in the Thwaite register or in Boyd’s Marriages Norfolk.

Earsham & Bungay

Thomas Doggett had three children in Bungay SFK (adjacent to Earsham and mostly surrounded by Norfolk) from 1609 to 1613:

1. Richard 1609 who married Anne Dodson in 1630/1 and baptised their children in Bungay St. Mary from 1632 to 1643;

2. Barbara 1612 but died the same year; and

3. John 1613.

Thomas Doggett, a butcher and likely the Thomas above, was buried 31 Dec. 1637 in Bungay with a will that left everything to his wife Margerie (they were possibly the Thomas and Margerie from Beccles).

Also in Bungay William Dogget, a currier, married Prusilla Dowsing in 1616 but probably died there in 1617 because Prudence [or Prusilla the widow of William] Doggett maried Robert Kennyon there in 1617. Elizabeth Dogget married John Gilbert in Bungay in 1621.

A Richard Doggett of Bedingham Suffolk married 26 September 1742 in Earsham to Hannah Gooch of Earsham.


Thomas Doggett was born about 1685 [possibly the Thomas Doggett baptised 19 January 1685/6 in Thwaite 58 son of Thomas and Elizabeth, above], and by 1710 was living in Earsham NFK, a parish located on the Norfolk-Suffolk boundary next to and west of Bungay, SFK. Thomas Doggett of Earsham married 10 October 1710 in Bungay Holy Trinity parish to Susannah Howes, who was probably born in Bungay in about 1685. Thomas and Susannah had their first four children baptised in Earsham from 1712 to 1717. At some point in 1717 the family moved to Roydon, near Diss where, in February of 1717/18, they buried their youngest son and where from 1718/9 to 1723/4 they baptised their next four children 59. Thomas Dogget was described as a Husbandman at the time of his wife’s death in 1733 and a Yeoman in his will of 1765 60, although no copyhold holdings were located in the manors of either Gillingham Hall or Tufts in Roydon. He was a Churchwarden in Roydon in 1744 and 1761 61.

Susan Dogget the wife of Thomas died and was buried in Roydon 23 January 1732/3. Thomas probably remarried in that year or the next, although not in Roydon, to Ann_______[very

possibly he was the Thomas Doggett who married in South Lopham in 1734 62 to Ann Bird 63] because on 3 October 1759 Ann Doggett the wife of Thomas was buried in Roydon, aged 72. Thomas died and was also buried in Roydon 9 October 1765, “aged 82". His will 64 provided for his six surviving children. Except for the burial there of Thomas’ grandson (Robert and Anne’s son) Robert in 1767 (although the parents were residing in Redgrave), and his daughter-in-law Anne (nee Spendlove, the wife of Robert) in 1781, the death of Thomas seems to have ended the presence of the Doggetts in Roydon parish.

Thomas and Susan had the following children: 65

1.* Mary, baptised 30 November 1712 in Earsham and married Samuel Heath in Thelveton (NE of Diss) 3 August 1734 (she was said to be living in Thelveton at the time) and died and was buried in Roydon 5 October 1770 (see above);

2. Thomas, baptised 20 June 1714 in Earsham and married 25 December 1742 in Roydon to Mary Woolsey. They moved to Mellis, in Suffolk although both were buried in Roydon. Mary died in 1795 and Thomas died and was buried in Roydon 10 February 1796;

3. Esther/Hester, baptised 31 October 1715 in Earsham and married 6 August 1750 in Great Moulton 66 to John Stimpson. Prior to her marriage she had an illegitimate son, Robert, in 1744 in Roydon. John and Esther had only one child baptised in Roydon, a daughter Mary in May of 1754 67. They lived in ________. Esther Stimpson, widow, died in Great Moulton on 7 January 1808, aged 92 68;

4. Robert, baptised 18 March 1716/7 in Earsham but buried in Roydon 9 February 1717/18;

5. George, baptised 1 February 1718/19 in Roydon but likely died before 1765 as he was not mentioned in his father’s will;

6. Susan, baptised 17 April 1720 in Roydon. She had an illegitimate son named George baptised 13 April 1742 in Roydon. She probably married George Downing sometime between 1742 and 1745 and they had at least 13 children until 1764 in Diss, of whom at least 8 died as infants. Their daughter Ann, who was born in 1760, received a bequest from her grandfather Thomas Dogget in his will of 1765. Susan died and was buried 2 November 1764 in Diss;

7. Elizabeth, baptised 8 October 1721 in Roydon and married there 15 November 1747 to Thomas Raisin/Rayson 69. They had three children baptised in Roydon: Elizabeth (1748), Esther (1755) and Thomas (1757) and probably others between 1750 and 1754 in another parish. Elizabeth died and was buried in Roydon 24 December 1803; and

8. Robert, baptised 15 March 1723/4 in Roydon and married there 16 October 1752 to Ann Spendlove. They had one child in Roydon, a daughter Anne baptised 31 August 1753, before moving to Redgrave, SFK, just across the Waveney River and boundary between Norfolk and Suffolk. However, their son Robert was buried in Roydon aged 10 in 1767. He was probably the Robert Doggett, yeoman of Wortham, who leased the town farm there in 1757 (see NRO). Anne died in Redgrave in 1781 but was buried in Roydon and Robert died 1795 [source =? 70 - not in SFHSBI].


Susannah Howes, who was probably born in Bungay in about 1685 72 married 10 October 1710 in Bungay Holy Trinity parish to Thomas Doggett of Earsham (see above).

Susan Howes and Jane Howes the daughters of John Howes of Bungay were left money in the 1631 will of Richard Ives of Mundham 73.

Robert and Sarah Howse/Howe had 4 daughters baptised in Bungay Holy Trinity from 1631 to 1640: Dorothea 15 July 1631; Sarah 25 May 1634; Elizabeth 2 Oct. 1637; and Anne 27 March 1630/40.

Thomas Howes of Earsham left a will in 1641 74 which provided for his wife Zipporah and sons Roger and William.

William Howes (likely the son of Thomas, above) was listed in Earsham in the 1664 Hearth Tax. There were many Howes in Besthorpe in the late 1500s and early 1600s.


* Katherine Samon was born about 1581 and married Thomas Dogget in Sisland in 1605 (see above).

Elizabeth Samon was born about 1583 and married Robert Flowerdye in Sisland in 1606 and it is very likely that they were sisters.

Mary Dogget, the daughter of Thomas and Katherine Dogget, was buried in Hockering [Mit] 23 July 1634 and left her estate to her uncle John Sammon of Hockering [Mit] and her cousins Philip and Elinor Sammon.

John Salman/Salmon and his wife Margery were likely married about 1576 (but not in Great Ryburgh) and had the following children baptised in Great Ryburgh [Gal]:

1. John - 24 March 1576/7 and was likely the uncle of Mary Dogget referred to above;

2. Thomas - 29 Nov. 1579 but died and was buried 2 Dec. 1579;

3.*? Cat [..?] a daughter whose name is almost illegible in the register - 1 May 1581 (possibly Catherine); and

4. Philipp a daughter - 21 April 1583.

John Salman died and was buried 22 May 1597 in Great Ryburgh and Margery Salman, widow, died and was buried 5 November 1603 there.

The only other Salman (and variants) to appear in the Great Ryburgh registers, which commence in 1548, was the burial of widow Salman 29 September 1580 and she may have been the mother of John.

After 1603 there were no more occurrences of Salmon/Sammon in Great Ryburgh so the family likely moved elsewhere - possibly to Hockering which is S.W. of Great Ryburgh following the Wensum River to Lyng.

There were Salmans earlier in nearby Kettlestone whee Matthew Salman was involved in a charter grant in 1466 (NRO) and where Thomas Salman and his wife Rose had a son Thomas baptised in 1586 before that son died in 1601 followed immediately after by the burial of both parents on the same day. Their daughter Mary who had married Nicholas Besant (or Belant?) in 1595 appears to be the only family survivor. There were no Salman, or variants, in Fulmodeston with Colkirk and registers of other parishes near Great Ryburgh either do no exist or are not accessible electronically. Thomas Salman of Walsingham left a will 1565-1569.

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